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Were aiming at Putin, and got into Obama

The Western press commented on the speech of V. V. Putin at the UN General Assembly, the "backstage" talks between the Russian president and his American counterpart, and the recent TV show with Putin on the CBS channel. There have already been feedback from well-known politicians, such as Senator John McCain and Donald Trump, who dreams of becoming the president of the United States. McCain believes that Obama’s “unnecessary” meeting with Putin only played into the hands of the Russian president, and Trump found that Putin is “nicer” than even Trump himself.

Were aiming at Putin, and got into Obama

Mainly in the West, discuss the position of the United States and Russia on the Syrian issue. The talks between Putin and Obama here have essentially not changed anything. Obama insists on the need to transfer power from Assad to a new leader, and Putin warns: refusal to support the legitimate Syrian government will be a mistake. This is written by Ian Black and Julian Borger in a British newspaper. «The Guardian».

Putin said at the General Assembly that not to involve the Syrian army in the fight against the "Islamic state" is a "huge mistake", because the Syrian troops are the only force that "bravely, face to face" fights against terrorist fighters. The Russian president also criticized the West: after all, he is arming the "moderate" opposition in Syria, who then go over to the IG.

Obama in his address to the General Assembly noted that the United States is ready to cooperate with Russia and Iran to ensure the removal of Assad from power and the organization of the "transition period". Obama believes that Syria should not return "to the pre-war status quo."

The White House said earlier, journalists say, that Washington will approve of Russia's participation in the fight against IS, but Assad’s departure should be part of the decision. The White House believes that Assad is committing "bloody crimes" against the people, and it is this, as well as a long stay in power, that contributes to "replenishing the ranks of extremists."

Putin, in turn, rejects the war crimes of the Assad regime and speaks of “anti-Syrian propaganda,” observers indicate. “We support the legitimate government of Syria,” Putin’s publication quotes. “There is no other way to solve the Syrian problem, besides strengthening the existing legal state structures, helping them in the fight against terrorism, and, of course, simultaneously encouraging them to engage in positive dialogue with the healthy part of the opposition and to carry out political transformations.”

Writer and publicist Fred Kaplan ("Slate") I am sure that the key phrase of Obama in his speech at the General Assembly was this: "The United States is ready to work with any country, including Russia and Iran, to resolve the conflict in Syria."

The fact is that Mr. Obama has not previously spoken so openly about such an interaction. Indeed, the leaders of Russia and Iran have a common interest in defeating IG, but the White House could not openly join the alliance with them. There are three reasons for this, the analyst believes.

First known история US “tense relations” with these two countries: Russia and Iran.

Secondly, the “IS” is the result of the Sunni Arabs ’alienation by the Shiites in Iraq and Syria, and therefore an effective coalition against the movement should include Sunni leaders. They will be able to demonstrate that the "IG" is not the "legitimate spokesman" of their interests. This is the main reason Obama avoided joining forces with Iran a few months ago.

Thirdly, if Obama began to agree with Iran and Russia, then what about the slogan "Assad must leave"? Putin and Rouhani insist that Assad should remain, and only in this case, the fight against IG will lead to success.

So what about Obama? The analyst thinks that in his speech at the UN he tried to play along with both sides. He rejected the idea that the fight against terrorism means supporting "tyrants" like Bashar al-Assad bombing "innocent children" because "the alternative is certainly worse." (A hint at Russia's opinion.) On the other hand, actions against the “IS” can lead to the need to keep Assad in power in the short term (and remove from the presidential chair in the long term).

According to the publicist, Obama proposed a formula for solving the dilemma. This formula is a “realistic” compromise, as a result of which the “controlled transition” of power from Assad to the new leader of Syria will be organized.

The key phrase here is “managed transition,” notes the journalist. But it will not be Obama and his Western allies who will rule, but Moscow and Tehran. And how will Moscow and Tehran define the “new leader” if they believe that Assad can defend the country? Syria is also a foothold in Russia in the Middle East. For Iran, it is also important: it is a “gateway” through which Tehran’s regional interests are moving further west (especially in Hezbollah).

And what about Obama's politics? The United States has no vital interests in Syria, and Obama has no desire to get bogged down in a “dirty civil war,” the author writes. However, the war is expanding; hostilities threaten turmoil in the region, affecting American allies. In addition, there is a refugee crisis in the world. However, Obama’s creation of a coalition based on Sunni countries (Egypt, Turkey, Jordan, the Persian Gulf monarchy) did not lead to success: Sunni countries were rather weak in the struggle, and the most promising partner (Turkey) seemed more interested in defeating the Kurds than in the rout of the jihadists.

