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Polish public organization: in recent years about a third of memorials dedicated to Soviet soldiers-liberators disappeared in the country

The founder and head of the Polish memorial organization Kursk, Jerzy Tyts, says that in recent years about a third of the monuments dedicated to Soviet soldiers-liberators have been destroyed by vandals or dismantled with the consent of local authorities. At the same time, according to the head of a public organization, about 30% of the memorial cemeteries on which the ashes of the Soviet soldiers rest are in poor condition. Jerzy Tyts is engaged in the preservation of cultural and historical heritage, and, according to him, he is very concerned about the trend that has taken place on Polish soil.

TASS quotes a Polish public figure:

The existing register of monuments does not correspond to their actual number. I think about one-third no longer exist. Step by step, they are destroyed, dismantled and disappear. It comes to absurd situations when the authorities explain the dismantling of the monument by its poor technical condition, although they themselves should take care of it.

Polish public organization: in recent years about a third of memorials dedicated to Soviet soldiers-liberators disappeared in the country

It should be noted that the Kursk public organization was founded in Poland in 2012. During this time, members of the organization for their own money repaired 11 military memorials and two cemeteries.

Jerzy Tyts:
The Red Army liberated my country from fascism. This is undeniable. My main goal is the struggle for peace and tranquility. If one nation begins to destroy the monuments of another nation, this means that there will be a great misfortune, a conflict. There is not a single person in the government of our country who could deal with this issue, objectively consider the interests of one and the other, resolve the situation, stop those gangs who are destroying monuments.
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  1. Sasha 19871987
    Sasha 19871987 7 October 2015 12: 45 New
    nobody is forgotten, nothing is forgotten ... these chaos will answer for their actions !!!
    1. Penetrator
      Penetrator 7 October 2015 12: 51 New
      If one people begins to destroy the monuments of another people, this means that there is a great misfortune ahead, a conflict. In the government of our country there is not a single person who could deal with this issue, objectively consider the interests of one and the other, resolve the situation, stop those gangs that destroy monuments.

      It is gratifying to hear the imputed Pole. I can tell him in comfort that the logic of historical processes is inexorable. I dare to suggest that in the not too distant future, the proud descendants of the gentry will not only restore the destroyed and dismantled monuments to the liberators, but also put new ones on the “Russian warrior from the grateful Polish people”
      1. MIKHAN
        MIKHAN 7 October 2015 12: 57 New
        What kind of psheks were and will remain ... In Tsarist Russia, they were clearly "spread rot" (in the USSR they "began to stroke them" and put up heroes ..) So there is nothing surprising .. Russia will rise and I am sure that they will begin to restore everything in a hurry!
      2. Zoldat_A
        Zoldat_A 7 October 2015 13: 15 New
        Quote: Penetrator
        I dare to suggest that in the not too distant future, the proud descendants of the gentry will not only restore the destroyed and dismantled monuments to the liberators, but also put new ones on the “Russian warrior from the grateful Polish people”

        Everything in the world is collapsing, everything is turning inside out. One thing remains stable - the victory of the Russian soldier-liberator. Yes, how much, damn it, you can free them all from the consequences of their own stupidity and unconsciousness!? !!?

        Maybe during the next "liberation" it’s cheaper to immediately level them all with the earth, all 500 million, and fill them with salt. To not get spitting then?
      3. Mareman Vasilich
        Mareman Vasilich 7 October 2015 14: 15 New
        Kamrad, the Polish authorities are aiming at us, and will shoot at themselves. It will be so.
    2. vovanpain
      vovanpain 7 October 2015 12: 52 New
      Quote: Sasha 19871987
      nobody is forgotten, nothing is forgotten ... these chaos will answer for their actions !!!

