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The birth of the front bomber Su-34

Bomber contours resemble a huge stingray, who hid at the depths ...

The birth of the front bomber Su-34

1. Not so long ago I was able to visit the Novosibirsk aircraft plant them. Chkalov (NAZ) - a branch of JSC "Company" Sukhoi "where they produce the legendary Su - 34. 20 March 2014, the Su-34 was the first combat aircraft officially adopted in post-Soviet Russia.

NATO members call this bomber Fullback (“Defender”), our pilots, affectionately call him “Duckling,” and for sure there is an explanation for this. But when this “duckling” moving out onto the runway, drove in 7-10 meters from me, I felt one delight in the beauty and power of this steel bird!

What reminds me of this engine (and this engine from the "drying")? I remembered that similar units stood on the first aircraft of the young Sky Walker from star wars, when he competed on his first aircraft!

2. This is not the first time I have been at such facilities, so the usual conversation at the checkpoint, the inventory of the equipment being introduced and a short briefing are not surprising. Then we start working.
Just think: Su-34 contains 57 of thousands of parts that need to be assembled in the correct order. Some units, such as the engine, are assembled not here, but at other plants, where it is tested, and transported to the assembly shop, where it is mounted in the aircraft body.

3. We are located in one of many aggregate assembly shops. The most painstaking and tedious process at the assembly stage of the fuselage is the drilling of holes. Previously, all the holes drilled right on the stocks with a hand drill. Now the automatics pre-drill small holes on the machine, and then drill the required diameter on the slipway.


5. Here, air intakes are assembled, and three fragments of the future car are docked on the stocks, the head part, the air intake and the tail part. At this stage, 15 people are employed.



8. The third stage of the assembly shop is the most interesting - checking the machine for tightness. For the first time I heard such a word - sprinkling, and the brigade that performs this procedure is called sprinklers. It looks really simple: the car is driven into a huge box and watered. The design of the machine is complicated, and not all places people can get. In order to eliminate errors and malfunctions, they invented such a “trick”: they enclose special paper, where necessary, then shut down the entire machine and water it. After completion of watering, they look if the paper is wet, then they determine the percentage of water ingress and eliminate the channels through which moisture has entered.

9. We arrived a little earlier, the car is not yet ready for irrigation trials, but as they say, the pass was written out.

10. “Those who want to look at the assembly shop from the top?” With these words, one of the shop staff members approached us. Together with a correspondent from a military newspaper, I climb to a special platform where Oksana, the crane operator, was waiting for us. With the help of this crane transported various heavy fragments of the body of the aircraft. Well, we just ride along the entire shop.

11. Preparing the drying casing for leak testing.

12. In the shop at the same time working on several machines. By the way, at the very end of the workshop, behind the fence, is the production of Superjets.



15. Assembly workshop, where they work with wings. The fuel system is being finalized.

16. Acceptance commission

17. Fragment of the fuel tank. Previously, I thought that in the car just stand ordinary tanks, well, maybe some special form, due to the design nuances. But no, everything is much more complicated! A unique pumping and pumping system was created, which guarantees and is responsible for the uniform balance of fuel in the entire system, and, most importantly, it does so in all flight modes of the SU-34.

18. A sense of humor, even in such a serious production should be present)

19. Transportation of a fragment of the wing.



22. Instead of lunch, we are going to look at the tests of already completed aircraft. Checking the documents again - and in a few minutes we are on the field. At the start, two cars are being prepared, one just left the plant slipways, the second one has already been painted - this is its extreme test flight. She will already sit in the shelf prescribed to her.

23. Not yet fledged "chick", today he has the first tests. Many people mistakenly believe, since the Su-34 began to be mass-produced, why test it in different modes? With this opinion in the root do not agree at the factory, because during the tests everything must be provided for the pilots in the combat unit to fly reliably, confidently and safely!

24. While I am trying to keep warm in the piercing wind, this machine is undergoing final preparatory preparations. The pilots are already in the cockpit.

25. Look professional with a capital letter. The guys know their stuff at all 150 percent. By the way, they check the flight performance of the machine when flying at extremely low and as high as possible in supersonic mode. In such modes in combat units do not fly. The test pilot of the entire 4 flight for two hours by the factory pilots, and another 3 flight performed by the pilots of the customer already.

26. Before departure, all wings and planes are tested.

27. So another car is transported to the test site.


29. Perhaps this is the most vivid impression - when in 7-10 meters from me, this car rumbled, advancing on the runway. The roar of engines covers and a second or two can not hear anything. Then, just before the take-off, Su-34 cut the engines at full capacity. “If only you knew how loud it was there now,” an officer standing nearby told us ...

