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What the British really laugh at

What the British really laugh atTrue or not, the Internet today decided that British Prime Minister David Cameron, when he was a student at Oxford, put an intimate part of his body in the mouth of a pig carcass. Such statements were made by representatives of the establishment with extensive connections - the former deputy chairman of the Conservative Party, Lord Michael Ashcroft (Michael Ashcroft) and the former editor of the political section of the Sunday Times Isabel Oakeshott (Isabel Oakeshott). This история was published in the Daily Mail, thanks to which this newspaper entered the top league of deniers of reputation and destroyers of personality in British politics.

According to the Daily Mail, Ashcroft's goal is revenge. In the years that preceded Cameron's prime minister in 2010, this tax evader billionaire donated over eight million pounds sterling to the Conservative Party and pulled it out of its debt trap after a disastrous election defeat in 2005. Under Cameron, he worked as treasurer, and later as vice-chairman of the party, helping her regain her reputation in the eyes of the public, which allowed the conservatives to run successfully in the elections. Ashcroft hoped that in exchange for this he would get a high position, but when the time came, Cameron refused to pay the bills. It seems that for the last five years, Ashcroft has dedicated himself to writing his new book Call Me Dave (Call Me Dave), which sets forth a scandalous story with a pig and other murderous accusations against the Prime Minister.

People unfamiliar with British cultural characteristics focused on the central detail - that the leader of one of the G8 countries had a dead pig - because it was funny. But the British themselves loudly accompanied the story about a man who committed a disgusting act and got caught. And here it is not about gloating, everything is much deeper. It's all about the class.

When Cameron studied at Oxford, he was a member of several secret societies, which included rich young people. The most famous of them is the Bullingdon Club, in the image and likeness of which the infamous Yale Skull and Bones club was created. The purpose of the Bullingdon Club is, at first glance, to dress in wonderful costumes, get drunk in expensive restaurants and private dining rooms, and then smash them. And all because the guys afford to pay all the losses - and work for this they do not need a single day. It is said that among the initiation rites they have this: they burn the 50 pound bill in front of the homeless person.

But in the Bullingdon club (and in similar societies) there is another side: creating teams and working out the interaction of representatives of the higher strata of society from the right flank. Friendships and alliances formed in the process of drunkenness by secret societies of powerful and wealthy children determine their careers. And all these young people enter into the highest class of British society. Members of such societies were three prominent cabinet members of Cameron, and many others led banks that collapsed into the 2008 economy, and media empires that protected them.

Burning money before the homeless is not just a disgusting leprosy. This is the training of the feelings of the boys from Bullingdon, helping them to look down on other people. It is impossible to call coincidence and coincidence the fact that David Cameron and his allies George Osborne and Boris Johnson were involved in this, for which the number of homeless people in London and throughout Britain sharply increased. The MP, who told Lord Ashcroft the details of the story with the pig, visited one of the meetings of this expensive club, but left it with disgust, because "everything was permeated with contempt for poor people."

What is the reason why the British readily believed Lord Ashcroft's story, although Ashcroft himself is a representative of the establishment in a country famous for its absurdly friendly libel laws in relation to claimants? The fact that society already knows the essence of Cameron’s ideological background. There is nothing attractive in such a biography, especially when the ruling class is waging such a war against the poor and disabled, which would make Thatcher blush.

Therefore, when the British hear that a guy from the very top of this pyramid was forced by his peers to shove a member in the mouth of a pig, threatening to refuse him to accept nasty and privileged people to the club, they have not just laughter, but great satisfaction. A terrible person turns into a ludicrous person, and this transformation is like ghosts from Harry Potter, which personify your worst nightmares, and then, when you cast a spell, they seem ridiculous to you.

The pig scandal, because of which the whole world is laughing at Cameron today, did not take place in the Bullingdon Club, but in the less well-known (until this week) secret society of Pierce Gaverston, where very strange sexual rituals and initiation rites are performed. If the guys from Bullingdon are building their brotherhood on the foundation of such common values ​​as hatred of the poor, then in Pierce Gaverston’s society the main thing is sexual humiliation and the creation of shared secrets. Its structural function is an agreement on mutually guaranteed destruction between the rulers of tomorrow: you know my secret, and I know yours, and therefore we need to be at one and the only and only that.

