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Soldiers of the Middle Kingdom are torn into battle


The ground forces of the People’s Liberation Army of China (PLA) are the most numerous of the Chinese armed forces. Their number now reaches 1600 thousand people. In addition, there is a valid reserve numbering more than 800 thousand people. For these indicators, the ground forces of the PLA occupy the first place in the world, significantly surpassing similar forces of the United States and the Russian Federation, not to mention other major military powers.


The ground forces of the PLA include maneuverable (main) forces numbering more than 800 thousand people, and local (territorial) forces, which are also approximately 800 thousand people.

The maneuverable forces are operatively subordinated to the General Staff of the PLA through the commands of military districts. Their mission - the conduct of hostilities in any area of ​​the mainland of the national territory and beyond. Local troops are subordinate to the provincial commands. Together with the national militia, they must solve mainly security and defense tasks. One of the functions that are assigned to local troops is to ensure the protection of important communications in peacetime, and in wartime they must protect these communications from an enemy that has invaded deep into the national territory of the enemy or from its sabotage groups.

The territorial troops are deployed in the most dangerous directions of a possible invasion of the enemy troops and rely on defense positions equipped in advance in engineering. Several of these positions make up the defensive area (cover area). Local troops, in fact, are the legacy of the period when Chinese military-strategic concepts were built with the expectation of a large-scale invasion from the north and allowed the possibility of advancing the enemy deep into the territory of the PRC. They assumed the maintenance of mainly defensive hostilities of a positional nature. In addition, it was supposed to create guerrilla groups on their basis. Despite the fact that the concept of so-called active defense, which provides for both defensive and offensive actions when interacting with different types of armed forces and combat arms, is currently dominant in Chinese military theory, these outdated installations still have a certain impact on military strategic thinking of the Chinese political and military leadership. In peacetime, the function of local troops also includes rescue operations in their area of ​​responsibility during natural disasters and man-made disasters. In wartime, in addition to performing purely military functions, they are assigned the task of eliminating the consequences of the use of the enemy weapons mass destruction and other modern means of fire exposure, leading to numerous casualties among the military and civilians, and massive destruction of the housing stock, infrastructure and industrial facilities, including potentially hazardous industries, nuclear and hydroelectric power plants.

Local troops are also assigned the task, jointly with the People’s Armed Police (CWP), to monitor border and coastal zones, as well as important military facilities and military infrastructure. Together with the CWP, they can be brought in to maintain public order and security. In this matter, they to some extent complement each other, performing their specific functions.

Well-trained Chinese infantry can operate effectively in all conditions. Reuters Photos


According to Chinese documents set out in open sources, the PLA Ground Forces as a whole are intended for combat operations on the continent. In addition to the number of them, the fundamental difference from other types of PLA armed forces is the diversity of both weapons and military equipment (IWT) and methods of warfare. The combat capabilities of the Ground Forces should ensure their ability, independently or in cooperation with other types of armed forces within the combined groups, to conduct effective offensive operations in order to defeat the enemy and master the territory he occupies, to carry out effective fire impact throughout the depth of his troops. In defense, they must firmly hold the occupied areas (boundaries), inflicting maximum losses on the enemy troops, thereby preparing favorable conditions for conducting their own counter-offensive operation.

The formation of the PRC as a new superpower, having its own spheres of influence and interests in various regions of the world, is reflected in the expansion of the range of tasks facing its armed forces, including the Ground Forces. PLA Formations have become involved in international operations under the auspices of the UN and other organizations designed to ensure peace, security and stability, both globally and regionally, including in international humanitarian operations, in anti-piracy actions, as well as in the practical implementation of international operations. arrangements. The latest example of such activity is the participation of Chinese and Russian warships in providing security for a ship that has removed Syrian chemical weapons.

The PLA Ground Forces as infantry are infantry (rifle, motorized and mechanized forces), tank troops, missile forces and artillery, air defense forces, army aviationas well as formations and units of combat and rear support (communications, reconnaissance, electronic warfare, engineering, radiation, chemical and biological defense, logistics services, medical support, research organizations, military schools, etc.) . Organizationally, the Special Forces Forces (Special Forces) are also included in the PLA Ground Forces.

The direct leadership of the PLA Ground Forces is entrusted to the commander, who is also the deputy minister of defense of the PRC. The main control body, through which the commander exercises such leadership, is the headquarters consisting of directorates and departments responsible for a certain activity (operational, intelligence, organizational-mobilization, etc.). The field of activity of the headquarters also includes operational and combat training of troops , their combat use, the organization of command and control, the definition of their combat and material and technical support, the conduct of mobilization measures.

Structurally, the ground forces of the PLA consist of 18 combined arms armies, which in most Western and Chinese sources are called army groups. The latter are divided into seven military districts, which, in turn, are divided into 28 military regions. These groups differ in their structure and size depending on the location, the likely enemy and the tasks facing them and have different categories of readiness. The size of a typical army group ranges from 30 to 50 thousand people. According to this indicator, to some extent it corresponds to the NATO field army, nevertheless yielding to a similar unification of the United States. In a typical version, the Army Group of the PLA Ground Forces comprises up to three mechanized (motorized, rifle) divisions (brigades), one artillery brigade, an air defense brigade, a reconnaissance battalion, one regiment of communications, engineering support, radiation, chemical, biological protection, parts of the logistics and electronic warfare.

The PLA Mechanized Division in its typical staff structure has a number of personnel up to 10 thousand people. It includes three mechanized regiments of three-battalion personnel on armored personnel carriers and infantry fighting vehicles and one tank.

The tank division consists of three tank regiments and one mechanized one. The structure of both the mechanized and the tank division includes an artillery regiment, an air defense regiment (battalion), a communications battalion, an engineering battalion, a company of radiation, chemical, and biological defense (RCBZ), a division of material, technical and medical support.

The PLA's mechanized brigade consists of four mechanized battalions, each equipped with 40 armored personnel carriers (APCs) or infantry fighting vehicles (BMP), and a tank battalion equipped with the 41 main battle tank (MBT), including one commander.

The tank brigade includes four tank battalions of three-tier composition (124 OBT) and one mechanized battalion (40 BTR or BMP).

The mechanized and tank brigade consists of an artillery battalion with three batteries (18 self-propelled howitzers and 6 guns in each), an air defense battalion, an engineering company, communications and reconnaissance companies, and a RHBZ unit, as well as technical and medical support.

