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Results of the week. "Aria of the Moscow Guest"

Su vs is

The American press, somehow connected with the military-technical theme, has found for itself a whole layer of information. This is a discussion of the characteristics and capabilities of Russian military aircraft involved by the Russian Aerospace Force in an operation against the militants of the “Islamic State”.

Next in terms of presenting the potential of Russian aircraft used by Russia in Syria, the American edition The National Interest. The newspaper flatteringly responded to the latest Russian fighter-bombers Su-34, and then said that the Su-25CM could become the most effective aircraft for fighting ISIS. At the same time, the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation has already published videos on the conduct of air strikes on the positions and targets of militants in Syria.

And even before the publications of the Defense Ministry of the Russian Federation and even before the engines started to warm up with Russian military aircraft in Latakia, “moderate opposition” - well, that “opposition”, whose “moderation” is determined by the level of military training and funding by the States, differs little from the “moderation” LIH - made a clear false start. Not having the strength to restrain themselves, those who do not let go of the grenade launcher and the phone with the video camera turned on cry out:

Russia is bombing bearded pregnant children! Democracy DANGER!
Buryat armored police are already in Syria!
I myself am Russian, the daughter of a Syrian officer and an American corporal. Believe me, this is not so simple!

Instead, Syrians, who do not live in a parallel reality, with access to the Internet, expressed their opinion on social networks with only two words: “Thank you, Russia!”

Comments from our readers:

Something this American "Interest" began to show unhealthy interest in the Russian arms.

Well, ours once again showed the adversaries and their masters Kuzkin's mother! God help our military pilots. The right thing to do. Let the number of takeoffs from our airport equals the number of their landings.

In general, I expected, of course, that after the start of the bombing, an info-war would begin, but not to the same extent. I read today to the BBC ... There is hysteria. In one paragraph: the Russians beat in peaceful cities, in the other - only in the "moderate", in the next - the Russians beat everyone in a row, without analyzing, but there aren’t any pictures yet, but they’ll be ... Just the same everywhere: complaints from Syrian victims daughters (teachers) from Russian bombs. Then there is reasoning: Russians want to destroy with aviation all the "moderate", but support ISIS, so that later they can give the USA a choice between ISIS and Assad ... And so on and so on ... US pilots complain that they are forbidden to fly while the Russians are flying. They are afraid that they will generally be forbidden to fly to Syria. That the command of the American coalition obrozs ... ... and everything in that vein. But there is nowhere a real plan, about which everyone has been warned and on the basis of which the operation is being conducted. This is of no interest to anyone ...

Tooth Fairy

Kiev and Washington have agreed on the arrival in Ukraine of "the best American instructors" who will train the special forces of the Ukrainian Armed Forces. According to the president, Ukraine today is not only not afraid of Russia, but also “gives it a chance”.

It is noteworthy that this statement Poroshenko (that "Ukraine Ukraine gives the teeth"), made before the start of the aviation operation of the Russian Aerospace Force in Syria. And literally a couple of days later, the military pilots of the “stricken Ukraine in the teeth” of Russia, using the example of holes formed instead of igil's bridgeheads, showed how the positions of the Ukrainian army actually looked like if Russian troops really fought against Ukraine ...

During the negotiations of the “Norman Four” in Paris, the tooth fairy Poroshenko once again gave (a) an obligation to fulfill the Minsk agreements and, in particular, confirmed (a) Kiev’s “readiness” for the beginning of a large-scale withdrawal of equipment with a caliber less than 100 mm. In general, Russia was confounded again by Peter Alekseevich ...

Comments from our readers:

SRC P-15
Ukraine can "give" only the United States, and we all know what and in what position!

For a Jewish family, a child drinking is a tragedy.

“Poroshenko: Ukraine is a country that“ is too tough for Russia ”.

He invented this slogan before his presidency. It was about his chocolate business.

Mountain shooter
What else could he have said at a meeting with UKRAINIAN DIASPORA IN MATRASIA? He, the most successful in stories oligarch who overthrew his predecessor, accusing the same thing that he is doing now himself! Yes, and put thousands of their citizens 50 and driven their country into bondage for 40 years. Only Russia has not appeared in the “sparring”, and dill continues the “shadow fight”, knocking out all the teeth that can be invented to the virtual opponent.


In New York at the 70 session of the UN General Assembly, the Russian and Ukrainian delegations exchanged unfriendly gestures. Russian delegates left the hall during a speech by Mr Poroshenko, and the Ukrainian, respectively, during a speech by Vladimir Putin. At the same time, during the speech of the Russian leader, “activists” appeared in the hall, deploying a leaky Ukrainian flag, of course, symbolizing “Russian aggression”.

The “activists” were quickly sent out by the guards, after having crumpled the leaky “banner of the peremoga”.

Well, the UN law enforcement officers did not appreciate the Maidan creative, which the adherents of freedom and European values ​​wanted to bring to the session of the General Assembly, was not appreciated.

By the way, they brought a leaky flag, but why, in that case, they didn’t bring (well, at least they didn’t try to carry) metal rods and chains with which police officers punched heads on the Maidan, why they didn’t bring fragments of aerial bombs that ironed the center of Lugansk, why they didn’t bring a case from a sniper rifle Parubiya, - rifles, from which they fired at law enforcement officers and demonstrators in February last year in the center of Kiev? Why, in the end, the burnt fragments of the tents of the representatives of the anti-Maidan from the Kulikovo field in Odessa were not demonstrated? ..

Comments from our readers:

Them themselves are leaky and the flag is leaky, even if they no longer advertise it.

Uncle VasyaSayapin
Here is a fantasy among Ukrainians. Another would be the corpse of the standard-bearer dragged in a coffin.

We also show a banner with "holes." Only this is the Banner of Victory, and not the terrible defeat of the "uttermershey." Although? what to take with them ... The brains all rode.

Vladimir Lipov
Sorry, but our banner is not a hole, but battle marks from bullets and fragments.

Surprised that 5 points with wounds did not show.

Autumn call and polite travel bag

President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin on Wednesday, 30 September, signed a decree on the beginning of the autumn draft in the Russian Armed Forces. The text of the relevant decree was published on the official website of the Kremlin. The call will be carried out in standard calendar terms, from October 1 to December 31 2015, and will apply to Russian citizens from the age of 18 to 27 years. A total of 147100 people are planned to be called up for military service this fall, the document says. By the same presidential decree from the ranks of the Armed Forces, at the end of military service, soldiers, sailors, sergeants and foremen will be transferred to the reserve.

Results of the week. "Aria of the Moscow Guest"

The official representative of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation identified two positive trends associated with the call. First, the number of draft dodgers decreased by 15% (previous conscription periods were taken into account), and secondly, the number of those who could not serve in the Russian army due to health reasons decreased by 6% (for the last 4 years).

The advantages associated with increasing the prestige of the military service are also quite obvious. The state pays really serious attention not only to the training of draftees, but also to everyday things - the quality and, if one can put it that way, the external attractiveness of uniforms, the diversity of the diet, taking into account biomedical indicators, the level of public control over the passing of draftees increases. urgent "service.

One of the details of equipping conscripts draws special attention. It is a toilet bag with a large number of, as modern young people say, “chips” and “lotions” for everyday life: from a regular towel and a razor to deodorant, and even a hygienic lip balm. The kit does not include, perhaps, a dictionary of polite idiomatic expressions: a polite travel bag for the most polite army in the world. But, the jokes are jokes, but the thing (well, this same travel bag), at least as an indicator of household equipment, very much inspires ...

Comments from our readers:

Armored optimist
Conclusion: People heal both physically and mentally and psychologically!

I just served three months, all these new items have already been appreciated. I will say this:
1) Nesseser - everything is great, only you will not be allowed to use it, all you have to do is have to buy it back. You can buy in Voentorg. 2) Many green belts do not like many, and many change them to old leather belts with badges. Poor belts substandard, the belt just creeps at times. 4) Shower cabins and washing machines are not everywhere and not in the proper quantity. It is clear why. 5) Pea jackets - new pea jackets look beautiful, but thin, so you need to wear something else under them so as not to freeze (a vest, for example) 6) Form - I did not like the office uniform, put a maximum on it for holidays and parades (however, it was). The new form of Velcro liked very much. It is undoubtedly a big plus (although it is not necessary to stitch it, you can stick all the stripes, etc.) 6) Bertsy-these new berets as in the photo managed to catch a little, though very few of them. They seem nice, they are lightweight. True, how much is enough for them, xs. Regarding the purchase of bertsy in the army as lucky - he took the bertsy for 1700, enough for 2 a month. And those with the draft lasted 10 months. Perhaps I forgot to write something else.
PS Served in the Caucasus.

The main thing is that the kit of this bag should not later include lipstick with petroleum jelly.

"Motoliga" with "Crossbow"

At the RAE-2015 exhibition in Nizhny Tagil, a light combat tractor equipped with a remote control module Arbalet-DM was demonstrated. According to the deputy general director of the Armory Workshops company, which develops and creates a new module, the Arbalet-DM can be put into service by the end of this year.

The combat module "Arbalet-DM" is installed on the ANT-1000Р robotic systems, Tiger and Typhoon armored vehicles, as well as the MTLB (multi-purpose conveyor (tractor) light armored). Many controversies were caused by plans to equip the old-good "motor-league" with a combat module. The range of discussion turned from “why should this old woman have a new complex at all?” To “but the caliber is not too small, and why not put the 152 mm cannon?” ... But representatives of the “golden mean” are ready to convince maximalists and minimalists.

Comments from our readers:

Reserve buildbat

Give two). Such modules just when accompanying columns will be needed. And the short line from 12,7 has long established itself as an excellent counter-sniper tool. And with a weight in 250kg, this module can be placed even on TPK (just kidding).

In general, for the "motorcycle" weapons is not important. She has other tasks. But still, if there is money to upgrade even this middle-aged equipment, news nice

Evil 55
We are not modernizing MTLB 60-s of a good life ... So, good old Motoliga will serve the right cause in Syria ...

You even need a pin on my head, and again I will sing the “old song about the main thing” - there is no army without carts, well, you can’t do without the arba and donkey, without the arba, there’s no way ... It’s a shitty movie that comes from shmays from the belly, enemies pile up. And hop henna - I shot two hundred rounds of ammunition from one store in one line and went further, the sun was burning, along the old Smolensk road, without any anxiety.
Nichrome ... Reality is different. A warrior wants to eat, and some water to drink. Ammunition - like sand through your fingers. Beaten and scratched from the front line to the doctors need to be carried ... Tank for this harness? He needs a front end! Let go of the moto-ski deal, his place is not in the front, let him bring-bring-bring, drag-and-pull, and be able to observe the surroundings on the way from the front to the hospital, to the rear to the base for b / n with a thermal imager - there is an increase in its capabilities , bare hands on the gop-stop it is no longer to take. And krupnyak, yes through the bushes - this is already an argument. Had Harry been with us with a magic wand - we would have stuck all sorts of transports with magical protection from everything. For now - on clothes (under the budget) it is necessary to live.

USAID sweet song in Uzbekistan

On Monday, an attack was made on the embassy of the United States of America in Tashkent (Uzbekistan). Unidentified persons threw two incendiary bottles onto the embassy’s territory. The fire started, which eventually managed to extinguish. According to media reports, among the employees of the US diplomatic mission in Uzbekistan, no one was hurt, but the work of the embassy was stopped. Only on the following day, the activity was resumed as before.

Against this background, the website of the American diplomatic mission in Uzbekistan tells how well the well-known USAID foundation actively assists in the entry of Uzbeks into a brighter future: they are trained by the Uzbek judiciary in automated legal proceedings, then they help sell fruits and vegetables to Uzbek farmers in democratic markets, then they tell about your concern about the health of Uzbek citizens ... But according to a number of Uzbek comrades, rumors of USAID activity in Uzbekistan are greatly exaggerated - they say, well, what are you Drive to the sun - we don’t have any USAID, there are no western-funded political NGOs ready to turn Uzbekistan into another embodiment of ukrodemocracy with all that it implies. And in USAID, and, respectively, and the US Department of State, which is directly funded by USAID, such statements are only applauded. Well done, they say, Uzbek partners! Keep it up! - "Well, we, however, are not self-serving for the sake of, but only through the will of a walking democracy in the world ..."