      Psheks think that they were freed by mattresses with arrogant Saxons? But we remember very well who freed and remind the forgetful.
      1. figwam
        figwam 7 October 2015 12: 55 New
        For this Poland we put 600 thousand people killed, 1 million 416 thousand people wounded, this is half of all the losses during the liberation of Europe. Poland is eternally indebted to Russia.
        1. nimboris
          nimboris 8 October 2015 03: 26 New
          Among them are those who were killed or wounded by the Poles themselves from the Home Army and other gangs, led by an emigrant government from London. Only the Polish Army of the Polish Army deserves to be called brothers in arms.
    3. Slobber
      Slobber 7 October 2015 12: 53 New
      these chaos will answer for their actions !!!

      I wonder how? Or will you punish yourself?
      1. ava09
        ava09 7 October 2015 13: 32 New
        The time will come - we will. And make you ...
        1. Slobber
          Slobber 7 October 2015 14: 33 New
          And make you

          We didn’t switch to “you”, please adhere to simple rules of politeness.
          The time will come - we will.

          The time came when the "Soldier" was dismantled in Tallinn. Did you do something?
      2. igorka357
        igorka357 7 October 2015 13: 34 New
        Time and history will punish!
    4. little girl15
      little girl15 7 October 2015 12: 58 New
      Everyone will be rewarded for their deeds! And the grand-panic arrogance will not bring Pshekov to good, will come back to them a hundredfold.
    5. Max_Bauder
      Max_Bauder 7 October 2015 13: 57 New
      Quote: Sasha 19871987
      nobody is forgotten, nothing is forgotten ... these chaos will answer for their actions !!!

      more of these ungrateful mra ..., pod ..., ubl ... not to release.
    6. Rezident007
      Rezident007 8 October 2015 00: 32 New
      Honor and memory of the fallen soldiers of the Red Army! But I will say one thing, every nation and state will never admit their mistakes, weaknesses (at that time), admission of their guilt in something. After all, we also make excuses for the defeat, take at least 1941 ... The soldiers - they are people - they all wanted to survive, they didn’t understand then that it was a war of extermination, therefore in the Baltic States, Belarus, Ukraine they surrendered en masse .. Was fear, panic, confusion, retreat, mistakes of the command staff .. But even without the heroic deed of our soldiers, there would not be that fierce resistance to the enemy, who with heavy losses went to Moscow .. There was collaboration, betrayal of "separate" peoples and Russians, including ( but much less) ... And through all this our grandfathers and great-grandfathers had to go through. But, of course, this is not worth reading and showing in school textbooks (only in special educational institutions) and in mass media (and only on Mondays and nights), because greatness and pride in your courageous people, great history must be brought up ... But it is such and it is, because the feat of soldiers and officers of the Red Army is not comparable with anything!
    7. The comment was deleted.
  2. The comment was deleted.
  3. A-Sim
    A-Sim 7 October 2015 12: 47 New
    Forget the past - lose the future.
    1. Tra-ta-ta
      Tra-ta-ta 7 October 2015 12: 59 New
      History is one of the most important subjects in the school, forming a worldview ...
      Remember the Kiev Maidan, and the galloping distraught "losers" ...
  4. captain
    captain 7 October 2015 12: 48 New
    I am glad that there are people in Poland who remember who saved the Poles from complete destruction. I hope that the time will come when they will become the majority. Our Foreign Ministry, I think it’s worth doing this, in order to reduce the degree of Russophobia.
  5. aszzz888
    aszzz888 7 October 2015 12: 50 New
    People, for the sake of mister, are ready to sell their mother too!
    Will they be the court, will be!
  6. hydrox
    hydrox 7 October 2015 12: 51 New
    Can it be that the filthy Psheks have not yet understood, using the example of Ukraine, how the intimate "gratification" of a tanned host ends?
    After all, they will be, if not the first, then the next to fly out of the EU, when it first begins to burst at the seams, and then fastens on all sides within the borders of the Old World democracies, in which there will simply be no place for filthy psheks ...
  7. Barboskin
    Barboskin 7 October 2015 12: 52 New
    "Poland is the ugly brainchild of the Versailles Treaty." Vyacheslav Molotov.
  8. Sasha75
    Sasha75 7 October 2015 12: 59 New
    We have Katyn and the place where their president died, that they can’t play a card or they’ve completely dumb to start new excavations on the site of Katyn, dig everything up there and if someone doesn’t know, and as a participant in the excavations there, I took part in the excavations in Katyn there not a few of our soldiers were shot. And about the Poles who were shot there, an interesting fact was that they were shot with German cartridges. 7.65 there were a lot of small cartridges, and not one of our cartridges was found there after questions from the authorities, so why were the Poles who weren’t using our shells by all possible means from the excavations.
  9. bronik
    bronik 7 October 2015 12: 59 New
    There are many cures for forgetfulness; it’s time for our politicians to prescribe serious doses to our former “friends”.
  10. jaguarstas
    jaguarstas 7 October 2015 13: 00 New
    I would not be surprised if the Anglo-Saxons are behind all this.
    1. Barboskin
      Barboskin 7 October 2015 15: 20 New
      They do not just stand, they also have muzzle arrogant and nasty.
  11. The comment was deleted.
  12. silberwolf88
    silberwolf88 7 October 2015 13: 03 New
    The Poles have always been prostitutes ... Otto Von Bismarck said for a reason: - ... the Pole is not a nation ... the Pole is a profession ... (I can’t vouch for the accuracy of the translation ... but the meaning is absolutely true) Whatever ... but so that Russia is more painful ... The last thing to fight with the dead

