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Built the first Mi-28HE for the Algerian Air Force

Photos of the first Mi-28НЭ helicopter built by Rostvertol for the Algerian Defense Ministry have appeared on the network. Currently, the car with the tail number 916 is undergoing flight tests, the blog reports bmpd with reference to

“The helicopter has a characteristic color, is equipped with a N025E supra-sleeve radar and has dual controls, similar to the Mi-28UB modification,” the blogger notes.

The construction of Mi-28НЭ helicopters is carried out in accordance with the contract signed in December 2013 for the supply of 42 machines to Algeria.

According to the blogger, Algeria became the second foreign customer of these helicopters after Iraq, which concluded a contract for the supply of X-NIMX Mi-2012HE in 15.

In addition, Rostvertol continues building Mi-26Т2 helicopters for Algeria under a contract from 2013. Initially, 6 machines were ordered, but in 2015, the order was increased to 14 units.

Built the first Mi-28HE for the Algerian Air Force

Currently, the third and fourth helicopters are ready for transmission.

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  1. Vitaly Anisimov
    Vitaly Anisimov 30 September 2015 13: 15
    We go to Africa .. And what? And suddenly ....)))) The main thing is to pay, but we'll see ..!
    1. Kostyar
      Kostyar 30 September 2015 13: 20
      Let's go to Africa ..

      We’re not just going, but crowding out the shitty states of America .....
      1. imugn
        imugn 30 September 2015 13: 54
        Algeria, it seems, has long been oriented toward Russia. They don’t like America there. Although the Hercules fly.
      2. ancient
        ancient 30 September 2015 16: 20
        Quote: Bone
        We’re not just going, but crowding out the shitty states of America .....

        Again "wishlist" and "wishlist"? wink

        Then only "KINO" will "save" .. I hope you will see everything and .. you will understand crying Well, you don’t understand .. and ... do not wink

    2. Samaritan
      Samaritan 30 September 2015 13: 29
      And recently, another good news was: At the Kazan Helicopter Plant (KVZ), which is part of the Russian Helicopters holding of the Rostec State Corporation, the fuselage of the first serial helicopter Mi-38 was manufactured, the press service of the Russian Helicopters holding said on Thursday.
      Currently, the Mi-38 is in the final stages of factory testing. 112 out of 180 planned flights completed. By the end of 2015, it is planned to complete certification work and get a certificate like the Mi-38 helicopter, the report said.
      1. Samaritan
        Samaritan 30 September 2015 13: 33
        But the main thing is the 1st photo with the "ball" is very happy good
        1. kil 31
          kil 31 30 September 2015 13: 51
          Quote: Samaritan
          But the main thing is the 1st photo with the "ball" is very happy good

          Pleases Algerians. Was infa our MO does not purchase from the sub-radar radar. hi
      2. 30 September 2015 14: 06
        The first developments and sketches of the future helicopter began to be carried out in the Kazan branch of Mil since 1983. In a word, unfinished. Unfortunately for me, who is interested in aviation, this is a morally obsolete helicopter. And also there was information that 1,1 billion rubles are required for the final tests.
        1. Kasym
          Kasym 30 September 2015 19: 43
          It is strange that Algeria is bypassing the West with its revolutions. Most likely because of the army. Algeria has both Su-30, and T-90, and S-300 with an armor. Now the turntables are modern. Apparently, the risks for the West are great - they can get it in the neck. hi
  2. Bombardier
    Bombardier 30 September 2015 13: 17
    Well, since about helicopters, I’ll add:

    In FEFU, a robotic complex has been created for the production of parts for new Ka-62 helicopters.

    At the Far Eastern Federal University, large-scale work is underway to create an intelligent robotic complex for processing polymer composite parts of the new Ka-62 civilian helicopters. This model of the Arsenyev Aviation Company "Progress" named after N.I. Sazykina is one of the most anticipated novelties of the Russian Helicopters holding in the world market. A unique system designed and assembled by scientists from the FEFU Engineering School is capable of hydroabrasive processing of more than 250 types of parts up to six meters in size from 22 types of composite materials. At the final stage, the complex will have to be finalized, and by the end of 2015, it will be put into pilot production directly at the plant.

