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Is America betrayed? ("Philip Butler", USA)


I remember in early childhood in school we sang this patriotic song - a song about how we love our country. Every morning, we stood at attention before the American flag, like little soldiers, naive and firmly convinced that America would last 10 for thousands of years. Unfortunately, the song of freedom no longer rings - there is no real freedom at all. Some very bad people buried her - under the most terrible lie that ever sounded in this world. And the American president, on whom the sacred duty was entrusted, showed us that our society was gone, being trapped in a gloomy deception and atrocities.

Barack Obama - Chief Executive of the United States of America. His position is both a symbol and an icon of America and a functional aspect of its democratic ideals. The person holding this position is obliged to direct the government and follow its rigorous execution of the will of the American people. And the president himself - to a greater extent than all our other leaders - should follow the harshest discipline of the law, should not only represent the people, but also be a typical representative of him. However, Barack Obama cannot be called a typical representative of the American people, despite the fact that he “represents” us before the whole world: he is not able to tell and does not tell the world about who we really are! Unfortunately, many sincerely believe that we are all like Barack Obama.

I want my readers, especially the Americans who read this, to think about it for a second. Barack Obama tells 7 to the billions of the world's population about who you are, what you stand for, what your dreams and fantasies are, what America is like in general. Please consider this.

A year ago

And now, with me, a typical American, let's focus our attention on the last 12 months. In August 2014, the United States begins its air campaign against the so-called Islamic State, or, more precisely, against the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant. Can you recall how you were first threatened by ISIS? Do you remember those issues News, which showed how Islamic terrorists brutally cracked down on people, destroyed churches and tombs? Do you remember how the presenters spoke about the threat of ISIS? I remember how Barack Obama described the US bombing campaigns he had just given his permission to:
“The terrorists who seized some parts of Iraq have dealt with religious minorities particularly cruelly, setting up raids on families, shooting men, driving women into slavery and threatening to systematically exterminate the entire religious minority, which would become genocide.”

This quote, taken from the president’s weekly address from 9 August 2014, informs Americans that a terrible threat arose within the country that the US seized, reorganized, and then left. However, Obama did not focus on the mess that the Americans left behind in Iraq. The purpose of his speech was to heighten fear and instill confidence that our government will take care of everything and eliminate the impending threat. And Barack Obama did not say a word about what the CIA has long sponsored, armed and supported extremists in neighboring Syria.

On the day when Obama’s war with ISIS was officially announced in America, CBS News supported Washington with the headline “Obama: Iraq’s air strikes inflict heavy damage to ISIS” (“Obama: Airstrikes in Iraq taking a toll on ISIS”). The script was written, the scenery was set up - the scenery for vague and misleading attempts to allegedly destroy a new and extremely serious threat to America’s security. Obama continued:
"We will prevent these terrorists from obtaining a permanent safe haven from which they could strike at America."

Although the American president put forward restraint and humanitarian ideals as the basis of the campaign against ISIL, the reality was that he had a very specific strategy in advance. One once-secret 2012 document of the year, namely an intelligence report compiled by the Department of Defense, proves that the US administration knew exactly what was happening in Iraq and Syria. This document is one of the indisputable evidence that the Obama administration worked closely with Al-Qaeda and the jihadist Front-Nusrah group to crush Israel’s old enemies, Assad and Hezbollah.

Multiyear plan

An article published in Zero Hedge by Dr. Nafeez Ahmed, a freelance journalist, best-selling author, and international security expert, explicitly talks about the Washington plan and the role the Obama administration played in building ISIS. Rest assured, the plan from the very beginning was to destroy President Assad - in the final episode of the Arab spring provoked by America. If you look at the growing chaos in North Africa and the Middle East with historical From the point of view, it becomes clear that financing various forms of extremism and terrorism is systemic. Three decades ago, the Reagan administration, in collusion with Saudi Arabia, provided billions of dollars to Afghan mujahideen of Osama bin Laden. Today, the very same actors are bringing death, chaos and destruction to Syria and Iran, and this time Bashar Hafez al-Assad became the main target.

