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In Korea, a special unit will be created to destroy the strategic objects of the DPRK

The military department of South Korea began the formation of a special unit, whose task will be to destroy, if necessary, the most important objects of the northern neighbor, reports Rossiyskaya Gazeta.

This fact became known after a report was submitted to the parliamentary committee on defense, which stated the beginning of the creation of special forces "for the destruction of North Korea’s strategic facilities." The document does not disclose what specifically is meant by the term “strategic objects, but sources in the Ministry of Defense explained that this refers to“ missile, nuclear and other important objects of the DPRK ”.

According to the commander of the special forces Chan Sok, "one of the six existing special forces brigades will be given a special status, and a unit will be formed at its base for the destruction of DPRK strategic military facilities."

The unit will be able to act independently, for the transfer of fighters to the rear of the enemy in its composition provides for the squadron.
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Oleg Kiryanov / RG
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  1. 79807420129
    79807420129 24 September 2015 15: 19
    South Korea versus North, North Korea versus South Korea has been creating all sorts of formations for more than half a century.
    1. Linkor9s21
      Linkor9s21 24 September 2015 15: 24
      Rather, the United States and South Korea, versus North.
      1. Byshido_dis
        Byshido_dis 24 September 2015 15: 28
        People in the pictures remind me of Taiwanese trance ... I think Kim will find them a bolt of the right size ...
      2. ZU-23
        ZU-23 24 September 2015 15: 28
        Eun's whole army is such a frostbitten unit laughing
        1. Vitaly Anisimov
          Vitaly Anisimov 24 September 2015 15: 30
          They are tortured to create ... DPRK without sunscreens will be ... (not there in May ..))))
          1. hrych
            hrych 24 September 2015 22: 19
            The country is poor, but at least there is no money for optics, but ...
        2. self-propelled
          self-propelled 24 September 2015 15: 41
          Quote: ZU-23
          Eun's whole army is such a frostbitten unit

          as you say, "Eun" has the highest ratio of the quantitative composition of special forces to the total composition of the armed forces ... request
          In Korea, a special unit will be created to destroy the strategic objects of the DPRK

          and before that, there were no such units. "I wash my face with tears" from such revelations crying straight opened their souls ...
          1. clidon
            clidon 25 September 2015 05: 22
            Perhaps before this or a similar specialization was present at all divisions as part of the training - right away the main emphasis will be placed on it, or part of the divisions of each of the brigades was engaged in it, and now they will be reduced to one.
      3. The comment was deleted.
      4. Observer2014
        Observer2014 24 September 2015 19: 03
        Something they look like twins, one egg (one Faberge for two or three).
        But seriously .That North Korea will tear apart, as much as a run. The South without states will not stand even a week. Look in the "net" for the training of North Korean special forces.
        1. strannik1985
          strannik1985 24 September 2015 20: 31
          Light infantry with predominantly small arms, in a high-intensity conflict, can perform separate (rarely) shock-sabotage missions, mainly reconnaissance by observation.
          The infantry, tanks, artillery and aircraft decide, and with this the KPA is tight.
          1. Greenwood
            Greenwood 25 September 2015 08: 32
            Quote: strannik1985
            infantry, tanks, artillery
            There are no problems with this either. A lot of infantry. There are a lot of tanks (albeit not modern ones), and tens of thousands of guns are sent to Seoul alone.
            Quote: strannik1985
            With aviation, yes, problems. The main thing is the lack of fuel.
            1. strannik1985
              strannik1985 25 September 2015 08: 49
              There are no problems with this either. A lot of infantry. There are a lot of tanks (albeit not modern ones), and tens of thousands of guns are sent to Seoul alone.

