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Innovation Day of the Southern Military District: Platform-M robotic complex

Part of the combat missions can be effectively solved with the help of remotely controlled equipment and robotic systems. Currently, in our country and abroad, a large number of various robots are being developed for the armed forces. One of the latest domestic developments in this area is the Platform-M complex. Not long ago, visitors were able to see this car at the Innovation Day of the Southern Military District exhibition held in Rostov-on-Don.

The development of the Platform-M complex started at the beginning of the current decade. The project was created by the Progress Research Institute of Technology (Izhevsk). After recent transformations, the project moved to the company "Izhmash-Unmanned Systems." This organization is currently engaged in the assembly of promising technology.

The Platforma-M product is a universal tracked vehicle that can receive special equipment and perform various transport or combat tasks. Small dimensions and weight of no more than 1-1,2 t allow you to transport the car with existing trucks and successfully solve a wide range of tasks.

Multi-purpose robot "Platform-M" gets an armored body, providing protection against small weapons 3 class domestic standards. Tracked chassis allows the car to move on different surfaces, as well as overcome obstacles. The required mobility is provided by an electric motor with power 6 hp The engine is powered by several batteries that allow the machine to operate continuously for up to two days without the need for recharging.

A product weighing no more than 1-1,2 t can reach speeds of up to 8 km / h and overcome some obstacles. In particular, it provides a rise on the 15-degree slope. The range and radius of action primarily depend on the tasks and some other factors.

Platform-M can be equipped with various special equipment. Earlier a car with a turret was shown at the exhibitions, on which a machine gun and several jet grenades were installed. If necessary, the machine can carry other special equipment. Military equipment or other equipment mounted on the roof of the chassis, on special devices.

The sample of a promising robot, presented at the Innovation Day of South-Eastern Military District, was equipped with a remote-controlled combat module with a PKM machine gun and an optical-electronic fire monitoring and control system. Such equipment allows the machine to perform some combat missions, including the implementation of fire support units.

Control of the "Platform-M" is carried out over the air from a remote control. In the course of work, the robot and the console establish two-way communication. At the same time, the video signal and information about the operating parameters of various equipment come from the machine to the console. Back, in turn, there are commands for the power plant, weapons or target equipment.

The remote control systems of the Platform-M complex consist of several main units. The operator should work with the control panel, made on the basis of a protected laptop. An antenna complex with a set of transmitters and receivers that provides two-way communication with the robot is connected to this device. Under the condition of direct visibility, the control equipment ensures the operation of the machine at a distance of up to 1,5 km from the operator.

The Platform-M complex was first demonstrated in the spring of 2014. Then remote-controlled vehicles participated in exercises in the Kaliningrad region. In addition, this technique was shown at the May 9 parade in Kaliningrad. In the future, the complex became an exhibit of last year's Innovation Day of the Ministry of Defense.

Last year it was announced that the Platform-M robotic complex went into a series and is being delivered to the armed forces. Serial machines have a different set of components and are equipped with various weapons. For example, in last year’s photographs one could see combat modules with machine guns and rocket-propelled grenades. The exposition of the Day of Innovation of the Southern Military District, in turn, was attended by Platforma-M with a machine gun.

We present a photoreview of the promising robotic complex "Platform-M", demonstrated at the recent exhibition of the Ministry of Defense.

