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Project “Kurganets-25”: known and unknown

Currently, the Russian armed forces have several types of infantry fighting vehicles, as well as equipment of other classes built on their base. In the future, the situation should change. In recent years, several defense enterprises have been working on a unified tracked platform project, on the basis of which it is planned to build infantry combat vehicles, armored personnel carriers, command and staff vehicles and other equipment. All this will allow to solve several problems at once, from the modernization of the fleet of equipment of the armed forces to reducing the cost of its operation.

Perspective BMP, which will have to replace the existing machines, built on the basis of the platform "Kurganets-25". The development of this project started in the middle of the decade, and by now the project has reached the construction stage of pre-production armored vehicles. The first samples of promising combat vehicles were shown at the Victory Parade in May. According to available data, at present, the equipment of the Kurganets-25 family is undergoing various tests and may be adopted in the foreseeable future.

For objective reasons, the authors of the project and future operators cannot yet disclose most of the information about the promising technology. Therefore, the general public has to be content with small references to certain features of the project, as well as with published fragmentary data or expert estimates. Because of the secrecy inherent in all new projects, detailed and accurate data on Kurganz-25 will only appear in the future. However, the information currently available allows us to make an approximate picture. Let us try to collect the currently available information about the unified platform and the machines based on it.

BMP "Kurganets-25". Photo by

A few years ago it became known that OJSC Kurganmashzavod was appointed the developer of a promising platform, which, among other things, affected the name of the project. Design work continued over the next few years, and from time to time there were reports of the planned "premiere" of new technology. So, initially a prototype BMP based on the Kurganets-25 platform was supposed to be built in the 2012 year. However, as a result, the first closed demonstration of the prototype took place only in the autumn of next year at the exhibition Russia Arms Expo 2013. Around the same time, there was information about the planned display of new technology at the parade 9 May.

The aim of the project was to create a tracked vehicle suitable for use as a base for various types of armored vehicles. First of all, it was necessary to create an infantry fighting vehicle and tracked armored personnel carrier. In addition, it was planned to develop a repair and recovery vehicle, anti-aircraft and anti-tank missile systems, etc. The possibility of developing a self-propelled artillery installation was also mentioned.

At the beginning of 2013, a frame from the Kurganmashzavod workshop appeared in the media, where the body of one of the prototypes of the perspective armored vehicle was assembled. In addition, various patterns and schemes appeared on the profile resources with enviable regularity, the authors of which tried to predict the appearance of the new technology. At the same time, the actual appearance of the BMP and other vehicles based on the Kurganets-25 platform remained secret until the spring of the 2015 year. It was only after the first rehearsals of the Victory Parade that specialists and the general public were able to see for the first time promising combat vehicles, and not drawings that were not directly related to this technique.

BTR "Kurganets-25". Photo by

It is noteworthy that the new equipment that participated in the rehearsal did not immediately receive the full range of additional equipment, thanks to which everyone who wanted could see some of its curious features. For example, during the first rehearsals, the BMP and BTR of the Kurganets-25 family remained without additional airborne units, which made it possible to examine their running gear. However, it was not without a fly in the ointment: the combat modules of the vehicles were covered with canvas covers.

To date, some basic design features of the platform and equipment based on it have become known. To meet the new requirements of the customer in the person of the Ministry of Defense, as well as to ensure maximum unification of various types of equipment in the construction of the Kurganets-25 platform, some new ideas and solutions are used. In addition, it was decided to abandon a number of previous developments used in the old projects of armored vehicles.

The overall layout of the platform "Kurganets-25" made with the latest global trends in the development of armored vehicles. Thus, the engine compartment is located in front of the armored hull, with transmission units located directly behind the frontal parts of the vehicle, and the engine is located behind them at the starboard side. To the left of the engine, a relatively narrow management compartment with a driver’s workplace is envisaged. Directly behind the engine are the jobs of other crew members. For example, in the variant of the infantry fighting vehicle, the commander and gunner operator are located there. Aft hull is given for the installation of the necessary equipment or the placement of troops.