That is why Obama was forced to enter into an alliance with Iran, Russia and (“deep sigh” by the publicist), even with Assad. The author recalls that once Franklin D. Roosevelt and Winston Churchill resisted an alliance with Joseph Stalin to fight Hitler: after all, Soviet communism is also “evil”, even if it is “slightly less Nazism”. But without this union, they would not have become winners in the Second World War. The war against “IG” is not so “titanic,” the writer points out, but the principles here are the same. Sometimes the situation gives a terrible choice, and you have to stand on the side of the "less evil."

The famous German journalist Ingo Mannteufel writes about the choice of the “two evils”.

In the article “Putin is forcing to choose from two evils” on Deutsche Welle He notes that in his speech at the UN General Assembly in New York, Vladimir Putin made it clear that the coalition against the "Islamic state" will receive Moscow’s support in the UN only if the Assad government participates in it.

“With such a position, President Putin is forcing the West to choose between a bad and even worse option in the Syrian crisis: the US and Europe should recognize Assad as a de facto partner in the fight against IG terrorists,” writes a columnist. - Thus, not only would the stabilization of the regime of the Syrian ruler occur, but also the role of Russia as a global player in international politics would increase further. Isolation of Russia by the West as a sanction for Russian interference in the affairs of neighboring Ukraine would have been broken. ” “If an agreement with Putin is not reached,” the journalist adds, “the current situation in Syria will evolve according to the previous scenario: the deadly war in the Middle East will drive away millions more, probably, first of all, in the direction of Central Europe.”

Marina Koren (Marina Koren) in "The Atlantic" tried to scold Putin, but for some reason Obama got the nuts.

“Last spring,” writes the journalist, “Russia ignored one UN resolution that recognized the annexation of Crimea as illegal, and blocked another one that called for a Syrian conflict to be considered at the level of the International Criminal Court investigating war crimes ...”

In a speech delivered at the General Assembly, Putin behaved, as observer John Schindler put it, as if "a new sheriff in the city."

Putin taught the United States: he said that when it comes to the "Islamic state", America behaves incorrectly - makes a "huge mistake", not wanting to cooperate with the Syrian government and its armed forces.

In addition, Putin ridiculed the "single center" of power in the form of the United States, which supposedly was used to dominate, based on the postulate of its own "power" and "exclusivity."

According to Koren, after the mutual accusations of Putin and Obama in a personal meeting of the presidents can hardly find any meaning.

Such a meaning was found by John McCain: the meeting, in his opinion, was beneficial to Putin. This senator in writing told the press.

As rebecca keel writes "The Hill"Republican Sen. John McCain harshly criticized President Obama for meeting with Vladimir Putin. According to him, Obama gave Putin exactly what the Russian president wanted.

Obama's decision to meet with Vladimir Putin is a mistake, there is no need for him, according to McCain, who circulated his own statement in the press. Obama, according to the senator, turned out to be a toy in Putin’s hands: the current American president himself is destroying international isolation around Putin, undermining US policy and making Putin’s “legitimate” destabilizing behavior, “dismembering” Ukraine and supporting Bashar al-Assad in Syria.

According to McCain, the Syrian conflict does not require a meeting between the heads of two states - the United States and Russia. The senator is convinced that Putin’s true intentions are to support Bashar Assad. A Republican criticized the White House, "entangled" in Putin's intentions.

McCain himself knows exactly what Putin wants: the Russian president creates a coalition with Syria, Iran and Iraq, supports Assad, wanting to undermine US policy and ultimately expand Russian influence in the Middle East "to an unprecedented degree in the last four decades."

The correct American response to Russia, according to Mr. McCain, lies "beyond the capabilities of President Obama."

There was a person in the USA who liked Putin.

Donald Trump, whose statements were published by the newspaper The Washington Times, believes that Putin is a more pleasant person than he, Donald Trump.

“Well, Putin gave an interview, and I gave an interview ...” said Trump, referring to participating in the 60 Minutes telecast on CBS.

Putin was interviewed by Charlie Rose, and billionaire Trump by Scott Pelli. According to the businessman, Pelly interviewed him harder than Rose - Putin. Moreover, the "hardness" was "fair."

Why is Putin treated "softly"?

“I would say, because Putin is a much more pleasant person than me,” said a likely presidential candidate.

An interesting twist, add on my own. What is it, Mr. Trump? A hint at the friendship of nations?

