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General Russophile and his golden words

“Every good Frenchman is happy about the victory of Russia,” said General de Gaulle, who had the reputation of a Russophile in the West. In Europe, today suddenly remembered the eminent general. They recalled his speeches made in 1942 and in 1966. The reason for which de Gaulle began to be quoted is connected not only with the growing role of Russia in modern geopolitics, but also with the pitiful semblance of the independent state that France has now become.

General Russophile and his golden words

Nicolas Bonn on the portal recalled those words that the general said in January 1942 of the year to the Russian people who fought against the German fascist invaders.

“Wishing to pay tribute to the courage of Russia in the terrible winter of 1941-42, the general delivers a splendid battle speech on London’s 20 radio in January 1942,” the journalist quotes "Mixednews". “An excellent strategist, he realized earlier than others that Nazi Germany would lose the war against Russia.”

“For Germany, the war in the east today is just a graveyard in the snow, mournful trains with the wounded, the sudden death of generals,” the general said on the radio. - Of course, one should not think that the military power of the enemy has been completely undermined. But, without any doubt, the enemy had just suffered one of his biggest failures, who had ever known история».

Then de Gaulle said an ode to heroic Russia: “While German power and authority shakes, we see the star of Russian power rise to the zenith. The world recognized that this nation is worthy of greatness, because 175 millions of people know how to fight, that is, to endure and strike, that they have risen in an organized manner from weapons in the hands, and even the worst trials did not shake their cohesion. The French greet with great enthusiasm the success and enthusiasm of the Russian people. ”

Moreover, the general foresaw Russia's balancing role in the international arena: “On the political arena, Russia’s strong advancement to the forefront of tomorrow’s winners brings Europe and the world a guarantee of balance, and no power has any reason to congratulate themselves on this event than France . Unfortunately for all, too often for centuries the Russian-French alliance was hampered and opposed by intrigue or misunderstanding. But, as at any turning point in history, our alliance does not make it any less necessary. ”

There is also another speech by de Gaulle - the President of the French Republic. Charles de Gaulle pronounced it in June 1966, in Moscow, during an official visit to the Soviet Union.

"The visit to your country coming to an end is the visit of eternal France to eternal Russia ... Therefore, having come to you, I felt that my act and your reception were prompted by mutual respect and cordiality, which are no past battles, no differences in political regimes, nor the growing confrontation caused by the division of the world could not be broken. ”

And again, the general praised the Russian people: “After the enormous transformations brought about by the revolution and lasting for almost fifty years at the cost of sacrifices and tremendous efforts; after the terrible drama that the victorious war became for you more than twenty years ago, thanks to the role you played in it that brought the Soviet Union the highest degree of power and glory; after so much destruction and final restoration, we see your country alive, stately, developing in all respects, preparing to send its astronauts to the moon. ”

Not for nothing these days the newspaper analyst remembered de Gaulle, let us add. When the present-day France, with its mistral president, dances to the American tune, there are still people who understand the destructiveness of American policy, which turned countries either into their vassals or into dust.

The de Gaulle Russophile (and anti-American) reputation, we recall, was made up of many of his statements.

23 November 1959 of the year, the same year he became president (8 January 1959), de Gaulle made a speech in which he spoke about "Europe from the Atlantic to the Urals". Even then it was clear that the new president did not approve of the "Anglo-Saxon" NATO bloc. (By the way, de Gaulle did not consider that Great Britain is part of the European community.)

In the same year, the President took the first steps to reduce France’s dependence on NATO. De Gaulle transferred the missile and air defense forces under French command. He did not ask “permits” for overseas “partners” (with which he was very unhappy with the White House). The brave de Gaulle answered questions from overseas in the spirit that France is its own mistress.

Then there was the atomic bomb. If, before the general, the government of the Fourth Republic tried to conclude a military alliance with the FRG and Italy, de Gaulle relied on the independence of the French nuclear forces and ordered that the work on creating atomic weapons be accelerated.