Project “Kurganets-25”: known and unknown
The first known image of the machine "Kurganets-25". A frame from the reportage of the TV channel "Star" /

According to the TV channel Zvezda, which recently showed the release of the Military Acceptance program about the Kurganets-25 BMP, the platform can be equipped with two types of engines, made in Chelyabinsk and Yaroslavl. At the time of filming the TV program, the customer has not yet made the final choice of the power plant. Nevertheless, it was noted that both engines fully comply with the requirements and provide the necessary characteristics.

The engine, regardless of its type, is connected to an automatic transmission. This unit has six forward gears and three rear. It is alleged that in the third reverse gear, the BMP is capable of reaching speeds up to 20 km / h. The engine torque is transmitted to the front drive wheels with zevochnom gear.

For a long time all interested were able to consider all the main features of the chassis "Kurgan-25". The platform has seven track rollers on each side. Applied, according to some, adjustable hydropneumatic suspension. If necessary, the driver can change the clearance of the car in the range from mm 100 to mm 500. Such feature of a running gear allows to reduce car dimensions both during transportation, and at shelter in a dimple.

Transmission platform "Kurganets-2". Frame from m / n "Military acceptance", TV channel "Star"

The Kurganets-25 platform project involves the use of a hull with bulletproof armor. The case has a characteristic frontal design with a strong inclination of the top sheet and almost vertical bottom. The sides and stern of the hull are strictly vertical. In the upper frontal parts provided hatches for access to the engine compartment. Parameters of body armor have not yet been announced. It is only known that the chassis body provides protection against 7,62 and 12,7 mm bullets. The type of bullets and ammunition is not called. The project "Kurganets-25" initially provides for the installation of various additional security systems, including real-time booking, dynamic protection, etc. All this allows to significantly increase the level of protection in accordance with the intended role of the machine.

According to various estimates, armored vehicles of the Kurganets-25 family, having a relatively powerful engine, will be able to reach speeds up to 70-80 km / h on the highway. High mobility on rough terrain must also be ensured. At the request of the customer, the platform received water jet propulsion for crossing water obstacles by swimming. Using these units, the BMP or other equipment of the family will be able to move at speeds up to 10 km / h.

"Declassified" gear lever. Frame from m / n "Military acceptance", TV channel "Star"

Management of the perspective machine is carried out with the help of several main devices. The driver has a steering wheel, gear lever, a pair of pedals and a set of control devices. Unfortunately, the interior of the department of management is still secret and relevant photos or videos have not yet been published. At the moment, only the appearance of the gear lever is known - this detail was allowed to be removed by journalists on the Zvezda channel.

The crew has a set of periscope viewing devices. In addition, the project provides additional equipment that improves visibility. Along the perimeter of the body of the combat vehicle are several sets of cameras, the signal from which is transmitted to the monitors, the driver, the commander, etc. An additional monitor with the ability to monitor the situation is installed even in the troop compartment of the BMP.

At the moment, we can confidently talk about the start of production of only an infantry fighting vehicle and an armored personnel carrier on the basis of a common chassis. Other equipment of the family is being developed, but there is still no precise data on the progress of work and plans for its construction. For example, in one of the already mentioned editions of the program “Military Acceptance”, the TV channel “Zvezda” showed the process of assembling an armored hull for an evacuation vehicle. In addition, supposedly, another machine of this type, which is in the late stages of assembly, got into the frame. However, accurate information about the BREM project of the Kurganets-25 family is not yet available. Apparently, the assembly of an experimental batch has already begun, but this is only a guess.

One of the blocks of cameras on the body. Frame from m / n "Military acceptance", TV channel "Star"

The Kurganets-25 armored personnel carrier and infantry fighting vehicle receive much more attention than other vehicles of the family. In addition, the developer and the customer, speaking of the new platform, first of all recall this particular technique. Therefore, the available amount of open data on infantry fighting vehicles and armored personnel carriers is much more than in the case of other equipment.

