In the year 1943 opened first-aid posts and nurseries


A vivid tragic and heroic picture of people's life in wartime appears before us while reading the newspaper of the Migulinsky district for 1943 a year. We bring to your attention several publications from the “Communist Don” of that time.

Drivers letter tanks Don Cossack

Workers and workers, collective farmers and collective farmers, the Soviet intelligentsia of the Rostov region.

Dear brothers and sisters!

We, the guards - the soldiers, commanders and political workers of the N-guards unit, gratefully accepted your military gift - a convoy of tanks "Don Cossack". On these menacing machines built on your labor savings, we will mercilessly destroy the fascist beasts, free the Soviet land from Hitler's evil spirits.

Our unit went through the winter of 1942-1943 with the battles the way from Stalingrad to Rostov. The workers of the Rostov Region, freed from the Hitlerite yoke, greeted their native Red Army with enthusiasm and decided to increase assistance to the front at crowded meetings. Now the desire of the Don Cossacks is fulfilled: the Don Cossack tanks built on their labor assets have joined the active army.

The enemy is straining his efforts to the limits in order to achieve at least insignificant success at any cost. But the heroic Red Army disrupts his plans and inflicts more and more new blows on the fascist beast.

The Red Army has dispelled the myth that the Germans always succeed in the offensive in the summer. It's a lie. The soldiers of the Red Army showed the whole world that with their heroic struggle they not only thwarted Hitler’s so-called summer “general offensive” on the Oryol-Kursk and Belgorod sectors, but also defeated dozens of selected fascist divisions, destroyed many military equipment and drove the Germans to the west without end.

We, tank guardsmen, assure you that we will continue to deliver crushing blows to the enemy. Tanks "Don Cossack" will mercilessly destroy the Nazi invaders, and smash the enemy fortifications. We will avenge the Hitlerite monsters for our desecrated wives and mothers, for bullying our children, fathers and sisters.

Dear comrades! The Supreme Commander Marshal of the Soviet Union, Comrade Stalin, said that our rear gives the Red Army everything necessary to defeat the enemy. We, front-line soldiers, every minute feel the care and selfless help of patriots of the Motherland. We are confident that workers and laborers, collective farmers and collective farmers — all the Don Cossacks will strengthen their assistance to the front, to bring the day of the final victory over Nazi Germany closer.

The workers of the Rostov region must make every effort to complete the harvest quickly and without loss; pay ahead of time with the state for all types of agricultural supplies; prepare a warm, nourishing wintering for livestock, over-fulfill the state plan for the development of animal husbandry; timely conduct winter sowing at a high agrotechnical level; to fully provide collective farms with seeds for spring sowing of 1944; not only to fulfill, but also to over-fulfill the program for the output of military products and consumer goods; to prepare for the winter urban economy, to ensure the smooth operation of schools, hospitals, child care facilities, etc. The fighters, commanders and political workers of the N-Guards unit have no doubt that the working people of the Rostov region will successfully cope with these tasks and will thus greatly assist the Red Army in defeating the enemy as soon as possible.

Long live the Marshal of the Soviet Union, Comrade Stalin! Death to the German invaders!

On the instructions of the rally, the letter was signed: Captain Laptev, the guards and foreman Guards Arzhanykh.

Three sons in the army. Kolkhoz veterinary orderly Fedot Nikitich Titov is seventh ten. Already gray hair silver. But brave experienced Cossack. Fedot Nikitich has three sons in the Red Army. Mikhail has a military order on his chest, he is a captain, although he is 21 a year old. Ivan is also an officer, senior lieutenant. Nikolai, the youngest fighter, fought on the southern front and was wounded while Soviet soldiers occupied an important height. Now Nikolai is in the hospital and dreams of victorious battles with the enemy. In the letters, the sons share their joys with their father, talk about the weights of combat soldier life, share their thoughts about the war. In one of the letters from the front, Mikhail writes: “War is an exam, a test, it shows the devotion of the people to the Motherland and at the same time reveals weak-hearted people, traitors to the Motherland”. And at the end of the letter, thanks to the parents for their good upbringing, writes: “Your sons are at the front, bring up your grandchildren in the same spirit”. Satisfied with Fyodor Nikitich sons. Together with him, the Cossacks and the Cossacks of the farm of Skelnovsky share joy for their fellow countrymen.

Many countrymen of the Skelnovsky farm are fighting on the fronts of the Patriotic War. They are fighting for the Motherland, for freedom and independence, for the former Cossack honor, for the quiet Don!

* * *
Recently, Senior Lieutenant Ivan Khaustov arrived at the farm for a stay. At the collective farm meeting, he was elected to the presidium. When the report “On the current moment” ended, Ivan Khaustov asked for the floor. He talked about the courage and valor of the soldiers and officers of the Red Army, about hundreds of cities and thousands of villages liberated from under the yoke of the German invaders, about increasing aid to the front, about the inevitable victory over foreign thieves. Collective farmers listened to him carefully. The officer-countryman as if connected the artel with the front line of the front. And the next day, women and men actively suffered to hand over potatoes, milk and other products - they fulfilled their obligations to their homeland, to the front. IGladkov, Maria Khaustova, Ignat Shchebilov, Evdokia Logacheva, I.S. Drinkin and others are among the foremost.

