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Western media scratching turnips

The real change of millennia was late from the calendar for 15 years ... If several years ago the situation in the world leading world media was determined by how many cups of coffee the American president drank a day, and to which country he was going to carry freedom and democracy, then now the Western media "Caught the millennium". Well, in the sense that before the onset of 2000 first, and then 2001 of the year, some people declared that some informational collapse or explosion would occur, and computers allegedly would rebel, "not rebuilding with the number 1999" ... So this collapse today can really be observed when studying the publications of a number of foreign (mostly Western) publications.

It creates the overall impression that the editors of Western newspapers, magazines, television channels, and Internet information portals cannot figure out what to do next. This, apparently, is like a sharp awakening in the illusion, when a person is not ready to orient and understand where he is, and what is generally considered a floor, and what is the ceiling ...

The Western information environment makes it difficult to comprehend what niche it needs to occupy and if there is any niche in which they are able to continue their work with the same activity. Naturally, the starting point of such an “information millennium” is the call of Russia to create a real working coalition on Syria, and then the beginning of the burning out of the terrorist contagion. Russia declared: “We are launching a military operation against those whose only name today horrifies the whole world; we begin and declare that the doors of the anti-terrorist coalition are open; reasonable forces, it will not work out - join to break the back of the terrorist monster. "

The terrorist monster strained and twisted in search of a deep mink. Those creatures fed from their hands even more tensed, and, in principle, they continue to feed (indirectly, and somewhere directly).

Western media is not just strained - they fell into a stupor. The fact is that if for many years they tried to compare what is called wooden with cold in terms of presenting “objective” information about Russia, then now it is strange to resort to the same method. After all, many foreign newspapers and magazines, hooked on anti-Russian rhetoric, for a long period of time perfectly understood the essence of their work: to write and speak, based on the “immutable” truth, according to which “US actions are a blessing; if US actions are not good, see point one. ”

Now the world for them is turned upside down. According to the “old regime” rule, the United States must be supported by definition, and Russia should be watered with shit. But in the new reality, Russia is struggling with international terrorism - moreover, with the official publication of the results of its actions, and Obama seemed to be the first to extend his hand to Putin at the UN, confirming the possibility of creating a united front against the same ISIL. Immediately after this, representatives of the US bureaucracy rushed to accuse Russia of its “wrongful” actions in Syria, and there is complete confusion in the Western media. Where is the "general line of the party"? ..

There are those who, according to McCain's "ideological," and do not depart from "reinforced concrete logic" about the rightness of the United States, even if Washington changes its position, like a windy young lady, several times a day ... But this approach clearly forces their readers, although the rudiments of objectivity, twirl a finger at the temple. And after all, losing the reader, who for decades, without any exaggeration, thought that Russia (the Soviet Union) was evil, and the United States was knights in snow-white clothes, such publications also do not want to.

There are those who seek to answer to themselves, and what, in fact, is so "negative" in the actions of the Russian Federation in Syria, and why is the United States, Saudi Arabia and some other countries demanding from the Russian Federation almost immediate termination aviation blows? The question is clear. After all, the Russian Federation strikes the militants, and Washington and Riyadh, which also strike the militants (well, at least they themselves say so to everyone ...), for some reason oppose the common counter-terrorism mission. It's really strange ... And the media could have given an obvious answer, if it weren't for one thing - well, they can't drive along the information western “oncoming lane” to reveal the truth ... Freedom of speech ...

"Doubters" are trying to save staff fakekomoty, issuing mountains filmed and published on YouTube and social networks video with "dead Russian bombs Syrian boys." Like, rather grab and insert into your materials, explaining that here "Putin’s bloody hand is stifling Syrian children." All the trouble for such feykomёtov that they are clearly in a hurry - if you are preparing to slander on Russia, then at least have patience and do not publish your "accusatory" commercials before Russian aircraft in Syria take off for the operation ... But first they shoot the video, then they begin to look for Russian planes in the sky, and by that time even the engines in Latakia did not have time to warm up the planes ... In general, a “very scary movie” is born ...