The artillery brigade has four battalions (three batteries, 48 towed guns in each) and a battalion of self-propelled artillery installations (SAU), which is armed with 18 SAU.


At present, the active reorganization of the PLA Ground Forces continues in order to ensure their greater mobility, management flexibility during the conduct of combat operations as part of interspecific groupings of troops. One of the directions of reorganization is the transition to the so-called modular structure, the basis of which becomes the brigade. According to the PLA leadership, it is the brigade structure that makes it possible to create interspecific groups of troops of various configurations in accordance with specific combat missions. Based on the analysis of the experience of the United States and other NATO countries, Chinese military experts have concluded that brigade-level combat units have the optimal structure and the necessary capabilities for strategic deployment and mobility. In addition, Chinese military experts believe that brigade-level formations have a sufficient amount of fire weapons of all types, ensuring the possibility of successfully conducting the entire spectrum of military operations in military conflicts of varying intensity. The brigade structure allows you to vary the set of forces and means, not only depending on the type of hostilities, but also in accordance with the level of intensity of military conflict, as well as climatic conditions and terrain. It is believed that for actions in low-intensity conflicts (counterguerrilla actions) it is optimal to use light-duty brigade formations adapted for conducting combat operations in the jungle or in a mountainous and wooded area. In conflicts of medium and high intensity, it is advisable to use brigades of a heavy type of offensive or defensive composition.

Particularly important when deciding on the transition to building interspecific groupings on a modular basis based on a brigade was given to increasing the mobility and controllability of troops. At the same time, mobility is understood not only as the ability to quickly change positions on the battlefield and carry out maneuver with forces and means in order to change the composition of groups in a single theater of operations (theater of operations), but also as the ability to conduct large inter-theater transfers over long distances.

Simultaneously with the increase in the mobility of the troops, the leadership of the PLA sets the task to substantially increase the number of formations with increased readiness for combat use and greater combat capability as part of the Ground Forces. This, according to the plans of the Chinese military specialists, will make it possible to significantly increase the effectiveness of the actions of the Ground Forces during the operations of interspecific groups.

To date, powerful highly maneuverable forces have been created in the PLA Ground Forces, designed to conduct effective combat operations in any part of the national territory and beyond its borders, primarily in the zones along the perimeter of the PRC borders. In an emergency, they can be transferred to any strategic direction in a short time in order to create groups of troops sufficient to effectively accomplish specific tasks. In the context of the requirements for creating a modular system for building interspecific groupings of troops in army groups, the number of divisions is reduced and the number of brigades increases accordingly. At the same time, in certain areas, where there are favorable conditions for the effective use of divisions, and where the potential enemy has powerful groupings of troops, it is considered expedient to retain part of the troops of the divisional structure.

Along with increasing the mobility of the Ground Forces, the PLA command pays serious attention to the development and introduction of modern combat control, communications, reconnaissance, surveillance (targeting) and computer equipment integrated into a single network complex with information protection equipment. At the same time, new electronic warfare systems are coming into service. Of particular importance is the use of automated command and control systems (ACCS) at various levels. To date, the People's Republic of China has created and applied automatic command and control systems at both strategic (national) and regional, operational and operational-tactical levels. The capabilities of the Quidian automated command and control system for the Televised Television and Radio System have been significantly expanded, providing information flow between the PLA General Headquarters, the headquarters of the armed forces, the armed forces and district commands.

Significant results are also demonstrated at the level of the “military district - army group - division - brigade” level. The troops begin the active development of such a system of "battalion - company - branch (crew, crew)", one of the elements of which are tablet computers that have already begun to be available to the commanders of the units. The transition from experimental to a wider use of ACCS not only significantly increased the controllability of troops, reduced the time for decision-making by commanders to combat, made it easier to plan, increased the level of interaction between different types of troops in united groups, increased the effectiveness of IWT use, but also contributed to the development of innovative methods , forms and methods of warfare.

The political and military leadership of China is gradually moving away from the priority funding of the PLA Ground Forces, noting that they are at least the first among equal to other types of armed forces.


In the last 10 years, the Ground Forces have been actively involved in the process of upgrading weapons and military equipment, and at a significantly higher rate than foreign military experts, including Russian, predicted. By the 2017 – 2018 years, it is planned to bring the number of new and latest systems to 70% IWT. At the same time, the task is to significantly reduce their range, leaving in service multifunctional models of weapons and military equipment with the potential for modernization.

As it is known, in the recent past, there were an unjustifiably large number of weapons and military equipment in service with the Army PLA Ground Forces. This problem has not yet been completely solved. In the fleet of weapons and military equipment of the ground forces of the PLA, there still remains an excess amount of different types of weapons, with a significant part of them belonging to the 1 and 1 + generations.

Tank forces. By the number of tanks, the PLA occupies the 1 place among the armed forces of the major military powers. As of the beginning of the 2015, the PLA Ground Forces had approximately 5900 medium tanks, 640 main battle tanks (MBT), 750 light tanks, 200 reconnaissance.

Infantry. Infantry formations (formations, units) include rifle, motorized, mechanized, tank, artillery, anti-aircraft artillery units (subunits), combat and rear support units. The maneuverable forces of the PLA Ground Forces currently include mainly mechanized formations.

In addition to the tanks, the PLA is equipped with a large number of armored combat vehicles (BBM) of various types and purpose: infantry fighting vehicles (BMP) - 385 012, armored personnel carriers (BTR) - 5020, including tracked - 4150, wheeled - 870.

Rocket troops and artillery of the Ground forces of the PLA include formations that are armed with tactical missiles, multiple launch rocket systems (MLRS) of various calibers, artillery guns (cannons, howitzers, mortars), anti-tank guns and anti-tank missile systems, as well as units and units of artillery intelligence.

At the beginning of 2015 years in the missile troops and artillery of the Land Forces of the PLA had more than 13 thousand artillery systems, including self-propelled guns - 2280, towed guns - 6140, combined 120-mm gun-howitzer - 300, multiple launch rocket systems (MLRS. ) - 1872, including self-propelled - 1818 (122-mm - 1643, 300-mm - 175), mortars - 2586 (82-mm and 100-mm). In addition, in service were: self-propelled anti-tank missile systems (ATGW) - 924 units, recoilless guns - 3966 units. (75-mm, 82-mm, 105-mm and 120-mm), anti-tank guns - 1788 units, including self-propelled - 480 units, towed anti-tank guns - 1308 units.

