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Syrian Air Force left the headquarters of the "Islamic State" in the city of Racca without electricity

The Syrian Air Force struck a number of militant positions of the Islamic State terrorist group (IG) in the area of ​​the city of Rakka, using satellite images provided by Russian military experts, reports "Military Industrial Courier" with reference to the Iranian news agency Fars.

It is noted that Syrian aircraft destroyed the militant base in the eastern region of the Rakka province, as well as the power lines in the city of the same name, depriving the IG headquarters there.

According to the agency, the Syrian pilots used satellite imagery provided by Russian military advisers. With their help, it was possible to clarify the positions of the militants, which significantly increased the effectiveness aviation strokes.
Photos used:
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  1. Vladimirets
    Vladimirets 30 September 2015 07: 58
    There is an idea that the headquarters of that, not purebred Syrians covered, and even according to the pictures. repeat
    1. vodolaz
      vodolaz 30 September 2015 08: 30
      Ours understood that there was nothing more to lose and went all in and I support them in this, how much can you endure this?
    2. little girl15
      little girl15 30 September 2015 08: 44
      Just like in Vietnam, the pilot Lee Si Tse
    3. KazaK Bo
      KazaK Bo 30 September 2015 09: 09
      There is an idea that the headquarters of that, not purebred Syrians covered, and even according to the pictures.

      Your opinion that not entirely pure-blooded Syrians were pilots is not without truth ... But the variant of similarity of surnames is not ruled out ... when performing combat missions, Russians are much more often heard! Salty! expressions than politically correct English idiomatic ...
      Speaking of the similarity of surnames ... In the old days, an American pilot, shot down and taken prisoner, insistently demanded to show him the pilot who shot him down ... ace since the Korean War ... In response, he was informed that he was shot down by the Vietnamese pilot Li Xing. .. Just then the surnames often sounded the same ... So why can not it be so now?
      In conditions when hostilities begin to show high preparedness and effectiveness ...
      1. Vladimirets
        Vladimirets 30 September 2015 18: 30
        Quote: KazaK Bo
        Your opinion that not entirely purebred Syrians were pilots is not without truth.

        Judging by the latest news, I was right. laughing
  2. Wiruz
    Wiruz 30 September 2015 07: 58
    Have you noticed? As soon as information about our planes in Syria began to leak out, the number of attacks by the Syrian Air Force immediately increased by an order of magnitude. I don’t know what it would be. laughing
    1. Scandinavian
      Scandinavian 30 September 2015 08: 01
      In Syria, the LPR militia from the Batman GBR died

      According to the militia of Donbass, on the night of September 22 in Syria, the militia rifleman Maxim Trifonov (Norman, Peresvet) was killed.

      “Maxim Peresvet died. Russian volunteer from St. Petersburg, past the hell of the Donbass in the summer of 2014. He died in northern Syria, in the Kobani region, during his war with Islamic scum from ISIS, in a detachment of Kurdish militias, ”said one of the comrades of the deceased.

      Information to the fighters of New Russia was transferred to the Kurdish militia of YPG - the Kurdistan People’s Self-Defense Detachment.

      According to preliminary data, Maxim, along with his colleagues, went to the Euphrates in the dark and moved along the coast, at the entrance to the bridge a mine exploded, which was powered remotely from the other coast.

      The car rolled into the river. The fighters from Koban delivered the remains of the dead: clothes and unloading parts. All things that somehow retained their appearance are captured in the photograph.

      “This is what they found in the car. Helmet, chevron (was on a piece of charred fabric, either sleeves or unloading). And a car chip. The guys agreed to search the skeleton of the car voluntarily, thereby risking every second to get under the bullet of a sniper ISIS *. They found some still slurred burnt remains, but they, of course, were not sent to us. even with the delivery of these little things there were problems. Such a tragic story. The first volunteer from Russia, the first death. Landing mine, where you come from, ”the militia said.

      Maxim "Peresvet" himself, on September 16, wrote on the social network that he was going "to rest in Syria."

      Previously, he wrote about ISIS, which he went to fight with:

      “Do you know the difference between ISIS and ukrov?” For - nothing of me, and they both want to kill. "

      The fighters of the Batman GBR confirmed information about the death of the hero of New Russia:

      “Norman (Max), brother, you helped us with humanitarian aid, you were closer than your brother, blessed memory to you. Sleep well brother! ”

      * The Islamic State movement was recognized as a terrorist organization by a decision of the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation dated December 29 of December 2014, its activity in Russia is prohibited.
      1. dsi
        dsi 30 September 2015 08: 07
        Bright memory!...
    2. GRAY
      GRAY 30 September 2015 08: 05
      Quote: Wiruz
      Have you noticed? As soon as information about our planes in Syria began to leak out, the number of attacks by the Syrian Air Force immediately increased by an order of magnitude. I don’t know what it would be. laughing

      We could have prepared the Syrian pilots in advance, there was time.
  3. dsi
    dsi 30 September 2015 07: 59
    Syrian pilots used satellite imagery provided by Russian military advisers.