30. The new steel bird, having made a short run, abruptly broke off the ground and in a few seconds disappeared among the low floating clouds, towards the sun, and to its habitat.

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  1. svp67
    svp67 2 October 2015 06: 29
    A very necessary "birdie" for Russia ... Thanks to the designers, engineers and workers, as well as the author of the report.
    1. crazyrom
      crazyrom 2 October 2015 07: 00
      Beautiful! Well, we can rejoice, finally they will experience in real combat conditions. In Syria, 6 seems to be already pieces, probably soon they will arrive soldier No tests and exercises will replace real combat operation.
      1. tracker
        tracker 2 October 2015 07: 29
        just there the whole "front-line aviation complex" will come in handy in the best way
      2. avt
        avt 2 October 2015 08: 49
        Quote: crazyrom

        Not that word! No matter how much I look at the car, I won’t get tired. It's all the same great that they did not lose such a car in the 90s good
        1. THE_SEAL
          THE_SEAL 2 October 2015 11: 06
          The article is interesting. And what happened to the Yak-141 ?. It seems to be a very promising project
          1. 0255
            0255 2 October 2015 12: 50
            Quote: THE_SEAL
            The article is interesting. And what happened to the Yak-141 ?. It seems to be a very promising project

            Its program was terminated in the early 1990s, some of the technology was sold to Lockheed for their F-35.
    2. tracker
      tracker 2 October 2015 07: 27
      The "Duckling" did an excellent job in the war of 888, extinguished the Ukrainian Buki, although it was not adopted for service. Birth was not easy during the difficult 90s
      1. Falcon
        Falcon 2 October 2015 10: 03
        I wonder how it turned out they had the production of superjets behind the fence?

        If the Su-34 is made in Novosib and the Superjet in Komsomolsk.
        1. Jandarm
          Jandarm 2 October 2015 13: 30
          In Novosibirsk, there really is an assembly of cabins for a superjet
          Final assembly in Novosibirsk do not
  2. jetfors_84
    jetfors_84 2 October 2015 07: 25
    The machine is beautiful and decent, but why is it "legendary" ???? What has already become famous in battles ???
  3. SeregaBoss
    SeregaBoss 2 October 2015 07: 40
    Great photo report!
    I would also love to work on the assembly of this wonderful bird.
    Clear and clear sky to all Ducklings! smile
  4. FID
    FID 2 October 2015 09: 14
    The report is good, one word! But, I was pleased with the phrase: "Before the flight, all the wings and planes are tested" ... The plane, if it is not a biplane, has ONE wing. There are TWO CONSOLES OF ONE WING. There are several steering planes (surfaces). It's a pity that aviation correspondents are poorly versed in the subject ...
    1. tracker
      tracker 2 October 2015 12: 44
      Well, do not carp, took slats and tail for wings
      1. FID
        FID 2 October 2015 13: 24
        Quote: Pathfinder
        Well, do not carp, took slats and tail for wings

        What slats ??? PGO (anterior horizontal plumage) is NOT slats and tail feathers are NOT wings.
        1. Barmalei
          Barmalei 2 October 2015 18: 59
          What slats ??? PGO (anterior horizontal plumage) is NOT slats and tail feathers are NOT wings.

          Well, the pilot knows better, there it is. Urgently the whole Gorbunov plant needs to be retrained.))
        2. Barmalei
          Barmalei 2 October 2015 19: 35
          Sory, I didn’t understand right away. I thought that you are about the wing.
  5. Sochi
    Sochi 2 October 2015 09: 42
    Impressive ... It's great that we have such a technique.
  6. Snob
    Snob 2 October 2015 11: 10
    Very painstaking work ... This is only the tip of the iceberg, and how many enterprises are involved in the production of these 55k parts ...
  7. 52
    52 2 October 2015 16: 32
    Great report!
  8. grisch
    grisch 2 October 2015 18: 06
    I am joining. Great reporting !!!
  9. Diviz
    Diviz 2 October 2015 19: 56
    Flying tank - T90 on jet thrust. More compact than tu22.
  10. pescimakhi
    pescimakhi 3 October 2015 08: 07
    Power in perfect shape! "duck" is super !!!
  11. Rossiyanin
    Rossiyanin 3 October 2015 12: 21
    The most beautiful aircraft on earth.