Military air defense (AD) includes the forces and means of reconnaissance of the enemy’s air, warning of the covering troops about its approach, formation and formation of anti-aircraft and anti-aircraft missile artillery, units and electronic warfare units. Forces and means of military air defense destroy aircraft, helicopters, cruise and operational-tactical ballistic missiles, unmanned aerial vehicles and other means of air attack. The most modern means of military air defense can, to a limited extent, solve the missile defense tasks in the theater of operations.

Over the past 10 – 15 years, the PRC has achieved significant success in expanding the combat capabilities of air defense, including its military component. Were developed and put into service modern highly effective means of combat, capable of destroying maneuvering air targets flying at medium, low and ultra-low altitudes. Currently, in addition to the barrel-based anti-aircraft artillery, which has 7376 artillery systems and portable anti-aircraft missile systems (MANPADS), the short-range, medium-range and long-range anti-aircraft systems, the total number of which reaches 296 units, are in service with the Air Defense Forces of the Ground Forces of the PLA.

Land Force Aviation (Army Aviation) or Troop Support Aviation (ARA) is the home of the PLA Ground Forces. It includes aviation military districts, army groups. The main organizational unit is the helicopter brigades (regiments) of mixed composition. They are armed with combat (anti-tank, fire support), multifunctional, transport-combat, troop-landing and special (reconnaissance, rescue, sanitary, control, electronic warfare) helicopters. At the beginning of the 2015 of the PLA Ground Forces aviation, there were 150 combat helicopters (Z-10-90, Z-19-60), multifunctional (multi-purpose) helicopters - 351, transport - more than 338, including heavy (61 units) and medium ( 209).

The PLA Ground Forces also includes Special Operations Forces created in 1988. The reinforced detachments of the Special Operations Forces, each of which can consist of up to 1000 people, are present in all military districts of the PLA. They are subordinate to the commander of these districts. The planning and conduct of operations involving the Special Operations Forces of the Ground Forces of the PLA are carried out by the headquarters of the military districts, which include relevant command and control bodies.


In terms of their technical equipment, the PLA Ground Forces, in most parameters, came very close to the level of the armies of the advanced military powers. Their mobility increased significantly, their strike power and capabilities of army aviation and air defense increased. Despite the predominance of 1 and 1 + generations in the PLA tank fleet, the main battle tanks of 2 and 2 + generations are replacing them at a rather rapid pace. At the final stage are the work on the creation of the third generation tank. Modern armored personnel carriers and infantry fighting vehicles arrive in large numbers. The gap in the saturation of the troops with modern samples of self-propelled cannon artillery was noticeably reduced.

A special place among the artillery systems of the Ground Forces of the PLA is occupied by multiple rocket launchers of various types and purposes. In terms of the level of development and saturation of the rocket artillery, the ground forces of the PLA surpass the armies of the advanced states, including the USA and Russia.

One of the strengths of the PLA Ground Forces is the presence in their composition of a significant number of combat-ready formations staffed by states approaching wartime. China surpasses any large state of the modern world in its mobilization base, more than half of which is a military-trained reserve. China's great achievement is a significant increase in the operational mobility of the PLA Ground Forces. Mobile forces are virtually fully equipped with mechanized formations of high readiness.

The presence of well-trained non-commissioned officers, which provides both exemplary discipline and a high level of individual training of fighters and tactical training units, should also be noted.

The strengths of the PLA Ground Forces should also include the presence of fairly numerous, well-trained and equipped with special weapons, military equipment and equipment of the Special Operations Forces. The special forces of the Ground forces of the PLA can effectively solve their specific tasks in any geographic zones and at any time of the year, including at a great distance from the main forces.

It is impossible to ignore the fact that the PLA Ground Forces have a sufficient number of military training and research institutions that provide high-quality training for military personnel of various levels and conduct active research work in the field of operational art, strategy and tactics, and analyze experience in the use of their troops and armed forces of foreign countries, as well as develop innovative methods and methods of warfare in modern conditions.

The weak sides of the PLA Ground Forces include the clearly insufficient development and small number of army aviation. Despite serious efforts to strengthen this aviation, China in this parameter is still seriously inferior to the armies of the advanced countries of the world.

The lag in technical means of communication, reconnaissance, navigation, target designation has not yet been overcome. The combat capabilities of military air defense / missile defense, as well as electronic warfare units, do not fully meet modern requirements.

The weak points of the PLA Ground Forces should include an excessively wide range of weapons and military equipment of the same type, having the same purpose and similar tactical and technical characteristics. These types of weapons are made by different companies using their specific components and assemblies, which makes for an extremely low level of unification of weapons and military equipment components and significantly complicates their maintenance and repair, especially in combat situations.

One of the serious shortcomings of the PLA Ground Forces is the lack of sufficient experience in conducting large-scale interspecific operations in network-centric hostilities.

It should also be noted that the PLA Ground Forces command is highly dependent on the CPC army political agencies, which exercise strict control over the activities of the troops, which binds the initiative of commanders of all levels and devalues ​​the principle of unity of command.

Despite these shortcomings, which are quickly eliminated, the PLA, having a tremendous advantage in the strength of the Ground Forces, allowing you to create more than 10-multiple superiority in manpower and technology over any potential adversary, can conduct successful operations at any strategic direction along the perimeter of national borders . Moreover, in our opinion, thanks to this overwhelming superiority in numbers, as well as a fairly high level of equipment and combat training, PLA personnel are able to conduct active hostilities and triumph even in two or more theaters of military operations.
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  1. Koronik
    Koronik 27 September 2015 05: 58
    "Despite these shortcomings, which are quickly eliminated, the PLA, having a colossal advantage in the number of Ground Forces, allows you to create more than 10-fold superiority in manpower and equipment over any potential enemy,"
    The author is Alexander Shlyndov.

