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NATO forces will be everywhere

On October 8, NATO announced the creation of new headquarters in Hungary and Slovakia. Headquarters are needed to deploy alliance forces in the region. The next day, an increase in the number of reconnaissance flights became known. aviation NATO is on the Russian borders. On October 11, the British newspaper “Daily Star Sunday” (from the category of dubious publications) quoted a certain “source” from the UK Ministry of Defense saying that NATO pilots were ordered to attack Russian planes in Iraq in the event of a threat. The Russian Embassy has already requested clarification from London regarding this strange information.

NATO forces will be everywhere

On October 8, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg made a statement at a press conference following the meeting of the NATO Council at the level of Ministers of Defense. "In addition to the six already existing headquarters in Eastern Europe, today it was decided to create new command and control structures in Hungary and Slovakia," he quotes TASS.

In addition, NATO approved the "doctrine of expanding its response forces to 40 thousand people," added Stoltenberg. According to the Secretary General, the organization is ready to deploy the Response Force at the southern borders of the alliance: “In the coming months we will consider our new needs along our southern borders. At the same time, the NATO military will continue to train in order to improve their level of training and to be able to operate effectively together. ”

As for the new headquarters, then, as noted RBC With reference to the Associated Press, Hungary and Slovakia were the last NATO members on the western border of the former USSR, in which the regional alliance headquarters were not established. According to Mr. Stoltenberg, centers in Eastern European countries (including in Poland, Bulgaria, Romania, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania) should facilitate the deployment of alliance forces in the region and coordinate joint exercises.

The next day, October 9, "Russian newspaper" quoted a message from Russia's permanent representative to NATO, Alexander Grushko. He said that the number of reconnaissance flights of NATO aircraft near the Russian borders has increased.

The Permanent Representative also reminded of the NATO naval presence at the southern borders of Russia: “On October 7, an American destroyer with antimissile capabilities entered the Black Sea, but also, as some sources said, equipped with Tangar cruise missiles.

"RAF Tornados armed and dangerous: Tensions between Russia and the UK escalate. If you’ve been on a rainy day, you can’t get to know the hostel of the Russian planes, ”the British tabloid wrote. "Daily Star Sunday". This means that the Tornado fighters of the Royal Air Force are “armed and dangerous” and that the “tension” in relations between Russia and Great Britain is growing. "Tornado", the newspaper said, will be armed with air-to-air missiles, and their pilots will get the "green light" to shoot down in case of a threat from "Russian aircraft". "Exclusive" material gave the newspaper John Ward (John Ward).

"Daily Star Sunday" - dubious edition, specializing in the topic boobs, bum and again boobsbut not squeamish and scandalous political the news.

Reporter John Ward claims that British and NATO pilots are told to take “radical measures” if “during the Iraqi mission” they are fired upon by “Vladimir Putin’s air force” (“by Vladimir Putin’s air force”).

Some "sources", high ranks from the Ministry of Defense of the UK, declare that it is only a matter of time when the western soldiers will converge in a deadly fight with the Russian soldiers. One source told the newspaper: “We must protect our pilots, but at the same time we will be one step closer to war.” According to him, just one downed plane is enough, and the whole situation will change immediately.

Tornado airplanes will receive special air-to-air missiles that can explode any aircraft in the sky. Each such rocket costs £ 10,000 and may be three times the speed of sound. It is fixed on its target using an infrared thermal guidance system. A rocket explodes on contact with a target or at a certain distance from it. Each plane can carry four missiles.

The heads of the Defense Ministry believe that the possibility of an attack by a British aircraft to Russia exists.

The publication on the permit for the "British and NATO pilots" looks rather strange, we add from ourselves, even if the "sources" really reported something of a sort to the press. Moreover, it looks strange, considering that the Russians do not conduct military operations in Iraq. Perhaps, the British and NATO military, and then the newspapers are worried about the "unpredictability" of the Russians, which the Western press is now writing about? Or the West is expecting from Moscow a probable decision on Iraq - if Damascus invited Putin, then why not do the same to Baghdad?

There is another reason for saying "sources".

October 10 representatives of the Ministry of Defense of Russia and the Pentagon held a videoconference at which they discussed the safety of flights over Syria. In the near future will be repeated negotiations. The previous video conference between the Russian and US military took place on October 1, reminds "". The Pentagon said that the talks were devoted to the actions of the crews of the Air and Space Forces of the Russian Federation in Syria in order to avoid creating conflict situations during combat missions.