However, you shouldn’t row all with the same comb - there are some Western media that understand that, in fact, according to the “oncoming”, most of their colleagues in the shop are carrying. So, in the newspaper Florida Courier (USA) even before Vladimir Putin’s speech at the anniversary session of the UNGA and before the start of the Russian Aerospace Forces operation in Syria, Margaret Kimberly’s material entitled “Beware of anti-Russian propaganda” appeared in Syria. The journalist writes that the American press just stopped soberly looking at the world, she is trying to repeat the White House and the US Congress even at the moment when it looks more than strange. According to the American journalist, most American media discredit themselves by ignoring the obvious facts about Russia. Fragment of material Florida Courier:

It comes to the point of absurdity, and in this, it should be noted, there is nothing funny. In just one week, the New York Times gives out at once several materials that Russia shows its heartlessness, and that the Russians hate Americans.
But if the Russians really hate the Americans, then why the New York Times does not explain the position of the Russians. Why doesn’t he write that the United States violated the promise and are pushing NATO to the East, that Washington considers it possible to intervene in any foreign conflict, that information is being harassed against Russia just because it helps its allies? Why do they "purposely" forget that American economic sanctions are actually acting against the Russians?

The result of the article that Margaret Kimberly wrote for the United States is just suicidal:
So maybe America doesn't need the media at all? If they are going to repeat the words spoken by the White House representatives in parrots, what is the need for them? Everyone can hear the speech of the administration and without intermediaries ...

Yeah, but the Western media is really shaking. The truth literally seeps through the information iron curtain still lowered from the other side. And as a result of such a shake-up, either foolishness will come out, or the concussion will end only with new deformations of the Western consciousness. And what kind of deformations there are, it is well known: they saw a Syrian boy drowning in the Mediterranean Sea, and thousands of dead like the boys (and not only) under the shelling of militants - they do not see; Assad, who defends the integrity of his country, is an illegitimate tyrant and murderer, and Poroshenko is a popular favorite, a democrat and an altruist ...
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  1. Name
    Name 2 October 2015 05: 55
    Here came the true "RELOAD" of soft power in gay Europe and beyond the "puddle". "Exceptional" minds are hanging ...
    1. mirag2
      mirag2 2 October 2015 06: 21
      Clear pepper mainstream media has changed. Reality is not a tolerant utopia.
      And this is to the UN General Assembly:
      1. The comment was deleted.
      2. siberalt
        siberalt 2 October 2015 08: 20
        Putin drove America into a long stupor laughing
        1. Prisoner
          Prisoner 4 October 2015 07: 38
          The American political elite and their magazine ... x drove the Obama administration by itself. And America itself thinks to spit. They have their own problems.
    2. Finches
      Finches 2 October 2015 06: 23
      Independent media - not in nature! For the most part, journalists are unprincipled, dodgy, hypocritical and cynical people - they sell everything and everyone! Decent journalists about two times and miscalculated! This is especially true for the capitalist press. But this is understandable - who pays, he orders the music! Therefore, they as an author do not think or feel anything like that - if they tell them, they will start writing about love for Assad and pouring mud on the United States! This is not a problem before them - even when the USSR defeated Hitler, the Western media wrote wild Russian hordes devouring children !
      1. venaya
        venaya 2 October 2015 06: 48
        Quote: Finches
        Independent media - not in nature ...

        Only comments can be independent, for a journalist in any way receives a salary, therefore, automatically becomes dependent. Everything massive (media too) costs a ton of money. For example, all-Russian TV channels per minute broadcast broadcast at least $ 50. It’s even hard to believe. So the glvred is tied to money cool, and depends on the sponsors.
        1. Rarahin
          Rarahin 2 October 2015 10: 52
          Quote: venaya
          Only comments can be independent

          I would argue:
          They comment on the basis of information received from the media, i.e., relying on a picture of the world drawn by (independent) media.
          Of course, no one orders a person to write a comment in this way, and not otherwise, but there is no need. Work on forming opinions has been done in advance.

          It is necessary to study the bunker! (Http://
          1. venaya
            venaya 2 October 2015 13: 12
            Quote: Rarahin
            I would argue:
            They comment on the basis of information received from the media, i.e., relying on a picture of the world drawn by (independent) media. ...
            It is necessary to study the bunker! (Http://

            Read: "Only comments can be independent", Here is the key word"can be", so pay attention to them. Since I am familiar with the work of the media from the inside, I always take into account what you refer to. I agree, few are capable of this, but I assure you, there are such people. I personally try to rely on exclusively for scientific works, as far as possible. ”For me, the word" journalist "is a dirty word, I try with all my might not to draw attention to them, although only if as criticism or just laughter.
      2. habalog
        habalog 3 October 2015 19: 12

        I recommend to familiarize yourself:
      3. Gado
        Gado 3 October 2015 20: 50
        Journalists of all stripes are not only unprincipled, they are primarily illiterate, and this illiteracy is increasing at a rapid pace. Imitation of journalism reigns, the desire to grab the sensation first does not leave journalists time to verify the facts, especially to the correct interpretation.
    3. BMW
      BMW 2 October 2015 07: 10
      Quote: name
      "Exceptional" minds are hanging on.

      Really depended on the unheard-of arrogance of the Russians, they were silent for 30 years, and here on you, in two years already the second "show-off". They will stay in a vacuum for a week - another and for the old, since you can always find a reason, and the road is well-rolled. So everything is ahead. I would not be surprised if new sanctions are introduced for supporting the "bloody" Assad regime and the innocently murdered children of Syria.
    4. 2С5
      2С5 2 October 2015 07: 19
      ... this is a dead end and how to get out of there xs ... although they don’t really use their conscience, they’ll rule out the main shit to throw more, and which way is not very important ...
    5. marlin1203
      marlin1203 2 October 2015 09: 33
      Yes, nothing will happen to them "poor". Journalism is the venal wench of capitalism laughing for what they pay, they will write without any remorse and intellectual delights.
      1. ZU-23
        ZU-23 2 October 2015 10: 11
        Well, yes, the exceptional ones are used to waking up and hearing how they rule the world, and now there is only an iPhone left.
      2. The comment was deleted.
      3. taram taramych
        taram taramych 2 October 2015 13: 15
        They will continue to "vibrate under the client".
    6. Samaritan
      Samaritan 2 October 2015 12: 44
      Well, they write anything, I advise you to read: The Russian gambit can turn the tide of the conflict in Syria ("The Guardian", UK)

      Read more:
      Briefly: In just a few weeks, Moscow seized the initiative where the United States and other countries showed indecision that led to failure. Vladimir Putin convincingly substantiated the need for military operations against ISIS, although airstrikes made by the target were directed at other groups opposing Bashar al-Assad.

      Read more:
      anyway, the farts are tearing:
  2. Tatar 174
    Tatar 174 2 October 2015 05: 56
    Russia, with its truth, has always hindered and will hinder the enrichment of Anglo-Euro-American money bags. That's because of this and bullying and the rest is addressed to us.
    1. Alexander Romanov
      Alexander Romanov 2 October 2015 06: 26
      Author Volodin Alexey
      Alexei, to be honest, I don’t give a damn about what New York Thais writes about, such newspapers and articles around the world. You’d better have written dumb ordinary Americans under the article.
      And what they write in American newspapers ............
      Everyone can hear the speech of the administration without intermediaries ... hi
      1. Same lech
        Same lech 2 October 2015 06: 52
        It would be better if you komenty under the article published stunned ordinary Americans.

        ALEXANDER will not work ...
        in the United States strictly with comments different from the general line of the US State Department ... may solder the support of terrorism with the ensuing consequences
  3. nimboris
    nimboris 2 October 2015 05: 59
    I will express myself on the Internet: Cognitive dissonance and the gap of farts.
    1. GSH-18
      GSH-18 2 October 2015 07: 20
      Quote: nimboris
      I will express myself on the Internet: Cognitive dissonance and the gap of farts.