A characteristic feature of the infantry combat vehicles and armored personnel carriers that participated in the parade on Red Square was the large onboard booking modules. According to the latest data, these units perform a number of important functions aimed at improving the characteristics of protection and mobility. It is known that the onboard modules are equipped with dynamic protection blocks and some other armor, which allows you to add your own body armor. In addition, the modules perform the function of floats when moving through water. Due to its own buoyancy, the modules improve the performance of the entire machine. In this case, however, the "Kurganets-25" can float without installing additional equipment.

In the case of the advanced BMP, additional protection is provided by a complex of active protection, the individual elements of which are mounted on the roof of the hull and on the combat module. Also provides an electronic system designed for the disposal of anti-tank mines with a magnetic fuse.

The result of the shelling of armor. 7,62 mm and 12,7 mm bullets remained inside the slab. Frame from m / n "Military acceptance", TV channel "Star"

The infantry fighting vehicle based on the new platform has a crew of three and is capable of carrying up to eight paratroopers. The crew is located in front of the habitable body volume, and the troop compartment is located in the stern. It is known that fighters with weapons should be back to the sides. The appearance of the seats and their layout is still classified. So, on a model of a combat vehicle filmed by the Zvezda TV channel, all the equipment of the troop compartment was covered with tarpaulin and shields with unambiguous "secret" signs.

The crew of the combat vehicle has two hatches in the hull roof: the driver has his own hatch, and the commander and gunner-operator must use a common one. A large ramp for landing and landing troops is envisaged in the hull's stern sheet. When opened, it goes down with its own drives and facilitates dismounting. In addition, the ramp has a door that can be used in case of breakage of the drives. For self-defense in the door provided embrasure for personal weapons landing.

It is known that the customer, represented by the Ministry of Defense, has introduced a requirement for maximum autonomy, as well as protection of the crew and landing force from external influences, to the requirements for the advanced infantry fighting vehicle. For this, the machine receives an air-conditioning system with air purification products. Provided for supplying clean air to the crew and landing places. Additional comfort and the possibility of long-term actions at a distance from the bases is provided with the help of sanitary equipment mounted on the aft door.

Battle module "Epoch". Photo

Promising infantry fighting vehicles and armored personnel carriers differ combat module. In the case of an infantry fighting vehicle, it is proposed to use the Epoch product, also known as the Boomerang-BM. This combat module is a turret with a receiver and rocket weapons, mounted on the roof of the base machine. An important feature of the Epoch module is the placement of all units outside the habitable volume of the hull.

The BMP with the Epoch module is armed with an 2А42 automatic caliber 30 mm with selective power, a PKTM machine gun paired with it and the Cornet-EM rocket system. Ammunition of the gun is 500 of two types of shots, ammunition boxes of the machine gun contain 2000 ammunition, and on-board launchers are placed four containers with guided missiles. The module houses optoelectronic equipment for monitoring and searching targets, as well as fire control.

Having other tasks, the Kurganets-25 armored personnel carrier is equipped with another combat module. In the case of the BTR, a module with machine-gun armament and some additional equipment is used. Such differences in armaments are primarily related to the difference in the proposed tasks of the two classes of equipment.

Machine gun combat module of an armored personnel carrier. Photo by

Both combat modules of promising technology are equipped with remote control systems. The controls of all weapons systems are located at the workplaces of commanders and gunners-operators. Thus, the use of unmanned combat modules made it possible not only to ensure the required firepower, but also to optimize the layout of the inhabited volume without the need to place crew members directly under the combat module.

Unfortunately, even the most general characteristics of the promising technology are still unknown. The military has not yet announced the real indicators of maximum speed or power reserve, not to mention the parameters of various weapons. Such an approach is quite understandable, since the project has not yet been brought to its logical conclusion, and most of its details are still not worth publishing in order to avoid various negative consequences.

