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New Russia: to be or not to be? Where so many problems have the GRU and the MGB?

Indeed, there are enough problems. The incident in Torez it showed. And even if we are not supporters of the official version of the terrorist act, it is, oddly enough, very clearly shows that there really are problems.

Versions of the work of the so-called DRG of the Armed Forces of Ukraine or of any other structures "on the other side", or the presence of obvious traitors, will be left for discussion to those who should be engaged in them. The only question is how competent these bodies are.

If you believe the information coming from LDNR, then, alas, the picture is more than sad. What happens in the MGB DNI, we have already described. I must say that the situation in the LC is no better. Yes, we do not observe scandals associated with this structure. But recently there has been a real outflow of people capable of carrying out actions inherent in the security authority.

As for the GRU DPR, the level of doubt in the competence of this structure is also growing every day. And growing so much that they are already starting to talk about it. And, as in the case of the MGB LNR, people also began to leave the GRU. And, as usual, those who have everything in order with such concepts as duty and honor. To our greatest regret.

In the near future, we will present an interview with one of the former employees of the GRU of the DPR.

In the meantime, it makes sense to speculate a little on the topic of sudden impotence that struck the most prepared unit of the DPR. There are people who talk about it, and it’s good that they are still there. Because since they paint an ugly picture of what is happening, it means that it makes sense to think about the authorities. Until it was too late.

Why is there no material about the GRU of the DPR lately that says that this structure is doing what it should? Secrecy? Well, agree. But why then scandalous storiesIn which these or other employees appear? Provocations? It may well be.

However, the story of the undermining of the red "Range Rover" made a splash. And then they began to float to the surface facts and facts, which bitterly narrate about what the division that had been created "in those" times turned into a gloomy one.

The GRU began to be openly called OPG. The letters are different, the essence too. It is surprising how quickly such a specific and cohesive unit turned into an ordinary gang with a good “roof”. But you can ruin anything. Even the country, as it was with the USSR. And it’s a separate subdivision - and even more so.

You can talk for a long time on how guilty and whether Antyufeev is guilty of appearing in the higher structures of the DPR Filippova and Fadeev. The facts show that no matter how good the press secretary of Zakharchenko Elena Filippova was in her position, but what Fadeev and Filippova Jr. arranged for the GRU, you can’t call anything else like lawlessness.

New Russia: to be or not to be? Where so many problems have the GRU and the MGB?

How else to explain this report? Whatever you say, but this is a document. Signed by virtually all the commanders of the Intelligence Directorate of the DPR GRU. In addition to the commander of the 1 squad, which was the "guard" of Fadeev - "Old".

By the way, about Fadeev-Stary, the current head of the GRU. Guided by the words of Pushilin, that the main thing is loyalty to the idea, and the rest can be neglected, Fadeev "on the spot". Apparently, his commitment to the Pushilinsky idea is so great that he was appointed to such a position, despite escaping from the Slavyanoserbskaya colony, where he was serving a 15-year sentence.

Say what's wrong with that? The man was convicted in "that" Ukraine, and in Novorossia can be quite a normal member of society. Would agree if Fadeev sat for theft of state property or something like that. But the Donetsk court in 2007 year condemned him ... for murder with aggravating circumstances as part of a gang of juvenile criminals created by him.

And what, I'm sorry, can we expect from such a commander? Nobody really waits.

Created on the basis of the GRU 1 squad, the “Old” gang extorted money from local merchants, and those who refused to pay were sent to the basement and tortured. There is evidence to death. Conscious militia members were also repressed. Those who tried to resist the gang and testified against them, at best, were forced to leave "of their own will." There were also missing. There were more severe cases. The militiamen with the callsigns “Tihan” and “Dan” were indicatively and personally killed by Fadeyev.

And so, Fadeev had a helper, who also became a "roof." Yes, not simple, but gold. Alexandra Filippova. First, Sasha began to deal with issues of finance and supply. And there was no finance, no supply. Then, when the situation reached a critical point, she was transferred to liaison officers. And in May, 2015, its high point came.

