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How Smirnovs fought

A friend of mine, a veteran of the Great Patriotic War, once said: “There is an opinion that Ivanov is the most common surname among Russians. And at the front, to be honest, I most often met Smirnovs. And even though they all fought in different ways, but equally valiantly. ”
So this material was born about some of the front-lines-Smirnov, famous and not.

Alexei Smirnov
The name of this talented actor is known, perhaps, if not all, then very, very many. He was born in the town of Danilov, Yaroslavl Region. Even before the war, became a stage actor.
According to some sources, Smirnov went to the front as a volunteer. And there is evidence that in 1940, he was drafted into the army. But one thing is certain: he was a brave soldier. He fought on the Western, Bryansk, 1-m Ukrainian and 1-m Byelorussian fronts, went to reconnaissance many times. Here are extracts from his prize lists.
How Smirnovs fought

“During the breakthrough of the German defense in the area of ​​the Onatskovtsy village 4 in March 1944, Smirnov and his platoon destroyed the mortar battery, the heavy machine gun and, before 30, the enemy soldiers. Having repulsed Onatskovtsy, the platoon advanced and captured the city of Starokonstantinov. In that battle, Senior Sergeant Smirnov with a platoon destroyed 2 machine guns, 75-mm guns and 35 enemy infantrymen ... "

“20 July 1944, near the height of 283.0, the enemy threw fighters into the attack before 40. Smirnov rushed into battle with the personal weapons, inspiring comrades, thereby repelling the attack. In that battle, the Germans lost 17 soldiers, and Smirnov personally captured 7 people. A week later, in the area of ​​the village of Zhuravka, choosing firing positions, Smirnov and his three fellow soldiers ran into an enemy group of 16 people. The Germans tried to capture Soviet soldiers, but they fought back, destroying 9 and taking five prisoners ... "

“In the course of the Vistula-Oder operation 17 in January 1945, the Smirnov battery was ambushed in the area of ​​the village Postavice. Smirnov with three Red Army soldiers attacked the Germans. Alexey Makarovich personally destroyed three and captured two enemy soldiers, opening the way for further advancement ... ”

And at the same time, the future famous actor at the front led amateur performances! At the end of the war, Smirnov was very contused, and after a long treatment at the hospital he was discharged.

Cavalier of the Order of Glory, who was also awarded many medals, he almost never told people about his military achievements. And we used to see him in comic images: funny, awkward, roguish. And only in the film of Leonid Bykov’s closest friend, “Only some old men go into battle,” Alexey Makarovich appears completely different. In general, his biography is a separate big story about a very decent person who sacrificed his personal happiness. Modest, intelligent, good. Smirnov adored children, but could not get permission to adopt Vanya - a secluded boy from an orphanage. He had all-Union glory, but was not proud of it. Very much valued friendship with Leonid Bykov. He lay in the hospital when he died in a car accident. Doctors Smirnov did not say anything about this, fearing for his heart. But, writing out, he set the table and raised the first glass for his friend. Mystery had to open. Alexey Makarovich silently put a glass on the table, returned to the ward, lay down on the bed and died ...

Sergey Smirnov
Now, in my opinion, Sergei Sergeyevich Smirnov’s books are not studied in literature classes, and I rarely see them in out-of-class lists. But this man was one of the first to begin a tremendous job of memorializing the heroes of the war. His book about the defenders of the Brest Fortress was collected literally bit by bit. And radio and TV shows dedicated to the search for war heroes! Recently, I wrote about the young partisan Nada Bogdanova. So, her name became widely known due to the transfer of Smirnov.

He himself is a veteran of the Great Patriotic War. He served in the fighter battalion, graduated from the school of snipers near Moscow, anti-aircraft artillery school in Ufa. He commanded a platoon of an anti-aircraft artillery division, worked as an employee of the newspaper 57 Army. He was dismissed from the army in 195-year with the rank of lieutenant colonel.
By the way, it was Smirnov who was the first to venture to defend the soldiers who were captured during the war and convicted for it.

