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RAE-2015 determined the flagship direction of the Russian defense industry

In early September, the International Exhibition of Arms, Military Equipment and Ammunition Russia Arms Expo (RAE) was held at the test site in the vicinity of Nizhny Tagil on 10. The participants of the event recognized, according to its results, that it is among the five best world arms exhibitions. 400 exhibitors placed their achievements in pavilions on the square in 2970 square. m, and another 9478 square. m occupied exposure in open space.


At a press conference devoted to summing up the RAE-2015, Alexander Kharlamov, a representative of the Russian Foreign Ministry in Yekaterinburg, Igor Zelenkin, Deputy Minister of Industry and Science of the Sverdlovsk Region, and Alexey Zharich, Deputy Secretary-General of the Uralvagonzavod Corporation, answered journalists' questions. The organizers noted that an unprecedented number of foreign delegations, 65, took part in the exhibition. Among the guests were 13 defense ministers, chiefs of general staffs and land force commanders. For coverage of RAE-2015, 800 journalists, including 100 foreign, were accredited.

“RAE-2015 was held at the highest level and once again confirmed that it is included in the TOR of the largest land salons in the world,” said Aleksey Zharich. “I especially want to thank for the help in organizing the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation, as well as the administration of the Sverdlovsk Region and Nizhny Tagil.”

Alexander Kharlamov noted the positive dynamics of foreign delegations visiting the Nizhny Tagil exhibition. She worked almost around the clock, many delegations studied weapons at night, because “they are aimed at the practical results of their work, and this is one of the features of the exhibition”. He also confirmed that the head office of the Foreign Ministry decided to create a temporary consulate at the Koltsovo airport, which aims to ensure the normal passage of the border and foreign citizens who will participate in the next exhibition in 2017 visit the Urals Federal District (UFD).


The main component of RAE-2015 has become a rich business program dedicated to the key issues of the development of the defense-industrial complex, the armament market conjuncture, import substitution, the development of new types of weapons and many others. Special attention was paid to the role of the military-industrial complex in the new paradigm of sanctions measures. Over the two days of the RAE business program, 19 event formats were held, including round tables, seminars, discussions and plenary sessions.

"The events that were held at the exhibition - the military-industrial conference, the meeting of the interdepartmental commission of the Collective Security Treaty Organization (CSTO), a round table in which the heads of the State Duma and Federation Council committees on defense and security participated, are important for all defense companies," noted Igor Zelenkin. “This is a platform from which it was possible to bring problems existing at enterprises, and we understand that these problems were heard.”

According to the chairman of the State Duma Committee on Security and Anti-Corruption Irina Yarovoy, “achievements in the defense industry allow us to abstract from external aggression and build a successful development strategy in difficult conditions. An important characteristic of a quality defense industry is the economy. I note that the only right decision was made - the investment of 23 trillion rubles. in the development of the defense industry of Russia. Therefore, now the high-quality Russian military-industrial complex is in the position of Russia's global security. ”

Within the framework of the business program of RAE-2015, the II Military-Industrial Conference was held on the theme “New Law on State Defense Order: Interdepartmental Control System, Targeted Use of Funds and Bank Support.” As noted at the forum, on the instructions of President Vladimir Putin, all measures are being taken to create a market for domestic products. “By the decree of the President, we have taken the course for gradual import substitution. As is known, its main goal is the creation of structural domestic products on a modern technological base. The main works are planned to be completed by 2018, ”said Dmitry Rogozin, Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Federation, opening the military-industrial conference, opening the conference.

For the second time in the framework of the RAE, a meeting of the Interstate Commission for Military-Economic Cooperation within the framework of the CSTO was held. Its participants were representatives of Armenia, Belarus, Kyrgyzstan, Russia and Tajikistan. For the first time, the meeting of the CSTO ICFEC was held under the leadership of Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin. “At the meeting, we made a decision on an interstate economic mission. We also considered a whole range of documents related to the military-economic interaction between our countries. Now our organization is reformatted. Its members in their countries are responsible for the military-industrial complex. This will allow you to quickly resolve all issues. The work carried out by the RAE-2015 commission will give a very serious impetus to the creation of further working groups, ”said CSTO Secretary General Nikolay Bordyuzha.