Comments from our readers:

Have you seen this embassy? This is not an embassy, ​​but a real fortress with verification of documents still on the way to 50. I witnessed how the young guys on the training program, passing the first cordon and approaching the building, stopped by the loudspeaker teams from the secret police, raised the floors of outer clothing and circled around their axis. This type of preliminary check for the presence of a shahid belt, as I understand it. I can't even imagine from which side and how they were able to set it on fire.

You need to drive them with a filthy broom from Uzbekistan, or there will be BIG BLOOD from them.

Well, stars and stripes everywhere have time, I hope that the Uzbeks will not bring their country to such a democracy as in the country of 404.

Raped brain "BBC"

September 24 liberal press again reminded of the myth about the "thousands of rapes of German women by Soviet soldiers." On the website of the Russian service "BBC" was published a lot of material: "Rape of Berlin: the unknown history of the war." The article says that a book is being sold in Russia - the diary of the Soviet Army officer Vladimir Gelfand, in which "the bloody days of the Great Patriotic War are described without embellishment and bills." At the same time, a record appeared on the BBC Twitter message that the monument to Treptow Park called “many Germans” is called “a monument to an unknown rapist.”

These materials caused outrage among the millions of not only Russian citizens, but also those Russians who live in Germany itself. In the BBC, the materialchik was honored to be removed from Twitter - they say, I'm sorry, somehow awkwardly happened. But no one began to delete the main article of Ms. Lucy Ash about the "mass rape of German women by the Red Army". And how can the “BBC” remove that, for the sake of which, in fact, its “Russian service” exists - for the sake of overt anti-Russian propaganda based on the overt Russophobia. Lucy told 70 years ago 100 thousands of German women were raped by “councils”, and everyone, you know, this Lucy should immediately believe ... But about the fact that the army of the Liberator acted on the order of the military tribunal Germany, which is simply by definition disciplining the military, Ms. Ash "politely" is silent.

All this is from the same series that in Syria, the Russians are bombing "young children, old people, disabled people and pregnant women." And after all, some “Ash”, it must be supposed, is already preparing its new “crushing” material about how the servicemen of the Russian Armed Forces have “rape millions of syrics” without leaving the cockpit of airplanes ... Ash, this Ash ...

Comments from our readers:

Deft propaganda, picked up by the heirs of Ph.D. Joseph Goebbels. Almost the first, and rather successful example of warfare with alternative methods in the post-war period. Although outwardly and not very noticeable reception.

Raped Germany mean? Probably there have been cases. And how without it? After all, very many wives and children were burned in barns, shot and just raped by the husbands of these Germans ... But my heart remembers everything ...

And it seems not quite to the topic, but I remember the case of the end of the 70-s. I served then in the 96 artillery regiment (ay, fellow soldiers). A German woman came in with a complaint of rape by a Soviet soldier. They built a regiment, she walked and did not recognize the rapist. Then I asked the 150 brands for compensation for torn jeans and the claims were removed. In so much she appreciated her "girlish honor."

Why was this myth created? Not to blacken the Soviet soldiers and our victory. This is only a consequence. The main reason is to divert attention from the mayhem created by US soldiers. They distinguished themselves not only in Germany, but also in Japan. Even in historic Hollywood films, the theme of American violence against the vanquished regularly appears.

We know that this is FALSE. But why not a single monograph-study on the rape of Soviet women? But we are talking about more than TEN MILLION women, about millions of three million children born as a result of violence. And if the Red Army officers were formally warned and punished, then the German soldiers were officially the opposite; almost ALL was permitted in relation to the Untermensch.
Previously, of course, the East Germans were spared, then simply the Germans - in the name of "friendship" ... But now, finally, it is necessary to tell the documented truth and expose at least a moral account. And this, by the way, is not only about the Germans, but about the atrocities of the Magyars and Romanians, too.

31 time about Russia

In Ukraine, the Poroshenko-controlled media called his speech at the UNGA session "sharp and decisive." For understandable reasons, the Channel 5 applauded the president more than others, which Poroshenko promised to sell a year and a half ago ... However, Poroshenko’s speech in foreign media was either ignored altogether or honored with outright criticism and even ridicule.

Speech Poroshenko appreciated...

In the French press, the ridicule was caused by the fact that the terms "Russia" and "Russian" Poroshenko mentioned in the speech almost as many times as the term "Ukraine" (31 vs. 32). In this regard, the French experts to Poroshenko have questions: if Poroshenko is so concerned about the "Russian aggression", then why not declare war on the "aggressor"? And this question torments not only the French. So, after the meeting in the format of the "Norman Four" Poroshenko said:

There is a truce. But war will be completed when the last piece of Ukrainian land is released. As long as we have occupied territories, war not over.

That is, after all, the war? .. And then, in official reports: "ATO", "ATO" ... Pyotr Alekseevich, well, be a peasant - do not mislead Ukrainians - say so directly and say: "gave Russia in the teeth, the aggressor declared war "... And
next - we'll see ...

By the way, why did Poroshenko speak in English at the UN General Assembly session? Readers already had a version: the text was written by the puppeteers in English, and therefore it was broadcast from the podium, so that there would be no difficulty in translating into MOV, and then back ...

Comments from our readers:

Reserve officer

Yes, what have Poroshenko? You might think that his black master allowed to speak independently.
Both the Obama report and the Poroshenko report were written by the same people. Obama simply has more restraint, while Poroshenko is more aggressive. Poroshenko and spoke something in English, so that the creator, do not confuse anything.

He even crap before the citizens of his own country. How do his complaints about Russia relate to the anniversary speech in honor of the UN 70 anniversary? Yes, nothing. He disgraced himself and made a mockery of Ukrainians, who were already in the West across the throat.

Best of all, Putin said about him: "I did not notice him in the hall ..."

Meeting in paris

At the meeting, they agreed that “all Minsk agreements should be implemented without any interpretations,” said Russian Presidential spokesman Dmitry Peskov.

The participants of the meeting "noted positive developments in the situation in Ukraine, in particular, in the matter of signing a document on the withdrawal of weapons in caliber to 100 mm." Challenge should begin on Friday night to Saturday.

The parties also talked about “support for the OSCE mission, expansion of its mandate and humanitarian aspects,” said Peskov.

They discussed topics related to elections in the self-proclaimed republics and amnesty.

In addition, attention was paid to the issue of the Ukrainian pilot Savchenko. In connection with this, Vladimir Putin said that this topic “can be discussed only after the court pronounces the verdict”.

Comments from our readers:


Apparently, they did not agree to anything ...

Apparently: vague, standard, common speech Olanda and Merkel before the press ...
And Putin who left in silence with Poroshenko ....- judging by all this.


No, there are fours. Again everything will fail, for the evil Putin will impose a veto. There’s just a little bit left, but again these treacherous Russians ... It’s just trouble with them.


What most turns out at international meetings at Parashenko is building tragic grimaces!

Time to clean up

This week, the heads of regional states, as analysts put it, "attacked the UN in an attempt to raise the global status of their countries." At the same time, a powerful attack was launched on key currencies. For example, Nursultan Nazarbayev from the UN General Assembly rostrum carried out a powerful attack on the domination of the dollar.

“The fight against the global crisis must begin with restoring the order of emission and circulation of world reserve currencies,” he said, “which does not meet the criteria of legality, democracy, competitiveness, efficiency, and international control. In the twenty-first century, the world needs financial instruments of a new quality. It is necessary to unite the efforts of the UN member countries to develop a supranational world currency that meets the goals and objectives of global sustainable development and prosperity. ”

We believe that, by his statement, Nazarbayev made it clear that the “supranational world currency” should be based on economic security (that is, on all types of resources, including labor), and not be a bubble that sooner or later was destined to burst. That is why, in our opinion, Nazarbayev proposed to start "with establishing the order of emission and circulation," and also spoke of "international control." After all, there is no international control over the printing of dollars.

Comments from our readers:

It's time to get them to pay something real, not green candy wrappers. Just think about it - a whole state-counterfeiter ... And to sentence her to the highest measure of social protection, in general there would be a fairy tale ...

Andrey Yuryevich
Nazarbayev touched the sore spot of the States, now emissaries are activated, they will prepare tires ...

Fantasies, however. The proposed is possible only if all the countries of the United Nations have an approximately equal level of development. Well, what a common anti-crisis plan can be in Germany and Ukraine, or in the States and Indonesia? Completely different problems for countries. Especially with a common currency - this is also from the field of alternative history. For this, it is necessary for the “golden billion” to agree to curb their appetites and live worse. Would Israel agree to live on the income level of some Iranian? Oh, hardly ...

Debtor and creditor meeting

September 29 ended a seven-day state visit to the United States by Chinese President Xi Jinping. During the visit, the Chinese leader held talks with his American counterpart. Before their start, Comrade X declared that relations between the two states were “at a new start”. However, the parties did not hide the existing differences. The main problem in relations between China and the United States are not the notorious “rights”, but the issue of cyber security: Washington suspects Beijing of network espionage. However, Comrade Sy explained to Obama that the Celestial is opposing the theft of secrets by cybernetic means. "China is against the theft of commercial secrets and is struggling with them," said the Chinese leader. And then he advised Americans concerned about cybersecurity ... to turn to China: to hold talks "through the available channels."

Analyst Gevorg Mirzayan notes that the real purpose of the visit is that China and the United States "will try to agree not to create problems for each other at an extremely inappropriate time to solve these problems."

Two states are looking for common ground and are trying to do everything possible in order not to sharpen the existing differences. That is why the topic of existing differences was relatively "quiet", and on cybersecurity and the problem of climate change on the planet even certain agreements were reached. True, Washington, among other things, made it clear that China’s behavior in the seas does not cause joy at the White House.

In short, disagreements remained disagreements, cooperation remained cooperation. At this stage, Obama, who has remained on the throne for less than a year and a half, is trying to preserve relations as they are: when the situation in the world becomes complicated, the preservation of at least some order is already an achievement. Xi Jinping doesn’t need shocks and complications either: there are enough problems in China now.

Comments from our readers:

3 Gorynych
China fellow, his not miss, as all Asians smiling, with a grin (do not touch us, and not a bit you will). He came, explored, did not say anything concrete, but the conclusions were made (communication best reveals the unspoken, and the Chinese are able to see). We are waiting for Comrade C to say when he returns.

A new start - this means, the distance has not yet come out!

What did you want? The meeting of the largest debtor and creditor in the world ... Only the largest collector is not enough for the full picture ...

And Baba Yaga - against!

Saudi Arabian Foreign Minister Adel al-Jubeir made it clear that Riyadh did not want to keep Syrian President Bashar Assad at the mercy. According to him, Assad will have to leave the presidency, otherwise he will face a military solution to the conflict. "Assad has no future in Syria," said a Saudi minister. And he added: "With all due respect to the Russians ..."

It becomes clear why Saudi government officials, including Al-Jubeir, often visited Moscow. Through persuasion, promises, investment proposals, alternating with threats against Assad and statements of "respect" for Russians, the Saudis want to incline the Kremlin to create a so-called transitional government in Damascus.

True, the Saudis for some reason have no luck: Russia does not agree. And Iran, too. Riyadh is left with one thing: repeating fairy tales about the “moderate opposition”, openly arming it and threatening Assad with a “military solution”. But what kind of warriors from the Saudis, everyone knows well. Obviously, they want to defeat Assad with money poured into the "Syrian free army."

