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Prototype of VTP-1 Orca armored personnel carrier

Prototype of VTP-1 Orca armored personnel carrier

At the time of development, the VTP-1 Orca was the largest and heaviest wheeled armored personnel carrier

What is remarkable about the Orca armored personnel carrier as it is the largest passenger capacity among modern BTR, as well as its size and weight. It was designed with the aim of providing the Chilean army with a universal high-cross transporter, which could quickly transport a large number of people, weapons and equipment over long distances.

The development of VTP-1 Orca began at the beginning of 80's, and the project was officially announced in 1983. The Orca BTR was developed in parallel with the semi-tracked BMS-1 Alacran Halftrack armored personnel carrier, using a large number of mechanical and structural elements and therefore these machines have a close external similarity.

It is not known whether the Orca BTR was in service, but according to some sources, the Chilean army ordered 100 vehicles in the 1985 year, and an order for a smaller number was issued by the Chilean marine corps. Production of this machine is currently impossible.

The version of the armored personnel carrier is equipped with a commander turret with a sliding installation for the 7,62-mm MAG machine gun, the M12,7HB 2-mm or the Mk.19 automatic grenade launcher. The corps can also receive heavy weapon systems (for example, a turret with an automatic cannon), although in this case a turret with weapons is excluded. The landing force can fire through two embrasures with viewing devices in the sides and one in the aft door.

The thickness of the armor of the alloy steel body varies from mm 6 to mm 16, which provides protection against explosions on mines, shell splinters and 7,62 mm armor piercing bullets. It is not known whether the machine has an anti-splinter lining, a system for protecting against weapons of mass destruction, or a fire extinguishing system.

The crew is located in front, the rear troop compartment takes up more than half the length of the car. The driver sits on the left, the car commander on the right, while the paratroopers sit on the sides of the car facing each other. There are two rectangular hatches in the middle of the machine, located closer to the sides and opening to the outside. There is one hinged door in the stern. BTP VTP-1 Orca currently has the largest troop compartment among the mass-produced wheeled armored personnel carriers.

Like most of the combat vehicles produced by developing countries, the electronics of the Orca BTR is rather modest. The radio station is standard, the driver’s night-vision periscope is optionally installed, but it is known that other optical and electronic components were offered for the car.

The BTP VTP-1 Orca is equipped with a six-cylinder Detroit Diesel 6V53T diesel engine with an 275 hp power, coupled with an Allison MT653DR automatic transmission with 5 front and 1 reverse gear. The maximum speed of the machine is 120 km / h, the maximum power reserve of 1200 km. The fuel tank capacity is 400 liters of diesel fuel. The suspension, according to some information, is taken from a civilian truck, but there are no more details on it. The VTP-1 Orca armored personnel carrier does not float.


VTP-1 Orca options offered include towed artillery, anti-aircraft gun with 20-mm or 30-mm automatic guns, anti-tank system with ATGM launchers (possibly Hammerhead TOW), 120-mm mortar, radar, self-propelled unit. , ambulance, mobile hospital and mobile workshop;

The Chilean semi-tracked armored personnel carrier BMS-1 Alacran is similar to Orca because it was developed in parallel using common components.

In service - unknown
Crew 2 people
Landing 16 people
Dimensions and weight
Mass 18 tons
Length 7,84 m
Width 2,5 m
Height 2,5 m
1 x 12,7-mm machine guns (~ 600 shots)
Detroit Diesel 6V53T Diesel
Power 275 hp
Top speed 120 km / h
Power reserve 1200 km
Slope 60%
Side slope 30%
Vertical scarp ~ 0,6 m
Trench 0,6 ~ 1 m
Broad ~ 1,5 m

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  1. Malkor
    Malkor 6 October 2015 08: 22
    The side door-hatches were not done in vain; in certain situations they are very necessary.
    1. self-propelled
      self-propelled 6 October 2015 08: 42
      Quote: Malkor
      The side door-hatches were not done in vain; in certain situations they are very necessary.

      well yes. whether it's Koreans (who are northern)
      sort of baby-BTR-70 smile
      1. prosto_rgb
        prosto_rgb 6 October 2015 09: 09
        What kind of entertainers fellow , these are the very Koreans who are northern.
        Special thanks for the photo of such a masterpiece. soldier
        As for the sample described in the article, it remains the impression that this:
        - either underfed MRI,
        - either a truck overloaded in the factory. yes
        1. Aqela
          Aqela 7 October 2015 00: 18
          Let me quote everyone your favorite Wikipedia. wink
          Combat weight, t 8,7 (8,95 with a winch)
          Crew, people. 2
          Landing, people nineteen
          BTR-152 - Soviet armored personnel carrier, created on the basis of components and assemblies of the ZIS-151 truck. Adopted in 1950. The armored personnel carrier had an open welded load-bearing housing. It was in serial production from 1950 to 1955. Production continued until 1962. In total, 12 421 cars were produced at the Stalin plant and the Bryansk automobile plant [1]. It was in service with the Armed Forces of Russia until 1993.

          The fact is that when analyzing the technical data of the Killer Whale, this Russian shushpanzer immediately comes to mind. I would like to compare. And the comparison, admittedly, is not very much in favor of the creation of the Chilean gloomy genius. The advantage of the Chilean colossus is only in the power of the engine, which allows you to get high speed on the highway. And this is at the cost of a twofold increase in mass? belay lol laughing
  2. max702
    max702 6 October 2015 14: 42
    It seems that Kraz was scalded a little more literate than home-made from Euro-Gabon .. And if the motto is Cheap and cheerful! That’s all right, put a znumka 23 mm and the gantrack is ready .. If the price is really not high, then it has the right to life.
    1. self-propelled
      self-propelled 6 October 2015 15: 53
      Quote: max702
      It seems that Kraz was scalded a little more literate than home-made from Euro-Gabon .. And if the motto is Cheap and cheerful! That’s all right, put a znumka 23 mm and the gantrack is ready .. If the price is really not high, then it has the right to life.

      as they say, in the absence of fish and cancer - a fish. if this unit meets (and fulfills) the tasks assigned to it, this is already good (not everyone has a sufficient number of “greens” to buy modern BTT models). recently, a huge number of all kinds of (who garazd) armored vehicles (often ersatz samples, but still) have appeared. and this pepelats is far from the most flawed.
      the photo is a little flawed (and not an armored personnel carrier), but the scope is visible "inside and out" request
      1. Aqela
        Aqela 7 October 2015 00: 23
        It would be much more useful to move personnel in the use of armored trains !!! good But joke! One car with the same ugliness, and there are seventy people in it !!! fellow And there are half a hundred of such cars in it !!! belay AND YOURSELF !!! fellow laughing
  3. ilyaches
    ilyaches 7 October 2015 08: 15
    It looks monumental.