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Final check begins in Russian army

A spokesman for the Russian Defense Ministry’s press service and information said that on Monday a large-scale final test begins in the Russian armed forces, the first phase of which will take place from 5 to October 16, and the second in the last decade of October. It is planned to use around 300 military units and formations throughout the country.

“All military personnel who serve from Kaliningrad to the Kuril Islands will be checked on the full list of types of training - combat, technical, fire and others. (...) In the course of the final check-up, military and battalion tactical maneuvers with combat shooting will be held at the formations and military units of the Armed Forces. Thus, the result of the combat training of each unit separately and the Armed Forces as a whole will be summed up, ”quotes the representative of the RIA press service. "News".

The representative of the Ministry of Defense also noted that the troops of the Central Military District, as well as those military units and formations that performed combat training tasks during the Center-2015 strategic command and staff exercise, would not participate in the inspection. In particular, according to him, among them were separate units of the Aerospace Forces and the Airborne Forces.

"In the formations and military units, exempt from passing the final test, under the guidance of the commanders, control classes will be conducted, during which all military personnel will perform control shooting from weapons, and also will pass the test exercises on physical training, ”said the representative of the defense department.

It is worth noting that from December 2014 to September 2015, the Russian military conducted about 2 thousands of different tactical exercises.
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  1. vovanpain
    vovanpain 5 October 2015 07: 14 New
    Time to take exams.
    1. Beaver
      Beaver 5 October 2015 07: 21 New
      Quote: vovanpain
      Time to take exams.

      Well, yes, annual. Until now, the annual final checks, as I remember, I shudder. I wish everyone who is in boots to pass perfectly! laughing I hope they will check without indulgence. soldier
      1. Temples
        Temples 5 October 2015 07: 41 New
        NATO conducts exercises in Europe, then we will respond with a scheduled audit.
      2. nils
        nils 5 October 2015 07: 41 New
        Quote: Castor
        I still shudder the annual final checks as I recall.

        In the Soviet Army, planned, inspection, and final checks were carried out strictly to combat training plans, to annual action plans of headquarters at all levels. The army caused a powerless gnash of teeth in all s. And no one shouted in the media that somewhere testing and exercises with live firing were being conducted.
        Now we seek out any positivist and yelling at all angles, glossing over Serdyukovsky affairs. The elimination of airfields, BHVT, the destruction of the mobilization system, the reduction of military schools with the expulsion of the spirit of the Suvorov schools - this is apparently all right, non-core assets. Made in Russia, not subject to restoration. How is Vasilyeva doing? I think best of all, spit from a high bell tower.
        Shoigu is handsome.
        1. lukewarm
          lukewarm 5 October 2015 09: 24 New
          Quote: nils
          Shoigu is handsome.

          Hard to judge. What I see from the side - yes. No irony. The son came from the army in the summer. Yes, much still needs to be changed and outlived, but there are progress for the better. Shoigu is not omnipotent. Yes, he is from the 90s by birth, that says a lot. There are probably a lot of skeletons in the closet, but there is nowhere to take others. And the conviction / release of Vasiliev is not his competence.
  2. MolGro
    MolGro 5 October 2015 07: 39 New
    Well here is the exam!
    I like this preparation !!
  3. Max_Bauder
    Max_Bauder 5 October 2015 07: 42 New
    Well done, it's hard to learn, easy to fight. If the ax does not "work", then it rusts.
  4. A1L9E4K9S
    A1L9E4K9S 5 October 2015 07: 44 New
    As it has become fun to serve in the army recently, there is no time left for different stupid things from fighters, study, study and only study, thank God and the Commander-in-Chief with the Minister of Defense, the time has passed when the soldiers painted lawns and built cottages for the generals.
    1. provincial
      provincial 5 October 2015 07: 54 New
      served in ZabVO {Borzya}, I don’t remember "when the soldiers painted the lawns and built summer cottages for the generals."
  5. rotmistr60
    rotmistr60 5 October 2015 07: 45 New
    From December 2014 to September 2015, the Russian military conducted about 2 thousand different tactical exercises.

    These numbers say a lot. First of all, about the combat readiness of the aircraft. It is very pleasing that they seriously (without pretense) engaged in combat training. And plus to this, our aviation passes a good run-in in Syria.
  6. kolkulon
    kolkulon 5 October 2015 07: 57 New
    Army in the soap all year round. At least they give them?
    1. Petrovich1952
      Petrovich1952 5 October 2015 08: 27 New
      Army in the soap all year round. At least they give them? Secret enemy inside and obvious rest at the gate.
    2. Beaver
      Beaver 5 October 2015 08: 58 New
      Quote: kolkulon
      At least they give them?

      Honestly, having got used to such a rhythm of life, you somehow don't suffer much from the rest. "Leading" feels like green longing.
  7. corn
    corn 5 October 2015 08: 01 New
    In the Soviet Army, inspections were conducted twice a year and were called inspections for summer and winter training periods. They were carried out according to the combat training plans, starting from the connection plan or unit and ending with the MO plan, who will be lucky as one of the tested. The higher the headquarters, the worse the results of the audit.
    1. Beaver
      Beaver 5 October 2015 09: 04 New
      Quote: corn
      for summer and winter training periods

      That's right, only "for the winter period" traditionally somehow less screwed up. And "for the summer" - in full. There were at least two reasons for that: the summer period of study was more intensive, with exercises, field trips, crosses and other pleasures, and the autumn check was considered the final one for the entire school year.
      1. corn
        corn 5 October 2015 09: 11 New
        Quote: Castor
        autumn check was considered final

        She was the last to summarize the results of combat and political training for the year. And nothing could be fixed.
  8. roskot
    roskot 5 October 2015 11: 05 New
    Gunpowder must always be kept dry, especially in our difficult times.