Either Elena Filippova, taking advantage of her proximity to Zakharchenko, or Fadeev, they say, became Sasha’s lover (not proven, of course), or both at once, but arranged for Filippova Jr. to be appointed the first deputy head of the GRU DPR. !

Well, in the republic, where an untrained private becomes a general in two months, this probably will not surprise anyone. But for some reason, no one has any special claims on this score to the “Tsar” - Kononov.

But when a girl of twenty, not having any military experience and having no even the most primitive ideas about the art of war, began to command the special forces ... Sorry, this does not fit into any framework.

The disintegration and collapse of the GRU took on a catastrophic scale.

The high point was July 14, when a mine was laid in the red "Rage". By luck, Filippova Sr. remained alive.

What followed is already described in the blogosphere and the Internet. Repeating this dirt just do not want. The artistic performances of Filippova Junior were watched by the whole Donetsk, all, as they say, were in the know. And only in the proceedings that followed July 14, the details of this "carnival" began to reach the highest levels.

It is difficult to say how the GRU fighters would end up with non-compliance with the order of Filippova Jr. about disarming those whom she suspected of sabotage. There were many fighters who refused to “apply extreme measures of influence”. Rescued, by the way, the fact that the demon-possessed girl was "hampered" by representatives of a third party. It is clear what.

Glory to the representatives of this "third" side, that they did not allow bloodshed. And then insisted on the proceedings. Zakharchenko figured out. And those too ideological fighters who refused to carry out orders of the abnormal Sasha, could just leave their units. Again, on their own.

A Philippi Junior was reprimanded. And she continues to “work” for the good (not sure that we know whose) and further. In the same position and rank.

Did ZHarchenko know everything that was happening in the GRU? Knew Perhaps - in the edited version of Filippov and Fadeyev, especially for him. But there were people who could turn to him directly. And they addressed. And to the last they believed that Zakharchenko would figure it out.

Basically, they all no longer serve in the GRU.

Apparently, Mr. Zakharchenko is happy with everything. And Filippov, it is not clear where they came from in Donetsk, and Fadeev, a criminal, a murderer. In general, with Fadeev everything is more or less clear. Not for nothing is the legendary holder of the Donetsk obshchak the thief in law, Igor "Wolverine" - his uncle Zakharchenko. Obviously not in vain.

Everything continues to go to the target. Whole question to which one?

By the way, one of the last dirty stories in which "Major Sasha" is openly implicated is connected again with humanitarian workers. More precisely, with humanitarian workers.

22 September 2015 near her home was captured by people in camouflage uniforms and taken away in an unknown direction by Valentina Kornienko. Deputy Head of the DobRussia Charitable Foundation. The problem is that her older sister, Catherine, the founder of this famous foundation, who from the first days helped the militia and the residents of the DPR, managed to spoil relations with "Major Sasha" very badly. Because of humanitarian aid, it was not clear where.

In general, the scandals between the senders of humanitarian aid and recipients - a common thing. But Filippova Jr. put everything so brazenly that in the end it caused another scandal. And here's the result: Kornienko, Jr., was abducted in a style already familiar to us. White day, unidentified people in camouflage and balaclava.

It is clear that the GRU is not in the business here. This is the work of the DRG of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, which flooded precisely in order to weaken the flow (and without that not similar to the river) of aid in the DPR. Probably, these are those who couldn’t grab Purgin, so they, being at fault, were sent for a lower rank person. Coped.

It is clear that this video message to Zakharchenko is unlikely to lead to anything. Not those times. And what is the business of the president of the republic before some humanitarian workers there, when such things are in the kitchen?

The summary is simple and unpretentious. It is good that this notorious DRG of the Ukrainian Armed Forces has something to do besides working on the territory of the DPR. Because the DNI to oppose them really nothing. The GRU and the Ministry of State Security, who seem to be supposed to deal with precisely this counteraction, have something to do besides such trifles.

Therefore, we are sure that the loud statements of Zakharchenko on the tragedy in Torez will remain only statements. All that those who are now engaged in security in the republic are capable of is to promptly remove all photos and videos from the scene. No more.

So our opinion is that both Valya Kornienko and the hypothetical saboteur who laid it is not clear that in the “motolab” they will remain where they are now. In the unknown.