In this article I will not go into details of all the complexities of interfaith hostility in the Middle East. In addition, we should not deviate from the fundamental evil that today represents Barack Obama and the elite of Washington. The main thing I want to say: the whole concept of the “war on terror” is a lie. America and its allies (that is, our governments) first helped to form the most radical groups, denying their duplicity, and then, as we see today, used these militants to achieve their goals. For example, al-Qaeda has evolved from the army of Satan himself to the Syrian “moderate opposition” - and so on.

Now let me speak about Obama's deceit. Misleading - in those cases where the actions of the leader must be absolutely transparent - this is a lie. This is a conscious deception. And the point. In 2013, when Barack Obama told the American people about Syria, he called Assad a ruthless dictator. He blamed the government of this leader - almost as much as George Bush once accused Saddam Hussein of possessing weapons mass destruction - in the mass poisoning of its own citizens. As our “commander in chief,” he, having assessed, assured us that Syria is by no means a threat to the US military. On the video of his address, you can see how passionately Obama is trying to convince us of the need to strike. During this speech, he did not say a word about the fact that the CIA financed Assad’s opposition before the beginning of 2006, and that he and former US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton were discussing US attempts to overthrow Assad. Yes, they want to overthrow Assad - regardless of the possible consequences - for more than ten years. WikiLeaks published documents clearly demonstrating that the “peaceful demonstrations”, by which Mr. Obama misled the American people, were completely different. Let me quote an excerpt from one such document:
“Now that the end of 2006 is approaching, Bashar (Assad) seems in many ways stronger than before. The country is marked by economic stability (at least in the short term), internal opposition to the regime remains weak and intimidated, and the situation in the region is developing in accordance with the interests of Syria, from the point of view of Damascus. Nevertheless, there are still long-standing vulnerabilities and serious problems that may give a chance for increased pressure on Bashar and his immediate circle. ”

The nature of American political leadership

Is it the wording of a peaceful nation acting for the benefit of all mankind? How did we help the Syrians? If the country of Assad was “relatively stable economically” at the end of 2006, if he had no need to fight internal enemies, then explain to me what America and its allies helped the people of Syria? What is this cosmic ray gun that has turned a rather stable Syria into a bloody mess? You know the answer to this question. Because of his incompetence, arrogance, diabolical malice, or at the instigation of demons from distant galaxies, Barack Obama led America and the entire Western world to a humanitarian catastrophe. And he put all the blame on us.

Let's be clear: in Syria, there is no such thing as a “moderate opposition.” Barack Obama himself spoke about this in his earlier speech on Syria in the summer of this year. The President told the Americans that “the United States is assisting moderate opposition in its fight against ISIS if we find them,” reading the text from a teleprompter in the White House. "If we find them." Meanwhile, during a press conference a few days earlier, when the reporter asked about Russia's actions in Syria, Obama responded with his usual lie:
“First, let's understand what is happening in Syria and how we got there. What began as peaceful protests against President Al-Assad developed into a civil war because Assad responded to those protests with unimaginable cruelty. Therefore, in this case, it is not a conflict between the United States and any of the parties in Syria, but a conflict between the Syrian people and a cruel, ruthless dictator. ”

During the same press conference, the American president used another tactical tactic - he tried to appropriate the winning strategy of his opponents: faced with the fact that Russia is able to destroy ISIL in just a few hours - not even weeks - Obama "offers" what Vladimir Putin had previously said, that is, a peaceful change of the political regime in Damascus. Having finally lost in trying to outwit and outplay Putin and Russia, Obama returned to the strong position of his opponent, making it his own. But we all know well that skillful liars are the daily bread for Washington, London, Berlin and Brussels. The problem with Obama is that, as I said, the world thinks he is American! He destroys entire civilizations, kills everyone indiscriminately, contributes to the extinction of entire nations and at the same time declares: “America wants this.” We have become gods of war, deception and, even worse, in the Three idlers of international politics.