    In general, we are the only country that rushed with them like a written bag ... even during the partition of Poland, we included the Kingdom of Poland with the Sejm and its laws (Germany and Austria-Hungary did not stand on ceremony) ... and still we are bad ... we gave them almost primordial Germany - Prussia ... and we are all the same invaders and occupiers ... In general, the Poles are a bunch of ... for the most part (some decent people with their position do not change anything)
  13. sl22277
    sl22277 7 October 2015 13: 05 New
    How did the monuments go wrong that you kick the dead so ?! The Red Army played a key role in the victory over fascism and in your corrupt country, this cannot be changed by anything or anyone. This must be constantly remembered, especially at the present time, when many public figures are trying to falsify history.
  14. 1536
    1536 7 October 2015 13: 12 New
    The Poles have disappeared for us as a comrade-in-arms nation in the fight against Hitlerism. But were the Poles our comrades in that struggle? After all, we knew about this only from the films: "Major Whirlwind", "Four Tankmen and a Dog", "Bet More Than Life", and "Liberation" of the last episodes. Apparently, some of the Poles fought on the side of the Red Army in that war, those who suffered from the Germans, who thought soundly, etc. The rest is the Army of Craiova and Ludov. They would have lived well under the Germans if the attempt on Hitler had been successful in 1944, and the "moderate German opposition" and the military came to power in Berlin. That is exactly what has happened now. Poland - "Governor General", a German protectorate. And there is nothing to be surprised at. This is the beginning, if we do not talk with these scumbags in Europe in the language of a strong state that they understand, who does not tolerate bullying abroad in the memory of their citizens, with all the ensuing consequences.
    1. your1970
      your1970 7 October 2015 18: 40 New
      I am wildly sorry, but where does the Army of Ludov (part of the Polish Army — our ally) ???? You don’t confuse her with AKovtsy !!!!!!!

      At the beginning of 1944, the number of AL members was about 10 000 people, by July it reached 30 000 people. 11 brigades were formed (including two brigades from escaped Soviet prisoners of war, and later three more partisan brigades were transferred from the territory of the USSR), 69 brigades and a number of small underground, reconnaissance and partisan-rebel groups [3].
      The total number of ALs was about 55 thousand people, including 11 thousand soldiers in the combat units and partisan units [4].
      On July 21 1944 by decree of the Regional Council, the People’s Organization was merged with the 1th Polish Army into a single Polish Army, after which the partisan detachments and groups of the Army Ludova, who continued to operate behind the front line, received the status of "partisan units of the Polish Army" ("Oddziały Partyzanckie WP ").
  15. sergeyzzz
    sergeyzzz 7 October 2015 13: 13 New
    Quote: x.andvlad
    It is time to transport all the monuments to our soldiers from the countries of Eastern Europe to Russia, and to make of them the Avenue of Ingratitude. And in the future, never again place such monuments outside the borders of Russia.