This creates one of the foundations of the mechanism of the British ruling class - why reveal someone's dirty little secrets when you can keep your mouth shut and control everything? This forms the basis of the “Khlystov” system in parliament, in which the main whip in each of the parties should have its own arsenal of dirt locked in a key in his office. When the time comes, the party leader may “unfasten” rebellious backbenchers, threatening to disclose such details, the leak of which they absolutely do not need anything.

In this elite culture, not all corruption is financial. If we talk about the very top of British politics, the firm character and pure reputation do not make you worthy. It will be difficult for you to get to the top if those in power cannot make sure that you are a bastard and do not hide this fact from the public.

An interesting example of this is how Margaret Thatcher helped some members of her government and his allies to climb the career ladder. During the recent parliamentary scandal about child corruption, there were claims that Thatcher "closed her eyes" to those pedophiles she promoted, including raising to the knight’s name perverted perverts such as Jimmy Savile and Cyril Smith. Even her own interior minister, the late Leon Brittan, is still under investigation.

Now they say that in each of the cases, the special services warned Thatcher about the deviations of these people, but she stubbornly ignored their warnings. Since this was about keeping secrets and about the power of the elite, it cannot be excluded that Thatcher, knowing about the pedophilia of these people, wanted to have leverage of political influence on them. By promoting them, she strengthened her own power while in her post as prime minister.

The parliamentary scandal associated with pedophilia is terrible enough in itself, but it also further undermines public confidence in Westminster, which everyone already despises for being detached from reality and unaccountable after all these financial crises and cost scandals. According to voters, too few heads flew.

As for the small incident with Cameron, society is simply tired of its antipathy towards the methods of work of Westminster, which has become the market of secrets for no one accountable elite. Let our politicians have sex with children - but those who help us learn about it, do everything possible so that such stories do not come out. When this behavior becomes the norm, the British public cannot be blamed for the confidence that its prime minister put his choke in a pig's mouth to join a secret society. Probably, for these people, such an act is also the norm.

Many members of the British ruling class are sadly mistaken, believing that the hatred of "bullingdon boys" is due to elementary envy. The vast majority of educated men who studied in private schools and now run the country really believe that everyone wants to be like them, and therefore any criticism of the elite is primarily a manifestation of envy.

This is largely due to the fact that the seven percent of students attending British private schools are inspired by the idea of ​​meritocracy, which says that a person is rewarded according to his abilities. And this is despite the fact that most people cannot afford to teach their children in paid schools, and that the students who graduated from them then easily go up to the high society. They make up a third of the members of parliament, almost half of all observers in the media, most of the House of Lords, diplomats and high-ranking government officials, and more than 70% of high-level judges. Everyone has long understood that the system of ties between classmates and old friends protects itself.

This does not prevent them from talking about how fair she is. Eton's graduate and former bullingdon boy Boris Johnson said in a speech at the Center for Policy Studies that people with the highest IQ have the best jobs because they are smart. This is not only very far from the truth. After the speech, Boris failed a live test for the IQ, and nevertheless continued to insist that the kids from private schools study well, as they are very capable. Johnson in his life managed to work as minister, mayor of London, newspaper columnist and editor of the magazine. Each of these posts he received with the support of influential people with whom he studied.

British Finance Minister George Osborne (also from the Bullingdon Club) has been criticized by charitable organizations representing poor people and people with disabilities whose economic and domestic security he has destroyed with his reforms. He waved his hand to them, calling them "opponents of business," and under the label of "justice" gave tax breaks to millionaires (half of whom, by the way, attended private schools).

David Cameron himself is also not averse to talk about the existence of the meritocracy system in Britain. He also studied at Eton, where he became a member of the Bullingdon Club and the Pierce Gaverston Society. He advocates the ideology of meritocracy the loudest among conservatives, telling the poor and national minorities that they do not climb up the social ladder just because of their lack of “ambition”. He also says that a “free” market (that is, no one regulated sources of big profit from devotion) “can make you better.”

But whatever he says, his government has significantly increased inequality and reduced social mobility, which has made it difficult for people not to belong to its privileged circle to use those meritocratic values ​​that it regularly praises.

The wound from such hypocrisy began to fester even before Lord Ashton punished Cameron this week for breaking the rules of the ritual, which say: you must obey the people who made you, otherwise you will be humbled. And it's not about the stupidity of young people, as some say. No, if guarded secrets are invented by powerful people in order to control other powerful people. Such a system is the exact opposite of democracy.

