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What awaits the guys from the "Virginia Farm"

What awaits the guys from the "Virginia Farm"

Earlier this year, CIA Deputy Director David Cohen, nine months after being in his position, told graduate students at Cornell University about what awaits the “Cucumber Factory” (as the American press sometimes calls the main US foreign intelligence agency) in the future. In his lecture, Cohen highlighted the main aspects of the CIA reorganization plan, the open part of which was published on 6 in March of this year.


In the preface to the mentioned document, anticipating the instructions to his subordinates, which journalists often call “guys from a virgin farm,” Brennan said that in September last year he had created an expert group from among the leading CIA experts who had the task of analyzing the staff of his department, his structure, as well as forms and methods for solving the tasks before him. Based on the results of the work, the special report should have formulated proposals for the reorganization of the CIA in such a way that it could function effectively in the near and distant future under the conditions of constantly complicating international situation and the continuous emergence of new and very often unpredictable threats.

During the preparation of the report, CIA experts interviewed thousands of colleagues and received relevant recommendations from them, interviewed dozens of former and current high-ranking CIA officials and consumers of intelligence information provided by its specialists.

They also studied the most effective ways of obtaining, using hidden methods, the necessary information by private and state structures.

The main provisions of this document, according to the director, formed the basis for the CIA’s leadership to formulate the fundamental goals and objectives of the reconstruction of the organizational structure, as well as the forms and methods of its functioning. The management of this special service has developed the “Strategic Directions” of the reorganization of its department in order to increase the effectiveness of its functioning now and in the future. The upcoming transformation of the CIA, says its director, will create effective mechanisms for performing the prescribed functions and will ensure the unity of the strategic views of its specialists responsible for making fundamental decisions. The improvements introduced will make it possible, by improving the quality of operational and analytical units, to provide relevant White House services with timely, objective and high-quality information, which will allow America to maintain its strategic and tactical superiority in the world.

Modernization initiatives were due to two factors changing the conditions in which the national security of the United States must be ensured and their interests protected. First of all, the need for restructuring the CIA is determined by a significant increase in the number, variety and complexity of the tasks that politicians, administrators and the military have to solve, as well as a significant reduction in the time during which effective measures must be taken to resolve one of the problems that arise. The second factor is the unprecedented pace of technology development and their significant impact on intelligence activities.

Improving the CIA, whose English abbreviation, CIA, American journalists sometimes spell out as "Certified Idiots of America" ​​or "Cancer in America", is planned in four ways. The first of these is the further expansion of the capabilities of the relevant CIA units to recruit the most talented and educated American citizens, ensure their training and continually improve the level of professional training, as well as create opportunities for employees and conditions for career growth.

The second, third and fourth directions of development of the CIA is the introduction of all the latest information technologies, which will significantly improve the efficiency of intelligence activities, improve the organizational structure and procedures for preparing and making decisions, as well as consolidate the functionality of staff units.

In the "Strategic Directions" of the modernization of the CIA in the personnel sphere, the following ways are formulated to increase the effectiveness of its activities:

1) the creation of a new single "Training Center", which will include recruitment, intelligence management, training and personnel department;

2) the transfer of all intelligence training institutions to the University of the CIA and the creation on its basis of an educational base for training specialists in the widest range of areas of intelligence activity;

3) the creation of a systematic approach to the education of the most trained specialists of the CIA;

4) review of the procedure for promotion of officers - managers at all levels.

New information technologies open up broad opportunities for a qualitative increase in the effectiveness of intelligence activities in all areas of information mining and analysis. The document plans to establish a new division, which will be called the "Directorate of Digital Innovations." It will include already existing structures, including directorates of security, science and technology, operations and analysis.

The significant pace of change in the situation in the world and technological change require from the CIA leaders of the most diverse levels of acceptance on the basis of reliable information and in a very short time of fundamental decisions. As stated by Brennan, chiefs of all levels of government should be able to make strategically important decisions to create a more effective foreign intelligence tool and provide quality guidance to the activities of their subordinates, even when it is necessary to react instantly to changes in the external environment.

All of these factors have led to the need to implement the third direction of the modernization of the CIA, which includes:

1) empowerment of the executive director of the CIA, enhancing its role, as well as responsibility for the day-to-day administrative management of the departments of the department, including constant monitoring of the improvement of general management forms and methods;

2) reconstruction of the office of the CIA affairs manager in order to reduce the time it takes for its employees to carry out their main tasks, which should significantly increase the efficiency of the activities of this unit;

3) providing the necessary authority to make fundamental decisions aimed at simplifying, streamlining and speeding up the CIA's management procedures, and lower-level managers. In this case, their administrative practice will necessarily apply to all major divisions of management.