Observed and commented on Oleg Chuvakin
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  1. Igor39
    Igor39 30 September 2015 06: 10 New
    Putin seems to be in "isolation", and the whole world speaks of him aspirated.
    1. B.T.V.
      B.T.V. 30 September 2015 06: 36 New
      Quote: Igor39
      Putin seems to be in "isolation", and the whole world speaks of him aspirated.

      "Like" is the keyword. An “isolated” Putin was sitting next to Ban Ki-moon at breakfast, and some were in the gallery.
      1. udincev
        udincev 30 September 2015 06: 50 New
        Quote: B.T.W.
        Putin was sitting next to Ban Ki-moon at breakfast, and some were in the gallery.

        Thank you for this UN.
        Putin 100% seized the opportunity and had a well-deserved success. I am proud!
      2. MIKHAN
        MIKHAN 30 September 2015 07: 01 New
        Again, Putin fucked Obama ... And he clearly likes it! wassat
        1. Zoldat_A
          Zoldat_A 30 September 2015 09: 48 New
          Quote: MIKHAN
          Again, Putin fucked Obama ... And he clearly likes it!
        2. Vladimir 1964
          Vladimir 1964 30 September 2015 16: 35 New
          Quote: MIKHAN
          Again, Putin fucked Obama ... And he clearly likes it!

          Vitaly, so who likes something more? laughing drinks
      3. igor.borov775
        igor.borov775 1 October 2015 05: 52 New
        Hi!!! And how you wanted. The anniversary session and the origins of the creation were the USA, USSR, and England. An interesting thing is the story. The Americans and I were more likely to compromise than the British. This era was interesting. The Britons constantly wanted to bargain for themselves more. Two Presidents are rightfully sitting with the UN Secretary General. They the USA and the USSR have made a greater contribution to the creation of this organization.
    2. Siberia55
      Siberia55 30 September 2015 06: 53 New
      so it’s better, maza faka!
    3. Rezident007
      Rezident007 30 September 2015 07: 02 New
      Putin was first introduced by Boris Yeltsin))) Apparently, amers still have nostalgia for the 90s, “how did it happen to be buzzing under Ben ..!” .. Yeah, there were times of course ... I don’t want to remember. It's a shame, it’s still put it mildly.
      1. mirag2
        mirag2 30 September 2015 07: 37 New
        Here is the info without which I was upset yesterday:
        “As Kerry noted, the Syrian conflict cannot be resolved without the involvement of Sunnis in Syria’s political life, which will take“ some time. ”Assad’s immediate resignation could lead to the collapse and destruction of Syrian civilian institutions.“ An orderly transition, a controlled transition, so that there’s no fear of retribution, revenge, fears for life, ”Kerry said, acknowledging that the US’s previous approach to changing power in Syria was ineffective."
      2. Zoldat_A
        Zoldat_A 30 September 2015 18: 18 New
        Quote: Resident007
        Putin was first introduced by Boris Yeltsin))) Apparently, amers still have nostalgia for the 90s, “how did it happen to be buzzing under Ben ..!” .. Yeah, there were times of course ... I don’t want to remember. It's a shame, it’s still put it mildly.

        Mistaken EBN, fortunately, with a successor. Yes, and the State Department did not calculate the GDP and blinked. Well, they thought there that everything would go the same way. Look, the Pentagon’s report to the State Department has recently been declassified - so in 1996, while the liberals were choosing here, the Pentagon predicted that by the 2003 year the Russian army would cease to exist. Still years 10-15 such as those under EBN and everything could have been. And here, inappropriately for the State Department, the GDP showed up. And again, “something went wrong” with them - even Taburetkin failed to finish off the army.

        And it’s terrible to imagine what would happen if EBN guessed with a successor ... Some Chubais would be moved to the presidency, again “would have voted with his heart” with American money and the country’s ... wow ... country ... Well, it’s in the figs about the night terrible ...

        About 1996 ...
        EBN recovered from anesthesia, Yastrzhembsky was standing nearby, the elections were held.
        - I have, Boris Nikolayevich, two news - good and bad. Where to start? ..
        - Come on with the bad.
        - Zyuganov scored 55% of the vote in the election.
        - What good then ?!
        - And you, Boris Nikolayevich, 65% ...
        I am ashamed to recall those elections and let those who then "voted with their hearts" and those who sang songs by mouth around the country in support of this vote suppress their ballots ...
    4. Siberia55
      Siberia55 30 September 2015 07: 40 New
      Do you even understand ...
      1. Zoldat_A
        Zoldat_A 30 September 2015 09: 54 New
        Quote: Siberia55
        Do you even understand ...

