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Innovation Day of the Southern Military District: Federal-42591 armored car

Many units need secure transport, but it is not always advisable to purchase full-fledged armored vehicles. In some cases it makes sense to build protected equipment on the basis of ready-made serial trucks, which allows for an acceptable balance of various characteristics and cost. A good example of this approach is the armored "Federal-42591". Such a machine was shown to the general public during the recent exhibition "Innovation Day of the Southern Military District".

The Federal-42591 armored car was first presented at the Interpolitex exhibition in 2011. Since then, this machine had time to enter mass production and begin service in various departments. In addition, this type of technique often appears in the exhibitions of various exhibitions. The project of an armored vehicle based on a serial truck was developed by the Institute of Special Equipment. The main customer of such vehicles is the Ministry of the Interior, acquiring armored cars for internal troops.

The basis of the armored vehicle designed to transport personnel and cargo is the Ural-4320 truck. In the course of conversion into an armored car, the base car receives a set of reservations and a number of new units, thanks to which it can carry out the assigned tasks in conditions of a high risk of ambushes and shelling. This vehicle is not designed to act at the forefront, but it is capable of protecting the crew and passengers from possible shelling from rifle fire. weapons.

The institute of special equipment has created a set of armored units, which are proposed to be mounted on the base car. These products provide protection of the power plant, crew and landing from various threats. According to reports, the driver and the attendant in the cockpit are protected by 5 class of domestic standards. The cabin roof corresponds to the 3 class. The armored vehicle for the transport of troops corresponds to the 6 class.

Additional booking is established around the engine (in particular, the characteristic grille is used) and crew jobs. Instead of the base car body, a special van module is used with landing places. The landing module in size and shape is similar to the standard KUNG domestic production. Mounts and frame elements for the awning are also provided. All this contributes to the disguise: armored and unprotected "Urals" have a minimum of noticeable differences.

During the upgrade, the base truck maintains a double cab. A landing in the number of 16 people transported in a large armored van. In such a troop compartment are located several shops, which are fighters with weapons. For landing and disembarking it is proposed to use one door on the starboard side and two stern doors. Due to the high height of the machine, for the convenience of entry and exit, there is a step bracket under the side door. Before dismounting through the stern should not only open the door, but also lower the tailgate. For greater convenience, there are steps on board. In addition, a large wide bracket is provided on the upper edge of the bead.

If necessary, the crew can use personal weapons. For shooting from it the car has several embrasures. So, in the windows of the cab two such devices are provided: in the windshield and on the command door. In some versions of the armored vehicle "Federal" embrasures of the troop compartment are provided. The sample of the car shown at the “Innovation Day of the Southern Military District” exhibition was equipped only with commander embrasures.

To date, the Federal-42591 armored cars are being mass-produced and handed over to the customer. The main buyer and operator of these machines are the Interior Ministry troops. The main task of this technology is the transportation of personnel in areas with an increased risk of ambushes and other attacks.

The Institute of Special Vehicles continues to work on the project, the result of which is the emergence of several new machines that differ from the basic armored car with a number of interesting features. Nevertheless, the existing "feds" were already built in a fairly large number and are actively used in the units of the internal troops.

One of the compounds of this structure within the Ministry of Internal Affairs recently provided its Federal-42591-type vehicle for the Innovation Day of the Southern Military District exhibition. We present a small photo review of this armored car.

Armor-protected hood and cockpit

Door commander with embrasure

Cabin Sunroof

Reinforced grille

The armored car is equipped with an awning, which makes it look like an unprotected truck brand "Ural"

Rear trolley

Side door hidden under the awning

Aft doors and open board. The machine is ready to receive troops

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  1. inkass_98
    inkass_98 8 October 2015 07: 47
    This is already, KMK, just a range of equipment. There is "Typhoon-U", "Ural-VV", now (or at first, it is not the newest one shown) "Federal". Moreover, in terms of curb weight and the degree of protection against small arms "Federal" and "Ural-VV" are approximately equal (mine protection is different). Isn't it easier to make the same "Ural-VV" as a universal car, without scattering around? And the presence of an awning on the sides of the Federal is by no means conducive to firing from the side loopholes.
    1. Owl
      Owl 8 October 2015 08: 48
      The awning is removed or thrown to the top and tied up. The bad thing is that the turning radius is large, the maneuver in the streets is difficult, now is not 1999-2003, and it is no longer accepted to demolish walls with fences.
      1. gjv
        gjv 8 October 2015 13: 34
        Quote: Eagle Owl
        now it’s not 1999-2003 and it’s not accepted to demolish walls with fences anymore