It is also the direct opposite of the meritocracy that they proclaim. Not just because rich boys go upstairs without any problems (we already know this), but also because David Cameron’s small and disgusting scandal confirms the suspicions that many have: that in British society the prime ministers are not due to talent and hard work . You will not get this post even because of your wealth. You can get it by mocking the homeless and fucking dead pigs in your mouth. Such a ritual gives you power because you have shown complete and slavish obedience to your fellow oligarchs.

That's why we laugh.
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  1. fvandaku
    fvandaku 25 September 2015 05: 51
    After all, they are there entirely Masons, and these posits are famous perverts laughing
    1. marlin1203
      marlin1203 25 September 2015 09: 39
      Rich sons of influential parents. Simple people will never understand. So they rule the country. But how much the rope does not curl ... still end badly.
    2. 2С5
      2С5 25 September 2015 10: 43
      Angela Merkel receives an SMS from Moscow: "Your ears are from a dead donkey, not Crimea." After a while, an SMS went from Berlin to Paris: "Francois! They killed Barack!"
  2. Alexkorzun
    Alexkorzun 25 September 2015 06: 01
    I hope that the carcass was a pig ... not a boar. (otherwise you can decide that it was Valtsman’s carcass)))
    1. builder
      builder 25 September 2015 08: 08
      Poroshenko's entourage says that for the sake of the Saxon armored cars, the President of Ukraine pretended to be dead a couple of times in front of the British Prime Minister.
      1. Uncle VasyaSayapin
        Uncle VasyaSayapin 25 September 2015 09: 30
        Just drank a lot. And anyway ... a couple of times not ...
    2. spiriolla-45
      spiriolla-45 25 September 2015 13: 36
      Waltzman is still far from the carcass, but they have it and live as they want.
  3. Andrey Yuryevich
    Andrey Yuryevich 25 September 2015 06: 03
    People unfamiliar with British cultural backgrounds focused on the central detail - that the leader of one of the GXNUMX countries had a dead pig - because it's funny
    . not a damn myself ...! it kto khryushu then stiff? what
    What the British really laugh at
    the question is of course interesting ... the Chinese people are funny, neighing over everything ... Americans over two things: over farting and cake in the face ... and shaving ??? what
    1. andj61
      andj61 25 September 2015 08: 44
      Quote: Andrey Yurievich
      What the British actually laugh at is of course an interesting question ... Chinese people are funny, neighing at everything ... Americans over two things: over farting and cake in the face ... and shaving ???

      They also say that we Russians are a strange people!
      Yes, to us with their oddities, like walking to Liverpool!
      That's who decays, so decays! They no longer stink, but stink!
      1. satris
        satris 25 September 2015 10: 35
        And I have long argued: England - Naglia - Rotten. Just an anagram, and what a deep meaning! No wonder our ancestors encrypted under the nickname "England" the true rotten essence of Anglobrites.
  4. Reptiloid
    Reptiloid 25 September 2015 06: 12
    Thank you for choosing the topic. About the decaying class. Interestingly, and our elite, how is it hiding? We can see the mutual responsibility "Why are we worse? We are not worse!" salary. Or maybe something similar with her. What group, or with animals, or with children, or a garden of aza, or with Arabs, or with Jews?
    1. satris
      satris 25 September 2015 10: 36
      No, she's stupid with a VCR smile
  5. Reducer
    Reducer 25 September 2015 06: 12
    laughing Politics is a closed homosexual club. Either you are from "these" and you are there, or you are not from "these" and you will never be there! The choice is yours)))
      DEMENTIY 25 September 2015 14: 44
      Quote: Reduktor
      laughing Politics is a closed homosexual club. Either you are from "these" and you are there, or you are not from "these" and you will never be there! The choice is yours)))

      GDP is also a politician! belay And Shoigu! what And Lavrov! recourse And Churkin! request
      You opened my eyes! laughing
      RS. It's sarcasm. wink
  6. Mainbeam
    Mainbeam 25 September 2015 06: 13
    That's why we laugh.

    Are you laughing? Subtle English humor.
    1. bocsman
      bocsman 25 September 2015 08: 30
      Quote: MainBeam
      Are you laughing? Subtle English humor

      And here is a delicate Russian humor: A guy enlisted in the traffic police. He worked a month, got a salary, is stamped. And in the midst of the party, the senior asks, did you like working with us? The one, yes! And he told him. We have a tradition, What would you become completely yours or we will have your whole company in the ass or gouging out an eye! He thought and said, “I'm quitting!” Why? Yes, something I do not see among you one-eyed!

