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"Poroshenko merged all"

October 2 an amazing thing happened in the city of Paris: the corpse of “Minsk-2” was revived (until February 2016). As you know, before this, in the city of New York, Joe Biden and Petro Poroshenko during a personal meeting insisted that Minsk-2 should be declared dead (the elections in the Donbass were canceled) and buried until December 31 of 2015. But something at the summit of the “Four Normans” in Paris did not follow the American scenario ...

In New York, the vice-president of the United States and the head of Kiev, Joe Biden, expressed regret that the elections in Donetsk and Lugansk would derail the Minsk process. Now they will not break it, but they will wait for Kiev to complete the Minsk homework, until February 20 2016.

And Petro Poroshenko seemed to agree with this, the demarche in the Elysee Palace didn’t suit, although after, before the Maidan press, he refused to prolong the Minsk-2 on the 2016 year. And now Kiev maydauny suspect that Poroshenko is lying not only to Russia and the Donbas, that according to Bandera logic is possible, because “for the sake of peremoga”, but they too.

For a whole year, Banderia saw her independent choice at the funeral of Minsk-2, according to the instructions of her father Biden, and suddenly in Paris they say that it must be performed! This is a clear zrada! Europe in Paris acted in this with Russia, so Bandera understand this as their drain. Therefore, the Maidan party in Kiev shouts: "Poroshenko leaked everyone!"

Of course, "Minsk-2" anyway, sooner or later, will die, but it is important how it will die, and when. The outcome of the Paris summit is such that the Bandera Nazis came to a terrible thought: Europe had already thrown them, after so many assurances of Bandera’s adherence to European values, and especially to the visa-free regime! But Poroshenko is lying, that has not yet thrown.

However, much worse is that Poroshenko is lying to Biden, the father of ukrodemocracy, and what will happen now? One deputy from “Batkivshchyna”, not Tymoshenko, said directly and unequivocally: “Ukraine is given to the mercy of Putin! The plan of Paris is inadmissible for Kiev, the elections in the Donbass only after the disarmament of the militants. ” Yes, this is the American plan of Joe Biden!

More evil tongues say that Tymoshenko somewhere in Europe met with Kolomoisky himself, they are countrymen, originally from Dnepropetrovsk. And Dmytro Yarosh, also their fellow countryman, has already called on his “Right Sector”, and all svidomye masses, to eliminate Poroshenko’s “occupation regime”. What combination of Dnepropetrovsk is planned? ..

Reliable sources in Donetsk say that the junta’s troops are indeed withdrawn from the front line. And they take them, very possibly, directly to Kiev. Kiev Mayor Klitschko promises decent heating, and indeed, it can really become very hot. Elections are always a holiday, only it is not known on whose street it will be this time.

In fact, Donetsk and Lugansk agreed only to postpone the election to February 20, to give Kiev another opportunity, at the request of Hollande and Merkel, to execute the Minsk-2 by entering into a dialogue with the Donbas. Only on the first day after the elections in the Donbass can its reintegration into Ukraine begin, but the elections agreed by Kiev with Donetsk and Lugansk, which contradicts the nature of Bandera. “The power is deceiving!” Shouts even the strong backward mind of Lyashko.

The ball on the field of Kiev, all observers say. And, maybe, on the field of Washington? Kiev, after all, is under the external control of Washington, let's not forget this. And now Washington’s thoughts and aspirations are expressed not by Poroshenko, who succumbed to the corrupting influence of Paris, but by Tymoshenko and her “Batkivshchyna”.

It is logical to expect that Joe Biden, after the “Parisian disgrace,” will transfer his grace from Poroshenko to Tymoshenko. Then on October 25 we will see the triumphant victory of Tymoshenko and her Batkivshchyna party in local elections. By the way, she has already received unhindered access to all the TV channels of the country. And this is a sign from above, from Washington!