However, we make a reservation, there are still people in the Ministry of State Security of the DPR who understand that a lie is not always righteous. And these people put at our disposal a certain amount of photos and video documents from the scene of the tragedy in Torez. And, as in the case of Bednov and Mozgov, we will soon gather our experts and voice our point of view on what happened in Torez.

Just do it not on the radio, but here. Photos do not insert into the radio, but there is a sense. If our point of view will interest the relevant persons in the DPR - fine. We now have a person who can easily transfer this material to them. Naturally, in addition to the full testimony of two eyewitnesses, with whom we were also able to communicate.

Although it is unlikely that these calculations will interest someone there. But in any case, it will be interesting. With Brain we laid out in due time on 90% right ...
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  1. ps-1972
    ps-1972 1 October 2015 06: 41 New
    Yeah, shit floats to the surface ..
    1. spiolist pas harp
      spiolist pas harp 1 October 2015 13: 51 New
      I agree, these two "comrades" have already smelled everything!
      1. vladek64
        vladek64 1 October 2015 22: 11 New
        Quote: spiolist pa arphagraphy
        I agree, these two "comrades" have already smelled everything!

        Do you mean these:
        No wonder the legendary holder of the Donetsk common fund thief in law Igor "Wolverine" - his uncle Zakharchenko. Obviously not in vain.

        The fish rots from the head. Unless of course Zakharchenko is the head ...

        But in general, the dissatisfaction of the authors of the article is not clear. What, these "Fadeev and Filippova Jr." somehow contradict the original plan of the DPR (if one exists)?

        If it were a Communist Party, it would be possible to complain about the inconsistency with the moral code of the builder of communism. If it were some kind of theocracy, then they could complain about breaking the commandments.

        And so: the republic is “people's”, and these guys are from the people. Our people are different. What other complaints?

        They do not behave as you would like? And who told you that your “desires” express the ideas and principles of such a state as the DPR? Has anyone voiced these ideas and principles at all?

        Crowds of armed people roam the LDP, in the absence of a normal life, and most importantly, in the absence of a clear future, a “every man for himself” behavior will be included.

        And by the way, the report given in the article is a demonstration of the fact that this principle has already been included in the GRU of the DPR. Because it is impossible to perceive this report otherwise than an act of recognition of one's own powerlessness: the chiefs of FIVE divisions and the commanders of TWO detachments of the SPECIAL SERVICE cannot cope with the felon and the twenty-year-old girl ?? !! ?? !! !!

        Then what are they capable of?

        And Zakharchenko does not correctly respond to this report. If so many SPECIALS prefer to "complain to dad" instead of solving this problem, then Zakharchenko will not be able to solve this problem. And why should he get involved in a deliberately losing business?

        Nekhai curators understand ... Here is that "third party" angry
    2. The comment was deleted.
    3. siberalt
      siberalt 1 October 2015 17: 04 New
      Removed ideological. Now go bargain. Even on a wagon train you can make a good gesheft.
  2. Mixweb
    Mixweb 1 October 2015 07: 05 New
    Militias and volunteers are fighting for a brighter future, and cabinet rats, as always, share power. Putin needs to deal with a gang that has settled at the top of power in Little Russia.
    1. Socialism 2.0
      Socialism 2.0 1 October 2015 07: 32 New
      and not only in New Russia.
      1. The comment was deleted.
      2. Good me
        Good me 1 October 2015 08: 01 New
        The disintegration and collapse of the GRU took on a catastrophic scale.

        Maybe it is so ... But this, "they", and WE?

        Are we silently contemplating what is happening? The way, probably, the billions of OUR rubles withdrawn from OUR economy are ruined for no one knows what?

        Where are our military advisers, whom, according to yesterday’s statement by Ivashov, in the program “Evening with Vladimir Solovyov,” we have a dime a dozen?