        I watched in Munich in 2000 as a carrier unfolded a truck with a long three-axle trailer in a single-lane intersection. And did not blow anything!
      2. gjv
        gjv 8 October 2015 13: 34
        Quote: Eagle Owl
        now it’s not 1999-2003 and it’s not accepted to demolish walls with fences anymore

        I watched in Munich in 2000 as a carrier unfolded a truck with a long three-axle trailer in a single-lane intersection. And did not blow anything!
    2. Juborg
      Juborg 8 October 2015 14: 45
      A little better than the cooch freaks. Is it possible that our army and industry have sunk to such a level. In the Turret region, the production of armored vehicles is set to the level of space production. Who are we kidding? We made an expensive and not practical line of "Typhoons", and also a whole zoo, but there are no normal, comfortable ones with a reasonable price, there is no security in the army. We praise the semi-finished product "Tiger" and what we praise. we don't know ourselves. Where are the receipts for the troops? For about 7 years, only demonstrations, but negotiations, intentions, but the main thing is not, NO! technology. We are at war on old ones during exercises, or we show something on camera. The army, as it went in "Yudashkin", is going on. It's a shame that only demonstrations and promises. There is no technology, no money.
  2. tchoni
    tchoni 8 October 2015 08: 51
    Well, comrades, they wouldn’t have lurked about garbage, wouldn’t produce different cars of the same purpose, but would have made a line of different purpose vehicles ... For example, a fire support vehicle for columns (there were examples in Afghanistan, and dumbbells are already commonplace), a protected fuel and lubricant conveyor , a protected ambulance ... Yes, you never know. And they began to sing one song in different ways.
    1. builder
      builder 8 October 2015 08: 55
      On the other hand, competition. The main thing is to choose the best.
    2. cosmos111
      cosmos111 8 October 2015 10: 04
      Why was this gatrak made at all ???? there is an excellent AFV "Fedaral M" in 2014 prices of 8 mln rubles....

      and the tender is camouflage, under the tented Urals ....
      1. cosmos111
        cosmos111 8 October 2015 10: 17
        Quote: tchoni
        protected ambulance.

        which we don’t have right now ... I mean wheeled mine-protected BBM, for emergency medical care, in case of injuries ....

        Mfezi Armored Ambulance South Africa ((on VO, did not upload)))
    3. Felix1
      Felix1 9 October 2015 04: 27
      really fixated
  3. Vulkan raven
    Vulkan raven 8 October 2015 10: 12
    Who attended the "YuVO Innovation Day" - is there any other information about this car model, what company was it?
    1. 31rus
      31rus 8 October 2015 12: 29
      This is "Typhoon-U", just this will be a line from 4 * 4 to 8 * 8, with a supporting body and frame, for various needs, the question is where are they?
      1. IAlex
        IAlex 9 October 2015 00: 11
        Everyone looks at "them" at the photos ...
  4. 31rus
    31rus 8 October 2015 12: 32
    This "Typhoon-U" will range from 4 * 4 to 8 * 8, frame and case for various needs, one question where are they?
  5. Massik
    Massik 8 October 2015 14: 57
    Ahem, the Urals BB (which seems to be an armored car) is armored in the 5th class, and the Federal (which seems to be an ersatz alteration of the ordinary Urals) is armored in the 6th class. Something does not converge comrades.
    The "armored module" (that's the word that) for the landing looks like one-to-one Pokemon with the addition of fabric lining. The only cargo that turned out to be carried in the Pokemon is boxes with ammunition. Shoving a conventional commercial diesel generator is already a problem.
  6. Whitesnow
    Whitesnow 8 October 2015 20: 40
  7. wanderer_032
    wanderer_032 10 October 2015 23: 13
    The feature with hidden booking is quite good.
    But why was the fuel filter placed in such an open place? He’ll either break it with something or chop it with fragments. And that's it, the car got up.
  8. Whitesnow
    Whitesnow 11 October 2015 11: 13
    I still can not understand the meaning of these armored vehicles. Replace BBM? Replace trucks? Or another mix of bulldog with rhino? If you allow hidden booking, then okay. Lucky and attackers from the bushes will shoot and calm down, and the passengers of the armored bus will just be a little scared. But if the fighters in the bushes were not the first time to go hunting, then the PG-7v and Tryndets kittens would fly on board. After shelling from AK minus the speed of the Urals, minus the preparedness of the attackers, minus body armor, minus helmets and a maximum in the back of a pair of 300s. And after PG-7v, aboard this miracle of technology, there is also a maximum of a couple of 300s, only the remaining 200s.
    So long live drank the budget.
    Since in a normal war this shit is not necessary. And in the zone of CTO and armored personnel carriers for the eyes + gun or KPVT.