The first nuclear test was already conducted on February 13 1960 of the year in Algeria. Later there were other tests. In 1963, they were successfully implemented on the atolls of Mururoa and Fangatauf in French Polynesia. De Gaulle attached great importance to the military development of the latest technologies (as well as to the peaceful one). Under de Gaulle, France refused to join the moratorium on nuclear testing announced by the United States, the USSR and the United Kingdom (1958-1961). Paris joined the Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons only in 1992 year.

In 1965, de Gaulle was reelected for a second term. Already in February, 1965, in February, the president announced the refusal of France to use the American dollar in international payments: “Gold does not change its nature: it can be in bars, bars, and coins; it has no nationality, it has long been and is accepted by the whole world as a constant value. There is no doubt that even today the value of any currency is determined on the basis of direct or indirect, real or supposed bonds with gold. ”

At that time, France became one of the leading "golden powers" - in 1965, it had 4.200 tons of gold reserves. De Gaulle, according to some sources, called dollars "green candy wrappers."

Armed with the idea of ​​a gold standard, de Gaulle demanded gold from the US in exchange for dollars - in accordance with the Bretton Woods system. He told Lyndon Johnson that he decided to exchange dollar bills in the amount of 1,5 billion for gold at the current official rate: 35 amer. $ per 1 oz. Johnson was angry, but the French managed to send the ship (it was about 750 million dollars) and the plane, which sat down at the airport in New York. Also with millions in "candy wrappers".

There was a protracted dispute between the presidents of the United States and France, during which, according to available information, the French took more than three thousand tons of gold out of Fort Knox, announced the evacuation of the NATO headquarters, NATO and US military bases from France, and the withdrawal of NATO troops .

9 September 1965 of the year de Gaulle announced publicly that France does not consider itself bound by NATO obligations, and the following year, February 21, the country withdrew from the military bloc. The headquarters of the alliance "moved" from Paris to Brussels.

The American president stamped his feet.

France’s international policy has become truly anti-American. During his visits to the USSR and Cambodia in 1966, Mr. Gaulle condemned the actions of the United States against the countries of Indochina.

In May, 2015 of the year in the print organ of the Central Committee of the Communist Party, newspaper "True", an article by Wolf Sedykh, a correspondent for Pravda in France in 1968-1976, an honored cultural worker of the RSFSR, appeared. For six decades, the correspondent has repeatedly spoken with many famous French veterans of the Second World War.

The author recalls that the President of the French Republic, Charles de Gaulle, being in the USSR on an official visit in June 1966, spoke a great deal at his speeches about the mutual sympathy of the peoples of the two countries. He talked about this in Moscow, Leningrad, Novosibirsk, Kiev, Volgograd (he called this city Stalingrad). The President of France more than twenty times spoke to the audience. He often ended his speech in Russian.

Addressing the inhabitants of the hero city on the Neva, Charles de Gaulle said: "The greatest event of your history happened here - your revolution ... Leningrad made an extremely important contribution to the victory of Russia, as well as to the victory of France and our allies." At the end, the president spoke in Russian: “Long live Moscow, long live Russia, long live friendship between the French and Soviet peoples!”

Wolf Sedykh attended this and several other meetings with General de Gaulle, and also participated in the information training of the Franco-Soviet summit talks. A month before these negotiations, a delegation of the Union of Journalists of the USSR visited France. And just before the trip to Paris, France announced its withdrawal from the military organization of NATO.

“Long before this resonant decision, at the insistence of the French president,” writes the journalist, “the ancient land of the Gauls was cleared of American military bases. The French also opposed US military aggression in Vietnam. In an effort to pursue an independent policy on the international arena, the head of the French state was counting on understanding and support from the mighty Soviet power, which opposed the hegemonic course of Washington that is dangerous to universal security, for the establishment of a unipolar world under our control on our planet. ”

* * *

Washington's hegemony, unrelenting and dangerous attempts to impose a “unipolar” vision on the world, and even more theses on the “exclusivity” of the American nation, resembling poorly disguised Nazism and justifying Washington's intervention in the affairs of any country in the world - this is the list of American actions that cause fear of all mankind. And the progressive-minded French, seeing how the current president Hollande makes curtsies before the owner of the Oval Office, do not want to become unwitting participants in the catastrophe to which the peacemaker Mr. Obama is pushing Europe. That is why Nicolas Bonn recalled the words of General de Gaulle.