      Yeah, brain detonation and skull rupture lol
  4. Same lech
    Same lech 2 October 2015 06: 00
    The trouble for such fake guns is that they are clearly in a hurry - if you are preparing a slander to Russia, then at least have patience and do not publish your “revealing” videos before Russian planes in Syria take off for the operation ...

    Not only....

    you start to look at the source ... and then again, the same journalist, scribbler, who had earlier riveted lies in his articles ...
    it is clear that once a lying journalist will never have faith.
  5. vovanpain
    vovanpain 2 October 2015 06: 03
    Yes, the more farts they tear the better, they can think they will learn on their own.
  6. Wolka
    Wolka 2 October 2015 06: 18
    it always smells bad from these Western media, if not ruder, but it just stinks ...
  7. MIST096
    MIST096 2 October 2015 06: 24
    Washington and Riyadh, which also attack the militants (well, at least they say that to everyone ...), for some reason resist the general counter-terrorism mission .////////////

    US Air Force destroyed 2 excavators ..................
  8. Oman 47
    Oman 47 2 October 2015 06: 29
    KREMLENOGO. A newly demanded profession in the West, with their linear thinking, is a necessary one. good
    Sovetologists have already won everything, like mammoths.
  9. parusnik
    parusnik 2 October 2015 06: 36
    The Western media did not just strain - they fell into a stupor.
    Tell me the American, what is the strength! Is it in the money? So the brother says that in money. You have a lot of money, and why? I think that power is in the truth: whoever has the truth is stronger! So you deceived someone, made money, and why - have you become stronger? No, I didn’t, because there is no truth for you! And the one whom he deceived is behind him the truth! So he is stronger!
    1. anip
      anip 2 October 2015 09: 55
      Quote: parusnik
      So you deceived someone, made money, and why - have you become stronger? No, I didn’t, because there is no truth for you! And the one whom he deceived is behind him the truth! So he is stronger!

