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8 causes decline in the popularity of Russian hand-to-hand combat

Everything flows, everything changes. Once, people excitedly looked at clippings from post-Soviet newspapers with the magic words "karate" and "Russian style", but today they are too lazy to watch even a short clip. Masters note the loss of interest in classes with their students. What happened? What is the reason for the decline in the popularity of martial arts in general and Russian hand-to-hand combat in particular?

- The first reason - glut of information. Information was very valuable when it was extremely small. People photographed televisions in video salons, trying to catch the movements of Bruce Lee on the screen. Now, with the advent of the Internet and flash video information, the sea. But people have already “ate” everyone. Neither books nor videos interest them, especially since paper books are becoming less and less popular.

8 causes decline in the popularity of Russian hand-to-hand combat

Issue of the classic magazine Russian Style / Martial Arts

- The second reason - natural loss of interest over time. For example, the styles of Russian hand-to-hand combat appeared at the end of 80 - the beginning of 90-s on the wave of interest in everything patriotic, popular, his own. Moreover, at that time, respected and appreciated the power, the ability to stand up for themselves physically. But time has passed. The reference points of society have changed - consumption, beautiful things, trips, and luxurious holidays are now at a premium.

- The third reason - loss of credibility. At the beginning of the 90s, Russian styles had a huge credibility among the population. It seemed that this is something new, that now everything will be different, etc. But Russian styles by and large did not meet the expectations placed on them. Too much was profanation, speculation and commerce - and, accordingly, too many disappointments. No authoritative federation or association has been created, there are no known fighters, there are no mass tournaments. Honestly, Russian styles are more likely to have a negative association with most martial arts enthusiasts. And time was enough - a quarter of a century.

- The fourth reason - the unwillingness of masters to teach for real. To learn as they were taught in their time. Here, apparently, and the ego and finance - the fear of growing his opponent and competitor. Kadochnikov, in his time, was burned by this, having taught Retunsky and Lavrov, who then left the patriarch. It's so great to be unique! Masters take the money, but teach haphazardly, not so rigidly, and, therefore, not so effectively. And they turn the once acquired skills (obtained, as a rule, in the service) into author’s schools, which also does not lead to an increase in efficiency. And they love to tell fairy tales, thinking that this will create a legend and increase popularity. As a result, adepts melt like a snowball every year. Because there are, of course, people who want to do something like “Slavic Aikido,” but if the masters taught them normally (even if not the way they were taught), then the groups would probably be larger.

Episode about Skobar A.V. From the video to the magazine Russian style / Martial arts

- The fifth reason - a sense of pseudo. 90 th as if passed. There are fewer fights on the streets, and already not even everyone in schools is fighting. Simply no need. And a man is such a lazy creature that without urgent need he will not rise from the sofa. Especially when in the hands of a “tablet” with an interesting game (which no one even dreamed of at the beginning of 90's).

A.K. Belov (prince Selidor)

- The sixth reason - increased feminization of society. Now men are more guided by women's attitudes like "you can always agree," "you can not stoop to a fight," etc. What can we say, even if some self-defense instructors write that "violence" is "bad." How do they then get their street experience, which the self-defense instructor should be - absolutely incomprehensible.

Episode from the film V. Vasilyeva (System)

- Seventh reason - liberalization of laws and technical progress. Why learn to beat fists and legs when you can easily buy the coolest designer's knife or stun gun? Or jet gas cylinder? Or a traumatic gun? Or a tactical flashlight? Or or...
By the way, a certain number of lovers of "violence" has flowed into the so-called "knife fight", and even a thinner trickle in practical shooting, etc.

A. Lavrov

Eighth reason lies in the complexity of these Russian styles - combat and wellness. They do not correspond to the paradigm of a modern person brought up by films and TV, for which single combat is something Oriental or Brazilian, and wellness is fitness.

For example, take such a direction as "Forest" - this is the "inner" style of martial art. In it, much attention is paid to internal sensations, to such subtle and complex moments, as, say, building a bone structure. Ordinary "fighter" does not understand what it is about, show him this style. In his head, "cool" is when they throw a trough (nowadays even football fans try to show such throws in their fights, imitating their wrestling opponents, which means that fashion is more important for a person than practicality and important things). And fashion is now in Brazilian jiu-jitsu (or grappling), or on the "gladiatorial" MMA. And some strange movements or exercises for a modern person will not inspire confidence in him, since they are not consistent with his stereotypes.