Several prospective cars based on the Kurganets-25 platform took part in the Victory Parade. Nine armored personnel carriers and the same number of infantry fighting vehicles of the new types passed through Red Square. According to some reports, the construction of the first batch of equipment involved in the parade was completed in the first months of 2015. In the future, the assembly of the test equipment continued and, apparently, is still ongoing.

During a recent exhibition Russia Arms Expo 2015, the management of Kurganmashzavod spoke about their plans for the future, touching on the topic of a promising unified tracked platform. The company's executive director, Alexander Klyuzhev, said that at the beginning of next year, the next delivery of Kurganets-25 vehicles to the military would take place. The Ministry of Defense will be given both infantry fighting vehicles and new types of armored personnel carriers. The number of vehicles in this batch was not specified.

In the shop Kurganmashzavod. in the background - the Kurganets-25 BTR, ahead, presumably, a promising BREM. Frame from m / n "Military acceptance", TV channel "Star"

A. Klyuzhev also reminded that several types of military equipment will be developed on the basis of the universal chassis. In the near future - the creation of an armored repair and recovery vehicle. It is noteworthy that in the program “Military Acceptance” the assembly of the body of such a machine was demonstrated. This means that the company is already engaged in the implementation of the next family project.

During this year, representatives of industry and the military spoke about the approximate timing of the launch of new equipment. During 2015-16, it is planned to complete all the necessary tests of new infantry fighting vehicles and armored personnel carriers, after which they can be put into service and put into series. Thus, the mass production of promising armored vehicles starts approximately in 2017-18's. For obvious reasons, this is only a preliminary plan, and the actual date of commencement of mass production and operation may noticeably shift.

Until a certain time, industry and the military were not in a hurry to reveal the secrets of the promising project “Kurganets-25”, because of which the public had to rely only on fragmentary information and estimates of varying degrees of plausibility. In the past few months, the situation has changed dramatically, so that all those interested have the opportunity to learn some of the details of the latest projects. Hopefully, the existing tradition will continue, and the military and industry will continue to delight us with new reports on the project and various interesting technical details.

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  1. BMW
    BMW 30 September 2015 06: 43
    Interestingly, in terms of its mass and dimensions, it is possible to adopt the Kurganets-25 into service with the Airborne Forces, or is it a middle-class platform, and then the Airborne Forces needs its own universal platform?
  2. Zaurbek
    Zaurbek 30 September 2015 07: 50
    I was surprised differently, the engine compartment is designed for both an X-shaped diesel engine from Armata and an BMP-3 engine, from Boomerang. The chief said that while they were discussing which dviglo to set. For what purposes does the BMP need a 1300-2000ls diesel?
    1. The comment was deleted.
    2. gjv
      gjv 30 September 2015 08: 44
      Quote: Zaurbek
      For what purposes does the BMP need a 1300-2000ls diesel?

      So after platform Well then. Here are cross-platform solutions. (Screwed in a word!)

      Direct Fire, Bridgelayer, Repair and maybe. Recovery is quite likely to "want" more power.
      Again all the names in English. Immediately flyer? I’m selling everything - modern marketing!
      Like the photo of the gearbox - "R2R N D ..." - immediately export version! Or a box - imported?!
      1. War and Peace
        War and Peace 30 September 2015 11: 40
        Quote: gjv
        Again all the names in English. Immediately flyer? I’m selling everything - modern marketing!
        Like the photo of the gearbox - "R2R N D ..." - immediately export version! Or is the box imported?

        the enemy has deeply climbed, why aren’t our words and letters on the Russian combat vehicle? all these Armats, derivations are not ours all this, it is necessary to redo ...
      2. The comment was deleted.
    3. cosmos111
      cosmos111 30 September 2015 12: 54
      Quote: Zaurbek
      I was surprised differently, the engine compartment is designed for both an X-shaped diesel engine from Armata and a BMP-3 engine, from Boomerang.