    It is not clear what the author meant by 10 times the superiority of the PLA, in relation to the Russian army? Not before the Indian army, will the PLA have such a numerical superiority? And the conduct of hostilities on two fronts, and to win, well, this is all nonsense.
    1. armourer
      armourer 27 September 2015 07: 12
      Do not understand yet. trample in numbers
      1. Observer2014
        Observer2014 27 September 2015 08: 46
        "The soldiers of the Celestial Empire are eager to fight"
        By the way. If China wants to be a superpower, then we need to help them. Let them train in the fight against igil. I am without any sarcasm, but how many military victories have the Chinese say in the last 200 years?
        If they want to be a superpower, let it prove it on the land of the Middle East. And we’ll cover it from the air.
        1. The comment was deleted.
        2. antoni73
          antoni73 27 September 2015 10: 29
          Sino-Indian War (1962). also the Korean War, the Vietnam War is largely a military victory of the Chinese. Ho, an old Chinese strategy monkey is sitting on a tree and watching tigers fight against each other. China hopes that tigers will lose their teeth in the Middle East.
          1. kotvov
            kotvov 27 September 2015 11: 34
            The war in Vietnam is to a large extent the military victory of the Chinese. ,,
            it depends on what kind of war you mean. Support for Vietnam or the war against Vietnam. If in 79g. then this is a defeat.
          2. Greenwood
            Greenwood 27 September 2015 13: 26
            Quote: antoni73
            Sino-Indian War (1962)
            Ended in a ceasefire without a distinct victory. In the 1967 conflict, the Indians generally did more damage to the Chinese, successfully repelling all attacks.
            Quote: antoni73
            Korean War
            The Chinese hordes sent to help the DPRK suffered heavy losses, but could not break the resistance of the US-Korean forces.
            Quote: antoni73
            Vietnam War
            Rather, a defeat. The Vietnamese army threw the Chinese back, causing them significant damage. This despite the fact that Vietnam was weakened by a long war with the United States.
            Earlier times may not be recalled at all. In the 30-40s. small Japanese troops successfully smashed into much larger groups of Chinese, and in many areas did not encounter resistance.
            1. cosmos111
              cosmos111 27 September 2015 15: 43
              Soldiers of the Middle Kingdom are torn into battle

              in the PLA, a lot of ostentatious ... and the Chinese soldiers are psychologically very unstable ...
              and a lot of MUSTERS ...
              and pictures in the subject ...
              1. cosmos111
                cosmos111 27 September 2015 15: 52
                Now compare with the SySyA soldiers, who without a hamburger and Pepsi are not at all combat-ready ...
                harsh everyday life of American special forces: "hardships and deprivations of military service" ...

                and Russian soldiers ...
                tests for speckled beret: October 22 2014, in the internal troops of the Ministry of Internal Affairs qualification tests for the right to wear the Speckled beret, which is the crown of training of a soldier of the internal troops, were completed ...
                1. Greenwood
                  Greenwood 27 September 2015 16: 12
                  Umm, and a Russian soldier or a commando in his free time cannot lie down to watch a movie with a laptop ?!
                  Quote: cosmos111
                  without a hamburger and Pepsi, not at all combat-ready
                  Have you calculated this empirically?
                  1. cosmos111
                    cosmos111 27 September 2015 17: 04
                    Quote: Greenwood
                    a Russian soldier or a commando in his free time cannot lie down to watch a movie with a laptop ?!

                    maybe of course ... but I posted ABOUT PSYCHOLOGY soldiers ...
                    and another photo: demonstrations by the Chinese army, replacing a wheel in a motorcycle stroller on the go ...

                    Quote: Greenwood
                    Have you calculated this empirically?

                    I talked with one of them about why they take these shit for barbecuing, iPods, Coca-Cola and hamburgers with them to Iraq. He said that “we are from a civilized country, why don't we provide ourselves with maximum comfort?” Http://
                    1. Greenwood
                      Greenwood 27 September 2015 17: 55
                      Quote: cosmos111
                      replacing a wheel in a motorcycle stroller on the go ..
                      This is a more colorful performance in front of the public than a really useful skill that sometime a thread will come in handy in battle. Look at any parade of the Iranian army, there are also a bunch of all sorts of tricks in front of the public.
                      Quote: cosmos111
                      ABOUT PSYCHOLOGY soldiers
                      Yes, but how can we draw conclusions about the psychology of soldiers only from the picture of vacationers with laptops ?!
                      Quote: cosmos111
                      for frying barbecue, iPods, Coca-Cola and hamburgers

                      Quote: cosmos111
                      we are from a civilized country, why don't we provide ourselves with maximum comfort?
                      Do not consider it a pro-American position, but I do not see anything reprehensible here. They didn’t stick out there all day in the trenches and participated in battles. At the bases, in between combat duty, why not fry a barbecue and drink cola. They played baseball there, and they received musicians, which concerts were arranged for military personnel, and much more. All this brightens the life of a soldier, helps to relieve tension. Ours in Afghanistan and Chechnya also came up with entertainment. Americans simply have more money, and can afford to provide comfort anywhere. This is normal.
              2. Odysseus
                Odysseus 28 September 2015 00: 39
                Quote: cosmos111
                .a the Chinese soldiers are psychologically very unstable ...

                We would have such "psychologically unstable" soldiers of 100 thousand ... The combat capability of the army would have grown to the skies, but alas, we have to deal with demo-Russian conscripts for 1 year crying
          3. Alf
            Alf 27 September 2015 22: 43
            Quote: antoni73
            Ho, an old Chinese strategy monkey is sitting on a tree and watching tigers fight against each other.

            There is another ancient Chinese proverb — Sitting on a fence is not liked on either side of the fence.
        3. smershxnumx
          smershxnumx 27 September 2015 10: 51
          Yes, the PLA really wants to gain combat experience! Helping fight ISIS is a great opportunity. So, this option is not excluded ...
        4. Odysseus
          Odysseus 27 September 2015 12: 15
          Quote: Observer2014
          Let them practice in the fight against igil

          In no case will the PRC drag the chestnuts for the United States and scoop up the created problem for them. The PRC supports Iran, which is very important for them. Iran supports Syria. So, some help (money, weapons) for Assad comes from the PRC. But this is the point.
          Quote: Observer2014
          and how many military victories have the Chinese over the last say 200 years?