In the past few years, we have faced a powerful and unprecedented propaganda campaign aimed at Americans. Barack Obama is only the nominal head of this cohort, the clique of elitism, controlling the oldest constitutional democracy. We can give hundreds, if not thousands of examples of unusually disturbing signals that a certain new powerful force controls our national capital. One of the 2013 videos about Syria was a clear demonstration of what I’m talking about: this was the speech of former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, which was published by the White House at about the same time as Mr. Obama’s call to start a military campaign against Syria and Asad.

Let's stop here for a minute. Hillary Clinton, who at that time no longer occupied any official position, said on behalf of the White House. She speaks in support of the military campaign against Syria, demonstrating a complete lack of awareness of the actions of the United States within that country - that is, she literally completely denies any involvement of the United States in the chaos that the State Department provoked there when she held the post of its head. My main question: why did we, the Americans, have to be forced to listen to the opinion of an ordinary citizen on this issue? Why haven't we been shown the performance of some expert from the CIA, a general or a dishwasher from the White House? Because the views and opinions of Americans must be kept under control.

Friends, America has very serious trouble. Above, I used the word “clique” because I want you to understand the nature of our political leadership. I know that many Americans already understand this, but I must be frank: in Washington today there is no choice. Reagan, Bush, Clinton, Bush, Obama, Clinton, Bush or Trump? The definition of clicks is as follows:

“A clique is a group of people who are closely related to each other and pursue their private interests and goals within the church, state apparatus or other community, often with the help of intrigues and usually without the knowledge of people who are not in this group.”

I know that all this is very reminiscent of a conspiracy, but I would like to remind you that conspiracies surround us everywhere. People constantly collude. In America, there is a “click”, in the so-called “West” too, and we cannot ignore it. A more productive approach in this case may be the recognition of the power and control that these people possess. I assure you, as soon as you understand this, the fear of ISIS and al-Qaeda will disappear instantly.

resident Evil

You can get a complete picture of this structure of “power” by reading the document published on Wikileaks, which I mentioned above. My colleagues and I often write about corporate or Obama-controlled media, but this document contains undeniable evidence that America and the whole world are constantly brainwashed:
“We must continue to call on Saudi Arabia and others to give Haddam (former Syrian vice-president and Assad's successor in Washington) access to their media so that he has the opportunity to erase the Syrian government’s dirty laundry in public. We should prepare for an excessively violent reaction of the regime, which will further alienate its Arab neighbors from it. ”

Pay attention to the wording, if you have not already done so. This short quote contains the essence of the plans of the Bush and Obama administrations and the causes of the global chaos and massacres. Syria, millions of refugees, the influx of migrants in Europe - can you now tell who is to blame for all this? "Access to the media"! Readiness for the upcoming bloodshed! Plan to destroy millions of lives and livelihoods! Does anyone read this carefully?

The United States began to fund anti-government groups in Syria ten years before Vladimir Putin had to intervene. The United States forced the leadership of Europe to impose sanctions on the oil industry of Assad several years ago. Pressure, pressure, pressure was constantly applied, bombs were dropped, poisonous gas choked innocent people, burning their lungs and hearts, and those who committed these crimes tirelessly blamed everyone except themselves. In this document with Wikileaks, which I shared with you, my dear fellow citizens, people who receive salaries from taxpayers' money, advised, while in Damascus, how to overthrow the government of a foreign state. The document lists the weak points of the regime, and then provides recommendations for action. These recommendations, as we now see, were implemented by our officials. The directive is in front of you:

1. Weak spot - Syria's economy

2. The proposed steps are to strip foreign direct investment, especially from the Gulf countries.

3. Result - Syrians will want to protest

And this list goes on. This document even lists all the culprits - in the list of recipients. You do not need to be a rocket scientist in order to understand who has unleashed the war that Putin has to deal with today. Recipients of this document can not deny that they knew about the plans to overthrow the current government. And the US Treasury should have known its role in this strategy. And Tel Aviv also needed to have a road map leading to Syria. Both the NSA and the then Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice — of course, this document was also addressed to them. His addressees also included the Arab League, the American mission in the European Union, the United Nations, and the US central command, although this is rather unusual. And finally, this message reached - you are absolutely right - to the Oval Office of the White House, where George W. Bush passed the baton to Barack Obama.


