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Germans, they are good. Only suicidal

I read the article by Roman Skomorokhova about the beer festival. I thought: after all, everything is not so simple. Well, the Americans dictate their will to German politicians. Well, imitate those and other "love to the grave." Quite normal diplomatic relations. As in the cell of criminals. Everyone smiles at each other, and at night they stifle pillows. Nothing personal. The fight for sending ordinary convicts. Although, maybe I'm wrong. Not an expert in criminal matters. And I do not want them to be.

There will be this Oktoberfest, it will not happen - this is the business of the Germans. And the "new Germans", of course. But all will be alive. And that is good. But there are things, and serious things that already concern all Germans. Regardless of "old age" or "news". All, including babies.

On the eve of the radio station "Deutsche Welle" with reference to the German channel "ZDF" reported that the United States will begin to deploy a new type of nuclear weapons at the Bunchewehr airbase in the federal state of Rhineland-Palatinate. The United States today is replacing outdated atomic bombs with their modernized version. Specialists or people who are interested in armaments already understand the name: tactical atomic bombs В61-12 are much more accurate than those that were still stored at the air base.

True, the Americans, as often happens, framed their German colleagues. The bombs will be carried not by American bombers, but by German Tornado fighter-bombers. And, most unpleasant, the placement has already begun. So far, the test stones, but they are already at the base.

And what does it give to the Germans and the Americans? And what threatens Russia?

To begin, quote the message "Interfax".

"Moscow. September 23. INTERFAX.RU - Russia will respond in response to US plans to deploy new tactical nuclear bombs in Germany, said Russian Presidential Press Secretary Dmitry Peskov."

“This could lead to a violation of strategic balances in Europe. Therefore, of course, this will require Russia to take appropriate counter-steps, countermeasures to restore this strategic balance and parity,” said Peskov.

"Certainly, this is not a step towards strengthening stability and increasing the level of trust and towards ensuring security in Europe," he said.

According to Peskov, this decision will be another step in the direction of heightening tension on the European continent.

According to the press secretary of the president of the Russian Federation, taking into account the decision of the Bundestag, the United States is “confidently going” along the path of implementing plans to deploy a new type of nuclear weapon.

To the clarifying question, what countermeasures from Russia are we talking about, Peskov replied: "These are the steps that will be required to ensure the national security of the Russian Federation, as well as strategic parity in Europe."

I specifically cited the entire message. As they say - neither subtract nor add. If someone thinks that it is possible to create machinations with impunity, he is very mistaken.

Russia has long warned Europe that it’s not worth breaking the balance of power. It turns out more expensive. It seems to understand. But the owner ordered ... Nowhere to go. And this is the leading European state. A country that in many ways is a benchmark for most European countries.

The Germans are well aware that now not only the armed forces, but the whole people will pay. Atomic bombs are not a weapon that Russia will not pay attention to. And not a weapon that will kill only military personnel. This is a weapon of destruction. Destruction of human destinies, cities, infrastructure, states, if you like.

And now we will try to answer the question at the end of the quote. The one from which Sands correctly deviated. What will the Russian Federation be doing now to restore strategic parity?

In my opinion, the first and probably most urgent thing is that Russia will be forced to increase the number of Iskander battalions in the Kaliningrad region. And aim them specifically at Germany. Not only to the base where the bombs are supposedly stored, but also to all possible storage sites.

This means that the whole of northern Germany will be under the gun and in full control of our rocket engineers. The word “all” includes not only air bases, military bases and military units of the Bundeswehr, but also cities, factories, and warehouses in some zones. It is clear that the Germans are well aware that we also know these objects.

The next step, by the way, is quite logical, will be the deployment of strike air groups in the border regions of Russia and in Belarus. Air groups, consisting not only of fighters, but also of bomber aviationcapable of carrying something similar on its board. The answer should be such that the enemy "answerer" shuts up after it forever.

Naturally, all this will be accompanied by an increase in air defense groups. The shelves of the most modern "Triumphs" will stand along the most likely directions of strikes.

Gloomy picture? Alas, gloomy and dear. I am about the funds for the purchase of all this wealth. But after placing new bombs, we have no choice. Modernization of armaments, reinforcement of ZVO aviation, transfer of air defense to the most modern means of destruction, restoration of not only surface, but also submarine power of the Baltic Fleet and Northern Fleet.

Oddly enough, but what I wrote about is already being done. And done successfully.