Operational successes of the CIA, as stated by Brennan, were achieved primarily through the close interaction of all elements of its structure. In order to fully meet all modern requirements, the director believes, it is necessary to take measures for the further integration of the CIA units and unite the areas of their functional responsibility. To this end, in the framework of the fourth line of modernization of the department, it is planned to create new functional centers, which will include operational officers, analysts, specialists in the field of cybernetics, technical and support personnel from all divisions of the department. The centers will be equipped with the most modern systems and tools that will effectively solve all the pressing tasks of ensuring security and protecting the national interests of America. It should be noted that in the structure of the CIA there are already anti-terrorism and counter-intelligence centers, in the image and likeness of which functional centers will most likely be created.

The new structures of the CIA, the total number of which, according to some data, will be 10 units, will be organized according to the principle of compliance with the tasks to be solved, as well as by regional or target use. The heads of the centers will be responsible for organizing coordinated actions of management officers of all categories in solving a specific set of operational and analytical tasks, actions in a given region or in the performance of a particular mission.

In a recent speech to reporters, talking about the new CIA centers, Brennan said that he was well aware of all the "inconsistencies" in the activities of the special services under his command. “The essence of what we are trying to do now, creating these functional centers, is to create a regional and functional overlap of the entire space of the planet. Therefore, everything that happens in the world will surely fall into one of our baskets, ”the director announced.

In the open part of his message to his subordinates, the director of the CIA did not say a word about the timing of the implementation of the planned plans for the reconstruction of the administration and about how much money is expected to be spent on carrying out relevant activities. He only announced that everything would be done as soon as possible, and his staff would receive relevant information on the progress of the modernization.


In his lecture to students, the First Deputy Director of the CIA dwelt on three aspects of the planned reorganization of this special service, including agent intelligence, which, as he emphasized, "has always been at the heart of the CIA's activity", the creation of a specialized cyber intelligence unit, and also on measures to radically resolve all personnel issues in the direction of improving the system of staffing the department with specialists and increasing their skills.

Cohen described the current situation in the world as extremely unstable, fraught with an increase in the aggressiveness of various terrorist groups, primarily in North Africa and the Middle East. He noted the increase in the number of unpredictable threats to the security of all states and various segments of the population of the Earth. All of this in general determines the unprecedented expansion of the tasks of the CIA and its relevance by federal structures, more than ever in the past.

As stated by the deputy director, the situation in the world never stands still, and therefore there is always the need to “understand the plans and intentions” of opponents. And to solve this problem, there is no more effective tool than agents.

In the most general terms, Cohen told students, some of whom may be recruited by the CIA, how his staff conduct intelligence intelligence and why it will remain the main management structure in the future.

After the events of September 11 in American society, Cohen said, the CIA often began to sound accusations that the administration had basically begun to solve problems of a military nature. However, he called such statements disinformation. This agency has always been and will remain a purely intelligence agency engaged in the collection of information by employees operating outside the United States. Information is obtained by recruiting representatives of foreign countries, including the ruling elites and ordinary citizens who have access to military and technological secrets. CIA operatives collect information relating to the activities of foreign governments, foreign organizations, citizens of various states and terrorists.

Today, as Cohen emphasized, the time has passed when agents received the necessary information at the receptions and banquets. Al-Qaida and IG fighters do not appear at ceremonial tables and bars of US embassies and missions. Intelligence agents have to make enormous efforts to identify carriers of the necessary information and to involve them in cooperation on a financial, ideological or other motivational basis. This work is fraught with many difficulties and dangers. As Cohen noted, there is a plaque at the headquarters of the CIA in Langley, on which are the names of the 113 officers, beginning in the 1947 year. They all died in the line of duty.

Cohen also stressed that technical intelligence, which is quite widely used in the activities of the CIA, is extremely important. However, it cannot be as effective as an agent, because devices "cannot foresee the intentions of a person."

“If you look to the future, there is little doubt that the intelligence agency will continue to play a major role in uncovering the plans, motives for action, intentions and opportunities of the growing multitude of our state and non-state opponents. In fact, the importance of undercover intelligence in the process of collecting intelligence data using various methods will only grow, ”the lecturer stated.

He repeated the words of his boss and said that at present the 10 functional centers are being created at the CIA, six of which will be regionally linked, and four will solve the main thematic tasks of foreign intelligence. The centers will be staffed with operational officers, analysts, scientists, technologists, and personnel who support the operations of management units both in the United States and abroad. Such an interfunctional structure, according to the CIA leadership, will significantly improve the effectiveness of agent intelligence.