And still in the present "handwriting" training, as a rule, is built on the stress method. You didn’t execute the element correctly, didn’t dodge it - you automatically get a stick on the head (for example). It hurts, it is unpleasant - and not as much as in wrestling training, but in a different way. And besides - how to explain to the wrestler that it is more useful on the street, than the sports combat, ground under other purposes and tasks? He has other images, patterns, pictures in his head.

Therefore, less and less people go to classes in different cities (even where it seems to be still in demand by the street order), the sections are closed. Only such "whales" as Ryabko, Kadochnikov and Volostnykh remain afloat - and even then the first two are increasingly shifting their activities to the West.

V.V. Volost

What will be next? New round? It is unlikely - from the experience of the West, we can judge that martial arts are successfully replaced by pleasure from consumption. While the ability to fight was an integral part of the image of a man and a necessity in some cities and districts - the training halls were crowded. In our time, a man is rather determined by the availability of funds, and the level of physical readiness is determined by the relief of the abdominal muscles.

In the West, even an experienced and well-known instructor in self-defense cannot guarantee a stable income, teaching men in a classic brutal manner is not very interesting to anyone. Earnings are possible only when teaching self-defense to women.
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  1. Nonna
    Nonna 28 September 2015 06: 24
    what nagging in the morning?
    1. Vend
      Vend 28 September 2015 09: 57
      Now men are more guided by female attitudes such as "you can always agree", "you can't stoop to a fight," etc.