        Smart would understand. But what can we expect from Obama, about Bush Jr., who, even according to America’s beloved test, pulls, at best, imbecile (68, in my opinion - but definitely less than 70) ... They won’t understand what they messed up with .

        Those who saw the branch on which they sit are also happy in their own way. They do not know that they can fall. And even more so they never guess that their sawing and falling are somehow connected ...
    5. andre
      andre 30 September 2015 07: 57 New
      Yeah, the Saudis are probably the most civilized - damn shit. Until now, people have been handed sticks and hanged with sticks. And Assad damn tyrant? !!!
      1. Zoldat_A
        Zoldat_A 30 September 2015 17: 46 New
        Quote: andre
        And Assad damn tyrant? !!!

        And the funniest thing is that when Assad was chosen, he was congratulated in the American newspapers on his election. So the elections were legal? So why are they now yelling that he is an illegitimate president?
    6. demon1978
      demon1978 30 September 2015 09: 45 New
      Quote: Igor39
      Putin seems to be in "isolation", and the whole world speaks of him aspirated.

      And this is such a "creative" way of isolation yes You need to close yourself in a cage and scream loudly that everyone who is outside is behind bars (and from a certain point of view, this will be true yes it all depends on this very point)
    7. marlin1203
      marlin1203 30 September 2015 10: 06 New
      Trump - to the President! Better a businessman than another Washington Dreamer.
      1. Dilshat
        Dilshat 30 September 2015 21: 01 New
        Trump is a "good cop."
    8. Darwin
      Darwin 30 September 2015 12: 29 New
      The electrical tape is over smile
    9. Ejik_026
      Ejik_026 30 September 2015 13: 26 New
      Old Man would have such isolation :).
      1. Starik72
        Starik72 30 September 2015 15: 11 New
        Alexander, and where does Old Man ??? Here, it seems, other topics are being discussed.
    10. Geisenberg
      Geisenberg 30 September 2015 13: 27 New
      Quote: Igor39
      Putin seems to be in "isolation", and the whole world speaks of him aspirated.

      Apparently because isolation exists in the brain of only certain individuals?
    11. Andrey Petrov47
      Andrey Petrov47 30 September 2015 23: 48 New
      From words he quickly got down to business. Everything is concrete. So the ISIS created by the Americans will now require a lot of money from them to restore
    12. mmk
      mmk 1 October 2015 03: 07 New
      The betting of future presidential candidates is made precisely on Putin, since they all understand that Obama was seriously fucked up in relations with Russia and Putin was too tough for him. Hence, there is so much talk about Putin, everyone has already understood that Obama is political impotent, he can’t do anything, neither he nor Europe, they all run together to consult with the Kremlin, it’s just too low for the USA, but as a result, they’re done only in their usual style. They retreated a long time ago, and they could only recognize their helplessness now, after Putin's official statement.
  2. Russian Uzbek
    Russian Uzbek 30 September 2015 06: 11 New
    Obama is definitely autistic ...
    although it can be understood, everything is collapsing, everything is falling, all that remains is to make menacing speeches ...
  3. Name
    Name 30 September 2015 06: 13 New
    Yes, CHO is shy there, the GDP dunked the semi-ruberoid and K, so much so that they were given to the makovka itself.
    1. Pavel Vereshchagin
      Pavel Vereshchagin 30 September 2015 08: 55 New
      The gross domestic product has bought up obama.
  4. narval20
    narval20 30 September 2015 06: 17 New
    All this "fuss" in the press can hardly be considered Obama's defeat.
    But the fact that our President acted as a world leader and leader of a STRONG country is a fact recognized by all parties.
  5. dsi
    dsi 30 September 2015 06: 22 New
    Pelly interviewed him harder than Rose Putin. Moreover, “rigidity” was “fair”

    After Vietnam, it’s hard to find a really tough interview ... uh ... shorter than the forehead of the interrogation.
  6. parusnik
    parusnik 30 September 2015 06: 25 New
    I got this policy of double standards from the West .. B. Assad is bad, because he is friends with Russia .. In the world there are a lot of dictatorial regimes that are acceptable to the West, no one wants to overthrow them, because their own ..
    1. Karasik
      Karasik 30 September 2015 06: 50 New
      Quote: parusnik
      .B. Assad is bad because he is friends with Russia