    Well, the beginning has been made. Good luck!
  4. Penetrator
    Penetrator 30 September 2015 07: 59
    What is electricity there ... Now, if they left without a sewer, so that they would drown in shit. laughing
  5. Alexander Romanov
    Alexander Romanov 30 September 2015 07: 59
    When I read Syrian Pilots, I smile a little. I don't know why lol
    1. Junior, I
      Junior, I 30 September 2015 08: 03
      Probably because the "Vietnamese" pilots also shot down the Americans.
      1. rotmistr60
        rotmistr60 30 September 2015 08: 27
        You know, but the Vietnamese pilots shot down the Americans. And they have their own heroes. It was in the Korean War that the main burden lay on our pilots.
    2. ML-334
      ML-334 30 September 2015 13: 02
      I see you own info
  6. Sauron80
    Sauron80 30 September 2015 08: 02
    And you are already pissing Americans off with boiling water, Kerry won a direct threat yesterday — Russia could see its falling planes.
    1. DenZ
      DenZ 30 September 2015 08: 12
      Actually, Kerry can just as well see her falling planes. Nobody is waiting for them there either. From the point of view of ISIS, as I think, now you need to bring down everything that flies.
      1. ARS56
        ARS56 30 September 2015 14: 38
        Well, not really. The Americans "bomb" the ISIS mainly with containers with liberal humanitarian aid (weapons and ammunition). So the losses of the ISIS members from such a bombing - if only with the help of someone they crushed.
        Americans will not offend their child (igil).
    2. The comment was deleted.
  7. 79807420129
    79807420129 30 September 2015 08: 08
    So after all, a coalition led by the USA can see its falling planes.
    1. Reserve buildbat
      Reserve buildbat 30 September 2015 08: 21
      ISIS cannot shoot down mattress airplanes. Otherwise, they will cut their funding.
    2. papas-57
      papas-57 30 September 2015 10: 17
      `` So after all, the coalition led by the United States can see their planes falling. '' It can not be. The US and coalition pilots do not approach ISIS positions closer than a hundred kilometers precisely to avoid their losses. Bombing the desert is more pleasant and safer.
  8. RUS96
    RUS96 30 September 2015 08: 11
    Soon everything will work in full. Everything is stated, there is no where to retreat. Only forward. Our luck and minimum losses.
  9. slizhov
    slizhov 30 September 2015 08: 12
    A good continuation of the beginning ...
    It is difficult to destroy a handful of running people from airplanes, but with the help of drones it is possible to track the places of their deployment, storage of weapons and equipment, as well as the place and concentration of not only groups of bandits, but also fuel reserves.
  10. Mountain shooter
    Mountain shooter 30 September 2015 08: 14
    What well-aimed pilots were found in Syria. Immediately. Well, good. The mattress makers have suspended the recruitment of new fighters to the "opposition" they train. It became sympathetic. Kerry began to threaten MANPADS! Looks like, really, got to the liver. They lose their sense of proportion.
  11. Oman 47
    Oman 47 30 September 2015 08: 17
    "... Captain Si Ni Tsyn, you and Lieutenant Yo Ba Nu - take off on the second lane."
  12. tolmachiev51
    tolmachiev51 30 September 2015 08: 18
    Anecdote from the Vietnam War - "Vietnamese pilots" on the air "Vanka, I'll cover him e" well "!!! Apparently even here" Syrian "Ivan Ivanovichs went hunting. Well, okay, politics requires encryption.
  13. rotmistr60
    rotmistr60 30 September 2015 08: 25
    provided by Russian military advisers

    Obviously, before, when the Syrians conducted successful operations, they used Russian intelligence. Just then it was not advertised.
  14. linadherent
    linadherent 30 September 2015 08: 31
    Quote: Vladimirets
    There is an idea that the headquarters of that, not purebred Syrians covered, and even according to the pictures.

    Yeah, "... our pilot shot you down, Li-sitz-in ..." lol
  15. Yurmix
    Yurmix 30 September 2015 08: 41
    Quote: 2sila
    Mattresses have already changed their priorities in visual intelligence.

