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Turkish fighters violated Greek airspace 39 times

On Wednesday, an increased activity of the Turkish military was recorded over the Aegean Sea aviation amid large-scale exercises of the Greek armed forces called "Parmenion" taking place in the area of ​​the island of Chios, according to RIA "News" with reference to the site

The X-NUMX of the F-10 and F-16A, the 4 CN-3 and one 235 helicopter once violated Greek airspace and the 39 times - the rules for flights in the Athens area. In 10-10 local time, two Turkish aircraft flew over the island of Makronissos and a group of Anthropophagic islands at an altitude of 46 thousands of feet before leaving the airspace boundaries.
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  1. A-Sim
    A-Sim 8 October 2015 11: 39
    Observe. Why not break it ...
    1. vodolaz
      vodolaz 8 October 2015 11: 42
      Soon the Turks will have fun, the Kurds will trample back.
      1. jjj
        jjj 8 October 2015 11: 47
        But is NATO not going to defend the borders of Hellas?
        1. Stirbjorn
          Stirbjorn 8 October 2015 11: 50
          NATO, as with Turkey earlier, will announce that the Greek army will completely cope wassat
        2. Scoun
          Scoun 8 October 2015 12: 10
          Quote: jjj
          But is NATO not going to defend the borders of Hellas?

          NATO member will complain about another NATO member !! ha ha ha ha! NATO members! laughing
          Real friendship ***** owls
          1. Tanker55
            Tanker55 8 October 2015 13: 30
            Cool noticed, professionally! Thanks, ridiculed! lol
        3. vell.65
          vell.65 9 October 2015 18: 04
          And what, in Greece, discovered oil? laughing
    2. YARUSSIAN39
      YARUSSIAN39 8 October 2015 11: 59
      It’s just that our people violate the airspace of the Turks, and they start bombing with them, if they break ours, either they are knocked down, or diapers are changed then ... and the Greeks are harmless for them, that’s why they come off.
      Ps is my subjective opinion)
      1. demo
        demo 8 October 2015 12: 23
        Pouring into someone else's airspace is a serious violation of international law.
        If this happens by chance, then this is one conversation.
        If this is done intentionally, then the point is different.
        At the same time, the way the owner of space reacts is revealed.
        What forces rise, how much time passes, how radars, air defense systems work, what missile systems are brought into combat condition.
        All electronic activities are monitored.
        Frequencies, locations and a thousand other important and very important parameters are recorded.
        A special register is being compiled.
        Schemes of possible actions are built.

        After half a year, all this becomes obsolete.
        Start over.
    3. ,
      , 8 October 2015 12: 04
      Directly raped the airspace of Greece, and mb so, slipped love
    4. War and Peace
      War and Peace 8 October 2015 12: 07
      in general, the Kurds are such Ukrainians for Turkey, in order to overturn the country on its back, it is necessary to arm the Kurds under the guise of "democracy" and "freedom of self-determination", the Kurds are stubborn guys and know how to fight and the Turks will not seem a little like this Maidan, Turkey is a member NATO, therefore our enemy, and the enemy of my enemy is my friend, it is a pity that the Kremlin does not understand this. It's a pity that Russia, instead of supporting its ally, is flirting with a NATO member ...
    5. The comment was deleted.
    6. Juborg
      Juborg 8 October 2015 12: 53
      39 TIMES AND ALL ACCIDENTALLY! The world is silent.
      RUSSIA 2 TIMES VIOLATED RANDOMLY! The whole world is hysterical.
    7. theadenter
      theadenter 8 October 2015 13: 36
      And when they themselves violate their borders, they squeal like ...
  2. Alexey RA
    Alexey RA 8 October 2015 11: 39
    10 F-16 and F-4A aircraft, 3 CN-235 and one helicopter 39 times violated Greek airspace and 10 times - flight rules in the Athens area.

    Well this is a completely different matter (C) smile
  3. Tor5
    Tor5 8 October 2015 11: 39
    Yeah! They can do anything!
  4. The comment was deleted.
  5. The comment was deleted.
  6. oleg-gr
    oleg-gr 8 October 2015 11: 40
    Why do not the Greeks invite our aviation and air defense to participate in the exercises? Yes, and with a fixed no-fly zone ...
  7. teron
    teron 8 October 2015 11: 41
    Well, they are NATO allies. If anything, then they will run to one place to complain.
  8. Meh-forester
    Meh-forester 8 October 2015 11: 41
    Turkish fighters violated Greek airspace 39 times
    NATO countries divide the airspace of NATO among themselves ... it’s somehow not funny, well, what is really happening there inside the union.
    In general, I think I know who will be blamed - us. How can it be that Russia has not only squeezed Turkish aviation out of Syrian airspace, but has also squeezed them in the Turkish space itself, so they flew 39 times to Greece ...
    1. Aleksandr12
      Aleksandr12 8 October 2015 11: 48
      Quote: Meh-forester
      but also squeezed them in the Turkish space itself, here they are 39 times and flew to Greece ..