In any case, publications on the topic of NATO and Russia are alarming. There are too many of them, and this topic rises in the media every day.

October 11 became aware of the reaction of Russia to the publication in the British newspaper.

The Russian Embassy requested clarification from the British Foreign Ministry, said RIA News" Ambassador Alexander Yakovenko.

“We are disturbed by media reports, as we are talking about references to senior cabinet members. Urgently requested clarification from the British Foreign Office. At the same time, the hypothesis of a potential conflict between British and Russian aircraft in the skies over Iraq is incomprehensible. As you know, Russian aviation does not participate in strikes against IG facilities on the territory of this state, ”the ambassador said.

And now let us return directly to NATO, to the realization of the idea of ​​creating alliance headquarters in Hungary and Slovakia and the deployment of NATO forces in the region.

The NATO Secretary General gave a completely exhaustive explanation of the expansion of the Alliance’s activities and clearly identified the enemy.

"The crisis in Ukraine and the operation of the Russian Federation in Syria, the spread of terrorism and the largest migration crisis require long-term solutions and further adaptation of NATO," the newspaper quotes him. "Sight".

In addition, the alliance is alarmed by the buildup of Russia's military presence in Syria: “What is happening in Syria is important for NATO. Because we see that Russia is experiencing some of its most modern weapon».

On the same day, Turkish President R. T. Erdogan also spoke. In his opinion, the main goal of Moscow in Syria is to strengthen its military presence in the country: “Russia in Syria does not strike at the Islamic State grouping. How many times they said: "For us, all opponents of the regime are terrorists." It seems their main goal is to build a base in Latakia and increase their military presence in Syria. ”

“They sent 50 airplanes there, conducting serious military maneuvers. We cannot accept this state of affairs. In addition, Russia's explanations regarding violations of our airspace are not convincing, ”Erdogan said. The Turkish president recalled his meeting with his Russian counterpart on September 23 in Moscow: “I am in Moscow in the presence of Vladimir Putin made a long speech. What happened after that, we all know. I spoke with Putin on the phone and after the start of the Russian air operation. After that, an incident occurred in violation of our airspace. Under these conditions, calling again does not see the point. ”

However, the acting director of the NATO Information Bureau in Russia, Robert Pszhel, explained to the newspaper Vzglyad that the threat from the south is primarily understood to be ... militants of the IG. “NATO is preparing the Rapid Reaction Force,” he said. - Within the framework of these forces will be the forces of "super-fast" response. According to the Secretary General, they are provided not only to (God forbid) use them in the east, but, if necessary, in the south. The Secretary General also recalled that NATO is ready to help Turkey as its ally, in accordance with the Washington Treaty, but, on the other hand, everyone understands that Turkey has the second largest army in NATO, it also has its own great resources. ”

As the coalition led by the United States are fighting the IG fighters, we add from ourselves that the whole world has already been heard. As for the reluctance of some NATO representatives to openly declare Russia their enemy, this is not news. In the end, the EuroPRO system was also conceived as a barrier against the "Iranian threat."

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  1. aszzz888
    aszzz888 13 October 2015 06: 11 New
    On October 8, NATO announced the creation of new headquarters in Hungary and Slovakia. Headquarters are needed to deploy alliance forces in the region.

    I think that one Caliber per headquarters will be enough. wassat
    1. Vorobey-1
      Vorobey-1 13 October 2015 09: 27 New
      Here I imagined what would happen if the Americans suddenly disappeared: as if the world (in every sense) had settled down, how many problems would be solved. Such a feeling the whole planet would live in peace and harmony! They are like a cancerous tumor on a planet that can ruin everything! It is necessary to treat, quickly and forever!
      1. panfil
        panfil 13 October 2015 11: 59 New
        And I associate the United States with aliens who do everything to destroy humanity - here you have both war and genocide (Indians) and environmental destruction of the earth (shale mining) and the extinction of humanity by supporting homosexuality. It seems that they want to clear the earth from people to populate the planet with someone else. Very similar to this ...
      2. PROHOJIY
        PROHOJIY 13 October 2015 12: 42 New
        I agree with you. But surely in the West they also think "yo, if these evil and wrong Russians would disappear. Then the world would become colorful and beautiful"
        1. ZU-23
          ZU-23 13 October 2015 13: 32 New
          I can hardly believe that the Iraqi authorities will ask for our help, because the mattresses having thrown off Saddam put the one they need there, because the igil could have torn everyone there for a long time, it is 100 times easier than to overthrow Assad.
        2. The comment was deleted.
    2. KazaK Bo
      KazaK Bo 13 October 2015 18: 18 New
      On October 8, NATO announced the creation of new headquarters in Hungary and Slovakia. Headquarters are needed to deploy alliance forces in the region.
      I think that one Caliber per headquarters will be enough

