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State Duma deputy: Rostec will help maintain markets for civilian weapons

Deputy head of the parliamentary committee for industry, Vladimir Gutenev, proposed selling Russian civil and official weapons abroad through the corporation "Rostec", so as not to lose communication, established by defense enterprises, whose activities came under Western sanctions, reports Kommersant.

“The bill parries some inconvenience that arises after the introduction of sanctions against our defense industry enterprises by Americans and some European countries. We solve the issue of complex servicing of foreign customers. Very often they are asked to supply service weapons, various pump-action guns along with the delivery of military weapons. The adoption of this law will allow us to increase production volumes, which will resonate in the pockets of both employees of enterprises and the social sphere, ”said Gutenev.

The deputy’s initiative “will help to promote certain types of weapons in countries where domestic products have not yet been represented,” says Ivan Konovalov, director of the Center for Strategic Conjuncture.

“Rostec is such a mega-corporation, which unites so many very different things, it can take this direction under its wing. If this kind of export of civilian and service weapons goes through Rosoboronexport, which is part of Rostec, I do not think that this will add some momentum and increase supplies, but nevertheless, Rosoboronexport can help in the promotion of certain civilian systems , service in certain markets in which they are not presently. In any case, this will be a plus rather than a minus, ”said Konovalov.

Of course, “it is unlikely that it will be possible to significantly increase the supply of Russian weapons abroad,” says PIR Center expert, Professor Vadim Kozyulin.

“Rosoboronexport was indeed a fairly effective lobbyist for the interests of Russian defense industry. He is the only one in the State who has such a number of experts who are experts in geography, countries with such extensive contacts, and after the imposition of sanctions on Rosoboronexport, these opportunities have been blocked for today. But all the same risks will be transferred to Rostec after the entry of this initiative. So this is not an initiative to expand markets and find common points of sale, but simply not to lose what we have. Save them for Rostec, ”the expert explained.
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Kommersant / Anton Belitsky
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  1. marlin1203
    marlin1203 25 September 2015 09: 41 New
    There is a demand, there will be a supply, and through which company “trunks to drive” is a matter of technology. Just a business ...
  2. vovanpain
    vovanpain 25 September 2015 09: 43 New
    All of these sanctions are unscrupulous competition, if these bypass the food embargo, then why don't we bypass them.
    1. Alexander Romanov
      Alexander Romanov 25 September 2015 09: 56 New
      Quote: vovanpain
      Chto their laws and obstacles

      You can sneeze, but the country feels the effects of sanctions. And here, like the Ukrainians, Putin is to blame for everything. In our case, Medvedev.
      1. Dry_T-50
        Dry_T-50 25 September 2015 13: 56 New
        Quote: Alexander Romanov
        In our case, Medvedev.

        Yes, you sho! Here, many are ready to break not Medvedev, but Putin.
        Quote: Alexander Romanov
        And here, like Ukrainians, Putin is to blame for everything. In our case, Medvedev.

        Blame Chubais © Yeltsin
  3. Maksus
    Maksus 25 September 2015 09: 45 New
    Well, it’s also impossible ... They invented these sanctions, tried, didn’t sleep at night. And then bam - and everything is implemented through another company. How to look into Merkel’s sad eyes now?
  4. Tor5
    Tor5 25 September 2015 09: 45 New
    ... all the more so since our service is in great demand behind the "hillocks"
  5. Tra-ta-ta
    Tra-ta-ta 25 September 2015 09: 52 New
    Yes, start you already sell weapons to the population ..! Ato will soon start distributing for free ...
    1. Engineer
      Engineer 25 September 2015 10: 11 New
      No, I believe that the sale of an automatic rifled gun cannot be allowed. Now everything is right: you have the experience of owning a smoothbore, well, let's say you're a hunter, you can buy rifled. But you have tight control. I know myself how every year you hand over a rifled carbine for inspection. But, I believe that with the same military registration and enlistment offices there should be something like shooting clubs, where everyone can take training courses. Free, optional. Every man should be able to handle weapons. Even if he didn’t serve, even if he served, but his hands have already forgotten. And then he came, he took apart a good AK, he shot and was ready for work and defense.
      1. Newfox
        Newfox 25 September 2015 10: 58 New
        And why do you pass a rifled carbine every year for inspection?
      2. Hell's Angel
        Hell's Angel 25 September 2015 11: 37 New
        No, I believe that the sale of an automatic rifled gun cannot be allowed.
        SCS, Tiger, Boar, no?