    Mattresses are not authority for us. smile
    ALEA IACTA EST 30 September 2015 08: 45
    Can Syrian pilots do better than the vaunted American aces?
    Or the latter have a completely different task ...
  17. DMB3000
    DMB3000 30 September 2015 09: 00
    Quote: udincev
    Quote: jarome
    Just wondering, did not provide before in the previous few years? ...

    Previously, Putin delivered frank speeches at the ONN assembly?

    in 2005
  18. Old26
    Old26 30 September 2015 09: 01
    Quote: 2sila
    IMHO. UAVs are more promising and faster. Various. From "strategists" to pocket ones. I am simply silent about the economic benefit. Mattress toppers have already re-prioritized visual intelligence.

    What is more promising - yes, more efficient - is not always the case. It all depends on your goals
  19. vell.65
    vell.65 30 September 2015 09: 04
    Quote: Haettenschweiler
    - No chance. Soon, the 2018 World Cup. All the money will go there. Including cut with pensions, salaries, social guarantees.

    Sir, are you really left with three crusts of bread? So they say they give land in the Far East, though you need to work on it in order to eat what, but you should not whine. hi
  20. lopvlad
    lopvlad 30 September 2015 09: 10
    That would be a blow to inflict on the pipelines and oil production infrastructure of ISIS. And the Americans are threatening because Russia is destroying an American hacked beast named ISIS. This beast, according to the plan of the Americans, was to solve all the US problems on our continent.
  21. uge.garik
    uge.garik 30 September 2015 09: 11
    Well, the process has begun ...- we will expect an influx of European refugees into Russia, in connection with the bankruptcy of Western policy ...- direct nostalgia - dejavu however ..!
  22. Vladimir
    Vladimir 30 September 2015 09: 27
    And it seems to me that all the same the Syrian pilots inflicted air strikes, because if the Russian pilots had done this work, then in addition they would have smashed the headquarters to dust.
  23. Ryuuk
    Ryuuk 30 September 2015 09: 53
    It is sad that they have to destroy their own infrastructure, but the direction is nevertheless the right one. To deprive militants of supply bases, worsen material conditions in the territories where they are located, and together with ground attacks and ultimately militants will howl / demoralize / pretty much lose in terms of combat readiness (both morally and financially).

    And in terms of pilots ... The Syrian military are not pygmies with spears and are trained at a sufficient level to understand the control of the aircraft and the tactics of their application. I think it is wrong to assume that there are none there and for almost any success they say that it is not a Syrian sitting at the helm / lever.
    The presence of our advisers does not imply their direct participation in hostilities. In any case, not in all the same operations)))
    Et to the fact that no matter how the news about the success of Syria, so many comments that at the helm in any way was not a Syrian)
  24. loaln
    loaln 30 September 2015 10: 12
    It was high time to do it. Now Syria is a dilapidated desert with a morally depressed population (the army does not count).
    That is, the support base for ground operations is reduced to zero.
    True, refugees in Europe before a fig. But, what will outweigh, time will tell.
    1. Pissarro
      Pissarro 30 September 2015 10: 48
      What is the support base in ISIS-controlled areas? There, all dissenting or unfaithful men have already been stabbed to death, the women have been sent to Jihad al-nikah (legalized by ISIS "theologians" of the sex-jihad, allegedly cleansing unfaithful women from the sins, for refusing which execution, from the age of 9 girls are required to be given to the militants) , legalized slavery, brutal torture and mass executions. All who could escape fled, who could not hunted slaves.
  25. Urri
    Urri 30 September 2015 11: 00
    Finally, they started to fight in the mind. Felling management infrastructure, not crowds of dumb-headed oslotrakh. They are deprived of the opportunity to manage transactions, sell oil, transfer loot to mercenary accounts, and manage maneuverable groups. In the Syrian war, control is everything. There is no solid front.
    This makes me happy. Al-Baghdadi would have called on his cell phone more often, as Dudaev would have done.
  26. ML-334
    ML-334 30 September 2015 12: 24
    Vladimir And it seems to me that the Syrian pilots did airstrikes all the same, because if the Russian pilots had done this work, then in addition they would have smashed the headquarters to dust. Not convinced. Try again.
  27. sharp-lad
    sharp-lad 30 September 2015 12: 49
    It seems that war is very bad, but such news made it calmer.
  28. ML-334
    ML-334 30 September 2015 13: 00
    And I am proud of OUR FLOWERS and I know only OURS are able to break the warmer of ANY adversary like a Tuzik. I strongly doubt that our instructor is sitting on the stormtrooper. I wish the guys a successful hunt and the number of take-offs was equal to the number of landings. Motherland is waiting for you all alive and healthy. Thank you .