Comments from our readers:

Same lech
But I respect Assad and I do not respect the Saudis.
I didn’t forget how their representative Khattab committed atrocities in the Caucasus ... So that he could roll over in his grave.
Assad is kept in the most difficult conditions for more than one year. Any European politician would have raised his hands long ago. Hehe, like Tsipras.

It’s time for the Saudis to understand that respect or not is their right. But, Syria today is trying to capture thugs from around the world. And they have no rights to that. Where is the guarantee that they will outlaw Saudi Arabia tomorrow and will they want to change their power already?
US practice shows that this is very likely.

And I do not like the king of Saudi Arabia. Maybe he will shoot himself, or "power option"?

Guys, do not worry about Saud, they are now brewing a great get-together: who is called to steer. Some will soon be slaughtered to reign to others - democracy is called.

Kerry gave a tip to terrorists

US Secretary of State John Kerry said that "Russia may become the next target of ISIS militants." “If we don’t find options to unite to fight the militants of the Islamic State,” he said, “and Russia will fight with them alone, guess what will happen?” Russia will become their target. Russia will see people with MANPADS and airplanes falling from the sky. ”

Speaking in the role of a prophet, Kerry actually indicated to the Islamist terrorists their new goal. Interestingly, the Americans have already put MANPADS bearded man, or while planning?

Comments from our readers:

Pretty boy. Push down, the elderly blackmailer. Just yankosy fear lost - threaten in the open. And then they will argue that the "Buki" shot down their planes.

I would very much like to answer Kerry that you know better, because your planes “bombed” ISIS and do not fall, the planes of Hollande are bombed and do not fall (although they don’t go where necessary), and do you want to explain this strange relationship?
In general, this is the highest degree of the politics of the gateway, when there is nothing to cover and they start to openly threaten.
I hope our people know about this American strategy, and there are ways to level it.

Dima Čalevo
Strange, friends, MANPADS just do not appear out of nowhere, or will the image of a Mujahid with a stinger again appear FAMOUS WHERE? And it seems that Russia made the decision on air strikes - it indicates too much, incl. and yesterday's statements by Putin.

The fact is that the same MANPADS are all numbered and are registered under the contract from 88. This was one of the conditions for our exit from Afghanistan (based on the results of the use of the Stingers and a little later on the Eagle). For the same reason, two MANPADS unexpectedly disappeared from the Ukrainian bases two years ago. Under that contract, any of the parties can at any time check their presence in warehouses (this applies to both the Americans and us). And if they are so substituted, then the civilian air traffic in the world will order to live long, precisely because no man will buy a ticket, if he knows that he can be killed by a 12 kid of ten years old (from these generations, MANPADS can even shoot such boy). And for this very reason, the Malaysian “Boeing” could not be blamed on us! MANPADS did not shoot there!

Offensive in the province of Homs

The Syrian ground forces, with aviation support of the Russian Aerospace Forces and the Syrian air force, launched an offensive in the province of Homs. The main direction of the strike is the territory located to the north of the city and under the control of the Al-Nusra Front group, which is a part of Al-Qaida. As a result of the offensive, the militants managed to knock out the northern quarters of Homs, as well as take control of several villages within the agglomeration.

The actions of Russian aviation in the Syrian sky raised the morale of soldiers and commanders. The Syrian army moves to offensive operations in several sectors of the front. The commander of one of the formations of the Syrian army said: “We have heard the statements of the Federation Council of Russia. The help of Russian aircraft raised the morale of all our soldiers. Allah will give, peace and peace will return to Syria soon! ”

Comments from our readers:

Alexander Romanov
Well, this is more likely while raising morale. Before the victory still like the moon cancer.

To begin with, raising morale is a big deal. The rest will come.

What is this defeatism ?! Everything goes as it should go.
The operation was prepared in the spring. Not only the equipment was assembled, but the development of the operation is felt at least by how it all came together: the UN General Assembly with overwhelming approval of Russia's position, and the meeting with Obama at his request, and the visits of all the leaders of the Middle East in recent months to Moscow !
Therefore, there is not only a fighting spirit, but also a clear calculation, and adequate resources can be seen (I would have forced all the leaders of the major powers to take up the philosophy of martial arts).
Therefore, we do not panic, but wait for real reports on the effectiveness of joint forces in the air and on the ground. Very correctly, someone recently said that now is the time when Washington gets the words, and Moscow - the case.

In a country of unlearned lessons

"Isolated" Russian President Vladimir Putin spoke at the UN General Assembly. His speech caused an unprecedented interest from the world community. The Russian leader said: “Human rights are no longer put into anything. I want to appeal to those who brought the situation to this: do you at least understand what you have done ?! This led to the formation of anarchy zones filled by extremists and terrorists, including ISIS. But after all, ISIS did not arise out of nowhere. Many militants are former Iraqi military personnel who were literally thrown out of service after the overthrow of Saddam Hussein. And still the recruits of the ISIL were Libyans, residents of the country where the coup d'etat took place. In addition, they are members of the so-called Syrian opposition - they are armed, trained, then they are transferred to ISIS. Terrorist organization emerged as a weapon against undesirable regimes. It aims to dominate the Islamic world, and not only. ”

In addition, Vladimir Putin talked with his American counterpart at the UN headquarters on the sidelines of the General Assembly for more than an hour and a half. A curious detail: after the conversation, Barack Obama decided not to comment on the outcome of the meeting, and Putin had to “take the rap” before the journalists alone. Obama’s hasty departure looked like a political escape: the “exceptional” president probably didn’t want to admit Putin’s intransigence on key issues. The press often calls Obama a weakling even without that, and then Putin took and ridiculed sanctions and "isolation" of Russia.

Following the meeting with Mr. President, Vladimir Putin stated that the sanctions policy does not reach its goals, and isolation against Russia is impossible: usually not achieved. " According to the president, isolation is impossible with respect to Russia, “it is enough to at least look at a geographic map.”

We can not say a few words about Obama. The leader of the "exceptional" looked gloomy at the General Assembly. In his speech, the US president acknowledged that Washington "cannot alone solve the problems of the entire planet." He even criticized his native America: the war in Iraq allowed the country to "learn complex lessons." In the White House, it turns out, they understood that “without assistance from other countries” success cannot be achieved. But then Mr. Obama saddled his beloved liberal democratic skate: “The dictatorship is unstable. Today’s dictators turn into a spark for revolution. You can put opponents, but the idea can not be planted. " He added: “We need to move forward in upholding the ideals. Strong countries are responsible for upholding just such an international order. ”

Oh, how everything is clear and transparent here, let us add: the ideal is American, the order in the world is American, and it must be “defended” by the entire planet!

It is not noticeable, by the way, that the United States is responsible for those bombings, the overthrow of governments and civil wars, which they constantly commit here and there (examples are known to all). Obama's sadness about Iraq or sadness because of the torture at Guantanamo does not count. Sadness, you know, will not replace responsibility.

Comments from our readers:

Well done, everything is clear, everything is fine, the GDP said, correctly, on the shelves and in essence, with precise hints of superhegemony exceptional.
He explained to the uninformed what the United Nations is and that it is necessary to conduct business according to general and transparent rules without double standards.
He said that it is necessary to strengthen the rule of law in the states and integrity, and not to do the export of revolutions, as the Communists and other powers did at the time.
Priorities are set, direction is shown, commitment and a call for law and order are voiced.
Everything goes according to our plan - according to the plan of truth and legality.

I thought that the speech of GDP would be tougher, as in Munich. But I liked his calm. It seems that he has already decided everything. Both in Syria and in Ukraine. He did not name names, but it was clear to whom he points out: “Do you now understand what you've done?”
With Ukraine economically. But in Syria, GDP said little about future actions there - left room for maneuver. It is desirable that the People's Republic of China and India, at least, should be marked with flags (after all, the Asian continent) from the Russian Federation. A well-equipped base in Syria will give Assad a guarantee that the west of the country and the coast are safe. If there still appear flags of India and China, then the United States will have nowhere to go, how to make contact. Otherwise, they will remain out of work, but with their exclusiveness they cannot do this — how can it be without us !? There is also Iran with its army. All significant Asian countries will be in tandem - this is probably the worst for the United States. It can be assumed that the coalition will perform police functions after the occupation of the Assad army territories. We can assume more aviation, reconnaissance and artillery with the MLRS. But it is undesirable for the coalition to have direct fire contact with IG.

Someone surprised by the outcome of the meeting? Personally, I do not. The author of the article is right - the cold war is on. And trends such that can grow into a "hot." Sadly!

Here it’s more important not the outcome of the meeting (yes, we will not even know about them for some time), but the fact of the meeting itself. The leaders conveyed to each other their vision of the problems “live”, and not in the interpretation of the media or assistants - and this alone is worth it.
And about the “hot” war, Obama realized that he could not do anything with Russia at all, and confrontation was fraught with mutual destruction. Therefore, the US will negotiate with Russia - slowly, as if reluctantly, but there is simply no other alternative. Yes and no, Obama has recipes on how to achieve at least some stability in the Levant and North Africa. And Putin has such recipes. And even without the United States, Putin’s scenario is “doomed” to success — he was supported to some extent by the leaders of almost all Middle Eastern countries: from Egypt to Saudi Arabia, from Israel to Iran. Turkey, Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon and even Palestine to varying degrees also participate in it.

Russian world order

Washington refused to demand the immediate resignation of Bashar Assad in Syria. This was reported by John Kerry himself. In an interview with CNN, the US Secretary of State noted that such a dismissal of Assad could lead to the destruction of civilian institutions and "collapse." And - lo and behold! - Mr. Kerry admitted that the previous US approach to the change of power in Damascus was not viable. In addition, the Secretary of State called the "opportunity" for the United States involving Russia in resolving the conflict in Syria.

Meanwhile, American billionaire Trump, a potential presidential candidate, criticized the wry logic of the White House, which is fighting simultaneously with Assad and IG. Marine Le Pen spoke in Paris: she believes that France should join Russia in solving the Syrian problem.

The overseas press, from the American and Canadian to the European, began issuing articles one after another about changing the world order. For example, the Swiss journalist Julian Hans believes that Obama made a big mistake by referring Russia to "regional powers". A British journalist, John Bradley, the author of several books on the problems of the Middle East, said that Putin had the “most sensible” plan for Syria.

After the decisive actions of President Putin in Syria and after the UN General Assembly, which has become a kind of symbol of the geopolitical revival of Moscow, politicians and analysts realized that Russia is really not a “regional power”. Mr. Obama, the former "hegemon", had to not only publicly admit it, but also enter into negotiations with Putin about the future of Syria. Washington has finally admitted the wrong idea of ​​the immediate removal of B. Assad from power.

From this point on, it became clear: the United States had lost the possibility of individual intervention in crises. At least they lost it in the Middle East.

It sounds strange to the self-confident West, but today there is simply no one to object to Putin. The world suddenly changed: now they agree with Moscow.

Comments from our readers:

"The bear landed a vulture".

Not everyone agreed with Putin, some did not even listen, a proud nation.

“Americans will always make the right decision after everyone else has tried it” (Churchill).

The plan is as simple as a shovel. To help those who are really fighting with LIH. Hardship West to never guess. They would only overthrow and appoint. Let them consider the natural action of Russia as a plan and continue to publish pictures of the babies they killed, posing as victims of Russian aggression. Do not be surprised if now there will be cries about the flows of Syrian refugees because of the actions of Russia. And the pictures will publish about it from Hollywood. Radishes, they are radishes. From above democrats, inside - barbarians greedy to someone else's.

The West has always been so, and it will remain so. This is a kind of crusades, they came - they ruined whom they were able to kill, earlier for Christ, now for democracy, then in the name of pederasts, and the ins and outs of one - to rob, kill and rob. It seems that once every 50 years it is necessary to restore order there by tanks, only it costs us dearly. It seems that everything goes to that.