      All these headquarters and storage and warehouse bases have the goal of becoming an ORGANISM IN THE CONDITIONS OF MOBILIZATION OF NATO FORCES WITH A PERIOD OF READINESS "H + 12-28 days" ...
      If anyone was following the military exercises in our Armed Forces, it should be noted that the introductory notes on transferring units to distances of up to 2-5 thousand km were constantly being worked out ... And the missile strike from the Caspian did not leave anyone indifferent ...
      So I don’t think that in case of extreme aggravation and threat to Russia, CALIBERS (and other analogues), together with units of Uncle VASI’s, will wait for these 12-28 days ...
      Really in NATO they do not understand ??!
      1. TT62
        TT62 14 October 2015 06: 19 New
        Having driven all the rams into the NATO stall, they are simply sheared.
    3. Andrey Petrov47
      Andrey Petrov47 13 October 2015 23: 14 New
      Europe should understand that it is time to end the American occupation.
  2. Andrey Yuryevich
    Andrey Yuryevich 13 October 2015 06: 18 New
    NATO forces will be everywhere
    ... there is nowhere for the camel to spit! only this "NATO force", for some reason in the form of a task!
  3. Dimsanych
    Dimsanych 13 October 2015 06: 21 New
    Amerasy partly achieved their goal, they scolded us with Turkey, difficulties with the nuclear power plant and the Turkish stream will hike us. Looks like Erdogash sang against the backdrop of the threat of depriving the supply of free oil. We survive and this !!!
    1. Silinvv
      Silinvv 13 October 2015 09: 18 New
      Nobody scolded with Turkey. Erdogan managed to do the impossible during his presidency. From a stable country, without any noticeable problems both inside and with its neighbors, he made a country that is on the verge of a split and civil war with the Kurds, as well as quarreling with all its neighbors! Like Obama, he needs to be given a “second black suit” for genius.
  4. Wolka
    Wolka 13 October 2015 06: 26 New
    legends are fresh, yes it is hard to believe, there will be no Yankees and NATO everywhere, denyuzhk not enough, today to build the newest tank or plane, not to mention ships, Europe has to unite all its efforts, alone it’s impossible neither , only some minor modernization of the existing fleet and improvement of small arms is no more, and the Yankees with their dollars are also not enough for everyone, they would now be able to keep their dollar from collapse ...
  5. igorka357
    igorka357 13 October 2015 06: 30 New
    Well, okay, then we riveted a missile parachute ... enough to cover all the "Natava" command centers, together with the countries in which they are located!
  6. dmi.pris
    dmi.pris 13 October 2015 06: 32 New
    Regarding the destruction of our aircraft, I believe that this is a trial ball of hawk politicians or just a duck. Serious politicians in the West will not aggravate, although they understand that time is running out and works for us ...
  7. Dimsanych
    Dimsanych 13 October 2015 06: 35 New
    I’m wondering, WHO IS A CATTLE, which always puts 1-2 minuses to a normal article, and sculpts indiscriminately as well ?!
    1. ivanovbg
      ivanovbg 13 October 2015 10: 32 New
      Someone once quarreled with the author and now "revenge" him as he knows how. I sincerely felt sorry for such people, although sometimes I myself get minuses not for opinion, but for my name.
  8. ssn18
    ssn18 13 October 2015 06: 36 New
    Question: Is there enough greenery to be everywhere or will the machine be turned on again? laughing
    They are already, in my opinion, a plug in every hole.
  9. Tatar 174
    Tatar 174 13 October 2015 06: 47 New
    NATO, being a business project of US corporations, sensed the opportunity to "cut" money, which did not fail to take advantage. So there is nothing surprising in this, they are used to acting on templates, and the template says - make money while you can. You can fight against NATO by knocking out the financial power of corporations living on military spending. And our planes will not dare to shoot down, although inadequate psychos cannot be ruled out.
    1. sa-ag
      sa-ag 13 October 2015 11: 35 New
      Quote: Tartar 174
      And our planes will not dare to shoot,

      If the pilot violates the state border of a foreign state, the foreign state will have the right to act with the aircraft at its discretion and will be in its full right, for the pilot will violate what he has no right to violate
  10. Same lech
    Same lech 13 October 2015 06: 51 New
    It seems that their main goal is to build a base in Latakia and increase their military presence in Syria. "

    And what's wrong with this for RUSSIA ...