        All let go by chance? Perhaps, by itself, “SOMETHING” will be settled?
        1. Kilo-11
          Kilo-11 1 October 2015 11: 50 New
          Not only "... billions of our rubles ..." are invested in the DPR and LPR, but the much more valuable, or rather priceless, lives of our volunteers, but since such a mess is going on there, or rather, complete lawlessness means it is beneficial to our government, our observers, let’s say, are well aware of what outrages are happening in the DPR and LPR, but no measures are taken, but rather the other way around. The question arises why? The current rulers of the DPR and LPR not only discredit the idea of ​​the Russian World, New Russia, but also our country including. It’s high time to restore order among these revolutionary businessmen. In his program, Mr. Solovyov and those invited by him can say anything, but this does not mean that it really is, for example, like Mr. Kofman, with the support of Mr. Solovyov, he presented the events connected with A.Purgin, to put it mildly, he was cunning from beginning to end.
          1. ZU-23
            ZU-23 1 October 2015 12: 46 New
            I can’t even brothers for such discussion topics, because in these republics it is not known who they are, who they belong to, Pushilin correctly said that while the idea is important, and the complete cessation of the war with the junta, Novorossia is not so huge, it’s not difficult to put things in order. Russia, too, is still living with all sorts of problems, nevertheless, we are living rising. IMHO.
          2. The comment was deleted.
      3. Vladimir 1964
        Vladimir 1964 1 October 2015 10: 46 New
        Quote: 2.0 Socialism
        and not only in New Russia.

        A very accurate clarification, Eugene, unfortunately.

        Something like this. hi
    2. Kalmar
      Kalmar 1 October 2015 09: 02 New
      Putin needs to deal with a gang that has settled at the top of power in Little Russia.

      What for? "The problems of the Sheriff Indians do not care." Again, I strongly doubt that at the top of the DPR / LPR authorities it is possible to sit down without coordination with the sun. Such people are very well suited for the role of controlled puppets: if you suddenly begin to stiffen, you can immediately raise tons of dirt on them and quickly "drain" them.
    3. Boatsman_Palych
      Boatsman_Palych 1 October 2015 13: 40 New
      Putin would have to figure out with his gang, who had settled in the Ministry of Finance and the Central Bank.
      1. Good me
        Good me 1 October 2015 14: 28 New
        Quote: Boatswain_Palych
        Putin would have to figure out with his gang, who had settled in the Ministry of Finance and the Central Bank.

        Md what ... This gang, abruptly all NATO and ISIS ...
      2. Good me
        Good me 1 October 2015 14: 28 New
        Quote: Boatswain_Palych
        Putin would have to figure out with his gang, who had settled in the Ministry of Finance and the Central Bank.

        Md what ... This gang, abruptly all NATO and ISIS ...
    4. tomket
      tomket 1 October 2015 14: 46 New
      Quote: Mixweb
      Putin needs to deal with a gang that has settled at the top of power in Little Russia.

      that's enough for you. who is interested in such a trifle? In Crimea, Aksenov also recently "lost coast", but nothing came to his senses, and now the hero! Refused to take the Ukrainian oath turns.
    5. KVS
      KVS 1 October 2015 23: 20 New
      their time has not come yet ...
      therefore everything will remain as it is some kind of time ...
  3. parusnik
    parusnik 1 October 2015 07: 22 New
    Hmm ... in LDNR there is no order .. sorry ..
    1. Krasmash
      Krasmash 1 October 2015 07: 49 New
      Quote: parusnik
      Hmm ... in LDNR there is no order .. sorry ..

      What order can there be if the Kremlin is what the hell is going on?
  4. press officer
    press officer 1 October 2015 07: 26 New
    people don’t disdain anything! Well, you need to be able to do this so that during a real war you still manage to dig at your own! request I think we will hear a lot of nasty things ... negative Eh .. guys .. no negative
  5. Felix1
    Felix1 1 October 2015 07: 40 New
    Santa Barbara
    1. Felix1
      Felix1 1 October 2015 08: 44 New
      minusers are okay, do not give rest.
    2. Wildcat-731
      Wildcat-731 1 October 2015 12: 27 New
      Quote: Felix1
      Santa Barbara