      The best fight is the one that was not there, it was said by one of the famous martial artists.
      1. korol yasheriz
        korol yasheriz 28 September 2015 13: 26
        It depends on what price "she was not"
  2. pinhead
    pinhead 28 September 2015 06: 52
    a decline in interest only among Slavic youth, among Caucasians any martial arts are still held in high esteem
    1. sigdoc
      sigdoc 28 September 2015 09: 39
      I drive two children to the martial arts center in Cherepovets. I didn’t observe a crowd of Caucasians or the absence of those who want to study
      1. otto meer
        otto meer 28 September 2015 12: 25
        Quote: sigdoc
        I drive two children to the martial arts center in Cherepovets. I didn’t observe a crowd of Caucasians or the absence of those who want to study
        I support. In Tula, the same thing.
        1. Uncle VasyaSayapin
          Uncle VasyaSayapin 28 September 2015 12: 53
          There are some specifics in Rostov. Many of their local Armenians. But rather in proportion to their specific weight in the population. And the Armenians do not count for Caucasians.
        2. pinhead
          pinhead 1 October 2015 10: 27
          you can’t judge by one school, this is unfortunately an all-Russian trend
        3. pinhead
          pinhead 1 October 2015 10: 27
          you can’t judge by one school, this is unfortunately an all-Russian trend
      2. Volzhanin
        Volzhanin 28 September 2015 12: 34
        I drive children in Samara to practice taekwondo ITF. A very popular type of martial arts, as most convenient for practical use.
        We are not aware of any "Russian style" here.
        It would be developed - I would take it there.
        1. marlin1203
          marlin1203 29 September 2015 09: 54
          Taekwondo "Most Practical Application" ?! Are you kidding me? You must have been deceived. In practical terms, only aikido is more stupid. 70% of the technique is kicking, which is practically not associated with hand technique. Look at the competition - this is fencing with feet, not a fight. Those blows that your children receive in a protective cuirass, their peers from the school of kyokushikai, daidojuku or ashihara karate with a smile will take into the "naked" torso. Until it's too late to change schools, "set" legs will come in handy everywhere. In general, after many years, he gradually came from martial arts to boxing, well, sometimes I "dilute" with Thai (without fanaticism, of course). As for the commentary, I ask no one to be offended, I just shared my experience and personal impressions.
          1. kit-kat
            kit-kat 26 October 2015 14: 56
            Yes that's right. Perhaps boxing is the most effective.
    2. otto meer
      otto meer 28 September 2015 12: 24
      Quote: pinhead
      decline in interest only among Slavic youth
      Don’t tell me! I drive my son through competitions (or is he me?), Normal guys-Slavs - the sea! And a lot of guys think that in my time it was rare. And in general to look at youth is a joy. How many mothers with strollers, how many tots and in families 2-3 children are not uncommon. Maybe we’ll revive, little by little?
  3. D-Master
    D-Master 28 September 2015 06: 55
    The article is complete nonsense, not even nonsense, but nonsense !!! a man clearly not connected with the world of martial arts.
    The martial arts halls are packed with children and teenagers. In the sections, children hit bags, wrestle, knock on "rackets" and paws. But unlike the romantic 90s, when the veil of everything new obscured the eyes, the pragmatic 10th came. Parents take their children to schools where the child can develop and achieve something - that is, to receive degree degrees up to the degree of master of sports and become champions up to the world champion. And you can get a master only in accredited federations included in the list of Roscomsport. Who needs a pseudo Russian fight if there is sambo, combat sambo, hand-to-hand combat, universal combat, army hand-to-hand combat. And also MMA with the president in the person of Fedor Emelianenko. And all these federations hold competitions from local to international, all prepare very decent fighters and, most importantly, award degrees up to the ZMS.
    Separately, I was pissed off by the reasoning of our specialist about the style: "For example, let's take such a direction as" Forest "- this is an" internal "style of martial art. An ordinary "fighter" will not understand what it is about at all, show him this style. In his head, "cool" is when they throw it in a deflection (these days, even football fans try to show such throws in their fights, imitating their opponents, wrestlers, which suggests that fashion is more important for a person than practicality and in important matters)... And the fashion now is for Brazilian jiu-jitsu (or grappling), or for "gladiatorial" MMA. And some movements or exercises that are strange for a modern person will not inspire confidence in him, since they do not agree with his stereotypes. "
    The so-called wrestlers - appeared much earlier than your fighters. And to put the rear footboard in battle or to hook the leg with inside hooking or side hooking and putting the opponent in a horizontal position is the idle time and effective work of a real fighter.
    I myself am an active trainer and president of the region’s Universal Combat Federation. Therefore, I write absolutely precisely knowing the subject and the inner kitchen. Here is a link for those who do not know what universal combat is. Http: //
    1. dmit-xnumx
      dmit-xnumx 28 September 2015 08: 58
      Master! You have a good style, an emotional response. Write a refutation article to you. Thank you in advance!
      1. g1v2
        g1v2 28 September 2015 14: 19
        In my opinion, D-Master doesn’t need to write a rebuttal, but a series of articles promoting and telling about Russians and not so martial arts. Which clubs are listed, which are designed for children and general training, which for specialists and those who want to become so. What styles are quoted among fighters of mixed tournaments and so on. What is good in the ring, and what is in reality, etc. For example, my grandfather was seriously engaged in boxing, my father was in sambo, I myself was engaged in judo and karate at school. But in real life, I was much more helped by the hand-to-hand combat manual of the 70s, which I begged in childhood as a fellow traveler-officer on a train in the 80s. angry Including a series of articles on hand-to-hand styles would be out of place on such a site. Again, a discussion among specialists could develop, which would be interesting to follow for ordinary mortals.
    2. marlin1203
      marlin1203 29 September 2015 09: 58
      I agree completely. Wrestling is the basis of the basics, but along with "fist fighting". Even on antique vases, scenes depicting wrestling are interspersed with images of fist competitions. Well, the rule "it's easier to teach a wrestler to beat than a boxer - to fight" has not been canceled laughing
  4. Glot
    Glot 28 September 2015 07: 06
    Who needs it, he finds his own style, school to his liking, etc. .. But who does not need it, you can’t lure him into the hall with any style. )))
    And further. The advertisement is engine of the trade. It is necessary to pay more attention to it, to more popularize certain areas. You look, people will reach the halls. But then again, all this is for those who are ripening for this. Others either drop out almost immediately, or do not go to the halls at all.
    Yes, and I would not say that everything is so bad. The people are engaged in one degree or another, one way or another. Engaged in.
  5. otto meer
    otto meer 28 September 2015 07: 21
    This is not a clear thing - Russian battle. Watch the programs of Lavrov, Kadochnikov, Belov - everything seems to be the case, smart things are said, serious people. But in practice ... Having been engaged in boxing (so for himself) at that time, about six years old, had friendly sparring with Belov’s student (all seriously, seminars, training camps), he was surprised - the person did not demonstrate anything worthwhile. What did they do there? At these camps.
    1. yegor_k
      yegor_k 28 September 2015 08: 51
      Everything under the slogan "Buy!" Information - zero, sections for children - zero, not to mention free. Karate - please, any school has a section, damn it, why not Russian style? I was looking for my son in due time, I myself would be like with him with joy - no nifig.
      1. Riv
        Riv 28 September 2015 10: 14
        Yes, there is no "Russian" style. There are show-offs. We constantly confuse hand-to-hand combat with sports, and even masters of sports confuse them. But in fact, army hand-to-hand from the same boxing is different, like a crocodile from a dog. Accordingly, attempts to teach the "Kadochnik system" to an unprepared person are doomed to failure in advance.
        1. Uncle VasyaSayapin
          Uncle VasyaSayapin 28 September 2015 12: 48
          And Russian styles, even compared to boxing and wrestling, are the same choreography as karate and wushu.
          1. Chiropractor
            Chiropractor 28 September 2015 15: 06
            Do not confuse kata and tao lu with kumite.
            The first are complexes of formal exercises for honing techniques. They are necessary.

