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About the field output Kurgan SOBR


Below everyone can get acquainted with hundreds of photographs taken during the field output of SOBR of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation in the Kurgan region in August 2014 of the year. For several reasons, the publication of videos and photos from the exit was somewhat delayed, but everything all the time comes.

For newcomers: every time after a similar publication, the same questions come up “with a tuck-up, to which everyone involved has long been tired of answering. It is clear that miracles do not happen and they will be asked again, but still try to hold back the impulse and wait a little with revelations and caustic remarks, it is quite likely that someone else, less patient, will perform in a strange light. For the rest, you can safely leave your questions in the comments, and later the SOBR officers will answer all that are deemed "responsible." In a video clip, as usual, there is an address of direct electronic communication with the squadron, it can also be used.

The fighters of the squad are preparing for a training session to work out group assault actions. Loose city buildings, terrorists in the building, detection, blocking, assault, cleaning. As support - armored vehicles and snipers. In the foreground is a fighter with CWG-50M. This is a heavy manual special-purpose grenade launcher.

About the field output Kurgan SOBR

The fighters are preparing for the training assault. In the course of the training, SOBR personnel will have to switch roles and practice actions in the assault and cover groups.

Outfit stores. Shooting from the entire range of special small weapons during the training assault is conducted with live ammunition.

The assault group, hiding behind a car, is preparing to move forward to the building where, according to legend, armed criminals hid. In combat conditions, the place of "Ural" will be taken by an armored troop-carrier or some other "armored vehicle".

One of the cover groups to the beginning of the assault has already taken its position, the soldiers control the entrance to the building.

Hiding behind a shield, the grenade launcher takes aim at the entrance to the building.

The second group of cover on the position.

The command for the advancement of the assault group is given.

The cover distracts the attention of criminals, at the same time blocking the attempts of criminals to step back and hide.


In the hands of the employee 9A-91 - small-sized machine gun Tula KBP with a silencer. It "feeds" with special armor-piercing cartridges SP-5, SP-6 and PUB-9 with a bullet weighing 16-17 grams. In the "people" affectionately called "Ashechka."

For the subsequent analysis of their own actions video recording is applied. Special cutout on the case significantly simplified the installation of the camera.

In place of the famous, heavy and uncomfortable armchair "Fence" came the products of the company "Fort Technology". The used vantes-VM armored suit weighs 25 kg and, together with a fairly convenient unloading attachment system on the body, provides the necessary mobility and sufficient protection from pistol and machine-gun bullets. In particular, “protection against bullets with a thermo strengthened core of AKM and AK-74 assault rifles, LPS rifle SVD bullets and M16A1 and А2 rifles at 5 meters with a low probability of rebound.”

The assault team moves to the building under the cover of the car.

In the window - one of the educational purposes. Some more deep in this room. What is inside the premises - SOBRovtsy do not know exactly yet.

The cover machine starts slow motion. The group moves in sync with the machine.

Rocket launcher fired at the entrance to the building.

The assault team is approaching the minimum distance.

From the second floor of a nearby building, the area adjacent to the assault object is controlled by snipers.

Snipers practice shooting from different positions, including improvised ones, from the bottom of the room.

The sniper is armed with a domestic 7.62-mm rifle MC-116M with manual reloading.

Each sniper has several types of weapons, there are always silent sniper rifles to work at short distances. This staff member is armed with the Vintorez 9-mm BCC.

The fire from the depths of the room.

Part of the sniper shots from the depths of the room was made right through the glass.

Fire from BCC "Vintorez" at a short distance using a sector sight.

Sniper on the position. Armed with a domestic-made 9-mm sniper rifle VSK-94, developed on the basis of the compact machine gun 9А-91. The rifle is equipped with a silencer sound shot.

The sniper is armed with a modern version of the SVD.

Sniper with a domestic 7.62mm sniper rifle CB-98.

Again VSK-94 with a collimator sight.

Snipers receive an order to cease fire.

The assault group enters the building.

