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Bandera IGILIZATION of Culture and History of Ukraine

Bandera IGILIZATION of Culture and History of Ukraine

Independence initially led to destruction and is not able to build something

I think that centuries later, future cultural scientists and art historians of the current period stories Lands, now called Ukraine, will be studied under the name "postmaidan."

And it will be directly opposed to postmodern - as the darkest, gloomy, regressive period, rollback to the times of lack of culture and destruction.

The current authorities are furiously fighting against monuments of history, culture, architecture, against their history! It would be zeal-yes to the creation, but the Maidan initially led to the destruction and is not able to build something.

As ISIL militants in the Middle East, the current Ukrainian authorities can only destroy monuments, and not create them.

It would seem that everything that could have been destroyed had already been destroyed, streets and squares had already been renamed, but no, the newly-minted “Europeanized” vandals found new and new monuments “for demolition”, new and new reasons for their destructive activity. The Maidan fighters need to be used - this is what redirects the destructive energy of “monkeys with a grenade” from under the walls of the Verkhovna Rada to the monuments to historical figures.

Recently, the Ukrainian Institute of National Remembrance, headed by the convinced Bandera member Vyatrovich http: // -...). "Rel =" nofollow "target = "_ blank"> published a list of more than a hundred monuments and memorial signs that must be destroyed only in the city of Kiev.

Okay, we are accustomed to, that Bandera Maidan fighting with Lenin. It is even surprising that the Institute of Memory has discovered several more busts of Ilyich in the Ukrainian capital.

But it is significant that this list contains, first of all, the names of the figures of Ukrainian history, not Russian! Bozhenko, Zatonsky, Anischenko, Korotchenko — these are all native Ukrainians, that is, the ISIS Maidan has already begun to actively clean up the history of his own land, not disdaining the destruction of real cultural monuments, to which, no doubt, the sculpture of the Ukrainian figure Shchors belongs.

One can argue about the role of the Bolsheviks and the Communists in the history of the region. But if Maidan swore love to "European values ​​and traditions," would pay attention to these traditions!

In modern Germany, for example, the Communists are not very fond of either (this is putting it mildly), but in the center of Berlin no one is going to rename Rosa Luxemburg Strasse, Karl Liebknecht Strasse, Karl Marx Strasse. Why? Because, no matter how Germans treat these figures, they understand: they are an integral part of German history! For the same reason, no one touches the park and the monument to Ernst Telman.

The same originators of Ukraine are ready to forget the name of any Ukrainian who does not fit into modern tales about “Galician Jesus Christ”, “Ukrainian Baykopist Homer” and “ancient ukrah”. Moreover, in the “analytical material” cited, it is not only the abundance of monuments that the Memory Institute requires to erase from memory (why not call it the Memory Erasure Institute?).

The wording of the rationale for these barbaric actions is striking in this list. Some figures are “guilty” that they, they say, are not related to the history of Kiev. For example, the Bolshevik Babushkin, according to the department Vyatrovich, "has no relation to the history of Ukraine and Kiev in particular." So with a slight stroke of a pen, the Institute of unconsciousness withdrew from Ukraine ... Dnepropetrovsk. Since much of the revolutionary activities of Babushkin took place in Yekaterinoslav, where he published the newspaper Yuzhny Rabochy.

But to Kiev - yes, Grandma had no relationship. Like Bandera, and Shukhevych, and Ivan Franko, and, sorry, Darwin, whose name in spite of everything is one of the streets of the center of Kiev. Or on the line rename Kiev Honore de Balzac and Henri Barbus? Or excuse me, are they enrolled in the ranks of the "great Ukrainians"?

One of the rationales for renaming Bauman Street is the fact that he is a native of ... Tatarstan! Yes, yes, it is Tatarstan! Why then do not write that Ivan Mazepa was born in the Ukrainian SSR?