          The PRC is less than 70 years old. Old China has nothing to do with the PRC. All military conflicts in which the PRC took part ended favorably for it (the exception is a small border conflict with the USSR in Damansky and Kazakhstan, well then the USSR at the height of power, and then for containment then very weak China had to create a huge land and air grouping)
          1. Greenwood
            Greenwood 27 September 2015 16: 15
            Quote: Odyssey
            All military conflicts in which China took part ended favorably for her.
            Not a single convincing victory. Neither against the Indians, nor against the Vietnamese, nor against the Russians. Either retreat with heavy losses, or a ceasefire without any results. There is nothing to brag about.
            1. Odysseus
              Odysseus 28 September 2015 00: 53
              Quote: Greenwood
              Not a single convincing victory. Neither against the Indians, nor against the Vietnamese, nor against the Russians.

              You just have some personal complexes regarding the PRC and the PLA. The military is not supposed to have complexes. If you look objectively, then a hefty piece of territory was taken away from India, which they still claim, and they ended the war with Vietnam on its territory, and then only after the largest military exercises of the USSR and de facto mobilization of the eastern districts. did you expect another "convincing victory" in such conditions? And it was the PLA of the 60s and 70s, which is simply nothing compared to the current one.
              Again, if you assess the real- the PLA is now utterly stronger than all land opponents. But it doesn’t matter, the vector of China’s efforts is directed towards the sea. Thank God, China doesn’t threaten us.
              PS And China never fought with the Russians, they lost to the Soviet. After 1991, we gave them the border islands without any wars.
      2. Vadim237
        Vadim237 27 September 2015 09: 51
        Someday the time will come and this war machine will go to us.
      3. gerk
        gerk 27 September 2015 13: 43
        In 79g. in Vietnam they didn’t really succeed, although only self-defense units fought with the PRC army (or its analogue, the exact name was forgotten =)
        1. Vivan
          Vivan 27 September 2015 15: 49
    2. Will
      Will 27 September 2015 11: 38
      In modern conditions, military-technical means are able to "erase" manpower almost instantly. Hats can no longer be covered. winked
      1. Vadim237
        Vadim237 27 September 2015 12: 51
        But China alone has much more of these military hardware than ours.
        1. Tarh and Tara
          Tarh and Tara 27 September 2015 22: 23
          Yeah. And the Americans are trying to set them on us.
  2. DMB-75
    DMB-75 27 September 2015 06: 15
    China, this is very serious, and the experience they gained in Syria, I would like it to be sent in the right direction. And as they say, friendship, friendship, and ... you have to keep your nose in the wind. soldier
  3. Vyacheslav73
    Vyacheslav73 27 September 2015 06: 43
    But do our Chinese partners want to apply this zeal in Syria against ISIS? In my humble opinion, you can have several bunnies in one go ... soldier
  4. ia-ai00
    ia-ai00 27 September 2015 06: 48
    I think China is now "bursting": - "Let me try to fight ...", so to speak "in practice" to test its armed forces, without specifically joining UNTILhaving someone in a military conflict. winked
    1. Landwarrior
      Landwarrior 27 September 2015 08: 42
      Yes, they have a large army, but there is no experience of modern warfare at all. They need him like air. hi
      1. Alexander Romanov
        Alexander Romanov 27 September 2015 08: 49
        Quote: Landwarrior
        but the experience of modern warfare is not at all.

        Well, let them go to Syria, the experience will be a shaft.
        1. Aleksandr72
          Aleksandr72 27 September 2015 09: 14
          Well, let them go to Syria, the experience will be a shaft.

          I doubt it. In Syria, the Chinese will gain experience of the war against modern bandit formations, very specific by the way. Although ISIS positions itself as a state, it is not such, let alone modern. And accordingly, the army of the Islamic state is also not a modern army. Just look at what technique and how this army is using. Its successes in the war against the regular forces of the Iraqi army are primarily due not to the military aspect, but rather to the moral superiority over the Iraqi soldiers (by the way, trained Americans), who, for the most part, do not want to fight against their co-religionists (maybe this is commonplace cowardice as well). Here again an old factor, familiar to Americans from Vietnam, came into play: the eternal question of "why our yellow-bellies fight worse than their yellow-bellies." In Syria, the range of conditions that ensure temporary (I am sure of this) victories of the anti-government coalition is much wider - this is both active support of the Syrian opposition from the West and the United States, and active, incl. and armed intervention in the internal affairs of Syria by neighbors hostile to Bashar al-Assad. This is an embargo on supplies to Syria of everything and everyone and much, much more. Including, sadly it is not to admit, the reluctance of many Syrians to fight ISIS - just look at the so-called. refugees to Europe from Syria, most of whom are single men of military age, flee the war and military service.
          Although, for China, even the experience of modern warfare, even with such an army as ISIS gangs and other Islamic opponents of Assad, is very important. For the PLA, now every bast is in a row, the last time the Chinese army gained experience in large-scale military operations in 1979 during the invasion of the North of Vietnam and it cannot be said that this experience was successful.
          I have the honor.
      2. afdjhbn67
        afdjhbn67 27 September 2015 10: 36
        Their last experience was in North Korea and they fought well - regardless of the losses, the Americans smashed their tail .. In Vietnam, horror caught up if it weren’t for the Union to be a province of China. I remember how we mobilized in Buryatia and all the men were stolen to Mongolia only then China and subsided ... before the threat of war with the USSR. I studied at school and remember how the military trains through Naushki with an interval of 15 minutes went to the East, this was the power we had ...
        1. Greenwood
          Greenwood 27 September 2015 16: 23
          Quote: afdjhbn67
          ignoring the losses, Americans tailed the tail
          About 40000 Americans died, more than 400000 Chinese, i.e. 10 times more. The ultimate goal - the liberation of South Korea from American troops and the defeat of the troops of the South - was not achieved. They kicked so much ...
  5. rotmistr60
    rotmistr60 27 September 2015 07: 09
    Whoever and how does not relate to China, but he just needs to be given credit both in building its economy and in the army. The Chinese army has indeed, even over the past 10 years, changed for the better. If earlier (70-90s years the calculation was made on the advantage in personnel (suffice it to recall the theory of "5 waves"), now on new and modern types of weapons.
  6. aszzz888
    aszzz888 27 September 2015 08: 09
    The PLA is capable of waging active hostilities and winning even two or more theaters of war.