      Do not be surprised...

      1.engine UTD – 32, made under the flat MTO BMP – 3 and BMD – 4 on full-dressing machines, digested the entire face and evicted the driver’s drive ...

      2.State Engines of Kurgan: ChTzshny (the next modernization of 2B – 06) and YaMshy (new engine with an output of 700 l / s)

      3.on parade .... UTD – 32 flat engine, takes up the whole face ....
      the commander on the right, the driver in the center ... in the place of the gunner ...
      left to the revenge of the mechanical drive hatch, a large abnormal radiator of the abnormal engine under the grilles ...

      4. Standard layout: mechvod front – left, rear – left — commander, rear – right gunner .... there is no more radiator on the left nose ...
      to the right of the mechanical drive - engine-transmission compartment (MTO)

      info pictures from the otvaga2004 forum
      and from
      or-prilagaetsia-829876 /
      1. cosmos111
        cosmos111 30 September 2015 13: 31
        and, another photo of "Kurganets", in the regular line-up ...
        1. Sukhoi
          Sukhoi 30 September 2015 13: 37
          Lateral arrangement of the engine and crew did not like?
          1. snc
            snc 1 October 2015 02: 32
            Apparently the review of the driver was no ...
  3. Zaurbek
    Zaurbek 30 September 2015 07: 53
    The Airborne Forces have a new BMD-4M, they only received the PT-SPRUT. He can’t land anything else. Heavy infantry fighting vehicles, only as a gain.
  4. atos_kin
    atos_kin 30 September 2015 10: 45
    At the moment, only the appearance of the gear lever is known

    Some non-Russian letters are visible. Really import?
    1. Sukhoi
      Sukhoi 30 September 2015 13: 30
      Why immediately import. This is the standard gear designation used by all automakers. This means that it will be more familiar for a soldier to master military equipment from a citizen. A similar situation with the control wheel - deliberately made a curling iron and a drawer like a joystick.
      1. atos_kin
        atos_kin 30 September 2015 14: 12
        Come on. It is understood that for export.
  5. snc
    snc 30 September 2015 11: 35
    Overdone with secrecy. 12.7, 7.62 ... it's not even funny. BMP-3 holds 30mm with 300m in the forehead, it is unlikely that the Kurgan is protected worse.
    1. max702
      max702 30 September 2015 12: 47
      Quote: snc
      Overdone with secrecy. 12.7, 7.62 ... it's not even funny. BMP-3 holds 30mm with 300m in the forehead, it is unlikely that the Kurgan is protected worse.

      In general, based on the data presented, the question arises of the appropriateness of this machine .. By character, there is no difference from the BMP-3 for the better .. I sincerely hope that this is only a consequence of secrecy. And visually there is a feeling that this platform is designed for much higher loads in comparison with the BMP-3 platform, apparently it will also hold the board 30 mm and RPG, and the chassis will be able to support the weight under 40 tons, otherwise it makes no sense to start this bodyaga, according to the latter the data on the BMP-3 got rid of the rear position of the engine, providing comfortable placement and landing, the engine at 813l / s makes it possible to increase armor without reducing the dynamic characteristics, the dimensions allow you to install almost any module, and all this on a long-time-tested platform with healed childhood illnesses. So the question arises, but why then Kurganets? A new, crude and expensive platform .. The answer is one reported character is VERY STRONGLY UNDERSTANDED ..
      pc: I do not believe in the stupidity of customers and designers.
      1. cosmos111
        cosmos111 30 September 2015 13: 18
        Quote: max702
        the question arises, why then Kurganets? A new, crude and expensive platform .. The answer is one reported character is VERY STRONGLY UNDERSTANDED ..

        what characteristics are greatly underestimated ???

        the answer is probably:
        Quote: max702
        30mm and RPGs, and the chassis will be able to support weight under 40 t

        it is the security of the new BBM that was put to developers in TTX ...