A number of leaders (including Shchors) are accused of saying that they fought against the "UNR armies". Similarly, the notorious Galician Sich Riflemen fought the lion’s share of their activities in those parts against the UPR - first in the ranks of Denikin’s army, and then generally on the side of those Bolsheviks with whom Vyatrovich fought so fiercely. So why is now Kiev street, named after the Bolshevik Artem, named after the Bolshevik Sich Riflemen?

Many Soviet leaders, whose monuments are to be destroyed, in support of this destructive step included the fact that they were repressed under Stalin. That is, it should be understood correctly, since they were shot by order of Stalin, now they need to destroy commemorative signs - Stalin could not be mistaken, according to Vyatrovich, right?

Do you know what the Polish and Soviet writer Wanda Vasilevskaya did? It turns out that she wrote denunciations of Yevgeny Bereznyak, who served as the prototype of the Soviet intelligence officer Major Vortex. Yes, yes, so in the justification of the Institute and said.

That's just the quandary turns out! Vasilevskaya was not reported to Stalin by the Major Vortex, but by Yevgeny Bereznyak, a propagandist of the Lviv regional party committee, who was in charge of the local education department, that is, directly related to the Sovietization of Galicia, up to 1941! It was he who later became the scout and savior of Krakow. So in the end, Vasilevskaya, who courageously fought against Communist Bereznyak, acted in the spirit of the current fighter for the decommunization of Vyatrovich, didn't she? Why is Vyatrovich her a memorial sign requires to destroy?

And Alexander Lyashko was generally accused of the fact that he headed the commission to eliminate the consequences of the accident at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant! Well, as I understand it, the former head of the Council of Ministers of the Ukrainian SSR suffered solely for his last name. Only the leader of the modern radicals Lyashko went into the opposition — that was when that Lyashko began to pose a threat to the “Ukrainian national memory”, and the memorial plaque in his honor was ordered to be eliminated.

And quite a funny wording is contained in the justification for the need to rename the streets named after Luxembourg, Liebknecht and Telman mentioned above. They are guilty of the fact that (think about it!) They were “actively used by Soviet propaganda in the process of establishing Soviet power in Ukraine”! Used in propaganda!

So forgive me, Taras Shevchenko was actively used in the propaganda of the Soviet government. The first monument to him in Kiev was erected just by the Bolsheviks, and not by Petliura or Skoropadsky. And it was destroyed by Denikin. So why aren't numerous streets and monuments of Shevchenko in Kiev renamed?

And Bogdan Khmelnitsky was used by the Bolsheviks in propaganda - a whole order in his honor was established. So, everything, a monument to Khmelnitsky demolished? Or will it be the next stage of the activity of Ukrainian IGLIzators? And they, it seems, are not going to stop until the last monument is demolished in Kiev, no matter to whom, and in honor of what it is installed. Or until they are stopped by force, just as ISIS activities in Syria are now being stopped!
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  1. 79807420129
    79807420129 26 September 2015 05: 32
    Labor made people out of monkeys, Poroshenko and the company have made monkeys out of people for several years.
    1. victorsh
      victorsh 26 September 2015 06: 07
      You insult the monkeys respected. They make of them cattle of kinship that do not remember.
      1. Pavel Vereshchagin
        Pavel Vereshchagin 26 September 2015 08: 25
        I agree, monkeys are not capable of this.
        1. Pavel Vereshchagin
          Pavel Vereshchagin 26 September 2015 08: 47
          And in addition.
          1. BDRM 667
            BDRM 667 26 September 2015 09: 09
            Quote: Pavel Vereshchagin
            And in addition.

            About the Maidan.

            Published by AgentRA in Mon, 24 / 03 / 2014 - 19: 01.

