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Giuseppe Garibaldi and George W. Bush: aircraft carriers of the world

24 September 1960 was launched the first US Navy aircraft carrier with a nuclear power plant - the Enterprise.
Since the Second World War, an aircraft carrier is the personification of sea power, and the presence and number of ships of this class largely determines the rank of sea power. The end of the Cold War did not lead to a reduction in the construction of aircraft carriers. On the contrary, right now, many countries have launched expensive programs for the construction of aircraft carriers, and the number of people willing to buy these ships is only increasing. The main requirement for the armed forces is mobility, therefore highly maneuverable combat units play a key role in many battles, and powerful energy installations make it possible to be in the open sea for decades.

The Enterprise is the first and only ship of its project, despite five more planned for the construction of ships of the series. Its total cost reached $ 451 million, which was one of the reasons why the construction of a series of ships was abandoned. It has the greatest length among the warships of the world - 342,3 meters. The Enterprise was the only aircraft carrier with more than two nuclear reactors, carrying eight A2W type reactors. Written off December 1 2012 of the year.

Modern aircraft carriers are floating military bases capable of moving significant military forces anywhere in the aquatic environment. These ships are equipped with a variety of deck aviation: fighters, attack aircraft, reconnaissance aircraft, tankers. Also, drones became a full-fledged part of the weapons. On board are cannon and missile weapons. Aircraft carrier is accompanied by auxiliary vessels.
Experts can not reach a unanimous opinion about the fate of aircraft carriers. Many consider it inexpedient to spend a lot on this type of weapon. The modern conduct of military operations, the development of cruise missiles, unmanned aerial vehicles cast doubt on the relevance of aircraft carriers in the future. However, besides the military aspect, there is also a financial one. Building new aircraft carriers is a multibillion-dollar long-term project that provides a huge amount of jobs and government orders to various enterprises. In addition, the power and capabilities of these vessels are difficult to overestimate. Therefore, the powers claiming influence in the world continue to develop and improve aircraft carriers.
About aircraft carriers standing in service in various countries of the world - in the TASS gallery.

USS Enterprise, 22 November, 1961

American aircraft carrier "Nimitz". The first of a series of Nimitz-type ships. The name received in honor of Chester W. Nimitz - commander in chief of the Pacific fleet USA during the Second World War. In 1991, he made a trip to the Persian Gulf, where he was involved in Operation Desert Storm. Since 2003, participated in a new military campaign against Iraq

The American aircraft carrier "Dwight Eisenhower" type "Nimitz". The second ship in the series. Named after 34 US President Dwight Eisenhower. In 1991, he participated in the operation "Desert Storm". In the 2007 year, after another aggravation of relations between the USA and Iran, was in the Persian Gulf

American aircraft carrier "Carl Vinson". The third ship of the type "Nimitz". Named after Carl Vinson, US congressman from Georgia. Since 2001, he participated in operations in Afghanistan, and from 2003 in the Iraq war. In May 2011, after the elimination of al-Qaida leader Osama bin Laden by US special forces, his body was delivered to Carl Vinson and buried in the waters of the Arabian Sea

The American aircraft carrier "Theodore Roosevelt". The fourth ship of the type "Nimitz". Named in honor of US President 26 Theodore Roosevelt. The cost of construction was approximately $ 4,5 billion. He took the most active part in Operation Desert Storm; 4200 combat sorties were flown from the aircraft carrier and more than 2000 tons of ammunition was used, more than any other aircraft carrier that participated in the operation. In 1999, he participated in the NATO military operation against Yugoslavia

"Admiral of the Fleet of the Soviet Union Kuznetsov" - a heavy aircraft-carrying cruiser project 1143.5. The only one in the Russian Navy in its class. Bears service in the Northern Fleet

"Charles de Gaulle" - the flagship of the French Navy, the only active aircraft carrier of the French Navy. The first French surface combat ship with a nuclear power plant and the first nuclear aircraft carrier built outside the United States. Among aircraft carriers in other countries, with the exception of the United States, this is the second largest (after the Russian "Admiral Kuznetsov") and the most combat-capable aircraft carrier

American aircraft carrier "Abraham Lincoln". The fifth ship of the type "Nimitz". Named after 16 US President Abraham Lincoln. After the lifting of restrictions on the service of women in the American army 28 April 1993, the "Abraham Lincoln" became the first aircraft carrier, which appeared female soldiers. In 2003, the "Abraham Lincoln" took part in the war in Iraq. More than 16 500 sorties were flown from the aircraft carrier, more than 700 tons of ammunition were used

Brazilian Navy aircraft carrier "Sao Paulo" - former Foch aircraft carrier of the Clemenceau type, French Navy

American aircraft carrier "George Washington". The sixth ship of the type "Nimitz". Named in honor of the first US President George Washington. 11 September 2001, at the time of the terrorist attack on the World Trade Center "George Washington" was located off the coast of Virginia. The very next day he arrived in the waters of New York and ensured the safety of the airspace of the city and surrounding areas.