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  1. iury.vorgul
    iury.vorgul 29 September 2015 05: 28
    “Long before this resonant decision, at the insistence of the French president,” writes the journalist, “the ancient land of the Gauls was cleared of American military bases. The French also opposed US military aggression in Vietnam. In an effort to pursue an independent policy on the international arena, the head of the French state was counting on understanding and support from the mighty Soviet power, which opposed the hegemonic course of Washington that is dangerous to universal security, for the establishment of a unipolar world under our control on our planet. ”

    This is why they staged a "color" revolution for the General in 1968.
    1. venaya
      venaya 29 September 2015 06: 00
      This is why they staged a "color" revolution for the General in 1968.

      After which, he suddenly died.
      Naturally by accident.
      1. V.ic
        V.ic 29 September 2015 10: 42
        Quote: venaya
        After which, he suddenly died.
        Naturally by accident.

        At the age of 80 years. God give you similar same "suddenness"!
    2. Max_Bauder
      Max_Bauder 29 September 2015 08: 28
      Now France is a miserable semblance of the one that was under de Gaulle, if not to say that it is not at all so independent.
      1. Sterlya
        Sterlya 29 September 2015 08: 35
        There was Germany, independent, relatively always. Now the United States remains, and the UK is following the United States like a dog on occasion. That's the whole west
        1. V.ic
          V.ic 29 September 2015 10: 45
          Quote: Sterlya
          and the United Kingdom in everything following the United States like a dog on occasion

          Do not tell, do not tell ... The Rothschild clan has not yet been canceled ... Rather, USA & GB are like two crooks playing on one pocket.
        2. neri73-r
          neri73-r 29 September 2015 19: 50
          Now the United States remains, and the UK is following the United States like a dog on occasion.

          Tse - not a fact!
      2. budguy
        budguy 29 September 2015 12: 57
        the world has changed. Now even Russia is looking for a guardian in Beijing.
        1. Cherdak
          Cherdak 29 September 2015 19: 08
          Quote: budguy
          the world has changed.

          Noticeable by your nickname:

          bud .... teenage girl
          guy ..... guy

          From that and porridge in the head and delirium at the exit
        2. NordUral
          NordUral 29 September 2015 23: 42
          Don’t drive, my friend!
    3. marlin1203
      marlin1203 29 September 2015 09: 32
      Come on ... when it suits them, then Napoleon is quoted, then De Gaulle. France in its international political authority is rapidly "catching up" with Poland ...
  2. Reptiloid
    Reptiloid 29 September 2015 05: 28
    How does everything change! So it was a long time ago that I somehow did not believe in such independence. I was born much later, they did not even remember the general. Thanks for the info.
    1. Very old
      Very old 29 September 2015 10: 00
      In the morning I met this article on another site, there it is given with reference to - I read the comments, they all agree on one thing - France lacks the GENERAL.

      This is my opinion. Salute, mon general!
  3. radogos
    radogos 29 September 2015 05: 56
    Wise was the GENERAL, more healthy people in today's Europe.
  4. Chulman
    Chulman 29 September 2015 06: 12
    There are very few such people! ... A pity !!!
  5. Amurets
    Amurets 29 September 2015 06: 20
    Yes! And we have the same memory! That the 18th Guards Aviation Regiment was disbanded, in which the Normandy squadron began to fight, that France itself would disband or form again the 1st Normandy-Niemen Regiment. Thank God at least white and red lightning, the emblem of the 303rd division, at least from the French. This regiment was fought by General Zakharov’s entire war in the USSR, and this squadron was formed at the personal request of General De Gaulle. And how shocked the French were when Stalin gave them 40 Yak-3 fighters when the pilots returned home. Stalin said that according to the Gallic tradition the warrior returns with the weapons he defeated and the Soviet Government gives them these weapons. The French at least somehow keep the memory of joint participation in this war, about this part where FOUR French Heroes of the Soviet Union fought. And we began to forget about it. Thank you O. Dude, even reminded.
    1. WUA 518
      WUA 518 29 September 2015 08: 06
      Quote: Amurets
      Normandy Neman.

      Yesterday on the radio I heard on the news: President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko allocated $ 2 million for the production of the film Normandie-Niemen with Gerard Depardieu, the Izvestia newspaper writes on Monday with reference to Nikolai Borodachev, General Director of the State Film Fund, who represents the Russian side in the project.
      Earlier it was reported about Depardieu's visit to Belarus, during which he met with Lukashenka. Also, during the trip, the actor discussed the project of creating a film about the legendary Normandie-Niemen air regiment, which is expected to be worked on by France, Russia and Belarus. "Lukashenko gave 2 million dollars: immediately after Gerard Depardieu's visit to Belarus, he called the finance minister and ordered to allocate money. Now work is underway, producer Gerard Arnaud Freli is deciding organizational issues," Borodachev is quoted as saying.
      According to the newspaper, Depardieu will get a supporting role, and not the main one, as previously reported by the media. Most likely, the French actor will play a mechanic or a similar character, RIA Novosti notes.
  6. fvandaku
    fvandaku 29 September 2015 06: 24
    During a visit to Moscow, the general wished to visit Stalin’s grave. He was discouraged, maybe not.
    He stood at the grave for a long time, saying something to himself. He had a lot to say, an old friend.
  7. strelets
    strelets 29 September 2015 06: 37
    Politicians of the past are often remembered when there is no one to look at among contemporaries. When Yeltsin was sitting with us, we too often remembered Stalin.
    1. Greenwood
      Greenwood 29 September 2015 06: 46
      Quote: strelets
      we, too, often recalled Stalin.
      We often recall him even now, for he is before any current politician as before the moon.
  8. Lyton
    Lyton 29 September 2015 06: 47
    De Gaulle will be remembered as a general and an independent politician, and Hollande as a mattress puppet, squeezed by the Mistral.
  9. s.melioxin
    s.melioxin 29 September 2015 06: 59
    “Every good Frenchman rejoices in Russia's victory” ... Nicolas Bonn recalled the words of General de Gaulle.
    The key word is "good". I just want to continue, but "not good" serves as a lackey in another house. There were, are and will be friends of Russia, but there were, are and will be enemies. And I really want the first to be more. It seems to me that Russia deserves it.
  10. mamont5
    mamont5 29 September 2015 07: 10
    Yes, far from the current European politicians to General de Gaulle.
  11. SeregaBoss
    SeregaBoss 29 September 2015 07: 12
    The world is starting to sober up, I hope that this wave will only intensify.
  12. parusnik
    parusnik 29 September 2015 07: 24
    That is why Nicolas Bonn recalled the words of General de Gaulle.... And not only because of that, it became a shame for the power ... France, however, was with an independent policy ... and now, dragging itself behind the Americans’s tail, licking hemorrhages that an uncle in Fashington would say so, and the French government is acting ..
  13. rotmistr60
    rotmistr60 29 September 2015 07: 38
    “Every good Frenchman rejoices in Russia's victory”