        I know myself how every year you hand over a rifled carbine for inspection.
        You probably have special attention?

        And then he came, he took apart a good AK, he shot and was ready for work and defense.
        After such courses, you can’t even shoot yourself (miss). And you want to defend your homeland.
        1. Newfox
          Newfox 25 September 2015 11: 44 New
          SCS, Tiger, Boar - at best, semi-automatic.
          1. Hell's Angel
            Hell's Angel 25 September 2015 11: 56 New
            Automatic weapons - firearms, in which all reloading operations are performed automatically due to the energy of the powder gases released during the shot.

            Automatic weapons are single fire (self-loading) and continuous fire (self-shooting), as well as serial fire and double fire (if the weapon is equipped with a fire mode translator).

            As you probably understood - this is "from the wiki" but the meaning is correct. Automatic it is automatic. It is distinguished by the ability (or impossibility) to fire in bursts.
            1. Newfox
              Newfox 25 September 2015 12: 46 New
              OK. Accepted.
      3. your1970
        your1970 25 September 2015 12: 46 New
        the military registration and enlistment office checked the person, the person paid for the cartridges, or even for free, because every year the old ones are removed from storage in the army, it’s better to shoot them than to cut them and go shoot yourself for pleasure. Many people would like, but cannot afford weapons in a row Reasons: money, restrictions on types, etc. But then you came, you want with a machine gun, you want with a gun, you want with a rifle ..
        Plus military enlistment offices would have more complete data on people.
        1. Newfox
          Newfox 25 September 2015 16: 02 New
          Where will the MO take money for free cartridges, an instructor and, most importantly, for a room where this feast of spirit will take place ?!
          1. your1970
            your1970 25 September 2015 18: 58 New
            "a man paid for cartridges" + maybe for a briefing + for a target, it’s quite possible to reach self-sufficiency.
            I have already asked 3 acquaintances, yes, they would have shot, and would have participated in competitions, if possible ....
            1. Newfox
              Newfox 25 September 2015 21: 24 New
              But right now, what’s stopping you from paying for cartridges, instructors and targets? And there’s a lot of balabol, but how to go to the shooting range, so everyone has leftist affairs. Passed by.
              1. your1970
                your1970 25 September 2015 23: 35 New
                "But right now, what’s stopping you from paying for cartridges, an instructor, and targets?"
                It is precisely the lack of a base-instructors-cartridges-weapons (AK, PM, SVD ..), and I’ll shoot from a hunting one - the season for hares is open
                1. Hell's Angel
                  Hell's Angel 26 September 2015 18: 28 New
                  Well now there is a better PM. And much better than the SVD rifle will provide and AK only by the circuit can be recognized and the impossibility of firing bursts. Come pay and shoot how much money is not a pity. The instructor is nearby, but in the army the officer is always nearby (it happens and with something heavy). Here the PC and RPG will not be able to provide you. You know the law.
    2. provincial
      provincial 25 September 2015 12: 41 New
      Automatic weapons?
    3. The comment was deleted.
  6. captain
    captain 25 September 2015 10: 01 New
    My heart feels, soon Chubais will deal with this issue.
  7. roskot
    roskot 25 September 2015 10: 02 New
    Stop scaring us with sanctions. And it will be so.
  8. loaln
    loaln 25 September 2015 10: 12 New
    It is necessary to develop the domestic market. Anyone who is not able to do this is more like an inept marketer, who has gathered at all costs to "vpar" his goods. At least to someone.
  9. jungler
    jungler 25 September 2015 11: 46 New
    The deputy is a provocateur. Since an idiot can not be by definition. Yes .... he will receive a voiced coin "Rostec" ... only not the PEOPLE but the specific OWNER of the ento office. He will buy a new yacht .. and people - gasoline at 40 rubles. The same story with sprats and other goods. What does the people really have to do with it? At the same time, the deputy is silent about the liberalization of arms sales in the Russian Federation. Afraid of power to give people arms. Dangerous slaves with weapons.
    1. your1970
      your1970 25 September 2015 12: 55 New
      Apparently you need to point your finger towards the 404 country — where was the legal short-barreled, etc. Does this stop anyone there now? It was necessary to dump the power — it was dumped, and the presence of weapons in the hands of the population did not play any role (well, except gang warfare).