      Aha-aha ... The truth is with the people, but stronger Serdyukov, Vasilyeva, Putin, Chubais, Miller, Abramovich, etc. etc.
  10. Shiva83483
    Shiva83483 2 October 2015 06: 36
    Like a systemic crisis in the Yankees' brains? In these, who have a hernia of the brain, the profile diagnosis for which is taken to the State Department, the white house and the rest of the viper? Achumet !!!! But the GDP warned of miniscule .... Well, that’s all, the earcaps were caked, thank God ... forgive me for mentioning your name in a bitch ...
  11. rotmistr60
    rotmistr60 2 October 2015 06: 52
    This is the same stupor as it was a few years ago when Russia was ahead of schedule in Syrian chemical weapons. It turns out that American foreign policy in Syria has stepped on the same rake twice.
  12. dmi.pris
    dmi.pris 2 October 2015 06: 56
    No need to strain, take a snowstorm. As a doctor, I tell the doctor.
  13. slizhov
    slizhov 2 October 2015 07: 20
    I bet ...
    Nobody will guess when, finally, Americans and Europeans will have heads instead of REP!
  14. zombiunian
    zombiunian 2 October 2015 07: 29
    heaped in his pants so heaped, moreover, Full !. There is nothing to lose looking for paper, waiting for it to dry and just blow it out
    1. DMoroz
      DMoroz 2 October 2015 12: 25
      We can offer paper, severe, Chelyabinsk laughing
  15. surrozh
    surrozh 2 October 2015 07: 55
    Just as they poured dirt on Russia, they will pour it, their tradition is so historical. It’s necessary to bring in graffiti writers to the courts, discredit agencies and publishers, and then they will write verified material. Stalin seemed to have arranged accidents, and Alexander promised to send two million spectators in gray overcoats to view the anti-Russian play in Paris. They removed the play from viewing!
  16. maikl50jrij
    maikl50jrij 2 October 2015 08: 13
    Good headline and article. But after all, turnips are also scratched in different ways ... A smart one scratches his forehead, and a stupid one-nape. I give a tooth that they scratch the back of my head! lol
  17. S_Baykala
    S_Baykala 2 October 2015 08: 54
    For myself, I remember September 28, 2015. And now, quietly, peacefully I will pass a glass or two every year. It would be nice to call this day the Day of the Diplomat (let's say) or to celebrate it in some other way. In general, I am once again in oppression. The darkest chose the time and place (UNGA: you can't think of anything cooler), used the situation with refugees in the EU, which had been heated to the limit by this time, a well-composed speech (after Obama's "Lord's"), proposed a solution to the problem with peace in Syria, therefore, a solution problems with refugees. He put the states against the wall, knocked down. Those did not have an understanding of the situation, and the answer was, as it were, on the surface: there are Russian troops in Syria. The states and the EU (puppeteers and dolls) agreed (through clenched teeth) to Assad as a way to achieve peace in Syria. The next blow (literally and figuratively) was no worse, and followed as quickly as possible. And here the author writes absolutely correctly: now all the Western media (read the State Department) are in shock. They have not yet worked out measures and have not distributed manuals in response to the actions of the GDP.
    But what about Putin? Judo principle in all its glory: use the strength of the enemy. Where did billions of dollars pour into (to create and then to fight it)? What did the media broadcast and hammer into the heads of the world population for the last 14 years? What problem # 1 was in the world? Terrorism. Problem No. 2? Russia. Now issue # 2 is struggling with issue # 1. With the approval (and how else?) Of the world community. From the situation (despite its seriousness), I am laughing. Brain rupture? Worse. GDP used these same 14 years of Western propaganda (from the fall of the towers): billions of dollars honest yes American taxpayers (allowed to create the image of the enemy - in the form of Russia and in the form of terrorism) now mutually destroy each other. crying
  18. Denis DV
    Denis DV 2 October 2015 08: 56
    Sudoplatov is not enough for them, oh yes! Freedom of speech is the same!
  19. walrus-a
    walrus-a 2 October 2015 09: 05
    The media, in fact, were not invented for information, but for profit and the promotion of any ideas. So they perform their original functions. The more crazy ideas - the more profit.
  20. Stas57
    Stas57 2 October 2015 09: 15
    Moscow, Jewish section of the front of Jabat al-Nusra, oh wei or Jews for ISIS
  21. s.melioxin
    s.melioxin 2 October 2015 09: 38
    Assad, who defends the integrity of his country, is an illegitimate tyrant and killer, and Poroshenko is a popular favorite, democrat and altruist ...
    It is regrettable to read all this. But the world is visible now. But by and large when was he different? Whoever pays more, we offer. Not right, not human, but it is. The truth is she is one, but several can be done. And here comes the human mind to figure out where it is real. A smart person always doubts everything. Only d @ cancer can be completely sure of something ...
  22. solvi
    solvi 2 October 2015 09: 46
    Confusion of the European media, as they say, on the cover. The information line changes several times a day, especially in electronic versions. It comes to a frank circus with a change of headings in articles and softening of hard statements to completely blurry. And this is no longer INFORMATION means - but tabloid cheap things.
    The main world democrat tilted Europe in full. And without the "general party line", the European media simply do not know what to do. How to behave correctly so that later you will not regret what you have printed, paying with the loss of your job. After all, no one knows whether the "general line of the party" will change in the next few hours or not.
  23. Egoza
    Egoza 2 October 2015 09: 57
    The media is the media. Yes, you do not get lost, citizens! Take an example from officials of Ukraine!
    The Russian side is asking Ukraine for a meeting between President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko and President of Russia Vladimir Putin in Paris. This was announced at a briefing today, on October 1, by the deputy head of the Presidential Administration of Ukraine Konstantin Eliseev, a RBC-Ukraine correspondent reports.
    "As of today, there is a request from the Russian side to hold a meeting with the President of Ukraine, but so far it is being considered. Whether the meeting will depend on the Ukrainian side."- said Eliseev.