            But the practice of fighting is necessary - and fights, competitions are held.
            Differences between fights according to the rules of Wushu Sanda are almost no different from the rules of K1 - full contact without low kicks plus three seconds are given for a throw. Out of protection - gloves and feet. And then, the latter seem to be abandoned.
            Karate fighters without protection ("karate" - "bare fist") hammer each other so that the ribs crack.

            By the way, the strongest Wushu Sanda school in the Russian Federation is in Dagestan "School of the Worlds". Her pupils defeated the ancestors - the Chinese, and became world champions.

            So with choreography, you are in capoeira smile
    2. jjj
      jjj 28 September 2015 10: 12
      Quote: otto meer
      man hasn’t demonstrated anything good

      Arms and legs remained intact, and thank God
      1. otto meer
        otto meer 28 September 2015 12: 29
        Quote: jjj
        Arms and legs remained intact, and thank God
    3. Aqr009
      Aqr009 29 September 2015 20: 59
      Somehow I went to classes to Belov. It was painful that he took a lot of money for classes and was severely stern with those who did not pay on time. For 4 months I walked around and realized that this was not a section, but a sect. The training is superficial, it’s not worth the money you give, and everything is organized in such a way that you don’t want to leave it, and suddenly next month Father Selidor will reveal the great secrets of life ...
      He left and do not regret it, instead of paying for the next month, I bought myself a good leather bag and train myself!
      And now I look Belov has already become a prince belay
      Here is what he himself writes about this:
      "I learned that my alter ego is surprisingly consonant with the name Selibor, or Selbor, which belonged to the Vagrian prince of the tenth century. Having never heard of this man before, I became interested in his fate, believing that some circumstances of his life would help shed light on the true motives the creation of the Goritsky struggle. After all, Gorits was located next to Stargrad, in which Selbor was a prince in the X century. "
  6. O_RUS
    O_RUS 28 September 2015 07: 22
    "Paper books are becoming less and less popular in general."

    No. I studied and was brought up during the Soviet era ... books for me will not lose their value !!! I and the children I have brought up will always have a home library. And I give a shit about fashion and "new values".
  7. O_RUS
    O_RUS 28 September 2015 07: 39
    "Moreover, at that time strength, the ability to stand up for oneself physically was respected and valued. But time has passed. The landmarks of society have changed - now consumption, beautiful things, travel, luxurious rest are in high esteem."

    only my opinion ... and I will not touch upon every reason -

    - strength was appreciated and will be appreciated as well as the ability to stand up for oneself. The law is another matter ... the Russian interceded for someone - he got into prison. And there are many such situations in Russia.

    - the guidelines of society are changed artificially
    - Kadochnikova will never be forgotten

    wassat All tired ... bullshit full and not an article.
  8. Fox
    Fox 28 September 2015 08: 30
    Quote: D-Master
    The article is complete nonsense, not even nonsense, but nonsense!

    oha ... only I was "asked" from school when the children beat each other's noses on the box.
  9. Yun Klob
    Yun Klob 28 September 2015 08: 36
    From the moment they entered the service, Russian soldiers were trained not in a fictitious style of battle, but specifically in bayonet fighting - in fact, fencing. Fencing, as a form of martial arts, was also cultivated among nobles since childhood.