              At the nearest point from DMZ to Seoul, 25,3 km, the named distance is the so-called Keson ledge, then the border takes sharply to the north, leaving Seoul even further. Nobody will shoot directly from the DMZ in order to disguise, respectively, they will start firing from the depths, i.e. from a distance of 28-30 km. Only three types of weapons can shoot so far from the DPRK. These are self-propelled artillery mounts of the Koksan type (by the name of the junction station where they were first filmed), 240-millimeter MLRS and missile systems of the Luna or Skud type, the number of which is also limited. North Korea has Koksanov, according to western an estimated 400-500 units, MLRS caliber 240 millimeters - 200 units. Not everyone will open fire - only those that are in the first line. Only the first salvo will be effective (subject to a surprise attack), then the usual counter-battery fight, up to the use of nuclear weapons. That is, KPA can inflict damage on Seoul, but only if it strikes first (before civilians hide in shelters), which will definitely be interpreted as aggression with all measures up to the use of the US strategic nuclear forces (US guarantee against Kazakhstan).
    2. Lord of the Sith
      Lord of the Sith 24 September 2015 15: 29
      Funny news, and before that there were no such units and tasks? wassat
      1. hrych
        hrych 24 September 2015 22: 22
        So the unit must be completely classified, and then they ring the whole world, so they’re unnerving, they want to cause him hemorrhoids ...
    3. Su24
      Su24 24 September 2015 16: 32
      To bother to destroy, the northerners themselves will put them.
  2. lopvlad
    lopvlad 24 September 2015 15: 20
    In the military department of South Korea, the formation of special forces began, the task of which will be the destruction, if necessary, of the most important facilities of the northern neighbor

    oh stupid people. Instead of fucking send Americans from their country and start improving relations with the DPRK, they are fueling a conflict.
    North and South Korea two pair boots.
  3. g1v2
    g1v2 24 September 2015 15: 21
    Yeah, and who is the aggressor after that? Of course, North Korea, and not South. That is, the creation of special forces “to destroy the strategic facilities of North Korea” is not an act of aggression, but a humanitarian action. fool Pigeons of the world are straight.
  4. demon1978
    demon1978 24 September 2015 15: 21
    And I, by a sinful deed, thought that the sequel to "The Matrix" was being filmed request
  5. VNP1958PVN
    VNP1958PVN 24 September 2015 15: 21
    CNN: "Barack Obama accused the Ukrainian authorities of the genocide of his own people"

    drunk Poroshenko, eager for Putin, was removed from the flight Kiev-Moscow (The German radio station told about the alleged incident)

    Attention to the question, is it worth it?
    create a special unit for the destruction of strategic objects of the DPRK
    After all, they can pass laughing
  6. Denis DV
    Denis DV 24 September 2015 15: 25
    Well, I don’t know, it’s time for Koreans to beat Uncle Sam and work to unite their country.
    1. clidon
      clidon 25 September 2015 05: 31
      Under the rule of the Kim family?
  7. Roman 1977
    Roman 1977 24 September 2015 15: 28
    Not a fact whose special forces are cooler ...
    So, on the night of September 18 1996, a North Korean submarine stranded by negligence near the coast near the city of Gangneung. North Korean sailors and special forces decided to break through to their homeland, however, they were noticed by a local taxi driver. For several weeks, tens of thousands of South Korean soldiers were combing the surrounding mountains in search of them. 12 North Korean special forces and 5 submarine crew members were killed, and surrounded North Koreans committed suicide. Of the special forces themselves, by the way, no one gave up. With incredible difficulty, the armada of the pursuers managed to capture only one of the team of northerners - Li Kwang-su. South Koreans incurred incomparably large losses - the total number of casualties came very close to 140, and in a ratio of almost 1: 1 in the number of dead and wounded, in addition, 4 American soldiers died. A few years later, according to information leaked to the South Korean press from local intelligence, it became known that the only North Korean commando surviving from that ill-fated boat, even being wounded in the stomach, managed to pass through the heavily fortified demilitarized zone and return to his homeland, where he was accepted as a hero. And the team of the submarine itself, as we are sure now, was shot right after landing on the coast by its own special forces. Probably the commandos felt that the sailors, because of their poor physical fitness, would not be able to make their way back and could give up. To the taxi driver who discovered the North Koreans, the government of the Republic of Korea paid a reward of several hundred thousand dollars.
    1. kil 31
      kil 31 24 September 2015 15: 39
      [quote = Roman 1977]Not a fact whose special forces are cooler ...
      So, on the night of September 18, 1996, a North Korean submarine ran aground by negligence near the coast near the city of Gangneung. North Korean sailors and commandos decided to break through to their homeland, but were spotted by a local taxi driver. The government of the Republic of Korea paid a reward of several hundred thousand dollars to the taxi driver who discovered the North Koreans.
      The taxi driver is not a bad counter.
    2. voyaka uh
      voyaka uh 24 September 2015 16: 33
      "the total number of victims came close to
      to 140, and in a ratio of almost 1: 1 by the number of killed and wounded "////