    Obviously there are few good French left, especially in politics. They not only forgot these words of the great Frenchman, but also forgot himself. Hollande against the background of even the deceased De Gaulle - a pygmy and his policy of compromising with the United States.
  14. SibSlavRus
    SibSlavRus 29 September 2015 08: 49
    Words of Charles de Gaulle (prophetic):
    “... Stalin had tremendous authority, and not only in Russia. He knew how to "tame" his enemies, not to panic when losing and not to enjoy victories. And he has more victories than defeats.
    Stalinist Russia is not the former Russia that perished along with the monarchy. But the Stalinist state without successors worthy of Stalin is doomed ... "
    (War memoirs. Prince II)
  15. SibSlavRus
    SibSlavRus 29 September 2015 08: 55
    Great about great!
  16. Babai Balkan
    Babai Balkan 29 September 2015 09: 40
    Yab Raul shook hands, as Assad and Fidel ...
  17. kvs207
    kvs207 29 September 2015 09: 44
    Quote: WUA 518
    President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko has allocated $ 2 million for the production of the film "Normandie-Niemen" with Gerard Depardieu, the newspaper Izvestia writes on Monday, citing Nikolai Borodachev, general director of the State Film Fund.

    It is not clear why. There is a wonderful film with Rybnikov and other wonderful actors and which perfectly reveals this episode of the Great Patriotic War.
  18. provincial
    provincial 29 September 2015 10: 00
    Poroshenko in Ukraine, Hollande in France. Twin brothers.
  19. apro
    apro 29 September 2015 11: 14
    The general was not a Russophile, he defended the interests of France and Europe before the dictatorship of the Naglosaks, yes he saw a real partner in the USSR in the joint opposition to the Naglosaks, but after the death of IVS Stalin, Moscow did not have a real plan to counteract the Naglosaks, it defended more than attacked. The last great Frenchman is about him , we will wait for the appearance of the great Frenchwoman Marine Le Pen at the head of France, today she defends the interests of France.
  20. Belousov
    Belousov 29 September 2015 12: 45
    Do not let Le Pen into power, do not let. Further regional elections will not take place. But they will not give real power to her. By any means. After all, then the EU’s policy to please migrants will be covered, the advancement of the American dollar on the European continent will not be so successful, the final collapse of the economy will at least be delayed, EU unity will be violated when voting on sanctions and other smaller issues.
  21. iouris
    iouris 29 September 2015 13: 24
    In a unipolar and one-dimensional world, there is no place for either Stalin or de Gaulle. The bureaucracy is producing: gears.
  22. istoler
    istoler 29 September 2015 15: 28
    Europe crushed the time of giants such as De Gaulle or Broz Tito is a thing of the past, it is time for dwarfs.
    But life has not stopped. The present giants simply live on other continents, for example, Bashar Asad, a natural giant or Nursultan Nazarbayev, there are people in our time!
    1. apro
      apro 29 September 2015 15: 51
      Allow me to disagree with you. With all his communism, Tito was a petty nationalist and an accomplice of arrogance, Nazarbayev creating cunning foxes for Kazakhstan for the Kazakhs and the like began to expel Russians and made them secondary from the main ethnic group of the republic.
  23. Denis DV
    Denis DV 29 September 2015 18: 19
    Oland is neither fish nor meat. Perhaps a politician equal to de Gaulle will head France only after all amerovskoy agents take a break, due to the "toothlessness" of the European counterintelligence agencies the agents will die of old age without waiting for exposure. This means that there will never be an equal to a general in France. The curtain!
  24. Eastern wind
    Eastern wind 29 September 2015 20: 17
    Gentlemen, I am personally against the concept of "Russophile" (some kind of nonsense!) - this is to follow the policy of shortcuts and scanty thoughts. There are simply adequate people, and we will leave the labels to overseas citizens. They have both Salinger a communist and Chaplin a Russophile (or vice versa?).
  25. nikcris
    nikcris 29 September 2015 21: 29
    Long live Moscow
    Long live Russia!
    From the balcony of the Moscow City Council
    De Gaulle said, grassing.
    From where I remember ... Although not sure ...
  26. sharp-lad
    sharp-lad 29 September 2015 23: 10
    France, which gave a great son, how could you fall so low, lower than the "roses" of Montmartre.
  27. jamalena
    jamalena 30 September 2015 00: 05
    - Yes, I, it turns out, did not know Gaulle. For some reason, in the 80-90s they did not talk about him at all and did not show on TV. After reading this article, I respect this man.