    The specificity of this martial art is characterized by an increase in the learner's not only physical endurance, but also the speed and severity of reaction and thinking, which in turn is very, very useful in war.
    Of course, training in hand-to-hand combat of military personnel is necessary. But this training would be much, many times more effective if it were superimposed on the base of sports fencing, which was previously cultivated in ALL educational institutions of the Russian Empire and in military schools of the Red Army. This is a hand-to-hand fight with a Russian soldier and caused panic among the aggressor.
    Suppose that there is no bayonet fighting now, but as a methodology for the development of thinking, fencing is magnificent and it would be competent to make it a part of the culture of physical education of student youth, and not just that part of the elite section of society who are interested.
    1. pv1005
      pv1005 28 September 2015 11: 45
      But here in the RF Armed Forces badminton was very popular a couple of years ago, and you are a bayonet.
      1. marlin1203
        marlin1203 29 September 2015 10: 01
        Yes, you can chop with a racket "from the shoulder"! .. laughing
  10. Crown
    Crown 28 September 2015 10: 07
    We all overeat correctly in the 90s. How many mummers, mummers appeared in the 90s. Now we are observing how from injuries and with bits they solve issues, cheaply and cheerfully (in the sense that you do not need to visit gyms):
    1. Glot
      Glot 28 September 2015 10: 36
      Yes, as you remember these nineties, this wave of all kinds of styles, this host of various "gurus", books and brochures, films ... There were so many clowns, wai me. )))))
      1. Jan Ivanov
        Jan Ivanov 28 September 2015 12: 45
        But it was fashionable. The hype was created and maintained, everything is possible. All fell into a roll, and old and young, and led their children, thought there was some kind of super-secret that is transmitted from master to student.
        It is transmitted. There is a secret: work hard, forgetting everything, and you will succeed.
        But this price does not suit everyone, but the hype has passed. In the 90s, not all were engaged in martial arts, of course, but very much. Very. Both boys and girls. Now in my surroundings there is no one to visit them. My sons also went through such sections. ) Would I send them now? Not.
        1. Glot
          Glot 28 September 2015 13: 03
          There is a secret: work hard, forgetting everything, and you will succeed.

          Yes, it also depends on the predisposition. Hundreds and thousands can work out until the seventh sweat, but the good will come out of only one. It is so everywhere, in everything.
          Again, by personal example from life.
          I had an acquaintance, Lyokha, back in the 90s. He was tightly engaged in ordinary karate, shotakan (and whatever is correct there))), very quickly reached the black belt, then abandoned everything. He drank, smoked, even injected, was both a bandit and a whip, in short "life was in full swing." ))) But there was talent, and even having abandoned everything a long time ago, and after a very unhealthy lifestyle, sometimes coming to the gym, he easily knocked down any in sparring: Big and small, with various training, army men and guards, and any and not one at a time. it happened that he said, let's say five or ten swoop in and, fell. Then everyone was afraid to spar with him when he came in and asked. ))) And at first everyone climbed, he himself was small, about 165 cm, maybe, but he quickly made everyone. Talent. Then our paths parted, and what he and how, I no longer knew.
          And of course, from someone who will teach will also be important.
          You can be a great specialist, but not a bad teacher, and vice versa.
          1. Jan Ivanov
            Jan Ivanov 28 September 2015 13: 11
            I agree on everything. And about talent, and about the fact that a teacher and a specialist are not the same thing.
            And if you are a fighter from birth, then ... no, not like that. If you are not a fighter from birth, then you won’t become a fighter, at least learn it. And if so, then just to fight on the street, you don’t need to train for many years. Yes, there will be benefits, but not necessarily.
            Surely, it is possible to form a fighter in a person, but this is a tough breaking and psychological pumping. This is not for our modern "democratic" conditions.
            1. Glot
              Glot 28 September 2015 13: 18
              And if so, then just to fight on the street, you don’t need to train for many years.

              Ha, it’s like I once accidentally witnessed such a skirmish between a coach and a student.
              - Yes, I already know a lot of things, I probably should not go to classes anymore!
              “Of course, you learned how to fight drunk at a bus stop.” And you don’t need more. You can not come.
            2. The comment was deleted.
          2. marlin1203
            marlin1203 29 September 2015 10: 03
            A drug addict and a "scourge" and even a representative of a non-contact "Shotokan" knocked down 10 people in sparring? Probably a genius indeed.
            1. Glot
              Glot 29 September 2015 10: 45
              A drug addict and a "scourge" and even a representative of a non-contact "Shotokan" knocked down 10 people in sparring? Probably a genius indeed.

