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Special Forces and Marines learned how to repel the attacks of "terrorists" during exercises in Primorye

On Tuesday, September 29, in the town of Fokino, Primorsky, special tactical exercises of the Special Forces of the Eastern Military District and Pacific Fleet Marines took place. The military practiced actions to prevent the penetration of "terrorists" at the object of the Ministry of Defense. The maneuvers used modern military robotics and aerial aviation.
According to the legend of the exercise, terrorists in the number of 30 people from the forest side entered the territory of the protected object of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation - a warehouse with ammunition to blow up an arsenal with torpedoes.

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  1. svp67
    svp67 5 October 2015 06: 19 New
    Tuesday, September 29, in Fokino,
    the town formerly known as Pacific or Texas, on naval slang, is very important in the defense system, so such exercises are not superfluous and I'm glad that a lot of new equipment appears on the equipment of the units ...
    1. cosmos111
      cosmos111 5 October 2015 08: 11 New
      modern armored vehicles, the Marines do not ....

      and the T-62 tanks took away the perduks .... how much they wrote on VO about new modifications of the BMP-3, maybe before sending to Syria, the MO / Navy, they would be thrown even though there would be 20-30 units BMP-3 F ????

      we need new technologies, in perimeter security, bases ... with remotely controlled combat modules ....

      as an example: the U.S. Army is testing automated gun turrets
      In hot spots - the locations of the American peacekeeping contingent - automated systems from gun turrets may soon appear instead of the old observation towers, on which military personnel were on duty and monitored everything that was happening in the nearest approaches to the deployment site. We are talking about the Tower Hawk guns, which were presented at the NATO-sponsored Network Integration Evaluation .....
      Several Tower Hawk guns integrated into a single network are a collapsible structure placed in a sea container for the transport of goods with a capacity of one TEU (a container with a length of 6,1 m, a width of 2,44 m and a height, usually 2,59 m). On the upper platform of each of the towers is a Browning M-2 .50 machine gun and a Lapua sniper rifle chambered for .338, which are interacted with remotely.

  2. Hikar
    Hikar 5 October 2015 08: 57 New
    Domestic collimators were especially pleased laughing can be safely used in melee
  3. free
    free 5 October 2015 11: 31 New
    learn peasants, and success!