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Stick for city self-defense

The stick - along with the stone - is one of the first human tools. The stick can be found in almost any street (pipe, thick branch, board, etc.). But, despite the naturalness and simplicity of this tool and its use, you can still give a number of recommendations on the use of the stick in a street fight - as in the case of protection with a stick, and to protect against it.

1. The impact part of the stick is its last third. If the blow is due to the middle of the stick, or to the side closest to the "drifter", it will be much weaker. At the end of the stick all the impact force, the whole swing.
- if you have a stick, hit it with the end, not allowing the enemy closer. Keep your distance.
- if the stick is at the enemy, try to reduce the distance in order to get close to him.

On the street, the enemy is likely to swing the stick randomly, with a large swing and inertia. It is unlikely that you will meet an experienced swordsman or a reconstructor who loves to wave his sword on weekends in the park. Therefore, having waited, when he strikes yet another sweeping blow (naturally, moving away from him to the side or back), rush at the enemy, blocking his hand with weaponsand the second striking / making a grab. How to do this - see below.

2. At the same time, a stick can work poorly in a limited space - it needs a swing. Yes, and at close range, it is already of little use, unless the fighter does not have the skills to work with the other end of the stick - from the little finger.

3. In an extreme situation, as a rule, fine motor skills fail almost completely. Therefore, simpler, “crude” techniques are applicable on the street, and graceful, elaborate movements are of little use. In other words, it’s better to go on historical fencing or to a club of reenactors (especially where applied work with a stick is studied for self-defense purposes) than to some fashionable section of some southeastern direction, where it is full of complex, beautifully looking movements.

But here the question for whom is more important - efficiency, or showiness. For modern people, the second is often more important.

4. The stick works well against the knife, as it can be wired for a longer distance. It is necessary to beat on the hand holding a knife, or other weapon (on the hand, on the metacarpal bones, fingers, joints), and to neutralize the aggressor with the next blow.

5. It is necessary to understand that the usual stick (not a crowbar, not a rod of an armature, not a bit) does not necessarily help to cut down the aggressor. You can break the stick on the head of a person, but he will continue to go on you. However, if it is possible to use a stick, you cannot refuse it. In the end, man became the king of nature at the expense of primitive tools and instruments - sticks and stones.

6. It is best to hit the limbs - with a broken (or broken) arm, the aggressor will not be able to hold a weapon or strike, and with a bruised leg will not be able to run after you.

7. In general, strikes with a stick are identical to strikes with a knife or hand. Usually they beat with a stick from top to bottom - on the head, in the bridge of the nose. Diagonally - over the collarbone. Backhand - on the head (wherever you go, everywhere is "good"). Side impact - the same. Butt bumps with a stick are very rare, although, of course, you can also learn them. They can be applied to the face, Adam's apple, solar plexus, but you need to train accuracy. For example, to hang a coin on a rope, and strike on it with a jab.
You can act with a stick as a bayonet, inflicting a jab injections, blows to the face.
It is good to use a stick, holding it with two hands - you can beat with the middle, you can put butting with both ends.
Blows from the bottom up (to the knee, to the groin) with a stick are practically not used, although they are also possible.

Work with a stick depends on its length. Usually distinguish 4 conditional type:
- staff (to the middle of the chest)
- cane (to the waist)
- baton (with elbow)
- wand (palm)

Stick Exercises:
1. From striking a stick from above
2. From the blow of the stick backhand

1. The first stands with a stick at the ready. Strikes can only be applied in vertical projection (top to bottom). It should beat at full strength and at full speed, but - the training “stick” is made of soft materials (for example, a foam-propylene pipe wrapped with an isolon). She cannot injure, but her blows are unpleasant enough for the fighter to try to avoid them - and thus perform the task correctly. (Note - at first, the first one hits slowly, gradually, the training after the training increases the speed.) The second one runs up to him at the distance of the strike, and then the first strikes. The second one using a feint or without it performs the removal of the stick due to the movement of the forearm with a twist (Fig. 222).

