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The phenomenon of "spirit Biden" in Paris

Summing up the Paris "Norman format", Euronews "recorded progress". It was a bold statement: after all, there was not a communique, or even a general press conference of the “Progressists,” while Putin and Poroshenko hurriedly left. Is this progress? Apparently, he is that the "Norman Four" has kept the "face". Because Putin never goes personal, as he recently said.

The pathetic babbling of Hollande and Merkel at a joint press conference: “The election results in the Donbass must be indisputable; the validity period of "Minsk" may be extended; the special status of Donbass should come from the day of the elections "... These are all words. Not a word has been said about the implementation of the Minsk agreements, simply “Minsk” as a whole is supposedly being executed ...

Substantial part of the interview of Hollande and Merkel: the elections in Donetsk in October should not be held, because there is no Ukrainian law on elections, it must be passed, and elections in the Donbas will be held within 80 days. When when? After the termination of the Minsk agreements, which have not yet been renewed, and Poroshenko and his American friend Biden directly spoke out against the prolongation of "Minsk" by 2016 year? We believe Poroshenko's oral promise, when he does not fulfill the written ones? Merkel was more cautious, and did not say any obvious nonsense, limited herself to phrases about clarifying the positions of the parties.

By the way, a preliminary press conference was planned for Hollande and Merkel with Poroshenko, and this did not work either. The “spirit” of US Vice-President Joe Biden, chief Ukraine’s deputy / Banderia, apparently settled in Poroshenko during their recent meeting in New York, and invisibly ruled. Poroshenko, it seems, just reported to Biden's plan to cancel the elections in the Donbass in October and to terminate Minsk. Hollande and Merkel “inspired the spirit of Biden”, and the implementation of the Minsk agreements ceased to interest them, and even buried the French Morel plan for the Donbas, satisfying Moscow in general. However, the phenomenon of "the spirit of Biden" did not impress Putin.

Even before the meeting in the Elysée Palace, Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov made a statement that the positions of France and Germany make them think about their good faith. Kiev does nothing, it imitates, and descends to outright lies. And Paris and Berlin are simply trying to support the Kiev authorities. By the way, Lavrov was sitting on Putin’s right hand at the talks.

Obviously, both Putin and Poroshenko were dissatisfied with the Paris Summit, but each in its own way. Are Hollande and Merkel satisfied? As progressives, they can be pleased that the summit’s failure did not end in any kind of demarche.

Poroshenko is concerned that he did not follow Biden’s instructions to finally bury Minsk. Or fulfilled, and therefore everyone expresses hope, but that is why there was no common final communique? After the summit, at a meeting with Kiev journalists, Poroshenko said the exact opposite to Hollande: “Minsk” should be completed in the 2015 year, and the war is not over until the last span of the Ukrainian / Bandera land is liberated. About this in the documents "Minsk" says nothing ...

Putin has not yet said a word about “Paris,” a spokesman for Peskov also completes general phrases about “constructive dialogue and reconciliation of watches; Putin will instruct to speak about the local elections with the leadership of the unrecognized republics. ” Is that what?

Moscow clearly took a pause, analyzing the options: 1. Postpone the election "for 80 days" and preserve the formal "Norman unity." This leaves the situation in the Donbas in limbo, but to gain time and it is still not clear what, or it is not clear to lose, for us. After all, what will happen in Kiev in 80 days? - does not know, in fact, no one.

2. To hold elections in the Donbas in October, and with this to make a definite situation, at least for Donbass. That is, continue to unilaterally implement the Minsk agreements, which say that local elections should be held before the end of 2015. Kiev can adopt the necessary election law for the rest of the week, if it wants. But it does not want, and 80 days to wait is useless.

3. To support the holding of elections in the Donbass region in October, because they are spelled out in the Minsk agreements, and agree to hold repeat elections within 80 days after the adoption of the electoral law by the Council, if adopted, and in line with the Minsk agreements. Because it is irresponsible to leave the Donbass without local authorities, with verbal agreement on some new “indisputable” elections.

However, the main question on the former Ukraine today is altogether different: will it be possible to preserve the truce in the Donbass, if the elections of October October are held in Donetsk? What will end the election in Bandera Ukraine 18 October?

Known for his closeness to Klitschko, and journalist Vitaly Portnikov, tarnished but loud in reputation, broadcast on 5 on a Kiev TV channel recently said that political scientists, economists and analysts are packing their suitcases to leave the country immediately after 25 in October. Because scary. According to Portnikov, Ukraine cannot avoid a new phase of the civil war, in which, of course, Putin will be guilty. This time he will incite the Nazi battalions against Kiev ...

Recent advances in the development of ukrodemokratii these fears confirm: a group of "activists" proclaimed the "Republic of Maidan" in Kiev Maidan. Calls for the elimination of Poroshenko’s “inhuman state system”, “to wake up before a famine riot begins.” They are unhappy that their protest is not covered at all by the media, but this is fixable.

On Pokrova, 14 of October, which was proclaimed the Day of the Bandera UPA, in Kiev promised one hundred thousandth demonstration of "activists". Exceptionally peaceful, however, calling the “Poroshenko regime” a “beast” for repressing neo-Nazis, like VRU parliamentarian Mosiychuk. So the "Republic of Maidan" may receive an unexpected reinforcement in the form of the UPA. It will be a full Maidan!