    So try them in Syria, against ISIS. IGilovites certainly will not climb to China, nor any relics will be enough
    1. Cat man null
      Cat man null 27 September 2015 08: 16
      Quote: aszzz888
      IGilovites certainly will not climb to China, nor any relics will be enough

      ... and it will be far from stomping them to China .. wink
      1. Denis DV
        Denis DV 27 September 2015 09: 20
        States through the Uighurs introduces its ISIS to China, there is an Afghan side.
        1. builder
          builder 27 September 2015 09: 29
          In the leadership of China, not "Yanukovychs" are sitting - the States will break off.
      2. Thunderbolt
        Thunderbolt 27 September 2015 09: 54
        Quote: aszzz888
        So try them in Syria, against ISIS.
        And they do not have direct investments in Syria. The Chinese are actively colonizing continental Africa (as it can be called in the 21st century, I believe). And in many African countries, the CIA or the KGB just cannot carry out another military coup. These "golden" countries from the point of view of the colonizer-investor are tied to Beijing. Here and Boko Haram created two main factors: the natural conditions for the geopolitical awakening of the Islamic world (this idea is flourishing, a relatively young religion wants to "fledge." Of course, the words of the Master are understandable about the fact that IS is an insult to peaceful Islam and all that, but a request from this Demiurge in a cage called planet Earth, where there are 5 Demiurges and only four places ---- so we will push .......... In the Middle Ages, there were many peace enforcement operations (crusades) with the approval of the UN (Vatican). They held back this Demiurge, but his Tumens from Cordoba acted and the Turkishi stood near Vienna. In a word, the world giants always bite, politics. Russia is the most difficult, oh very long land border (of course, Kazakhs, Armenians, Belarusians are our natural allies, but the bitter experience of Ukraine (which about ... our political oligarchs have lost, reveling in the cool price of gas for Ukraine, not bothering to tie ukrooligarchs to Moscow so that the CIA does not have and the chance to create an anti-Russian Ukraine. PRO ... We lost the Ridna Kiev region. Now there is a fuel-stone Donbass. In accordance with Minsk, it will become Ukraine, but this does not correspond well to the aspirations of ordinary Russians. And not ordinary ones (who fought there, people of action).
  7. Thunderbolt
    Thunderbolt 27 September 2015 08: 12
    A platoon of Chinese foot soldiers is a terrible force. There are 300 fighters in it and everyone is on bicycles)))
    1. builder
      builder 27 September 2015 09: 30
      Those glorious times have passed - maybe 300, but not on bicycles.
      1. Thunderbolt
        Thunderbolt 28 September 2015 02: 28
        Did you hear anything about HUMOR? Not ....)))
  8. Reptiloid
    Reptiloid 27 September 2015 08: 38
    A huge army was created, armed. Its huge country serves. Potential-- !!
    Now, as Lenin said, "Learn, learn, learn."
  9. Denis DV
    Denis DV 27 September 2015 09: 12
    Gee, where is thanks to the Union and Russian military experts hi taught, I hope not on my own head drinks
  10. Slavin
    Slavin 27 September 2015 09: 58
    In addition to tanks armed with the PLA infantry forces, there are a large number of armored fighting vehicles (BBM) of various types and purposes: infantry fighting vehicles (BMP) - 385 012 [quote] [/ quote] Something somehow becomes uncomfortable
    1. Odysseus
      Odysseus 27 September 2015 11: 59
      Quote: Slavyn
      a large number of armored fighting vehicles (BBM) of various types and purposes: infantry fighting vehicles (BMP) - 385 012 [

      Just a typo. I had in mind 3850. By the way, all the numbers in the article are rather doubtful.
  11. Mordvin 3
    Mordvin 3 27 September 2015 10: 00
    We are witnessing the birth of a new superpower. When China decides that the PLA meets all modern requirements, it will declare itself loudly. And it will dictate its terms.
  12. Talgat
    Talgat 27 September 2015 10: 52
    in the next 30 years, neither Kazakhstan nor Russia nor Middle Asia seems to be the target of the Chinese attack. China decided to make Russia with the KZ and with all the CSTO its allies and a reliable rear - sources of resources

    And the confrontation will be in his possession in the Pacific Ocean - against the USA and Japan - this already shows everyone who is the main opponent of the USA in the 21 century

    I apologize for repeating the same thing. but we must not lose these 30 years, and strengthen our Eurasian Union like this. so that later the Chinese "elder brother" would have to respect us, he would not allow even thoughts to dictate something to us. For Eurasia to become a worthy heir to the Great Steppe, the Golden Horde, and Tsarist Russia. USSR - all Eurasian empires - the unions of the Slavs and the steppe. Let's become Chinese "little brothers" one by one
  13. andrewkor
    andrewkor 27 September 2015 10: 53
    In 1971, at the political information about the Chinese army, the political officer asks: “What did you eat for breakfast?” - we answer: “Borsch with meat, navy-style pasta, compote.” “This is the weekly meat rate of a Chinese soldier.” And in the pictures from Damansky, the outfit of the Chinese soldiers is clearly visible. And what do we see on 02.09.2015 at the parade in Beijing? !!!!
    1. Greenwood
      Greenwood 27 September 2015 13: 28
      Well, the parade always exhibited all the best that is in service. This is not an indicator of the overall security of the army.
  14. Odysseus
    Odysseus 27 September 2015 11: 57
    The PLA ground forces are, of course, out of competition, but, thank God, there is no one to fight them. There are no threats on land for China, there is no need to conquer neighbors either.
    The PRC strives to become a world power, and for this it is necessary to control world trade, and therefore, first of all, to control the sea. All threats to the PRC also come from the sea. That is why the PLA leadership repeatedly reduces the ground forces with an increasing emphasis on the development of aviation and fleet.
  15. Mountain shooter
    Mountain shooter 27 September 2015 12: 02
    The Chinese dragon sharpens its claws. But China, like Japan in WWII, is strongly tied to external resources and especially to energy resources. And China's strategic infrastructure projects are completely self-destructive in terms of strategic defense. That there is only a dam in the area of ​​3 gorges. If destroyed, it will wash off at least 50 million people into the sea. No, it is hard to believe in the potential of China to attack countries with strategic nuclear weapons. But the Pacific region may be "pressed down".
    In Syria, the Chinese troops, IMHO, should not wait. They have nothing to do there. From the word at all.
  16. 16112014nk
    16112014nk 27 September 2015 12: 07
    A holy place is never empty. Unfortunately, one has to admit that China will soon take the place of the USSR. Russia with such thieves' power as it is now will not be able to become a superpower. Thieves power, except to steal, is not able to think strategically.
    1. BMW
      BMW 27 September 2015 12: 41
      Quote: 16112014nk
      Russia with such thieves' power as it is now will not be able to become a superpower.