In the remaining areas of modernization of the intelligence directorate, Cohen did not actually tell the students anything new, but only repeated the main directions of the development of American foreign intelligence, formulated by its director, accompanying them with various insignificant comments.

9 March this year A group of former intelligence officers who belong to the Intelligence Veterans for Common Sense group sent a letter to Barack Obama in which they condemned the plans for the reorganization of the CIA. Former intelligence specialists noted that the CIA leaders would now have the opportunity to provide the White House and senior US political leaders with the information they need to justify foreign policy actions. The retirees warned the president that the CIA in the new organization would be practically under the control of the US Congress. They also stressed that in the new structure this special service will cease to be a source of objective information.

“Is it necessary for us to have a CIA in which everyone mints a drill step, where large units are transformed into a private army that is at your disposal and completely out of control of the congress?” We think differently, ”veterans told Obama in the final part of his message.
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  1. Maksus
    Maksus 4 October 2015 00: 23 New
    Jew - Director of the CIA. Strongly, Israel took America for Faberge))) Or maybe Dodik, after all, is from the USSR and, from old memory, will not forget to regularly send telegrams to his homeland?
    1. venaya
      venaya 4 October 2015 02: 05 New
      Quote: Maksus
      Jew - Director of the CIA. Strongly, Israel took America for Faberge))) ...

      Add: there is a legend that the CIA was founded by Allen Dulles, this is not entirely true. Dulles merely structurally organized the CIA. The godfather of the CIA was a psychiatrist, which is described in detail by the writer G.P. Klimov, who himself did not work for this organization for long (from 1949 to 1951). There he describes everything in detail. So to consider that the CIA is intelligence is not entirely advisable. As a follower of private British intelligence (now MI-6), the CIA never disdained precisely subversive and subversive activities. The defeat of our country is a striking example of this, although many other organizations were involved there. The hour-long British intelligence has been working effectively for 300 years, apparently since the transfer of the right to print money to private banks under King George II. It is perhaps appropriate to recall the murder of Paul I.
    2. warriordima
      warriordima 4 October 2015 03: 29 New
      Hah, yeah))
      1. Georgy USSR
        Georgy USSR 4 October 2015 06: 36 New

        Earlier this year, CIA Deputy Director David Cohen nine months after being in office рассказал
        It will be more correct David Cohen in 9 months gave birth =)
    3. ava09
      ava09 4 October 2015 04: 35 New
      You clearly got excited with your Homeland, especially if you meant Russia. In his case, the homeland is not here, maybe not even in the USA or Israel, but in a different understanding, such as financial well-being or something else ...
    4. Mikhail Krapivin
      Mikhail Krapivin 4 October 2015 20: 15 New
      Shaw he does, but about it - shhhh!
  2. Nikolay K
    Nikolay K 4 October 2015 00: 43 New
    Cohen forgot to talk about another important perspective. Soon the CIA, just as it happened with the army, will be headed by a leader with a non-traditional (for us) sexual orientation. Students would at least know how to prepare for their career advancement.
    1. The comment was deleted.
    2. Mikhail Krapivin
      Mikhail Krapivin 4 October 2015 20: 46 New
      Vaseline + mat is the key to a successful career in the CIA :)
  3. Darwin
    Darwin 4 October 2015 00: 54 New
    The Americans deliberately distort the GPS navigation system data in the conflict zone, Major General Anatoly Nestechuk, chief of staff of the 15th Army of the Aerospace Forces (special forces), told the Russian News Service on air.

    “As the analysis of recent armed conflicts showed, the enemy is actively using the possibility of introducing deliberate amendments to the navigation characteristics of their systems for misinformation. And we cannot reckon with the information that is received from GPS receivers, ”he said, TASS reports.

    “Indeed, they use it,” the general confirmed.

    The domestic GLONASS system is fully operational - full coverage of the entire globe. We are developing very actively, ”said Nestechuk, RIA Novosti reports.

    He noted that there are also backup devices that allow you to perform work in emergency situations. Regular use involves the use of active 24 devices.

    “Today, the accuracy of the coverage is about 3-5 meters, which is comparable to the GPS,” he said.

    The videoconferencing previously reported that Russian military aircraft in Syria against the terrorists of the Islamic State (IS) use the latest high-precision aircraft bomb, adjusted using GLONASS
  4. skifd
    skifd 4 October 2015 01: 10 New
    9 March this year a group of former special services members of the group "Veterans of intelligence for common sense» sent a letter to Barack Obama condemning the plans for the reorganization of the CIA. Former security officials noted that CIA leaders will now be able to provide the White House and senior US political leaders with the information the latter needs to justify foreign policy actions. The retirees warned the president that the CIA in the new organization would be virtually uncontrollable to the US Congress. They also emphasized that in the new structure, this special service will cease to be a source. objective information.

