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NATO cares about the world ...

One of the topics of the week being discussed is the next stage of NATO activization, and specifically the USA in Central and Eastern Europe. While Berlin, Vienna, Prague, and other European capitals are breaking their heads and spears on how to "shove" refugees across all corners of the European Union, Washington and the puppet (controlled by Washington) top of the North Atlantic Alliance, under the guise, is trying to solve their own problems. In principle, the range of tasks of NATO is quite narrow and, in fact, remains unchanged since the creation of NATO: to bring its potentials closer to the borders of Russia, continuing to consider Russia as the “main threat to democracy”. And, despite the fact that NATO functionaries are now announcing "a long-standing reform of the goals and strategy of the alliance," NATO, as it was an anti-Russian military organization, possibly gathering the Russophobian masses under its wing, has remained so.

"Reformed" NATO against the background of media reports on the deployment of the latest American nuclear aviation B61-12 bombs and ongoing attempts to stake out territory with attacking potentials in the immediate vicinity of the Russian borders, Dmitry Peskov, press secretary of the President of the Russian Federation, commented this week (quoted by TK "Russia 24"):
NATO has not changed and is not able to change its purpose in terms of the original goals of its creation. We must not forget that this is an organization that was created in times of confrontation and for confrontation. And of course, any advancement of such an organization towards our borders leads to the need to take appropriate countermeasures to ensure their own security, for national security.

Of course, in Washington and Brussels, they once again stated that the Kremlin, they say, unnecessarily dramatizes the situation, and that only bright elves with transparent wings inhabit NATO. Moreover, the States, criticizing the Kremlin for "far-fetched conclusions", allowed themselves to announce that German journalists with statements about the location of B61-12 at the Büchel airbase got hot. A spokesman for the National Nuclear Security Administration said that the newest bombs would appear in Germany no earlier than 2020 of the year.

Yes? .. Strange, and ZDF published a document with the Pentagon’s budget expenditures on this kind of placement on 2015-2016 year ... Or, the document already after its appearance in the public domain had to be urgently corrected due to the possibility of permanently placing Russian Iskanders in the Kaliningrad region? They say, well, what else Iskanders do not need, do not - our “12-e-61” we will not pull the Germans soon ... But we will tighten ...

Now it is worth referring to the information that the North Atlantic Alliance itself publishes about itself. It is interesting to learn about what these "light elves" live today (declaratively, of course).

From the definition of NATO:
NATO is a political-military alliance.

As you can see, the “elves” in the first place have a term associated not with the military component, but with the political one. They say that first of all we implement the political functionality. This, of course, can be attributed to all sorts of "color" revolution (varying degrees of "velvety"), the purpose of which the organizers put the emergence in power of one or another country of forces loyal to Washington - countries bordering the Russian Federation and (or) within the scope of geopolitical interests of Russia.

Further, NATO actually confirms this thesis:
POLITICAL COMPOSITION - NATO promotes democratic values ​​and promotes defense and security advice and cooperation for confidence building and, in the long run, conflict prevention.

And what ... That's right: advise - advise, promote - promote, and with all his might. Squeezes, pushes ...

But as for “in order to prevent conflicts”, then NATO is too openly a fake man. Well, tell me, gentlemen, atlantists, what specific conflict was the NATO functionaries avoided? Ah? .. Perhaps, in the phrase, the typesetter on the NATO website confused everything and instead of the word "unleashing" he used the word "prevention"? ..

Now - that NATO will tell us about the military component of the alliance.

MILITARY COMPONENT - NATO is committed to the peaceful resolution of disputes.

One sentence, and already stormy, unceasing applause! .. "Peaceful settlement of disputes"? - It's five! .. Five from the former Yugoslavia, from Libya, Iraq, etc.

It seems exactly as an irresistible desire to "peacefully resolve the dispute" Washington and is going to deliver to Germany (even in 2015, even in 2020) those same B61-12 ... Like, even if Russia is "hard planted" barely soared from the German airbase "Tornado "With these atomic bombs (according to 4" Hiroshima "in each"), it will be an occasion to declare that the United States wanted to bring the matter to peace, but "bloodthirsty Russia ruined everything again ..."

Next is a what-if specification from NATO:
If the efforts of the diplomats are unsuccessful, the organization has the military potential necessary to conduct crisis management operations. Such operations are carried out in accordance with Article 5 of the Washington Treaty - the founding treaty of NATO - either according to the UN mandate, the efforts of NATO itself, or in cooperation with other countries and international organizations.

In general, almost like a bearded joke:
Point one: "NATO is always aimed at peace"; Point two: "If NATO does not aim at peace, see point one."