      If there are honest traffic cops do not be offended! This is not about YOU!
  7. Mitrich76
    Mitrich76 25 September 2015 06: 25
    Judging by the article, the British laugh at the fact that they themselves were equated with that pig carcass.
    In his youth, Cameron had a dead pig to fall into certain circles of the elite, now he has Britons to stay in the same circles.
    And they’re funny ....
  8. Grbear
    Grbear 25 September 2015 06: 36
    Boring and dirty.
    1. EvgNik
      EvgNik 25 September 2015 06: 51
      Quote: GrBear
      Boring and dirty

      Politics is generally a dirty business. Therefore, there (in political circles), in principle, there are no decent people.
      1. satris
        satris 25 September 2015 10: 40
        I remember my grandfather. He said: as the boss, then shoot. You will not be mistaken!
        Do you know why? Because idiots want to be bosses. They perceive purely external attributes: a warm office, an easy chair. And they forget about the responsibility that inevitably must accompany any high position.
        1. Amurets
          Amurets 25 September 2015 12: 25
          But this is right, men. I don’t want to enter into lesser dirt, and even less so.
  9. andrewkor
    andrewkor 25 September 2015 07: 17
    so disgusting even comment reluctance
    1. afdjhbn67
      afdjhbn67 25 September 2015 08: 52
      they burn a 50 pound note right in front of the homeless's nose.

      apotheosis of horror and insanity wassat
      1. satris
        satris 25 September 2015 10: 27
        Burning money in front of the homeless is not just disgusting leprosy. This is a sensory training for the boys from Bullingdon, helping them look down on other people.

        And for some reason I remember Mayakovsky: "The Soviet people have their own pride: we look down on the bourgeoisie." It is also useful in this context to remember the Bible: "Whoever wants to be exalted will be humiliated." And this, in general, is already beginning: the most common male name when registering babies is Muhammad.
  10. rotmistr60
    rotmistr60 25 September 2015 07: 27
    This is a sensory training for the boys from Bullingdon, helping them look down on other people.