        BMP-3 has its own niche .... Marines and Airborne:))))
        Quote: gjv
        ISS-350-14M is a standard parachute system for landing equipment weighing 18 - 20 tons. This is Sprut-SD. she is all the competition ... not some BMD-4M, Kurgan, she is NOT a competitor ... in terms of security and mobility ...
        for marines - BMP-3 F "Dragoon" with BM AU-220M, 57 mm AP ...
        for VDV-BMP-3M "Dragoon" with BM AU-220M, 57 mm AP ...
        1. gallville
          gallville 1 October 2015 12: 14
          Quote: cosmos111
          for marines - BMP-3 F "Dragoon" with BM AU-220M, 57 mm AP ...

          Better bmp-3f and melon-y. Firstly, better stability on the water, and secondly, they can be made from the existing BMP-3 in the NE. Melon, by virtue of its specifics, looks more preferable because of its firepower and shooting from "closed" positions.
          Quote: cosmos111
          for VDV-BMP-3M "Dragoon" with BM AU-220M, 57 mm AP ...

          Again, bmd-4m due to alignment when landing. The same situation with the module.
          But in the SV BMP dragoons. First, with the "Epoch" module (like on Kurganets), then you can put 57mm. (when he is brought to mind, they have forgotten).
    2. The comment was deleted.
  6. Laksamana besar
    Laksamana besar 30 September 2015 13: 41
    The deadlines for the year have shifted:
    MOSCOW, 30 September. / TASS /.
    The deadlines for the completion of research and development work (R&D) on the Kurganets-25 medium tracked platform are shifted by a year, state tests will begin in 2017. This was announced on September 30 to TASS by Albert Bakov, the first vice president and co-owner of the Tractor Plants concern.

    "The term for R&D" Kurganets-25 "is postponed for a year, that is, the work should be completed in 2016, and in 2017 the car should go to state tests," the agency's source said.

    He recalled that in 2016 the troops will receive another batch of vehicles on the Kurganets-25 platform. "There is a small batch, since all these machines are being used for experimental military operation," Bakov said.

    "The profile of the vehicle will change, because the military now call Kurganets25 among themselves" the dream of a grenade launcher, "the agency's interlocutor admitted.

    He emphasized that it was quickly impossible to make a car on a new platform - everything in it was done anew, except for road wheels borrowed from the BMP-3.

    The newest Russian infantry fighting vehicle on the Kurganets-25 platform will cost less than 300 million rubles, Bakov said. "Now it is really difficult to calculate the price of a car," the agency's interlocutor admitted. "Of course, this is not 300 or 500 million. Our car will cost less than 300 million."

    The Kurganets-25 platform is on a par with the heavy Armata, the medium Boomerang and the light Typhoon. An infantry fighting vehicle at the Kurganets base was demonstrated at the Victory Parade in Moscow on May 9.

    It is expected that an armored personnel carrier, an armored repair and recovery vehicle, as well as self-propelled artillery guns of 120 mm caliber and anti-aircraft artillery system of 57 mm caliber will also be created on this platform.

    Earlier it was planned that testing of equipment on the Kurganets-25 platform would be completed in 2016, and the series of combat vehicles could go into production in 2017-2018.
    1. cosmos111
      cosmos111 30 September 2015 17: 27
      Quote: Laksamana Besar
      The deadlines for the year have shifted:

      the deadlines have shifted - this is expected ...
      "The profile of the vehicle will change, because the military now call" Kurganets-25 "among themselves" the dream of a grenade launcher ",

      will change the BBM corps, BUT this will still shift the terms for adoption ...

      And WHEN was the assignment of the Ministry of Defense for technical performance and research and development, did not think about it ??? money, by the way, budget ...

      State tests of the latest infantry fighting vehicle will begin in the 2017 year.
      This was told to TASS by the first vice president and co-owner of the Tractor Plants concern Albert Bakov ..... said Bakov, noting that the price of the car will be about 300 million rubles.
      He also added that research and development work is being postponed to the 2016 year, and in the 2017 BMP it will go on state tests.

