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The “Gaza!” Command: tactical flight exercises of military helicopters of the Army Aviation VBO in Primorye

In the territory of the army base aviation "Chernihivka" flight tactical exercises took place. The pilots Ka-52 "Alligator" and Mi-8 AMTSh "Terminator" learned to launch a missile strike on the naval assault of a conditional enemy. Also at the base there was a training on landing and preparing a helicopter in a chemically contaminated area.

In the first two parts of this reportage, it was possible to see how the use of helicopters for attacking a conventional enemy as part of flight pairs was practiced during the exercises. According to the legend of the exercise, illegal armed formations on amphibious boats and floating armored vehicles tried to seize the coast of one of the regions of Primorsky Krai. At the first stage, the crews of combat vehicles were alerted and sent to the combat area. During the flights, the helicopter pilots performed various maneuvers of different complexity with the aim of avoiding the attack of the air defense weapons of the conditional enemy with the suppression of his radar equipment. Upon targeting from the command post, the helicopters in pairs stepped into the designated area and delivered a missile attack on the weapons and manpower of the "enemy".
Upon returning to the airfield, the pilots were waiting for a “surprise” - conditional saboteurs used chemical weapon. The pilots had to quickly seal the cockpit of helicopters, wear gas masks and military protection kits. The chemical protection divisions and crews have completed the introductory and met the prescribed standards.

The “Gaza!” Command: tactical flight exercises of military helicopters of the Army Aviation VBO in Primorye

Aircraft dressed in chemical protection suits during training for landing and preparation (protection of pilots, weapons, refueling, departure) of a helicopter on a chemically contaminated area during planned flight tactical exercises of army aviation at the Chernigovka garrison air base

Summing up the results of the exercise, the commander of the aviation base of the army aviation, Lieutenant Colonel Vasily Kleschenko said: “All the elements of the exercise have been fulfilled. In total, more than 30 crews and about 20 helicopters were involved. The difficulty of the flights was that according to the legend of the exercises, the crews operated at extremely low altitude, using the terrain. A missile strike was delivered with a kilometer range of 1,5 and 2. All crews conducted accurate rocket launches, hitting the target on the target. I would especially note the young pilots who performed their work at a decent level. ”

According to the command of the air base, after the complete re-equipment of the new helicopters with a large range of capabilities, good maneuverability and the latest weaponry, the combat capabilities of using rotary-wing vehicles increased significantly, while the requirements for pilots also increased.
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  1. VVooVVaa
    VVooVVaa 6 October 2015 07: 17 New
    Could it really be that there were no gas masks for pilots with a glass visor.
    1. Rrrj
      Rrrj 6 October 2015 15: 45 New
      Cool photos - bydto from igruha screenshots - hehe))
  2. Sergey-72
    Sergey-72 6 October 2015 07: 30 New
    We are planning to fly to Mars, and still an ancient combined-arms kit of the OZK, even among pilots. It's time to provide something new people.
  3. s9883300
    s9883300 6 October 2015 09: 56 New
    They showed how not to do it. It can be seen in part in a priori that there is no head of the service of the Russian Chemical Plant. One technician in OZK, the other without and in construction gloves. I am generally silent about gas masks. When was the last time they were serviced ???? Where are the PFL (state-of-the-art filter gas masks) set by the state? And how were they going to communicate (pilots) among themselves, etc. in SGP and SGP-2. Explicitly waiting for the arrival of the nachim of the higher headquarters .... wassat
  4. ivanovbg
    ivanovbg 6 October 2015 12: 47 New
    The Gaza team ... The happiness of the elephants knew no bounds crying