Voices from an alternate reality

The Ukrainian Foreign Ministry "with deep concern received the message about the approval in a closed manner by the Council of Federation of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation on the use of the Armed Forces of Russia outside the state." The Ministry of Foreign Affairs held a historical parallel: “A similar decision of the Russian Federation of 1 in March of 2014 led to the occupation and annexation of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea and the city of Sevastopol and caused an unprecedented security policy crisis in Europe.” And they declared “aggressor aggression”: “We consider the next blank check for the use of the armed forces of the aggressor state against the ongoing aggression against Ukraine as a threat to national security and a step that undermines the peaceful settlement in accordance with the set of measures to implement the Minsk accords on the eve of the summit in Norman "format in Paris 2 October."

What is the “security policy of the crisis” and how the Minsk agreements concern Damascus, the Foreign Ministry did not specify.

Nor did the distinguished Kiev speaker Yatsenyuk keep silent. At a cabinet meeting, he said that the Kremlin’s decision to send troops to Syria leads to the destruction of the world security system: “The decision to send troops and giving permission to the Russian president to send troops to any country in the world is a step towards the destruction of the global world security system. This is unacceptable. And the reaction of the international world community should be urgent in this matter. ”

In its actions, Kiev seeks to confirm its own fantastic theses on “aggressive aggression” and on the plans of the Russians to “destroy the global world security system.” This, and only this, explains the paranoid statements of the inhabitants Ukrainian Chamber Ukrainian cabinet, starting with Yatsenyuk and ending by patients foreign ministers. He heads a platoon of paranoids Pan Poroshenko, who saw in the Syrian actions of Russia a situation reminiscent of "the beginning of the annexation of the Crimea."

Comments from our readers:

Born in the USSR
It is necessary to protect the territory of the former Ukraine! This infection should not spread throughout the world.
But recently I did not believe in a zombie apocalypse ...

Well, engage in a tautology of these dunce for happiness. After all, nothing decent to depict these are not able to ...

Against the background of Syria, Ukraine has faded into the background. It is necessary to fart something so that they do not forget about you: they say, she has not died and is very concerned about the fate of the world.

Oh, to marry psaki and Yatsenyuk ... That would be a duet! Where there Petrosyan with his crooked mirror.

The presence of Yatsenyuk on this planet is a security threat for many people, Ukrainians in the first place.

* “Aria of the Moscow Guest” - a phrase from the movie “The Irony of Fate or“ Enjoy Your Bath! ”
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  1. svp67
    svp67 4 October 2015 01: 09
    Yes, the week was such that more than one year it will be remembered ... So many events of global significance.
    1. Observer2014
      Observer2014 4 October 2015 02: 07
      What a week!
      The most important thing is that everyone understood that active terrorists are not different from passive ones. Because they die after the bombing in the same way. By the way, how is our "friend of the 90s" Qatar doing ?! What are you doing there so far ?! Somehow it quieted down suspiciously. Well, not what, today, tomorrow the downito chromosome ticking will hide and you will be happy. No, it is absolutely necessary to bring "escanders" to Syria on a permanent basis. Yes, and in general, Russia, though not in "custody" But apparently, how would it be softer? Well, in general, in the Kremlin, how much will a barrel of oil cost to be coordinated, or more precisely , you will have to receive the price list in the future.
      And so, apart from the "zhovto-blakit torn footcloths in the UN, there is nothing more to remember."
      1. supertiger21
        supertiger21 4 October 2015 03: 33
        Quote: Observer2014
        Yes, the week was such that more than one year will be remembered ...

        Quote: Observer2014
        What a week!

        I join, good week good !
        Personally, this week I was most pleased with the start of ISIS bombing by our aircraft, especially by the handsome Su-34 soldier !
        1. Andrey NM
          Andrey NM 4 October 2015 10: 43
          Personally, this week I was most pleased with the start of ISIS bombing by our aircraft, especially by the handsome Su-34

          And the Americans suddenly perked up: "We also know how to bomb! We are cool too!" And let's hit the hospitals ... Why? The habit worked. What's in Dresden, what's in Hiroshima and Nagasaki, what's in Vietnam ...
          1. Marxist
            Marxist 4 October 2015 11: 24
            Comrades, today is the 22th anniversary of the execution of the White House.
            74 defender of the Supreme Council on 4 on October 1993 were killed by the Yeltsin authorities, not counting the dozens who died at the city hall and the Ostankino television tower.
            Everlasting memory. crying soldier
      2. ZU-23
        ZU-23 4 October 2015 07: 43
        In general, this week Russia bent all laughing
    2. SAG
      SAG 4 October 2015 02: 12
      News tune in to positive! Locomotive Russia is gaining momentum. I especially liked the "Crossbow" good
      Regarding the yapping of the Maydauns and the BBC, I will say one thing: "The dogs are barking, the caravan is coming!"
      PS: Intelligence Quest - Find the Maidan ...
      1. Vityok
        Vityok 4 October 2015 06: 32
        Well, Poroshenko’s erysipelas, as they watered for a week, but they don’t give a hangover! laughing So it bears all the foolishness wassat
        1. Egoza
          Egoza 4 October 2015 06: 52
          Quote: Vitek
          Well, Poroshenko’s erysipelas,

          so as not to twist! ... especially after the words of Merkel
          “Angela Merkel connected the implementation of the Minsk agreements with the restoration of the sovereignty of Ukraine, not counting Crimea»
          All! Europe, through the mouth of Merkel, recognized Crimea as Russian. That's a "surprise". And this was told to the correspondents in the "combed" version "for the press." And as they said in the "unkempt version"laughing
    3. One, two, on the left.
      One, two, on the left. 4 October 2015 05: 58
      In I neighing !!!!! Well, about the dogs and the eggs, he died. Respect brothers.
    4. tronin.maxim
      tronin.maxim 4 October 2015 07: 33
      Quote: svp67
      Yes, the week was so

      Comrades, the infa about the fast-moving world media were silent:
      Russian fighter displaced a US attack aircraft from the sky of Syria. Washington is in a rustle.
    5. hydrox
      hydrox 4 October 2015 08: 08
      Quote: svp67
      So many global events.

      "The truth is not strong, brother!
      Power is in the truth!"
      How pleasant it was for Putin to tell the world the truth at the UN General Assembly, and to show its power in a day, so that everyone would understand that there IS FOR WHAT to respect Russia.
      1. Sid.74
        Sid.74 4 October 2015 08: 59
        Do you know what I remember this week? USA, UK, Germany, France a lot required from the Russian Federation this week ... then join their coalition, then bomb exactly "that" ISIS and not the one that Russia chose as its goals, they demanded that the UN warn about air raids as much as a week in advance, etc. But most importantly, they are all required The United States demanded, and we are on the drum, we have lived up to this point ...winked
        1. Fin
          Fin 4 October 2015 09: 08
          Quote: Sid.74
          they demanded everything, the USA demanded and we were hit on the drum, we lived to this moment ...

          Yes, it’s not good for children. God even helps us. Only Western Goebbels media published articles, some even managed to yap about the bombing of civilians, but bang 3,14indos bombed the hospital and silence ....
          1. Kunar
            Kunar 4 October 2015 09: 58
            As a well-known journalist of a leading publication of the exclusive and democratic West, having asked permission from the editorial office, he called the General Staff of the Russian Ministry of Defense with a question: - How do you distinguish between ordinary terrorists and moderates during the bombing in Syria? The girl switched me to the officer on duty, who explained very politely: - Even before the start of the military operation in Syria, a responsible decision was made at the General Staff of the RF Ministry of Defense. The essence of this decision lies in our aspiration, traditional for Russia, to strictly observe the principles of legality and justice. Therefore, now, all our ammunition is divided into two categories: normal and moderate. Against conventional terrorists, we only use conventional ammunition. And against moderate terrorists, we use only moderate ammunition. So do not worry, we take into account the moderation of some of the terrorists and treat them fairly. After these words, it became much easier for me. But I nevertheless clarified: - You really use extremely moderate ammunition against moderate terrorists, is that true ?! The interlocutor replied: - The word of the Russian officer! I felt really good. To make the final clarity, I asked: - Tell me, how much do your conventional ammunition differ from moderate ammunition? - Our conventional ammunition differs from moderate ammunition, exactly as much as ordinary terrorists in Syria, differ from moderate terrorists: they are painted with a different paint, in lighter and more moderate colors - the officer answered and hung up. "
            Taken from the expanses of Runet ...
            1. mihasik
              mihasik 4 October 2015 11: 08
              Quote: Kunar
              Our conventional ammunition differs from moderate ammunition, exactly as much as ordinary terrorists in Syria differ from moderate terrorists: they are painted with a different paint, in lighter and more moderate colors - the officer answered and hung up. "

              SUPER! good good good
            2. Victor Demchenko
              Victor Demchenko 6 October 2015 19: 58
              to the officer in charge of the correspondent the next rank is out of turn! Well done! Russian humor is still dead! good
          2. Andrey NM
            Andrey NM 4 October 2015 10: 54
            I was also gladdened by the fact that the Jews, seeing the SU-30MKI took off, left without talking. Apparently they realized that they would shoot here without asking the purpose of the "visit". This is too serious.
            I wish our people not to relax, to do everything taking into account the enemy’s air defense presence, even if he is not there. God saves man, who save himself. And also work out there the maximum number of pilots with gradual introduction, i.e. not a thoughtless change of unit to unit. Well, I think it’s more visible to our leaders.
        2. major071
          major071 4 October 2015 09: 15
          Welcome all! hi And add a little bit of humor to the piggy bank of positive:

          Bald eagle that is a symbol of the USA
          As stated in a conversation with a bear
          Like, I will surely be your neighbor
          And the rest you get without a shish!
          Cause where the shadow of my wing falls
          All the earth will pass away to me forever

          Well, let's brag about with all my might
          Look what tail feathers!
          Yes, I’ll cover the whole of Russia with one tail!
          I approved the East with Europe under wings!
          And proudly spread his feathers
          After all, the dollar rules the world, not rubles!

          Bear tired of chicken praise
          Orlan's head was clamped by an armpit
          (And fucking arguing with our Bear)
          Yes, he took and plucked the feathers of this bird
          Now the shadow from the tail does not cover anything
          A chicken with a bear does not enter into disputes
          If you are not a bear comrade
          Do not scare everyone with your "terrible" power
          Otherwise, the Bear will simply “make it beautiful”
          Turning the eagle's nest into a "cockerel"

          wink drinks
          1. Name
            Name 4 October 2015 09: 35
            drinks Chicken in the Coals, but under the marinade ... Baked, deliciously satisfying.
          2. Yuyuka
            Yuyuka 4 October 2015 09: 59
            more about the bear from Russian folklore -
            - Robots, I caught a bear!
            - Drag here!
            - Yes, he does not let! hi
        3. Nymp
          Nymp 4 October 2015 11: 11
          Quote: Sid.74
          The United States demanded, and we are on the drum, we have lived up to this point ...winked

          I would also like to live up to the moment when our planes will destroy the Nazi battalions in Novorossiya. This land will never again be part of dill, even with the so-called "special status".
      2. Nyrobsky
        Nyrobsky 4 October 2015 10: 55
        Quote: hydrox
        “Truth is not in strength, brother! Strength is in truth!” It was so pleasant for Putin to tell the whole world the truth at the UN General Assembly, and in a day to show its strength, so that everyone understands that there is WHAT to respect Russia.

        Everyone understood this after the Crimea, but they doubted it before the boom in Syria. Now it seems that no one has illusions - Russia has returned and will defend its interest anywhere in the world.
  2. Kibalchish
    Kibalchish 4 October 2015 01: 18
    Something events rushed with unreal speed recourse repeat
    1. venaya
      venaya 4 October 2015 08: 20
      Quote: Kibalchish
      Something events rushed with unreal speed recourse repeat

      This is exactly what is nice.
    2. igordok
      igordok 4 October 2015 09: 30
      Western journalist's call to the General Staff of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation
      "As a well-known journalist of the leading publication of the exclusive and democratic West, having asked permission from the editorial office, he called the General Staff of the Russian Ministry of Defense with the question:

      - How do you distinguish between ordinary terrorists and moderate ones during the bombing in Syria?