            The city, to failure, is crowded with ravens
            The air is poisoned by fierce fire
            No light is visible, pungent smoke is around
            God is not heard, and us with him.
            Freedom is like death on their lips bitter
            The fog blinds and is silent
            A smile with a scythe enters someone’s house
            It will take peace from those shrouded in sleep.
            You can’t guess what the promise is right,
            Everyone has a personal ... in general - not that ...
            You can not say if you are not a prophet
            Here is hell, and here everyone brings his lesson.
            Do not lie, you are not God, to blame someone,
            So that evil words follow him.
            Everything flies from a hole in my mouth,
            Myself again opening to hell.
            Crows flew into stupidity here
            Around to collect an old lie.
            Put the chatterboxes in your chariot
            And they will not regret words for this ...
            And in the air, sulfur stands like a wall
            Mr. Satan dominates here.
            And the third one is again eclipsed by the moon ...
            In the meantime, the wife of the holy son will give birth ...
            When the “revelation” is told by fate,
            A prayer will be shed from souls everywhere to God.
            Then the crow is at divine hands
            Unable to withstand the light, this circle will close ...
            In the meantime, our city is crowded with crows.
            Here the air is poisoned by fierce fire
            No light is visible, caustic smoke is around.
            God is not heard, and us with him!

    2. Rezident007
      Rezident007 26 September 2015 07: 23
      DOLPIOPE ...
  2. Sasha75
    Sasha75 26 September 2015 05: 39
    It already bothers them that they really chose to drive themselves into the Stone Age.
  3. Mountain shooter
    Mountain shooter 26 September 2015 05: 44
    Such news is no longer surprising. It seems that modern ukrovlasti has no time left. Some sort of bouts of confusion, as in agony.
    1. Asadullah
      Asadullah 26 September 2015 17: 24
      Some kind of bouts of confusion, like in agony

      Nothing of the kind, dear. The ideologization of Ukraine was done by the Balts. According to the existing pattern of substitution of concepts. If the change of perception poles in the Baltic states had solid ground for the nationalist foundation and went off with a bang, then in Ukraine this was possible only in some areas and in a very small minority. For the majority of the population, Ukrainians wore and is in the form of urban fraternity, for example, as between Ufa and Novosibirsk. This was indicative in the SA, Ukrainians never handled the example of Uzbeks or Latvians, but only in cities, some from Odessa, some from Dnepropetrovsk.

      From that, all phenomena in Ukraine are in the nature of hysteria and anguish. They feel, subconsciously, and who consciously, that they are being torn apart alive. It’s easy for idiots of Americans to make millions of people believe in other people's gods and speak the language in which they were just kidding. From that, the hardest thing of the Ukrainian people is ahead. And this is something called rethinking. In what it will pour out, the Almighty alone knows. But for some reason, it seems to Americans and Europeans that they extinguished the fire, you know, like diesel fuel on a fire, the flame went out, white (European-American) smoke went, and then ......
  4. Barakuda
    Barakuda 26 September 2015 06: 03
    I think it will pass in a couple of years, as they will build a bridge to the Crimea. Ukrofilov run out.
    And the horses just "eat up" Me (though at least with makar you need to come with these dabils). I told them - the Crimea is Russian, they did not believe. Fuck you Donbass With Lugansk, did not believe. So it is now. shorter tse peremoga.
  5. sl22277
    sl22277 26 September 2015 06: 03
    Really tired of all this nonsense - I want reason, and the Ukrainian authorities do not show its signs ... They destroy their monuments, their history. At the same time, they glorify Stepan Bandera, who did absolutely nothing good for Ukraine, but only filled it with blood. their cities, to kill their citizens, for the sake of the unity of their country, not only Absurd but also CRIMINAL!
    1. SeAl2014
      SeAl2014 26 September 2015 06: 57
      I agree. Fatigue from delirium is present.
      But there is no reason there.
      As if erased the mind through "delete".
      But you can’t upload your own.
    2. Karasik
      Karasik 26 September 2015 08: 07
      Quote: sl22277
      I’m really tired of all this nonsense - I want to have reason, but the Ukrainian authorities do not show its signs ...

      I want a reason ... So the author of the article tried to find the logic in the action of the current ukrovlasti. It is useless - no one in Ukraine thinks about such nonsense as logic, reasonable and adequate actions. The country of progressive marasmus!
      1. Nyrobsky
        Nyrobsky 26 September 2015 11: 14
        Quote: Karasik
        The country of progressive marasmus!