      But Smoked and Co. probably already has its own president of Syria, democratic-and-already, already tears of tenderness from the eyes! Passed accelerated courses of presidents at the best college in the USA, awaiting appointment to the post. That is, the very “controlled transition" of power that Obama crowed about.
      1. russmensch
        russmensch 30 September 2015 10: 45 New
        But what, of course there is ... the next internship is being held at Poroshenko. His name is Misha ... Saakashvili
  7. ratfly
    ratfly 30 September 2015 06: 28 New
    Trampushka fell in love ...
  8. afdjhbn67
    afdjhbn67 30 September 2015 06: 32 New
    And everything went on and on according to American patterns ... words are air fluctuations ... why don’t we sanction the Americans, but they are us.
    1. Junior, I
      Junior, I 30 September 2015 06: 48 New
      So you have not seen everything! You see only one side of what is happening.
      And all due to the fact that the press covers more Western politicians. They work for the public, and our "The Darkest" quietly does the thing after which, again, the whole west is on its ears.
      1. BMW
        BMW 30 September 2015 07: 36 New
        Quote: afdjhbn67
        And everything went on and goes on American patterns.

        Missed a real chance to squeeze the United States from the Middle East, put in place the monarchy and squeeze Israel, or even drag them to their side. But instead of waving the “Powell test tube” and giving it to the US trash, we allowed them to save face and influence, and were unable to undermine Western unity. Do we really need such an ally in the coalition, with one hand it would be like to bomb the IS, and arm them with the other? In addition, the Ukrainian problem could be rocked in the direction we needed.

        Quote: Younger, I
        our "Darkest" is doing quietly a thing after which, again, the whole west is on its ears.

        So what, sanctions in any case will only increase. Yes, and stand on your ears and quiet down, and the cart as it was, will remain where it was.

        Of course, there are pluses too, they put Obama to a sachet, attracted attention to themselves and Syria, got the opportunity to calmly help Assad, put together their coalition, put pressure on Kiev.
        It’s just that this plus seems so bold against the background of the previous prosers. Yes, and does not reach the level of the USSR.
        1. Apsit
          Apsit 30 September 2015 16: 53 New
          Quote: bmw
          In addition, the Ukrainian problem could be rocked in the direction we needed.

          Still time wink
        2. Stanislas
          Stanislas 1 October 2015 06: 21 New
          Quote: bmw
          instead of waving Powell’s test tube and dumping it in the US
          If Putin had “waved Powell’s test tube,” everyone would have spoken about him as a clown, Powell’s apprentice, and he wouldn’t have done that to the United States. And now they are talking about Putin as a world leader, which essentially means "to devote to the trash of the United States." He did it and how.
          Quote: bmw
          In addition, it was possible to rock the Ukrainian problem in the direction we needed
          smile Why, there, I would go over all the world's problems, have a cool digest ... Of course, you know better from the cellar.
    2. avia1991
      avia1991 30 September 2015 08: 24 New
      Quote: afdjhbn67
      for some reason, we are not sanatorizing Americans, but they are us.

      And why do we need it? One "Resident Evil" is enough for the eyes of the world ..
      Whether we like it or not - but the established state of things in the world is such that the United States, thanks to the gigantic economic influence of international capital, they have greater “authority” - that is, they can put pressure on most world leaders in order to support their policies. Do you offer to become like them? To do this, you need to acquire at least equivalent leverage in strength.
      In foreign policy, Putin is trying to take a different path: with his "philanthropic and respectful" behavior, he wants to influence consciousness other countries so that then people force their own politicians to accept Russia as a respected partner. And if you believe the media reports (not only ours) - this behavior has an effect.
      The path is not the closest - but quite effective in the long run: endlessly ignore the opinion of their own population, without prejudice to themselves, not a single politician can.
      As for the "authorization" - this is a matter of economic sovereignty of the country .. which is far from perfect. And for its correction, except for the external, we need a "Russian-oriented" domestic policy - to "do" which, apparently, we still have no one: almost everyone who is responsible for it "eats with their hands" (read - from the back seat) of Western capital.
      1. afdjhbn67
        afdjhbn67 30 September 2015 13: 18 New
        Or maybe the answer lies simply in the plane - they can turn off the cranes for us, and we only have Putin on the podium ..? and no more than we can annoy them?
        1. avia1991
          avia1991 30 September 2015 21: 29 New
          Quote: afdjhbn67
          they can shut off the cranes for us, and we have only Putin on the podium ..? and no more than we can annoy them?
          Nikolay, explain to me: how did you personally suffer from sanctions from the West? And the other side of the same question: Do you seriously think that these sanctions have benefited the citizens of Western countries?
          1. afdjhbn67
            afdjhbn67 1 October 2015 05: 04 New
            You see, what we have is that especially in the West no one is asked by citizens ..
            1. avia1991
              avia1991 1 October 2015 08: 28 New
              Quote: afdjhbn67
              You see, what we have is that especially in the West no one is asked by citizens ..