September 10 exhibition was visited by the first persons of Russia. Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev in the company of Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin, Presidential Plenipotentiary Representative in the Urals Federal District Igor Kholmanskikh and Minister of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation Denis Manturov inspected military products of Russian and foreign manufacturers. The head of the Russian government also met with designers and developers of weapons and military equipment.

Having become acquainted with the promising developments presented at the RAE-2015, Dmitry Medvedev highly appreciated the potential of the X International Exhibition of Arms and Military Equipment. “Such exhibitions are the largest and most successful venues for demonstrating the latest achievements of the modern Russian weapons, cause a great interest, - the prime minister noted. - This year the exhibition has already broken the record for the number of participants. Delegations from more than 60 countries of the world are present here, and this is almost a third of the number of states on our planet. More than 160 of our largest companies, international companies from a number of countries, such as Turkey, Republic of Korea, France, Jordan, United Arab Emirates and others are represented. Such a representative corps of foreign companies can not but rejoice, it is an indicator of the interest that is manifested both in our exhibition and in our samples of weapons. I will especially note a number of technological platforms. I am sure that their participation in the work of the Russian defense-industrial complex will strengthen its scientific and informational component ”.

The prime minister noted the uniqueness of the landfill, which allows demonstrating the firing and operational quality of military equipment. According to him, the multi-format of the exhibition, which “combines the business and information program, gives professionals access to everything that our country can offer to ensure the defense capability of its borders and, of course, the partner countries.” Dmitry Medvedev thanked the organizers of the exhibition, residents of Nizhny Tagil and all those involved in this event for the warm welcome.

RAE-2015 determined the flagship direction of the Russian defense industry

Running features tanksproduced at UVZ continue to delight everyone who sees this technique in action


During a visit to the exhibition about the future of products of JSC "Scientific and Production Corporation" Uralvagonzavod "Dmitry Medvedev said the general director of this structure, Oleg Sienko. The prime minister saw the modernized BTR-80, tank support fighting vehicles (BMPT) Terminator and 2 Terminator, self-propelled artillery mounts (MAS) Msta-S and other products. The prime minister paid particular attention to the latest developments of the Uralvagonzavod: two armored vehicles on the Armat platform, the T-14 and T-15, and the self-propelled artillery installation, the Coalition-SV. During the demonstration, Dmitry Medvedev was able to evaluate the technique in action.

The show was divided into two parts: combat, in which units, including Aviation, performed the task of conditionally destroying a terrorist group, and a mobile one, during which the qualities of individual units were demonstrated. “Within 45 minutes, an imitation of a real military operation takes place at the training ground: first, equipment that is designed to defend the borders demonstrates its capabilities, and then counter-operation is launched to oust the enemy,” said Alexei Zharich, Deputy General Director of Uralvagonzavod.

The landfill in Nizhny Tagil compares favorably with similar sites in that it is perfectly visible from one point. The terrain allows in the smallest details to see everything that happens, even with the naked eye. Despite the fact that the targets on which the fire was fired were at a very considerable distance from the spectators, there was no feeling that the fire was firing somewhere far into invisible distance.

In addition, the demonstration program could be seen online. “For the show, there were agreements with and the Odnoklassniki social network. The broadcast was also conducted on the platform Russia Today. The events of RAE-2015 were simultaneously watched by 40 – 50 million viewers, ”said Anatoly Kitsura, general director of Business Dialogue LLC.

More than 9 thousand ammunition was used in the demonstration program, more than 500 targets were destroyed. Every day, 500 man and 62 ground and airborne equipment were involved in the show.

