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By the 67 anniversary of the founding of OKB im. N.I. Kamov

In 1948, by order of the Minister aviation USSR industry M.V. Khrunichev was formed Experimental Design Bureau (OKB) No. 2, whose chief designer was one of the founders of the Russian school of helicopter engineering ─ Nikolai Ilyich Kamov.

In 1973, the OKB was given its name.

For his many years history OKB them. N.I. Kamova created a unique research school, creating a scientific and technical potential for creating helicopters of various aerodynamic schemes. Today it is engaged in the development of helicopters, the creation of prototypes and their testing, and is still the only developer in the world of coaxial-design helicopters that provides high maneuverability and good controllability with small dimensions of a helicopter.

To the most significant helicopter models developed by the Kamov experimental design bureau for the naval fleet include Ka-27 type helicopters, on the basis of which a large number of modifications were created. The unique experience of designing naval helicopters allowed us to establish an effective development of civilian helicopter technology. The Ka-27 model helicopter was the last helicopter that Nikolay Ilyich Kamov himself worked directly on. In 1974, his disciple, Sergei Viktorovich Mikheev, became Kamov's successor. During his work as General Designer, the coaxial scheme of helicopters not only established itself and received worldwide recognition - it became a national treasure of Russia.

Today, the tradition of creating helicopters of the coaxial scheme continues and develops JSC "Kamov", part of the holding "Russian Helicopters". The design office created a new generation of modern helicopters: Ka-52 "Alligator", Ka-226T, Ka-32A11ВС, etc. In August, the International Aviation and Space Salon MAKS-2015 took place in August 2015, at which the holding presented a new product - the Ka helicopter -52K "Katran", received folding blades and wing panels.

Information Agency "Weapon Russia "offers to its readers a photo report on Ka-brand helicopters, which are in service with the Naval Aviation of the Russian Navy, the Russian Air Force, the Federal Border Service, the Emergencies Ministry, the Ministry of Internal Affairs and other organizations and departments.

By the 67 anniversary of the founding of OKB im. N.I. Kamov

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  1. DesToeR
    DesToeR 10 October 2015 07: 08 New
    "We fly from above, and we can clearly see how they are going - heavy, heavy, in a dense punitive formation. ... Now they flew not to Kursk and Smolensk, not to Belgorod and Kharkov. No, on our navigational maps now were Dresden and Berlin".
    1. Sweles
      Sweles 10 October 2015 11: 16 New
      Yes, sorry KA50 was an excellent helicopter, now they are creating new missiles "let it go and forget" so maybe the presence of a second crew member has become not so critical for controlling the helicopter and weapons? Maybe it's time to arm the KA50 aircraft? This is the best attack aircraft for our army.
      1. Darkmor
        Darkmor 10 October 2015 18: 11 New
        Ideally, it was originally designed for 2 types of cabs.
        On the account of whether a 2nd pilot is needed or not, it is not needed, but it is more reliable with it.

        I heard several objective complaints about the ka-50.
        No matter how much they praise him, it’s hard to control the helicopter movement, the gun’s tilt and target designation at the same time.
        In addition, THEN there were no modern military-style computers yet, and all these actions were carried out by numerous pressing of buttons, levers, switches.
        There were also claims to the autocannon - most importantly, its poor location. The shots deflected the axis of the helicopter by a couple of degrees, due to the fact that the gun was hanging on the right.
        The coaxial screw design is also not without flaws.
        As a result, a double cabin was put on the ka-52 and the autocannon was removed, but it was too late - the Ministry of Defense ordered the MI.

        And, frankly, the Ka-52 without a gun, and even with such an arrangement of pilots, is inferior to the MI-28 as an attack and attack helicopter. Who is to blame?
  2. Professor
    Professor 10 October 2015 07: 11 New
    I congratulate Kamovites on their anniversary and wish them further creative success. love
    1. Vasek
      Vasek 14 October 2015 20: 46 New
      Quote: Professor
      I congratulate Kamovites on their anniversary and wish them further creative success.

      And even for such a comment, professor, there were anti-Semites who soldered you two minuses!
      (From me - a plus). bully drinks
  3. s.melioxin
    s.melioxin 10 October 2015 08: 14 New
    The Arms of Russia news agency invites you to ...
    But a person just needs 9 grams. ... Strength, not strength, STRENGTH! Good luck to you designers and performers, as well as those who fly them !!!
    1. PSih2097
      PSih2097 10 October 2015 11: 16 New
      And yet, the Shark looks brutal than the Alligator ... and with the anniversary!
  4. avt
    avt 10 October 2015 09: 13 New
    good Good photo story for the anniversary!
    Quote: Professor
    I congratulate Kamovites on their anniversary and wish them further creative success

    Join drinks
    1. ancient
      ancient 10 October 2015 19: 23 New
      Quote: avt

      +! One of the "extreme" living Ka-50 ..... September 26, 2015 .... 95th anniversary of "Vladimirovka" soldier

