Country 404. Where is the beginning of the end that ends? (K. Prutkov)

Ukraine again struck by its unpredictability. Everyone, including the government and the president of this country, is confident that life has become worse. Everything except the state statistics service of Ukraine. This discovery was made yesterday by the majority of Ukrainians, not to mention the citizens of other countries.

Country 404. Where is the beginning of the end that ends? (K. Prutkov)

It turns out that life has become richer. Well, about the fact that after the fall of the ruble, Ukrainians have become richer than the Russians already know, probably, everything. Arithmetic is a great power. But about the fact that wages in Ukraine rose in all regions, it seems to me, a discovery. Such information was spread by this statistical "patient".

So, "according to the State Statistics Service, for the 8 months from the beginning of the year, earnings increased by 495 UAH, and compared to January-August 2014, by 576 UAH." And what do Ukrainians cry? Almost half a thousand hryvnia monthly income.

"On average, of course. Residents of all regions of the country, except for the Luhansk region, felt the increase in earnings - they began to pay less for 70 UAH than last year." This is a continuation of the message. Especially for Donbass. See, you are the only ones getting less. And so it will be with all those who will not kneel before the Kiev authorities.

"In most areas, the increase was about 350 — 450 UAH, only in Kiev and in the Donetsk region it is more than 1000 UAH.” This is again addressed to the residents of Donbass. It seems, you see, how good it became in the "Ukrainian part" and how bad it was in Donetsk. Given that the majority of Ukrainians are confident in the “famine” of Donbass, a thousand hryvnia seems like a really big amount of increase.

Ukrainian news the resource even publishes a salary increase table by region. For greater clarity. I will not express my opinion yet, just copy it.

And now I ask readers to pay attention to the last column. I do not know why, but it is this column that attracts the most attention. Probably because closer to the truth than everyone else. And what do we see there? And we see a reduction in percentage wages by a quarter. In simple terms, the purse seems to have become thicker, and it is no longer possible to buy as much as I could yesterday.

There are a couple of interesting comments on the statistics service. Namely, the size of this salary by categories of workers. Whatever one may say, this indicator in the modern world speaks about the priorities of state policy. The state pays more to those who need it more.

"The three most highly paid financiers are 8388 UAH (it was 6912 UAH, an increase of 21%) and IT specialists were 6899 UAH (it was 4974 UAH, an increase of 39%). 2107 uah and teachers - 2599 uah. "

As we can see, the state does not need a healthy and intelligent generation at the present time. Looking for young (not yet started senile diseases) and not very smart, i.e. uneducated slaves. Only such a mass of the population will be able to swallow all the alleged reforms that have already passed or will pass later. Old men and other patients are a burden for the country that has won the Independence Square.

But a thoughtful reader will ask quite reasonably - what about those Ukrainians who have remained so far from the times before? And he will be right. In Ukraine, there are indeed many more who have a head, not only to have it. A lot of thinking and understanding people. They can’t be bothered with such a simple sign.

And I don’t want to believe in the betrayal of my native country. Especially if you are a traitor yourself. This is the usual excuse for such people. It seems, well, okay, okay, I did nothing. Well, by his connivance I gave this scum to take power into my own hands. But the rest is not so! They are patriots. The whole country cannot consist of "me like".

For such clever people, there are political scientists and experts on various issues. And the media, which the opinions of such "talkers" replicate. But the relevant government agencies will confirm these findings with their documents.

"The State Fiscal Service (GFS) during inspections during January-August found out that 57% of entrepreneurs pay salaries to employees in violation of the law."

I hope the reader understood where the wind will carry it further. For those who do not want to think once again, I will clarify. Simply put, the fiscal service tells everyone the simple truth. Thrust these calculations and tables yourself ... into analytical articles. Ukrainians really began to get a lot more. Just get not as before, but in envelopes. So, all the calculations about the deterioration of life - complete disinformation. Nothing to do with reality.

Just so, for reference, our Ukrainian readers. Nurse salary in Odessa 1500 hryvnia. This is the reality.

So, today we have a difficult, almost critical situation for approximately 7 million Ukrainians. "Subcutaneous fat", accumulated in home time, runs out. Real wages are not just not indexed, but on the contrary, they are falling. Many are transferred to part-time work. Many are laid off or sent on unpaid leave. Businesses are closing down.

The government efficiently implements the order of the owners to clean the territory of unnecessary population. And new initiatives, such as a ban on Russian flights aviation and the closure of borders with Russia makes it impossible to leave to work for the northern neighbor. The poverty of the Ukrainians, followed by the default of Ukraine itself, is already irreversible. The next step is a simple, but not very relevant issue. When? The answer to which December will give us.
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  1. +3
    5 October 2015 06: 06
    The government efficiently implements the order of the owners to clean the territory of the unnecessary population.

