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I want to list! How Ukraine awards real journalists

Somehow it has become customary in the evenings to receive the next Ukrainian "wisdom." Talented people gathered in the fat Ukrainian information spaces. And most importantly, with the prospect. You will dance, no, write as it should, and repeat the fate of Tuki. You will become the head of the administration of some district or, what the hell, in the sense of Poroshenko, is not joking, the whole region.

Today I received another smart document. More precisely, the message Ukrinform. And the message, I must say, directly concerns, including me. My ghostly perspective also appears. And, to be honest, very welcome. She is not material. It is rather moral.

Remember September 16? Do not remember? And in vain. For some of the Russian journalists, this day became triumphant, and to someone he spoiled the mood. September 16 President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko, by his decree, enacted the decision of the National Security and Defense Council on September 2 on the application of sanctions against individuals and legal entities responsible for carrying out criminal activities against Ukraine. The sanctions list included 44 journalist and blogger, as well as journalists, editors and moderators. Along with Russian propaganda journalists, as well as pro-separatist media, the list included three journalists from the British BBC corporation, three Spanish journalists and a journalist from the German newspaper Die Zeit.

The list of Poroshenko made the world’s journalistic community laugh so much that even local svidomye sharks of the pen and keyboard had to react. Ukrainian authorities blacklisted journalists Eduard Eldarov, Vladimir Buchelnikov, Eric Rugalsky and Nikolai Kabanov. According to available information, there is only one real person in this list - the former deputy of the Seimas Kabanov, the other three are pseudonyms, under which other journalists of the newspaper Vesti Today and the portal work.

Getting out of the puddle and squeezing a little wet trousers a little, the Ukrainian government briskly began to fall asleep this puddle. Or, to put it more simply, correct the lists. Check, so to speak, the name and face of the person. And so quietly the topic was hushed up.

Just could not hush to the fullest. Too many offended. Me, for example. Okay there, not to be in company with Aeroflot. Or some airline "Siberia". Not really wanted. But next to the masters show off ... Dream. Yes, and what are the names! From Mikhalkov to Shoigu and Kadyrov ... But I am not. Yes, and with our portal anyone. Or the names are not the same, or simply forgotten. Here criminal cases did not forget to start. And the list is forgotten. And there are a lot of people like me. Half of those who write about the country are 404.

But the whole Ukrainian ministry monitors compliance and non-violation. Called MIP. Ministry of Information Policy. Poor work, Panov. Very bad. Do not watch, do not see. Do not fence. Give the separatists roam the expanses of the Ukrainian heads and the remnants of the brain.

I heard this same MIP criticism. More precisely, I heard. In the person of Deputy Minister Mipovskogo Tatiana Popova. She threw her breasts at the Russian bayonets. In a sense, on feathers and keys. “The list that caused such a resonance was not made by us and approved not by us,” the official said.

It seems like I'm not me, and the horse is not mine. Someone there for the whole ministry did the work (and why the ministry then?) And set up the respected people with its incompetence.

But now everything. There will be no "someone". Ukraine should know those who ridicule the Ukrainian government. In particular, in the person of MIP and President Poroshenko. Quote:

“I very much hope that we will attract Stop Fake, Telecritics and other public associations, and on the basis of their achievements this list will be made. But this will not be the list proposed by the Ministry, it should be the list proposed by those worked professionally with fake Russian propaganda. "

Whoever does not understand, the list will be written in a new way. Taking into account those who wish, who strongly annoyed Ukraine and especially MIP. So we have hope. And the lucky ones from the outdated list of anxiety, that now they will be forgotten.

But even in an ironic article sometimes it is impossible to get past serious things, from the point of view of any journalist, things. For example, about freedom of speech, freedom of the press. About the lists themselves as such. Once, my grandfather, a front-line soldier, spoke in such cases - you can't shut up the truth! And he was right. As her darling do not push the frame, climbs out. The position of Tatyana Popova herself is interesting.

“We are definitely not heading for the Middle East. We want to go to Europe. The OSCE’s position on this issue is very principled, because there’s no journalists who don’t like the work of the authorities.”

Like this. In a free and democratic Europe there are no free journalists and there cannot be. There is a friendly pack of borzopistsev who, at the command of the owner, hammered into the heads of ordinary inhabitants the information needed by the government. That's where so active, to break the pants and underwear, Ukraine marches. Who should be considered consumers of the information product to say so? Statement by a journalist from a psychiatric hospital.