        A sketch of a new border sign is already ready for this country.
    3. Sirocco
      Sirocco 26 September 2015 08: 12
      Quote: sl22277
      Really tired of all this nonsense - I want a mind,

      Many began to notice this fatigue, this Ukrobred got everyone, it means the car began to slip, which should not have been idle, this is a problem for the owners of Ukraine, so we are waiting for the second act of the Marlezon Ballet.
      Although our Khudruk, in the person of Putin, after the intermission of the first part, began showing another performance from another Eastern opera, which introduced the hosts of Ukraine into a stupor.
      Waiting for.
    4. Fin
      Fin 26 September 2015 08: 54
      Quote: sl22277
      Really tired of all this nonsense - I want a mind,

      I’m not paying attention anymore. Let the Maidan, jump, the blizzard are cured only time. 2-3 more years are needed to understand what kind of ass they got into. Fuck with them !!!
  6. 3 Gorynych
    3 Gorynych 26 September 2015 06: 13
    Destruction of monuments - yes, it's just tests for dementia, if they are conducted for this, then they are suitable for enrollment in a general herd ... holy fools to take from them .. Another thing strikes me — a bunch of taxis, the rest means to like ...!?
  7. nozdrevat58
    nozdrevat58 26 September 2015 06: 22
    It seems that there is a test of psychological weapons - zombies of the whole territory. And why? Such crap can be carried either by drinking heavily, or by smoking a cigarette, or by looking
  8. Kos_kalinki9
    Kos_kalinki9 26 September 2015 06: 24
    The street of Darwin in Kiev needs to be renamed urgently. The same, according to his theory, people came from monkeys. And here it’s not people, here UKR S.
    1. VseDoFeNi
      VseDoFeNi 26 September 2015 18: 45
      Quote: Kos_kalinki9
      It’s according to his theory that people came from monkeys

      Liberals from monkeys originated, normal people from God.

  9. SeAl2014
    SeAl2014 26 September 2015 06: 27
    Saakashvili called Ukraine Gabon. She will become (is) Gabon.
    Now air communication with Russia has been stopped.
    Further more.
  10. rotmistr60
    rotmistr60 26 September 2015 06: 31
    When power is externally like people, and internally - beasts and scum that rely on the same, then you should not expect anything else but destruction, violence and oblivion of history. Let's hope that all these ukronatsiks will be responsible for their actions sooner or later.
  11. olimpiada15
    olimpiada15 26 September 2015 06: 57
    History protects living people.
    There is no history, there is no people, there is a free territory and will belong to the one who first stepped on this earth — these were Americans.
    Ukrodobili do not realize and do not understand what is going on.
    And it’s a matter of destroying the entire people of Ukraine — without history,
    that no Ukrainians have ever lived here,
    and there were always Americans, there were American bases, there were maintenance staff and
    no state and republic has ever existed,
    before the Americans there was a clean field, free land, no one has ever lived here - no people.
    There has never been any Ukraine.
  12. PValery53
    PValery53 26 September 2015 07: 08
    The bluffing and moronization of the Ukrainian people began more than 20 years ago and has not yet been stopped. It looks like the ideologists of this "process" have not yet reached their goal - the Stone Age in Ukraine.
  13. Denis DV
    Denis DV 26 September 2015 07: 09
    Precisely noticed - erasers of memory.
  14. Reserve buildbat
    Reserve buildbat 26 September 2015 07: 20
    “I think that, after centuries, future culturologists and art historians will study the current period in the history of the lands now called Ukraine, under the name“ postmaydan ”.
    Nobody will study the "Maidan-Post-Maidan". There will simply be a small paragraph in history textbooks in which the "period of external administration" will be bashfully mentioned. And like no one has anything to do with it. This is all external management.
  15. s.melioxin
    s.melioxin 26 September 2015 07: 23
    ... it will be directly opposed to postmodernism - as the darkest, darkest, regressive period, a rollback to the times of lack of culture and destruction.
    Now they don’t believe that it will be so. But it will be so. Time is the best judge and it will definitely separate the husk from the seeds.
  16. ia-ai00
    ia-ai00 26 September 2015 07: 23
    Well this is as it should To maketo be afraid of their own history, try to send it into oblivion, destroying everything that CASH Ancestors erected and built ... fool
  17. Volzhanin
    Volzhanin 26 September 2015 07: 34
    Something tells me that the Americans are not without reason so fiercely destroying historical and cultural monuments across the planet.
    Moreover, they do not have their own.
  18. Rurikovich
    Rurikovich 26 September 2015 07: 40
    In principle, the junta acts on the principle - after us, even a flood! And if the Bolsheviks in the seventeenth did not immediately believe their eyes that they had really taken power into their own hands, but then they had enough sense to build a state. But then one system really changed another. There was something to strive for and, if we take it above, then this period of our history of seventy years has preserved us as a civilization. Moreover, in terms of moral and ethical qualities, it is much better than the West, beloved by liberals. I doubt that under the tsar we could have resisted Hitler and entered the atomic age. The conditions would be different. But this is from the category of "if, but if only."
    The junta is not going to change any system, therefore, the whole ideology is not worth a damn, and therefore they have these couple of years when they have the opportunity to plunder what is left, to work out what is invested in them, while the people as a result of the shock coup have not yet able to think and live with a pink outlook on the world. But the reality is harsher.
    Therefore, this whole mess, no matter what type of good goals it pursues, is doomed to failure. The only question is time ... hi
    1. Karasik
      Karasik 26 September 2015 08: 19
      Quote: Rurikovich
      the junta acts according to the principle - after us at least a flood!