In the second part of the program, the technique itself and its masterly management impressed. Experienced drivers made their cars with amazing accuracy and ease to overcome obstacles, and the driver-mechanics of the T-90C would have been envied by the racing drivers.

It should be noted that the actions at the test site were preceded by the broadcast of a video game with the participation of Russian actors. And in early November, Uralvagonzavod plans to hold in one of the central cinemas of Moscow a private screening of the film “Rout” with elements of the RAE-2015 demonstration show.

The latest version of the tank support combat vehicle


As for the exposition of Uralvagonzavod, the armor of the new generation has caused the greatest interest on the part of Russian visitors. These are the main battle tank T-14 (which is also called “Armata”), the heavy infantry fighting vehicle (BMP) T-15 and SAU “Coalition-SV” made on the Armat’s heavy tracked platform. The latter so far uses the main tank T-90А for movement, but is likely to be subsequently transferred to the same “Armata”.

In fact, the presentation of this technology took place at the 9 parade of May in Moscow, but then it could only be seen at a great distance. Only now she was shown close to everyone. However, it is not yet in operation - throughout the exhibition, the military equipment stood at the Uralvagonzavod site. The Defense Ministry decided that the time had not yet come to demonstrate the fighting qualities of the latest developments.

In the T-14 tank, several advanced ideas of domestic military-industrial thought were implemented at once. One of them is a separate line-up: the crew of the combat vehicle is located in an isolated armored capsule, the presence of people in the fighting compartment is not provided. The control of the tank is fully automated and performed remotely: video cameras are used to select the direction of movement and track targets, displaying high-resolution pictures on the monitors located in the armored capsule. This makes the control of the T-14 something like a computer game. The tank's cannon is a 125-millimeter smoothbore gun with a rate of 10 – 12 gunfire per minute that can hit a target at a distance of 7 km. To this we can add the most powerful among all Russian tank analogs engine and new armored systems.

BMP T-15 will give the Russian ground forces a completely new quality. It is no secret that light armored vehicles used for transporting infantry are very vulnerable on the battlefield and do not protect personnel sufficiently reliably. T-15 combines powerful armor and the most advanced active protection systems, which will significantly reduce combat losses. As in the other new developments of the Uralvagonzavod, the combat compartment of the T-15 is uninhabited. The BMP is armed with a 30-mm automatic gun, a 7,62-mm machine gun and two dual launchers of the Kornet anti-tank missile system.

The development of the ACS “Coalition-SV” placed Russian self-propelled artillery at a level unattainable for world competitors - in terms of its tactical and technical characteristics among existing and prospective combat vehicles, it has no analogues in the world. Of the trinity of the latest developments "Uralvagonzavod", which caused the most attention at the exhibition, T-14, T-15, actually "Coalition-SV" and SAU are most of all striking in their size. However, in terms of weight and dimensions, it compares favorably with world analogues.

The 48 tonnage self-propelled 152-mm howitzer (barrel length - almost eight meters), a special design of the loading mechanisms which allows for a record rate of fire - 16 shots per minute at a distance of 70 km. The process of loading ammunition is automated, so that the ACS in the shortest possible time is able to enter the combat position. The combat kit "Coalition-SV" includes shells of various types, including the correction of the flight path through GLONASS. The crew is located in the front of the hull in an armored capsule, the management of the fighting compartment is automated. The turret is installed on the self-propelled gun tower, whose task is to detect the target using a laser rangefinder. And to destroy the enemy's manpower, the 12,7-mm machine gun, which has 200 shots included, is located on the turret.


Presented "Uralvagonzavod" on RAE-2015 news on this are not limited. So, considerable interest of visitors was caused by the deeply modernized BTR-80. An additional booking is installed on the combat vehicle, increasing its protection from anti-tank and small arms. For example, to combat the cumulative grenades around the perimeter of the body of the armored personnel carrier located lattice screens. In addition, the BTR-80 installed a new combat module with a large-caliber machine gun, controlled remotely. In this case, the new module can be mounted on the body of the BTR without additional alterations. The peculiarity of the modernization lies in the fact that it can also be carried out with respect to the combat vehicles of the previous series. Considering how many of them are in service with many countries of the world, the development has a large export potential.