Apparently, during his visit to Kiev, NATO Secretary General Stoltenberg again explained Poroshenko about the “mission” of NATO in this troubled world. And he explained somehow confusedly, or something else, but at first the ukropresident announced that Ukraine was not ready for NATO, and the alliance was also not ready for the adoption of the country, and following the results of Stoltenberg’s visit, Poroshenko announced that they say, it is ripe ... So, it turns out, what exactly sang in her song Zemfira, who suddenly became an ardent admirer of maydanut jumpers:
Someone is waiting for the station,
Someone waiting for home,
Nobody is waiting for her
Does not want her body!
It is easier for her not to say
It’s easier for her to be dumb
When she comes.
And the girl is ripe ...

Indeed, the body seems to be ripe for the use of atlantists, but no one is waiting for it (this “girl”) and doesn’t particularly want it ... They use it in a purely dosed manner - on its territory (hut ...). The only discrepancies are with the “dumb”, because this “mature girl” presented by Mr. Poroshenko is very shrill and constantly demands special attention ... And the “bright elves” want more and more without obligations, aerial contracts and marriage contracts ...
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  1. parusnik
    parusnik 25 September 2015 06: 44
    continuing to consider Russia as the “main threat to democracy”... You can't understand them .. there was the USSR, the Union is a threat to democracy, there is no USSR .. The government in Russia has "democrats" and a system of the type of democratic and bourgeois .. not so again ..
  2. rotmistr60
    rotmistr60 25 September 2015 06: 53
    Everything, as it should be in the west. Neither the political nor the military component of NATO is true. Everything is contrary to the turnover.
    1. Alena Frolovna
      Alena Frolovna 25 September 2015 23: 27
      NATO "mission"
  3. 2С5
    2С5 25 September 2015 06: 54
    NATO is a political-military alliance.

    ... yes it's like LGBT, pink-blue or bluish-pink - odfik .. gifts! lol
    1. gladcu2
      gladcu2 25 September 2015 18: 19

      The main and minimum necessary tool to support the international banking system.

      With the owners and leaders of which, in principle, it is not possible to agree. Since it is not possible to motivate them with any material values.
  4. mivmim
    mivmim 25 September 2015 06: 57
    Shit ... wet.
  5. Flinky
    Flinky 25 September 2015 07: 14
    Zadolbali you with this panic.
    NATO will never be allowed to enter territory 404. In this case, the strike will be warning and very strong. And NATO understands this.
    1. gladcu2
      gladcu2 25 September 2015 18: 24

      It will not go to territory 404. For this, the international banking system has other ways to enter and exit a kneeling country as many times and as deeply as they want.

      NATO is just a small tool in the hands of a skilled, intelligent owner.
  6. zombiunian
    zombiunian 25 September 2015 08: 08
    what geyropa is amenable to mattresses? Duc, she always succumbs - more passive partner then)))) in the blood it is with them, well, they love it (after all, the clerks)
  7. press officer
    press officer 25 September 2015 08: 11
    nu ... nu ... well, we also know how to respond ... asymmetrically ..
  8. Russia
    Russia 25 September 2015 08: 58
    exceptionally bright elves with transparent wings live in NATO

    With such "elves" - orcs will remain without work.
  9. 2224460
    2224460 25 September 2015 09: 36
    POLITICAL COMPONENT - NATO advances democratic values
  10. Volzhanin
    Volzhanin 25 September 2015 10: 32
    You just need to stuff Kaliningrad with Iskander and other goodies!
  11. Mercenary
    Mercenary 25 September 2015 10: 59
    How much can you chew on truths? And where is the political decision of our leadership? A NATO member means the enemy of no economic cooperation, all kinds of energy supplies are shut off, all trade is stopped. It’s like July 22, 1941. at 2 a.m. a train with grain and metal crossed the border and at 3:30 a Patriotic war began.
    1. Baloo
      Baloo 25 September 2015 18: 53
      Mercenary A member of NATO means the enemy of no economic cooperation, all kinds of energy supplies are shut off, all trade is stopped. It’s like July 22, 1941. at 2 a.m. a train with grain and metal crossed the border and at 3:30 a Patriotic war began.