"Vikramaditya" - the aircraft carrier of the Indian Navy. It was built on the basis of the heavy aircraft carrier “Admiral of the Fleet of the Soviet Union Gorshkov” through deep modernization. Works performed by the Northern Machine-Building Enterprise in Severodvinsk

The American aircraft carrier "John K. Stennis" - the seventh of the series of the type "Nimitz". Named after US Senator John C. Stennis, who headed the US Senate Armed Services Committee in 1969-1981

"Cavour" - the carrier of the Italian Navy. Named in honor of Italian statesman Count Camillo Benzo di Cavura

Liaoning is the first and only aircraft carrier of the People’s Liberation Army of China. It was founded in 1985 at the shipyard in Nikolaev for the Soviet Navy as the second aircraft carrier of the 1143.6 project. After the collapse of the USSR in 1992, the ship went to Ukraine, and construction was discontinued in 1998. Purchased by China for $ 25 million officially for the purpose of organizing a floating entertainment center. Towed to China and completed as an aircraft carrier. 25 September 2012 of the year became part of the PLA Navy

The Italian aircraft carrier "Giuseppe Garibaldi" is the flagship of the Italian navy. Named in honor of the Italian commander Giuseppe Garibaldi. An aircraft carrier may carry a maximum of 16 aircraft or 18 helicopters.

American aircraft carrier "Harry Truman". The eighth ship of the type "Nimitz". Named after 33 of US President Harry Truman. During the laying and construction was called "United States", but soon it was decided to rename the ship in "Harry Truman"

American aircraft carrier "Ronald Reagan". The ninth ship of the type "Nimitz". Named in honor of 40-th US President Ronald Reagan. The aircraft carrier was one of the few ships of the American fleet, named after the living man. The cabin of the captain of the aircraft carrier is a copy of the Red Room of the White House, the office in which Ronald Reagan liked to work during his presidency. There is also a table at which Reagan worked, being the governor of California.

"George Bush" - the American aircraft carrier type "Nimitz". The tenth and last ship of this series. It has a significant amount of improvements compared with previous ships of the project. Named in honor of 41 US President George W. Bush. It is the second ship of the United States, named after the naval pilot, and also the second named after the living president.

"Chakri Narubet" - Thai light aircraft carrier. It was built in 1994-1997 by the Spanish firm Basan and is similar in design to the Principe de Asturias aircraft carrier, previously built by the same company for the Spanish Navy. It is the smallest among modern aircraft carriers

Modern aircraft carriers are floating military bases capable of moving significant military forces to any point in the aquatic environment.
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  1. igorka357
    igorka357 3 October 2015 06: 11
    I would say not to move, but to drag after yourself! AB itself is no one in the open ocean, but the carrier group is already strong!
    1. venaya
      venaya 3 October 2015 07: 14
      Quote: igorka357
      ... AB itself is no one in the open ocean, but the carrier group is already strong!

      "carrier group"- an expensive toy, nearly a hundred ships. We are like this - we will go bankrupt at once. And what about" strength "- so it is strength in relation to third countries, and practice shows the insufficiency of this strength in modern conditions, especially with such financial costs. I think that as a "weekend horse" - yes, it is very pleasant. Our immediate task seems to be to ignore this "power" for now, and then we’ll get rich, we’ll see if we can come up with something more fun and the main thing (so that in reality, not on paper , and implement) so that it is affordable.
      1. Andrei from Chelyabinsk
        Andrei from Chelyabinsk 3 October 2015 10: 36
        Quote: venaya
        "aircraft carrier group" - an expensive toy, nearly a hundred ships.

        A promising US AUG - 1 aircraft carrier, 5 destroyers "Arleigh Burke", 2 nuclear submarines and a supply ship.
  2. PlotnikoffDD
    PlotnikoffDD 3 October 2015 07: 02
    In the selection of photographs only Soviet-built aircraft carriers without airplanes.
  3. Plantain
    Plantain 3 October 2015 07: 30
    Aircraft carriers may be good at military operations with opponents like Saddam Iraq, who could not answer at all, but in a war with a serious and armed enemy they are useless, even despite all the numerous guards and support groups, this is an easy target. This is more of a project to cut the US budget by military corporations. It’s not necessary to think that stealing was learned only in Russia, in the west such schemes for luring and stealing state funds were invented and practically legalized long ago that Russia and its corrupt officials smoke aside
    1. venaya
      venaya 3 October 2015 07: 42
      Quote: Plantain
      Aircraft carriers may be good at military operations with opponents like Saddam Iraq, who could not answer at all ...