Yuri Smirnov
This nineteen-year-old village boy is a Hero of the Soviet Union.
The younger, third child in the family, Yuri grew up a desperate kid. Could, for example, fly at full speed on an unfinished horse and even backwards. Or a ride on an ice floe during the ice drift.
When the war began, the guy worked as an electric welder. But at the end of 1942, his father died at Stalingrad. And Yuri decided to take revenge on fascist reptiles.

He started fighting as part of the 77 Guards Rifle Regiment and had no awards until the last day of his life (although according to some sources he was awarded the Order of the Patriotic War, I degree during his lifetime).
On the night of June 24, 1944 our night tank the landing broke through the fascist defense in the Orsha direction. There was a battle for the village of Shalashino (this is in the Vitebsk region), and in this battle the Germans captured a wounded soldier. They had high hopes for the prisoner, they urgently needed to find out where the Soviet tanks were going, how many of them. The Nazis struggled to save the Orsha-Minsk highway.

But private Smirnov refused to answer questions. The interrogation lasted all night. The Germans brutally tortured a guy, beat him, stripped him naked, stabbed him. But he did not achieve anything, brutally killed him in impotent rage: they crucified him on the dugout wall, hammering nails over the caps in his hands, foot and head, and stabbed him with bayonets.

In the morning our fighters broke through the defenses. And they found in one of the dugouts dead Yuri ...
Teacher Smirnov and his children
Many, many Smirnovs protected our land from the fascists. Twice the hero of the Soviet Union, the fighter pilot Alexey Semyonovich Smirnov, during the war years, made more 450 combat missions and conducted air battles near 80.

Vladimir Vasilyevich Smirnov (also a pilot, also a Hero of the Soviet Union, but he received this rank before the start of World War II, in 1940) brought his division out of the ring of the enemy, was seriously wounded and was sent to staff work. But it was not for him. Smirnov mastered the new Il-2 aircraft and drove the attack aircraft on combat missions. The division under his command crushed the enemy’s tank columns on the Kursk Bulge. The hero himself died in July 1943 of the year.

Alexander Yakovlevich Smirnov (and he is a hero of the Soviet Union!), Commander of the sapper company of the 5 shock army, in January 1944, during the offensive of our troops from the Mangushevsky bridgehead located between two rivers, together with his company captured the only bridge in that area and personally cleared it. Then this company kept the defense until our tanks crossed over the bridge - about two hundred!

And how many more Smirnov heroes, about the exploits of which it is not known ...
Of course, absolutely not in the name of the case. You can write the same material about the Petrovs, Sidorovs, the Konevs, Ignatovs and others, and others, and others. And Smirnov can be a traitor or a scoundrel. But I know the case in the Lipetsk region, when exactly this name played a very important role ...

... When in the hospital, Ivan Mikhailovich Smirnov had his leg amputated, he, blinded by pain, at first did not even understand it. But then the doctor came, brought a crutch and said that his legs were gone, and Sergeant Smirnov was soon demobilized.
... Leaving round prints in the dust, Ivan Mikhailovich has once again bypassed the ashes. Three walls, a pile of black, soot-stained stones. In the middle are metal pipes - the legs of the bed. And still worth the stove. Her Ivan Mikhailovich he folded before marriage. Brick to brick to forever. And so it happened - the house burned down, and the stove survived.

Not empty burned down the house. In it, Ivan Mikhailovich's family burned down: his wife, Anna Alekseevna, and four sons. The fascists wanted to arrange a bath in the house of Smirnovs, but Anna Alekseevna opposed. And "to freeze", the Nazis burned them alive.

The villagers later told us that when the flames started, the children began to call their father. It seemed to them that he would come and save him.
And now, Ivan Mikhailovich once again bypassed the ashes. And it seemed to him that his family was alive. That she suffers and is tormented. And that his sons are still calling, asking for help.