      ,, Yeah, it's not Rio de Janeiro. It's something much worse ... " belay am
      Ostap Bender.
  6. ramzes1776
    ramzes1776 1 October 2015 07: 48 New
    As the Donetsk lads taxied in the Donbass under the Yanyka, it is now taxing.
  7. Chulman
    Chulman 1 October 2015 07: 48 New
    Amnesty talked about the immediate accession of New Russia to Russia !!! Yes you ...., that is, you get tired of sorting out this shit! Where is this shooter? Brew porridge? Go get a gulp!
    1. veteran66
      veteran66 1 October 2015 08: 52 New
      Quote: Chulman
      Amnesty talked about the immediate accession of New Russia to Russia

      I completely agree with the first part of the proposal, but Strelkov has nothing to do with it, as soon as he began to put things in order there, he was immediately “asked”
    2. Good me
      Good me 1 October 2015 10: 22 New
      Quote: Chulman
      Amnesty talked about the immediate accession of New Russia to Russia !!!

      Well, believe it or not ...

      "Written off" by mail with Makeevka. We talked. From everything, it turns out that there are persistent rumors about the imminent ("just about") accession of the DPR to the Rostov region, and the LPR to Voronezh fellow

      And that "some Moscow x **" will "steer" in Donetsk, and Zakharchenko will be "ousted" to the level of the mayor of one of the cities belay

      I don’t know where Domokl lives, but Banshee, maybe (according to rumors lol ) will soon receive new compatriots from the LPR laughing
      1. Kilo-11
        Kilo-11 1 October 2015 11: 58 New
        Well, it’s impossible to attach the territory called LPR to the Voronezh Region, look at the map. These are all rumors, ordinary people are just tired of all this mess, they want stability and peace, and they probably already have everything in the Russian Federation or Ukraine equally.
        1. Good me
          Good me 1 October 2015 12: 20 New
          Quote: Kilo-11
          The territory, which is called the LPR, to join the Voronezh region, well, no matter how it does not work, look at the map.

          Looked yes . And if you are only about the LPR, and not the entire former region, then it may be in vain ...

          Nobody knows where and where we will come ...
      2. g1v2
        g1v2 1 October 2015 18: 23 New
        A bike, of course, but that’s what Russian passports can start issuing - it’s quite possible. And now a little logic. The late Brain in his video claimed that our Banshee is connected with the FSB and after reading most of his articles you come to this conclusion. That is, through it, our government agencies are trying to create an informational background to something. The question is why? What is gru and mhb DNR? These are the only serious armed groups in the DPR controlled by Zakharchenko and the DPR. There are still terbats and there used to be a republican guard, but it was transferred to the corps of the people's militia. The corps of the people's militia (if anyone does not know) constitute the main regular armed force in the Donbass and are completely controlled by the Russian Federation. They are now armed by Russian standards (even by the company of the reb), they have the same structure, uniform and our officers actually command them. That is, there are 3 authorities in Novorossia - the leadership of the DPR, LPR and NM. I conclude that in the near future all power units will remain only in the nm corps controlled by us, and the remaining units - the mbb, gru and territorial defense battalions of the ghost or bryanka-USSR type or voluntarily-forcibly become part of the nm or will be disarmed, and these articles conduct informational training before this. Am I right or not? I think we will see in the coming months.
        1. 412
          412 2 October 2015 18: 28 New
          Terbats were originally created as part of the buildings.
    3. Kalmar
      Kalmar 1 October 2015 11: 49 New
      Amnesty talked about the immediate accession of New Russia to Russia !!!

      It seems to me that it was quite obvious that this would not happen. Crimea as a "small victorious war" is enough for our leaders, and the annexation of New Russia is fraught with very serious political consequences. And then, to include a hot spot in its composition is an extremely unwise matter.
    4. tomket
      tomket 1 October 2015 14: 50 New
      Quote: Chulman
      Where is this shooter? Brew porridge? Go get a gulp!