    Apparently, this is the only task the owners of the "Square" set themselves, just like in Russia in the 90s, that M. Thatcher accidentally leaked in public then.
    1. +3
      5 October 2015 07: 21
      By the way, if by "average Ukrainian" we mean those who live in the very center, that is, in the middle of Ukraine - on Hrushevsky and Bankova - then the extras are absolutely right! laughing
    2. 0
      5 October 2015 09: 01
      Yes, all this data is fake. This is statistics! Those. lies, if in Russian.
  2. +5
    5 October 2015 06: 20
    I would like the winter, which is just around the corner, to come to a real Russian land with severe frosts and blizzards. Here she will dot all the "I", finally and irrevocably.
    1. +3
      5 October 2015 07: 32
      Quote: silver169
      I would like the winter, which is just around the corner, to come to a real Russian land with severe frosts and blizzards. Here she will dot all the "I", finally and irrevocably.

      And what about the FSUs that they have there? Freeze or get sick to me anyway. We have our own "cotton" business and "these" what they want, let them do.
  3. 0
    5 October 2015 06: 24
    I think an urgent need for a revolution is directly needed in some kind of southern region.
    1. 0
      5 October 2015 06: 42
      Igor39 (3) SU Today, 06: 24 New
      I think an urgent need for a revolution is directly needed in some kind of southern region.

      I hope you mean non-stop?
      If so, then she is just around the corner. And to fly and ride from the mountain at the same time, I think this time, it will not work with Svidomo.
  4. +3
    5 October 2015 06: 38
    I believe that we need to endure for now. Fully provide all the Crimea and build the Nord Stream-2. So let the winter be mild in Ukraine, and the Europeans will give them credit for our gas on credit.
  5. +6
    5 October 2015 07: 01
    "The three highest paid are also financiers - UAH 8388 (it was UAH 6912, an increase of 21%) and IT specialists - UAH 6899 (it was UAH 4974, an increase of 39%). The lowest salaries for postmen and couriers are UAH 2107, for doctors UAH 2599 and teachers - UAH 2904. " This is also the case with us. Teachers and doctors are also paid a pittance, compared to the same IT specialists and managers. And you can't get a good job without cronyism.
  6. +3
    5 October 2015 07: 42
    They forgot about default, officially recognized.
    And this is buying up debt obligations and squeezing the last reserves and assets out of the country.
    Although there is a pipe to blackmail not only us, but also Europe.
    So I would not count on a very quick end.
    The population will quietly die and leave the country.
    Actually, as was the case with us until recently.
  7. +1
    5 October 2015 07: 42
    The answer to which December will give us.... Let's see, not long left ..
  8. +7
    5 October 2015 08: 19
    Classic expression:
    There is a lie, there is a blatant lie, and there are statistics.
    Ukraine surpassed all this, now we must say:
    There is a lie, there is a blatant lie, there are statistics, but the crown of everything is dill am !
    It is not a secret that the majority of dill consider Russia to blame. In that number, and my friends, who awesomely changed their views at the end of 2013. And in the summer of that year, they envied that we had GDP, and they had a thieving Yanuca. What they have, in Kiev, in translating courses, is considered a good payment of the entire 7000 rubles / month, which year after year lag behind Russia more and more. But after half a year, they began to talk through the lips, saying that we were robbing them and now they rushed to Oiropp (this is how it reads Deutsche). Shchas! So their fool and waited! The last conversation was last summer. Charging, mooing, dribbling, statements in the style of 12 chairs that Oiroppa will help them.
    Communicated a lot with dill fool and I see that it is still too good for them, egoists, to think.
    Quite sincerely I wish dill enjoy their stupidity to can`t. It is clear that the media can do a lot to shape the worldview, but even then the head must be switched on from time to time!
    Even ATDDs are helpful to think about!
  9. +1
    5 October 2015 09: 40
    I correspond by e-mail with a colleague living in the Odessa region. I recently congratulated Tankista on the day, the answer came a day later, where he boasted that we walked on this holiday for three days, ate hare and a lot of other variety. By the end of the celebration, all guests wanted to become tankmen. He is a senior citizen. What is the standard of living?
    1. +1
      5 October 2015 19: 39
      He is a senior citizen. What is the standard of living ?,
      Do not be naive, ask the pictures to be sent. I think the battery will go dead.
  10. +3
    5 October 2015 09: 49
    Everyone, including the government and the president of this country, are confident that life has become worse. Everything except the state statistics service of Ukraine.

    Dear colleagues, I’ll start a provocative topic.
    Someone generally believes that statistics in any other country are more truthful and objective.

    Provocateur, huh? tongue hi
  11. +4
    5 October 2015 09: 49
    But dill rivets alterations in the bullpup of old Kalash. Like Malyuk and Kid. They are preparing to fight with "new" weapons. But they can't come up with their own, everyone is remaking the AK-47. And they rejoice, like children, if it also works. Brains, of course, are still there, but there is little reason left in them. Oh, if only they could still tightly shut off gas, oil, petarity and generally close the borders. And trade to zero. Then they would have happily jumped "who is not galloping, that moskal" and would have been practicing all winter. But the internal columns in Russia from the fifth to the fortieth will not give. It's a pity...
  12. +3
    5 October 2015 11: 44
    Previously, they took 1 or 4 rubles for 5 hryvnia, but today 3, plus the fact that the ruble also crashed twice. The hryvnia today is almost equal to the Moldovan lei, but in Moldova the average salary is 4500 lei. If earlier the most impoverished country in Europe was Moldova, today it is Ukraine.
    1. +1
      5 October 2015 13: 32
      If earlier the most impoverished country in Europe was Moldova, today it is Ukraine.