By the way, the word "Maidan" is of Mongolian-Tatar origin. On this basis, the Bandera-Fahrion, perhaps, will soon lay responsibility for the entire Kiev Euromaidan on Russia and Vladimir Putin personally. Well, it's obvious, according to the logic of "oni-children" ...

... The appearance of the "spirit of Biden" in Paris, perhaps, is the answer to the apparent success of Russia in Syria, again unexpected for Washington. The appearance of Russian videoconferencing in the sky over Damascus, which some analysts compare with the appearance of "polite people" in the Crimea, reduces to "no" Washington's attempts to finish off Bashar Assad with ISIL.

In words, Washington is demanding to stop the airstrikes on “moderate opposition”, that is, terrorists who are very moderate, since they do not cut their heads at the camera and only sometimes fire at the Russian embassy. In fact, Washington is an ally of ISIS against Damascus Bashar Assad. And in Kiev, Washington may, with time, be an ally of the Bandera neo-Nazis against Poroshenko, when he fails Biden’s mission. It is dangerous to believe Biden, help promising ...

I had a friend in Kiev
Now he has become a Nazi
Burned "Golden Eagle", then Odessa,
Calls himself a nationalist ...

We will not be friends anymore
Never ever…
From now on we will be enemies
Forever, forever ...
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  1. ImPerts
    ImPerts 5 October 2015 06: 20
    Obama loves Biden. Biden loves Poroshenko. Poroshenko loves ...
    But all together they do not like Putin ...
    And after the airstrikes ?!
  2. aszzz888
    aszzz888 5 October 2015 06: 30
    It’s time already, the pedro from Rashen, to dry the oars. Otherwise, they will dry themselves. There are VERY many people who wish to do this !!! laughing
  3. Amurets
    Amurets 5 October 2015 06: 35
    Was it worth it to gather 4-ke? After the anniversary session of the UN, it turns out that the EU is neither Putin nor the United States. Putin and Obama have decided everything between themselves. And the fact that Moscow is silent is a sign of the EU; In principle, it remains to wait 10 days.
  4. alex74nur
    alex74nur 5 October 2015 07: 06
    And on October 15, a report on the downed Boeing was announced. And to what conclusions the commission will come, only God knows. But if there would be irrefutable evidence of involvement in the downing of the militia or Russia, they would already be screaming at all angles. So what are we waiting for, sir.
    1. Amurets
      Amurets 5 October 2015 16: 59
      On October 15, elections in the LPR and the DPR are also scheduled.
  5. rotmistr60
    rotmistr60 5 October 2015 07: 07
    Apparently, he is that the "Norman Four" retained the "face"

    I also think that the main merit of Merkel and Hollande to their voters (people) is that they portrayed a good face in a bad game.
  6. Same lech
    Same lech 5 October 2015 07: 23
    Look at the PETU tore him up and raped ..... his face is gloomy and doomed ... probably after the meeting he will go drinking.
    1. Turkir
      Turkir 5 October 2015 13: 27
      On Waltzman's face there is "world sorrow", he thinks to say so clever, so clever ... While he thought the conference was over.
      Recent Walzman Pearl: The EU cannot exist without Ukraine.
      A curtain.
      1. a71
        a71 5 October 2015 22: 02
        They just explained to him who he is and who cannot exist without anyone.
    2. Volzhanin
      Volzhanin 5 October 2015 14: 04
      As if someone had removed the playing cards with Photoshop! laughing
      The pig is clearly overkill!
  7. parusnik
    parusnik 5 October 2015 07: 27
    Washington Demands Ending Air Strikes on "Moderate Opposition".. The Almighty, in the sky will figure out who is "moderate" opposition, who is not moderate ...
  8. Max repp
    Max repp 5 October 2015 10: 42
    And from the reports from Paris and the photos from there, I got the impression that Petyunya was specifically pulled.
  9. mamont5
    mamont5 5 October 2015 11: 34
    Quote: ImPerts
    Obama loves Biden. Biden loves Poroshenko. Poroshenko loves ...
    But all together they do not like Putin ...
    And after the airstrikes ?!

    All is correct. That is their whole dill psychology.
  10. Reptiloid
    Reptiloid 5 October 2015 12: 23
    Quote: mamont5
    Quote: ImPerts
    Obama loves Biden. Biden loves Poroshenko. Poroshenko loves ...
    But all together they do not like Putin ...
    And after the airstrikes ?!

    All is correct. That is their whole dill psychology.

    Obama loves Baden. Baden loves Poroshenko. Poroshenko loves ana. Such a gangbang.
  11. Volzhanin
    Volzhanin 5 October 2015 14: 21
    Everything in a circle ...
    1. Alena Frolovna
      Alena Frolovna 5 October 2015 22: 52
      В продолжение

  12. Arkan
    Arkan 5 October 2015 20: 35
    In the photo in the article, straight idyll, Franco-German twix. Sweet couple, former German Komsomol member and French Social Democrat. Their "hegemon" has a sense of humor, black humor. A sweet couple buries Europe, with smiles of a clown and a columbine on their masks.
    1. Alena Frolovna
      Alena Frolovna 5 October 2015 22: 56
      Sweet couple: Hollande and the Gift

  13. bondarencko
    bondarencko 6 October 2015 14: 25
    Guys! Well, fucked up. Once again. It happens.