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Strategic Rocket Forces of the Russian Federation conduct planned exercises

A spokesman for the press service and information department of the RF Ministry of Defense on the Strategic Missile Forces, Colonel Igor Yegorov, said that in Yoshkar-Ola Oblast formation final inspections and exercises began with the participation of several thousand military personnel under the control of the commission of the Strategic Missile Forces command.

Armed with this missile compound are mobile ground missile systems "Topol".

“The purpose of the exercise is to assess the coherence of actions of units and subunits of the formation, practical actions and command skills, military personnel during the preparation and implementation of combat readiness activities, and work out standards in any conditions and time of day. In total, about 3000 military personnel and more than 200 units of equipment will be involved in the conduct of the inspection and training, ”RIA reports Yegorov "News".

In addition, the head of the press service of the Higher Military Education, Alexander Gordeyev, said that the rocket launchers of the Eastern Military District carried out combat launches at a distance of 300 kilometers using the Iskander-M complex, destroying the command post of the conditional enemy.

“The units of the BBO missile formation successfully conducted a combat launch of a cruise missile from the Iskander-M operational-tactical missile system. The active phase of the tactical exercise was conducted at a specialized training ground in the Astrakhan region, ”said Gordeev.
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  1. Alex_Rarog
    Alex_Rarog 29 September 2015 06: 17
    Good luck on the exercises. And star rain ...
    1. Karasik
      Karasik 29 September 2015 06: 33
      The purpose of the exercises is to assess the coherence of the actions of units and subunits of the compound, practical actions and skills of the command, military personnel during the preparation and implementation of activities for putting into combat readiness, working out standards in any conditions and time of day ...

      Well, also to cool some "hot heads" in the West, to remind - there is such a country as Russia, which must be reckoned with!
  2. moskowit
    moskowit 29 September 2015 06: 47
    Scheduled is very good and on time. Practical support of Vladimir Vladimirovich’s speech at the UN assembly. Very handy....
  3. sv68
    sv68 29 September 2015 06: 55
    in my opinion, the missile systems should have been given the fish names "perch", "pike", "sterlet", "beluga"
    t;, "burbot", and others - so that the tower was completely demolished by the sworn friends from what they heard "two bulls and a trout were launched today from the Plisetsk cosmodrome for the conventional targets of the enemy"!
    1. Tanker55
      Tanker55 29 September 2015 09: 41
      In my opinion, install this unit at the entrance to the Pentagon, and let it be contemplated on our weapons.
  4. Old26
    Old26 29 September 2015 08: 47
    Quote: sv68
    in my opinion, missile systems should have been given fish names

    Submit your suggestions to the MO. May be considered. And the boats give the name of the trees: Cherry, Birch, Oak ...