      1. gallville
        gallville 1 October 2015 13: 57
        What was to be expected after showing the BMP-3 with a front engine. And with statements that it’s going to go to the troops, they will almost modernize combat units to this level. (although why is such a volume of MP without BMP-3F running to bring to their level easier than to Dragun).
        Apparently this is a replacement for the shifting Kurgan to the right. My opinion is that before 2020 the car will not go into the military serially. And then go BMP, BTR and Bram. Other cars will have to dream for another 5 years (sau, imr, brm, etc.).
        At the same time, the entire family is developed on the basis of BMP-3. Judging by all the next 5 years, the bet will be on him. Dragoons drive a BMP and an armored personnel carrier, and vehicles based on an BMP-3 with an old line-up (Vienna, which they’ll buy, modernize cloves, chrysanthemum, Bram, Brm and others).
        In general, the BMP-3 platform is good and after 30 years brought to mind. Given the term I'm afraid to think about Kurganets.
  7. Zaurbek
    Zaurbek 30 September 2015 15: 50
    BMP 3 withstands 30mm projectile in the forehead. And in Kurganz, taking into account the weight, the characteristics should be 2 times higher.
    1. Sukhoi
      Sukhoi 30 September 2015 17: 32
      I don’t know what about times, but it is desirable to keep a promising 40mm NATO projectile.
    2. CTABEP
      CTABEP 30 September 2015 19: 54
      BMP-3 in the forehead from 300 meters holds only a conventional BT, sub-caliber or Oerlikon BOPS is already nifiga, not to mention promising 40-mm projectiles. But it is both years old, and its weight is less - so most likely the same 30mm BP "Kurganets" should be held at close range, and the sides should withstand at least 14,5 armor-piercing at any distances.
  8. Victor Wolz
    Victor Wolz 1 October 2015 21: 30
    I do not really understand the purpose of armored personnel carriers based on the Kurgan. Should he deliver troops to checkpoints? That is, to perform the functions of a typhoon and a boomerang? Or is it a machine for internal troops and for example the Arctic zone?
  9. Zaurbek
    Zaurbek 3 October 2015 10: 47
    Just a highly protected armored personnel carrier, with high traffic and floating. This niche is empty. Plus a command car, art guidance, a medical machine.
  10. Victor Wolz
    Victor Wolz 3 October 2015 23: 21
    Well, if it’s a highly protected armored personnel carrier, then it’s more like an armata — a shock armored personnel carrier for fighting in a city or taking fortified areas. You won’t have to swim in the city). The command machine should preferably not be different from others, otherwise they will be immediately knocked out, like our tanks at the beginning of the Second World War with a handrail antenna. A medical machine, such as an operating room, is more suitable for a typhoon. and the wolf or tiger is more suitable to evacuate the wounded from the field. If only for sale in the wilds of the Amazon))).
  11. philosopher
    philosopher 4 January 2016 18: 04
    If we try not to pay attention to the available scanty data on the Kurganets platform, but try to reason logically, it turns out that the Armata platform and all vehicles based on it are for action in conditions of combat contact with enemy tanks and anti-tank artillery, since the senior the platform has maximum protection against large caliber. Hence the conclusion that the scope of the vehicles on the Kurganets platform is beyond the likelihood of encountering enemy tanks and anti-tank artillery barrels (given their equal protection from ATGMs by means of electronic warfare that affect the guidance process), as well as in conditions when buoyancy is necessary primarily. In other words, the Kurganets's protection will not be bulletproof, but against BOPS up to 75mm caliber. Then BMP "Kurganets-25" with the declared weight and dimensions, indeed, can be considered promising.
    Excuse me, but I just can’t believe that the newly created combat vehicle will have a level of protection at best from a rapidly aging 30mm caliber.