Why do I say that Bush transferred the war in Syria to Obama? The script took effect, right? This question and this answer lead us to the obvious conclusion that US policy has nothing to do with the will of the American people. Why do I say that? Do I really have to explain everything to my educated readers? If a large-scale and long-term strategy is being implemented in our world, and if an ordinary citizen is “forced” to ignore the true consequences of this policy, we cannot speak about democracy or freedom. Our officials have the right to take each next step only with our informed consent. However, all our officials have long gone beyond their authority. I do not understand how all these people managed to avoid investigations and prison sentences and how the American constitution was supposed to work. This clique, these arbitrators of the world crisis have forgotten about the borders of a civilized society, they do what they want, while remaining inviolable for reproaches of conscience, moral standards and the dictatorship of the law. Despicable and vile - these are the only words with which I can characterize them.

No matter how passionate my contempt is towards traitors, what really irritates me most is the damage they cause to naive people who believe them. We trust people, but they betray us and steal our wealth. Then they blame someone else, and so on. They laugh, play and live at the expense of decent and honest people from all over the world. They spend trillions of dollars to fill the pockets of already rich sociopaths, while just a few hundred billions can save the lives of millions of children. America spent 10 spending millions of dollars a day to bomb desert sand in the country, which most American students can't even find on the world map. Now the average father from Iowa should be afraid that some desperate teenager might be beheading his children, who saw how a group supported by the CIA had dealt with his parents. Poverty, hatred, fear and legalized reprisals piled on the poorest strata of the world’s population in the most desolate corners of the planet so that the corrupt system continued to exist. And before God, in front of a puzzled and innocent human community, a man rises to the podium, who claims that AMERICA is to blame for everything. Meanwhile, Obama accuses you and me, our children, our ancestors, as well as the new Nazi regime, claiming world domination.

And we stand at attention. We include news on CNN and other channels over and over, on which "access" to the audience is provided only to those selected by the aforementioned click. And when “highly moral languages” speak the truth, when people start to worry and have doubts, a clique enters the game, hiding behind its power and wealth from those people whom it has sworn to defend before God. Looking back, recalling my early school years, I understand how sad the story I just wrote for you. We allowed these people to make a cruel parody of freedom - these traitors to the American dream and God, the true creator of freedom ... May the Lord not leave us in these difficult times.

"The God of our fathers, thee
Author of freedom
To you we sing
Let our land light up for a long time
The sacred ray of freedom;
Protect us with your power
Great God, our King! ”

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  1. Grabberxnumx
    Grabberxnumx 12 October 2015 14: 47
    Well, Phil is certainly interesting and in some ways right, but sorry almost alone.
    A rhetorical question: What will BarObama do if the US is armed with an ARMED (normally on hand) moderate opposition?
    1. Vend
      Vend 12 October 2015 14: 57
      No one betrayed the United States. Just fighting ISIS is a long-term business project. And Russia has once again taken and decided everything once or twice. The USSR was destroyed in a couple of years, and the United States planned to ruin it before the 2020. You need to think with your head when you read articles in the media. Compare facts and be able to draw conclusions.
      1. Kostyar
        Kostyar 12 October 2015 15: 05
        The ability to admit your mistakes is the lot of strong people!
        Still to them to get to the power .....
      2. Major Yurik
        Major Yurik 12 October 2015 16: 20
        It's simple, American! Never do to others what you would not want you to do! Well, lie, of course less! negative
        1. voronbel53
          voronbel53 12 October 2015 16: 40
          Quote: Major Yurik
          It's simple, American! Never do to others what you would not want you to do! Well, lie, of course less!