Upgraded, enhanced, hosted. We are so accustomed to the fact that we always respond to threats that we have not seen the main thing. It turns out that people from the General Staff of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation with big stars on shoulder straps are not just salaries for the position and for the title they receive. They think, and most importantly, do. And other people, those about whom little is known, are doing. That's why we know that Iskanders will be delivered not to 20 ... some year, but very soon. That the boats are not just laid, but already undergoing tests. That the planes will arrive at new airfields not in five years, but if ordered, tomorrow.

And what about the Germans? So, and the Europeans in full force? And nothing, they will fight with a Turkish Muslim for holding this very beer festival. They will welcome or protest in the reception of refugees. They will puff up their cheeks in their supposed ignorance. The usual position of a person or a people, if you will, is not willing to answer for himself, for his children, for his country, for the planet as a whole.

To live in a small, cozy little world is good. Drinking beer at a party is also good. Watching films about heroes who save the world from evil spirits is great.

Only in order to live like this, you need to fight for your freedom. For the independence of the state. You need not threaten your neighbor with a new club, but reach out and say kind words. That the neighbor became better the relative. To, God forbid, in the trouble did not quit, and help.

And further. Somehow, all is well for Americans in Europe. Sanctions against Russia have undermined the economy of all leading European countries. The Ukrainian crisis has forced these countries to increase military budgets. The Greek default shook the entire EU financial system. Crowds of refugees destabilized the internal situation in a number of states. The spread of new “freedoms” of the type of parent one and parent two undermined the foundations of the family, and hence the foundations of the former European world order.

Europe is now in a stupor. Everyone understands that something is going wrong. But everything is legal. And so it should be. The tactics of the snail, which for many decades brought the opportunity not to spend money on defense, on self-defense, is a thing of the past. In the modern world, the position "my hut from the edge" does not save. It is those who are on the edge, and begin to burn first. And there the wind will finish the rest. And there is no village.

Russia said its word. Let's see what the Germans will answer. Will they fight for the future of the children or will they enjoy the next Oktoberfest?
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  1. Wolka
    Wolka 24 September 2015 05: 49 New
    good burghers understand that the Yankees with their NATO doom Europe to death, now who is the first from the EU to flee NATO, the Germans or the French, or maybe the old mossy England ...
    1. Sid.74
      Sid.74 24 September 2015 06: 06 New
      The ZDF channel probably deliberately raised this topic so that Germany did not end with suicide. And probably some German politicians had a panic attack after this news, and as a result:
      About the deployment in Germany this year of new US nuclear warheads B61-12 is not talking. This was reported by the deputy head of the press service of the National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSB) under the US Department of Energy Shelley Laver. Her words are quoted on Thursday, 24 September, Tass.

      “B61-12 series production will start no earlier than 2020 of the fiscal year,” said Laver. In this regard, she called newspaper articles about the deployment of such munitions in Europe already in the 2016 year “inaccurate”.

      Burghers will continue to drink beer ... yes
      1. inkass_98
        inkass_98 24 September 2015 07: 19 New
        Quote: Sid.74
        Burgers will continue to drink beer measuredly

        And then wonder, like ropes: and us for what? Somehow everything in them is European, i.e. through the ass. First, to crap under the door, and then to be surprised when they are beaten on their face with a charred rug.
        1. Uncle VasyaSayapin
          Uncle VasyaSayapin 24 September 2015 10: 50 New
          They need atomic bombs. Throw them a couple. Power does not become poor.
    2. marlin1203
      marlin1203 24 September 2015 09: 52 New
      It does not matter. It is important that a tactical nuclear charge does not cling to a strategic bomber, but to an ordinary Tornado, which are many and impossible to distinguish from each other. Everything will have to be “grazed,” which means that the entire western border must be forced to be forced to use the latest air defense systems. Dear 6th fun ... soldier
      1. ssergn
        ssergn 24 September 2015 12: 26 New
        Quote: marlin1203
        "Graze" will have everything

        "Graze" and will graze everything that approaches our borders. It doesn’t matter what purpose the military side is.

        Quote: marlin1203
        means that the entire western border must be forced to use the latest air defense systems.

        I think that all the space along the western border through the air is at least visible and at least a couple of hundred kilometers inland to the adjacent territory.

        Quote: marlin1203
        force the latest complexes

        That is, do you think that the western air border is undisguised or the C-300 is not so good as to land a tornado? Yes, and why poke them closely, given the combat radius?
        And yet, did you forget about air defense aviation?
  2. Same lech
    Same lech 24 September 2015 05: 51 New
    Somehow, everything is successful for the Americans in Europe. Sanctions against Russia undermined the economies of all the leading European countries. The Ukrainian crisis forced these countries to increase military budgets. Greek default has shaken the entire financial system of the EU. Crowds of refugees destabilized the internal situation in a number of states. The spread of new “freedoms,” such as parent one and parent two, undermined the foundations of the family, and hence the foundations of the old European world order.