      The girl switched me to the duty officer, who very politely explained:

      - Even before the start of the military operation in Syria, a decisive decision was made at the General Staff of the Russian Defense Ministry. The essence of this decision is our traditional desire for Russia to strictly abide by the principles of legality and justice. So now, all of our ammunition is divided into two categories: ordinary and moderate. Against ordinary terrorists, we use exclusively conventional ammunition. And against moderate terrorists, we use exclusively moderate ammunition. So don’t worry, we take into account the moderation of some of the terrorists and treat them fairly.

      After these words, it became much easier for me. But I still clarified:

      “Do you really use mild ammunition against moderate terrorists, is that true ?!”

      The interlocutor replied:

      - The word of the Russian officer!

      I felt very good. To bring final clarity, I asked:

      - Tell me, how much do your conventional ammunition differ from the moderate ones?

      - Our conventional ammunition differs from moderate ammunition, exactly as much as ordinary terrorists in Syria, differ from moderate terrorists: they are painted with a different paint, in lighter and more moderate colors - the officer answered and hung up. "
  3. Russian jacket
    Russian jacket 4 October 2015 01: 24
    Yeah ... A week ... He was neighing like a herd of unfeeding stallions when he read the link between the Syrian operation of the aerospace forces and the fears of petyuni from tovarischi .... This is megalomania .... laughing
    1. builder
      builder 4 October 2015 01: 29
      Ukrainians made fun, finally they became at least in some ways the first - the first to be kicked out of the UN conference room.
  4. Kenji
    Kenji 4 October 2015 01: 26
    Yes, a week full of events came out.

    1. Nyrobsky
      Nyrobsky 4 October 2015 10: 58
      Quote: Kenji
      Yes, a week full of events came out.

      And the last three days are also productive
      1. Ship
        Ship 4 October 2015 16: 17
        I wonder how much they have in total?
      2. Persistent
        Persistent 4 October 2015 20: 19
        Barack Obama calls Putin in a panic:
        “Volodya, you are bombing the wrong terrorists!”
        - Barak, Allah will figure it out. laughing
  5. Aleksandr2012
    Aleksandr2012 4 October 2015 01: 26
    I periodically look at foreign news sites. In the past, the events of the last week caused a break in patterns and stupor of anti-Russian propaganda. They generally forgot about Ukraine, and pushed into the background, causing bitter bewilderment among Svidomo people.
  6. Insurgent LC
    Insurgent LC 4 October 2015 01: 29
    the saucepan is boiling steam but it seems to me that the lid has not yet been lifted although they’ll even look at the secret recipe, the cook looks vigilantly and will beat those who want to go to mom’s hands
  7. Federal
    Federal 4 October 2015 01: 32
    Alex and Oleg thanks for the review.
    US Secretary of State John Kerry said that "Russia may become the next target of ISIS militants." “If we don’t find options to unite to fight the militants of the Islamic State,” he said, “and Russia will fight with them alone, guess what will happen?” Russia will become their target. Russia will see people with MANPADS and airplanes falling from the sky. ”

    Russia came to Syria to restore order legally, but what did the mattress do there, the big question? And it is not for you "World hegemonam" to point out something to Russia.
    ... Naturally, they were outraged. And who would not be indignant when a heavy army berets flies to you “Faberge” without a word? They have already exhausted all their attempts to untie this Gordian knot. But Russia does not consider it necessary to untie it. She just cuts it. The time for stupid games is over, you have to do things and solve problems. It is up to you to decide, and not just portray the appearance of vigorous activity.
  8. uzer 13
    uzer 13 4 October 2015 01: 42
    Russia has convincingly demonstrated the capabilities of modern weapons in Syria. This is a good, perhaps last warning, and to Ukrainian brothers and their European friends, our partners. If they do not understand Russian well, then it is possible to explain in a popular, understandable form that from them required.
    1. Name
      Name 4 October 2015 02: 55
      Quote: uzer 13
      Russia has convincingly demonstrated the capabilities of modern weapons in Syria. This is a good, perhaps the last warning to Ukrainian brothers.

      Well, it's unlikely ...:Moscow is aware of the powerful air defense of Ukraine, therefore, they did not actively use aircraft in the war in the Donbass. That is why Russian planes are now operating on Syria, and not on Ukraine, said political expert Alexander Paliy. wassat fool
    2. mihasik
      mihasik 4 October 2015 11: 12
      Quote: uzer 13
      If they don’t understand the Russian language well, it’s possible to explain in a popular, accessible for their perception form what is required of them.

      Russian language needs to be learned! am
  9. apro
    apro 4 October 2015 02: 30
    Military assistance to Syria is necessary, first of all, for Russia to stop the creeping aggression of the Amers, the main thing is not to be abandoned like Najibullah, I’d like to hear Assad’s speech, first of all, we need to fight the Syrian people, who were benevolent to return and defend Syria, Russian aviation is certainly good, but the infantry wins the war.
  10. aleksak11
    aleksak11 4 October 2015 02: 44
    What a handsome man!
    1. Vladimir Pozlnyakov
      Vladimir Pozlnyakov 4 October 2015 09: 24
      My tarpaulin boots, smeared with soldier's wax, looked better, blacker and shone, as the foreman ordered!
    2. Kos_kalinki9
      Kos_kalinki9 4 October 2015 09: 33
      that our "handsome man" has aged recently.
    3. gladcu2
      gladcu2 4 October 2015 16: 27

      Pleased about 10 million raped Germans. It turns out fraternal Germany.

      There is no blessing in disguise.

      If you see a German say, "Bro, how are you?"

    4. I am human
      I am human 4 October 2015 22: 05
      similar to the "predecessor" (by Darwin)
    5. Victor Demchenko
      Victor Demchenko 6 October 2015 20: 05
      robots, and minus for what they threw? take a closer look at the background, in my opinion the very reflection of the true essence of Amer’s policy in the Middle East.
  11. Name
    Name 4 October 2015 02: 48
    Welcome all! In the ranks of ISIS, panic and desertion began. Around 600 mercenaries left their positions and trying to get to Europe.
    seehttp: // So maybe Oland will help the ISIS team and provide the Mistrali for hire, let them FLY for a "puddle", to their owners with a "show" ...
    1. Svyatogor
      Svyatogor 4 October 2015 08: 44
      "Let them FLY for the" puddle "," Guys, I certainly share your "love" for mattress toppers, but why the Atlantic Ocean did not please you, there is such a herring floating and it is not HIS fault that the Americans hid behind HIM.
      1. Name
        Name 4 October 2015 09: 25
        Quote: Svyatogor
        but what the Atlantic Ocean did not please you, there is such a herring floating and not HIS fault that the Americans were hiding behind him.

        The Pacific Ocean is also Pacific in America, and America cannot hide, cannot hide. However, it is far from Mars, where water was "found". But you never know ...
  12. 123321
    123321 4 October 2015 02: 55
    Side effects of Russian bombing: Hundreds of militants in Syria surrender to authorities

    As part of a national reconciliation program in the southern Syrian province of Deraa, over 450 militants and 250 wanted citizens surrendered to the authorities.

    According to RIA Novosti, with reference to the Syrian agency SANA, information has already been circulated among the militants that Russia is carrying out air strikes on ISIS positions.

    The militants arrive at the points of delivery along with their personal weapons and pass them “on signature”.
    1. 34 region
      34 region 4 October 2015 03: 11
      So at such a pace we, like the Japanese, will be defeated in a month! So what? Again, we will consider USAA counterparts in the anti-ISIS coalition?
      1. Svyatogor
        Svyatogor 4 October 2015 08: 53
        "Will we consider YSA colleagues again?"
      2. mihasik
        mihasik 4 October 2015 11: 46
        Quote: 34 region
        So at such a pace we, like the Japanese, will be defeated in a month! So what? Again, we will consider USAA counterparts in the anti-ISIS coalition?

        The main thing is then to ensure that Nagasaki and Herosima do not repeat in Syria.
  13. 123321
    123321 4 October 2015 02: 58

    Russia recommended the removal of all US trained specialists from Syria
    1. olimpiada15
      olimpiada15 4 October 2015 08: 09
      They know how to restore order in our military!
      Kartapolov’s report is concise, clear, concrete.
      But in fact, the Yankees got a good Pendel.
    2. Mikhail Krapivin
      Mikhail Krapivin 4 October 2015 09: 37
      This is a rare case when a public relations representative is completely in place. Respect!
  14. stdemetrio
    stdemetrio 4 October 2015 03: 29
    Thank you so much for the material wink Giggled plenty before bedtime good
  15. Reptiloid
    Reptiloid 4 October 2015 04: 32
    Thank you very much for the review of events. It is a pity that this was not the first article this morning for me.
    But now everything has become normal.
  16. Dezinto
    Dezinto 4 October 2015 05: 06
    Thanks for the results of the week.

    And a year ago I wondered how many events are happening. Now events not only did not slow down, but also accelerated.

    We live during important events!

    I do not make forecasts, and I am not a pessimist - but everything looks like a snowball from a mountain:: ((

  17. iliitchitch
    iliitchitch 4 October 2015 05: 16
    Quote: svp67
    Yes, the week was such that more than one year it will be remembered ... So many events of global significance.

    The main result of the week - it came to be, or what? You are our goners.
    1. Dezinto
      Dezinto 4 October 2015 05: 27
      GOT THAT?

      What are you speaking about? To whom will it reach?

      If even beyond the Danube he doesn’t want to reach the European people? Who will reach the ocean?

      No! Will not reach!

      We are going here with my brother, listening to the news from a meeting in Paris ...

      and my brother and I have simple questions - well, when will Europeans come to understand, realize how tightly they have them? .... how much longer will they endure idiotic sanctions suffering losses? To rot Russia by shooting itself in the leg?

      How many more will they accept millions of refugees from Africa and Asia, how many more can residents of European cities, silently, listen to the ruler overseas with servility? Tons of discarded agricultural products, millions of losses, millions of migrants !! Any sane politician in Europe understands everything perfectly! ------but! They continue to bow low to those who use them !!! ----- go !!!! How much more do they want to endure ???

      Understanding perfectly whose ears stick out of this problem !!! - BUT is still whoooooooh to blame ???? request

      Tired of this criticism, why is it that has nailed Europe to the United States ??
      1. iliitchitch
        iliitchitch 4 October 2015 06: 00
        Cretinism (European, pay attention) is treated, easily - eat less (food, I mean), and not puff. Organisms already fly off the coils. Digging deeper and deeper. Himself a hole. E.M. Remarque has reasoning on this subject.
      2. taram taramych
        taram taramych 4 October 2015 09: 06
        Europe likes the way they are. Such a thought does not suit?
  18. Egoza
    Egoza 4 October 2015 05: 32
    Thanks to the authors! There are so many events that there’s no time to take a breath! But, I think that Ukraine will still bring some surprises Cheerful and sad ... and as A. Vajra writes ...
    A strange thing is Ukrainian patriotism. Something was wrong with him. And I do not mean in this case the great leaders of Ukraine, who earn on this patriotism in the most frank manner. We are talking about "little" Ukrainian patriots.
    My friends made me think about it.
    Jura and Galya. Friendly family. Both are not yet 30 years old. Both have higher technical education. Two children. Before the second Maidan, they had good earnings. After the “revolution of dignity," the head of the family changed jobs three times already. At the moment, the income is very shitty. Thank God there are parents who can help financially.
    So, the family I described is a typical Ukrainian patriot. The correct patriotic speech. The correct posts on social networks. Indefatigable help to volunteers. Holy, and even furious, love for Ukraine. Etc. In general - a classic of the dill genre. It's expensive to see.
    And then suddenly ... A sudden break in the pattern. One of our mutual friends accidentally mentioned that Gali’s mother turned to her with a request to find outings for a high-ranking military commissar so that he would help Yura avoid mobilization for a moderate fee.
    Oops on ...
    It turns out that he has already received a summons three times. THREE TIMES, Carl! The patriot was saved only by the fact that she came to the address where he was registered, but in fact did not live.
    And now the mother-in-law of the patriot is actively looking for opportunities to “otmazat” Yura from mobilization.
    Here is such patriotism. In front of friends and acquaintances, they tear farts in a frantic love for Ukraine, and when no one sees, they send it to ... th. But such patriotic families in Ukraine are darkness! I don’t even know what to call this phenomenon. It is very similar to social schizophrenia when the social role that individuals play does not coincide with their actual beliefs.
    Everything is fake. Solid imitation. I will not be surprised if, when the situation in Ukraine changes, this family will be built under the developing tricolor with choral singing "Russia is our sacred power ...".
    1. iliitchitch
      iliitchitch 4 October 2015 06: 31
      Yes, that's just what we do with them now, huh? Like the Strugatskys: "Have you thought about inflation? An armada is rushing at us!" ... Armata is in stock, not bad already.
  19. The comment was deleted.
  20. Dezinto
    Dezinto 4 October 2015 05: 44
    Militants IG - surrender. The United States grumbles and resents. Is there anything you need to clarify?