I understand that the Ukrainian government, and perhaps society, needs an ideology. Maidan is already forgotten, like a dream. But can the country of slaves, who do not live as they want, but how they are told, can at least achieve some success? Is it not clear that the master always lives richer and more comfortable than the serf? Are Ukrainians zombified to such an extent that they are ready to be fed up with lackeys? And where will such a country go?
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  1. The comment was deleted.
  2. BLOND
    BLOND 12 October 2015 07: 33 New
    .... My son was a year old, it was my fault that he overturned my tea on himself, went to the hospital - woe ... well, thank God! Perhaps it was taught from above that you need to be more careful, attentive to children!
    When the second son grew up, I pressed his hand to the mug of tea taught the word hotly ... Then, just after that word, he did not come to the table ...
    Country 404 is probably given to the world by the Lord so that people understand: "You can't do this!"
    1. marlin1203
      marlin1203 12 October 2015 10: 11 New
      Over the past weekend, the news somehow did not hear about Ukraine. And we have it ... in the west and even less. Have they all crossed out? "Incident is over"? And what can they trade now, except for anti-Russian rhetoric and pictures? Well they will die of hunger. Behold the west is heartless laughing
      1. Borets
        Borets 12 October 2015 12: 05 New
        As if they had not shot down yet another Boeing to attract attention to themselves.
    2. EGOrkka
      EGOrkka 12 October 2015 10: 12 New
      .... Son was a year old

      ..... onizhedeti are not children at the age of one .... but now you can congratulate the ruin -a new ethnos-hohloppa (lackeys servile ovsky bedding) and dill (stupid vegetables) emerged after the "rotting revolution". what did it lead ... everyone can see ... except them !!! They are all jumping ... jumping ... and jumping ... In my opinion, that's what they wanted ... bully
    3. 1536
      1536 12 October 2015 18: 59 New
      Exactly, and yet it becomes clear why the Soviet Union after I.V. Stalin began to roll to his end - the first persons in it were ethnic Ukrainians, or immigrants from Ukraine.
      1. k174oun7
        k174oun7 13 October 2015 06: 06 New
        The most typical of these was EBN. Big fan of the vodka.
  3. aszzz888
    aszzz888 12 October 2015 07: 54 New
    Are Ukrainians zombified to such an extent that they are ready to be well-fed servants? And where will such a country go?

    It seems not only to such an extent, but also to a higher stage. Unfortunately, and this is evident from simple conversations somehow; friends, relatives, business partners, etc.
    Indeed, the country is 404.
    1. BMP-2
      BMP-2 12 October 2015 09: 47 New
      Are Ukrainians zombified to such an extent that they are ready to be well-fed servants?

      They are just ready to be well-fed slaves, but only the master is not going to feed his chocolates. laughing
  4. Flexsus
    Flexsus 12 October 2015 08: 03 New
    Are Ukrainians zombified to such an extent that they are ready to be well-fed servants?

    Are the slaves well-fed? that is the question...
    1. RoTTor
      RoTTor 12 October 2015 11: 24 New
      Been there recently. I was amazed at how zombie people are, even seemingly reasonable. Already slaves, though hungry, but zombied to amazement
    2. The comment was deleted.
    3. elcentauro
      elcentauro 12 October 2015 13: 21 New
      There is a wonderful phrase in the movie "Kill the Dragon":
      "-I began to envy the slaves.
      They know everything in advance.
      They have strong beliefs.
      Probably because they have
      no choice.
      And the knight ... The knight is always at a crossroads
      roads. "
      Something like that...
  5. rotmistr60
    rotmistr60 12 October 2015 08: 26 New
    We want to go to Europe. The OSCE’s position on this issue is very principled, because there cannot be journalists there whose work the authorities simply don’t like.

    Perhaps this is so (at least in their media there are very few honest and principled articles about Russia), but Europe does not stick out to the whole world its reluctance to have honest and objective journalists. Interestingly, there will be a reaction of the OSCE itself to such statements?
  6. Irek
    Irek 12 October 2015 08: 30 New
    It is a sin to laugh at sick people.
  7. Batia
    Batia 12 October 2015 09: 54 New
    Where to apply for inclusion in this list? I hachu too!
  8. RoTTor
    RoTTor 12 October 2015 11: 22 New
    In Ukraine, there has long been no journalism. Previously, all Kravchuk ideoluhs and their lackeys from party and Komsomol newspapers burned out everything living and thinking.
    Now they have semi-literate but greedy and unprincipled call-girls who will fulfill any whim of the customer on an advance payment in foreign currency.
    They are paid with grants from Western hosts and deputy crusts.
    But the quality of these underdeveloped garbage is so low that the Ukrainian oligarchophrenes, the owners of the media, are forced to buy garbage and illiquid in Russia in the form of all sorts of jelly - first Dmitry, now the nasal evgeny that ruins everything that touches, and some kind of jelly. This is Ukrainian. Kiselemania-mania.
    And here is a recent example that journalism is not there - only theft and prostitution
    om-piare /
  9. Krishna
    Krishna 12 October 2015 13: 53 New
    And they also say that we believe in holy television, but in fact Europe is far ahead of us in brainwashing.
    pade /
  10. Karavan-150
    Karavan-150 12 October 2015 14: 27 New
    As hohland already got it!