          In politics, unfortunately, everything is done the other way around ...
        2. afdjhbn67
          afdjhbn67 13 October 2015 02: 51
          Quote: Major Yurik
          It's simple, American! Never do to others what you would not want you to do! Well, lie, of course less! negative

          But for Russia it is good that Obama is in power with his throwing and some softness, imagine a "hawk" will come in his place and we will quickly find ourselves on the verge of World War III .. or Russia will have to give way to the Americans in some cases, and Obama is well calculated which gives Putin has enough freedom of choice yes
      3. Lelek
        Lelek 12 October 2015 19: 06
        Quote: Wend
        No one betrayed the United States. Just fighting ISIS is a long-term business project.

        You are absolutely right. ISIS was created by the United States by order of the grandees of the Bilderberg Club, as a counterbalance to the oil grandees of the emirates. But the staff are accustomed to behaving everywhere like an elephant in a china shop, and practically ruined the idea of ​​the Morgan and Rockefellers and others like them: "to get hold of ALL the OIL of the Middle East." Goat-bearded Sam came, bombed, destroyed, killed hundreds of thousands of people, created ISIS, which smelled the smell of oil and heroin money and snapped his teeth at his parent (trite, like the world). And what to do now, on the eve of the elections, America's talking heads have no idea. Surrendering ISIS means losing face in the Arab world; defending ISIS means losing face in front of the rest of the world. So they stand vraskoryachku - maybe it will resolve. WILL NOT BE PASSED, sir and seruhi. bully
        1. garrikz
          garrikz 13 October 2015 04: 38
          And it will be quite fun for them when the Hussites get to the oil fields of Arabia. These guys, at a cheap price, to please the United States, will not drive oil, but most likely they will ruin what they reach.
    2. 34 region
      34 region 12 October 2015 15: 05
      The US Institute of Knocking will not allow this. And there were a lot of riots? And how did they end? In addition, a power policy based on the principle of an evil cop is a good cop. If your right hand is disgusting, let's choose the left. The vapor bleeding tactics there are clearly worked out.
      1. Yuri Y.
        Yuri Y. 12 October 2015 15: 39
        Quote: Wend
        Nobody betrayed the USA

        You did not understand. The article says that they betrayed the people in the United States. And they redid the USA with the same broker as the USSR collapsed.
      2. marlin1203
        marlin1203 12 October 2015 15: 42
        Yes, there are still "democratizers" ... slavery in some southern states was formally abolished only recently ... laughing
      3. panfil
        panfil 12 October 2015 15: 54
        The author of this article is not alone. For example, the well-known film director Oliver Stone recently made a film about the history of the United States (the untold history of the United States), which describes in approximately the same spirit how America has come to the present situation. So there are more and more reasonable voices, it’s more and more difficult for the US authorities to shut their mouths and eyes to their citizens. Well, the article is a definite plus.
    3. maiman61
      maiman61 12 October 2015 16: 36
      The Americans were brainwashed no worse than the Koreans in North Korea! The Americans came to visit, asking why you are afraid of missile defense in Europe? You can come and even touch them! I asked if Russia would put anti-missiles in Mexico, would you like to come and touch them? Amer’s only gyrus closed and he said nothing!
    4. veps75
      veps75 12 October 2015 16: 45
      he will crush them so that poor Saddam never dreamed of terrible dreams, it was not for nothing that their Interior Ministry recently bought rubber bullets in the millions. And about the clique - read about the Masons and everything will become clear to you.
    5. TanakaKenshin
      TanakaKenshin 12 October 2015 20: 41
      Quote: Grabber2000
      A rhetorical question: What will BarObama do if the US is armed with an ARMED (normally on hand) moderate opposition?

      SVR would have them in the southern states ... With gingerbread ...
    6. Weyland
      Weyland 12 October 2015 21: 07
      Quote: Grabber2000
      What will BarObama do if the US develops an ARMED (trunk normally on hand) moderate opposition?