    O Lord my God ... What is "common sense" for them? What are the operations carried out by the CIA, by what criteria is this "common sense" assessed. For whom, in what cases is it "healthy" ?? Well, everything is sooo subjective and relative ... The CIA has always been "controlled" by Congress exactly as much as it saw fit. That is why they are the "special service". And how "objectively" they work was convincingly shown by the "test tube" that led to the destruction of Iraq.
    1. APASUS
      APASUS 4 October 2015 10: 19 New
      Quote: skifd
      O Lord my God ... What is "common sense" for them? What are the operations carried out by the CIA, by what criteria is this "common sense" assessed.

      My opinion is that after the collapse of the USSR, public service with the United States became the place of arrival for all retired Senators, children of industrialists and office workers. Here from this part are the appearance of such as Jen Psaki in the Department of State
  5. rotmistr60
    rotmistr60 4 October 2015 02: 59 New
    the importance of undercover intelligence in the process of collecting intelligence by various methods will only grow

    Who argues with this. No matter how technology develops and its capabilities do not increase, the core of intelligence, and counterintelligence, too, is intelligence. And here is the task of our counterintelligence to identify and block all possible channels of intelligence work of the same CIA.
  6. staryivoin
    staryivoin 4 October 2015 08: 03 New
    It is said very well about undercover and technical intelligence and their role in obtaining information. It looks like a "farm" business is not important once a structural "restructuring" is started. Well the flag is in their hands. Putting money down the drain is starry - the striped ones know how.
  7. Azitral
    Azitral 4 October 2015 08: 51 New
    Sometimes, an excess of information does not help a bit to understand what is happening. And, judging by the actions, in the USA there is no understanding of the main thing: how and what we live with. So I do not believe in effective agents in Russia.
  8. akudr48
    akudr48 4 October 2015 10: 39 New
    What awaits the guys from the "Virginia Farm"

    If you read the article correctly, then they will have the best education, systematic training and retraining, intellectual analysis of open data and great opportunities for undercover development of the enemy, approximately the way they did in Russia under Yeltsin and Gaidar and Chubais when the CIA agents were in government.

    Only Muslim extremists can fail, because there may not be enough WASPs for all agents in their midst.
  9. Oleko
    Oleko 4 October 2015 11: 07 New
    As I expected, striped animals have no illegal immigrants in Russia. Once I read what requirements our intelligence officer from the SVR should meet. The main thing is patriotism. Love to motherland. And in the CIA - officials who work for money. They are not able to withstand the Russian reality on an illegal basis. Therefore, they lean on agents. But judging by how the Crimea came to us and that for all types of Yankee intelligence the appearance of "polite people" and "Bastions" on the coast was a complete surprise, we can say that the agents did not work. Or through it the FSB "pumped misinformation" overseas, and it still does. The agents did not work even when Ivanov headed the defense industry complex. In a state of complete secrecy, R&D was carried out on "Armata", "Hibins", "Lever", "Solntsepёk" and many other things that suddenly appeared unexpectedly. I agree with Azitral. I think that agents have been calculated and blocked by the FSB. And if they are allowed to "walk", then only with the permission of the President and the Security Council of the Russian Federation.
  10. NGK
    NGK 4 October 2015 13: 53 New
    Quote: Maksus
    Jew - Director of the CIA. Strongly, Israel took America for Faberge))) Or maybe Dodik, after all, is from the USSR and, from old memory, will not forget to regularly send telegrams to his homeland?

    And the director of the Russian Foreign Intelligence Service, M. Fradkov, seems to be also not quite Russian! From the premieres straight to the directors of the SVR! So whose nation interests does our national government and president protect?
  11. dropout
    dropout 4 October 2015 20: 07 New
    “The essence of what we are trying to do now, creating these functional centers, is to create a regional and functional overlap of the entire space of the planet. Therefore, everything that happens in the world will certainly fall into one of our baskets ”

    The flow of an excessive amount of information turns into "NOISE" and greatly interferes with analytical activity. This will inevitably affect the quality of decision making.
  12. Wolka
    Wolka 5 October 2015 05: 01 New
    NATO starts and plays, nobody canceled intelligence work and vryatly will cancel, the actions of Russia in Syria, and in Ukraine are vivid confirmation of this, they had widespread consequences, so today Germany, Japan announced and decided to use their armies abroad, this in turn, it will inevitably entail bringing the organization of military intelligence and counterintelligence to a qualitatively new level, now apparently no longer within the framework of NATO, the Yankees with their CIA, as it were, have puffed up, they will simply dry up, no one will share their information, everyone will ut work only for themselves in their own interests, own shirt closer to the body ...