    He added that at the moment only the meeting of Poroshenko with Hollande was agreed.

    The program of the visit of Russian President Vladimir Putin to Paris, where the summit of the "Normandy Four" will take place on October 2, does not include a meeting with President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko. This was announced by Putin's press secretary Dmitry Peskov, RIA Novosti reports.
  24. loaln
    loaln 2 October 2015 10: 17
    Quote: venaya
    Only comments can be independent

    The truth known to all. Therefore, mass media "masses" are piled up and constantly rebuilt in order to create the illusion of mass comments. On their behalf. The difference, rightly, is one - the media comments are "corrupt". Always - according to the method of manufacture and in the overwhelming part - according to the content.
    Therefore, for me personally, a journalist now, excuse me, is disgusting "p-ki". That at least gives pleasure to someone, but when you touch the media people, you only lose saliva.
    1. Vasisualiy
      Vasisualiy 3 October 2015 01: 30
      Right! There are journalists whose articles and comments you are looking for and exist.
      hordes of silkworms rehashing in different ways the State Department bullshit. Bloggers are also on the Internet. One word Anal, Matzo rainy echo and much more ...
  25. Vega
    Vega 2 October 2015 11: 00
    The crap will not break out of them, distortions will be added, in the West there are a lot of people who unconditionally believe in everything that the media convey and write, what the authorities, politicians, bankers and "analysts" say. Unfortunately, very few thinkers. Shock therapy won't help here.
  26. Lelek
    Lelek 2 October 2015 11: 15
    (The result of the article Margaret Kimberley wrote is simply deadly for the United States:
    So maybe America doesn’t need the media at all? If they are going to continue to parrots repeat the words spoken by representatives of the White House, then what is the need for them? Everyone can hear the speech of the administration without intermediaries ...)

    For this summary, Margaret Kimberly's article:
  27. SergeySeverny
    SergeySeverny 2 October 2015 11: 32
    S_Baikal is right! 100500 pluses! The principle of judo in all its glory ... Now the problem №2 is struggling with the problem №1.
    Now it’s becoming clear why the Arabs have been traveling to Russia in packs for half a year and what they are being told here! what they were warned about and why!
    the darkest one prepared the move for six months! and now who will say that he was not warned?
    and who did not hide, I do not blame ....
  28. S_Baykala
    S_Baykala 2 October 2015 12: 01
    Quote: SergeySeverny
    S_Baikal is right! 100500 pluses! The principle of judo in all its glory ... Now the problem №2 is struggling with the problem №1.
    Now it’s becoming clear why the Arabs have been traveling to Russia in packs for half a year and what they are being told here! what they were warned about and why!
    the darkest one prepared the move for six months! and now who will say that he was not warned?
    and who did not hide, I do not blame ....

    ATP hi
  29. RUS69
    RUS69 2 October 2015 20: 59
    They simply do not keep up with the course of thought of their diplomacy, in which the opinion changes 5 times a day.
    Yes, and a person, whatever his nationality, sooner or later understands that he is stuffed with all sorts of nonsense that sometimes reaches the point of absurdity and this insight comes more and more to the United States, the citizens of this country are already tired of being the navels of the universe when often inside a mess
    And the media in this situation will not understand what to write to them and so that the people understand them and that they bend before the State Department and the relatives hang out, they wait when they are told or give a stump for dispersal hi
  30. Vasisualiy
    Vasisualiy 2 October 2015 21: 15
    Dear Mr. Lavrov, express our deepest request to the Federal Reserve Department of State: "RETURN PSAKU!"
    1. Greenwood
      Greenwood 3 October 2015 04: 03
      Psaki will not return, went on maternity leave.
  31. taram taramych
    taram taramych 2 October 2015 21: 34
    A control shot in the head of the "smoked" was made by one of the mouthpieces of the "Amer Dream". "MOSCOW, October 2 - RIA Novosti. More than 95% of readers of the American newspaper New York Daily News believe that during his speech at the UN General Assembly in New York, Russian President Vladimir Putin sounded more convincing than US President Barack Obama.
    The poll has been conducted by the publication for four days. The poll results obtained so far indicate that Putin has garnered the support of over 34 respondents, or 96% of the total number of voters. The American president lags far behind his Russian counterpart, gaining just over 1,5 votes. "