After the removal, he can strike with a fork in the adam's throat and the subsequent back footboard. Or other options - for example, with the impact of the base of the palm. The same movement can be done on the inside, but it is better to always go to the enemy from the outside, from the side, because if we go inside, he can meet us with blows from the other hand.

Naturally, it is necessary to learn the movement, breaking it into 3 phases. First, simply remove your hands with a weapon, and only then, after working on a reflex removal, proceed to further action (seizure of the throat, palm strike). The third phase - the holding of the back footboard, followed by finishing.

2. The first stands with a stick at the ready. It can strike only in horizontal projection (from oneself and towards oneself). The beat must also be in full force and at full speed. The second stands, leaning forward slightly, as if luring a blow at himself. At the signal, the first strikes, the second must swing back and, having caught the moment when the stick flashed past, sharply jump forward, fixing the arm with a weapon and a blow — a strike with a fork and a throat catch, for example. Here you can add a knee kick in the groin. Or hold the backrest after seizing the throat. The movement is also performed in both directions. The important point is that you need to pre-calculate the distance so that when the second one is in the extreme position (recoiling back), the stick whistles literally an inch from his face - the blows must be applied below eye level. To have a sense of danger and develop a sense of the border between a safe distance and a dangerous one.

Interesting Facts:

- In the old days in Russia, apart from combat, a wall-to-wall existed and a stick fight - when two groups of opponents converged, holding sticks in their hands. Later this species was banned due to its particularly high trauma.
Similar historical types of massive clashes with wooden sabers (and death) are known among the Bulgarians.

- Such fights could not be better prepared for hand-to-hand fighting in its true sense - a fight between two groups of armed people, with one hundred percent death for many participants.

- It is believed that the Russian struggle "for the knob", where the fighters make a preliminary grab for clothes in the neck, and cannot act with the second hand (in some cases only at the moment of the throw), and throws with their feet, was one of the options for preparing the canine (hand-to-hand) fight. The unused hand should have been a weapon, so it was necessary to learn to do without it. In close combat, close when it was impossible to make a swing with an ax or a sword (stick), sometimes only a struggle could help bring the enemy down to the ground.

- In 16-17 centuries. in Holland, the use of a cane rather than a knife to resolve a conflict was the hallmark of a good citizen. The use of a knife in a fight guaranteed at least serious wounds and criminal punishment, while with a cane it was possible to simply knock the knife out of the hands of the “marginal”.
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  1. Kazakh
    Kazakh 9 October 2015 06: 19 New
    Stick for city self-defense
    Да хоть танк имей если душка нет и чувства собственного достоинства то останется только мушку спилить.Дух надо развивать да в спортзале но первейшее дух а тут в основном на технику и подручные приспособления упор делается.Помню во время срочки постоянно дрался с одним чеченом и все время ему наваливал.Спрашиваю ты когда успокоишься?Он отвечает мне нельзя русскому сдаться дома не поймут хоть раз я тебя должен победить.Так что без желания победить Вы хоть что таскайте с собой все равно наваляют и "орудие самозащиты" заберут.
  2. Slobber
    Slobber 9 October 2015 06: 40 New
    I am reading this series of articles and cannot understand. Is this written in order to prepare people for the fact that they can’t wait for the short-barreled weapons, or even cancel the traumatic and gas weapons? In any case, even without a weapon, the reception - a gas spray in the face and with a foal in the balls will stop anyone. But from the crowd (three or more) without talking - to run, even if kmc on sambo.
    1. Glot
      Glot 9 October 2015 07: 02 New
      Is this written in order to prepare people for the fact that they can’t wait for the short-barreled weapons, or even cancel the traumatic and gas weapons?

      No, it’s just that a man outlined his thoughts.
      A weapon ... Why do you need it? smile
    2. Fox
      Fox 9 October 2015 07: 32 New
      Quote: razgildyay
      This is written to prepare people for the fact that they can’t wait for the short-barreled weapons,

      Dear, I have ALL friends who drag a short-barrel, ALL are involved in sports, because trunk without health is a gift to the gopnik.
      1. Slobber
        Slobber 9 October 2015 07: 57 New
        trunk without health - a gift to the gopnik

        Ну "здоровье" - штука весьма и весьма спорная. Я вот не слишком то "здоров", однако метод с балончиком и пинком применять приходилось, говорю не голословно.
        And in general, there is such a great thing as IPSC, where they learn how to safely shoot where they need to, and if you look at least at the Russian part of the federation, ignoring the American one, then not all athletes and athletes are there, even though they are rather simple people. I do not think that Russian people are dumber than Americans and will not cope with a gun outside the range.
  3. Glot
    Glot 9 October 2015 06: 56 New
    A stick can be found on almost any street (pipe, thick branch, board, etc.).

    I don’t know how and where, but we have sticks, pipes and thick branches that do not lie on the streets. Utilities work. laughing
    Yes, in skillful hands, prepared, stick of course is strength. Well, learn not from pictures. wink
    1. alex-cn
      alex-cn 9 October 2015 09: 42 New
      ходи с "французской тросточкой" - внутри 10 мм стальной прут, снаружи благородное дерево...
      A spray can, but only pepper, is really very beneficial ...
      1. Glot
        Glot 9 October 2015 10: 50 New
        ходи с "французской тросточкой" - внутри 10 мм стальной прут, снаружи благородное дерево...

        I AM ? Why do I need it ?
        I go without sticks, spray cans, pistols and other things. I do not see the need. smile
        1. Sochi
          Sochi 9 October 2015 12: 48 New
          Lucky ... But others are not so lucky, it happens.
          1. Glot
            Glot 9 October 2015 13: 34 New
            Lucky ... But others are not so lucky, it happens.

            Why lucky?
            You know, there’s a saying: Don’t drag trouble by the ears.
            Very true saying.
            There is such a thing as thought is material. In general, it is true.
            Since if you carry a barrel, knife, stick, spray can or something else with you, you subconsciously think that you will use them if (when) someone tries to attack you. And in the end, you materialize your thoughts anyway. Everything in this world is interconnected, subtle and invisible at times.
            Do not think about the bad, and it will not happen. Or simply put - not bzdi. smile
            Although it’s clear that they can attack if you don’t think and don’t carry anything, but you can carry iron with you and never use it. But in general, do not drag the ears. smile
            Although it happened, they tried to stop me with a gop. Razik was. Seven for one. I had to give the guys money for a beer. smile But, two days later I rang the doorbell to the one who was in the lead in this seven ... He really did not expect. laughing laughing laughing
            Well, two or three times more they tried, but for some reason they changed their minds at the very beginning.
            I don’t know why, I didn’t find out. smile
            And so ... They’re suitable if I’m going to hit the snout, and then the map will fall. smile
            1. Sochi
              Sochi 9 October 2015 14: 51 New
              I never carry any objects with me ... But, I had to fit in for myself and for others, although I really do not like this, I prefer peacefully.
              1. Glot
                Glot 9 October 2015 16: 12 New
                But I had to fit in for myself and for others, although I really do not like this, I prefer peacefully.

                And who loves that ?! All of us, peaceful, law-abiding citizens. smile
          2. The comment was deleted.
      2. The comment was deleted.
  4. parusnik
    parusnik 9 October 2015 07: 35 New
    And still interesting .. thanks ..
  5. Million
    Million 9 October 2015 08: 34 New
    without training, efficiency will be zero
  6. Orang
    Orang 9 October 2015 09: 42 New
    You won’t find a good oak stick. Lungs without much sense. A pipe of 1.5-2 inches or a cable of some kind will fit. Everything is correctly written about hitting the limbs, the effect is good and there will be less problems with the law. The hand dries from a blow on the shoulder completely, and on the fingers it is painful to imagine.
  7. Volzhanin
    Volzhanin 9 October 2015 10: 14 New
    Pupils of primary and secondary classes also read this resource?
    1. Orang
      Orang 9 October 2015 11: 56 New
      You are probably a high school student?
  8. Sochi
    Sochi 9 October 2015 11: 01 New
    Any stick in the hands of a clumsy man against a more or less prepared melee (it is enough to master the basics) ... a sophisticated method of suicide. Any, even the most primitive weapon requires SKILL, otherwise it will only bother you. The main skill for you is the Avoidance of battle-fight, and now if this failed, then only use your fighting skills.
  9. Volga Cossack
    Volga Cossack 9 October 2015 11: 38 New
    there was a time - in dashing 90 in a pocket Yavar dragged and had to apply - effectively.
  10. akeloya
    akeloya 9 October 2015 13: 00 New
    IMHO, the author is poorly aware of what a stick is and how to work with it. Even in the photographs it can be seen that the attacker does not imagine what to do with the stick and the defender.
    This is just how much you need to be an idiot, so that with a sweeping strike with a stick, backward? Those. go to the distance at which the maximum kinetic energy is concentrated, instead of making a jerk to the enemy for a short distance, where the stick’s impact energy is minimal, and in the case of reaching the distance of the blow, the hand is completely absent. Again, the photo shows, make a real attack attack, the defender would not have a head, because he does not go into a plane parallel to the stick attack plane.
    There are at least two techniques from hitting a stick from above, but unfortunately not one of them is shown in the photo, but one is shown in which a non-stupid person sticks a wand on his head anyway.

    In general, the author, instead of the photo video, show how the attacker delivers a real blow, and how the defender really applies what is photographed here. For the photo shows that these are all staged shots and have nothing to do with the stick strike technique and protection against it.
    А так я бы автору этой палочкой показал бы пару раз чем чревато "второй должен качнуться назад".
    No, of course, I understand that the training stick is black, it is stylish, but if the stick of centimeters is 10 inches longer on the street?
    1. Archon
      Archon 9 October 2015 14: 19 New
      a real hit is faster and better not to come close to a person with a stick at all
  11. Archon
    Archon 9 October 2015 14: 15 New
    in the city no sticks in general, there are no rods, fittings, iron pipes, bricks, cobblestones. The maximum that you can find, which is really a lot, is dust and dirt that can really be thrown into someone’s face, but most likely it will only provoke the attacker.
    In short, without any preparation at all. Well, or if it’s very scary, you can wear a spray can. And many people are just too lazy to deal with themselves.
    1. akeloya
      akeloya 9 October 2015 15: 53 New
      Разве? Вы биты, которые в последнее время стало модно держмть в машине, видимо, не воспринимаете за аналог палки. Зонтики типа трости, да и короткие тоже не аналоги палки? У меня в машине болонник - почти палка:) Говорите нет прутьев? Я тут забор в детсаде чинил, так столько полуметровых прутьев приварил... Все "палки".
      1. Glot
        Glot 9 October 2015 16: 16 New
        You are the bits that have recently become fashionable to keep in the car

        In-on-of, this also plays a minus in the fact that they will allow a short barrel.
        Так как многие быты в машинах заменят на стволы. Хотя их многие уже и сейчас заменили на резиноплюи. А так как на дорогах у нас "культура вождения" отсутствует практически, и народ все вопросы дорожные промеж себя часто решает битами и резиноплюями. А как заменят на короткоствол ... Э-эх-х, мама не горюй. laughing laughing laughing
        1. vvvvv
          vvvvv 10 October 2015 04: 11 New
          After a few years, only balanced and adequate people will remain alive and at large ...
      2. gladcu2
        gladcu2 10 October 2015 20: 34 New
        You can pry a stronghold with a nail. And in the suburbs of these sticks is always a shaft.

        Thanks to the author. A couple of principles of behavior were predicted and prompted. If it is impossible to wash off, then at least I will know what to do.

        And on these specialists hammer. Each and Norrvit insert their 5 kopecks. But with Igor Krutoy, boiled eggs are all the same cooler.
  12. Mentat
    Mentat 9 October 2015 16: 35 New
    Quote: Kazakh
    Так что без желания победить Вы хоть что таскайте с собой все равно наваляют и "орудие самозащиты" заберут.

    Well, and how, helped the Chechen bare "desire to win" to really win?

    Everything should be in a complex. Keep a form, skills to have and willingness to fight back. The latter, of course, is very important, absolute determination can in itself prevent an attack.
    1. gladcu2
      gladcu2 10 October 2015 20: 38 New

      Under the USSR it was possible to keep uniform. And when you have a working day of 12 hours, plus the road to and fro. And at the weekend to work. and when do the children do. There is no time to sleep.

      So, thanks to the author.
  13. Mentat
    Mentat 9 October 2015 16: 38 New
    Quote: akeloya
    bits that have recently become fashionable to hold in a car, apparently, do not perceive as an analog stick

    No, it's a club. The “stick” has a much greater speed and the technique of fencing is different for her.
  14. Black Colonel
    Black Colonel 9 October 2015 17: 16 New
    At the end of the stick, all the impact force, the whole range.
    This author thinks so, because the linear speed of the end of the stick is greatest compared to other parts of the stick. If you take a point at the end of a stick, then yes, it has the greatest kinetic energy. But the stick is a single whole body, therefore it is necessary to consider the energy of a blow with a stick as a blow of a single segment. When the stick rotates relative to any end, the greatest moment of inertia, and therefore the impact force, is located at a distance of 2/3 of the stick length from the point of rotation, i.e. from the brush of the striker. In this case, the return to the hand will be the smallest. The laws of physics, nothing can be done. Good luck to all!
  15. Oslyabya
    Oslyabya 9 October 2015 17: 32 New
    And not a word about convenient telescopic batons ... Upon detection - seizure and administrative. With proven use - there is no difference what exactly otpatsifizdil - no ...
  16. Bosk
    Bosk 9 October 2015 20: 38 New
    Даже для "работы" с палкой нужна кой какая физ подготовка потому как часто случается что тот же фулюган с палкой этой же палкой и получает потом по мослам, потому как у нас жизнь такая что палку в руки берёт как правило человек неуверенный в своих физических возможностях но при этом имеющий не слабые амбиции, да и опять же что каждый раз "за спичками" с палкой ходить?, тело надо развивать, оно всегда с собой..., всегда в готовности... и к тому же много места не занимает winked
  17. saygon66
    saygon66 9 October 2015 21: 11 New
    - Лучшая "палка" кусок трубы ППРна 3\4" - лёгкая, сломать сложно, выбросит не жалко... laughing
  18. The comment was deleted.
  19. chinArmy
    chinArmy 11 October 2015 15: 14 New
    Personally, my opinion is that the best stick hits are jabbing (stitching). Like a bayonet

    Short, quick painful strokes. All these swings and strokes are effective at large amplitudes. The larger the amplitude, the greater the breaks between strokes.

    Even having missed a couple of punches, you will reduce the distance during the backswing by a natural desire.

    А если держать палку при себе, не "отдавая" свободный конец, а переодически тыкать в направлении противника, в лицо, пах, живот, сразу убирая палку назад, это лушая техника. На мой взгляд, конечно.

    Approaching such an adversary will be very difficult. Seizing the free end of desire will not be enough, I think, it is much more difficult to take a stick in this situation.

    The blow is very sharp, unexpected. A series of pokes can be applied faster than a series of punches from the backswing. And, I think, no one will deny that the injury is likely to be quite painful.

    Perhaps this is the most acceptable stick defense technique.

    By the way, not only for sticks. A stool, for example, an ordinary kitchen, is also suitable. Try waving a chair in a cramped room (such as a bar). It is better to take him by the chair and, having closed with it, poking his legs towards the enemy sideways, leave the room
  20. chinArmy
    chinArmy 11 October 2015 15: 17 New
    Something like that)
  21. The comment was deleted.