* * *
Sergeant Ivan Agryzkov fought in the Donbass this summer. With a group of fighters, he was instructed to destroy the enemy firing points located at height, and to ensure the movement of the unit. Agryzkov quietly crawled to the bunker, looked into the embrasure. The Germans, apparently, did not expect Soviet fighters at that time. Soon the head of the German appeared at the entrance to the bunker. Without hesitating for a second, Ivan Agryzkov threw a grenade to the place where the green field cap had just timidly disappeared, the other - into the embrasure. Dzot collapsed. Anti-tank grenades flew into the next bunker. He suffered the same fate. The surviving Germans opened fire. All fighters were injured. Sergeant Komsomolets Agryzkov was also wounded, but he completed his task. The command presented Agryzkov to the government award.

Our old men. On the Kirov collective farm, old people enjoy great honor not only because of their old age, but also because they work selflessly on the collective farm. The old man is a collective farmer A.S. Sytin is deprived of sight. Despite his physical disability, he has been working on cleaning grain for a number of years. A lot of kolkhoz bread passed through his hands.

Gavril Dmitrievich Brechov 76 years. In the spring he worked as a quality inspector at seva. In addition, Gavrila Dmitrievich planted by hand about 40 hectares of grains. He now does all the carpentry in the brigade. The Germans destroyed a grain dryer on the collective farm. There was no place to dry the bread. From the rains the grain could die. There was a need to equip a new grain dryer as soon as possible.

The construction of the grain dryer was entrusted to old men Ermolenko, Bebek, Samsonov and Konovalov. The work on the equipment of the grain dryer, on which it was necessary to spend weeks, was performed by these old men in one and a half days.

Agriculture - trained personnel. The spring sun is harder and stronger. Our district is on the eve of the second front spring. The success of each business is decided by the people, the personnel perfectly mastered the technique and skill. This also applies to agriculture, where the result of the struggle for the harvest depends on people. As is known, many skilled workers of MTS, state farms, collective farms took to the war against the Nazis. In their place, new cadres should be prepared, mainly from youth and women.

However, the training of new personnel in our area is not satisfactory. Meshkovskaya MTS, for example, must prepare at least 76 tractor drivers. Now only 57 people are involved in the courses.

The boards of collective farms named after Stalin, named after Podtelkov and Krivoshlykov, “Krasnaya Zvezda” did not completely send people to the courses, and the MTS Directorate did not require them to fully select the cadets. It is necessary to ensure that the remaining 19 people are trained.

Training people in the tractor business should be carried out not only on courses, but also on the job. We will have experienced tractor drivers and foremen, who will hunt tractor drivers willingly from the trailers. Poor rayso manages the training of collective farm cadres - foremen, link officers, seeders, etc. The resolution of the executive committee of the district council of workers ’deputies to hold seminars at the MTS and the meat and state farm has still remained unfulfilled. It's time to move from words to deeds. Let's give agriculture trained personnel!

Children's nursery on collective and state farms. On the Voroshilov farm of the Migulinsky meat farm, permanent nurseries are being created. Seasonal nurseries are opened at each collective farm and farm of the state farm.

Opened new rural medical facilities. In Migulinsky, Mrykhovsky, Alekseevsky, Verkhnyakovsky and Kalmykovsky councils, first-aid posts are open and functioning. In the Nizhne-Tikhovsky council a medical site was opened, in the farm Verkhnyakovskiy - a collective farm maternity hospital.

Commission for the accounting of losses caused by the Nazis. The commission began to work on taking into account the losses inflicted by the Nazis on the Migulinsky District. The commission included comrades D.K. Merkulova (chairman of the commission), Krizhanovskaya and Shemyakov.

Schoolchildren - to the front. Pupils of Meshkovskaya secondary school ardently responded to the call of the patriots of our Motherland to donate their savings to the fund of the Red Army. In a short time, schoolchildren contributed 2615 rubles to the construction of a tank column "Don Cossack". Pupil 10 class K.Gorbacheva contributed 30 rubles, V.Hripunkova - 80 rubles, G.Shemyakova - 70 rubles, Maltsev - 50 rubles, V.Strizhakov - 40 rubles. Pupils of 5 class V.Pozdnyakova and N.Lambin contributed 35 rubles each, etc. Money donated to the branch of the State Bank.