The first is the "shield", followed by all the rest. During the assault in the building, there was no possibility of taking pictures, because shooting live ammunition does not preclude rebounding, and I didn’t have 6 class armor with me.

This time the SOBR officers stormed the premises of the former soldiers' bathhouse. Interiors, I think, are extremely suitable for the assault.

Especially for us, a group of employees went through the room again, without firing.

First, a grenade is thrown into the stormed room. This time the smoke.

It is very hard to breathe in the smoke, but for the sake of such a natural special effect I had to suffer.

The fighters with the “short” weapon are holding a CP-3 “Whirlwind” with a 30 magazine of ammunition and a shot silencer shot.

While one group is “storming”, the other has the opportunity to take a short break in the shade. Outside the violent sun, the ambient temperature of about + 30. In the armor - it is the most run.

The next lesson took place at the shooting range.
Employees practiced with their personal small arms - pistols and machine guns, fired from grenade launchers, regular grenade launchers used RG-6 and RPG, after which they all refreshed the skill of well-targeted targets from AGS-17.

AGS-17 "Flame", a domestic automatic grenade launcher with band feed.

A regular 2.7X PAG-17 optical sight is mounted on the grenade launcher.

Grenade launcher AGS-17 firing on the flattened or mounted paths. During missions to the Caucasus, such weapons can provide significant assistance to SOBR personnel during a combat operation.

The rocket launchers fired at this target until the grass ignited around the target. The shooting was immediately interrupted and everyone engaged in the urgent elimination of a local fire.

VUS-17 - practical shot for the grenade launcher AGS-17.
Instead of an explosive, it contains a pyrotechnic composition, which, after triggering, forms a cloud of colored smoke indicating the location of a grenade. In visible film effect is perfectly visible.

Remains of practical inert shots.

Spent inert VOGI. Beautiful souvenir. Compact and neat.
The surrounding people strongly advised to scatter in all pockets as much as possible, then on the way back, right at the airport, it will be possible to get acquainted with some SWAT for free.

Meanwhile, snipers were engaged in their individual program. At our request, the sniper pair disguised itself in the first available terrain using various means.

In a few minutes the sniper in a camouflage suit chose and took a position, disguised himself and took aim.

Then he changed his position and again disguised himself.

Perhaps the most successful photo from the series "Sniper on the position."

The second sniper demonstrated how to take a hidden position for shooting, if there are no special means of disguise.

A little fresh local vegetation for camouflage does not hurt.

If possible, on all parts of the body not covered with camouflage clothing, special makeup should be applied.

The sniper scarf, being thrown over the top, perfectly masks the face and arms.

Both snipers are near, ready to fire.

And once again, already one by one.

From snipers again we return to the shooting range.

The group is preparing to practice collective action to apprehend criminals who are in vehicles.

This swift brand-new right-handed foreign-made car serves as a practical tool for the lesson.

According to the legend, the group receives data from its informant on the specific vehicle in which the criminals move, in all likelihood armed.
The task of the group: to stop the car, passengers and the vehicle to inspect and detain.

In order to avoid attempts to escape from the scene, homemade steel “hedgehogs” are placed under the car’s wheels.

The driver and passengers of the car "are asked" to carefully leave the vehicle, demonstrating the seriousness of intentions.

During the training, SOBR officers tried several different schemes of movement and actions that ensure special forces with maximum security during an attack from the car and a minimum of opportunities to hide for criminals.

During the search, one of the employees notices the attempt to use weapons by the criminal, submits the command “Weapons!” To his colleagues, after which, in accordance with the law “On Police”, the special forces use weapons.

After dozens of races to the car, they switched to shooting training from uncomfortable positions, using the car as a shelter. Task: take cover behind the wheel and minimize your silhouette.

At the same time it is necessary to conduct accurate fire.

Left in the frame - a domestic small-caliber sniper rifle CB-99 (5.6mm). Designed for special police operations that require accurate low-noise shooting at short distances. Equipped with a silencer sound. Amazingly pleasant weapon for the shooter.
On the right in the frame is WP-6, the domestic 40mm 6-and a revolver-type charging grenade launcher. Firing grenades Vog.