    After all, NATO is already deploying new military bases at the borders of RUSSIA ...
    The USA in the BLACK SEA at the borders of RUSSIA insolently jaunt with its destroyers ...

    In this case, we also need to adequately defend our interests in the world, regardless of the position of the West in relation to RUSSIA.
  11. ivanych
    ivanych 13 October 2015 06: 59 New
    ..... oooh .... how can one do this ... diapers are not enough for everyone.
  12. Oman 47
    Oman 47 13 October 2015 07: 00 New
    NATO once again, for the 100500th time, is proving its necessity as a structure ...
    Just BUSINESS and CAREER of military bureaucrats. request
  13. Reptiloid
    Reptiloid 13 October 2015 07: 15 New
    Quote: DimSanych
    I’m wondering, WHO IS A CATTLE, which always puts 1-2 minuses to a normal article, and sculpts indiscriminately as well ?!

    Yes, do not care. Someone puts, (- -), normal people clean. That's about the authors-- it's a shame for them. even if you don’t like the information, but received it with minimal time, and thanks for that
    .And about our ships, but about airplanes - with KIPYATKOM with - t !!!
    Erdogan immediately began to show disagreement with the GDP --- either the Armenian Genocide was recognized or the Crimean Tatarian was pushed back. Because the Turks put so much money into it (Dzhamileva). Moreover, everything couldn’t be coordinated with the Turkish flow. Apparently, losses will soon come. Erdogan because of his whims to consider. They are not brothers to us.
  14. rotmistr60
    rotmistr60 13 October 2015 07: 16 New
    Having screwed up the whole world for the first time, NATO (in particular the United States) decided to show in words that it was not afraid of Russia and kept everything under control. Let's see what happens in practice.
  15. parusnik
    parusnik 13 October 2015 07: 21 New
    NATO endorsed the "doctrine of expanding its response forces to 40 people,"... Yeah, they are in this way in Europe like they will fight terrorism .. It's not against Russia, that you, that you ...
  16. boris-1230
    boris-1230 13 October 2015 07: 32 New
    The ring is tightening, muscles are playing, again the desire to conquer Russia. Well, history does not teach anything.
    1. Andrey Yuryevich
      Andrey Yuryevich 13 October 2015 07: 43 New
      Quote: boris-1230
      The ring is tightening, muscles are playing, again the desire to conquer Russia. Well, history does not teach anything.

      Something of such a desire has not been noticeable lately ... wink
    2. Das Boot
      Das Boot 13 October 2015 08: 59 New
      Quote: boris-1230
      again the desire to conquer Russia.

      on what grounds have defined the "desire to win"?
  17. Sargaras
    Sargaras 13 October 2015 08: 03 New
    We urgently need to accept Ukraine into NATO, organize another 1 headquarters there and 10 thousand Khokhlov as a part of the rapid reaction force, then we will definitely be scared.
  18. Volzhanin
    Volzhanin 13 October 2015 08: 06 New
    Fine-graters are good! This is ours.
    And it’s not their canine thing that we conceived there in Syria. What we need will be. You should not poke a naughty Saxon furry nose in the affairs of two sovereign states of Russia and Syria. Anglozhavok not ask. And then it’s possible in the teeth.
  19. Sakh
    Sakh 13 October 2015 08: 19 New
    Tornado aircraft will receive special air-to-air missiles that can blow any aircraft in the sky. Each such rocket costs £ 200.000 and can triple the speed of sound.

    What kind of rockets are these?
    1. Foul skeptic
      Foul skeptic 13 October 2015 10: 21 New
      Quote: Sakh
      What kind of rockets are these?

  20. ararat
    ararat 13 October 2015 08: 29 New
    How tired are these NATO members against whom, terrorists, countries of the east? Definitely against Russia, at each base, headquarters according to Iskander and in addition with Caliber, so that there are no embryos left.
  21. Retvizan 8
    Retvizan 8 13 October 2015 08: 33 New
    “Yes, there will be NATO headquarters everywhere and we will all live happily ever after!” ...
    Scripture by Yani Stoltymberg.
  22. igordok
    igordok 13 October 2015 08: 34 New
    I think on the ships of the Caspian flotilla, BC is already loaded.
  23. rus-5819
    rus-5819 13 October 2015 08: 35 New
    Quote: boris-1230
    The ring is tightening, muscles are playing, again the desire to conquer Russia. Well, history does not teach anything.