              This is not only with us and "in the West" - it is everywhere! In the modern world, there is no social model of society in which the opinion and position of its citizens is a priority.
              But you did not answer my question ..?
              To me personally, the sanctions of the West - to one place! Those problems that we are now observing domestically are not because of sanctions, but because of unprofessional actions choked by the greed of our "elite". I have repeatedly spoken out here on this subject: the impression that The president has given the domestic economic bloc to the economic bloc of the government, defending only the interests of MO! And he himself is engaged in foreign policy, which turns out, I must say, not bad .. but with today's downward movement of the economy, of course, it cannot continue endlessly. And I repeat: Western "sanctions" in worsening the situation play only the role of a "scapegoat" - they are VERY CONVENIENT to write off all our problems, and the government’s own inability to rectify the situation! hi
  9. Sloavaros
    Sloavaros 30 September 2015 06: 33 New
    He has a realistic attitude towards the problem that others have created. I put points on and, and gentlemen, work, correct your stupidity. And personal claims (like McCain) can be ignored, like barking mutts. Russia is doing its job and that’s it!
  10. Tanker55
    Tanker55 30 September 2015 06: 34 New
    Everything that our President said was personally written by him himself, cool in my opinion. And as you, dear participants, noticed that the whole world is talking about Putin and Russia.
  11. rosarioagro
    rosarioagro 30 September 2015 06: 53 New
    "... An interesting twist, let’s add on our own. What is it, Mr. Trump? A hint of the friendship of peoples?"

    No, it's just an election campaign, a game of contrasts
  12. Vikxnumx
    Vikxnumx 30 September 2015 06: 54 New
    Putin is a much nicer person than me, ”said a likely presidential candidate.

    Trying to get votes before the election?
    Quite possible. But does the president determine US policy? Hard to believe...
  13. SeregaBoss
    SeregaBoss 30 September 2015 07: 06 New
    Yes, we have many problems domestically, but in the international arena, Russia is strong thanks to GDP and the entire diplomatic corps. So stir up the anthill is exceptional and not very expensive. Hats off to VP. hi
  14. Vita vko
    Vita vko 30 September 2015 07: 18 New
    Democracy and justice cannot be in principle, as long as there are medical corporations that control the consciousness of entire nations, or rather, deceive people to please politicians and their sponsors. Until each media outlet has a sole owner in the person of the editor, and for custom articles they do not begin to prosecute - any democratic reforms in the UN and in any country will be doomed to failure.
  15. s.melioxin
    s.melioxin 30 September 2015 07: 18 New
    I would say, because Putin is a much more pleasant person than me, ”said a likely presidential candidate.
    Although Trump is not a standard for a gentleman, I personally am pleased to hear this from him. There is Who and what to be proud of.
  16. aszzz888
    aszzz888 30 September 2015 07: 24 New
    The United States has no vital interests in Syria, and Obama has no desire to get caught up in a “dirty civil war,” the author writes.

    And where do they have “interests” apart from their meritosia? NO WHERE! But stick your nose everywhere. And we must assume that the door to which this nose is pinched is in Russia.
  17. zombiunian
    zombiunian 30 September 2015 07: 31 New
    imagine the debate)))) Putin-Obama. ))))) There will only be mockery, one goal.
  18. officer29
    officer29 30 September 2015 07: 47 New
    You have not read the Ukrainian news about the speeches of the Presidents of Russia, the USA and Ukraine ... According to their version, speech No. 1, of course, is Obama’s speech !, well, and the idea is Ukraine. The speech of the President of Russia is relegated to the backyards, and Poroshenko easily defeated him by the fad! What time! repeat
    1. Will
      Will 30 September 2015 15: 31 New
      And the people of Ukraine believe in this? belay
  19. ARES623
    ARES623 30 September 2015 07: 49 New
    All political commentators delved into the question of who won whom at this meeting - Putin Obama or vice versa, but no one bothered to analyze what ultimately this meeting would bring to Syria. It seems that the main thing for the American press is the movement and interaction of large figures, and you should not pay attention to their bloody footprint on the planet. The blood of hundreds of thousands of people is just the backdrop against which the US political heavyweights flaunt and PR. In truth - the United States must be destroyed. It seems to me that if Yellowstone bangs and covers the United States, then no one will give hands to the world gendarme. Yes, and rightly so.
    1. Stanislas
      Stanislas 1 October 2015 06: 44 New
      Quote: ARES623
      if Yellowstone bangs and covers the United States, no one will give a hand to the world gendarme.
      I think otherwise, our Ministry of Emergency Situations will fly there first, everyone will begin to feel sorry for them. And I would like to feel sorry for them, but without Yellowstone I can’t ...
  20. zombiunian
    zombiunian 30 September 2015 07: 59 New
    They listened to Obama while they clapped))))))). And Putin is like a banderlog of spacecraft. CLOSER. MORE CLOSER.
    1. Landwarrior
      Landwarrior 30 September 2015 08: 43 New
      Quote: zombiunian
      They listened to Obama while they clapped))))))). And Putin is like a banderlog of spacecraft. CLOSER. MORE CLOSER.