      Yes, and there snotty happened. The problem of organizing flights with a really small runway space has not yet been resolved. In Iraq, land-based aircraft resolved the issue, it was just such an opportunity, but in reality, in practice, nothing is clear with aircraft carriers.
  4. Bongo
    Bongo 3 October 2015 07: 42
    "Chakri Narubet" - Thai light aircraft carrier. It was built in 1994-1997 by the Spanish firm Basan and is similar in design to the Principe de Asturias aircraft carrier, previously built by the same company for the Spanish Navy. It is the smallest among modern aircraft carriers

    The light aircraft carrier “Chakri Narubet” (Thai “Chakri dynasty”) - can be considered the largest royal yacht in the world, because during short trips to the sea on a ship, as a rule, members of the royal family are present, for which large apartments are provided for the aircraft carrier .

    Unlike other ships of this class, the aircraft carrier can be reached as a visitor, on any day from 8.00 to 16.00 (closed on Wednesday, on this day the entrance to the ship is closed until noon). The only caveat is that foreign tourists must write a letter to the Thai Royal Navy Commander (Sattahip, Chon Buri, 20180) before visiting the aircraft carrier.
  5. Rurikovich
    Rurikovich 3 October 2015 08: 01
    It would be worth removing half of the photos, since they represent the same type. "Nimitz". those. almost identical. This is the same as putting ten "Prior" in a row for mass, but in different colors. lol Therefore, these ten "nimits" were diluted by ships of other countries winked
    If the author sets out to trace the existence of those today, then it would be worth removing the Enterprise, because it has been decommissioned for three years already. And add the Japanese Izumo, which was transferred to a completely different class by the cunning Japanese. And add the American Gerald Ford, which is already undergoing tests and is essentially afloat, like the decommissioned Enterprise.
    In short, a lot of questions, but for onlookers hi
  6. Russian Uzbek
    Russian Uzbek 3 October 2015 12: 25
    "" Modern aircraft carriers are floating military bases capable of moving significant military forces anywhere in the aquatic environment. "
    thanks, Cap!
    beautiful pictures
  7. Dimy4
    Dimy4 3 October 2015 13: 49
    "Liaoning" - the first and only aircraft carrier of the People's Liberation Army of China

    It seems that the Chinese guys will not stop there, they will study from the first to the last screw in order to build it themselves.
    1. clidon
      clidon 4 October 2015 00: 04
      They are already building two aircraft carriers.
  8. link
    link 3 October 2015 16: 03
    Plus an aircraft carrier: led him to Middle-earth, picked up aircraft, flew, bombed somewhere near Moscow, returned. This is in idial. In fact, this will not work. Well, except if you bomb any Zimbabwe ...
    Cons of an aircraft carrier: you need a bunch of dough for its maintenance, its protection. With the modern development of missile weapons, destroy or render inoperative do not FIG.
    But! What sailors in the sea really lack is air support. Therefore, having a small aircraft carrier with at least a dozen airplanes in KMG will not hurt ... This is to say that an aircraft carrier in its pure form with a bunch of aircraft is not needed. Enough aircraft carrier cruiser, which has aviation and strike weapons ...
    1. clidon
      clidon 4 October 2015 00: 08
      Plus an aircraft carrier - in modern conditions you are the coolest in the ocean. And finding you is not so easy and the protection is good.
      A small aircraft carrier has small capabilities - for example, there is no way to place avax. And 10 cars for battle is not enough (and how many of them will be serviceable, how many on duty, who compensates for the losses). But they still need to be raised in battle, and this is the size of the deck and strips. so slowly the thought is already going towards 40 thousandths. ) And this ... Kuznetsov. Well, since 40 thousand, then why not waste time on trifles, there are already 60.))
  9. lilian
    lilian 3 October 2015 20: 48
    They are good for "spreading democracy" in countries other than powers. The likelihood of a world war is still (thank God!) - small. But as a tool to spread the sphere of influence, they may be needed.
  10. Rumin11103
    Rumin11103 3 October 2015 21: 59
    There were no aircraft carriers in the USSR. The only one does not count. And nothing, the sphere of influence was wow) Maybe we need to build aircraft carriers, group AUG and spend money on them, we may need to establish and / or develop friendly relations and build air and naval military bases all over the world) After all, given the recent conflicts, a negligible percentage of departures were made to the share of carrier-based aircraft. All the main work was done by aircraft from the airfields. And aircraft carriers are good only where there are no airfields and against how the Papuans had worn out earlier)
  11. clidon
    clidon 4 October 2015 17: 43
    There were 5 aircraft carriers in the USSR. Another thing is that four of them were given under VTOL. To service such bases, you need a powerful fleet and, accordingly, aircraft carriers.