      Normal army operation. called: "combing the terrain and surroundings."
      When the army discovers enemy special forces, they never storm it directly, but surround it, push it to the ground with machine gun fire. And they call their own special forces for close combat (sometimes mortars, or aviation - by decision of the command).
      So the South Koreans built the operation simply and competently.
    3. KG_patriot_last
      KG_patriot_last 24 September 2015 20: 43
      Loss Details:

      In September 1996, for example, a North Korean submarine, which was supposed to pick up a reconnaissance group that had fulfilled its mission, landed on a shallow bank close to the South Korean coast. The crew and the Marines on board left the ship and tried to break into North Korea, from which about 40 km separated them. Over the next month, events took place on the east coast, in many ways reminiscent of the ever-memorable 1968.As a result, 11 North Koreans committed collective suicide, 14 people died in shootings or, being surrounded, committed suicide, and one was never found. During the persecution, 10 South Korean troops were killed, as well as 4 peasants and mushroom pickers who accidentally collided with the North Koreans and were killed by them (times have changed, and the North Korean special forces are no more different with their former kindness to the civilian population).

      And a little later:

      In June 1998, the submarine of the DPRK Navy became entangled in fishing nets near the South Korean city of Sokcho. The crew of the boat committed suicide.

      Ideologically, the DPRK is very strong.
  8. Barakuda
    Barakuda 24 September 2015 15: 34
    Damn, in the North even a collective farmer with a milkmaid with Kalash, which in Zh.op.u excuse special forces. Trans.d.ut only for the last time. Crossing the border.
    Well, all right, let southerners wash the wabble ..
    There is nothing to think about the world, but it concerns both of them. AND THIS M.R. AZAZ USA. am
  9. Barakuda
    Barakuda 24 September 2015 15: 39
    This is so for fun
  10. koksalek
    koksalek 24 September 2015 15: 41
    If there is no problem, then it must be invented.
  11. sabakina
    sabakina 24 September 2015 15: 42
    For so many years they have stood each other and are just now choking on?

    PySy. Tank biathlon live watch.
  12. Roman 1977
    Roman 1977 24 September 2015 15: 47
    No, I do not argue, the South Korean Air Force is certainly stronger, like the fleet, but I cannot say such a thing about the ground forces:
    South Korean Air Force:
    60 strike fighter F-15E Strike Eagle, of which 39 modification Batch I and 21 modification Batch II

    168 F-16 Fighting Falcon, various modifications, some of which are assembled in Korea: 27 F-16C

    20 UBS FA-50 Fighting Eagle (total ordered by 40). Also available 80 aircraft of this type in the version of the TCB

    174 F-5E / F Tiger II of various modifications, some of them are of South Korean assembly, their FA-50 Fighting Eagle is planned to be replaced.

    40 F-4 Phantom II

    Scheduled delivery of X-NUMX American F-40 Lightning II fighter
    4 aircraft ARLO Boeing 737 AEW & C

    There is also an AH-90 Cobra 1 combat helicopter, in the 2016-1018. 36 AH-64 Apache is planned
    MD Helicopters MD-257MD 500 light helicopters manufactured in South Korea, including 50 with TOW anti-tank systems
    1. Roman 1977
      Roman 1977 24 September 2015 15: 52
      The Jucheans are opposed to all this magnificence:
      30-35 MiG-29 (25-30 fighter, 5 combat training).