      Probably who didn’t clap Putin - his hands were busy, he outlined the speech lol
  21. sledge
    sledge 30 September 2015 08: 01 New
    And here the mattress covers
    1. zombiunian
      zombiunian 30 September 2015 08: 05 New
      noooooo. came already justified - just added a little more to your pants
  22. press officer
    press officer 30 September 2015 08: 09 New
    Obama, as always, wants to plant his humanoid in Syria; cargo Clinton said that if the IS was defeated by Russia, they would lose all hope of winning the main asset of these nations — oil! And like Russia, she already is, why should she? request And McCain’s monkey was saved in vain in Vietnam ... oh, nothing ... it was necessary to finish off with a shovel .. or a club .. and bury it like a dog in the same place. am One thing strikes me, who is the Negro Obama, if all senators rinse him? what Those. imagine from our side- the governor will openly call the president ... belay his own on the rags will tear! yes And here it’s apparently taken like this .. photo senators do as a keepsake with the IS terrorists and then blaspheme the president of the country and they have NOTHING for that! Super! good Apparently, some kind of weight is still available to McCain's fucking head. yes
  23. slizhov
    slizhov 30 September 2015 08: 14 New
    "Tell me the American, what is the power! Is it in the money? So the brother says that in the money. You have a lot of money, and why? I now think that the power is in the truth: he who has the truth is stronger! Here you are deceived someone, made money, and why - did you become stronger? No, you didn’t, because there is no truth for you! And the one who deceived you, the truth is behind him! So, he is stronger! "
  24. slizhov
    slizhov 30 September 2015 08: 19 New
    Obama’s content has lost so much weight over the past five years that he has become confused in his own trousers.
  25. rotmistr60
    rotmistr60 30 September 2015 09: 43 New
    “I would say, because Putin is a much more pleasant person than me,” said a likely presidential candidate.