    No, of course it’s necessary - simply because it’s possible.

    I just decided to listen to the "echo of mascots" - about the events .... - blah ... long story-this, this, this is some kind of transde. I am sure that all these adult uncles and aunts have received money! - on a simple liberoid enthusiasm, they would not carry such nonsense!

    The liberio-walking people have now opened a new season. Be sure to climb into all programs and work out salaries with a vengeance!

    For the liberals, happiness has come! - Russia still began to bomb someone! These muds do not care that Russia destroys terrorists! - the main thing is a new topic is open!

    (sorry for the emotionality) hi
    1. Egoza
      Egoza 4 October 2015 06: 27
      Quote: DEZINTO
      The liberio-walking people have now opened a new season. Be sure to climb into all programs and work out salaries with a vengeance!

      All these liberoids, like this wiretap officer ...
      ... Hello? .. Yes, bring a pistol, cartridges, a couple of machine guns .. And don't forget the grenades ... "The wiretapping officer was already jumping out into the corridor shouting" Task force to leave! "Mentally drawing himself a new rank and holes on the shoulder straps .. .. And Marivanna was already leaving the household goods store, having bought a gun for polyurethane foam, sockets for light bulbs and two automatic machines for 16 amperes, mentally cursing herself for the repairs that they had started in their apartment. pomegranate juice. (c)
    2. Mikhail Krapivin
      Mikhail Krapivin 4 October 2015 10: 46
      But I don’t understand why these same "echoes of mascots" will not be closed in one day, and the patrol chief editor of the Christmas tree will not be sent to saw? To keep all the liberals in one place and to bind them all at once, if necessary?
  21. Egoza
    Egoza 4 October 2015 06: 14
    And we have the next election ...
    Cosmic scale of elections: 44 of Darth Vader and one Master Yoda run for Odessa City Council
    The City Territorial Election Commission registered the Darth Vader Block election list. Political force nominated candidates to the City Council 48. Of these, 44 have the first and last name Darth Vader, and one is the Master Yoda. Among the candidates for deputy mandates from the dark side of the force - there is only one woman, Vader Dart Alexandrovna. She also leads the list of the block in the elections to the regional council.


    That's how ALL 44 go .... but how they sit down ... Mishiko not only squeezes a tie. laughing
    1. Observer2014
      Observer2014 4 October 2015 11: 09
      Oh my God, I thought it was the Ukrainian aerospace forces.
  22. VadimSt
    VadimSt 4 October 2015 06: 29
    I know how the moderators will react to the statement, but how else can I express my bewilderment over the mental abilities of this idiot - a banana who carries his own political coffin. In addition to this, it remains to remove it for cleaning sartira - after visiting American instructors.
    1. Vityok
      Vityok 4 October 2015 06: 53
      , it remains to take it off while cleaning the sarter - and to award the Nobel Peace Prize. Innocence itself. "Peacemaker"! angry [/ Quote]
  23. Egoza
    Egoza 4 October 2015 06: 35
    "As a well-known journalist of the leading publication of the exclusive and democratic West, having asked permission from the editorial office, he called the General Staff of the Russian Ministry of Defense with the question:
    - How do you distinguish between ordinary terrorists and moderate ones during the bombing in Syria?
    The girl switched me to the duty officer, who very politely explained:
    - Even before the start of the military operation in Syria, a decisive decision was made at the General Staff of the Russian Defense Ministry. The essence of this decision is our traditional desire for Russia to strictly abide by the principles of legality and justice. So now, all of our ammunition is divided into two categories: ordinary and moderate. Against ordinary terrorists, we use exclusively conventional ammunition. And against moderate terrorists, we use exclusively moderate ammunition. So don’t worry, we take into account the moderation of some of the terrorists and treat them fairly.
    After these words, it became much easier for me. But I still clarified:
    “Do you really use mild ammunition against moderate terrorists, is that true ?!”
    The interlocutor replied: - The word of a Russian officer!
    I felt very good. To bring final clarity, I asked:
    - Tell me, how much do your conventional ammunition differ from the moderate ones?
    - Our conventional ammunition differs from moderate ammunition, exactly the same as ordinary terrorists in Syria, differ from moderate terrorists: they are painted with a different paint, in lighter and more moderate colors - the officer answered and hung up. "Taken from the open spaces of the Runet. ... Source:

    1. Name
      Name 4 October 2015 07: 09
      I did not have time to publish it .... I was late ...
  24. Vitaly Anisimov
    Vitaly Anisimov 4 October 2015 06: 37
    A good week stood out .... The Russian bear can not only snap back!
    1. wanderer
      wanderer 4 October 2015 07: 35
      MIKHAN You are so special. Can you tell me why on all the planes of the Russian group the identification marks (stars) are erased, according to international law, an attack on an aircraft of another sovereign state is considered a declaration of war, and so whoever shot them down can always say "yes, I did not know that they were Russian). Maybe I'm wrong - correct it.
      1. apro
        apro 4 October 2015 07: 59
        A wanderer and what it bothers you, Syria is a sovereign country and has the right to decide who can fly in its air space. A Jew does not make mistakes.
        1. wanderer
          wanderer 4 October 2015 08: 35
          APRO I didn’t know that you and MIKHAN are one and the same. About your answer, it’s more like nonsense, I didn’t forbid you to fly this business, I wrote about signs of belonging (stars), about your rudeness about lying - just watch the video. And by the way, an Israeli is not necessarily a Jew.
          1. apro
            apro 4 October 2015 08: 58
            The wanderer my opinion on this issue is my opinion and it is inappropriately to confuse or identify me with someone. The path of deception is war and what to draw on the sides over your territory is a matter of military expediency.
            And by the way, an Israeli is not necessarily a Jew.
            This is the number, but did you emigrate as a person with Jewish roots or what? The racist state of Israel decided to be a multinational state where all nationalities have equal rights, especially among Palestinians.
            1. BlackDragon
              BlackDragon 4 October 2015 09: 14
              Suddenly in Israel, Druze, Ukrainians, Arabs, Georgians, French .... and even Russians live by nationality ... this is a turn.
              1. apro
                apro 4 October 2015 09: 24
                Suddenly, in order to obtain citizenship it is necessary to prove Jewish roots or otherwise, for example, bring stolen money for the Israeli economy.
                1. wanderer
                  wanderer 4 October 2015 09: 43
                  APRO marries a girl with Jewish roots enough, but I don’t remember, I’m still a Jew)), but this related to the fact that when you saw my flag you called me a Jew, with the same success looking at your flag I can call you either Kalmyk or Uzbek and etc. total 160 nationalities.
                  1. apro
                    apro 4 October 2015 09: 53
                    It’s enough to call me Soviet, my tribal affiliation is as vast as my great homeland. The thesis is confirmed by a Jewish wife or husband as a means of transportation.
                    1. wanderer
                      wanderer 4 October 2015 10: 19
                      here you see: it’s enough to call you Soviet, but enough to call me an Israeli. Regarding the thesis - the way it is.
                      1. apro
                        apro 4 October 2015 10: 30
                        Does a wanderer bother you when you are called a Jew?
                      2. wanderer
                        wanderer 4 October 2015 10: 38
                        Personally, I am not. But there is such a thing - politeness, although what I tell you. In short, you don’t understand. The degree of inexcusability as yours so many here is just going through the roof, so I see no reason to discuss it. And special. for minusers, I have long gone out of writing age.
                      3. apro
                        apro 4 October 2015 10: 47
                        The wanderer in what my degree of inexpressiveness and non-politeness is expressed, I defend my point of view developed over the years. You are using your experience, of course, we can say the opposite.
              2. Rivares
                Rivares 4 October 2015 23: 29
                Quote: wanderer
                APRO marries a girl with Jewish roots enough

                Naturally, among the Jews, the nationality is transmitted along the female line))
          2. wanderer
            wanderer 4 October 2015 09: 27
            Black Dragon. You will probably be very surprised, but this is even more so when part of the Arab villages in the parliament proposed to transfer (along with the land, of course) the Palestinian admin. Then they raised such a howl; they don’t want they saw better in Palestine in Israel.
          3. Name
            Name 4 October 2015 10: 10
            Quote: BlackDragon
            Suddenly in Israel, Druze, Ukrainians, Arabs, Georgians, French .... and even Russians live by nationality ... this is a turn.

            Yes-ah ... Like a multinational JEWISH CONFESSION, but ... or vice versa, a Jewish multinational ... Chot, really not like ours, but ... recourse laughing
            1. wanderer
              wanderer 4 October 2015 10: 22
              Namerek- You are straight gushing with humor
              1. Name
                Name 4 October 2015 12: 40
                Quote: wanderer
                Namerek- You are straight gushing with humor

                And you really want to "hook" everyone, and the unsuccessful child of Moses, at whom are you so offended to the depth of your ears?
                I will also have it (I hid it on occasion), is it really not true:
  25. Yuri Y.
    Yuri Y. 4 October 2015 08: 03
    Today I read an article from Strategika 51, where the authors report that on the night of October 1 to 2, six Russian Su-30SM fighters intercepted four Israeli McDonnell Douglas F-15s.
    The Israeli Air Force flight plan was supposed to go through Lebanon to Syria and continue along the coast to Latakia (goals and objectives remained unclear).
    After the Russian Su-30s were lifted into the sky, as the F-15 pilots were notified, Israeli fighters turned sharply south and at high speed (apparently the afterburner) flew back over Lebanon.
    This incident shocked the Israeli military command of the Air Force. Israel believes that in the event of a military clash between the F-15 and the Russian Su-30SM, this would lead to the loss of all 4 Israeli air force fighters.
    The Israeli command tried to object to the Russian Air Force, but after the question of why the Israeli air forces were in the sky of Syria, they quickly fell silent.
    The Lebanese army reported that at 23 hours 13 minutes Israeli Air Force planes crossed the border of Lebanese airspace in the direction of Syria.

    I don’t know, of course it is true or not, but you guys all know.
    1. The comment was deleted.
    2. Mikhail Krapivin
      Mikhail Krapivin 4 October 2015 11: 01
      So their sickness. And fly over Libya, sovereign camp. Spoiled under the American roof, you know. They took off at one end of the country, after three minutes of flight at the other end of the country they landed. So let them fly.
  26. Vitaly Anisimov
    Vitaly Anisimov 4 October 2015 08: 31
    Quote: wanderer
    MIKHAN You are so special. Can you tell me why on all the planes of the Russian group the identification marks (stars) are erased, according to international law, an attack on an aircraft of another sovereign state is considered a declaration of war, and so whoever shot them down can always say "yes, I did not know that they were Russian). Maybe I'm wrong - correct it.