      But how can I sin on Strelkoa .... Can we recall Putin for a start? Or does Syria not allow you to think badly? First they removed Strelkov, then Bezler, Brain, and what do you think will remain ideological? Now they will work with a “certain” contingent ...
  8. vetlan19
    vetlan19 1 October 2015 08: 43 New
    In the country, 404 are used to living theft everywhere. The habit will not go away immediately. The whole country will be ill with this, as once Russia was sick. A lot of time will pass before the cure. What can I say, everyone knows how it was with us. And in country 404, an amendment to the war must be taken. I would like to believe that such an amendment will not slow down, but accelerate recovery.
    Well, here, sneezed. So speed up wassat

    Here's the next thread about the performance of Gunpowder:

     Pafos (1) SU  Yesterday, 16:07 New

    I look and understand what the Ukrainians have come to, they have not even come, but have simply REDUCED. Am For 25 years of independence, they have not invested a dime in their country, they all survived, destroyed, slipped away, GROWED. Once they fought with all the Union republics. And now BEADS go around Europe like drunken whips under a stall with vodka: - Brother added to 100 grams of 2 rubles. It's disgusting. Despicable and Vile. LDNR with Ukraine has long been out of the way. How can I call them brothers when they came to my house with weapons in their hands HOW ??? I’m wondering how do embroidered women relate to the fact that they do not have a single Ukrainian in the Verkhovna Rada like ??? Some Jews are Poles Georgians and Courlandians. Five DEBILOVs came out with a floor rag allegedly from Ilovaysk. Yes, they darted from here in flip flops and shorts, I don’t think that they thought about the flag at that moment, they saved their skins for 2 more months in landings, pulled 2 MONTHS from the attics of abandoned houses and sewer wells !!!! Do you watch the Ukrainian video when they were collected on the road on a bus at least one had a Ukrainian flag ??? Did not have!!! Satchel was ripped off by all the symbols of Ukraine. I'd rather live in an unrecognized republic than return to Ruin to TRAITORS OF OUR PEOPLE am
  9. Zoilent
    Zoilent 1 October 2015 08: 43 New
    The author is not sufficiently informed. The letter indicated in the photo is an attempt to cover his fifth point with those who already had a “colonel" (!!!!) Sasha kissed his gums and began to limitlessly to the utmost. And when it came to them - they turned on the return line and quickly concocted this masterpiece. And the 1st detachment is not indicated in the letter for a simple reason - it in its entirety had previously left the place of permanent deployment, remaining true to honor and conscience.
  10. veteran66
    veteran66 1 October 2015 08: 51 New
    Gangster region, gangster and republic ...
  11. voronbel53
    voronbel53 1 October 2015 09: 02 New
    Yes, they’ve lit a viper, you won’t get another word where our advisers are looking, or have completely lost their hands, so the whole idea of ​​New Russia before the people can be compromised and poached, who will support such power? The bandits in power will fight on the side of the law ?, - a paradox. It is necessary to clean up immediately, then it will only get worse. I never thought that this could happen - live a century, learn a century ...
  12. Vladimir
    Vladimir 1 October 2015 09: 12 New
    Quote: Mixweb
    Putin needs to deal with a gang that has settled at the top of power in Little Russia.

    And what does Putin have to do with it? There are people, there are field commanders.
    1. Good me
      Good me 1 October 2015 09: 51 New
      Quote: Vladimir
      And what does Putin have to do with it? There are people, there are field commanders.

      Despite the fact that you need a "center", "core".

      Look, as soon as Putin, in reliance on the Ministry of Defense and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, began to "resolve" the Syrian question, everything (pah-pah), began to work out ...

      It turned out that you just need VERY, VERY LOVE ...
    2. The comment was deleted.
  13. Lecha57
    Lecha57 1 October 2015 09: 51 New
    Stuffing will definitely be. -Only they are all stupid. The people of the DNI and LDL have long been determined. I really wanted Russia to give them not only humanitarian, but also military support.
  14. ms 60
    ms 60 1 October 2015 09: 51 New
    But is this not a custom article of the SBU? It smacks of provocation!
    1. ML-334
      ML-334 1 October 2015 10: 14 New
      Calm down friend, they didn’t even dig here, but it stank.
  15. Lavrenty Palych
    Lavrenty Palych 1 October 2015 11: 07 New
    Insider information: now in Donetsk, the two most popular services are tapping and making diplomas!
    But the worst thing is that the urki brought into power by Yura Enakievsky, Renei, Mishany, etc. openly say that all the loot goes to the "curators", so it’s useless to twitch.
    1. Good me
      Good me 1 October 2015 11: 22 New
      Quote: Lavrenty Palych
      Insider information: now in Donetsk, the two most popular services are tapping and making diplomas!

