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Trump's rhetoric features

About Donald Trump, even Forbes writes that this billionaire does not hesitate to “distort the facts,” and this helps him in business and in politics. In our opinion, Trump distorts not only “facts”. He also manipulates his election program. About a month ago, when the theme of unfortunate refugees was in fashion, he argued that the United States should accept migrants from Syria “on a humanitarian basis”. Now this person declares that if elected to the presidency, he will send Syrian refugees from the United States. Today, Trump says that "this is not a problem," if the Russians want to hit the "IG", but what will he say tomorrow?

Trump's rhetoric features

"The scandalous billionaire always overstated the size of his condition and did not hesitate to distort the facts," the magazine writes "Forbes". - At first it helped him in business. Now - in politics. ”

Trump claims, indicates the publication, that his assets are worth at least 10 billion dollars. However, after interviewing more than eight dozen sources and using “unprecedented resources” for the assessment, journalists determined the total of Trump’s assets in 4,5 billion. Nevertheless Mr. Trump said: “I’m running for president. And I stand much more than you think. Honestly, it's just ugly. I think I look better if I stand 10 billion dollars, than if I stand 4 billion dollars. "

The information of the super popular magazine was previously taken by the businessman in hostility. In the late eighties of the last century, he published an essay in the Los Angeles Times entitled Forbes Announced Vendetta. The rich man accused the editors of “deliberately distorting” the facts in order to destroy his reputation. And in an interview with ABC, Trump said: “Forbes has been hunting me for years, personally. They make every possible effort to show me in the worst light. " “Even after years of 25, the stubborn billionaire doesn’t want to apologize for those words,” the publication writes today. “But he admits the obvious: he used to juggle the facts.”

Is it possible to extrapolate, let's say, the properties of Trump's nature to politics? It seems to us, and not “Forbes”, completely. The political Olympus in general is “inhabited” by far from the best people (remember the journalism of Leo Tolstoy), and the craving of the rulers to lie has long become a byword. Why, in fact, repeatedly caught on the “juggling” of Trump should be somewhat different from Hillary Clinton, her husband Bill or George W. Bush, who himself hardly understood what he said?

9 september israeli "9 channel"referring to “The Independent,” conveyed a shocking statement from Donald Trump. By participating in the popular O'Reilly Factor television program, the billionaire told the public that Obama's “red line” was a line in the sand. Therefore, the United States should ... accept refugees from Syria.

“I hate this concept, but we need to accept them on a humanitarian basis,” the Israeli newspaper quoted him as saying. Trump recalled in a telecast that President B.H. Obama in 2013 had a “red line” about Bashar al-Assad’s activities in Syria. But the devil remained a devil: “It began with President Obama, when he did not do what he had to do, but instead outlined a devil on the sand that turned out to be more than artificial. But you know that living in Syria now means living in hell. There is no doubt about it. They live in hell, and something must be done. "

So, take the refugees from Syria. Recall that about a month ago the topic of unfortunate refugees was in fashion: they were much written about in the USA and in the European Union. Today, the “Islamic state” has entered the “trend” partly because of the UN General Assembly, where the speakers focused on the topic of world terrorism, partly because Russia has become more active in Syria. And what does Trump say?

It turns out that this contender for the nomination of a candidate for the presidency of the United States, speaking in New Hampshire, said that if elected, he would send thousands of Syrian refugees out of the country. “I warn people who come here from Syria as part of this mass migration. If I win, they will go back, ”he said. "BBC".

What is the argument? The billionaire explained that the United States should not accept thousands of people who may be associated with the Islamic State.

Such a sharp statement appeared as a kind of antithesis to the government program, voiced earlier by Secretary of State John Kerry. He said that in the next two years, the United States will receive a significantly larger number of migrants from around the world: up to 85 thousands next year and up to 100 thousands in 2017, notes Bi-Bi-si.

Apparently, let us add on our own, any program is suitable for Trump, so long as it goes against the plans of the current administration of the White House.

In August, Mr. Trump told 2015 to potential voters that he would get along with Putin, and he would respect him. He reported this in an interview with CNN. Donald trump сказал: “He will respect me. I assure you.

Such statements Trump made this year and earlier. For example, talking to journalists in Scotland, the billionaire promised, if he won the presidential elections in the United States, "get on well with Vladimir Putin."

At the end of September, Trump's "worldview" shifted somewhat. It seems that he is no longer eager to “get on” with Putin.

The same Donald Trump, who this summer was ready to "make friends" with Putin, now pretends to be "macho." According to the billionaire, B.H. Obama does not help Ukraine enough, which has to defend itself against the military offensive of the Russian-supported rebels. “Our president is weak; all that we hear today is empty words, - said he, speaking as a videoconference at the Kiev forum "Yalta European Strategy." “Part of the problem for Ukraine and the United States is that Putin does not respect our president at all.”