    Full info (many photos):
    1. Grbear
      Grbear 30 September 2015 13: 53
      I looked at the link.
      How I envy them ... I studied on punch cards ... winked
  3. Same lech
    Same lech 30 September 2015 13: 20
    Let's go to Africa ..

    And the famous song come true smile

    Little children, for nothing in the world
    Do not go, children, children, to walk in Africa!
    In Africa, sharks, in Africa, gorillas,
    In Africa, large crocodiles.

    Our combat helicopters have very colorful nicknames in the world.
  4. aszzz888
    aszzz888 30 September 2015 13: 27
    So much for Algeria!
    Buy new and full speed ahead!
    They did not take something from their colonialists.
    The custodians with Rafales, Mistral have gotten into a rage, and now they are making excuses ...
    Well yes, rightly so, Chanels No. 5, rightly! fellow laughing wassat
    P.S. And the technique is really beautiful !!!
    1. donavi49
      donavi49 30 September 2015 13: 45
      Algeria has been 10 for years as a leading customer of Russian weapons. The Algerian People’s Army has the main Mi-35 combat helicopter pumped in South Africa. The remaining helicopters are also of Russian / Soviet release. Western go to the fleet (Cougars and Dolphins), as well as popovozov for generals.
  5. gabonskijfront
    gabonskijfront 30 September 2015 13: 29
    are we not lifting our legs very much toward the west?
    1. donavi49
      donavi49 30 September 2015 13: 48
      Which west? Algeria is an old partner who is second after India in terms of military-technical cooperation. Everything is already there, T-90, Tornadoes, BMP-3, C-300, Armor, Su-30, IL-78, Yak-130, Mi-8, Mi-26, Varshavyanka, Msta and a whole bunch more.
    2. Temples
      Temples 30 September 2015 13: 48
      are we not lifting our legs very much toward the west?

      So survive! wink

      Do not be horny, life is short to be sweet.
    3. North wind
      North wind 30 September 2015 13: 51
      Quote: gabonskijfront
      are we not lifting our legs very much toward the west?

      You must not worry, but the West
    4. Oznob
      Oznob 30 September 2015 14: 46
      That we just do not bully. Why the hell is it for us? The West is crazy in attack, does not want to sober up. Well it's in the blood. If you recall how the Western elites were formed in this world, much becomes clear and there is no reason to expect good.
    5. Ezhaak
      Ezhaak 30 September 2015 15: 54
      Quote: gabonskijfront
      I'm worried.

      Oh, tear your pants, no one will sew. Experience, but stronger.
    KGB WATCH YOU 30 September 2015 13: 30
    Why the Russian flag on helicopters for Algeria? Is this not in Syria by accident? lol
    1. donavi49
      donavi49 30 September 2015 13: 48
      Common practice for the period of flights in the Russian Federation. Paint over before transfer.
  7. andrei332809
    andrei332809 30 September 2015 13: 36
    looks predatory good
  8. cobalt
    cobalt 30 September 2015 13: 45
    Soon Algeria will have a Mi-26 more than ours, sadly like that.
  9. Zaurbek
    Zaurbek 30 September 2015 15: 44
    Good, and will be useful for advertising. You look and other customers catch up. And then Apache monopolistic dominates the market. Tiger and T-129 mongoose is not a full-fledged alternative.
  10. olegator
    olegator 30 September 2015 22: 35
    Yesterday I saw such an MI-28 over Rostov. still drew attention to the colors. thought for Syria. It turns out Algeria. it's good. here helicopters are constantly flying around from Rostvertol. and for themselves and for those who wish, apparently have time. it can not but rejoice.
  11. Zaurbek
    Zaurbek 30 September 2015 22: 56
    Today I also saw when I turned to Taganrog. And who minus me?