    It is very correctly noticed .... the foundations of the well-being of society are being destroyed ... do with it what you want after that.
    1. jovanni
      jovanni 24 September 2015 18: 45 New
      This is very upsetting! Americans do not risk anything in any situation. All our response in Europe to them on the drum, they then remain in chocolate. It is necessary to answer in such a way that the sesheashnikov strain, and not just their mongrels ...
  3. Andrey Yuryevich
    Andrey Yuryevich 24 September 2015 05: 54 New
    Like in the cell of criminals. Everyone smiles at each other and strangle pillows at night. ...-Not only!!! repeat the obedience of the Germans is disappointing more and more, great, their masters seem to have pressed.
    1. silver_roman
      silver_roman 24 September 2015 15: 08 New
      Quote: Andrew Y.
      German submissions disappoint more

      in fact, we still don’t know under what conditions Nazi Germany capitulated at 45! Open sources are not true and could be printed for the masses. I do not exclude that they are trivial on manual control from outside.
      Just think about it: bombs (!) In the 21st century with YaBCh and also on the Tornado, which will be fired by our radars as soon as it takes off!
      It seems to me that this is more an act of intimidation, only it is not clear to us or the Germans! I understand that if they resumed production of Pershing and began to put them in the EU. That would be really scary.
      And what is an interception of an aircraft with a nuclear bomb? First, radars work that scan the entire airspace, the alert squadrons are in combat readiness, as well as the s-400, Buki and the carapace as 3 air defense echelons. I doubt that there are aircraft that can overcome such protection.
      And if this same aircraft is eliminated before it reaches the discharge point, which is very likely ???? belay
      Those. immediately in the General Staff of the RF Ministry of Defense it becomes clear that the nuclear bombardment of our territory by German aircraft was disrupted. The consequences for Germany and for the whole world will be extremely difficult to predict.
  4. Moore
    Moore 24 September 2015 06: 11 New
    True, the Americans, as often happens, set up their German colleagues. The bombs will be carried not by American bombers, but by German Tornado fighter bombers.

    Well, what will carry them is unclear for now. At the Ramstein airbase anyone you want to land can be used as a carrier.
    But the setup, however, is evident. It is not difficult to imagine the theater of the use of these ammunition - the western borders of Russia, Poland, the Baltic tigers. That is, if it begins, the "young Europeans" are doomed, moreover, in accordance with pre-developed plans. What, operetnye "zholnezhi" and all kinds of "sargsy" are not aware of this? Sure: they know. To the question: "Where are you, ur.ods, then you climb?" I have no answer.
    1. Same lech
      Same lech 24 September 2015 06: 15 New
      "Where are you, ur.ods, then you climb?" I have no answer.

      Fools not written law smile
      1. Kos_kalinki9
        Kos_kalinki9 24 September 2015 06: 29 New
        Quote: The same Lech
        "Where are you, ur.ods, then you climb?" I have no answer.

        Fools not written law smile
      2. Moore
        Moore 24 September 2015 07: 18 New
        You know, they are not fools. That would be too easy.
        Whoever you want to call them - limitrophy with farm thinking, rednecks, scoundrels. But not fools - they are all doing it consciously. It seems that they are just sure that they will never get to the road with the radioactive Jurmala and Klaipeda, and the loot for loyalty - that’s it, today.
  5. Mainbeam
    Mainbeam 24 September 2015 06: 15 New
    And aim them specifically at Germany.

    Adequate measures would be to deploy the Iskanders in Cuba, and submarines near California. Not the Germans are destabilizing the situation in Asia and Eastern Europe, but the Americans. Here it is necessary to apply response actions to them.
    1. novobranets
      novobranets 24 September 2015 06: 31 New
      Quote: MainBeam
      Not the Germans are destabilizing the situation in Asia and Eastern Europe, but the Americans.

      America has long earned the right to fall through the earth, but Germans also need to be taught to think with their own heads. If they objected, then I do not think that someone could force them to place weapons there. The Germans are literate and hardworking people, but their memory is unimportant. It is more profitable to be friends with Russia, rather than conflict.
    2. Vladimir Pozlnyakov
      Vladimir Pozlnyakov 24 September 2015 09: 59 New
      But, nevertheless, according to my father (the military route during the war - Rava Russkaya, Kiev, Stalingrad, Donbass, