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Innovation Day of the Southern Military District: the Uran-6 robotic complex

One of the main novelties of recent times is the Uran-6 robotic demining complex. This system, built on the basis of a remotely controlled vehicle, is designed for demining various areas and performing some related tasks. For the first time, the military showed this complex last year. 5 and 6 of October, the visitors of the exhibition "Innovation Day of the Southern Military District" were able to see the promising new-type technology.

The multifunctional robotic demining complex (MPTK-R) "Uran-6" is a basic tracked vehicle with fasteners for the installation of various special equipment. By installing appropriate special equipment, the complex can make passages in minefields or clear large areas of explosive objects. The project of a prospective robotic complex was developed by the Nakhabinsk OAO “766 UPTK” (“Management of Production and Technological Equipment”).

The Uran-6 complex consists of several basic elements. The main one is a small-sized light armored vehicle with a remote control that serves as the base platform. It provides universal attachment points for the installation of the target equipment used in various works. The complex includes sets of interchangeable trawling and working equipment. The type of replacement equipment is selected in accordance with current tasks.

Depending on the type of equipment installed, the total weight of the Uran-6 machine reaches 6-7 t. Thus, the combat weight of the robot sapper with a barge trawl is 6,8 t. When installing other equipment, the weight of the machine changes accordingly. Due to the specific field of application, the machine has a reservation that protects the internal units from fragments of explosive devices found and destroyed. In addition, the attachment has some elements that improve the protection of the base machine.

The base machine of the complex is equipped with an 190 horsepower engine. This has a positive effect on the power density and mobility of the machine. The maximum speed of the robot does not exceed 5 km / h. The speed of movement during trawling is slightly less and depends on the existing conditions.

In the front of the armored car there are two levers on which special attachments are mounted. Depending on the current tasks, the Uran-6 complex can use a pick, roll or milling trawl. In addition, a dozer blade and a rotary blade with a rotating tong has been developed. Thus, the robotic complex can not only clear minefields, but also perform some other tasks. For example, it is possible to clear small debris or move large debris of acceptable mass.

When using a slatting or milling trawl, the MRTK-R Uran-6 neutralizes explosive devices by mechanically destroying them or initiating explosions. In the event of an explosion, the shock wave and debris are delayed by the design of the trawl and the body of the machine itself, so that it can continue its work. Katkov trawl, in turn, due to the weight of its design causes the triggering of contact fuses and the subsequent explosion of mines.

According to the manufacturer, the Uran-6 complex is capable of destroying explosive devices weighing from 100 g to 4 kg. Regardless of the type of trawl used, the strip is being cleaned with a width of 1,6 m. It is argued that due to its high efficiency, the advanced complex is able to replace the 20 sappers.

The sapper robot is controlled using a separate remote control. The existing equipment ensures reliable communication between the console and the machine at distances up to 1000 m. Thus, the operator of the complex is at a sufficient distance from the machine and the explosions of the mines found, due to which there is no risk during the performance of the task. To monitor the operation of the armored vehicle and its systems, the console displays all the necessary information and signal from several video cameras.

Last summer, the MRTK-R "Uran-6" was taken to the Chechen Republic to participate in the demining of one of the mountainous areas. In about two months, the complex cleaned about 80 thousand square meters. m agricultural land. In the course of such work, a sapper robot destroyed 50 explosive objects.

Last year it was reported that mass production should begin in the fall, and at the beginning of 2015, the first mass-produced vehicles would go to the troops of the Southern Military District. In the future, it was planned to continue construction and equip units of other military districts with the latest technology.

One of the Uran-6 complexes in service with the Southern Military District recently became an exhibit of the Innovation Day exhibition. We present a photoreview of this technique.

At the exhibition, the machine "Uran-6" was equipped with a crawl trailer

Due to the large mass, the dredge is equipped with its own wheels. Behind the shaft with strikers there is a chain curtain that delays the fragments.

Trawl heads

The shown complex, apparently, was used in real conditions. There are traces of hits on the frontal part and on the sides

Chassis is designed to protect the individual elements.

The main means of operator observation is a front camera on a movable base.

On the roof of the case provides a set of tools for ventilation and cooling of internal units.

View of the board and the stern

In the stern is a large radiator

Information board

Radiator, roof grilles and exhaust pipe

Aft chamber with the ability to adjust the rotation angles

Remote engine shut-off in abnormal situations

The console is covered with a side angle. Also visible loops openable feed grating

On the sides of the car army symbols and marks from the fragments

Attachments of all types are mounted on special levers using universal mounts

Instead of a slewing trawl, the Uran-6 machine can use milling

The principle of operation of these units is similar - explosive devices are destroyed by moving elements

There is also some similarity in hull design.

As well as the picker, the milling trawl is equipped with a chain curtain for additional protection of the base machine.

Plate on the trawl

The third version of equipment for working with explosive devices - roller trawl

Side view

View from the base machine

There are universal mounts and rings to move the crane

Dozer blade is designed for clearing debris

The blade is built on a reinforcing frame

Side view

Standard mountings similar to other equipment.

Product Information Plate

To move various objects, the Uran-6 complex has a so-called. rotary blade

Claw Claw

Front Grip Drive

Grip drives on the rear surface of the blade

Product Information Plate

The complex "Uran-6" can be transported by any automotive vehicles with the required characteristics. For loading, cranes of the corresponding parameters are used. Visitors who waited for the end of the exhibition could observe the loading of the complex into the truck.

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  1. gjv
    gjv 8 October 2015 10: 16
    Thank you, a detailed review.
  2. Artyom
    Artyom 8 October 2015 10: 56
    useful and necessary car, I liked it, useful for mine clearance in the Donbas.
  3. 0255
    0255 8 October 2015 10: 58
    Class good I wonder where they fired at him?
  4. tchoni
    tchoni 8 October 2015 12: 49
    Interesting, and apparently a promising platform. If desired, I think that he will be able to act both as an infantry and equipment transporter, and when retrofitting, as an infantry fire support complex (this will be especially relevant for mobile troops and in urban conditions)
  5. 31rus
    31rus 8 October 2015 12: 53
    I think for him it is possible to expand the attachment and create trailed equipment, for example, an UR trailer similar to UR-77, you can expand the working width according to the type of agricultural machinery, raised it during transportation, lowered it and connected the power take-off shaft during operation, use mine for mining in short just think
  6. Archon
    Archon 8 October 2015 13: 16
    still, the three-color star on board still hurts my eyes
  7. Engineer engineer
    Engineer engineer 8 October 2015 14: 48
    Have you messed up with the terminology? What is the platform's "robotization"? Maybe "WITH REMOTE CONTROL" after all?
  8. Engineer engineer
    Engineer engineer 8 October 2015 14: 59
    Have you messed up with the terminology? What is the platform's "robotization"? Maybe "WITH REMOTE CONTROL" after all?
  9. Engineer engineer
    Engineer engineer 8 October 2015 15: 04
    Quote: tchoni
    will be able to act as an infantry transporter

    At a speed of 5 km / h.
  10. Olfred
    Olfred 9 October 2015 09: 18
    a useful machine, and it pleases with its multifunctionality, various attachments and aesthetically quite nice)
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  12. Peacemaker
    Peacemaker 13 October 2015 14: 41
    Good car.