During the lessons, it turned out that the training car was not equipped with an engine and for using it as a moving target, I had to use long ropes and KAMAZ with armored gear.

Surprisingly, not all pistol bullets pierced the door and trim. So it may turn out that in the cinema, the truth is shown when they burn down cars, only having time to change shops, and she is speeding and speeding.

The personnel take up positions, preparing to hit a vehicle, from which the criminals are firing at police officers.

Let's go!

Automatic weapons did not leave a chance, inside the cabin is full of bullets with deployed copper shirts.

Having fired the car properly, everyone went to see how it was there.

The grenade launcher thwarted the controversy on the question “it will pierce, it will not pierce”, putting its “black mark” on the door with an inert RPG shot.

Vladimir Sergeevich on the post.

In the evening, already a lot of Japanese survivors were handed over to grenade launchers and explosives. Small black dots - mosquitoes and midges, violently attacking all participants in the events.

The next morning was spent on the sniper direction.

On the eve, it was possible to start a discussion with the snipers in the style of “getting into the 300 clock at m is impossible” without malicious intent. Since snipers, rifles, ammunition, watches and 300 meters were accidentally available, they immediately began to establish the Truth.

The conditions of the bet were as follows: my watches (brand new, Japanese, electronic G-SHOCK) are set to 300 meters, snipers charge the store in their rifles and fire at the clock before the stores hit or empty.
Sights, ammunition and weapons at the discretion of shooters. If there is a need to use any additional devices, I have nothing against it.

In case of defeat the goal - with me watch. In case of non-defeat, the watch is also from me too, but already of a “station” size. Such a friendly podnika "on memory."

Before shooting, I carefully looked at all possible sights and set it up personally - at the 300 distance, I really can't see anything the size of my watch: hot sun plus wet grass give rise to such a powerful current of hot air that, due to the “mirage”, the image in the sight is naturally “ swims "like water, not allowing not only to aim, but even just to establish exactly where the clock is. Snipers mysteriously smiled and measured the wind.

It ended all know what. I'll fix the clock on the wall, in the frame. It is not necessary, in general, to enter into any unnecessary discussions with snipers.

While observing the work of the snipers, the explosivesman put an end to the dispute about the penetration of the rail from the machine gun. The 200-gram tolovaya saber just tore off half the rail.
The remains are visible attempt to break through the rail shot 7.62 sniper rifle.

The next lesson is mountaineering.

The building specially built for training houses all the equipment necessary for such mountaineering, and the SOBR personnel start sharpening the skills of entering the windows.

In the second part, the classes enter the windows already with combat shooting.

During the shooting more than once rode in the kunge of this car. Some things have surprised, I will tell about them later and separately.