The hit of the previous RAE exhibition, which took place two years ago, was the upgraded T-90С tank (export version of the T-90 tank). Now he did not participate in demonstrations, but was installed in the pavilion. However, interest in him is still at an extremely high level.

Another new UVZ presented to the public is an DT-3PM armored transporter. Its purpose is to transport personnel and military equipment. It can be carried out on a new development in any road and climatic conditions, in particular, at low temperatures, in the absence of reconnaissance and preliminary equipment of the routes. It is planned that the machine will be used in the Arctic zone, and not only in the Armed Forces - it can be used for the transport of goods intended for fields, as well as in the supply of polar settlements. This machine will certainly be a significant help in the implementation of the course of Russia on the active development of the Arctic.

The conveyor is made according to a two-link scheme and is a 240 diesel engine with horsepower and a towed section of the cargo compartment. In the first link are located five seats, in the second - 12. An all-terrain vehicle can reach speeds of up to 50 km per hour over land and up to 6 km per hour over water.

The unusual development of "Uralvagonzavod" - a special fire engine. For its basis was taken tank T-72. This outdated model is now being decommissioned. So that the equipment does not disappear in vain, they remove the tower from it, and on the base of the chassis they create a unique transport designed to put out the fire and conduct rescue operations. The original machine can be used on arsenals and rocket artillery weapons storage bases.


Uralvagonzavod presented at the exhibition not only the latest developments in the field of armored vehicles, but also a wealth of material related to the history of the industry. In particular, from the very beginning of the RAE work, the exposition “Heroes of the Tank Industry” opened. General Director of Uraltransmash Alexey Nosov, First Deputy Chairman of the Government of the Sverdlovsk Region Vladimir Vlasov and First Deputy Chairman of the State Committee for Archives of the Chelyabinsk Region Lyubov Ryzhkova became guests of honor on it.

The exhibition shows models of tanks and self-propelled artillery mounts, which constituted the glory of the national armored vehicles. The exhibits include such classics as self-propelled guns SU-100, SU-85М, ISU-122, tanks T-34-85, КВ-85, ИС-3, used during the Great Patriotic War.

In addition, about 100 photographs and personal belongings of Soviet designers and workers of tank-building enterprises are presented at the exhibition. Many documents were classified for a long time, and it became possible to get acquainted with them only at the beginning of this century. Among them, for example, the decision of the Chelyabinsk Regional Committee of the Great Patriotic War of the time of compulsory sending students of 8 – 9 classes to a tank factory.

The exhibits were selected at the Uralvagonzavod exhibition complex, the museums of the corporation's enterprises - ChTZ-Uraltrak, Uraltransmash, Uralmash, Omsktransmash and Plant No. 9, as well as the Russian State Archive of the Economy and the Joint Archive Chelyabinsk region. The exhibition will expand, and by the end of the decade it is planned to create on its basis a museum of Russian tank building.

Another significant cultural event was the presentation of the book "Sverdlovsk Sushki", dedicated to the history of self-propelled guns produced in the Urals during World War II - the distant predecessors of modern models, demonstrated on RAE-2015. The authors of the work are the historian of the domestic tankoprom, the scientific editor of Uralvagonzavod, Sergey Ustyantsev, and the head of the department of the special design bureau (SDB) of Transmash-special equipment, JSC Uraltransmash, Alexey Bobkov. In addition to them, the presentation was attended by the general director of JSC "Uraltransmash" Alexei Nosov and the chief designer of the SKB "Transmash-special equipment" Valery Kukis.