General view of the product

Tracked robot thruster


Traces on asphalt demonstrate the maneuverability of the Platform-M

General view of the combat module with machine guns

Armament support platform

Machine gun mount on the platform

Vertical guidance mechanism

Ammunition box, machine gun and opto-electronic system

Closeup camera

General view of remote control systems

Operator's Laptop

Antenna complex

Antenna complex, rear view

Photo "Platform-M" from the information stand
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  1. Moore
    Moore 8 October 2015 06: 17
    How can he with patency be with such a cart with track rollers and the width of the tracks ...
    1. max702
      max702 8 October 2015 22: 49
      I will say straight BOTH! The production culture is terrifying, and the design is reminiscent of crafts from Euro-Gabon ..
      1. Olfred
        Olfred 9 October 2015 09: 12
        I agree with you how everything is done clumsily ... but there is always room to grow)))
        1. Malkor
          Malkor 11 October 2015 13: 54
          Mercedes is not needed here. This is a machine "under the spread" for dangerous work in the city, from around the corner, so as not to lose personnel. Let it be clumsy, but massively and cheap - there will be no price for him in the troops. In each platoon on such toys will not hurt and people will be safe.
  2. Human-dv
    Human-dv 8 October 2015 07: 23
    Cartridge box is too small, it seems to me how to change something
  3. kalibr
    kalibr 8 October 2015 07: 30
    IT WILL NOT WORK AT THE GROUND! Remember the French tanks Saint-Chamon!
    1. Throw
      Throw 8 October 2015 18: 56
      Rise in 15 degrees? SUV)
      It is not a machine gun, but crutches should be put on it. It was not for nothing that the handles were welded so that the soldiers had something to carry such a "machine gun" for.
  4. yegor_k
    yegor_k 8 October 2015 07: 40
    Control cables are not covered.
  5. atos_kin
    atos_kin 8 October 2015 08: 12
    Non-Nazi, but as a platform for working out ideas, a very necessary thing!
  6. mishastich
    mishastich 8 October 2015 09: 06
    Cables are not covered, the box is too small! This is a platform for working out ideas. Then everything will be.
  7. Kalmar
    Kalmar 8 October 2015 09: 33
    I probably find fault, but no one has the feeling that the box under the ammunition will interfere with lowering the machine gun to a horizontal position?
    1. gjv
      gjv 8 October 2015 10: 47
      Quote: Kalmar
      I’m probably finding fault, but no one has the feeling that the box under the ammunition will interfere with lowering the machine gun to a horizontal position?

      A little fault. Normal box for 120-150 rounds. Will not interfere, it is on the same level with the drive sector.
      But it would be nice to find fault with the openness of the drive mechanism and the frail control cables of IMHO. Togo and look at something jammed or the cables come off.
      Here's another option. Also "Platform-M", but the tracked propulsion device is arranged differently and the combat module is different.

    2. The comment was deleted.
    3. The comment was deleted.
    4. The comment was deleted.
    5. The comment was deleted.
  8. ayuric
    ayuric 8 October 2015 11: 03
    Why such a toy armored body? it’s an unmanned aerial vehicle, and if it’s without armor, then the weight is less with the same dimensions and payload on board, you can take more, and you can transport it on an UAZ pickup truck. Developers, think broader with brains.
    1. 31rus
      31rus 8 October 2015 12: 40
      And drive your wife (if any) to the store for shopping, but amuse the kids
      1. ayuric
        ayuric 9 October 2015 06: 02
        as for the kids, this is true, my son would gladly ride, but his wife already has something to go shopping, a jeep is also a good option, although the weight is a bit more hi
    2. 31rus
      31rus 8 October 2015 12: 40
      And drive your wife (if any) to the store for shopping, but amuse the kids
    3. Archon
      Archon 8 October 2015 13: 06
      so as not to be destroyed. and the continuation of your idea will be a corny remote-controlled machine gun on a tripod (as in half-life) - lightweight, without armor and cheap.
  9. tchoni
    tchoni 8 October 2015 13: 04
    An interesting device. In general, the somo in itself, the appearance of such vehicles is a huge progress in the arming of infantry and other troops similar to it. However, specifically this device seems a little damp and a little unfinished.
    1) dangling control cables and stuff (already mentioned here)
    2) there is no system of circular continuous review (analogue of human peripheral vision)
    3) the use of an accumulator seems to be a kind of compromise solution that can complicate the operation of the machine in the field.
    4) a weight of 1.2 tons will not specifically allow the device to be used indoors (the floors of a residential building are rated for a load of 0.5 tons per square meter)