      What are you saying? Is it really true ?

      Have we learned from us? belay
    2. The comment was deleted.
  16. ArcanAG
    ArcanAG 1 October 2015 11: 43 New
    Quote: veteran66
    Quote: Chulman
    Amnesty talked about the immediate accession of New Russia to Russia

    I completely agree with the first part of the proposal, but Strelkov has nothing to do with it, as soon as he began to put things in order there, he was immediately “asked”

    Strelkov was asked as soon as he began to take the Donbass.

    I will remind you.
    He surrendered half of the territory controlled by the DPR simultaneously.
    As it turned out later from Gloomy, he ordered Karlovka to leave.
    I gave the order to hand over Donetsk (see interview with Prokhanov).

    This is anything, but not putting things in order.

    By the way - I remember correctly that one of the authors absolutely long-handedly called Zakharchenko the partygenoss, and put Stalin on the same level as Hitler?
    This is a word about their impartiality and objectivity.
  17. provincial
    provincial 1 October 2015 12: 20 New
    But you know yourself: senseless mob
    Changeable, rebellious, superstitious,
    Easily empty hope betrayed,
    To instant suggestion is obedient,
    For the truth is deaf and indifferent,
    And she feeds on fables.

    A.S. Pushkin "Boris Godunov"
  18. Trigger-Happy
    Trigger-Happy 1 October 2015 13: 37 New
    One thing is for sure, the Americans have brewed such "cabbage soup" for us that there is no slurping slurp, the bottom is not visible. It is a pity for ordinary people, however, especially children!
  19. Zomanus
    Zomanus 1 October 2015 14: 13 New
    Some kind of kapets is brewing ...
    The campaign is the same "walk-field", only for our money.
  20. spiolist pas harp
    spiolist pas harp 1 October 2015 14: 17 New
    According to statistics on reading comments on VO:
    In another six months or a year, the situation will change so that Roman will write about some kind of "bloody gebene" in the Kremlin, and 2/3 of the current commentators will be enthusiastically scribbling their "Dokle ???".
    Not tired? I'm tired of it. I’m tired of the fact that the authors “put shoes on their feet”, that they stretch the facts to the maximum unipolar opinion, that they hold back the opinions and facts opposite to their opinion.

    92% of authors of the American press write about Russian threat like Putin rattling arms like all Russians are exhausted from the totalitarian regime.
    Authors, have you chosen the right example to follow?
    1. core
      core 1 October 2015 15: 58 New
      absolutely agree.
    2. RRR
      RRR 1 October 2015 22: 29 New
      Hey, "listist"! And you to them, "parasites", in PM, in PM, in PM! Yes, heap a pile. And then at the jin bell and a piece of paper ask ... wipe wassat