    It would be nice to clarify in which place their ring is compressed?
  24. solovey
    solovey 13 October 2015 08: 56 New
    In the process, the Europeans are going to unite again to get one more time !!!! And when will they calm down? Probably when the country that is hiding behind the ocean will cease to coexist !!!
  25. Uzzy
    Uzzy 13 October 2015 09: 26 New
    The article is good, with humor. Well, as for any stuffing - this is a normal process of information warfare. But at the same time, it is still necessary to force the royal balobols to report for their empty words.
  26. Robert Nevsky
    Robert Nevsky 13 October 2015 09: 27 New
    NATO burn to hell !!!
  27. Farvil
    Farvil 13 October 2015 09: 48 New
    Europeans, led by the Anglo-Saxons once again trying to destroy Russia, they don’t learn history at all and they don’t understand that the Russians will not fight for the state but will fight for their homeland. The most important thing is that we stand for justice and equal rights for all countries and the West stands for their hegemony over all, well, they like to rule over the whole world. Now the world through their fault and at their will is on the edge of the abyss and the Anglo-Saxon corporations are waiting for dividends when the whole world collapses and they reborn on the ashes like a phoenix, since everyone threw in secret from everyone underground. And here, as always, like the phoenix they weren’t, but Russia began to revive, so in the west the politicians were completely blown away by such nonsense that their ears were sagging, in addition, Russia and aviation in Syria do such things that fed terrorists flee in fear, another blow from the Caspian Sea with cruise missiles, this is already an exhaustion of what Putin will pull out of his sleeve, they are simply terrified of expectation.
  28. Russian_Bear
    Russian_Bear 13 October 2015 10: 09 New
    The dog barks, the caravan is coming!
  29. Kibl
    Kibl 13 October 2015 11: 30 New
    Yes, these brave NATO dolbaki except piss and flower beds in Latvian cities are not capable of more !!!
  30. IAlex
    IAlex 13 October 2015 11: 33 New
    Well, what's so strange about that? Probably it wasn’t worth the pro-American liberal steering in the Russian Federation to simply exchange the army for greens all these 25 years, and not to hand over our allies around the world, including in Cuba. Now the rockets and contingent of the Russian Federation and China, for example, would quickly bring the United States into condition, but now they have broken off and they are trying to bring us into condition ...
  31. semuil
    semuil 13 October 2015 12: 09 New
    I especially liked the super fast response. I hope to be informed when the super super response appears.
  32. Belousov
    Belousov 13 October 2015 12: 44 New
    Fast response, super fast response, then what will happen? SuperSuper or Mega-Ultrasuper? Idiocy simply knows no bounds. But the Europeans still hawala.
  33. Vladimir 1964
    Vladimir 1964 13 October 2015 15: 07 New
    The Daily Star Sunday is a dubious publication specializing in boobs, asses and boobs again, but not disdain for scandalous political news.

    Somehow there is a feeling that there’s nothing more to talk about! hi
  34. count25
    count25 13 October 2015 18: 05 New
    yes even let the "rusty" missiles get their headquarters on the moon everywhere
  35. artmoney
    artmoney 13 October 2015 18: 39 New
    1941 - we will beat the enemy in a foreign land and with little blood.
    Total 27 million corpses
    1979 - help to Afghanistan, international duty, stop the island. Uryayaya! The result is a war of 10 years and a torn economy.
    1994 - Yes, we will take Grozny in one regiment ... Harboring! ..
    Now Ukraine and Syria
    look like "stupid Americans" didn’t break your foolishness ..
  36. Reptiloid
    Reptiloid 13 October 2015 20: 50 New
    Quote: semuil
    I especially liked the super fast response. I hope to be informed when the super super response appears.

    Ukraine NATO surpassed --- it has cyborgs, Darth Vader .... Maybe someone else is new?
    Why would acceleration happen? Looks like Obama has been blunting the last time. Yes, and M has an inadequate view --- people are advertising the gallows.
  37. Vlad5307
    Vlad5307 13 October 2015 20: 53 New
    Quote: PROHOJIY
    I agree with you. But surely in the West they also think "yo, if these evil and wrong Russians would disappear. Then the world would become colorful and beautiful"

    Most likely he would become one-color, namely brown, in the sense of ideology. As it becomes clear financial-oligarchic capitalism is rapidly slipping into the ideology of fascism, even if at first it is not so clearly manifested! soldier
  38. Insurgent LC
    Insurgent LC 14 October 2015 02: 47 New
    in NATO see something forgotten