Before the war, Smirnov worked as a teacher in a school in Terbunsky District. But now he thought that he would never be able to look at any more children. I wanted to get a job at the kolkhoz, but the chairman refused flatly - he sent me to school, he allocated a class to live at first.
Ivan Mikhailovich agreed, that same evening he came to a new place of work. He went to empty classes, recalled how his two older sons studied here. And suddenly I heard someone hurried steps. This was minced along the corridor by a boy of about five.

- Uncle, I came to the first class! Mama said, the new teacher will be, w is a scythe. And they will feed you at school, don't you know? For me, just not turnips! She's nasty every day, this turnip!
And suddenly thawed in the soul of Ivan Mikhailovich at the sight of a talkative little boy who wanted to learn and eat not only a turnip. He leaned over to the future student, stroked his head:
- How old are you?
- Sheychash five. And shkor budeet lice! My Shenka zhuut. Shmirnov ...

... Among the students of Ivan Mikhailovich there were five Smirnovs - two girls and three boys. Lisping Senka until the first class is not accepted. But he turned out to be a dirty cinder, and every day he took a school by storm: he came in with the demand to give out textbooks or to feed him not with a turnip. Ivan Mikhailovich fed Senka with flour dough, and did not give out textbooks - the entire library of the school burned down during the occupation.

But allowed to sit on a lesson with high school students. Senka behaved quietly for several minutes, and then he began to tell how his folder shot a hundred fascists with a rifle at the front. And maybe two hundred - come on, count them during the battle! Senka had no father, he died during the spring break-up before the war. The whole class knew it, but was silent.

Every day Ivan Mikhailovich became increasingly attached to his students, especially to the Smirnovs. Sometimes it seemed to him that it was his own children who were sitting at their desks and listening to his every word. He kept their written notebooks, as fathers and mothers cherish memorable children's things. In winter and in early spring, he cooked flour broth - there was nothing to eat except flour. He cut out buttons from the tree and sewed the guys as badges. In the summer I grew beets, carrots, potatoes - all delicious vegetables, except turnips, because she could not tolerate a lisping Senka.

After the war, Ivan Mikhailovich worked for many years as a teacher in various schools - in the Lipetsk region and beyond. During this time he raised and learned thirty-eight Smirnovs - thirteen girls and twenty-five boys. After they all finished school, no one forgot their teacher. They wrote letters, came to visit.
Shepherd Senka, having matured, ceased to lisp. He became a military man and, wherever he served, sent parcels to Ivan Mikhailovich. And once arrived, I brought a bag of turnips.
The second time Ivan Mikhailovich did not marry, he lived alone. And he told everyone he knew that he had thirty-eight children.
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  1. aszzz888
    aszzz888 13 October 2015 06: 48 New
    Blessed memory to all those who died and died Ivanov, Smirnov! Everyone can’t count the names. A living health, honors and respect!
  2. My address
    My address 13 October 2015 06: 52 New
    And so the overwhelming majority fought with names ending with: in, ich, ko, man, han, and others. Another twenty or thirty years ago, the order-bearing international came out to celebrate 9 May.
  3. parusnik
    parusnik 13 October 2015 07: 58 New
    Alexei Makarovich silently put a glass on the table, returned to the ward, lay down on the bed and died ...... Friendship was in my heart .. Thank you to the author .. a wonderful article .. remember, do not forget ..
  4. Million
    Million 13 October 2015 08: 20 New
    What’s the last name here ???
    1. Uncle lee
      Uncle lee 13 October 2015 10: 42 New
      A little about the surnames:
      -Hey you three! AboutOi to me! Surname?
      -Are you brothers?
      -No, namesakes! soldier
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    3. Sofia
      13 October 2015 10: 54 New
      It is very unfortunate that you have inattentively read the article, especially its second half.
  5. Comrade Bender
    Comrade Bender 13 October 2015 11: 38 New
    A.M.Smirnov was twice awarded the "Order of Glory", served in artillery intelligence and was not only shell-shocked, but also wounded (in connection with which he could not have children). In order not to ruin the life of his bride, who had been waiting for him from the front, he simply refused her without explanation (did not want to be spared). And he didn’t tell anyone about it. When she found out about this, unfortunately it was too late, she already had a different family, but refused to forgive him this act, although he acted out of good intentions.
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  6. Altona
    Altona 13 October 2015 12: 34 New
    Eternal memory to all the heroes, and special thanks to Alexei Makarovich for the wonderful roles ...
  7. nnz226
    nnz226 13 October 2015 12: 51 New
    Alexey Makarovich Smirnov (actor) had TWO Orders of Glory, so you should read: "Cavalier of two Orders of Glory"
  8. pogis
    pogis 13 October 2015 13: 22 New
    I’ll supplement the 2 and 3 degrees. And S.S.Smirnov is a Real person! If he hadn’t been in the modern history of the feat of the Brest Fortress! I read his book in the 6 class, the 1955 edition in 1983. This is one of several books that changed my awareness of the world !!!
    1. Mikado
      Mikado 13 October 2015 17: 15 New
      Quote: pogis
      I’ll supplement the 2 and 3 degrees. And S.S.Smirnov is a Real person! If he hadn’t been in the modern history of the feat of the Brest Fortress! I read his book in the 6 class, the 1955 edition in 1983. This is one of several books that changed my awareness of the world !!!