    And no one doubted that. Nevertheless, it is interesting to observe the Americans during the election campaign period. Ours have already become boring and have become lean. And then there is such a dissent and such pearls that you will envy.
  26. dzvero
    dzvero 30 September 2015 10: 05 New
    One has already come running half bent. It's only the beginning...
    1. Sauron80
      Sauron80 30 September 2015 11: 44 New
      A video that you can watch forever))
      Terrible samurai put to the bearded savages from Russia the conditions for concluding a peace treaty))
      1. dzvero
        dzvero 30 September 2015 13: 38 New
        There, from where I honestly stibril a gif, there is an odd comment:
        "Having lived quite a long time in Japan and understanding and deeply loving this culture I can definitely say
        this pose qualifies as the pose of the offender who sincerely apologizes for something that both know. This is done at the level of reflexes, instinctively without thinking, and only publicly because the atonement is in this publicity. Putin will have to excuse him and forget about it. And Abe now owes Putin. "
        In general, the signature to the gif is also nothing - How to properly approach Putin. A manual for Western politicians.
        1. KOH
          KOH 1 October 2015 06: 16 New
          Guys !!! Well, thanks, in the morning we had fun ..., I didn’t see this frame ...)))))) laughing
  27. andrew42
    andrew42 30 September 2015 11: 26 New
    The US leadership, as always, tried to make a good face with a bad game. The American Sherkhan realized that his faithful Euro-jackals are busy with problems with refugees, they are not up to the real fight with Assad, just like they are not up to imitating the fight against IS. The Saudis and Israel are also preoccupied with bad premonitions about the IS: today the IS is on a leash by the States, but it’s too shaky - the owner’s hand will tremble, and the rabid dog may rush at the “drinking buddies” who have already sat down to feast on the corpse of Syria. In such a situation, the States realized that Russia / Syria / Iran will deal with the IS regardless of the desire / unwillingness of the United States. States cannot stand up for explicit defense of the IG. Really do not want to fight either. Their task was to grind Syria between mercenary fanatics and the "demorcatic" fleet / aircraft of the "civilizers". And the fact that the IS will dispense with the States in the matter of defeating IS is their sadness. From here, only from here all their “warmer” statements. The team of “gray” takes a timeout.
  28. zakamsk1971
    zakamsk1971 30 September 2015 12: 06 New
    Obama will not help in Syria. The Americans will try to organize a second Afghanistan for Russia. Cynical liars, the Americans will let the fog go, but they will remain our existential enemies.
  29. Bashibuzuk
    Bashibuzuk 30 September 2015 12: 47 New
    Does everyone understand that in the situation with ISIS and Syria, Russia has no chance of a mistake.
    And, honestly, can we say that the United States will not do their best to provoke our pilots to some kind of mistake.
    It was already slipping through that these opposition terrorists were crammed with MANPADS complexes. Crammed even more.
    Are terrorists carrying boxes in the desert? They sit in the villages and towns. So who will our bomb?
    It’s clear to us that there are terrorists. And for CNN, it will all turn out to be - ".. peaceful, civilians, guilty only of being Sunnis ...".
    For the BBC ... for someone else.
    Then it turns out that the stream of “refugees” that has increased many times over to Europe is the result of the “barbaric” bombing of civilians by Russia. That ISIS, instead of Asia Minor ended up in Europe - Russia is also to blame.
    Decision is made. Our equipment and crews are already there. May our win.
    But it’s so alarming, for such strange dealings.
    "Caught" some minuscule, it turns out.
    I do not believe the States, I do not believe.
    I don’t believe in foreign enthusiasm about how Putin brilliantly addressed the General Assembly and "shod" everyone.
    All this is so reminiscent of “thimbles” that it becomes scary.
    God grant our good intelligence and accurate miscalculation of situations!
    1. Will
      Will 30 September 2015 15: 43 New
      "To be afraid of wolves - do not go to the forest." winked
      1. Bashibuzuk
        Bashibuzuk 30 September 2015 16: 43 New
        Precisely, precisely ... from a girl, such a remark is especially valuable.
        And also - "the forest is cut, chips fly"
        That yes - "you can’t see the forest beyond the trees"
        "Measure seven times, and cut once"
        We were born to make a fairy tale come true.
        "... First of all, we’ll spoil the planes,
        Well, the girls - and then the girls !! Wow .. "
        I emphasize again - the decision has already been made. One must think sat very respectable guys.
        Wondered this way and that.
        They decided not to be afraid of wolves.
        and wander in the desert.
        Well, God grant us all good luck!
    2. Stanislas
      Stanislas 1 October 2015 06: 58 New
      Quote: Bashibuzuk
      And for CNN, it will all turn out to be - .. peaceful, civil
      If we act with constant eye on CNN, then it will be most effective to strangle ourselves - less dirt is poured on the dead.
  30. vladimirvn
    vladimirvn 30 September 2015 13: 02 New
    He is not the first, he is not the last. There are few real men in politics.
    Quote: ratfly
    Trampushka fell in love ...
  31. silver_roman
    silver_roman 30 September 2015 14: 41 New
    I think that the main question is that the same Yankees would not deliver the ISIS to ISIS. If Putin agreed and Obama agreed, then our aircraft will work quietly, but if they did not agree, then there will be trouble.
    Everyone remembers Afghanistan and Chechnya.
    In this matter, one must act very subtly.
    But it is also interesting what the Russian Federation will give in return? nothing happens for free, especially in international politics!

    ps this is especially subtly correlated against the backdrop of Kerry's statement about "our falling aircraft in Syria!"
  32. The comment was deleted.
  33. maikl50jrij
    maikl50jrij 1 October 2015 10: 17 New
    Trump once said that the Syrians with Iran and Russia should fight in Syria against the IS ... Americans have nothing to do there! The question immediately arises, why did he get such a motivation? Do they want to transfer the Syrian question to the shoulders of the Russian Federation? Quite possible. Under this "noise" and the refugees "put" on us. But we cannot do otherwise! “The enemy must be beaten on its territory!” Is a good call. If, God forbid, we have to indulge in war with IS on our territory, we will grab a lot of grief! Beslan, but Chechnya has completely shown the tip of this iceberg ...