      The same thing that "honest Abe" did in his time (1861-1865)
    7. The comment was deleted.
    8. Flexsus
      Flexsus 12 October 2015 22: 17
      He will say that these are terrorists and separatists.
  2. vorobey
    vorobey 12 October 2015 14: 48
    raped ... fundamentally not the correct formulation of the question ..
  3. Sergey Medvedev
    Sergey Medvedev 12 October 2015 14: 49
    As always. And in the USA there are reasonable people, but they are not at the helm, unfortunately.
    1. Awaz
      Awaz 12 October 2015 14: 54
      they say something sober there or retired, or those who have nothing to lose ... Otherwise, everything is at the level of the USSR during a period of stagnation: to make a career you have to be as lazy as possible ...
      1. Alexander Romanov
        Alexander Romanov 12 October 2015 15: 39
        Is America betrayed?
        And how can you betray a traitor?
  4. Andryukha G
    Andryukha G 12 October 2015 14: 52
    “Ah, what am I to blame?” - “Be quiet! I'm tired of listening,
    Leisure me sort your fault, puppy!
    You are to blame for the fact that I want to eat. "
    Said and dragged into the dark forest Lamb.
    1. Weyland
      Weyland 12 October 2015 21: 10
      Quote: Andryukha G

      If ... Krylov fable translated - and the author is Aesop! This fable is 26 centuries old and has not become obsolete!
  5. Altona
    Altona 12 October 2015 14: 54
    Well done man, he wrote everything correctly, there’s nothing to add ... Normal people always distinguish propaganda get along simply by comparing facts ...
  6. Rurikovich
    Rurikovich 12 October 2015 14: 54
    Ohhh ... It’s starting to reach who actually is the factory owner in all the conflicts of the last couple of decades on the planet!
    The Lord will not leave you ... He sees everything and you will have to pay for everything wink Here is just what he will choose for you, only He knows ... winked
  7. Alexxas
    Alexxas 12 October 2015 14: 56
    Nothing new. Everything is already known. winked
  8. Andryukha G
    Andryukha G 12 October 2015 15: 00
    Obama is a simple executor of the plans of America’s real leaders, anyone could be in his place (he’s the same puppet as Potroshenko) and the course towards destabilizing the World around the globe will not change until all countries become vassals (slaves) of America with green paper circulating countries and continents.
  9. Armored optimist
    Armored optimist 12 October 2015 15: 00
    Make peace with Russia urgently!
    And to put Glazyev the head of the Fed, Churkin to invite the Secretary of State. Saw aircraft carriers. Everything will settle down.
  10. Turkir
    Turkir 12 October 2015 15: 03
    The main thing I want to say is that the whole concept of the "war on terror" is a lie. America and its allies (that is, our governments) first helped to form the most radical groups, denying their duplicity, and then, as we see today, they used these militants to achieve their goals. For example, al-Qaeda has gone from being an army of Satan himself to a Syrian “moderate opposition,” and so on.
    Now let me speak out about Obama's deceit ...

    Phillip Butler has seen. Strong article.
    1. Andrey NM
      Andrey NM 12 October 2015 15: 56
      I remember how in early childhood at school we sang this patriotic song - a song about how we love our country. Every morning we stood at attention in front of the American flag ...

      That's how they bring up, drive patriotism from an early age. What about us? Pioneer ties were taken away, but nothing new was given to young people. Although no, they gave ... Beer, chewing gum, drugs, etc. .... God bless him, with socialism and communism, but no one has canceled universal human values ​​... An idea is needed, one cannot get out without it ...
    2. Turkir
      Turkir 13 October 2015 00: 00
      In the "most democratic" country in the world, no one will hear him, he writes only on the site
      Even if "heavyweight" Paul Craig Roberts has been imprisoned in an information vacuum, what about Phil Butler?
      But it is clear that he is an honest man and a great analyst.
      It’s useful for our fifth-column ping-pongs, especially imposingly juggling words about freedom, democracy in the most beautiful country in the US world on radio and TV, to read this article three times a day before meals.
      If they do not grow wiser, then they will lose weight, that's for sure.
      1. Turkir
        Turkir 13 October 2015 00: 49
        Here is about Phil Butler from his website:
        About phil butler