      You have received a letter.
      This is not because Ukraine has become worse off, but because Moldova has begun to live better.
      Poroshenko, Yatsenyuk.
    2. The comment was deleted.
  13. +5
    5 October 2015 12: 53
    Strange, but Lagar is surprised by the rapid growth of the economy of dill.
  14. +1
    5 October 2015 15: 04
    "Life has become better, life has become more fun!"
    Everyone on the Maidan for ritual races! Glory to the Ruin, and fat to the heroes!
  15. +2
    5 October 2015 16: 43
    I don’t understand something - but what about us, differently, or what? Our bankers' earnings are lower than teachers and doctors, in Moscow they swell with hunger, and in Uryupinsk and Birobidzhan they don’t know where to get money from grandmother.
    On Rublevka, the last one is eaten up without salt, but in the Rasseysky villages it’s completely black and red and with cognac ....
    Why rejoice that goggle? The neighbor’s cow died, and we are dancing? And who will think? ....
    That’s too bad ....
    1. 0
      5 October 2015 18: 10
      Why rejoice that goggle?
      Just READY.
      The neighbor’s cow died, and we are dancing?
      And what else to do, after red, black and brandy?
      And who will think? ....
      And we also have to think for Ukrainians?
      That’s too bad ....
      So maybe we have cognac with caviar?
  16. +5
    5 October 2015 18: 25
    I remember that back in 1991, a certain Kravchuk shouted that there were 52 million of us and that we fed the whole USSR, and after 5 years we would live in France and Kravchuk personally would live even better. Not so much time has passed, only 25 years Kravchuk lives and thrives there are 35 million of us left and all of Africa laughs from Ukraine, zdobula exu.
  17. 0
    5 October 2015 22: 20
    let's guys stop throwing all these mockery about Ukrainians here. I understand that they write the same thing, but you shouldn't be like the poor. Someone evaluate your "success" and compare your income using the same algorithm. I'll tell you about myself. I still have a salary, even in Euro, you can live poorly, but as I paid 100 euros for an apartment in 13, so now I pay 100 euros. That is, the cost has increased by 80 percent in two years. But not sickly. That is, it remained in euros, but my salary in euros dropped by 80 percent. Well, okay about the euro. This is a different topic. And now the purchasing power ... Maybe someone can estimate how much everything, even for a year has risen in price, but if for two? Well, if milk bread meat jumped up by 30 percent, then more serious products have doubled in price, as well as some services. Okay, while gasoline is growing smoothly and not like in past disasters, right there the next day, according to the dollar rate, it grew. I went nuts - potatoes for 90 rubles ... And they sell them, although I seem to live almost in the village and many have gardens and grow potatoes and cucumbers with tomatoes there.
    In general, it’s not nice to spit on neighbors when things themselves are not all right.
    1. 0
      6 October 2015 03: 58
      Quote: AwaZ
      I’m crazy here - potato at 90 rubles ..

      laughing Your name is probably Andersen. This is where they sell such potatoes? On the market, if we are converting to these very euros, it costs 20-25 eurocents ...
      Here, it seems to me, you wrote an old joke. How much did you buy a tie for? For 100 bucks..A..Cheap. From around the corner, exactly the same for 150 sell
      It is hard to believe that in a normal store the cost of potatoes can be such, especially in the fall ... Early and some Israeli in April, I agree. And this ...
    2. 0
      6 October 2015 04: 17
      Quote: AwaZ
      as I paid 100 euros for an apartment in '13, so I now pay 100 euros. That is, over two years, the cost increased by 80 percent

      Unlucky for you somehow .. I have at the same time the rent .. also increased, but 40 percent so ..

      Quote: AwaZ
      I have a salary even in Euros ...

      Quote: AwaZ
      ... my salary in Euros fell by 80 percent ...

      What kind of miracles? Do you have a s / n in Euro, or all the same in rubles?

      Quote: AwaZ
      ... milk bread meat 30 percent twitched up ... and more serious products went up in price two times

      And who is "more serious"? belay

      Quote: AwaZ
      potatoes for 90 rubles ... And they are selling, although I seem to live almost in the village

      I live in the city. In "Auchan" very decent potatoes, place of birth - Russia, costs 9.80

      I have a strong feeling that we live in different RFs ..

      Quote: AwaZ
      In general, it’s not nice to spit on neighbors when not everything is fine with ourselves

      For the sake of this they wrote, a campaign?

      More thoroughly necessary, more thoroughly (c) Arkady Raikin Yes
  18. 0
    6 October 2015 05: 11
    Were Russians - lived in Ukraine Ukrainians; became Europeans - live in Gabon Bandera.

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