              However, that was. )))
              Well, he wasn’t quite a complete drug, so he dabbled at one time. Yes, and scourged not so long, only two or three years, when I dumped from the city somewhere into the tundra, so that they would not have dumped here)). I suppose you heard the phrase about "one ruble entry, two exit" used in certain circles? So, Lyokha came out, through the "northern gate" so that "two rubles" not to pay. )))
              And as for the geniuses, I wrote above, where some quiet guy got me a minus))), they inject thousands in the halls before the sweat, the sense goes out of units. The rest ... the level of fights at bus stops. Yes, they do not need more. )))
              1. O_RUS
                O_RUS 30 September 2015 00: 11
                Quote: Glot

                Well in your comments there is so much womanish? So arrogantly talk about things in which you yourself are a complete zero ...
                1. Glot
                  Glot 30 September 2015 07: 00
                  Well in your comments there is so much womanish? So arrogantly talk about things in which you yourself are a complete zero ...

                  Do not cry, son, and you learn something about life, the time will come. In the meantime, while you can quietly minus. ))) From this, it is probably easier on the darling to become defective. )))
                  1. O_RUS
                    O_RUS 30 September 2015 22: 19
                    Quote: Glot
                    ... probably easier ...

                    judging by the content of your koment - As you were a puppy, you stayed. And yapping on the forum is your calling.
                    1. Glot
                      Glot 30 September 2015 22: 27
                      judging by the content of your koment - As you were a puppy, you stayed. And yapping on the forum is your calling.

                      Well, where do I get to the yapping of the network general? laughing laughing
                      If you were a man, you wouldn’t answer, you just spat. And so, as a bazaar woman you can’t get off the topic. Ugh bl ... negative
                      You can answer something else. Confirm my words only. smile
                      But I do not see the point of communicating with you more. Since this is just stupid, argue with a woman. stop
                      That's all.
                      1. O_RUS
                        O_RUS 11 October 2015 21: 44
                        Quote: Glot
                        Can you ...

                        Yes, I can and not only write comments here.

                        And you were and will remain a dog on a leash, that here, that at home.
            2. The comment was deleted.
        2. The comment was deleted.
    2. The comment was deleted.
    3. Jan Ivanov
      Jan Ivanov 28 September 2015 12: 37
      and it’s not necessary to drive in daily for many years.
      1. Glot
        Glot 28 September 2015 12: 48
        and it’s not necessary to drive in daily for many years.