      Exactly! Top ten! What kind of revolution is this if the same authorities remain in power (I want to write "people", but somehow it will sound ugly), only by changing their political orientation?
  19. Voha_krim
    Voha_krim 26 September 2015 07: 51
    Open competition for the issuing of moronic edicts at the Ruin! And the people "openly" laugh, and whoever does not laugh jumps!
  20. Proud.
    Proud. 26 September 2015 07: 51
    "... Maidan initially led to destruction and is not able to build something ..." - The dream of reason gives rise to monsters ...
    -If you look into the abyss for a long time, the abyss begins to look at (at) you ...
  21. surrozh
    surrozh 26 September 2015 07: 52
    “You will shoot into the past with a pistol, the present will shoot you with a cannon” - I don’t remember who said, but judging by the “Gabonese” it is correct.
  22. Scud
    Scud 26 September 2015 08: 13
    One must always remember the secret visit of the head of the CIA to kuev immediately after the coup. Fas was given command to Russia and everything connected with the Soviet past. By the way, Potroshenko, Yatsenyuk, Turchinov, Tymoshenko, Tyagnibok, Klitschko, Groysman-Jews or Jewish roots.
  23. Vega
    Vega 26 September 2015 08: 30
    Maidan has led to the fact that every piece of d .. wants to float to the surface and there gurgling "stand out from the crowd" without noticing that the crowd that floated out is the same d .. like him.
  24. Oman 47
    Oman 47 26 September 2015 08: 37
    The gloomy Middle Ages in the center of Europe today ...
    Soon it will reach bonfires with WITCHES; burning books is a completed stage.
  25. nagel_Oz
    nagel_Oz 26 September 2015 09: 04
    The spiders in the Ukrainian open spaces of power, grappling, have forgotten about their "flock". A bunch of 20-year-olds, who were previously directed like a bull with a red rag with cookies and lace panties, got lost in space along the way, jumping off their brains. Joyful lamentations about the fact that "now we are definitely Europe" was replaced by an evil insight. Monuments are to blame !!! fellow
    Well, for six months there will be enough monuments and street names, and then what?
  26. Gray 43
    Gray 43 26 September 2015 09: 17
    Colleagues! Your predictions on the topic - after what time does the boomerang come back? After how many years will Bandera, Shukhevych, Poroshenko (have a nit today’s day) and the company return to their historical places, down the drain? I think a year, another, no more, the Soviet will be stolen, and the Europeans will not give anything in return, except that instead of an army of draft evaders the same will arrive, only migrants
  27. APASUS
    APASUS 26 September 2015 09: 23
    I understand that such neurasthenic methods distract and entertain people from the internal failures of the government, but is this a bastard and all that further? Using this tactic, they can go very far.
  28. Egoza
    Egoza 26 September 2015 09: 35
    The funny thing is that in Kiev at the station. metro Teatralnaya and the bas-relief of V.I. Lenin. Yes, it is not visible, a panel was made in front of it, but to demolish it - half of the station will collapse. Likewise, a monument made of granite is a monument to the Chekists, yes, it was inflicted from below, painted over, but WORTH! "The authorities" shrug their shoulders "there is no money for demolition", but these monuments warm the soul to many in Kiev. It is not so easy to knock off the Bolsheviks.
    1. Tektor
      Tektor 26 September 2015 13: 08
      All this Leninapad is a simple distraction. The essence of what is happening in Ukraine: the expansion of the Catholic world at the expense of the Orthodox through an intermediate state of chaos. The agents are Greek-Catholic zapadents. In exactly the same way, in Syria - the case is entrusted to mercenaries operating under the banner of Islam. Strangulation strangulation: select territories a bit, creating chaos on them. Everywhere where the Jesuits, Protestants, and Catholics dominate, everything looks fine there, a picture of tenderness and harmony. Although under the carpet there are constant fights with the removal of the losers.
  29. Penzyac
    Penzyac 26 September 2015 09: 43
    The Herostratus case in (in) Ukraine lives on and is winning ...
    SCHWERIN 26 September 2015 09: 55
    It's not that they are jumping. In the zoo, too, jumping. The fact is that sooner or later they are justified .. and justified .. are crawling towards us, wiping their snot. They did not evaporate. How to live with them further?
  31. Egoza
    Egoza 26 September 2015 09: 58
    Ex-President of Ukraine Leonid Kravchuk live Schuster Live said that he does not need Russians in the status of brothers, and he is ready for himself, and also urges the population to offer armed resistance to all opponents of Ukrainian independence.