This is an obvious hint that Trump would have behaved in a Ukrainian crisis differently than Obama. Apparently, he would “help” Kiev and force Putin to “respect” himself.

In this case, he would hardly have gotten along with Putin. We should not forget that Trump is from the camp of the Republicans, and many representatives of this party (for example, the famous “hawk” McCain) are friends with the bosses of the American military-industrial complex, they rush to arm Kiev and force on the “Russian invaders” with the hands of the Ukrainian “fighters for freedom and independence".

The other day, Trump gave an exclusive interview to the TV channel CNNin which he openly supported the efforts of Moscow and Tehran in the fight against the “Islamic State” in Syria. According to the billionaire, Russia should be allowed to "deal with the" IG ".

As in previous cases, he went on to criticize the current administration of the White House. A potential US presidential candidate asked the question: “Why are we opposing IG and at the same time against Assad?” Then he tried to separate the duties of Russia and the American coalition: “Let Syria and IG fight, let Russia take care of IG. And we (the United States and their coalition allies. - O. Ch.) Can fight the "IS" in Iraq. "

Also, the billionaire criticized the policy of the American administration, aimed at replacing regimes objectionable to Washington: “Some want us to come and replace Assad. We (USA. - O. Ch.) Always stand on the side of those people who later turn out to be worse than the previous ones. ”

We talked about President Asad. The host of the program asked whether Bashar Assad is true - the source of the troubles of Syria? Trump replied that he doubted that. It is impossible to say with absolute certainty that Assad is to blame for the misfortunes of the people of Syria.

But then there was another statement Trump about Assad.

The billionaire called the president of Syria the “bad guy” who killed hundreds of thousands of people. In addition, notes ""Trump said that Russia "is probably trying to support Assad and help him."

So, Assad is now definitely "bad," and Russia is "trying to support him." Draw your own conclusions, comrades.

Finally, a businessman stated reminds "Free press"that the US should not strive to be a "world policeman."

We think that this unusual statement to the American public, which downgrades the international role of the United States, is also addressed to the current White House administration. The election program is convenient to build on solid antitheses to the previous president. This is the easiest way to win the favor of close-up voters who do not understand that words are one thing, and deeds are quite another. Obama's rating is low, and on the "bold" criticism of the misses of the current president, you can quickly earn political points.

Yes, only Trump's words, as we were convinced (and as “Forbes” was convinced), are worth pennies.

Especially as in the last statement there is a contradiction.

A month and a half ago, Donald Trump said the public about their desire to revive the "great" America. With this slogan of greatness, he is preparing to go to the polls.

It will not be easy for Trump to explain to the American public how the States will prove their "greatness" to the world by abandoning the role of "world policeman." The voters, of course, will not swallow much, but the MIC dealers, accustomed to American wars all over the world and big profits, prefer to chew and then swallow.

And yet worry about the fate of Trump is not necessary. If he becomes president, he will behave just like the Nobel peacemaker Obama. It is possible for two presidential terms of years to close the prison in Guantanamo - and never close it. And just as four years or eight years can linger about the refusal of the role of "world policeman" and continue to be.
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  1. Name
    Name 5 October 2015 06: 09 New
    For me, Clinton is better than that, from that one at least expected actions. Trump is too much an unpredictable entity. Even he doesn’t know what’s going to mind. recourse such an unstable will lead a complete mess inside the US, and ...
    1. ImPerts
      ImPerts 5 October 2015 06: 27 New
      Quote: name
      better clinton

      But for me, Trump is better than Mrs. Clinton, who at times has outbreaks of aggression and megalomania)))
      So the adviser writes about this:

      Trump is used to negotiating. This may be a reason for rapprochement of countries. Clinton will not do this, she will simply set conditions.
      1. oleg-gr
        oleg-gr 5 October 2015 07: 22 New
        Well, erysipelas. Clowning for voters. May the circus workers forgive me.
        1. fennekRUS
          fennekRUS 5 October 2015 19: 13 New
          Quote: oleg-gr
          Clowning for voters.

          Immediately 2 (in words, two!) "Zhirinovskys" is too much even for America)))
      2. Shiva83483
        Shiva83483 5 October 2015 07: 41 New
        Is she a great tsabe? High conditions for saloids ... you look, from the primary female sexual characteristics, the Clinton gold visor was found .......
      3. Turkir
        Turkir 5 October 2015 09: 52 New
        Ms. Clinton is unpredictable, stupid and hysterical. The implacable enemy of Russia.
        I completely agree with your conclusions.
      4. Karabanov
        Karabanov 6 October 2015 07: 06 New
        Yes, actually, what's the difference ...
    2. The comment was deleted.
    3. siberalt
      siberalt 5 October 2015 11: 28 New
      Trump is a rebel. And there is something to it. He can stir up a liberal swamp, but we will see what it can result in.
      1. gladcu2
        gladcu2 5 October 2015 13: 54 New

        A rebel is not a rebel, but apparently there are fresh ideas. Although it’s not worth talking about any drastic changes.
        The United States has a strong, massive and inert administrative machine. It is very difficult to push and move, as well as try to change direction.
        If a certain program is launched there, then it will be done in indifference to recklessness. They will roll square with enviable persistence.
    4. Volzhanin
      Volzhanin 5 October 2015 11: 54 New
      What difference does it make, what kind of doll will it utilize the brain of its degenerate citizens. Whatever the FSH presidents say there, decisions are made elsewhere by other people.
      The essence of this will not change. Only the outer shell packaging.
      And so they will continue to shout with a brazen face, as if on a buffet, until they get it firmly in the teeth, or until most of the World completely abandons the green-fantasy.
  2. Same lech
    Same lech 5 October 2015 06: 13 New
    It will not be easy for Trump to explain to the American public how the States will prove their “greatness” to the world by abandoning the role of a “world policeman”.

    There will be no TRUMP president smile behind him you can’t see the powerful forces that make up the hehe exceptional nation of the United States .... I think that all the same, CLINTON will break through to the OLYMPUS US STATE DEPARTMENT.
    1. venaya
      venaya 5 October 2015 06: 32 New
      Quote: The same Lech
      .... I think that all the same, CLINTON will break through to the US Department of State OLYMPUS.

      Clinton is too idiotic, this is noticeable to himself. Although there is now nothing decent at all, digestible even for Americans, it is not visible.
      1. Same lech
        Same lech 5 October 2015 06: 47 New
        Clinton is too idiotic, this is noticeable to himself.

        Well, this is very good for those who stand behind her .... all the failures and failures can be attributed to a fool.
  3. aszzz888
    aszzz888 5 October 2015 06: 15 New
    Do not forget that Trump is from the Republican camp,

    And again: radish horseradish is not sweeter! No.
    Finished people, finished nation.
  4. mig31
    mig31 5 October 2015 06: 20 New
    The more clowns there are in mattress states, the better in perspective for Russia, the same chaos, only in the country of the "creator" of it ...
  5. rotmistr60
    rotmistr60 5 October 2015 06: 38 New
    Trump is good for any program, if only it runs counter to the plans of the current White House administration.

    He chose his tactics in this election campaign, which is completely unlike the phrases of other candidates, which helps him to raise his rating. The author draws the correct conclusion by saying that
    If he becomes president, he will act just like Obama's Nobel Peacekeeper
  6. fa2998
    fa2998 5 October 2015 06: 40 New
    Assad did not please him! And Mr. Poroshenko, that the "good guy" - who also destroyed thousands of people - the US is helping this tyrant! Russia can answer that it supports "MODERATE OPPOSITION" in Ukraine. hiRS. How does the pre-election debate in the United States begin — every time you look out who is preferable for Russia — and every time you are convinced — ONE D, E, PUMO.
  7. Felix1
    Felix1 5 October 2015 07: 04 New
    Trump for ... l. I like Walker, the current governor of Wisconsin, he will have a lower rating, but maybe in the end he will throw some kind of chip and win, real dude. is Hillary just a continuation of Mr. Obama?
  8. rosarioagro
    rosarioagro 5 October 2015 07: 10 New
    "The President is a nominal figure, designed to divert attention from the real person with all the power" (C) "The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy"
  9. parusnik
    parusnik 5 October 2015 07: 18 New
    In the US, presidents, as in the saying: horseradish, radish is not sweeter ...
  10. Vladimir 1964
    Vladimir 1964 5 October 2015 07: 20 New
    Still, you don’t need to worry about Trump’s fate. If he becomes president, he will act just like Obama’s Nobel peacekeeper.

    It seems to me, in the morning outside the door, that this phrase can, to one degree or another, characterize all the candidates for the US presidency, Hillary, Sanders, and Bush Jr. The US electoral system is arranged quite original, and the essence of the pre-election activity is rather in the search for the direction of the "main blow" on the voters, by determining the rating of one or another, but always COMMON problem for the US electorate, on the basis of this rating the opinion of the electors will be formed in the future ... Hence, in our opinion, such absurd statements of the candidates. Until common goals for each party are formed, it is not worth paying attention to the statements of candidates, when determining a single candidate from a party, the goals can change dramatically. In contrast, as the author correctly noted, from the policy towards Russia, here it will be invariably antagonistic. Therefore, "choosing" which US president will be better for us, the matter in general is not particularly important, THEY WILL ALL STRIVE TO ELIMINATE RUSSIA FROM THE POLITICAL ARENA, and this is at best.