    РИА Новости
    1. ydjin
      ydjin 3 October 2015 03: 10
      I suggest, Putin V.V. for the presidency of the world! hi
  32. Ribald
    Ribald 2 October 2015 22: 23
    This is panic guys. The real panic, they really do not understand what to do, I mean the politicians, and the mongrels (media) bark not in chorus and not harmoniously. They were really given on the hands, on the head and other protruding, but far from prominent parts of the body. Who in the West expected that such a short period of time would pass from the end of Putin's statement to the beginning of the implementation of the plan to combat ISIL? Who there expected that in one day Russia would inflict such a tangible blow, which this "Coalition" has never been able to inflict in all the time. Panic.
  33. sharp-lad
    sharp-lad 3 October 2015 00: 34
    Well it is necessary to lie so that would not know how to lie further!
  34. VadimSt
    VadimSt 3 October 2015 10: 37
    The United States and its puppets in the EU have long been "catching up steam" with regard to Russia and the threats posed by it. According to all laws, if the pressure exceeds the capabilities, then it starts either "poisoning" or tearing the "roof". Russia's involvement in the events in Syria blew off the valve - and the process of anti-Russophobia began.
  35. galakt
    galakt 3 October 2015 12: 52
    Syria is a real place where you can prepare cool pilots and other specialists. Aerospace forces gain vast experience and hone their skills. And all this is the key to our security. And the processes of opposing the Russian Orthodox world have been, are and will always be. It is with this that one must live, and not play liberal Western games. We must have our own liberal democrat, with our own concept. Anglo-Saxon colonial ideology covers its expansion with not very clear democracy and openness (liberalism). We, less sophisticated in boundless vileness and hypocrisy, suddenly turned out to be outrageously naive before Uncle Sam's promises and succumbed to the temptation - right away, here and now.
  36. Old warrior
    Old warrior 3 October 2015 14: 16
    Vladimir Vladimirovich the whole west "... right in the face and in g about in" (c) (Leo Tolstoy "War and Peace"), thrust, or even one might say poked.
  37. Communist
    Communist 3 October 2015 22: 53
    Western media will get tired of explaining why the Ishilov’s bombers are bombed by modern super-best military equipment with super powerful and super modern ammunition and why they’re not scattering half a kilometer like American shit lol and most importantly, they bomb effectively and efficiently destroying more terrorists in a couple of days than the whole of Ova Europe and the United States as a whole in how much time laughing according to the propaganda of Europe and America, there should have arrived a maize with a drunk pilot with a balalaika and an earflaps with an asterisk and with a second attached bombardier tied to a corncasing dressed in a gas mask and a bottle of moonshine for courage, which he will beat and pour into the corn tank’s fuel tank During the flight, the bombardier during the flight will cut the ropes with the attached World War II bombs to the aircraft body during the flight. bombing will depend on how effectively the scorer cuts the ropes and how much time he devotes to playing the balalaika belay Europe crap from showing real modern combat aircraft and right now it is moving away from the shock buying diapers and their media think in shock about how many invent innocent killed soldier
  38. 9lvariag
    9lvariag 19 October 2015 00: 33
    Quote: Alexander Romanov
    Author Volodin Alexey
    Alexei, to be honest, I don’t give a damn about what New York Thais writes about, such newspapers and articles around the world. You’d better have written dumb ordinary Americans under the article.
    And what they write in American newspapers ............
    Everyone can hear the speech of the administration without intermediaries ... hi
    We call these little rags "Toilet - Times".