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  1. igorka357
    igorka357 29 September 2015 06: 21
    23 th
    Oh, I’m sorry, of course, but the photo shoot with glasses and lasers in the smoke was a success .. maybe someone will show me at least one special forces in the glasses who stormed Beslan or Nord-Ost .. well, and the bathhouse .. who will storm this the room .. only dibs ... they just throw grenades .. oh-oh real special forces training and this photo shoot is the height of Everest and the depth of the Mariana Trench!
    1. AlNikolaich
      AlNikolaich 29 September 2015 06: 57
      So this is learning! A photo production, for the effect. Collect your secrets to merge on camera not
      will be. Potential "clients" will thoroughly study these frames!
      And, with regards to the room in the bathhouse ... If there are hostages, what a grenade! The room is being stormed
      at the risk of life ...
      More field exits, and fewer combat all involved!
      1. igorka357
        igorka357 29 September 2015 08: 04
        12 th
        What clients ...)) Kurgan lads? With me, these photos were looked at now by a direct participant in numerous attack missions from the CSN .. and this is not SOBR for you .. and sorry quietly kept silent .. only after muttering "dressed up" I tend to trust him more .. as I know for many years and once saw him in action ..true in the record for official use! You look at old services like "Alpha" or "Pennant" storming .. everything on light, light armor, helmets and sneakers, pistols and automatic equipment .. how the palace was taken .. take an interest, look at the numerous photos of the assault Beslan and Nord-Ost .. no glasses, and even two pairs each .. no unnecessary unloading and loadings in the form of cool bayonets .. only the most important and necessary to do the work .. everything! Special forces should be trained in the most approximate environment .. that would a person not crap when dust gets into his eyes ... or a splinter scratches his cheek, and did not sit down on disability due to conjunctivitis, as one wrote there. and was the most effective in the world .. and everyone and everything was afraid of him!
        1. zadorin1974
          zadorin1974 29 September 2015 08: 29
          I don’t need songs, my acquaintance looked at me! It’s clear that the guys worked on the camera. But don’t have to trind about what they went to the military in the seventies and eighties. Thank God that not only the special parts, but also ordinary soldiers began to appear normal means are sewn up - the same glasses, gloves, knee pads. We used to sew unloading from life jackets (from a wonderful life) Friends who still serve still buy something on their hard-earned money, especially medicine. Compare SOBR with CSN is somehow not comme il faut-different tasks, but if you think that rubber bullets or guns curves from simple bandyukov?
          1. igorka357
            igorka357 30 September 2015 09: 05
            Ask about different tasks from SOBR officers who have visited Chechnya!
        2. free
          free 29 September 2015 08: 56
          come on, it's not a thankful task to condemn everyone and everything, well done men, and these photos are also needed for young guys, for popularization, so to speak!
        3. Kazakh
          Kazakh 29 September 2015 09: 40
          Quote: igorka357
          The special forces must be trained to the most approximate situation .. that the person would not crap when he gets dust in his eyes .. or with a splinter he scratches his cheek

          people train as they should do not worry. And without such photos, how to work with military-patriotic education? "In the special attention zone" is also a "fairy tale" but how many guys have brought to the landing. Do we now need old Soviet films to use photos?
          Look at the old files like "Alpha" or "Pennant"
          And the service even exists for official use and not for general viewing.
    2. Andrey Korotky
      Andrey Korotky 29 September 2015 13: 26
      Well, you don’t need to mind a lot of fun. And I tell you so from 1999 to 2008 I worked in one of the Kurgan’s Ministry of Internal Affairs units more than once during this time I had to meet with the assemblers and give them swindlers for detention. The handsome guys work clearly professionally. Well, here in the photo Of course, there is a lot of productions of real work. This is not a show. Everything is not so picturesque there as at a photo shoot.
  2. Brother
    Brother 29 September 2015 06: 36
    Great photos good , thanks to that man (who ran with a photo gun in the smoke and argued with the wrong people wink )!
  3. bionik
    bionik 29 September 2015 06: 39
    Great selection !!!
  4. V.ic
    V.ic 29 September 2015 06: 58
    God grant that it is used only against bandits ...
  5. zadorin1974
    zadorin1974 29 September 2015 07: 27
    Respect to the author. The truth is that some questions arise. They began to purchase Amunyugu centrally or the family budget still falls below the baseboard. Tactical glasses started to gladden, otherwise it would have come to conjunctivitis after the training ground, and they will save eyes from fragments of stones during a rebound.
    1. bionik
      bionik 29 September 2015 07: 50
      Quote: zadorin1974
      Yes, and save your eyes from fragments of stones during a rebound.

    2. Kazakh
      Kazakh 29 September 2015 09: 44
      Quote: zadorin1974
      True, some questions arise. Amunyagu began to be centrally purchased or the family budget still falls below the baseboard.