    Something like this is thought. hi
  11. EvgNik
    EvgNik 5 October 2015 07: 49 New
    In a word: weather vane. Where the wind blows, there he turns his nose.
  12. Tjeck
    Tjeck 5 October 2015 08: 02 New
    For me, Clinton, Trump, and let Kennedy be resurrected - their foreign policy will not change a bit! Since the policy of globalism has been conducted since at least 1913 (this is if you do not take into account the English Anglo-Saxons). We will certainly not be friends with the Americans soon - a fact.
    1. Vladimir 1964
      Vladimir 1964 5 October 2015 08: 17 New
      Quote: Tjeck
      For me, Clinton, Trump, and let Kennedy be resurrected - their foreign policy will not change a bit! Since the policy of globalism has been conducted since at least 1913 (this is if you do not take into account the English Anglo-Saxons). We will certainly not be friends with the Americans soon - a fact.

      In your comment, Dear Tjeck, the term "English Anglo-Saxons" touches me the most. winked
  13. da Vinci
    da Vinci 5 October 2015 08: 24 New
    Each country has its own Zhirinovsky, and sometimes there are 2 and 3! laughing
  14. Wolka
    Wolka 5 October 2015 09: 19 New
    Trump’s inconsistency in rhetoric will ruin him, even as US president
    1. The comment was deleted.
    2. Turkir
      Turkir 5 October 2015 09: 42 New
      Let me continue your correct remark.
      Trump’s inconsistency in rhetoric will ruin him, even as US president
      - and together with the USA.
      Conclusion: we will root for Trump. repeat
    3. gladcu2
      gladcu2 5 October 2015 14: 01 New

      Dear V.V. Zhirinovsky is also inconsistent in his rhetoric but has long and steadily held the level in politics.
  15. akudr48
    akudr48 5 October 2015 09: 41 New
    Author Oleg Chuvakin told how bad Trump is.

    How does he look like a contender for the post.

    What does he think on world issues.

    Trump lies or does not lie, but only a little exaggerates or understates where necessary.

    Oleg Chuvakin said a lot about their applicant, read enticingly and scold as well.

    And what will Oleg Chuvakin say about Russian applicants for a Russian similar post, at least a few words will be heard? To admire or shudder?

    Or here, according to Russian tradition, it is better to see once again the next tsar right on the throne once than to hear about him 1 times as a candidate.

    Oleg is silent ...
    1. Vladimir 1964
      Vladimir 1964 5 October 2015 13: 46 New
      Quote: akudr48
      Author Oleg Chuvakin told how bad Trump is.

      Alexander, is it really about Trump? He's just part of a show called "democracy" in American. And expecting answers to your questions from him is not quite expected.
      Do not blame me, colleague, but "trumps and others like that" are all just a show. And you such clever questions "torture" them. repeat winked hi
  16. SeregaBoss
    SeregaBoss 5 October 2015 10: 08 New
    I will draw the line of the subtotal with the consent of VO colleagues:

    [b] Yes, he went !!! at. ohhh !!
  17. RPG_
    RPG_ 5 October 2015 10: 19 New
    As I understand they have a tramp something like our Jerenowski is only worse.
    1. Dry_T-50
      Dry_T-50 5 October 2015 12: 22 New
      Quote: RPG_
      As I understand they have a tramp something like our Jerenowski is only worse.

      American Zhirinovsky is McCain
  18. Burmistr
    Burmistr 5 October 2015 10: 30 New
    Trump is a monkey with a grenade
    such dibilov only in Durk must be kept
  19. Reptiloid
    Reptiloid 5 October 2015 12: 06 New
    Quote: EvgNik
    In a word: weather vane. Where the wind blows, there he turns his nose.

    Probably Trump. predictable now, because its unpredictability can already be calculated, as well as what it is based on. The main thing is that he was not embarrassed by his contradictions. And if American politics will be there, it’s a good option. they do not start.
    I will join ☆ Turkir ☆ - "we will root for Trump"
  20. Denis DV
    Denis DV 5 October 2015 15: 51 New
    Gee, in every power there must be a Chubais! The black guys mirror bully
  21. Mikhail Krapivin
    Mikhail Krapivin 5 October 2015 17: 32 New
    Yeah, the guy is obviously weird. Everything is clear with Babama, it’s just a black talking head with which senior comrades say what to do and what to say. But this guy can do things if he starts to steer in accordance with his unhealthy head ...
  22. roskot
    roskot 5 October 2015 19: 24 New
    And no matter what he says, the other presidential candidates like him will remain the same. We are not friends. We are rivals, at best.
  23. Olfred
    Olfred 5 October 2015 21: 18 New
    as they say the question is in price ... like an inter-girl chesslovo laughing
  24. HAM
    HAM 6 October 2015 11: 41 New
    Clintonsha beats Bill, and this funny and d and oh t is much worse ..