Care about families of front-line soldiers. Since the liberation of the Migulinsky district from the German invaders, the district social security department has paid out 111761 rubles to the families of servicemen. In addition, collective farms and collective farm mutual aid bureaus provided great assistance to the families of front-line soldiers. To feed individual livestock forage, 898 farms were received, 756 farms were provided with fuel, 142 families were provided with food, and 29 living quarters were renovated to military families. The kolkhoz named after Kalinin during the fighting destroyed the hut of the wife of the Red Army soldier, MS Yashkina. Soon, the dwelling was completely restored at the expense of the collective farm. Great care for the families of the front-line soldiers is shown by the chairman of the Mrihovsky Council, Comrade Laptev. He helped to restore the collective aid council on the collective farms. In a short time, 6000 rubles of membership dues were received at the mutual assistance cash desks. Caring for families of front-line soldiers is half of all our care for the Red Army. Our daily task is to surround the family with the attention and care of the family of the defenders of the Motherland.

The first orphanage. In the farm Alekseevsky opens a special house for children whose parents died on the fronts of World War II and at the hands of fascist monsters, as well as children of partisans. Now there is intense work on the preparation of the orphanage and the admission of pupils. The repair of the main residential building has already been completed, repair of utility buildings is coming to an end. Clothes for children and some equipment were delivered. On-site work is widely deployed to acquire the missing equipment. Harvested food. Surrounding care and attention of orphans is the business of our entire public. The wives of the front-line soldiers should initiate the collection of flowers, paintings, window curtains and other things for the orphanage so that the pupils can live in cleanliness and comfort. Heads of collective farms are obliged to take paternal care for children by supplying them with sufficient food.

People labor front. Before Vasily Efremovich Lagutin was known on the collective farm named after Stalin as a wonderful carpenter. Weak in health and having 56 behind his back years of life, he already thought of leaving the ax, moving to easier work. But the war began, imposed on us by the damned Germans. Blacksmiths left the artel named after Stalin. Vasily Efremovich took their place at the forge and the anvil.

For the second year, Vasily Efremovich has been working in the forge, not letting go of the hammer. Now he is known on the collective farm as a wonderful blacksmith. This year, Vasily Efremovich repaired all agricultural equipment, made many forks and sickles. For six months, Vasily Efremovich developed 230 workdays.

As long as the mean enemy tramples our land, I will give all my strength to defeat it, he says. To work selflessly, as Vasily Efremovich works, the duty of every collective farmer.

Genya Antonov. Gena Antonov 13 years. In the agricultural star "Red Star" he enjoys great prestige among the collective farmers. This perky teenager at all times and in any weather diligently performs the work assigned to him. Once Genya was sent to the front line with military cargo. On the way, he came under fire and bombing. At Geni, a bomb killed one horse, broke a box and wheels of a wagon. Having received a horse in exchange for the killed one, Genya promptly delivered the cargo to its destination. And on the way back, mare Tamara was foiled. Genya put the foal on his lap and brought him home. We have a lot of guys like Genya who are ailing for socialist property. Everyone should know about them.

Letters from the front. Letters of front-line Cossacks come to their native Don farms and stanitsas annually. Each of these letters is full of fierce hatred of the damned enemy, confidence in our victory. Front-line soldiers vow not to spare their lives in the name of victory over foreign aliens, they ardently call upon their collective farmers to work selflessly on the collective farm.

"Comrade Stalin ordered us to become masters of his weapons, - front-line soldiers, former collective farmers I. Mrykhin, K. Romanov, P. Meshkov and others write. - We give you, dear countrymen, the word that we will fulfill this task of the leader with honor. Death to the German invaders! ”

Mortar-gunners M. Dudarev and E. Abakumov write: “We, the front-line soldiers, do not regret life, defending the Motherland, and you, comrades, work hard in the rear. Give the Red Army and the country more bread, meat, butter and other agricultural products. ”

“The Migulinsky district was subjected to fascist occupation,” says a letter from senior sergeant A. Deryabkin. “I urge you, comrade collective farmers, to triple the energy in order to quickly restore the artillery economy destroyed by the Germans.” The letters of the front-line soldiers are a bright document of the indestructible unity of the front and rear.

Harvest in time! Dear collective farmers and collective farmers, friends and acquaintances! I am sending you the military guards greetings and best wishes in your life and work. Leaving for the front, I swore steadfastly, courageously to defend our Motherland. Today I can tell you that I am fulfilling my oath. For the courage and courage shown in the fight against the German occupiers, I was given the rank of guard senior lieutenant. The government awarded me the Order of the Patriotic War. Dear countrymen! I appeal to you to remove the military harvest in time and without loss, to complete the bread supply plan ahead of schedule. This will be the best of your help to the front, ”wrote A.V. Ostroderhov, a former resident of the farm of Nizhne-Tikhovsky.
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    Yes there were PEOPLE! On such land holds! good
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    In the year 1943 opened first-aid posts and nurseries... Despite everything, they returned to a peaceful life ..
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    By the way, these medical centers are still "alive", but kindergartens are closed due to the small number of children in the farms.
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    "We have a lot of guys like Genya" ... But now - not enough.

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