      They are dressing the upper class now, I’m already envious. Someone is being bought, but by the little things. In general, money and clothing are at the highest level.
  6. Dragon-y
    Dragon-y 29 September 2015 07: 49
    Naive, who sets the "real" clock as a target!
    It was necessary to hang some QQ for 300 rubles. :)
  7. gaura
    gaura 29 September 2015 08: 54
    To drag such a shield on one hand, there will not be enough forces .. The fighters bought gloves themselves
    1. max702
      max702 29 September 2015 19: 40
      Quote: gaura
      .. The fighters themselves bought the gloves

      Yes, and shoes .. unloading, holsters are also some bourgeois ..
  8. Massik
    Massik 29 September 2015 09: 54
    Ah ma, like people like people, but you look and you can’t understand ... Studying, okay, all the same people with higher education are we, in the past, gray-legged 18-year-old conscripts who probably don’t understand anything.
    There is no armor in the detachment, of course I understand that armor will appear if anything, but here is the standard for the evacuation of the crew of this armor itself, when it covers the group with a grenade to the side, it is necessary to work out constantly, and if there is no own armor it is only every 3 months. The shortcoming is small, but he produces fairly dead bodies.
    Enough for the store, I’ll probably never understand this. Well, they would get a penny, but get over 50 thousand and regret working tools ...
    Glasses and the controversial moment took away, glasses are certainly lighter, but they won’t definitely stop the pistol bullet. The building and the detention of the armed visor is necessary.
    Shield, Fan 2 would be better suited, I would calmly put the machine gun at a corner 10 cm from the floor and give the line to the store floor. Maybe they have more shields, but this one is frankly small for working indoors.
    Weapons are certainly beyond praise, we have not had such a variety and do not have it today.
    1. Slavs69
      Slavs69 29 September 2015 13: 39
      Quote: Marssik
      Shield, fan 2 would fit better

      No question, just a problem - the Ministry of Internal Affairs just gave birth to products from FORT (shields VANT-VM and LM, armor and helmet), and so, apart from the detachments of the Moscow regions, they went and will still be supplied from the Research Institute of Steel: "Fence", Korund-VMk, etc. With "Fence" it is generally sour (52 kg after all). In practice, "Fence" was shot from a distance of 10m. 5.45mm - it holds, but the bulletproof glass burst at the place of attachment (moreover, hitting we didn’t try it) .7n10 from 5.45mm. didn’t try, but according to reports "from there" there are cases of injuries of shield boards, strikers have cut the topic and are stocking up with cartridges of increased penetration. confusing).
      1. Massik
        Massik 29 September 2015 18: 24
        Quote: Slavs69
        7n10 from 5.45mm. did not try
        Well, 7N22 is unlikely to be distributed like that. If you specifically fight, then a shield at 6a is needed and no less.
        1. Slavs69
          Slavs69 30 September 2015 10: 53
          Quote: Marssik
          Well, 7N22 is unlikely to be so distributed

          I have no problem in the squad. At the school. firing yet have not thought of writing out, but as an option when preparing for the service. a business trip is possible, length of fire.
          1. Massik
            Massik 30 September 2015 14: 56
            We can and should do it, in 2013 they already gave it from the belly, I mean the opposite side.
    2. saygon66
      saygon66 29 September 2015 23: 05
      - So that's why the "shield" is the "smallest"! smile And then I thought - they sold a "piece of iron", I suppose the young ...
      1. Slavs69
        Slavs69 30 September 2015 10: 57
        The shieldman is selected with a hefty back and legs (ideally a weightlifter-weightlifter) of average height, so that his heroic back does not overlap the sector of the second number (usually the senior link). Although now, if new "FORT" shields are used for supply, there is no point in bothering with finding a weightlifter.
  9. Nonna
    Nonna 29 September 2015 10: 36
    Great photos. The younger generation will love this kind of romance.
  10. Alexey RA
    Alexey RA 29 September 2015 13: 31
    Hehe hehe ... what are the familiar logos on the building. And the "bloody potato" got here. smile
  11. kardan
    kardan 29 September 2015 14: 32
    Tell me, are the equipment for the most part foreign or are they already switching to domestic?
    1. Slavs69
      Slavs69 29 September 2015 14: 42
      Our domestic crew, the material is import. And so there is a choice: SoyuzSpetsEquipment, Alloy, StichProfi. Lied a little - a small part is still present (small, but important - quality).
  12. gladcu2
    gladcu2 29 September 2015 15: 45
    It's nice to see that almost all have gloves. Even at + 30. I note this is a necessity and a habit must be laid in the subconscious. Put on gloves before touching the machine. Do not fear hands as important as protecting your eyes.