      Basically, precisely because of the work of S.S. Smirnov, we know about the defense of the Brest Fortress. There was no clear information about what had happened in it until the end of the war, except for fragments of captured German documents. Sergey Sergeyevich Smirnov bit by bit collecting information, looking for defense participants, even helping some. It was he who restored the picture of defense.

      There is nothing to add about Alexei Makarovich. Not everyone is capable of such actions, not only in war, but precisely in the personal. And at the same time play such roles. He was the best friend of Leonid Bykov.
      These were real people.
  9. Lyton
    Lyton 13 October 2015 13: 23 New
    Yeah, burning women and children alive is German. I remember when I read for the first time that the famous actor Aleksey Makarovich Smirnov went to hand-to-hand combat and destroyed the Nazis personally, was amazed by this fact, it really didn’t fit in with his post-war movie work. Eternal memory to all those who died for our Motherland in that war, I hope our distant descendants will remember it like we do.
    1. padded jacket
      padded jacket 13 October 2015 15: 17 New
      Thank you for the article.
      And many thanks to those who are alive and eternal memory to those who died in the Second World War to all Smirnov, Ivanov, Sidorov for the fact that we now have the opportunity to live and raise children.
  10. ilyaches
    ilyaches 13 October 2015 16: 01 New
    Low bow to veterans.
  11. Koliamba_TV
    Koliamba_TV 13 October 2015 16: 42 New
    Now, in my opinion, the books of Sergei Sergeyevich Smirnov are not studied in literature lessons, and in extra-curricular lists I meet them quite rarely.

    It is not surprising, because the program is not made up of teachers, but for teachers. Our teacher said that many works cannot be studied, not to mention literature devoted to the Second World War, not so much. Yes, and this is of little interest to young people.
  12. vrach
    vrach 13 October 2015 17: 26 New
    Nevertheless, according to statistics, the most common surname in Russia is Smirnov, and not at all Ivanov. Ivanov is the most common surname in Belarus.
  13. sergei.84
    sergei.84 13 October 2015 18: 19 New
    S.S.Smirnov I remember from childhood, according to one of the TV shows that he led. If I’m not mistaken, “EXPLOIT”. And then, his book is “SMALL EARTH” (a collection of short stories). And it was so insulting when the book was published Brezhnev with the same name, his loyal associates literally corroded the book of S. S. Smirnov.
  14. Reptiloid
    Reptiloid 13 October 2015 21: 09 New
    Thank you very much for the article. I read an article on the website about the Great Patriotic War and I think that I was lucky with the school, where there were still Soviet teachers, with relatives and their friends. I was at the Blockade readings. There are a lot of right young people.
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