    “I'm still 82 years old. It happened to Brezhnev, and with Chernenko, and with Gorbachev, and with Yeltsin, with whom I just did not communicate. They are all the same. They are against the Ukrainian independence. And the Russian people, unfortunately, are so inclined that they will support their leaders when they oppose Ukraine, as more than 86% today support Putin.

    All conversations are "brothers and sisters." I don’t need the brothers who come to my house to beat me. I’ll shoot until I shoot all the ammo if they come to my hut. And so everyone should stand, ”Kravchuk called.

    That's who you need to "thank" for the current state and education. I really hope that this traitor will live to see the trial.
  32. Egoza
    Egoza 26 September 2015 10: 04
    Not quite in the subject, but very characteristic of the Ukrainian mentality ... Ostap Bender nervously smokes on the sidelines.
    The wife of President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko Marina announced a charity event with a fundraiser in honor of the birth of her husband.
    This was reported on the Poroshenko Foundation’s page on Facebook, where a video with the appeal of Maryna Poroshenko was published.
    «Friends, September 26 is the birthday of President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko. I propose to combine his congratulations on this day with a good deed. I, as the chairman of the Poroshenko Foundation, come forward with the initiative of holding a charity flash mob. All your congratulations to the hero of the day that day will turn into hryvnia for the Tabletochka fund, ”the message says.
    “The fund’s piggy bank will be transferred in 1 hryvnias for each of your“ likes ”,“ sher ”,“ comments ”under this post and for“ likes ”, distribution, comments, retweets or adding to favorites of this post on the official pages of the birthday person,” talk about the conditions of a flash mob.
    “On September 30 we will summarize and convert all congratulations to helping children,” the organizers promise.
    “Many years to the hero of the day!” Congratulations! Help! ”They add.