It feels like something is brewing in Kiev. Who will deceive whom there, we will not guess, we will wait 25 of October. Tymoshenko, if he wins the election, will obviously demand political dividends, but which ones, and will Poroshenko be able to issue them? Will the lady with a scythe head, Yatsenyuk, be satisfied, or will he demand repentance of sins from Peter himself?

... Only Russia does not deceive anyone, but stands on its own, as it stood, defends its allies and trains at ISIS in Syria.
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  1. Same lech
    Same lech 12 October 2015 07: 23 New
    an amazing thing happened in the city of Paris: they managed to revive the corpse of Minsk-2

    Well, it’s rather MERKEL revived the corpse of POROSHENKO ....
    just wondering how ... top or bottom smile
    1. Imperialkolorad
      Imperialkolorad 12 October 2015 07: 28 New
      Yes, even though all this is like a dead poultice.
      1. oleg-gr
        oleg-gr 12 October 2015 07: 30 New
        Squeezed "Faberge" Piglet in a vice and all amicably watching how it will end. Will the Americans save their puppet or not? History says it's easier to find a new one. The driven horses are shot.
        1. Good me
          Good me 12 October 2015 07: 46 New

          And Petro Poroshenko seemed to agree with this, he didn’t make a demarche in the Champs Elysees

          But, after that, I opened it in earnest ... (Video appeal to Ukraine following the results of the Paris meeting)

          It is worth to be patient, and straining to make out his babble in "movi" in order to realize that the "patient": "Only in the SIDS!" ...

          1. CAMS
            CAMS 12 October 2015 08: 05 New
            , and how you drove them to the Donbass, these guys are unreasonable. TO COURT, TO NURNBERG, TO DEATH PENALTY !!!
            1. Kasym
              Kasym 12 October 2015 09: 25 New
              Poroshenko of course got. But ... there is one option. Crazy, but nonetheless.
              The West will not give him as much money as necessary - will give as much as to keep on a short leash - this is already clear (default). The reduction in trade and restrictions on visas from the EU, there will definitely not be a breakthrough. There is nothing to say with the Russian Federation. And the inflow (i.e. trade) of currency is nowhere to be expected. What would you do in place of Poroshenko to continue your career (I understand that many will say: yes, to imagine such a bastard; but nonetheless)? In my opinion, it remains for him to become a sort of changeling traitor. Announce plans for joining ... TS, and later in the EAEU. Of course, it is necessary to clean Kiev from pravosekov, etc., etc. ..
              Poroshenko to flee to the West ... will be milked and imprisoned - the West needs someone to write off its failures in Ukraine. Will lay it out milr. and declare him a corrupt official who stole Western aid. The CIS is unlikely to be accepted (there are Russians everywhere and no one wants to turn the Russian Federation against themselves). So you have to stay and "survive". And to stay president, you need to find "help". Who can help? True, I do not know how he is going to do it, but Ukraine can survive only in friendship with Moscow. If he does not do this, then sooner or later he will be "taken out" (by the right-wing people or ordinary citizens, who will have nothing left of hopelessness, how to do it). And he himself is rapidly bringing this date of removal. hi
              1. andj61
                andj61 12 October 2015 10: 05 New
                Quote: Kasym
                In my opinion, it remains for him to become a sort of changeling traitor. Announce plans for joining ... TS, and later in the EAEU.