        I am a news journalist, editor, and analyst, and a partner in one of Europe's leading PR and digital marketing firms, Pamil Visions PR. I contribute to the Huffington Post, The Epoch Times in print and online, Japan Today, and dozens of other media including Russia Today.
        - See more at:
        a / # sthash.YfktRAN4.dpuf
  11. quote
    quote 12 October 2015 15: 05
    Hundreds of swindlers and suckers! Here it is great America. So many years of "washing" the brain can only suckers! And thousands of Nobel laureates, thousands of "cool" professors, "best universities", amicably blowing into the "leather nozzle" of the dark-assed, but it is said that it is flute, and the blowing became a hundred times more pleasant!
    So that you fail, SLAVES of "one minute of happiness" !!!
  12. ilyaches
    ilyaches 12 October 2015 15: 15
    Good and interesting article. Now I would like to know the reaction in the West from ordinary people.
  13. Denis DV
    Denis DV 12 October 2015 15: 18
    Invite him to Solovyov on TV, and then Michael Bohm broadcasts all over America.
  14. Kolka82
    Kolka82 12 October 2015 15: 27
    No, Phil, no matter what you say and no matter how right, but you are alone and it is unlikely that most of your fellow citizens will support you. Your whole country began its history with lies, murders, meanness - sort of Sodom and Gomorrah! The end will be one.
  15. sinukvl
    sinukvl 12 October 2015 15: 34
    May the Lord not leave us in these difficult times.

    "The God of our fathers, thee
    Author of freedom
    To you we sing
    Let our land light up for a long time
    The sacred ray of freedom;
    Protect us with your power
    Great God, our King! ”

    What can you say in response to these words, perhaps "Trust in God, but do not blame yourself" or you yourself can no longer brazenly Saxons, there is not enough tyam and this:
  16. rus-5819
    rus-5819 12 October 2015 15: 43
    Quote: ilyaches
    Good and interesting article. Now I would like to know the reaction in the West from ordinary people.

    Rather, there will be no reaction or will be, but very weak! The average person in such cases is almost inaudible
    After all, admit America that it is in some way wrong and everything is complete collapse. Therefore, the "gray government of America and Europe" will not allow this.
  17. KRIG55
    KRIG55 12 October 2015 16: 03
    The article is good, but it is not for us to offer it, but in America to distribute it to everyone who can read. Let them read and draw conclusions, they will have elections soon.
    CONTROL 12 October 2015 16: 11
    ... a pair of voices screaming in the desert!
  19. The comment was deleted.
  20. forester
    forester 12 October 2015 16: 26
    Strong! More and more sensible voices are heard in America, more and more dissatisfied, maybe some kind of new force will be formed that will be able to at least slightly resist the Clintons and McCain.
  21. Fucknato
    Fucknato 12 October 2015 16: 48
    Okay, so .... suddenly I thought, are we so different from Americans? They popularly elect the head of state, but they do not want to be responsible for his policy ... And we? Should we be responsible for the actions of our Leader?
    But they can afford to choose a presidential idiot, but we do not !!! crying
  22. X Y Z
    X Y Z 12 October 2015 17: 03
    The most vile is the claims of the American elites not on some kind of selectivity, which no one believes in, but on their special morality and the exceptional humanity of their actions, on their own special respectability, which makes them immaculate and free from all suspicion and criticism.
  23. s.melioxin
    s.melioxin 12 October 2015 17: 49
    I don’t understand how all these people managed to escape investigations and prison sentences and how the American constitution was supposed to work. This clique, these arbiters of the global crisis, forgot about the borders of a civilized society, they do what they want, remaining untouchable for reproaches of conscience, moral standards and the dictatorship of the law. Despicable and mean are the only words that I can characterize them.
    The "American" language is very poor. One should speak about "them" only in Russian.
  24. The comment was deleted.
  25. Kachesgm
    Kachesgm 12 October 2015 17: 57
    Interestingly, in America there is no need to arm anyone - those who wanted to have already armed themselves ... Therefore, if the "world community" needs it, it is only necessary to create an ideological opposition, and it will not even be necessary to think about arms.
    1. Lee_Mubai
      Lee_Mubai 12 October 2015 18: 56
      Great idea !! good
  26. Lee_Mubai
    Lee_Mubai 12 October 2015 18: 42
    Poor American! discovered what everyone has known for a long time already !! As Zadornov says, "Well, stupid" and the whole article is the same, ("we have nothing to do with it, this is the villain and the robber" Black muzzle "Obamka is to blame, he deceived us all, and scared, and bomb Yugoslavia! Oh no, Libya! Yes damn again, it’s not Iraq or Syria. !! Yes, in general, it doesn’t matter who to bomb, but he made us ") and tears like hail !!! It is necessary to sponsor the Mexican banditos, so that they gouge this underdog to hell, Then everywhere on earth it will be peaceful and quiet!
  27. Neophyte
    Neophyte 12 October 2015 18: 43
    Amazing revelation! And in America there are decent and smart people!
    1. Alexey Lobanov
      Alexey Lobanov 12 October 2015 19: 26
      Quote: Neophyte
      Amazing revelation! And in America there are decent and smart people!