    Us and without identification marks immediately recognize and flee ..... bully
    1. Vitaly Anisimov
      Vitaly Anisimov 4 October 2015 08: 43
      Here the hell turnips scratch where their base ...))))
  27. _Voislav_
    _Voislav_ 4 October 2015 09: 06
    And what would you have nightmares hi
  28. VadimSt
    VadimSt 4 October 2015 09: 09
    Quote: wanderer
    according to international law, an attack on a plane of another sovereign state is considered a declaration of war

    And where did Israel stick these international laws when it invades the airspace of a sovereign state, or when it struck Syria. It is because of such dual approaches that there is a desire to consider any actions against the regional aggressor - Israel as a fair retribution.
    1. wanderer
      wanderer 4 October 2015 09: 36
      VadimSt. Well, where are the double standards here - we don’t shout to the whole world that we were flying and we are in a state of war with Sioia, and you are officially flying there, so the stars have all been lost. Well, yes, of course, we are the aggressors, only you apparently forgot how many times Syria attacked us, but otherwise we are the true aggressors)))))))
  29. hunt
    hunt 4 October 2015 09: 40
    Wanderer - Would you like to try it? DANGER is written on the air intake, or your flyers have forgotten how to read?
  30. Mikhail Krapivin
    Mikhail Krapivin 4 October 2015 10: 54
    "Those who would not hit them" let them hit them first. And if he succeeds, then he will not really be able to take off from his airfields in his tiny country, the radius of Russian complexes is already very large. In general, with such questions, you would go, wanderer ... to the Ukrainian forum.
  31. Ramzaj99
    Ramzaj99 4 October 2015 13: 05
    Quote: wanderer
    Can you tell me why on all the planes of the Russian group the identification marks are erased

    The stars are erased, perhaps because at the moment these planes are fulfilling the request of the Syrian authorities, and are working there on behalf of the Syrian state.
    But the tail numbers and other identification marks are in place, so in this sense there are no violations.
    1. wanderer
      wanderer 4 October 2015 13: 54
      Ramzaj99- well, at least one more or less reasonable answer. Thank you, but apart from the numbers there are no "other" identification marks, and the number, as you know, is not an identification mark.
  32. The comment was deleted.
    ALEA IACTA EST 4 October 2015 17: 58
    Attacked ISIS? fool
    We once attacked the Swedes near Poltava ... lol
  • Alexy
    Alexy 4 October 2015 06: 58
    Sick society. They need to pull the country out of shit, and they humor.
    1. Egoza
      Egoza 4 October 2015 07: 14
      Quote: Alexy
      Sick society. They need to pull the country out of shit, and they humor.

      We are not humorous! We are seriously moving forward!
      Kyiv Mayor Vitaliy Klitschko visited the Smart City forum, where he was shown what the future holds for the Ukrainian capital in the near future,
      Commented by Igor Ignatiev

      ... ... the miracle of Ukrainian technology and the crown of suburban European engineering - a street shop with a solar battery for charging iPhones (Ukrainians despise the less prestigious gadgets). The quilted jacket will immediately say: “What for the goat button accordion ?!” and will be ridiculed by Svidomo for narrow-mindedness. Where else can a true Ukrainian patriot charge a phone, provided that the country's electricity is worth its weight in gold, if not sitting on a bench? Can't answer? That's it! Free lipestrism is the step of Ukraine into the future!
      It is interesting that most of the benches are occupied directly by the solar battery itself, which has one single connector for connection. I can directly see how the people of Kiev are lining up in a multi-kilometer turn to enjoy the gifts of progress, led personally by Klitschko. And if clouds suddenly run up, there will be no end to Svidomo’s indignation, and rivers of angry tirades will pour in on Vladimir Putin and his Kremlin agents, enviously plotting such advanced Ukrainians.
      But the “happiness” of Ukrainians, alas, did not end there, and to the “electric shop”, in the appendage to the streets of the capital, and in the future, of the whole Ukraine, the country's first bus to the brim full of Internet was released, to be precise, then WiFi. And again, the victims of the treacherous gebni laugh in vain! Well, what router is glued to the ceiling? So what, that wires stick out in all directions? But Ukrainians will be able to learn about the tricks of the overtures of their government right on the go. The Ukrainian felt a slight malaise due to information hunger - he jumped on the bus, esteemed, admired the faces of the rulers of the Ukrainian state and inspired went on to burn tires, sell a kidney or take away pistols from patrol cops. By the way, they could, after all, have connected a WiFi router and electrical tape (remaining from the isolation of Russia) to a handrail, for greater severity. Or, in general, they could make the Internet cable so that pieces of cable with connectors at the ends hang from the ceiling, so that the suffering Kiev Internet users connect it to their gadgets only this way. Who didn’t have the free end of the Internet cable? These are the morals of modern Ukraine.

    2. Mikhail Krapivin
      Mikhail Krapivin 4 October 2015 11: 04
      While joking, they are alive and relatively healthy. But do not like it - blow to suicidal-serious Europe, go toilet-humorous America.
  • Name
    Name 4 October 2015 06: 59
    Sunday gag. Dodgy fraudsters can envy the inveterate scammers, an example, yes please:The Board of Directors of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) approved a $ 300 million loan to Ukraine for the purchase of natural gas on the European market.
    seehttp: // To borrow money from Gay Europeans to buy Russian gas from Gey Europeans above the price that Russia offers ... recourse request
  • Strashila
    Strashila 4 October 2015 07: 02
    "Kerry said that Russia" can see its falling planes in Syria "" ... Kerry said what was worth keeping silent about.
    What he is talking about, only the Americans can organize.
    And the theme ... "Having played the role of a prophet, Kerry actually indicated to the Islamist terrorists their new goal. I wonder if the Americans have already supplied MANPADS to the bearded men, or are they planning to do so?" ... that MANPADS, a trifle ... can be embodied in reality, The worst thing is that ISIS has enough captured Soviet air defense systems, we will not forget in Syria and Iraq and Libya, but there are no specialists to serve them ... but with this the Americans can greatly help ... mobilize dill for this business, as it was in Georgia.
  • iliitchitch
    iliitchitch 4 October 2015 07: 14
    They said that Su almost collided with the A-10th. The A-10 didn’t even understand how it was through his life ...
  • Egoza
    Egoza 4 October 2015 07: 16
    But this is good news ...
    British veterans of Arctic convoys will arrive in Crimea on October 3. They will take part in memorial events in memory of those who died on the fronts of the Second World War and will communicate with veterans of the Great Patriotic War. The citizens of the United Kingdom were not embarrassed by the tough stance of their own Foreign Ministry, which urged them to refrain from traveling.
    British WWII veterans Seymour Taylor and Ernest Davis gather in Crimea. Former sailors of the Royal Navy had never been to the Black Sea before. During the war, they fought in the Atlantic, participating in the famous Arctic convoys, which brought allied aid to the USSR.
    After both were often in Russia. In memory of these trips, Seymour’s folder contains many photographs and newspaper clippings, but recently another official paper was added to these documents - a letter from the British Foreign Office. The Foreign Office strongly recommended that veterans refrain from traveling to Crimea.
    "The British Foreign Office will not be able to provide any support to British citizens in Crimea who may become victims of crime, or those who need an urgent evacuation from the region," the document says.
    The stern warning of the officials did not frighten them - the veterans have their own ideas about Russia, and it is radically different from the point of view of the British authorities.
    "Russian people - and we know this from our own experience - have never done anything bad for us. On the contrary!" Says Ernest Davis.
    "I believe that we should judge Russia by what we see there with our own eyes, how we are received there, and not by what politicians tell us. Let them figure it out themselves!" - Seymour Taylor is sure.
    This is not the first time that Arctic convoy veterans have to overcome the resistance of the British government. Three years ago they were banned from accepting the Russian award - the Ushakov medal.
    "It was received by Canadians, New Zealanders, Australians and Americans, but we were forbidden to accept this medal. The British government had to make its own award - the Arctic Star - and only after that we were allowed to receive the Ushakov medal," says Seymour Taylor.
    According to veterans, Russia now knows about the participants in the Arctic convoys even more than in their own country.
    “Once at Heathrow airport, seeing my awards, I was asked:“ Where is this from? ”I answered:“ From Russia. ”They were so surprised and said:“ What were you doing there? ”I just waved my hand,” recalls Seymour Taylor. So they have not paid attention to strict letters and warnings for a long time. They are more interested in what kind of weather will be in Crimea, with whom they will meet and what they will have time to see. Alexander Khabarov

  • Vityok
    Vityok 4 October 2015 07: 21
    Putin said about him best of all: "I did not notice him in the hall ..." And what self-respecting person pays attention to the "SIX", six - he is a six yes
    1. Alexander Romanov
      Alexander Romanov 4 October 2015 07: 25
      Quote: Vitek
      Best of all, Putin said about him: "I did not notice him in the hall ..."

  • duschman80-81
    duschman80-81 4 October 2015 07: 31
    Yes, it was a fun week ......
  • Egoza
    Egoza 4 October 2015 07: 33
    And they say that chocolate stimulates mental activity ... Looks like Petya has some kind of not so chocolate ....
    President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko notes that the Russian side still has a lot to do to implement the Minsk agreements. “Sanctions are a tool to ensure pressure on Russia in case of failure to fulfill its obligations.
    So far, we have gone through each item of the Minsk agreements, and today I can confirm that Russia still has to work and work, "Poroshenko told reporters following the meeting of the leaders of Ukraine, France, Germany and Russia in Paris on Friday.

    Moreover, the president emphasized once again that he was in favor of fulfilling the Minsk agreements before the end of this year.
    1. Vityok
      Vityok 4 October 2015 07: 51
      [quote = Fidget] And they say that chocolate stimulates mental activity ... Looks like some kind of chocolate is not the same with Petya ....

      Before torn, re-guzzled! fellow Everything is useful in the norm, and that’s all sorts of misconduct! laughing
    2. Name
      Name 4 October 2015 07: 59
      Quote: Egoza
      President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko notes that the Russian side still has a lot to do to implement the Minsk agreements. “Sanctions are a tool to ensure pressure on Russia in case of failure to fulfill its obligations.
      So far, we have gone through each item of the Minsk agreements, and today I can confirm that Russia still has to work and work, "Poroshenko told reporters following the meeting of the leaders of Ukraine, France, Germany and Russia in Paris on Friday.

      Elena, let me post a well-known photo, which clearly shows WHOM TO WORK .. hi
      1. lemal200
        lemal200 4 October 2015 09: 27
        Oh, I can’t raise my legs, and so shy!
    3. Name
      Name 4 October 2015 08: 02
      Quote: Egoza
      President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko notes that the Russian side still has a lot to do to implement the Minsk agreements. “Sanctions are a tool to ensure pressure on Russia in case of failure to fulfill its obligations.

      That's why I'm looking at the GDP "all attention" CHO they "solve" there. Everything has been decided, but not with the "sixes".
      1. The comment was deleted.
      2. Sling cutter
        Sling cutter 4 October 2015 13: 01
        Quote: name

        That's why I'm looking at the GDP "all attention" CHO they "solve" there. Everything has been decided, but not with the "sixes".

  • Hagreebarg
    Hagreebarg 4 October 2015 07: 46
    Yes, the week turned out to be very rich events. Our president, Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin spoke at the UN General Assembly, and put all the dots above and i. And besides, he got the Americans and their president, represented by Barack Abama, and Europe for the fact that they created in Africa and Syria. In addition, our country has shown that we also have precision weapons that hit exactly the target. And can destroy bunkers and more. What is surprising is that all Western media began to water our country, slop. And write that the Russians bombed the elderly, women and children. And the American military is white and fluffy. And then what, they are so white and empty got into the balm in Kunduz in Afghanistan, huh? It’s the same to me, the light of democracy. We caught the tail of their child and it started, what kind of Russians are bad. On the contrary, they listen to and read their articles. On the whole, the week and in fact, it was outstanding for important events in the life of our country and the whole planet.
  • iliitchitch
    iliitchitch 4 October 2015 07: 47
    Quote: Alexy
    Sick society. They need to pull the country out of shit, and they humor.