                Nothing will work out - it's too late to do such twists. The West will definitely not give money then, and ours will be afraid of another deception. And the money directly from the trade will not come soon - it's a few months. And the production itself for trade and trade operations need to be financed - just so the goods will not appear from anywhere, and the stocks of previous periods have already been used up.
                This could be done last year, and if you start this year, the result will be no earlier than the end of next year. Poroshenko will not survive as president before that.
                Yes, he will be dumped even earlier - in addition to the law-breakers, there are still a lot of thugs, it will not work to clear out all.
              2. your1970
                your1970 12 October 2015 11: 20 New
                "Of course, we need to cleanse Kiev from pravosek, etc., etc."
                The problem is not only this, it will be necessary to blame all those who died + the collapse of the economy + the loss of Crimea + default + robbed loans + increased corruption + refugees + .. + .. + .....
                Find a scapegoat, and such that it would be clear to everyone, yes it really is (Yatsenyuk, Yarosh, Semen Semenovich Budko lol etc.) is to blame for all sins, not the president.
                And then you can try to make feint with your ears and sharply ask in the vehicle.
                From the political, military and economic point of view, the most gloomy is beneficial to the Russian Federation.
                Not with the human, everything is clear here, no one will forget the blood and tears of children, and how mediocrely turned a flourishing and strong state into the country of 404.
                The pluses are the return of refugees, the legitimization (final and irrevocable for all) of the Crimea, the revival of trade, the foreground (you never know!), The ability to put pressure on Turkey with a gas pipeline and then on the list.
                The problem for Petit is one: in this case, not even a camel, but Everest must slip through the eye of a needle
                Otherwise, it’s impossible, they will ask for loans there, in the USA it’s impossible, they will ask there: de money? In the CIS, they really won’t get in touch with the Russian Federation / they don’t hand it over quickly, to Africa / Asia, when all the strongest nonsense states overlaid you (see Polonsky — they handed over quickly despite all the bribes / islands bought, as soon as the Russian Federation wanted this seriously).
                Z. I think this is the most logical way for Ukraine. Otherwise, the country is 404, and next to it the Lviv Democratic Republic, Dnepropetrovsk Federal Republic, the Republic of Lenin Street, Nezalezhnosti and the Soviet farm Golopupenki repeat lol recourse
                Z. Z. Z. I do not know whether it will be useful for Russia in the complex I can’t predict all the problems, but the fact that we’re not comfortable with this cactus and that we need to do something to cut it (at least !!!) is for sure ..
              3. Good me
                Good me 12 October 2015 13: 25 New
                Quote: Kasym
                Poroshenko of course got. But ... there is one option. Crazy, but nonetheless.

                Quote: Kasym
                In my opinion, it remains for him to become a sort of changeling traitor. Announce plans for joining ... the TS, and later in the EAEU. Of course, it is necessary to clean Kiev from pravosekov, etc., etc.

                There are only two questions:

                1) The USA, at this time, pretend not to see their puppet, thanklessly changing its owner?

                2) Where will Poroshenko go to the "baggage" of Odessa, Donbass, and other crimes?
              4. sergeysergey69
                sergeysergey69 14 October 2015 02: 21 New
                It won't work, even if he really wanted to, the Yankees would immediately merge him by publishing data from the satellite, proving that it was the APU that shot down the Boeing, they even just give the go-ahead to the Netherlands and everything will turn out right, you can still hang the heavenly hundred on him, you still need will let someone in extreme, so Petyunya is stuck at the very "I do not want"!
          2. kare
            kare 12 October 2015 10: 51 New
            Whoever be. Translate to me. Well I do not understand this fucking adverb
            1. Good me
              Good me 12 October 2015 14: 08 New
              Quote: kare
              Whoever be. Translate to me. Well I do not understand this fucking adverb

              Translate a lot. You really do something yourself. Brace yourself ... lol
    2. marlin1203
      marlin1203 12 October 2015 10: 15 New
      Well, they can’t be in Europe forever with Ukraine. This is not Scotland with Ireland and not the Basque country. They have enough of their "smut". Soon the migrants will establish their own rules there. So "the doctor said to the morgue, then to the morgue ..." laughing
  2. Flexsus
    Flexsus 12 October 2015 07: 25 New
    "Something is wrong with the Khokhlyansk state!"
    1. subbtin.725
      subbtin.725 12 October 2015 08: 20 New
      Maidan party in Kiev shouts: "Poroshenko leaked everyone!"