    Well, here, just, nothing surprising is not. And if you look at the behavior of the Russian so-called. "golden youth", then find many differences?
    1. satris
      satris 25 September 2015 10: 43
      And all, in general, are similar.
  11. GUKTU
    GUKTU 25 September 2015 07: 46
    Read disgusting
  12. Erg
    Erg 25 September 2015 08: 15
    So that money does not leave the family, the Illuminati, from the time of Canaan, practiced incest. Marriages between relatives, right up to son-mother father-daughter ... Hence the version that they are not friends with the head for objectively medical reasons.
  13. X Y Z
    X Y Z 25 September 2015 08: 40
    This Cameron is just as disgusting as McCain. Two of a Kind. Both were born, which is called with a golden spoon in their mouths, both became famous for their turbulent and scandalous young years, both are now trying to teach us how to live. They do not hide in the least that they despise the rest, especially the poor and not rich, and are intended to guide the world. The fact that studying McCain was not easy and he clearly did not shine with his mind is well known. I wonder how Cameron studied?
    1. satris
      satris 25 September 2015 10: 45
      Did he study? To stare at a pig, Cambridge is not needed.
  14. Monster_Fat
    Monster_Fat 25 September 2015 08: 43
    In fact, they are not “laughing”, but “gloating” - this is how it will be more accurate to express the tone of his opponents' statements about Cameron in English newspapers. Actually, this is one of the main traits of the English nation - "gloat" over any mistakes or failures of anyone. They love to "shake up" and "shake up" any "dirty laundry" whoever. All newspapers and news are full of similar things. The author writes correctly that in English higher educational institutions and "schools" a wide variety of societies have long been widespread, the purpose of which is to actually "cover up" all those who are in them with some kind of "crap" in order to "hold" everyone in one "harness" "and guarantee a" community of interests "in the future. Another characteristic feature of the English nation is extreme selfishness. affects career and life in general. Another characteristic feature of the British is an extreme contempt for all "others", I do not mean other nations or peoples, it goes without saying, I mean "others" - any environment: neighbors, colleagues for work, etc. For the British it is taken for granted to go, for example, to visit one of their neighbors, to have "secular" conversations there, to smile sweetly, and then tell all sorts of nasty things about these neighbors. Or be your "friend", and after yours " from pinoy "tell all sorts of" abominations "about you. The British are very fond of "substituting" - it's just like some kind of national sport - any of your mistakes or mistakes are immediately remembered and, if the opportunity arises, "pulled out into the light", they call this "put in place" and "crush the competition in embryo "while you continue to" smile sweetly "and" pat on the shoulder "" devotedly "looking into your eyes," You are not offended? Are you really, are you not offended? I didn’t think of anything and didn’t lie, it was true and we remain "friends? True friends? "Believe me, there is no more disgusting and disgusting nation than the British.
  15. Denis DV
    Denis DV 25 September 2015 09: 38
    Gy laughing Well, this explains the love of the West for Poroshenko, in particular Cameron belay
  16. Volga Cossack
    Volga Cossack 25 September 2015 10: 04
    private societies of perverts ........... pah!
  17. satris
    satris 25 September 2015 10: 23
    50 pound banknote burned right in front of a homeless person
    And the bum at this time thinks: "Eh! It would be better to burn them in the face of this banknote!"
  18. atamankko
    atamankko 25 September 2015 11: 04
    They cannot laugh, because the mouth is busy with another villainy against Russia.
    1. Amurets
      Amurets 25 September 2015 12: 34
      It is impossible to understand English humor, it is either like stupidity or mockery.
  19. Smoke
    Smoke 25 September 2015 11: 04
    that's why all these Eton Cambridge boys need to be liquidated as a class, the same is in private schools in the United States, everyone has dirty and vile dirt on each other that allows corporation owners to control the behavior of these ILITE students, and that's why there is a fashion for writing memoirs right away after the prefix "ex" appears, in which these boys SUDDENLY begin to state quite sane things. I am more than sure that the same Samantha Paver or Jane Psaki or Hilary Clinton, while studying, was either pissed or forced to have a relationship with some kind of animal or something like that ... and when these Psaki and Hilary retire , then they will speak quite differently than now.
  20. Old warrior
    Old warrior 25 September 2015 11: 13
    Not only Cameron, very many European politicians are naturally sick with severe mental illness. All of Europe is crazy! The question arises: why do we need such a Europe?
  21. Indifferent
    Indifferent 25 September 2015 11: 39
    And for some reason I’m not funny! If the Anglo-Saxons come to power, inveterate scoundrels and scum, and they have nuclear suitcases in their hands, but there is nothing fun here.
  22. Selevc
    Selevc 25 September 2015 11: 46
    It would be nice if someone in the West, one of those few who are still friends with a head, published a book with something like this title: "These scoundrels rule the world" where he would popularly and honestly tell all the known facts from the dark past of many Anglo-American politicians, ranging from orgies of Kennedy and the dirty assassination of the presidential slut Marilyn and ending with the adventures of young Cameron and the like. There is one interesting verse on this subject:

    "There is one law in nature
    He reigns everywhere on Earth:
    The soul burns - the body groans
    The flesh is frolicking - the soul is in shit ... "

    Here they have in the West too many flesh and soul frolic in shit - and the natural question arises is whether normal people with such sodomites along the way?
  23. ma_shlomha
    ma_shlomha 25 September 2015 11: 59
    From the article:
    Many members of the British ruling class are sadly mistaken, believing that the hatred of "bullingdon boys" is due to elementary envy. The vast majority of educated men who studied in private schools and now run the country really believe that everyone wants to be like them, and therefore any criticism of the elite is primarily a manifestation of envy.