      It is they, in which case, they will run to Greece. There, for now, ours do not fly. laughing
  9. udincev
    udincev 8 October 2015 11: 41
    It seems to get lost. wassat You won’t fall on the weather - well, how did she have to rage in order to inflate so much! laughing !
  10. vovanpain
    vovanpain 8 October 2015 11: 41
    39 times violated the airspace of Greece? And where is the screech of the indignant democratic public?
  11. Wolka
    Wolka 8 October 2015 11: 42
    the patrimony of NATO, let them UNDERSTAND it ...
  12. kil 31
    kil 31 8 October 2015 11: 43
    Nothing new, as always relations between Greece and Turkey. Not once was there that would not violate the border in the exercises. Constancy, routine, boredom.
  13. aszzz888
    aszzz888 8 October 2015 11: 45
    Fly each other around the gardens, locusts chasing ... fellow
  14. jaguarstas
    jaguarstas 8 October 2015 11: 47
    "Here!" (c) Brother2
    But the Turks really felt like a superpower.
    How much money did we leave for them as tourists? Here they are using these (in total) money and cut themselves, imagine themselves to be the second States. Like "my dad doesn't bother anyone on the other side of the mudflow, but I'm on this ..." (c)
  15. AlexTires
    AlexTires 8 October 2015 11: 48
    UN response - who is the brave to voice? Ah no her? And I'm not surprised at anything.
  16. 740
    740 8 October 2015 11: 48
    The Greeks are out of touch with the economic situation in the country, so they don’t notice jackal Turks lol
  17. roskot
    roskot 8 October 2015 11: 55
    Yes, these curators flew. Assessment of the teachings will be given. Dad is alone.
  18. Imperial
    Imperial 8 October 2015 11: 56
    It’s a pity the Greeks have a lot of money, and our military-industrial complex would have offered such nishtyaks, though ... you can give a couple of things on credit, but with a guarantee, to teach a lesson to Turkish Pasha Erdogan, now the impudent Turk has gone, oh and impudent, they completely forgot Usha Pasha .
  19. sl22277
    sl22277 8 October 2015 11: 57
    They are NATO members, so there is no screeching from both sides. That's what the hell they "rub against" each other, that's the question ...?!
  20. Mihail55
    Mihail55 8 October 2015 12: 03
    Our 2 times and immediately the cry of Erdogan about the gas supply contract! Already passed with the Bulgarians, see the regional committee from overseas smile
  21. linadherent
    linadherent 8 October 2015 12: 07
    Is this junk still flying?
  22. barclay
    barclay 8 October 2015 12: 08
    Turks are greyhounds and arrogant. They consider themselves a regional power with free hands. And with the Greeks they have a long-standing tension. And with the current economic situation in Greece, the Turks are completely unbelted.
    Let them understand their NATO sandbox.
    But such "allies" as Turkey must be kept at a distance.
  23. mvg
    mvg 8 October 2015 12: 12
    And the Greeks, by the way, have the S-300PMU1, it seems ... They are the only NATO members. Yes, and the issue has not been resolved with Cyprus. And, in my opinion, we never had friendship with Turkey ... Well, there were a couple of times when Ushakov strained France .. but this does not count ... :-)
    1. Buffalo
      Buffalo 8 October 2015 19: 37
      Maybe in Cyprus? There, perhaps, they had a conflict with the Turks, after which they turned to us for help.
  24. vm68dm
    vm68dm 8 October 2015 12: 15
    this is a routine, they are constantly breaking. (from 0.35)
  25. boris-1230
    boris-1230 8 October 2015 12: 39
    But we broke so with us at once all communications must be broken, refuse gas, etc. We will also refuse to rest in the Turkish country, we also have pride.
      BULB TARAS 8 October 2015 14: 19
      It’s time for a long time - from there you’ll get a rod with us especially after the bombing. It's time to introduce a visa regime !!!
  26. roskot
    roskot 8 October 2015 12: 44
    Turks keep the Greeks on a short leash.
    Need a look. NATO said. The Turks are holding.
  27. 2s1122
    2s1122 8 October 2015 14: 25
    Somehow in 98g he spoke to me "Russian Greek". So he went to Greece to his brother who immigrated there in 90g. So our Greeks were settled there closer to the Turks, the Turks behaved arrogantly to the locals, to put it mildly. But ours There are ours, the local police even didn’t take care of it. Then later in this wound there was peace, smoothness and God's grace. After all, during the stagnant period, no one was interested in what nationality you were, it was only necessary to shout out our bytes and the whole thing was done. So the USSR is horrible power.
  28. Shuttle
    Shuttle 8 October 2015 15: 52
    Upgrade Assad C-200 to C-300.
    freed C-200 to sell to the Greeks.
  29. Weyland
    Weyland 9 October 2015 01: 55
    two Turkish aircraft circled around Makronisos Island and the Anthropophagi group of islands

    Brave guys ... And if the Greeks knocked them out - and had to go to an emergency landing just on Anthropophages? And there would be local boys just arrived? laughing
    (if someone is not strong in Greek, I translate: Anthropophages = cannibals)