      Feels that soon the "revolutionaries" of the third wave will lift the pitchfork.
  3. parusnik
    parusnik 12 October 2015 07: 33 New
    Minsk-2 should be declared dead (elections in the Donbass canceled) and buried before December 31, 2015... The funeral did not take place .. The corpse came to life .. it turned out a lethargic dream ...
  4. rotmistr60
    rotmistr60 12 October 2015 07: 53 New
    Today, it becomes even more obvious that Poroshenko is a political corpse that has not justified the hopes of either the United States, or Europe, or the Nazis. To be honest, I don't care for a long time how events will develop in Kiev. The main thing is not to climb into Donbass, and let them devour each other in their own "bank". The sooner the West puts the fat point in Ukraine, the better.
    1. Good me
      Good me 12 October 2015 08: 45 New
      Quote: rotmistr60
      The main thing is not to climb into Donbass, and let them devour each other in their own "bank". The sooner the West puts the fat point in Ukraine, the better.

      What do you mean "did not climb"? They are already there ...

      Yes, "Minsk 2", crookedly, suspended the cannonade on the line of contact, but the occupying forces still occupy most of the territory of the DPR-LPR.
      Thus, for the unrecognized republics in general, and partially for us, the issue of expelling the junta troops beyond the pre-war borders of the regions has not been resolved ...
    2. aiden
      aiden 13 October 2015 02: 49 New
      Veterans, and ordinary people feel sorry. Remember grandfather on a bicycle with the banner of Victory, and Zaporizhzhya Spartans. It is not good to leave such people ns arbitrary Bandera rabble.
  5. tralmaster.
    tralmaster. 12 October 2015 07: 56 New
    I will not be surprised if Parash Ayin is poured through the Boeing the other day. Before the elections.
    1. CAMS
      CAMS 12 October 2015 08: 15 New
      [i] I won't be surprised if Parash..ain will be merged through Boeing the other day. Before the elections. [/ i Do you think they will hang a Boeing on Parashka? I strongly doubt it. It's too killer card against RUSSIA, it's a pity to spend it on it. On Boeing anyway, falsifications are ready, articles in the media have been prepared, etc., etc. They will play this card for a long time
    2. Shurale
      Shurale 12 October 2015 08: 31 New
      If we are talking about Boeing, here is the "Final Study of the Bellingcat Group", this is their final verdict and VERY detailed evidence.

      I’m not saying that I believe them, but I really want the specialists on this site to destroy their proof, VERY WANTED ...
    3. Good me
      Good me 12 October 2015 08: 47 New
      Quote: tralmaster.
      I will not be surprised if Parash Ayin is poured through the Boeing the other day. Before the elections.

      What kind of choices do you mean? Those in the DPR transferred to 20 March?
    4. Volzhanin
      Volzhanin 12 October 2015 19: 10 New
      By the way, yes! Such a thought also came to me! It’s a very realistic scenario.
  6. Reader
    Reader 12 October 2015 07: 56 New
    Better a bucket there ... bye ... than any yaroshi ..
  7. aszzz888
    aszzz888 12 October 2015 08: 00 New
    And now the Kiev maydaunas suspect that Poroshenko is lying not only to Russia and the Donbass, that according to Bandera’s logic, it’s possible, because “for the sake of breaking it,” but also to them.