      Personally, do you need a legal trunk? Elementary (but expensive truth) - take a security guard in a private security company and your wife enters into an agreement with a private security company to protect yourself beloved, naturally by you loveThe trunk is in your pocket, hemorrhoid, but you apparently live in a very gangster region where every day someone is being cut or by money in your pockets? If not, why do you need a trunk?

      A.P. Chekhov has a story on this subject — how a man bought a gun and then thought about it — who would protect him with him?
      1. Newfox
        Newfox 25 September 2015 13: 06 New
        Do not write nonsense. In Ukraine, there was no "legal short-barrels." There injuries were only like among deputies, journalists and judges.
        I could be wrong, but even if I get a security guard at a private security company, I won’t get the opportunity to be home with the barrel around the clock. We have an 8-hour working day and no one will give the "take-work-at-home" vest. And the barrel will have to be turned into an armory, and another uncle will come to guard his wife ...
        1. Garf
          Garf 25 September 2015 13: 28 New
          That's right, the Privatbank collectors at their own expense filled out the crust of journalists to get injured, by the way, they were offered a loan for this)))))
        2. your1970
          your1970 25 September 2015 18: 06 New
          "So, the current legislation of Ukraine determines that today citizens can own hunting firearms, pneumatic and sports weapons, and their ammunition, which are acquired with the permission of the internal affairs bodies.
          Therefore, it turns out that firearms are already “given” to us, i.e. not the weapon itself, but the right to legally acquire, store, carry and use it.
          In order not to be unsubstantiated, I sent a request to the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine and I received a response in which statistics were given on the number of units of hunting firearms owned by citizens. So - as of 01.06.2012 of the year, the number of legal hunting firearms owned by citizens is 789350 units, while for the period from 2007 of the year to the 4 quarter of 2012, about 45,5 thousand units of hunting rifled firearms were registered. This is almost a million barrels plus a huge amount of ammunition legally acquired for this weapon. Technically, these weapons can be used to arm, for example, the Pakistani army, the number of “bayonets” in which is slightly over 600 thousand or four active armies of Ukraine, the number of “bayonets” in which is about 180 thousand, according to the 2009 year. "
          “there is 2007 year data, based on a SmallArmsSurvey study and an assessment by the Ukrainian Association of Weapon Owners. I will take the liberty of assuming that since then there have definitely not been less. Total, eight years ago, Ukrainians were in their hands, not counting traumatic specimens, about 1,6 million registered units of long-barreled weapons and from 2,2 to 6,3 (at the most realistic estimate in 3,1) million units. 4,7 million trunks. "

          about the legal short-barrel was wrong repeat repeat repeat
          President Petro Poroshenko asked the Constitutional Commission to study the possibility of adopting a law on civilian weapons and ammunition. This was the head of state’s reaction to the corresponding electronic petition. At the moment, the bill, which proposes to provide citizens with the right to free possession of firearms, is already on the agenda of the third session of the Verkhovna Rada. However, both experts and deputies agree that the adoption of this law should be postponed until the end of the conflict in the Donbass. "

          As for the private security company - there was a precedent in the 2010 year, a person paid a lot of money, "worked" around the clock, though he was killed anyway then repeat what
  10. father nikon
    father nikon 25 September 2015 15: 04 New
    of the law will allow us to increase production volumes, which will resonate with a voiced coin in the pockets of workers of enterprises

    here I strongly doubt it