    Everyone is sick. What kind of bolt "about the country and about our shortcomings" SOMEONE dare to say something? Originally from the great GALAXY, or what? By the flag, it seems not exceptional. To Darth Vader as deputy - and to the stars. Better yet, to Siberia, in the winter, with a knife in your pocket, and not to eat for a couple of weeks. The course of survival is unforgettable, the brain grows like a YEAST.
  • Dimka999
    Dimka999 4 October 2015 07: 55
    The West is furious with everything connected with Russia)))
    What are they small and insignificant ....
    1. kraz
      kraz 4 October 2015 08: 25
      Quote: Dimka999
      The West is furious with everything connected with Russia))) What are they small and insignificant ....

      Toadstocks envy. laughing .And right now they are slowly starting to remember how the socks of the owner smell. bully angry
    2. AleksUkr
      AleksUkr 4 October 2015 10: 13
      Quote: Dimka999
      What are they small and insignificant ....

      You are mistaken - they are large and ...
      The true face of their democracy ...
  • Gray 43
    Gray 43 4 October 2015 08: 31
    The week turned out to be saturated again, apparently the world is undergoing a global restructuring, everyone in the UN compares Putin’s speech with his own speech in Munich, just as sharply, precisely, thoroughly, expressed everything that he thinks in person, and not out of tune
  • Vitaly Anisimov
    Vitaly Anisimov 4 October 2015 08: 34
    Here is the same .... laughing
  • Know-nothing
    Know-nothing 4 October 2015 08: 36
    And in Novorossia, then what? Or the person was right:

    Once upon a time, back in the days of general joy from the fresh corpses of Ukrainian soldiers, one man with a Ukrainian flag noted how to define that "That's it, Sanya, we fought back, that's it ...". When it suddenly turns out that there are some other brothers who urgently need help to let Obama suck, somewhere there is another sacred land, and the Novorossians will be stupidly turned off from the TV.

    I thought then, yes you will not save enough of the holy land, and this will last for a long time in any case, you cannot piss people into the brain SO, and then, with a snap of your fingers, drive them to watch the bombing of holy villages, and send others to die in these very villages. What about the Nazis, what about the junta and the crucified boys? I am silent about the next "winter is coming." How is this even possible?
  • s.melioxin
    s.melioxin 4 October 2015 08: 43
    Thanks to the authors for the review. As the saying goes a week was a success. And they say that the Russians are slowly harnessing? We can and very quickly. Everything is possible. The impossible just takes more time.
  • Stinger
    Stinger 4 October 2015 08: 45
    The General Staff emphasized that the American military attaché in Iraq, Colonel Hadi Petro, and other foreign military and diplomatic representatives from the Ministry of Defense and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs had been warned in advance of the start of attacks by Russian aviation in advance ... During these contacts, we recommended that all instructors be removed from the region and advisers, as well as those valuable employees who prepared for the money of American taxpayers, ”said Andrey Kartapolov. (Head of the State Educational Institution of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation)

    Great for "exceptional" about "moderates." Apparently that's why they screamed about children. the American coalition strongly resembles the "Union of Sword and Plowshare" created by O. Bender. And the rhetoric is the same: - Citizens! - said Ostap, opening the meeting. - Life dictates its own laws, its own cruel laws. I will not tell you about the purpose of our meeting - you know it. The goal is holy. We hear groans from everywhere. We must lend a helping hand, and we will. Some of you serve and eat bread and butter, others are engaged in the side trade and eat sandwiches with caviar. Only small children, homeless, are without a patron. These flowers of the street, or, as the proletarians of mental labor put it, flowers on the asphalt, deserve a better fate. We, gentlemen of the jury, must help them. And we, gentlemen of the jury, will help them ...
  • Egoza
    Egoza 4 October 2015 08: 51
    Meanwhile ...
    Adventures of Americans in Odessa
    ...... Only in the last year, apart from every little thing, the city was visited by Victoria Nuland, Jeffrey Payette, John McCain, and Mikheil Saakashvili, in general, settled in Odessa. Because it is the most ignorant people who think that Saakashvili is the Georgian president or the Odessa governor. In fact, he is a corporal of the CIA. And, as you know, it is better to have a daughter a prostitute than Governor Saakashvili.
    Americans got into Odessa, oh, got into a habit.
    As for McCain, then perhaps the old man does not know that he was brought to the Black Sea. He behaves as if around Texas or Georgia. And the presence of a familiar corporal confirms this.
    And Jeffrey Payette's speeches bear signs of a crime, called post-coup Ukraine, domestic separatism.
    Well, no further than on Thursday, in Odessa, in the presence of witnesses, Jeffrey launched a speech in which he announced the training of Odessa judicial system workers abroad. He confirmed the financing of the so-called “anti-corruption bureau” in Odessa. And he promised the allocation of two million dollars to fight the central authorities. In particular, with the General Prosecutor's Office of Ukraine.
    And all this happened at the official event "Financial Forum", organized by Corporal Saakashvili.
    Today there is no doubt, the United States intended to "tear" the Odessa region from the remnants of Ukraine. This is evidenced by those funds that are directly invested in local governments, and the so-called investments, the redemption by the American companies of the objects of the marine economic complex in Odessa and Odessa region.
    In the port of South, almost half of the berths are already owned by the United States. Enchanting bustle of Miho Saakashvili is connected with the claims of the American side to the port of Ilyichevsk. There is no doubt that star-striped areas appeared on the territory of the Odessa port.
    The American side is also interested in the legendary OPZ.
    And it cannot be said that this fuss revolts the Euro-visible strata of the population. Euro-romantics quickly degenerate into American romantics. And it is already becoming popular to draw parallels between Odessa and South Korea. Imagine the rest of Ukraine as North Korea.
    What is most interesting, this version of the development of events has reasons. This idea is not as unsustainable as it seems. Odessans are prone to separatism, Ukraine has always irritated them. And if Russia did not save them from Ukraine, then maybe even America will save them. This idea combines rejection of Ukraine and a craving for a western lifestyle.
    Another question is that under this idea is a rather fragile business case. In such a reality, Odessa could become a staging post for agricultural products. A kind of big elevator. No more. There can be no talk of any scientific, technical or cultural development. Yes, and too much population.
    However, the United States will benefit from the "revival of the Empire." In this case, they will be the actual owner of the most important transport hub of the entire post-Soviet space. The Russians will not take property.
    This is illustrated by the examples of Poroshenko and Kolomoisky.
    And we can only wait. Ukraine, as a state, is becoming burdensome for sponsors. An economic collapse in full default can occur at any time on the initiative of the sponsors themselves.
    After that, claims will be made on previously staked regions.
    Valentin Filippov
  • Egoza
    Egoza 4 October 2015 08: 54
    "And greed ruined the frayer ...." But Russia once offered to sell this ship ... well, no! well, we got it ...
    The Commander of the Naval Forces of the country, Vice Admiral Sergey Gaiduk, told the Ukrainian Fleet correspondent that Kiev was going to sell the unfinished missile cruiser Ukraine, which supports the quay wall of the Nikolaev shipyard named after 61 Communard. The admiral said so: “The cruiser Ukraine is a piece broken off from the state, it will be sold, and the funds from its sale will go to the construction of new ships and boats.”
    The aforementioned ship, which bore the name "Admiral of the Fleet Lobov" in girlhood, belongs to a series of its own, as they say in the West, sistersheep - cruisers of the Atlant class 1164 project. The leader among them was the flagship of the Black Sea Fleet missile cruiser "Moscow" (the first name is "Glory"). The Russian Navy has two more such ships - the flagship of the Pacific Fleet missile cruiser Varyag and the missile cruiser Northern Fleet Marshal Ustinov.

    Lobov, like his brothers, was supposed to carry on his 16 aboard the P-500 anti-ship supersonic cruise missiles P-550 "Basalt" with a range of 64 km and the ability to be equipped with a nuclear warhead (therefore these ships were often called aircraft carrier killers). It also planned to deploy 300 anti-aircraft missiles of the Fort complex (the analog of the ground C-144), two Osa-M medium-range missile complexes, 6000 missiles of the two complexes of the missile-bomb device RBU-130, torpedo and artillery armament (two five-pipe torpedo tubes, one 30 mm gun and six 630 mm AK-75М guns). None of these weapons on the "Ukraine", ready, according to various estimates and statements by official Ukrainian persons, could not be established on 80 – 96 – XNUMX%.
    Who now needs a cruiser, for which, according to the commander of the Ukrainian Navy, Vice Admiral Haiduk, about 80% of weapons, navigation equipment and small arms are made only in Russia, an open question. Not a single Western shipbuilding company, even under the political pressure of its own government, will undertake this work - a lot of expenses, and the risk of non-return of funds spent is too great.

    To remake a rocket ship under a casino, and then under an aircraft carrier, as the Chinese did with the hull of the aircraft carrier cruiser Varyag under construction in Nikolaev, is also impossible. Is that sell it "on pins". A ton of ship metal on the international market, if with copper wires and other fillings, costs about 200 – 250 dollars per ton. How do you bargain. A full displacement of "Ukraine" - 11 500 tons. Simple arithmetic will prompt the reader to the true price of this ship, and that does not include the cost of towing to the enterprise for the breakdown. Somewhere in India or South Korea, where they specialize in such work.
    1. rosarioagro
      rosarioagro 4 October 2015 09: 19
      The Chinese will buy and build in their own way
  • Roust
    Roust 4 October 2015 09: 05
    Honor and Glory to our pilots !!! It is necessary to crush the nits. The West is thoughtful. Zhevtoblokidnoy pushed into the toilet. Week what you need! Respect to our GDP !!!
  • Egoza
    Egoza 4 October 2015 09: 13
    Well, because day off SMILE! (or men’s note ...)
    1. Vitaly Anisimov
      Vitaly Anisimov 4 October 2015 09: 54
      Quote: Egoza
      Well, because day off SMILE! (or men’s note ...)

      Thank you Elena will take note ... laughing Men are essentially LENTS ... So the wheel appeared! wassat
      1. Alena Frolovna
        Alena Frolovna 4 October 2015 12: 54
        Our people will always find a non-standard approach to everything!

  • rosarioagro
    rosarioagro 4 October 2015 09: 17
    "... then they train the judiciary of Uzbekistan in automated court proceedings"

    It sounds at least interesting, automated office work + automated decision-making system + automated court proceedings + expert system, this is the way to fight an official, if, in short, "A woman was taken out - a machine gun was installed" (C) "Kin-dza-dza"
  • nrex
    nrex 4 October 2015 09: 26
    One day. US bombers independently, tolerantly and democratically launched air strikes at a hospital in Kunduz. The dead and wounded are asked not to worry. they are ALREADY recognized as the costs of wartime. Non-conspirators risk falling under the more democratic fire of aviation. We ask the inhabitants of the whole earth to observe absolute calm, the US government is guided only by democratic and philanthropic principles. You can’t even imagine HOW THEY LOVE YOU !!!! YOU DO NOT BELIEVE?! Then we go to you ....
  • man_of_war
    man_of_war 4 October 2015 10: 06
    By the way, that’s partly behind the concrete mixer, the base’s security lights up ....
  • The comment was deleted.
  • Utlan
    Utlan 4 October 2015 10: 30
    "I am submitting for consideration to the Federation Council a draft law on the inclusion of a new constituent entity of the Federation (the Arab Republic of Syria) in the Russian Federation"

    1.12.2018/XNUMX/XNUMX V.V. Putin.
    ODERVIT 4 October 2015 10: 30
    Thanks for the review, indeed the week was memorable. But I can assume that events are on the rise.
    But according to the polemic about the identification marks on airplanes, I’ll say so, our airplanes are OUR and it is up to us to decide what markings should be on them. Pay attention to such a shallow, primitive, evil ....... Ugh on them.