    The monument is a symbol, a reminder to the current generation of what happened. Therefore, the place of the monument is at the place of the event. Let them know and remember, otherwise there are too many who want to rewrite history at their discretion.
  16. A1L9E4K9S
    A1L9E4K9S 7 October 2015 13: 13 New
    Idio ... you are forgotten, as you were the eternal enemies of Russia and the Russian people, so they remain to this day, what kind of people, the whole history of which is the black envy of a neighbor.
  17. The comment was deleted.
  18. APS
    APS 7 October 2015 13: 15 New
    They are trying to offend us with their actions in order to erase the memory of the past, but to no avail. These actions do not lead to prosperity, in Ukraine they have already grown up in hatred of Russia, and partially they are already in the graves, the Magyars also trained in front of the Great Patriotic War everyone knows perfectly about Voronezh. In vain they are so ...
  19. kimanas
    kimanas 7 October 2015 13: 21 New
    Polish memory is short - no more than 25 years. Raising the price of gas for the forgetful would have dispelled this age-old sclerosis.
  20. sogdianec
    sogdianec 7 October 2015 13: 22 New
    Pilsudchina. The country is sick with nationalism; they dream of reviving their empire "from sea to sea." Again between the "rock and the hard place", between Germany and Russia will be. History shows that there can be no empire between Germany and Russia. They wash themselves with blood trying to refute this.
  21. hhhhhhh
    hhhhhhh 7 October 2015 13: 24 New
    In Poland, 99,9% of the population is Poles. The Germans helped to destroy the Jews, the Germans helped to drive the Russians. So is it worth liberating Poland this time ???? Or wait so that there would be no one to demolish 800 thousand Soviet soldiers.
  22. VNP1958PVN
    VNP1958PVN 7 October 2015 13: 25 New
    Who wants to reconsider the story, Russia can re-show! Now let them pay attention to Syria, or they will take an interest in the Illovaisk ATO workers!
  23. 34 region
    34 region 7 October 2015 13: 26 New
    Yes friends! How did it all begin? Does everyone remember? Nevertheless, the author of the phrase was right a thousand times: Where the Russian flag was raised, it should not be lowered!
  24. roskot
    roskot 7 October 2015 13: 36 New
    Every nation has its own monument. Poland chose this.
  25. sledge
    sledge 7 October 2015 14: 00 New
    The gentry will be played out - the Russian soldier will return to Poland, ask where .....?
  26. MATROSKIN-53
    MATROSKIN-53 7 October 2015 14: 25 New
    These obscurantists have to answer before the ALMIGHTY COURT, before the Lord God! And if they think that all this is ephemeral, then in vain. God marks the assault and this assault will answer for everything! ..
  27. AKESHA
    AKESHA 7 October 2015 15: 50 New
    The Poles have long shown us their true face
  28. igorra
    igorra 7 October 2015 17: 45 New
    Do not call us when they will hang you.
    Do not call us when your wives are raped and cut breasts.
    Do not call us when your daughters will be sold in brothels.
    Do not call us when your sons will be sold to organs.
    Do not call us when your parents will be burned in stoves.
    Don’t call, I don’t know how to beg forgiveness from us for the desecration of our memory.
    For a thousand years, you still could not understand that among us, the Slavs, who have their own paradise and who betrayed their people, they have to wander forever unpaid.
    What can be expected from a people who have replaced honor and dignity with ambition.
    Ukrainians look, the same will happen to you.
  29. proletarian
    proletarian 7 October 2015 21: 51 New
    Well, what can I say about this; the Poles, unlike the Ukrainians, have not degraded so much, so that "thanks to" their own politicians they will have to "take a sip of complete" ukronacism, as well as remember who actually is their real friend.
    Maybe at least at such a price it will “reach” them that “reptiles” are not relatives of “mammals”?
  30. rotmistr60
    rotmistr60 8 October 2015 02: 49 New
    By doing evil to others, you bring upon yourself greater evil.