    Russian tracing paper:
    Incredibly large fortunes are ALWAYS in the hands of people deprived of patriotism, decency, and elementary rudiments of conscience. Draw conclusions ... especially those who shout about the possibility in our country to honestly earn countless wealth!
  24. iouris
    iouris 25 September 2015 12: 05
    This is not a special case. Earlier there were leaks that George W. Bush passed through Satanic rites. Therefore, I would take a very close look at members of the government who have "successfully" graduated from US universities or interns. Some of them, by the way, hold important positions in the defense industry.
  25. Mikhail3
    Mikhail3 25 September 2015 15: 07
    The English are laughing. What did they understand? And (I’m risking) what did you, dear readers of the article, understand? What is it about? And her talk about the fact that democracy is a dead, non-viable, escheat state system. This is all disgusting, but why? What, just from craving for dirt and perversion? No not like this. Think about it, people, why all this, if at all to drop feelings aside and approach the matter coldly, technologically, passionlessly.
    But why. Democracy is a stupid, perverted, idle theater. Yes, it allows you to steal uncontrollably, not to answer for anything, cynically ignore moral standards ... but if you get carried away with all this, then the state falls. Once you start sending democratic rites seriously, you should take these spells as working, and the state will simply fall apart, collapse. The Americans use all this with pleasure against their enemies - they instill real democratic power there, and everything collapses by itself, removing countries from the game simply and reliably.
    How to be? That's how. A democratic state is governed by the cryptocratic power of units, individuals, holding the rest of the democratic ass in a fist. And mercilessly destroying those of them who do not submit to absolutist, uncontrolled power. If the Sovereign is the symbol and manifest honor of the country, its conscience and the measure of things on which subjects are equal, then these secret rulers are faithful to what they want.
    And they are always against the people, always despise and hate him. Why are there so many ritual humiliations? Because the people of the country they will rule are the enemy. An enemy who will trample any of them whom the secret rulers will extradite to death. Explanations can be continued for a long time, I hope nevertheless that I conveyed the thought to at least someone.
    "Learning democracy" ... what could be nastier and more shameful ?!
    1. rubidiy
      rubidiy 25 September 2015 19: 01
      everything about democracy is much simpler: it’s not at all structured. Democracy has never existed in any country in any length of time.
      Democracy is nothing more than a beautiful screen that covers all the same power of the aristocracy, a form of government that automatically degenerates in the third generation.
    2. iouris
      iouris 25 September 2015 21: 12
      The British do not laugh, but already act: revolutionary changes have taken place in the leadership of the Labor Party.
  26. rubidiy
    rubidiy 25 September 2015 18: 55
    in general, nothing new. The problem is that the British "lords" haven't gotten what they deserve for too long. The story of their impunity has dragged on for too long. already overfilled the barrel and begins to wander. Sooner or later it will bang ... alas, but it will bang under the influence of external factors, because the British themselves are fooled deeply and for a long time.
  27. rubidiy
    rubidiy 25 September 2015 19: 06
    Quote: ma_shlomha

    Russian tracing paper:
    Incredibly large fortunes are ALWAYS in the hands of people deprived of patriotism, decency, and elementary rudiments of conscience. Draw conclusions ... especially those who shout about the possibility in our country to honestly earn countless wealth!

    nobody screams about this a long time ago except for people whom the enemies of the Russian Federation pay for such liberal shouts.
    For those who think that "this is just all the creatures at the top" this article very clearly demonstrates what Britain really is.
  28. Captain45
    Captain45 25 September 2015 21: 40
    It would be better if Cameron piled a living pig on his fang, would bite off the pricks, and there would be less one fool in the world. These ... in general (see classification according to the textbook of psychiatry, because the site does not miss the scientific names of psycho-disorders .... tolerance mdya ...) fool And these (see textbook of psychiatry) govern countries request I read about the "Skull and Bones" and Bush, and Clinton, when they joined the club .. this .. well, in our opinion, in a simple way, they were "blown away" in short. lol In general, all these figures of the world elite are one big cockerel.
  29. Dan Slav
    Dan Slav 26 September 2015 00: 04
    No wonder.
  30. sanyavolhv
    sanyavolhv 26 September 2015 01: 57
    I don’t understand why laugh, gloat, or how to react to such nonsense? well had a connection with a pig ... so what? he is just a CHILD in Ukraine "they are children", in England they are the same "they are children", in America all the same "they are children" the whole world is not strangely ruled by CHILDREN! adult uncles who have seen and understood what in this life, like the President of the Czech Republic, are happy to spread rot, Vladimir Vladimirovich has seen so much ... that his experience is no longer for children, BUT AN ADULT. all pido .. snya from the same opera "they are children." that's why all these freaks are kept on duty. they are so cute, manageable, they believe that for investing horseradish in the mouth of a pig they can ....
    Well? Well, children's problems !!! will we discuss this stupidity or the fate of the world PEACEFULLY (with minimal losses) to resolve?
  31. Reptiloid
    Reptiloid 28 September 2015 10: 11
    Quote: iouris
    This is not a special case. Earlier there were leaks that George W. Bush passed through Satanic rites. Therefore, I would take a very close look at members of the government who have "successfully" graduated from US universities or interns. Some of them, by the way, hold important positions in the defense industry.

    Do you think they are also "tied"? I won't be surprised. After all, no one will deviate from the rules for the sake of foreigners. Maybe the time has come for this blackmail. And Merkel was not always a "grandmother". In the photo in her youth with the fascists - a manly, scary girl.
  32. hwan
    hwan 5 October 2015 17: 45
    Interestingly, do they know about Cameron's inclinations in the Middle East? After all, even images of pigs are prohibited there.