        I knew one comrade, a long time ago ... He somehow bothered with some Chinese dregs, or it’s not the essence of the Japanese. In short, not one or two years sweated in the halls with friends, the whole was pricked with all sorts of yin-yang and other nonsense, in general, well, the fighters are already horrible. ))) In short, these fighters drove in a car somewhere that I don’t know how there, but they only cut someone who felts, they decided to figure it out and got all the hard things ... yeah, that's all. And then they also complained that supposedly they had driven in in the halls for so many years, and as it came to it, they piled on them like boys. ))))
        1. Jan Ivanov
          Jan Ivanov 28 September 2015 13: 06
          Exactly. None of the sufferers considers "single combat from sections" as a "path of self-improvement." But after all, no one will teach a child from preschool purely combat aspects. What they turned taekwondo into is funny to watch. They don't even raise their hands, they dangle as unnecessary. As a result, kickboxing and sambo are the most "combat" sections. Well, in my opinion from the outside. ))
      2. The comment was deleted.
  11. Riv
    Riv 28 September 2015 10: 07
    Funny pictures ... Is it necessary to let go of the beard and mustache and shave the head off in their Russian styles? And a knee-length shirt in the "folk" style - is it very, very necessary? In general, to be honest, I did not understand what the article was about. Either the author is concerned about the problem of educating young people, or his own style is not appreciated by anyone.
  12. iouris
    iouris 28 September 2015 11: 11
    There is only one reason: if this is not applied anywhere in practice, it is not relevant.
    The army must constantly fight, as in the 18th century then there will be an interest in knowledge, skills that will allow the state, people and individuals to survive.
  13. Morf
    Morf 28 September 2015 13: 14
    one of the reasons not listed
    this is an aggravating circumstance!
    if you are doing something there, do not let the boh have a title-degree-achievement, but you are not in the state service, - you will be "accepted" with or without reason
    but Schaub did not show off!
  14. korol yasheriz
    korol yasheriz 28 September 2015 13: 20
    For practical use, there was nothing better and no kickboxing, and if there is, then these are technically complex types of BI and a lot of time will pass before reaching a really working result. Kick is relatively simple and very effective, training quickly gives results, especially quickly if physical training is initially good. Kick is the best!
  15. Petrik66
    Petrik66 28 September 2015 13: 26
    In 1991 I became the bronze medalist in taekwondo of the USSR WTF, then I had to devote 5 years to the work of an instructor. In 1995 he received the third dan, traveled, participated, looked, then went into business. My students and colleagues have far surpassed me and their honor and praise. In the 80s and early 90s - a person who lifted his leg above his balls - was already considered cool, how many of these "instructors" were. Now people actually undergo certification from masters, training from masters, a technology for training athletes has been created, almost like in Soviet times in sambo, boxing or judo. In the early 90s, a person who had no Soviet experience in wrestling or boxing training had NOTHING to do in a fight "without rules", without options. Now it's a different level, people have become professionals, and those who remember studying from books .... well, sorry.
    As for combat training, I want to ask, what does "hand-to-hand combat" have to do with real combat? In Kukkiwon (this is the Taekwondo Academy in South Korea), I talked with members of the Korean units in South Vietnam. They all laughed that of course the arms and legs are very cool, but the bullet is more reliable. even with a knife, a prepared person has many times more chances against an unarmed one. In the entire history of their stay in Vietnam, not a single hand-to-hand combat with enemies was recorded .... Maybe it's better to spend time on fire?
    1. Riv
      Riv 28 September 2015 14: 24
      A taekwondo bronze medalist should not have such questions. Hand-to-hand combat in the army is not taught so that a soldier can win with his fists. There are many more healthy exercises. :) The goal is different. The soldier must be ready to accept the battle. With or without a weapon is not important. Receive and strike.
      Therefore, it does not matter what and how to teach. Three punches, two kicks and three throws - this is enough if the soldier is ready to execute them without hesitation.
      1. marlin1203
        marlin1203 29 September 2015 10: 07
        Martial arts, in addition to self-discipline and spirit education, stupidly prepare the body of a fighter - temper, coordinate.
    2. Captain45
      Captain45 28 September 2015 21: 38
      Quote: Petrik66
      In Kukkivon (this is the taekwondo academy in South Korea), I talked with members of Korean units in South Vietnam. They all laughed, which of course arms and legs is very cool, but a bullet is still more reliable. even with a knife a trained person is many times more likely to be unarmed. Throughout the history of their stay in Vietnam, there has not been a single hand-to-hand combat with enemies .... Maybe it's better to spend time on fire?

      "The volume of the biceps does not affect the speed of the bullet.
      All commandos died in fire contact, and not in hand-to-hand combat.
      In hand-to-hand combat, the winner is the one with the most cartridges. "(C) Mikhail Efimov, a veteran of the Alpha group
    3. Mairos
      Mairos 28 October 2015 14: 58
      )) In the army, our battalion commander, about hand-to-hand combat during the DB, liked to recall the old joke - "In order for a hand-to-hand (unarmed) fight to arise, you must shoot all your b / c, lose a machine gun, break a knife and a sapper blade and ... find another the same asshole from the other side. " ))) And one more military wisdom from him - four "whales" for military intelligence - running, shooting, camouflaging and observation.
  16. Denis DV
    Denis DV 28 September 2015 16: 06
    I would argue that in addition to martial arts, the sport in general is developing very strongly now. I judge by my city. Two sports schools - 100% workload, two children's hockey teams and two adults, football sections, basketball, volleyball, figure skating, there are even garadoshniki, a boxing school, a karate section, an army hand-to-hand fighting section, a young sailors' club, a military patriotic club in each school about 8, classes of the Ministry of Emergency Situations, classes of railway workers, a station for young technicians, a station for young naturalists, a station for young tourists, a children's art school with their dance departments, and lastly, the "beast" - chess players! I am silent about fitness and etc. And what - to burst what
  17. Bort radist
    Bort radist 28 September 2015 16: 09
    Quote: Riv
    Hand-to-hand combat in the army is not taught so that a soldier can defeat with his fists.