    I remember Yushchenko's wife for the "hospital of the future" for children and collected all the funds - tens of millions "evaporated", the current "ice" for "pills" is collecting ...
    Well? Happy Birthday to Petya?
    1. aszzz888
      aszzz888 26 September 2015 11: 14
      Well? Happy Birthday to Petya?

      While I printed congratulations to the giblets, you have already begun to congratulate. I support.
    2. German Titov
      German Titov 26 September 2015 20: 54
      Also out of topic. Honestly, I "stole" it. "September 26 is the world day of contraception. It is customary to congratulate all the" condom ". On the same day, the birthday of PA Poroshenko. Do you think it's in vain? I don't think so."
  33. aszzz888
    aszzz888 26 September 2015 11: 11
    Dear forum users !!!
    A bit off topic.
    Today, 26 of September, 2015 of the year, the bitch's gut, taking the place of the president, immediately hit 50 of the years.
    I want to wish this nest, and say that he lived for 45 for nothing and was smoking air, I also want this cozl to get drunk to the point of insanity and get on the bunk next to the nuland, which shifted to her entire river. o.zh.u. I also wish never to leave the hospital for both, if only by transfer to another ward, popularly known as No. 6.
    I want the forum users to join my wish, and also congratulate you on what you deserve a bloody bitch offal !!!
    They say that he loves to read congratulations personally, we must respect the chief ukronatsist and banderlog, an ice pick in his crown !!!
  34. Nymp
    Nymp 26 September 2015 11: 20
    All the great malorosov is somehow connected with the history of Russia, and it’s like a red rag for a bull, for Natsiks from the Maidan it’s such an unacceptable factor that they don’t give a damn about their own story, they would lick sharply with the Russian one. And what is the contrast of great Russia? Correct: Betrayal and shame!
  35. roskot
    roskot 26 September 2015 11: 29
    Quote: Voha_krim
    Open competition for the issuing of moronic edicts at the Ruin! And the people "openly" laugh, and whoever does not laugh jumps!

    You don’t laugh here, you have to cry here. What will you come to.
  36. drags33
    drags33 26 September 2015 12: 04
    You get tired of already reading such news about dill ... There is an aversion to them, as well as to dill in general. For me, let them destroy everything and go with stone axes into the caves. Shit in their house, who can forbid them?
    1. aszzz888
      aszzz888 26 September 2015 12: 18
      Shitting in his house, who can forbid them?

      Yes, but the stink goes to all the neighbors.
      Or according to the principle: - I’ll burn my hut, high neighbors choke smoke ...
  37. roskot
    roskot 26 September 2015 12: 30
    Forward! In the bright future of the European Union.
  38. rf xnumx
    rf xnumx 26 September 2015 12: 46
    Bandera IGILIZATION of Culture and History of Ukraine
  39. Vladimir 1964
    Vladimir 1964 26 September 2015 14: 18
    Vladimir, a good article. I will refrain from commenting, sadly. But it is written sensibly and interestingly.

    Yes, it’s supposedly very bad in Ukraine. belay
  40. Cornet77
    Cornet77 26 September 2015 16: 30
    IGILIZATION ... GY-GY ... YES DON'T NEED to compare the illiterate and the zombie ragul
  41. Non-jumping
    Non-jumping 26 September 2015 21: 13
    Which country are such and monuments ...
    1. Non-jumping
      Non-jumping 26 September 2015 21: 15
      Which country are such and monuments ...
  42. Michael - 235
    Michael - 235 26 September 2015 21: 57
    Ugliness does not know borders and limits, and this is now observed in Ukraine.
  43. Amper
    Amper 26 September 2015 22: 16
    It’s possible how much rubbing ... dill our brothers, but the facts say that this is the bridgehead of the nearest aggression.
    namely, nuclear mines, d.b. on this border
    as in c. PRC.
    Although in my opinion, the authorities for xy I ... m, whether w would legalize the loot.
    Not Peter the Great, such in history they will settle down, 40 Silver
    ! am
  44. Michael - 235
    Michael - 235 27 September 2015 22: 16
    There are no limits to idiocy.