    Well, if this two-legged one did not lie, he would not have been Petskaya from Roshen.
    And so, here! So I am the one from Roshen.
    And when calculating the votes, in the elections, everything will depend on the speed of Pecky and Co., to his plane. laughing
    Will he manage to get away, or not?
  8. igordok
    igordok 12 October 2015 08: 01 New
    Statements by Ukrainian political scientist Dmitry Dzhangirov are interesting.
  9. VP
    VP 12 October 2015 08: 06 New
    Local elections do not solve anything in terms of influence on the politics of Kiev. Therefore, how much they pick up Julia cares only small-town elites.
    Although they will be indicative of something.
  10. samuil60
    samuil60 12 October 2015 08: 07 New
    In Ukraine, it will be a mess for a very long time. Ukrainians should play enough of "independence and peremogu", and when everything collapses completely and the West finally "throws" them, they will begin to take up their minds. But it will not be soon - the mentality is too peculiar.
  11. Snob
    Snob 12 October 2015 08: 26 New
    US democracy in Ukraine says only one thing, divide and conquer. And she will dance only for the interests of Walt Street. Media under total control is cheap and effective, which is why it is pointless to wait for the junta to fall, those who disagree quickly receive it from masked activists and beats.
    I’m more worried that little is done in Russia to boost the economy, bureaucrats as they were ghouls have remained, enterprises even more reduce people, the prosperity of the people falls ((
  12. gukoyan
    gukoyan 12 October 2015 08: 36 New
    Well, it would have been clear for a long time that the president of Ukraine is not a very reliable person who can throw anyone when he is scared, and he cannot be trusted and trusted.
  13. Mountain shooter
    Mountain shooter 12 October 2015 08: 40 New
    All this Ukropean elite is a very limited number of people that sort it out with each other, gnawing at the remnants of former luxury and loans. People would not be killed in Donbass - it would even be interesting to watch these "Hunger Games".
  14. ermolai
    ermolai 12 October 2015 08: 59 New
    Quote: samuil60
    begin to take up the mind. But it will not be soon - the mentality is too peculiar.

    you can take only for what IS! and in my opinion they no longer have it, atrophied however, while the sea was dug. and there is no economy, and Novorossia was jumping about, from Lugansk to Odessa. Lenin was dumped, so his gift must be returned! Well, Lviv, the psheks will be taken away.
  15. wild
    wild 12 October 2015 09: 04 New
    Pedro had a unique chance to end everything in peace, now his place is in the trash.
    1. Good me
      Good me 12 October 2015 09: 16 New
      Quote: wild
      Pedro had a unique chance to end everything in peace, now his place is in the trash.

      No, and the giblets did not have any chances from the moment he, having become the "President of All Ukraine", supported and developed the criminal "ATO" ...
      Since the election, the ghoul has been held hostage by its own ambitions, trying to maneuver between Europe, the USA, and the pressure of national radicals (fascists).

      No, and he did not have "freedom of maneuver" ...
      1. vik14025
        vik14025 13 October 2015 07: 03 New
        I want to continue the thought. What qualities are moral, moral, etc. it was necessary to possess in order to become a contender for the position of puppet. Puppets created for one purpose - to ruin their country to pieces. Did he not have the mind to understand that he needed it for this? I doubt it. I think - I understood and realized everything, nevertheless I was eager for this role with ingenuity, will and cynicism, worthy of a better application. And he was selected among the candidates.
        Therefore, initially it was not: a) aimed at deciding something by the world; b) interested in this.
        "Freedom of maneuver" implies the desire to maneuver, and neither Poroshenko, nor any other protégé can have this desire by definition, just as a cat cannot give birth to a donkey.
  16. Vladimir 1964
    Vladimir 1964 12 October 2015 11: 16 New
    It feels like something is brewing in Kiev. We will not guess who will deceive anyone there, we will wait on October 25th.

    It seems that this is the central phrase of both the article and the situation in Kiev, to a certain extent.

    We’ll wait, have a smoke and see winked, Dear Colleagues hi .
  17. Wolka
    Wolka 12 October 2015 13: 39 New
    the fate of Bandera is no longer interesting to me, but Donbass needs to rise, it’s hard, but it’s necessary
  18. Victor Kamenev
    13 October 2015 09: 44 New
    I wonder who these four are "against"? Poroshenko pulls rubber, and, oddly enough, really plays into the hands of Russia. Here is such an interesting fate of traitors: they betray their new masters, in the end ...
  19. The comment was deleted.