      Would you go to the forest yes to the censor.
      1. spiolist pas harp
        spiolist pas harp 2 October 2015 19: 10 New
        What do you think about the attitude of Radzinsky, Khodorkovsky, Venediktov and others to the Russians and to Russia in general?
        I do not like?
        So I don’t like it, when Roman for half a year already in every possible way vilifies my fellow countrymen, the LPR, and consequently me! am
        The novel actively turns everything upside down, and they slur the readers of VO.
        What is your opinion, the inhabitants of mainland Russia, develop after reading such articles about us, about the LPR, about New Russia? Or is there a little shit in Russia?
        Roman, do you remember your report about your trip to the Voronezh region? What, in New Russia devastation is everywhere and funnels are smoking? You can write about the fact that, if not factories, then at least workshops were restored. That a normal crop was harvested. The fact that in most territories the laughter of children is again heard ...
        Or just chernukha, only hardcore?
    3. The comment was deleted.
  21. Glot
    Glot 1 October 2015 14: 52 New
    I have a friend, he has been there quite often and happens to be in these DNRs, LNRs ... Since March last year, the SBU has been on the blacklist. So, we were sitting with him somehow, after his next arrival from there, drinking good drinks with a good snack, it was at the very beginning of the year. He said that he would soon rush there again. I thought, maybe I could go with him, to which he replied cunningly that he didn’t have to go there, it was NOT NECESSARY. Why? Why I understood a little later. Because for some it is a struggle for freedom, for Russians, against fascism, etc., etc., for others it’s a banal way of enrichment on the mountain, blood and dirt, by any means, because the war will write everything off. And it seems the second more than the first becomes.
    1. core
      core 1 October 2015 15: 57 New
      Of course, more than thieves, because "mind, honor and conscience" do not want to get dirty, leave, do not fight, apparently they have not such HONOR and CONSCIENCE. with every change of power there is so much foam, mom do not grieve. what honor can you talk about when your homeland is torn?
      article minus LOVER. one, the other, but I myself don’t know, you don’t know, so you don’t even speak, and even more so you don’t write.
  22. Signaller
    Signaller 1 October 2015 16: 23 New
    Personal opinion on this paragraph.Why hasn’t there been any material recently about the GRU DPR saying that this structure is doing what it should? Secrecy? Well, let's agree. But why then do scandalous stories constantly appear in which certain employees appear? Familiar with many of our Russian fighters. They don’t feed anything alien to our life. Life is life. Serebereyany is good, but already have a family, children, an apartment, a wife. All this must be fed. You would look at the queue from the cars to the First Main Directorate in the area of ​​9-00 Yasenevo. The crowds. Traffic jams create. Life is life. Therefore, just a little burst. Correct. In general, the fact that the investigator slept peacefully, you need to have good agents. And here sometimes it sucks that you don’t go to your grandmother either.
  23. yankeegohome
    yankeegohome 1 October 2015 16: 33 New
    Ndaaa already. I haven’t come here for a long time, probably from the beginning of the war. Surprised by the "change." Just like on Novaya Gazeta, the site looked (((
  24. Whowhy
    Whowhy 1 October 2015 18: 30 New
    Everything, as always - "to whom the war is, and to whom the mother is native" ... And what, during both Chechen years, was it better for us ???
  25. Bthuk
    Bthuk 1 October 2015 22: 30 New
    Apparently, Mr. Zakharchenko is happy with everything.

    Well, everything suits our Volodya (especially Nabiulin).
  26. RRR
    RRR 1 October 2015 22: 34 New
    Quote: whowhy
    And what, during both Chechen years, was it better?

    It is encouraging that they say to us at LDNR that the prosecutor’s office is investigating ALL the facts ... okay, I’ll laugh further. Who do they want to hang noodles on the ears for us? laughing

    For core - understand, my friend, that there are things laid out that are guaranteed to play in a box. Not now, so later. Do you want a drawer? No? AND Why? For the sake of your Wishlist, others do not want to get into the box. You, however, are a fool of a minor or a snob who has been stubborn if you do not understand such simple things.
  27. The comment was deleted.
  28. The comment was deleted.
  29. Servla
    Servla 2 October 2015 10: 45 New
    Here you can see what comes of it.
  30. Baloo
    Baloo 4 October 2015 23: 59 New
    In a healthy body, any function is a cascade of coordinated actions. Squeeze your hand into a fist — involved from the muscles of the toes to the muscles of the face, to varying degrees of activity. If in the brain, spinal cord, or on the periphery the conduct or feedback is disturbed, the movement / function is obtained as inconsistent, while the function of the structures that have fallen out of control is taken over by others with great stress and the movement / function may not be optimal. The loss of the immune system at the "local" or systemic general level threatens with a serious illness or death of the whole organism. And when the body begins to develop immunity against its own cells, the whole organism can suffer.
    A benign tumor can be present for many years, the body creates a protective barrier around it, and only when the tumor growth begins to irritate the surrounding tissues, a person goes to the doctors, the operation cures, if not a very neglected case.
    A malignant tumor in itself can be small and bother the body, which creates a barrier around it. A malignant tumor has proteins due to which it overcomes the barrier, enters the vascular bed, travels, adheres to the wall inside the vessel, eats it up and the growth of the secondary focus begins.
    Metastases are always angrier than the primary focus and prone to more rapid growth.
    So it is in the state. Donbass has not yet fully formed as a state, but what is happening there with this newborn? hi