    Quite right. Overcome yourself, fear, pain. Form of development of physical qualities - strength, dexterity, flexibility, ......... Ability to instantly react to changes in the environment. These qualities are more applied to combat than just training with "hardware". (exercises with weights also have their own value, but hand-to-hand must be included in the VS program)
  18. chelovektapok
    chelovektapok 28 September 2015 16: 11
    Any martial art is a mode, style and way of life. After a 10-hour (real) working day, plowing for 2 hours in training is a must to be motivated. And besides all, the absence of other everyday problems. If there is no family, no household, no mistress in the house, then you can. Often we do not belong to ourselves and without us in any way. Those who are young, unmarried, so it's time to practice regularly. Styles and other styling are pure wrappers. There are basic skills (even a youthful rank) in wrestling, boxing and physical fitness, psychological preparation means "styles" are not an obstacle for opponents. Tinsel is all this and stylization for collecting money.
  19. SlavaP
    SlavaP 28 September 2015 22: 37
    And in my opinion, colleagues, no matter what you do, it is important how. And if you have achieved something in any discipline - honor and praise. Sorry for the triviality, but in any system of martial arts there are always three components: sports (fitness), demonstration and combat. And depending on their proportion and application. And this proportion can be set by the general philosophy of the school, and by the specific instructor and the student himself. So everyone chooses what he needs and can do. And the effectiveness of the application in a particular situation depends on this. I studied different types, including Kadochnikov. His system of leverage and pivot points can be presented as either pure fitness (or ballet, as one of his colleagues said above). And if this system is "built" into the training of special forces or bodyguards, then it will work there "to defeat"
    1. Riv
      Riv 29 September 2015 06: 15
      Maybe of course, what a question. It will work even for a person who has never heard of Kadochnikov in his life. At one time, they set up several tricks for me. A couple from the knife and four on hold. Not to say that it is very effective (at least I’ll try to knock the knife out with my foot anyway), but ...

      He reassured the drunk in a tavern. I was not going to beat him or injure him, just put him back at the table. He averted the blow in the face, grabbed his hand, and then whoever did it knew that: the armpit from the bottom starts up the armpit of the enemy, the elbow bends and the lock on the wrist slams. Push the castle forward. No further force is needed, the enemy falls. And this one fell. AND THERE ARE PUSHING ME AND I TUMBLE, HOLDING THE CAPTURE! The frame simultaneously has a dislocation and a fracture with displacement. The main thing: I did not use force at all. Only heard a crunch. Safe receiver, yeah! He held it on his head.

      The cops then wrote the protocol, asked to show the reception. "Oh! Kadochnikov's system. Who did you study with?" At our ensign. He didn't even know that there was such a name in the world.
      1. marlin1203
        marlin1203 29 September 2015 10: 25
        Do not advise people to knock a knife out of their hands with their feet. Few people in the world have faster legs than hands.
        1. Riv
          Riv 29 September 2015 16: 20
          Kicking has the advantage that it is much stronger, and usually there are shoes on the foot.
  20. Mit_off
    Mit_off 29 September 2015 10: 03
    There is one reason for the decline in the popularity of Russian hand-to-hand combat, all these curls do not work in real life, although they look beautiful. This applies not only to Russian hand-to-hand combat, but in general to all these "curvy" styles. There were already a lot of charlatans from hand-to-hand fighting, the first was Morihei Ueshiba with his Aikido, and the rest of the charlatans pulled themselves up later, and this is how "national" styles appeared with various "ancient legends and secret knowledge". And when the author complains: "Not a single authoritative federation or association has been created, there are no famous fighters, there are no mass tournaments." It is impossible to create this from what does not work. The basis of any martial art is sparring (competition), it is at competitions that you can see what works and what doesn't, that's why not a single authoritative federation or association has been created, there are no famous fighters, there are no mass tournaments. A fighter is born not when he beautifully waves his arms and legs - this is not ballet, but when he learns in a stressful situation (when it hurts and is scary) to quickly make the right decisions and when he is deadly tired of finding strength, and this only gives real sparring. This is the reason for the decline in the popularity of not only Russian hand-to-hand combat, but all these "curly" styles. The popularity of the same "ancient" SAMBO does not fall, because it works.
  21. Kulakov_Dmitry
    Kulakov_Dmitry 6 October 2015 12: 46
    Guys, watch a very interesting video on this topic.
  22. Seaflame
    Seaflame April 14 2019 05: 32
    Mythical "Russian" martial arts ... You need fighting skills, go to the sambo, judo, kickboxing, boxing sections. Proven martial arts, many good coaches. I would like to be domestic, please, sambo. I myself was fond of karate in my youth, I will not say that I wasted my time in vain, but it would be better if I was engaged in kickboxing - more efficiently.
    1. Pavel Amarok
      Pavel Amarok 17 March 2020 12: 32
      Karate is good in childhood, they pull excellently, then it’s already possible to retrain more seriously. Himself from karate to Muay Thai moved - for stretching shotokan thanked mentally)