      The most appropriate words for the article are "amazing revelation" !!! Totally agree with you! Climbed to the source, read the comments under the article and realized that the guy was writing from the heart. By the way, there are already a lot of comments from Russians, even liberalism has been noted. laughing
  28. Temer
    Temer 12 October 2015 19: 50
    Awesomely competent article. I'm not a fan of Putin. I do not hate 3,14ndos. Here I applaud the author! Bravo! Bis!
  29. v.yegorov
    v.yegorov 12 October 2015 19: 51
    It turns out that there are also reasonable people in the States. And, apparently, what was being prepared and promoted for Syria is being prepared for us. The reptile will not calm down until you crush it.
  30. sergant1.1
    sergant1.1 12 October 2015 21: 20
    "the madness of the strong requires supervision" Shakespeare. HAMLET.
  31. Shurik70
    Shurik70 12 October 2015 21: 49
    Unfortunately, many sincerely believe that we all look like Barack Obama

    Yeah. Of course, in any country there are very different people.
    But, as a rule, people of "one formation" come to power. Until they are destroyed.
    And the fact that there are adequate people in America who are capable of treating their neighbors with respect does not mean anything.
    For the whole world, all Americans are like Obama!
    Until they destroy it themselves. And it would be better before he unleashes a full-scale war with Russia or China.
    If we have to destroy us with the Chinese - unfortunately, we will destroy everyone! And adequate too.
  32. Vasisualiy
    Vasisualiy 12 October 2015 22: 40
    Much has been said. And the texture is given. The conclusion is not fully drawn. The question is - what is such a clique? No face, no name? The name is there, but it cannot be named. Why? Because the name of the clique is ZIONISM. And you can't talk about him. They will immediately roll into anti-Semites, Nazis and fascists. In the usual way. Assad is the target of whom? That's right, you guessed it - Israel. Who Runs Israel? Correct pin-do-stan. Who is in power there? World "Chosen" Zionists. Their faces are known to everyone, although they keep in the shadows: the Rockefellers, Rothschilds and all the usual Jewish hirelings Allbright, Brzezhinsky, Hilton and other Kholui pack.
    Why is it no longer possible to call a Negro a Negro, and a Zionist a Zionist? Only because it is not pleasing to the "chosen leadership". Do not think that I am an anti-Semite, God forbid! Jews have a lot of friends. I just do not like the "elite Judas-ism", the tribe of Judas, Pharisees and merchants living on a loan interest. In short, the Jews.
  33. Wolka
    Wolka 13 October 2015 07: 56
    the Yankees are masters of tying the knots of world conflicts, but if the knot doesn’t untie, it’s chopped off, which Russia did in Syria, in general the Yankees should have realized for a long time that there is always another force in the world that can balance it, and you don’t have to think that the Yankees are smarter and smarter than anyone else ...