      Excuse me, Alexander, I passed by and read your comment. Did you mean June 22, not July?
      Stalin was given a total of 47 times the exact date and time of the attack on the USSR. B. Akaunin in his "Spy Romance" has an interesting, but unlikely, version of "his" channel to Hitler. There were double agents supplying disinformation, such as Kabulov's Lyceum. The date of the attack was actually postponed several times, since the rear was lagging behind. It seems to me that the main reason is a loan of 100 million marks in gold, which Hitler gave to the USSR. It was difficult for Stalin to believe that Hitler would refuse to pay the USSR debt, although Hitler planned to win back everything at once. Otherwise, everything was like that: experienced captains preferred not to unload but to take their ships home under cover of night, the USSR regularly fulfilled its obligations, although at some point Germany stopped supplying ammunition, machine tools, etc. within the framework of a loan.
      The GDP policy is aimed at building and mutual cooperation, despite the sanctions to retain partners, markets, financial flows. Politicians come and go, and Russia is eternal.
      I think so. hi
  12. Belousov
    Belousov 25 September 2015 11: 58
    Even our liberals are no longer trying to whitewash NATO. And there are still some propaganda articles coming out in VO. It is already clear to everyone that NATO is an enemy. Why pour from empty to empty. Any other topics left?
    1. gladcu2
      gladcu2 25 September 2015 18: 29
      Russian liberals themselves are at a loss. He was tasked to bend and push. But for the work done paid and taken away. Now they are at a loss, what to do?
  13. LMaksim
    LMaksim 25 September 2015 12: 39
    The threats of democracy are just a pretext for confrontation. NATO is an organization which, in its own definition, needs an adversary so that NATO members have a reason to increase military budgets and conduct exercises. It is also a large arms market. NATO cannot be FOR the world because in this case the bloc will die. See how they started in an attempt to counterbalance the imaginary threats from Russia. NATO is constantly opposing itself to anything, just to fight. Hussein, Milosevic, IS, now here is Russia. By the way, democracy is also a myth. Demos is the power of the people. In the world, everything is different. The people choose their rulers, who on behalf of the people do anything. And this does not always coincide with the opinion of the people who have chosen this leader. This is such a hassle.
  14. Vega
    Vega 25 September 2015 13: 40
    Russia is not just an enemy, but a long-standing enemy !!! So old stamps are pulled out of nowhere, because Russia does not want to obey them, does not allow themselves to earn money, conducts its own policy. And NATO is primarily a US baton designed for Europe itself.
    1. The stranger
      The stranger 26 September 2015 02: 02
      Yes, what kind of Russia, you really did not get out of the Moscow Ring Road?
      They know the word, but they have nothing behind the word. They are Russian and Russian, and Chechen, and Bulgarians, and in general everyone who is on the other side of the border of their Catholic (with variations) world. All the rest are non-humans for them. Slightly more often people remember about non-people from the East, who are propaganda "Russian". Talking badly about blacks and homosexuals is prohibited by law, and the fines are large. Those who cannot be charged for the "damned Russians" - here is "Russia" for them. It's not about Russia, don't take too much on yourself. They are already the Greeks -. Only in the south of France and the north of Italy there are separate swear words in "Bulgar", even though eight centuries have passed since the last speech in those places, or how many there are. Like the Bulgarians, they turned out to be "Muscovites", the same in Bulgarian, in the Ottoman Empire, about three years before the Russian-Turkish war of 1878, for which it is free for me to present an invoice on this site. And then when all this collapses, you will be unpleasantly surprised how much Russia was for them, including peoples who never even thought of being Russian.
      In short: for them "Russia" and "Russia" are absolutely unrelated things.
      1. The stranger
        The stranger 26 September 2015 02: 14
        But I ask the moderators to apply filters, or sometimes words other than abusive ones have terminological or historical meanings. Like sometimes a completely different meaning in another language, albeit in Cyrillic. And their moderation due to the irresponsible use of one Slavic people can offend another Slavic people, which historically puts very warm feelings in them.
  15. xoma58
    xoma58 25 September 2015 16: 50
    It is necessary to adopt a law on the possibility of delivering a preventive nuclear strike.
  16. Amurets
    Amurets 25 September 2015 18: 17
    All of these friends of Russia will be brought to their senses by only one thing. Show what is aimed at Brussels, Berlin, Paris and London with the time of arrival. And place cruise missiles in the Kaliningra region. And how the Strategic Missile Forces will fall along a steep path to reduce the launch range.
  17. gladcu2
    gladcu2 25 September 2015 19: 54

    What is aimed is those people who absolutely do not care. This concerns us and you first of all. Therefore, we are sitting dumb confusion and do not know what to do.

    Now ask yourself how are these people?

    I’ll tell you in advance that you won’t give names. If they know them, then very approximately. And they always doubt it.

    But in general, it is a global banking system.

    And if tomorrow the world is atomized and the planet is vaporized. They will not care either. Because no methods of influence are acceptable to them.

    The motivation of the world banking system is not known or the management methods are lost.

    Honestly, I myself am surprised at such conclusions.
  18. Akuzenka
    Akuzenka 26 September 2015 01: 53
    They guzzle her. will eat, for now, there will be that. He won’t, they will eat each other. Let them eat each other.