      To the point. hi
  17. gorsten79
    gorsten79 27 September 2015 12: 33
    Something is not sure that they are better than the United States and Russia for the development of MLRS. By saturation, yes it can. All clones of RPU-14. I think there are all kinds of hailstorms and hurricanes at storage bases. And look at their military air defense of less than 300 complexes .And army aviation ... There are less than 1000 main tanks. Light and reconnaissance tanks are considered. Cool to say. Our BMP-3 can also be called a light reconnaissance tank if you wish. Of course, we have fewer people. But what can you do. no one will repeat the usual armed forces of the 1980s.
    1. Vadim237
      Vadim237 27 September 2015 12: 54
      Chinese MLRS in terms of firing range and speed surpass ours.
  18. eleronn
    eleronn 27 September 2015 18: 02
    The main thing is that they still get exactly where they were aiming!
  19. GraveBezKresta
    GraveBezKresta 27 September 2015 19: 22
    "Chinese soldiers are eager to fight"
    They were eager to fight in Damansky. Only then they were barbarians with shitty weapons, and now the Putin oligarchy has pumped them up with Russian weapons to the very least. They are our oligarchic sidekicks. Well, look what these "brothers" and "sidekicks" "cute" Chinese did with our soldiers and officers.
    "And here is a photo of the dead border guards, who were killed by the Chinese, already wounded. And these animals we ourselves let on our land? !!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
    And here is an excerpt from the memoirs of a veteran of what they did with our wounded soldiers in Damansky.
    “We were shown the helmets of our fallen soldiers, new green helmets, shot through, with petals of torn metal. Blood caked on the straps. It can be seen that the bullet was going from top to bottom: they were shooting at the wounded border guards lying in the snow from the closest distance.

    Major of the medical service Vyacheslav Ivanovich Vitko made the following statement to us:

    - A special medical examination established that 19 of our border guards, who at first received non-fatal wounds in the leg, arm, shoulder, were then brutally, meanly finished off. Cut, bayonet and gunshot wounds are irrefutable evidence of this. They shot from a distance of one or two meters. So the Maoist bandits finished off the wounded Senior Lieutenant Strelnikov with a point-blank shot. About these atrocities, military doctors - lieutenants of the medical service B. Potavenko, N. Kostyuchenko and I drew up an act. 19 wounded Soviet border guards would have been alive if the killers hadn't finished them off with knives, bayonets and bullets.
    Oh, of course, the times are not the same, the Chinese have changed, maybe it's time to turn on the brains ?!
  20. Petrik66
    Petrik66 27 September 2015 21: 48
    Well, about finishing off - so when you seize the enemy's position, the sight of a calmly lying enemy does not convince you of anything, and therefore you walk in line over the bodies, if you do not have such a "bad" habit, then very soon you will get a bullet in the back from such "corpse".
    In 1939, the Red Army was also considered a very staunch opponent - both the sea tanks and aircraft until ...... and the red commanders are stronger than ever and the circus is eager for battle ... and here - just the Finnish war. It is not known what the Chinese army is in reality.
    1. GraveBezKresta
      GraveBezKresta 27 September 2015 21: 57
      The Finns got dunked anyway. A lot of blood, but soaked. The whores absolutely do not care about the losses. Well, they will lose 3-4 million, well, 10, and as a result they can conquer Siberia and the Far East, and maybe more. Although Putin already gives. And Siberia and the Far East.
      That is why nuclear weapons will not be used. What? Beat your own, which are mixed with the Chinese?
      1. Denis DV
        Denis DV 28 September 2015 05: 43
        I do not agree. Something I do not see the crowd of Russians wishing to live in the Far East, and the Chinese are not fools. Wishing to ticks with mosquitoes feed and snot freeze fools no! We do not have a paradise here, it will be cheaper to simply cooperate economically with us than to kill ourselves. The Japs and the Americans were convinced of this in the 20s of the last century, only the correct conclusions were not drawn.
        As for the territories, no one gives them away, and the area indicated on the map is not subject to lease at all laughing the second toe is leased laughing .
    2. scorpiosys
      scorpiosys 27 September 2015 21: 58
      In a previous post ( GraveBezKresta) very little has been written about the atrocities, yes, it is the atrocities of the Chinese. Ours were not only finished off, they were sadistically mocked while still alive. If you have (Petrik66) there is not enough knowledge of Damansky, then do not bother to discuss.
      To begin with, read the Soviet primary sources on this issue (extremely NOT FASHIONABLE now, in the light of "... centuries-old friendship between Russia and China ...", well, God be their judge, friends with scum.).
      1. GraveBezKresta
        GraveBezKresta 27 September 2015 22: 13
        Greetings colleague (scorpiosys)! The topic of Chinese atrocities is deliberately hushed up. This is not beneficial to the oligarchy, who hangs noodles for us about "nice", "kind" Chinese. I served in the KDVO in 85-87. In our unit there were officers who took part in the hostilities on Damanskoye. They considered the Chinese people worse than animals. Which it is better not to be captured. I have written a lot about what is happening to China now in the sphere of selling military technologies and giving up land is a direct national betrayal. For which, God forbid, you will have to pay with a lot of blood. But even here, on the military site, many "pioneers" admire the Chinese. Our memory is short. In 39-40, the same idiots also admired the German proletariat. How it ended - everyone knows. The German proletariat reached Moscow with arms. Does history really teach us nothing ?!
  21. scorpiosys
    scorpiosys 27 September 2015 22: 23
    Quote: Grave without Cross

    And you, likewise!
    Not at hand, you need to look ... According to the predictions of many saints (19-20 centuries and read one Greek who died in the 70s), the Chinese will take advantage of our wars with the Arabs and Turks and stab in the back ... They will reach Chelyabinsk, where they the Mother of God will appear and they will believe. They will be baptized. (... but they will reach Chelyabinsk "in a friendly way" and they will put a lot of ours!)
  22. Tomich2
    Tomich2 27 September 2015 22: 24
    Well, they have a numerical superiority, so what? print the same thing .....
  23. The comment was deleted.
  24. Mentat
    Mentat 28 September 2015 02: 10
    Quote: Vadim237
    Chinese MLRS in terms of firing range and speed surpass ours.