  5. da Vinci
    da Vinci 10 October 2015 09: 26 New
    KB is great, helicopters are great. BUT ... Almost all helicopters - the backlog of the 70s of the 80s of the 20th century, the Ka-60, about 10 years old is exaggerated, but things are still there. Well, at least Ka 52 went into the series. What's next? what
  6. sabakina
    sabakina 10 October 2015 10: 04 New
    I would like to hug Kamov Design Bureau tightly and congratulate you on your 67th birthday!
    Fell in love with "Black Shark" once and for all.
    I remember an article in the RG during the 2nd Chechen war, where it was about the use of the KA-50. It said that the pilots of the KA-50 were persuaded to stay after a business trip. they could perform tasks that the Crocodile was not capable of.
    Yes, and more. The military asked to convey to readers that everything that is shown in the film is true!
    1. sabakina
      sabakina 10 October 2015 10: 18 New
      Well, and after ...
      1. Nikotin13
        Nikotin13 10 October 2015 23: 11 New
        Severny airdrome ... an armament depot was created in the Tech building, one shot would have been enough and one name would have remained from Severny
    2. max702
      max702 10 October 2015 10: 41 New
      Yes, I do not consider adopting the KA-50, and in connection with this I do not consider the KA-50 \ KA-52 ligament as a TAMPER! and I sincerely hope that the investigation will find the perpetrators, and the court will pass the most severe punishment .. For the price of this mistake (betrayal) is many, many lives ..
      Here is a film about the tests of the KA-50 in Chechnya .. it says it all, especially about the "bike" about the inability to effectively control an attack helicopter with one pilot ..
  7. Romanenko
    Romanenko 10 October 2015 10: 29 New
    God give you good luck and new ideas, the Kamov helicopter is the first of the helicopters that I have known since childhood, all the time they flew over us along the coast from Kachi towards Sak and Yevpatoriya and back. Let them always fly !!!
  8. zennon
    zennon 10 October 2015 11: 28 New
    Interestingly, is anyone in the world using a coaxial scheme?
  9. Gsxr1300rr
    Gsxr1300rr 10 October 2015 13: 55 New
    The Ka-52 is good, add a turret for the gun, instead of attaching to the side, in general the song would be.
    1. max702
      max702 11 October 2015 10: 39 New
      Quote: Gsxr1300rr
      The Ka-52 is good, add a turret for the gun, instead of attaching to the side, in general the song would be.

      Absolutely wrong message! On MI-28, they put a turret on the nose .. and as a result, a decrease in accuracy by 4.6 times compared to the KA-50 .. That is, the gun is available, but to hit the target .. So they just approached the Kamov design bureau with the right gun to the center of mass of the helicopter, and not from the Apache monkey as in the Mil Design Bureau.
  10. kvs207
    kvs207 10 October 2015 14: 25 New
    Quote: sabakina
    The military asked to convey to readers that everything that is shown in the film is true!

    The helicopter is certainly excellent and Kamov Design Bureau, respect, definitely.
    But the film sucks completely. After watching, it becomes sad for domestic cinematography. Of the helicopter, of course, no complaints.
    1. sabakina
      sabakina 10 October 2015 17: 52 New
      1. This is a movie.
      2. This is a promotional film.
      3. This is a promotional film when it was necessary to raise the spirit of the nation.
      4. The military themselves, who were in Chechnya the second time, said everything that is shown in the film is TRUTH!
      5. All that I say is true!
  11. _my opinion
    _my opinion 10 October 2015 14: 50 New
    for those wishing to learn more about the life and work of Kamov, I can recommend a book
    "Unknown Kamov. Genius of vertical takeoff" author Kuzmina Lydia ...
    good I liked the book yes
  12. Explosibirian
    Explosibirian 10 October 2015 15: 40 New
    Who will tell you what a huge container on the suspension of the Ka-52?
  13. Alexy
    Alexy 10 October 2015 15: 47 New
    Great helicopters. That's just the Indians refused to buy them in favor of the Apaches. Probably a policy. Or maybe not?
  14. The comment was deleted.
  15. Turkir
    Turkir 10 October 2015 16: 14 New
    The work of the team is impressive. Congratulations on your anniversary.
  16. mosquit
    mosquit 10 October 2015 18: 40 New
    KAMOV is power!
    Sikorsky began with a coaxial scheme in the early 20th century ...
  17. Mixweb
    Mixweb 10 October 2015 21: 06 New
    The Ka-50 is very handsome even outwardly. The genius of KB "Kamova" has created the best attack helicopter in the world. It is a pity that they did not take it into service. Say what you like, but the Ka-52 is by and large a stripped-down version of the Ka-50.
    1. max702
      max702 11 October 2015 10: 41 New
      Quote: Mixweb
      Whatever you say, the Ka-52 is, by and large, a stripped-down version of the Ka-50.

      Heavier and more expensive ...
  18. FM-78
    FM-78 11 October 2015 00: 52 New
    KA - closer banderlog -.....
  19. Pate
    Pate 7 October 2017 19: 38 New
    Today marks 69 years since the founding of this design bureau. They wish them success in developing new helicopters !!!