      56 MIG-23 (46 MIG-23ML, 10 MIG-23P)

      26-30 MIG-21BIS

      120 Chengdu J-7-Chinese clone MiG-21
      100-106 Shenyang F-6-Chinese copy of the MiG-19.
      107 Shenyang F-5 is a Chinese copy of the MiG-17. Also 135 UBS FT-5. Aircraft of the 50s (first flight 1952), without radar, although some of them carry 2 air-to-air missiles
      Shock aviation:
      80 Harbin H-5-Chinese copy of IL-28. It is believed to be used to deliver nuclear weapons. Part of the H-5 converted into torpedo bombers and scouts.
      36 Su-25 (32 Su-25K, 4 Su-25UPK)

      40-150 Nanchang Q-5-Chinese shock copy of the MiG-19. However, there is no photo-video evidence of their presence in the DPRK air force.
      18 Su-7, possibly in a non-flying state.
      Also, front-line fighters F-5 / F-6, UTS MiG-15UTI (35), Nanchang CJ-6-Chinese clone Yak-18 (180) and An-2 (near 200) can be used for strikes against ground targets.

      Allegedly, there is one DRLO aircraft based on the An-24 with a radar of a MiG-29 fighter.
      Combat helicopters:
      84 MD 500, some of them are armed with Malyutka anti-tank systems, manufactured in the DPRK under license

      139 Mi-2, some of them are armed with Malyutka ATGM, 23-mm cannons and 12,7-mm machine guns
      48 Mi-4s and their Chinese clones Harbin Z-5 with Phalanx anti-tank systems
      There is information about the presence of 20 Mi-XNUMHD, but there is no evidence of this
      1. Watchdog
        Watchdog 24 September 2015 16: 07
        The technical and technological superiority of South Korea, of course, is evident, but this is until Russia sent a couple of "Korean Express" trains there, and the army of the fighting hamster will tear gagnamstylov in three days due to its viciousness and frostbite!
        1. Roman 1977
          Roman 1977 24 September 2015 17: 04
          The South Korean navy is also superior to the DPRK fleet in all respects, not to mention the surface ships, because the North Koreans simply have nothing to oppose to the Sejon the Great with Aegis:
          13 submarines:
          9 project 209, of which the last 3 in the series are armed with UGM-84L Sub Harpoon

          4 project 212, just ordered 9, the delivery of 5 is scheduled for this year

          North Korea:
          22 Type-033 diesel-electric submarines, North Korean and Chinese, are replicas of our 633 Ave. submarines built from 1957 to 1961 year.

          There is information about the presence of 4 even more ancient submarines Ave 613. however, according to some reports, they were already withdrawn from the Navy in 2011.
          1 newest diesel-electric submarine of the Sinpo project, created on the basis of the diesel-electric submarine Type-033, using the technologies of the Yugoslav diesel-electric submarines "Sava" and Hero ", possibly a carrier of the ballistic missile, created on the basis of our R-27

          more than 40 small Sang-O submarines, were built in two versions 34-meter Sang-O and 39-meter Sang-O II. 1 was captured by South Koreans 18 September 1996
          from 6 to 29 small Yugo submarines. Several boats were sold to Iran and Vietnam (decommissioned in Vietnam in 2012). It is considered obsolete and is being replaced by small submarines Sang-O and Yono. In June 1998, a midget boat of this project got entangled in fishing nets in the Sea of ​​Japan near the South Korean city of Sokcho, fell into the hands of the South Koreans (her crew committed collective suicide) and was subsequently introduced into the South Korean Navy for study and trial operation. According to some reports, it was the Yugo mini-submarine, covered by a small submarine of the Sang-O type, on March 27, 2010, the South Korean corvette Cheonan was sunk in the Yellow Sea.
          around 10 small submarines of the Yono type, which under the designation Ghadir are built under a North Korean license in Iran.
  13. Yunik
    Yunik 24 September 2015 16: 15
    Warriors damn it, everything, in support of the northern ones, I refuse the Samsung gadget).
  14. sergej30003
    sergej30003 24 September 2015 16: 15
    the ungrateful thing "to share the skin of a not killed beast" can be seen as if they did not push the Koreans with their foreheads, well, they do not want to fight among themselves, it remains to write only fakes
  15. slaw14
    slaw14 24 September 2015 20: 13
    As I understand it, these guys came to SUSO for free points?
  16. Kind angry
    Kind angry 25 September 2015 00: 55
    Fools are cardboard)) Kim ass ass you)