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Let's talk about the "three hundredth"

(To the attention of nachmeds. Self-treatment. Tested on yourself.)

The war is already underway. From the muddy messages from the Donbass, it is clear that nothing is over, and the aggravation of hostilities is quite real. So, there will be again wounded, and again civilians will suffer. It is obvious that medical assistance to wounded soldiers and the population in the battle zone is insufficient (it is never enough). And in many places it is simply not there.

I'm not a doctor, retired sailor. And unfortunately, I have type 2 diabetes. Three years ago I had a trophic ulcer on the sole of my foot. Patients with diabetes and doctors know that the treatment of trophic ulcers is very difficult. Dear medicines. In addition, it takes years to heal an ulcer. Any tiny wound on the foot or a scuff from a new shoe can lead to ulcers and amputations. I met such fellows in misfortune in the regional hospital.

So I was threatened with a finger amputation. As a rule, it begins with amputation of the toe, then a couple more operations, and - loss of the leg. The threat of becoming disabled has made me study the nature of the disease and look for ways to combat it. Helped the Internet. I drew attention to the fact that one of the causes of ulceration is stagnation of blood flow in the lower extremities. And found that ozone has the most powerful bactericidal agent. Information about OZONOTHERAPY can be found here on these sites:;;

A couple of quotes from these sites.

1. What diseases can be treated with ozone and what methods? First of all, these are various wounds, damage to the epithelium, skin inflammation, dermatosis, and trophic ulcers in atherosclerotic vascular lesions and in diabetes. Atherosclerosis and diabetes are the most dangerous diseases, because often lead to necrosis and amputation. Treatment is carried out using special plastic bags or sealed chambers, which are filled with a mixture of ozone and oxygen. Inside the affected part of the body.

2. The main healing properties of ozone. Successful use of ozone in almost all areas of medicine for the treatment of diseases of various etiologies is based on the unique spectrum of its effects on the body. In particular, ozone is a powerful antiseptic. No antibiotic can compare with it in strength. In addition to the antibacterial and antiseptic action, ozone also has antiviral and anti-inflammatory effects, and also increases the body's defenses, normalizes metabolism and hormonal levels, relieves intoxication, and improves blood microcirculation.

In addition, when used in therapeutic concentrations, ozone exhibits an immunomodulatory, fungicidal, viricidal, cytostatic, anti-stress, and analgesic effect. Experts also argue that ozone therapy is the shortest and most effective way to raise the immune status of the body and improve its defense system.

So, the trouble made me look for ways of self-treatment. Moreover, according to information from the sites, ozone therapy is in Moscow from 500 to 3000 rub. in one session. My long-term hobby in life is aquarism, for over 50 years I have been keeping aquariums. And I had an old Soviet ozonizer for the treatment of aquarium fish at home. Here he is.

In the picture on the left - the compressor, it blows the ozonizer, from which the pipe is taken to the sprayer. It is advisable to take a large cylindrical pressed stone crumb, it is heavy and does not float.

By analogy with the sites, I empirically worked out the following treatment technology. A container with water (deep basin, then used a bath), water temperature is about 40 degrees, warmer is undesirable, gas solubility is less, flush with ozone 15 minutes. Then I immerse my feet in ozonated water, again for 15 minutes. I call this water "standard water."

At first, I only ozonated the feet. When I processed the first time in the foot bath (15 minutes blowing, 15 minutes soaking), then all the dead layers on the wound were washed away IMMEDIATELY. The remnants of dead tissue cut the wife. In two or three sessions, the ulcer almost healed. Immediately (after the first soaking) from under the nails affected by the fungus, dead tissues “cleaned up”, and my “nurse” practically removed the dead nails by three-quarters. By the way, healed the cracks in the legs, the nails got healthier and grow almost like new ones. It is easy to remove all the corns and calluses on the legs. And another thing: due to the weak blood flow in the legs of a diabetic, the color of the legs below the knee is spotty brown, like that of an old alcoholic. So, the skin brightened after the third session. And most importantly, I began to walk better! Brothers in misfortune know that one of the main causes of diabetes is a weakness in the legs, it is impossible to walk for a long time, the legs barely reach at the knees. Go 40 meters, sit down, take a break. So, the treatment I started 2 a year ago. After I processed my feet three times, I thought: why not treat the whole body? I know from aquaria that ozone burns mucous and epithelial tissues. But I didn’t notice anything like that. The main thing is to avoid water in the eyes. I did a course of treatment: 10 days was taking “standard ozonated water” baths. The effect is positive, if not excellent. Now, if I feel that I am beginning to “slow down,” that is, I have begun to walk worse, I will start a course of treatment. Five nights, five baths - and order. Again, I walk a couple of weeks. Then I repeat.

What does ozone do? Destroys ALL microflora. It makes the cell membranes of the legs work better, improves blood flow, that is, where the pump-heart “does not add” blood. See more on the sites.

Now I am treated so. Cooking bath (40-50 degrees), blown 15 minutes. Then CHECK the bath, spin the bath towel, expel the ozone from the room, or with a fan - 3-5 minutes. And swim on 15 minutes, no more !!! When taking a bath, do not sit with a log, but massage your feet. Immersed in the bath in the neck, as long as the water does not get into the eyes. Last five minutes I wash (shampoo, soap). I rolled back with warm clean, unzoned water - and that's it.

PAYING ATTENTION. Recipe 15 minutes of purging: airing 2-3 minutes - 15 minutes soaking (bathing); This is installed empirically on my machine. You can start with a shorter period, for example, 10 — 2 — 10 minutes. Then increase the time. In general, the rescue of the drowning is the work of the drowning themselves.

Why did I get out with this article on Topvar? In the battle zone, medical care is weak or none for civilians. Using ozone therapy, wounds can be treated. Peel and pus ozone just washes away immediately, disinfecting tissue. As a rule, there are very few antiseptics in the combat zone. And here is a RENEWABLE resource. Blew 15 minutes, and enjoy.

Also ozone can:

1. To disinfect water, all germs are killed, the water is settled, and you can drink.

2. You can disinfect clothes, socks in the fight against the fungus, dishes, tools.

3. I disinfected the drinkers and feeders of young birds, soaked and washed. Helps a lot.

4. The standard ozonated water was added to the bucket (one third) and the bird was soldered - with coccidiosis in turkeys. I think it helps. A stronger dose of ozonated water did not give. Afraid to poison.

In general, the chiefs of medical services in the battle zone are a big field for activity. When there are no antiseptics or as they are called there, you can try ozone. You are specials, you and cards in hand! Think.

Now such devices are sold here in all aquarium shops. In Rostov-on-Don exactly there. Here he is.


My friend bought such a device a year ago for 2900 rubles. This unit has a built-in compressor. The only thing you need is to buy a large dispenser, as in the first shot.

PS Fate drives us through life, where our ideas, our bosses and presidents are pointing us. And when misfortune snatches comrades from our ranks and makes them “three hundredth,” they are left alone with their pain, sometimes envying the “two hundredth.” Think of them.

This article I wanted to help at least someone. God bless you!
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  1. Russian Uzbek
    Russian Uzbek 3 October 2015 05: 35 New
    yeah ... and even from the aquarium you can pull out and treated ...
    Dr. Malakhov is now in VO? or is it advertising? or some secret society of "Ozone worshipers"?
    1. The comment was deleted.
    2. vrach
      vrach 3 October 2015 12: 20 New
      Your doubts are reasonable and clear. But the topic of self-help will always be relevant. Here is a simple question, what should be in the first-aid kit of an ordinary citizen in case of a painful shock? The question is not idle. The point is another who will be engaged in the selection of authors in terms of adaptation of texts to the theme of the site. Who will dispatch ideas? After all, this is all a very valuable potential and knowledge, cratsourcing.

      It is very, very unfortunate that Krautsorsig in Russian, by the example of this article, is a reproach to the editorial policy of the HE. Chuvakin drink poison.
      1. The comment was deleted.
      2. vrach
        vrach 3 October 2015 12: 31 New
        In the case there are different ways to obtain ozone, including chemicals, so it can be obtained from hydrogen peroxide. It is easier and more convenient.
        1. Chiropractor
          Chiropractor 5 October 2015 10: 05 New
          Self-medication carries a charge of destruction. Something helped one, it hurts the other. There are no identical people. 10% of people will die of mild flu, but the other 10% will survive a deadly pandemic - our chromosome diversity is the salvation of the entire homo species.

          In this case, a person who already has the skills to handle toxic substances (pure ozone is poison! Like oxygen is all a matter of concentration !!!) applied these same skills. And this saved himself a lot of money and effort - he did not go to the healing lakes, but created them for himself in a separate bathtub. wink
          Another thing is that, in principle, it is hypothetically possible to take any chemically active substance and bathe in its solution - and thereby cleanse itself. For example - alkali. But you are already using it. How? Yes, just when you wash something with soap. Dishes after dinner or hands before surgery, everything is one - you kill bacteria, which are then washed away with running water.
          But with viruses, this trick will no longer work - the sizes of viruses are not the same, and it’s not so easy to kill a virus without killing a living cell in the body - that’s why the part of the article about antiviral effects is nonsense or a piece of advertising of the “latest medicine”. And yes, drink antibiotics when viral disease is pointless.

          Next is wound healing. Yes, there is one.
          The healing mechanism in this case is cauterization. But you do disinfection and healing with iodine or brilliant green (but not together !!!). But iodine is contraindicated if the wound is deep or bleeding (then we put iodine around the wound), and - damn it !!! with diabetic ulcers.
          So there is an alternative solution. Congratulations.
          But a solution of brilliant green than you did not please?
          1. Dembel77
            Dembel77 8 October 2015 08: 27 New
            Any invention in the field of human medicine has the right to exist (mass use) only after a certain test regulation. This is if massively used. But if in a self-made version, purely for yourself, then please, at least eat mushrooms! You have every right, everyone has their own life and health! And if you save yourself, then why not tell others about it? For information. No more! And there, however you want, everyone decides for himself.
  2. Felix1
    Felix1 3 October 2015 06: 04 New
    do not panic to Donbas without rso 25, militias note. :)
    1. prosto_rgb
      prosto_rgb 3 October 2015 06: 48 New
      Quote: Felix1
      do not poke on Donbas without rso 25,

      You have a typo, without MLRS. hi
      1. Felix1
        Felix1 3 October 2015 10: 44 New
        Yes, you're right, you need a rszo and rso25, it's some kind of stuffing. yellowed router
    2. Felix1
      Felix1 3 October 2015 10: 50 New
      And who sculpts cons, with a sense of humor is bad, well, yes, I understand.
      1. prosto_rgb
        prosto_rgb 3 October 2015 17: 45 New
        Quote: Felix1
        And who sculpts cons, with a sense of humor is bad, well, yes, I understand.

        I personally set you +.
        And with "-" everything is not very simple here, for the same component on the same topic, but on different days of the week you can catch both one "+" and one "-".
        In general, there is its own atmosphere.
        It used to be easier.
  3. Oprychnik
    Oprychnik 3 October 2015 06: 51 New
    I would also like to draw the attention of the author that this ozonizer helps to solve not only your problem, but also the universal one - "ozone" holes. The deficiency in the atmosphere of scarce ozone is being filled. Therefore, forget about the nets. To everyone who suffers a soul for Life on Earth - according to the ozonizer!)
    1. kocclissi
      kocclissi 3 October 2015 10: 08 New
      About ozone holes:
      1. Oprychnik
        Oprychnik 3 October 2015 10: 23 New
        I take my words back. Not everyone needs an ozonizer. Everyone needs an asphalt roller to pave the whole Earth and avoid the greenhouse effect.
        1. Felix1
          Felix1 3 October 2015 10: 47 New
          everyone does not need an ozonizer, one is enough for two :-)
  4. AlNikolaich
    AlNikolaich 3 October 2015 07: 40 New
    There are still quartz irradiators. You can buy in a pharmacy. In winter, with influenza and SARS, you quartz
    the room, and the likelihood of getting sick less. Quartz creates the same ozone. Another Chizhevsky chandelier. Useful
    invention ... Many things that our graduate doctors do not tell us. My younger acetone in
    the body. Broke a leg. It turned out that during the acetone crisis, acetone leaches calcium from the bones ...
    Now I feed calcium. Neighbors with the child are the same. There were three compression fractures of the spine. Now calcium has been introduced into the diet, things have improved ...
    And most importantly, hygiene, clean air, fish from the river, milk from under the cow, vegetables from the garden, and everything will become
    it is better! People in the stone jungle of cities are deprived of this ... Drive more often to nature, and many problems
    with health themselves will leave! Be healthy!
    1. Russian Uzbek
      Russian Uzbek 3 October 2015 08: 30 New
      "" There are still quartz irradiators. You can buy in a pharmacy. In winter, with influenza and SARS, you quartz
      the room, and the likelihood of getting sick less. ""
      stupidly doused with cold water in the morning and evening (you can have a cold shower) and you forget about the flu and flu! I’ve been in such a fashion for about 10 years about the flu only watching on TV ...
      "" "Many things that our certified doctors do not tell us" ""
      a lot of things our aesculapians just don’t know and admit it dumb
      1. Rivares
        Rivares 3 October 2015 14: 42 New
        Quote: Russian Uzbek
        stupidly doused with cold water in the morning and evening (you can have a cold shower) and you forget about the flu and flu! I’ve been in such a fashion for about 10 years about the flu only watching on TV ...

        What suits you is not suitable for another.
        1. Russian Uzbek
          Russian Uzbek 3 October 2015 17: 28 New
          tempering suits everyone
      2. would
        would 3 October 2015 20: 36 New
        stupidly doused with cold water in the morning and evening (you can have a cold shower) and you forget about the flu and flu! I’ve been in such a fashion for about 10 years about the flu only watching on TV ...

        I’ll be a bore, but hardening does not affect the incidence of the word in general. All that it affects is an improvement in the ability of thermoregulation of the body. But to forget what flu is very simple, you need to get sick. Exactly so, every time a person is ill with another acute respiratory infection, he develops not only immunity to a specific pathogen, but also to all similar ones. As a result, an adult in his day already got sick and took little from him, immunity has already been gained.
    2. gladcu2
      gladcu2 4 October 2015 18: 19 New

      All is correct. A formal scientific approach to the problem often puts researchers in the narrow confines of the generally accepted. Thus limiting improvisation. However, improvisation is also limited within the framework of economic opportunities.

      The article just shows the case when, without departing from the general medical, antibacterial principles, an effective treatment method can be created.

      Moreover, it passed the test and did not cause side effects.
  5. Makarov
    Makarov 3 October 2015 08: 03 New
    yeah and put a sheet of plantain ... sorry for sarcasm - give examples and links to research scientists (preferably several) and test results ....
    1. Felix1
      Felix1 3 October 2015 10: 55 New
      and there is oak bark only, unlike the ozonizer, I give instructions for use, do not bite, you need to boil and drink the broth.
    2. Rivares
      Rivares 3 October 2015 14: 43 New
      Quote: Makarov
      give examples and links to research scientists (preferably several) and test results

      A empirical example is not enough for you? Mandatory reference to the dogma ???
      1. Makarov
        Makarov 3 October 2015 19: 03 New
        no not enough. When it comes to life and health, stories about miracle drugs are not enough for me ....
  6. Reptiloid
    Reptiloid 3 October 2015 08: 24 New
    At first, the article provoked a sharp rejection - the advertisers didn’t have any shame. Then I decided to buy a chik device. There are different houses. Then I thought about it and decided to buy and send the Actovegin ointment, it disinfects and heals well as much as I can. A syntomycin helps, but not so.
  7. Whowhy
    Whowhy 3 October 2015 08: 37 New
    There is also a simple scheme for obtaining “dead” (strongest antiseptic) and “living” (wound healing) water. At one time, such facilities were even produced for field hospitals. With a small change, the same scheme can be used to produce drinking water.
  8. Sergey777
    Sergey777 3 October 2015 08: 58 New
    And what are you kidding gentlemen, who knows who knows. Tell me more oxygen cocktails with barakamera this garbage or grass does not cure "ps" with Hochma offers to smoke weed for correction, go to the forest :)
    1. Chiropractor
      Chiropractor 3 October 2015 13: 42 New
      Oxygen cocktails - poppycock.

      Pressure chambers are a means of training blood vessels and changing the gas composition of the blood. The question is the qualifications of the staff - it can save divers from decompression sickness, or they can hand it over to disability
      1. Rivares
        Rivares 3 October 2015 14: 46 New
        Quote: Kostoprav
        Pressure chambers - a tool for training blood vessels and changing the gas composition of the blood

        How simple it is))) That's just the generals rushed to rejuvenate in the pressure chamber ...
  9. Oprychnik
    Oprychnik 3 October 2015 09: 10 New
    But now, against the background of numerous sanctions and blockades, the depreciation of the ruble, the total fake of drugs, everyone who does not have health and money for drugs can well use urine and coprotherapy. According to experts, a miracle cure, and it is difficult to fake!
    1. Felix1
      Felix1 3 October 2015 11: 00 New
      caught the wave, put a plus.
  10. am808s
    am808s 3 October 2015 09: 26 New
    It’s a sin to laugh when an elderly person shares with the people what helped him. Our lives were flooded with electronic dummies at fabulous prices. Advertising drives into people's heads that their products are a panacea. And then MAN shared his joy - a cheap penny device and it helped. It’s a pretty penny “Kommersants” will make of it what most people can’t afford. The ozone is a really wonderful combination of oxygen, but it’s not worth playing with it. It seems to dissolve poorly in water but a plastic bag is an idea. In addition, the placebo effect to help. In other matters, a competent doctor’s advice doesn’t hurt. I hope they don’t even tear money for advice?
    1. Rivares
      Rivares 3 October 2015 14: 52 New
      Quote: am808s
      .And then, a MAN shared his joy, a penny device assembled from trash and helped

      They are more angry that a person in a difficult situation has realized, made and recovered. And to them with a bunch of scientific references, scientific skepticism and dogmas from the media, this is not available. Would you have seen how professors and academicians of scientists who got something worthwhile mix up with mud at the scientific councils! And then, after 5-10 years, their designs are appropriated to themselves.
  11. ICT
    ICT 3 October 2015 09: 41 New
    Quote: am808s
    . Advertising drives into people's heads that their products are a panacea

    sometimes they talk,

    instead of chewing gum --- just rinse your mouth

    to strengthen your back --- just charge

    (And so I take note because the yard is full of living creatures, well, ....)
    1. cosmos111
      cosmos111 3 October 2015 12: 01 New
      And, unfortunately, I have type 2 diabetes.

      insulin dependent? or on tablets?

      there is no panacea for all diseases of the prodrug / apparatus ...

      correction of blood sugar, moderate physical activity, walking ..... hygiene of the feet ....

      military field medicine -This is a science ... and to consider in the context of this article is pointless ...
    2. Oprychnik
      Oprychnik 3 October 2015 19: 16 New
      "sometimes they talk,

      instead of chewing gum --- just rinse your mouth "

      Sometimes they say that arbidol for 300 rubles and flu shots are just a cut of budget money ... And not only that ...
  12. kunstkammer
    kunstkammer 3 October 2015 10: 07 New
    and I just want to say to the author - thanks.
    1. Felix1
      Felix1 3 October 2015 18: 43 New
      Thanks you will not put in a pocket. Better buy a couple of ozonizers.
  13. washi
    washi 3 October 2015 10: 33 New
    Traditional medicine is often more effective than official, I do not take surgery and traumatology with stomalogy.
    After all, nobody denies herbal infusions, although they are often more effective and cheaper than pills.
    1. Rivares
      Rivares 3 October 2015 15: 03 New
      And the history of pills comes from herbs, and not vice versa.
  14. provincial
    provincial 3 October 2015 10: 56 New
    Well, why do we take everything with hostility, the person shared what helped him personally. Don’t believe, don’t use it, although when you press it you don’t sing it that way.
  15. Reptiloid
    Reptiloid 3 October 2015 11: 00 New
    It doesn’t immediately reach me. What can I do? Young ish sho.
    THANKS TO THE AUTHOR. Tomorrow AKTOVEGIN, I will tell you where you need to
    There are not enough medications. I know for sure. I transmitted others before.
  16. sevtrash
    sevtrash 3 October 2015 11: 23 New
    The main thing here is to believe. Then it will help.
    The body has a self-healing function, of course it is different, depending on age and some other factors, diseases are also different.
    And yet - there were times of Kashpirovsky, Chumak, etc.
  17. cumastra1
    cumastra1 3 October 2015 12: 17 New
    Nonsense. Exactly. With a capital Ch. Do not flatter yourself with ozone, this is not a "magic medicine from America passing to Beijing." Just an auxiliary treatment.
    1. Rivares
      Rivares 3 October 2015 15: 04 New
      Quote: cumastra1
      Just an auxiliary treatment.

      Which helped in this case. Therefore, the fact is no longer nonsense.
  18. Oslyabya
    Oslyabya 3 October 2015 12: 19 New
    To the author - health and my gratitude!
  19. motorized rifle
    motorized rifle 3 October 2015 12: 39 New
    I remembered about trophic ulcers. I served in the KSIBVO and in the first winter I earned the so-called "trench frostbite" in any case, the chief medical officer told me so. Pimples appear on the leg, then they increase, open up and begin to rot and trophic ulcers are obtained (again according to the chief). They didn’t want to heal in any way, the chief said that until spring and don’t think that they would heal, they say you’ll warm them in the sun ... They don’t put him in the hospital with such a sore, it’s necessary that the floor of the legs rot and the infantry service is carried out , you understand, ulcers to underwear dry even through a bandage, they break off painfully, and even stink, even take out the saints. Moreover, curiously, only on one leg all this happens, the second as if nothing had happened! The treatment is, if possible, go to the medical hospital, where the paramedic breaks off the bandages, smears the sores with what kind of liquid and bandages again. So lasts 2 months, and ulcers more and more. In Novosibirsk, where I served, we naturally had a bathhouse, a division bath, but sometimes, our officers "spoiled us" and took us to a civil bathhouse, to the city, but it was cheap at that time. And so we went to this bathhouse, well, I (and not only) with my foot. Everything is visible in the bathhouse, and a certain aged man, having looked at my leg, says: "-Son, do you want your leg to go through?" "Of course!" I answer. Then he says, urinate on her, well, at least in the morning. The barracks is certainly not very adapted for such procedures, but as a result, the ulcers healed in less than a month, and some were quite large. The recipe was told to everyone in the battalion and helped everyone except one, but he was friends with this ulcer and even got into the hospital with her twice, helped to mow the service, and with it he went to the demobilization. And now I can’t even remember which leg hurt))).
  20. Saratoga833
    Saratoga833 3 October 2015 13: 15 New
    Something I don’t understand where I got to, on a medical or paramedical site or on the Military Review ???
    1. Rivares
      Rivares 3 October 2015 15: 06 New
      War and medicine are very closely related)))
      1. gladcu2
        gladcu2 4 October 2015 18: 27 New

        They forgot about the economy. However, it is necessary to start with it.
    2. kotvov
      kotvov 3 October 2015 19: 57 New
      Something I don’t understand where I got to, on the medical or paramedical site or on the Military Review ??? ,,
      come on, maybe someone will help. and where published is not so important.
  21. mi ah
    mi ah 3 October 2015 21: 14 New
    yes, you don’t believe in all this until you get there, and there - all the means are good, if only it’s passed
  22. Hyppopotut
    Hyppopotut 3 October 2015 21: 58 New
    Everyone knows how to: fight, teach, heal ...
    Oh and trouble, "... when the shoemaker starts to bake the pies, and the boots grind the pie ..."
  23. 1rl141
    1rl141 3 October 2015 21: 59 New
    I enjoyed reading all the comments. It was like sitting at the entrance with grannies, talking ... It's just a pity that they did not talk about Tanya the whore from the 35th apartment ..
    The result of the conversation - now there are clouds of clouds for old people’s clinics! The kingdom of heaven has been canceled, so they are being treated, treated!
    1. Oprychnik
      Oprychnik 4 October 2015 10: 30 New
      Everyone here is well versed in education, medicine and military affairs. But, here’s the level, for some reason, it’s just limited to a shop at home, at the level of communication with old women. The question arises: Where did all the specialists go?)))
  24. would
    would 4 October 2015 07: 31 New
    Thanks for the good mood, even those who tried urinotherapy were noted in the comments laughing

    Now on to the case. Ozone therapy can really be used for disinfection, including wounds. Just because ozone is poison and very strong. For a person, including, you can enlighten in medical literature. So disinfection is indeed possible, although there are certainly safer products. Of course, diabetic foot syndrome cannot be cured in the same way as other diseases. But then in the post goes something like advertising a remedy for all diseases

    increases the body's defenses, normalizes metabolism and hormonal levels, relieves intoxication, improves blood microcirculation.

    Of course, everyone should believe that "extremely dangerous substance" having the 1st hazard class, serious poison cures literally everything. And immunity enhances (although I personally do not know a single drug that would be capable of this), regardless of the specific immunodeficiency, and the metabolism normalizes, regardless of specific disorders, both the hormonal background and blood circulation. It will cure everything, regardless of the specific pathology! It is especially funny to read how extremely dangerous poison relieves intoxication. As always, the main thing is to believe in it ... all that is missing is a link to a site where you will be sold for 100000 rubles.
    1. Oprychnik
      Oprychnik 4 October 2015 10: 16 New
      At least one serious person appeared on this thread!))) + To you.
    2. RONIN-HS
      4 October 2015 16: 56 New
      to rait ... as well as all the other "opponents"

      1. If you are healthy, then you do not care about this problem. I have been “being treated” with ozone already 2 of the year and for a long time hesitated to tell people about it. Then he decided what was worth. Maybe someone will help too. Stab on this topic cool while you are healthy. And when he presses - then everything becomes not so funny, but very sad.

      2. I healed my foot ulcers and "crushed" the fungus on my legs. Do you think this is not enough? Well, well ... run while you are healthy.

      3. To ministers who think that I am advertising another electronic dummy - a toy. You did not see the main thing - to collect a self-made ozonizer for any locksmith - a couple of hours of work. And you will have a device for disinfecting water. According to reports here, at the military district in the battle zone, the first thing that catastrophically worsens life is this lack of water. There is water nearby - but bad. And here you can process (blow) yourself, defend and use. Simple hint Nachmedam - info for thought. TryPerhaps this will solve a big problem.

      4. Do not bother about of my diabetes and ulcers. Self-treatment is if you want to help yourself, you try at your own risk. It turned out and thank God. Just when I watched a video from the Donbass, I saw my brothers in misfortune. As they move inhibited, it is clear to me that many are oppressed by sugar. These are my peers. Do you think old people are waiting in polyclinics, especially in the battle zone?

      5. Yes, I know that ozone is poison. But you can use it wisely and it helps. And most importantly - it is the strongest disinfectant. Well, who should experience this renewable resource ??? Nachmedy in the battle zone, and not wait for the delivery of humanitarian aid. You can watch burn burns alive alive without drugs, but you can try ... They are doctors, they have a flag in their hands!

      6. It is good to argue when you are healthy and around a peaceful life. And if the full ... well, electricity is given for an hour or two a day, and some patients are sick or injured, then what to do then ??? How to get good water and septic tanks ???

      I just wanted to help. Do not judge strictly, so as it happened ...
      1. would
        would 5 October 2015 00: 11 New
        There was no banter, only competent argumentation.

        Do you think this is not enough?

        No, this is what you should expect from a normal treatment of diabetic foot syndrome without any ozone. Another question is that not all doctors are capable of this normal treatment, as well as, for example, the normal treatment of osteochondrosis. Given the fact that the ulcers were healed due to the banal disinfection and so quickly feel free to conclude that they were extremely light. The real ones do not disinfect them, do not use them, even with steroid wound healing stains (a powerful thing by the way) heal very, very hard. Because the problem is not in the connected infection, but in the violation of regenerative processes.

        And most importantly - it is the strongest disinfectant.

        Without a doubt, I wrote about this and completely agree with this. Only now it is also extremely toxic, "extremely" means that medicine because of this refuses to use it. At the same time, to put it mildly, it is not the best idea to disinfect the skin of the whole body by killing the natural microflora on it, the balance of which makes our skin healthy and the lack of which \ balance imbalance can easily lead to serious skin diseases. And as I said, ozone can do almost nothing but disinfect, so all these words about the immunomodulating effect (by the way, science does not know the real working immunomodulators) and so on. just words.

        In the context of a lack of medicines, it can indeed be used. Better to poison a person than to let him die. Only ozone is just a disinfectant, and wounded and even more so burn patients need other medications without which they simply will not survive.
  25. Ambassador
    Ambassador 19 October 2015 22: 05 New
    I want to bring in my share. I’m very sorry for these skeptics. But to hell, they’re still young and inexperienced. But when the cancer whistles on the mountain, then they run in. They don’t know about Chizhevsky and his research. I want to remind you about these devices in Soviet times in haberdashery stores. And I know for sure from my own experience it helps and how. Hello everyone. Author respect.
  26. Ambassador
    Ambassador 19 October 2015 22: 08 New
    I want to add salt is harmful, sugar is harmful, soda is also poison (carbon dioxide however).
    Only green is not harmful.
  27. Ambassador
    Ambassador 19 October 2015 22: 15 New
    100% odor elimination in 15 minutes with active oxygen
    Purification of food, water and air without harmful chemicals!
    Ozone 99.9% kills harmful microbes in the air. Ozone 100% kills E. coli; 95.5% cope with staphylococcus and 99.9% eliminates golden and white staphylococci. Ozone also very quickly and 100% kills Escherichia coli and Staphylococcus aureus in water. Studies have shown that after 15 minutes of treating the air with ozone, the harmful microorganisms in it die completely. Ozone is 100% effective against hepatitis virus and PVI virus, 99% against influenza virus. Ozone 100% kills various types of mold. Ozone dissolved in water can cope with black mold and yeast 100%.
  28. Ambassador
    Ambassador 19 October 2015 22: 18 New
    Ozone treatment helps to eliminate pathogenic bacteria contained in meat and fish, stimulants of their growth, neutralizes nitrates and pesticides, increases the shelf life of products.
    Ozone contributes to the long-term preservation of the quality of meat, fish, meat and fish products, eggs, cheeses. In the process of ozonation, microbes and bacteria, chemical harmful substances, viruses, mold are destroyed, the nitrate content in vegetables and fruits is significantly reduced.
    Nutrients are not destroyed when properly processed.
    Freshly caught fish can be preserved for a long time if washed with ozonated water.
  29. Ambassador
    Ambassador 19 October 2015 22: 19 New
    Ozone is a colorless gas of crystalline modification that is constantly contained in the atmosphere and is formed by lightning discharges, has the color of vaporizing vapor, with a bluish tint, with a specific smell. It decomposes very quickly into oxygen, becoming completely safe and without leaving toxic elements. Widely used ozone in various areas of our lives.
    It is used in medicine, in industry, in everyday life. But the most common use is for water treatment. Ozone effectively destroys bacteria and viruses, eliminates organic pollution of water, destroys odors, can be used as a bleaching agent. A special role is given to ozone in the food industry. Being a highly disinfectant and chemically safe agent, it is used to prevent the biological growth of unwanted organisms in food and food processing equipment.
    Ozone has the ability to kill microorganisms without creating new harmful chemicals.
    Also, ozone received a considerable contribution in medicine. As a strong oxidizing agent, it is used to sterilize medical devices. The scope of its application in the treatment of many diseases is expanding.
  30. Ambassador
    Ambassador 19 October 2015 22: 23 New
    Ozone is a gas, a special form of oxygen containing three atoms in a molecule (instead of the usual two atoms), is formed in nature in the air during a thunderstorm and has a strong oxidizing, disinfecting and disinfecting property. Activated oxygen is an allotropic modification of oxygen and has the molecular formula O3 (d = 1.28 A, q = 116.5 °). It should be noted that the bond of the third atom in the ozone molecule is relatively fragile, which leads to the instability of the molecule as a whole and its tendency to self-decay. O3 O48 is a bluish gas with a characteristic pungent odor, molecular weight 1,657 g / mol, density relative to air 0 (ozone heavier than air); density at 0,1C and pressure 2,143 MPa 0,01 kg / m0,02 In small concentrations at the level of XNUMX mg./m.cub. (five times lower than the maximum permissible concentration for a person) ozone gives the air a characteristic smell of freshness and purity. So, for example, after a thunderstorm, the subtle smell of ozone is invariably associated with clean air. As mentioned above, the ozone molecule is unstable and has the property of self-decay. Due to this property, ozone is a strong oxidizing agent and an exceptional disinfectant in effectiveness. The decomposition rate of ozone in the air is estimated using the half-life, i.e. the time during which the ozone concentration is halved