    And at this range they get such a standard deviation that is not enough to confidently hit targets.

    Anyway, the "Chinese MLRS" is another name for disassembled and assembled from Chinese components Grad, Tornadoes and Tornadoes. Oh yes, more fuel customization!

    If you could get operational tactical missiles so cheaply, no one would have steamed with them. He made the pipe more authentic, he poured fuel - here you have the OTR!

    Meanwhile, the Chinese record-breaking miracle rockets have a NMS of 650 meters, which is significantly worse than the Soviet OTR 9K72 Elbrus designed in the late 50s. And in the 70s with the help of "aerophones" their accuracy reached generally several meters.

    Well, why these distance records, if their practical value is, to put it mildly, difficult to determine? Do you think that the Russian military-industrial complex, the samples of which were copied by the Chinese to create their own MLRS, could not give out something like that with 600 km knees? Each type of equipment has its own mission and the circle of tasks to be solved (well!).
  25. Mentat
    Mentat 28 September 2015 02: 13
    Quote: Grave without Cross

    What crazy sources do you get such pictures from? And who are you who shoves them into the forum?
    1. Petrik66
      Petrik66 28 September 2015 09: 22
      well, the marginalization of the forum is evident. "Patriotism" - is seen something like this: 1. Putin has leaked everything - as an example, this card and the stench about New Russia. Question - Do the couch heroes agree to a decrease in their street standard of living due to the need to rebuild the destroyed Donbass at the expense of the Russian Federation? By the way, 23 Ukrainians from the DPR now live in the basement of our house. They do not work anywhere, they drink "Hunt" beer in the evening, citizens' cars (windshield wipers, mirrors, etc.) are slowly churning - nobody is going to war. 2. Putin will show everyone. It would be nice that besides Putin, and he is really handsome, others also somehow moved.
    2. GraveBezKresta
      GraveBezKresta 28 September 2015 17: 38
      Quote: Mentat
      What crazy sources do you get such pictures from?

      From the State Duma of the Russian Federation. Although, there are really crazy. Judging by what they do.
      "Deputies do not want to lease the land of the Russian Federation to the Chinese
      Deputies do not want to lease the land of the Russian Federation to the Chinese depositphos.
      The LDPR faction initiates an appeal by the State Duma with a request to reconsider the decision of the authorities of the Trans-Baikal Territory to transfer 115 thousand hectares of agricultural land for lease to a Chinese company. State Duma Deputy Speaker for the LDPR Igor Lebedev said that the faction considers this an “important geopolitical issue” and, if it is not resolved, “a Chinese will be the governor of Transbaikalia in 20 years”. The head of the region, Konstantin Ilkovsky, announced the signing of a protocol with Chinese partners at the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum, explaining this by the low demand for land.
      Jun 20, 10:59
      According to Kommersant, the reason for the LDPR’s dissatisfaction was "information that the leadership of the Trans-Baikal Territory wants to lease land to some agricultural company." State Duma Vice-Speaker Igor Lebedev fears that “99% of Chinese” will be invited to work there, so a “facilitated border crossing regime” will be introduced. This is one of the least populated areas of the country, so the LDPR wants to solve "this important geopolitical issue."
      The faction initiates an appeal addressed to the Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev with a request not to allow to conclude an agreement. The minimum plan is the chamber’s protocol order to receive information from the responsible departments about the possible negative consequences of the contract, deputy chairman of the faction Yaroslav Nilov told the publication.
      The reason for concern was the information about the signing of a protocol of intent by the government of the Trans-Baikal Territory on "the implementation of a joint project for the development of agricultural lands. The Chinese partners agreed to register enterprises with tax records at their place of business and to attract local labor resources in the amount of at least 75%, the regional authorities said. We are talking about the lease of 115 thousand hectares of fallow lands and pastures for up to 49 years with investments of about 24 billion rubles. "
      Here is the link:
      ycam-2634 /? utm_source = rambler & utm_content = realty & utm_medium = news & utm_campaign = se
  26. kplayer
    kplayer 28 September 2015 15: 37
    Quote: Koronik
    It is not clear what the author meant by 10 times the superiority of the PLA, in relation to the Russian army? Not before the Indian army, will the PLA have such a numerical superiority? And the conduct of hostilities on two fronts, and to win, well, this is all nonsense.

    We do not take into account the mobilization opportunities of the PLA? The military doctrines of India, China and the United States suggest maintaining a database in two (medium intensity, i.e. regional wars) and more directions (low intensity, here also local border conflicts). The PLA is capable of confrontations of this kind, the experience of previous years (the last century) shows that in about one period it is able to impose divisions on the Indian border, Vietnam, as well as the Soviet D. Vostok, Central and Central Asia of the USSR, not to mention the groupings on Korean direction and against Taiwan. Hindus in general, according to the doctrine of development of the Armed Forces, are preparing to fight against Pakistan, China and Bangladesh. The United States, of course, is preparing for war in the European zone and in D. Vostok, i.e. against the Russian Federation (if without the use of WMD), or in the Middle and Middle East (South-West Asia) and in the Asia-Pacific Region (V. and South-East Asia), i.e. two major regional conflicts.
    Quote: Talgat
    in the next 30 years, neither Kazakhstan nor Russia nor Middle Asia seems to be the target of the Chinese attack. China decided to make Russia with the KZ and with all the CSTO its allies and a reliable rear - sources of resources

    About "the next 30 years ..." - just exhaustively, cooler than Wangi healed. "China decided to do ..." - well said!
  27. Mentat
    Mentat 28 September 2015 19: 34
    Quote: Grave without Cross
    Quote: Mentat

    What crazy sources do you get such pictures from?

    From the State Duma of the Russian Federation. Although, there are really crazy. Judging by what they do.

    Judging by your actions, you can assume the confusion is just with you.

    1. What does the Duma of the Russian Federation have to do with it? This initiative came from the governor of the Trans-Baikal Territory.
    2. On your crazy picture (you didn’t bring the source of the deb * ts that drew it) the territory is marked that is several times larger in size than the whole Transbaikal Territory. The governor, on his own initiative, wants to offer for rent part of the land received for agricultural processing, this edge.

    Once again I ask you a question: who are you who shoves such nonsense on the forum?
    You lack the horizons of school knowledge to understand what nonsense you are writing, or are you doing it on purpose?