    Question. Somehow these pistol holsters on the hip are not clear. And one boy already has two.
    Really do not interfere?

    And what about overheating? The question is not idle.
    1. saygon66
      saygon66 29 September 2015 23: 14
      - There on the belt so everyone is hung ... and body armor does not contribute - it blocks access to the holster.
    2. Slavs69
      Slavs69 30 September 2015 11: 01
      Quote: gladcu2
      And how about overheating

      yes it is hot. But now there are shirts on sale specially for armor, where the material on the body is breathable, it saves a little. And under the bandana, the bandana absorbs sweat. But still "africa".
  13. gridasov
    gridasov 29 September 2015 16: 11
    All this is impressive. However, such units are designed for unbalanced confrontation, namely trained fighters against potentially weak resistance. And here is the question of what such a unit may come into contact when the entire combination of their equipment and all the methods worked out may not have impact on the enemy, but in general will lead these specialists to complete defeat at the level of a trivially simple opposition of apparently equal forces , and maybe a separate specialist.
    1. Alexey RA
      Alexey RA 29 September 2015 16: 41
      Quote: gridasov
      And here is the question of what such a unit may come into contact when the entire combination of their equipment and all the methods worked out may not have impact on the enemy, but in general will lead these specialists to complete defeat at the level of a trivially simple opposition of apparently equal forces , and maybe a separate specialist.

      And in what conditions can SOBR face equal forces? Really in Kurgan got professional terrorists from the special forces potential adversary?

      And one more thing: in the event of a possible meeting with the enemy's forces of equal strength and armament, the SOBR usually gets reinforcement. Look at the video from the North Caucasus - there special equipment usually works under the guise of armored vehicles and even artillery (in the green and mountains). That is, there will never be an equal battle - stripping groups always have the opportunity to create superiority in forces and firepower.
    2. Slavs69
      Slavs69 30 September 2015 11: 06
      A BANALLY SIMPLE confrontation of outwardly EQUAL forces and can not be. The first place will be taken by preparedness, that is, combat readiness. For this, a numerical superiority is created. The SOBR and OMON, in tasks, have a fight with the enemy DTG in a special period.
  14. gridasov
    gridasov 29 September 2015 16: 58
    In general, we are talking not only about Kurgan. We say that highly qualified specialists in this type of action should be provided with a variety of methodologies and equipment. And the main thing is to be prepared for many non-standard methods of confrontation. And at the heart of the impact on the enemy with these non-standard technologies and often completely non-military "color".
  15. 1234567890
    1234567890 29 September 2015 17: 07
    In the pictures, I noticed 2 similar in characteristics and purpose of the family of weapons under 9x39 mm - 9A91 / VSK-94 and Vortex / Vintorez. For a long time I can’t get from anyone that it’s better from the point of view of the user, as all basically used one thing. And here, it means both that and that in service. And by the way, why so much diversity?
  16. serverny
    serverny 30 September 2015 01: 05
    Quote: gridasov
    at the level of a trite simple opposition of apparently equal forces,and maybe a separate specialist.

    As for the last phrase - watch the anime and "John Wick" less.
    As for the first, they also said stupidity, and you know it very well, but these are the rules of forum warriors and couch generals ...
    1. gridasov
      gridasov 30 September 2015 09: 09
      I don’t argue. You're right . And I'm not an expert. I just often came into contact with such processes, when experts came into contact with non-standard behavior of a person whom, for example, they are looking for and he leads everyone by the nose and then disappears playfully. Yes, field military operations have their own specifics, but in the situation of a "peaceful" city, the conduct of many operations on the verge of such a military confrontation has very specific attributes. It is about such features and such specificity that I say that a specialist should not only think quickly, but also work with an array of multivariate combinations of such situations. And the main thing is to understand that many, it is technical methods that can play a role, and not "pukers, in the hands