The book, which became the first work in the series “Combat vehicles of Uraltransmash”, describes, in particular, the creation of a self-propelled artillery installation based on the medium tank T-34. The authors did not go into the statement of technical characteristics of the ACS - this information is widely available, and the book is not a reference. Her task was to show how Soviet manufacturing capabilities influenced the development of technology. The book is intended for young people who come to work in the tank industry. The series is scheduled to release three more books on the production of armored vehicles and the people who were doing this. On the whole, the cycle will be completed by the fall of 2017, when the 200 anniversary of Uraltransmash and the 75 anniversary of the SKB Transmash Special Vehicles will be celebrated.


In addition to demonstrating their developments and holding cultural events during RAE-2015, Uralvagonzavod signed two important agreements. One of them is about the creation of a military-patriotic cluster in Nizhny Tagil. The document was signed by the general director of the corporation Oleg Sienko, the head of the Federal Agency for Tourism Oleg Safonov, the general director of the Nizhny Tagil Metal Testing Institute Nikolai Smirnov, the mayor of Nizhny Tagil Sergey Nosov and the executive director of the National Tourist Union Valery Kaygorodov.

The agreement deals with the development of military-patriotic tourism in Nizhny Tagil. The city’s potential in this area has not been realized, Oleg Safonov noted. And Oleg Sienko expressed confidence in the success of this trend.

Within the cluster, the development of tourist facilities in Nizhny Tagil, in particular, museums of local industrial enterprises, is expected. It is possible that the tourists will be shown the production itself, will be given the opportunity to drive on military equipment and even shoot. The federal target program for this project has already allocated 70 million rubles. Funding will continue next year. At the same time, it is planned that three times more funds will be attracted from private investors than from the budget.

In addition, the corporation "Uralvagonzavod" and the company "Rostelecom" signed a memorandum on strategic partnership and joint activities. The document, signed by the executive director of Uralvagonzavod, Vladimir Roshchupkin, and the director of the macro-regional branch Ural, Rostelecom PJSC, Anton Kolpakov, is aimed at strengthening cooperation that continues with 2009 of the year. At that time, a large telecommunications project of two corporations was launched: Rostelecom set about creating a corporate data transmission network, having connected to it in six years already the 18 enterprises of Uralvagonzavod. The industrial Internet, the collection and processing of technological and other data, the transfer of international best practices and technologies in the field of industrial automation are mentioned as areas for the development of partnerships.


Due to the unique technological and infrastructural capabilities, a full range of combat and operational characteristics of domestic products was shown at RAE-2015. The demonstration program was attended by 62 sample ground and air vehicles: tanks T-90С and T-72 of various modifications, SAU "Msta-S", BMPT "Terminator", BMP-3, BMD-4М, self-propelled anti-aircraft installation "Shilka-M4" "And" Tunguska M1 ", SU-24М and Su-27 aircraft, MI-8 helicopters of various modifications, etc.

The anniversary exhibition was highly appreciated by international experts. So, an expert in the field of armored vehicles and armament of ground forces, columnist Jane's Defense Weekly Christopher Foss particularly emphasized the trend of Russia in the development and creation of fundamentally new military vehicles: "Boomerang", "Kurganets", "Armata" is a revolution in tank design! It will be interesting to watch the development of these platforms. Of course, now pressure is imposed on Russia by sanctions, but I believe that there are all possibilities here to develop military equipment independently, within the Russian Federation. RAE proves it! ”

Meanwhile, preparations for the next exhibition in 2017 have already begun. The corresponding decree was signed by Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev. RAE-2017 will run from 6 to September 9. The organizers clarified that they are ready for a two-fold increase in full-scale samples and exhibition stands - this area allows. It has already been decided that on the first or second day of the exhibition there will be a night demonstration program for official delegations and accredited media. Working at night will help to maximize the capabilities of the optics and the technology itself. In addition, special forces will be attracted to participate in the demonstration, the possibility of displaying more advanced aircraft models, as well as the use of robotic systems will be considered.

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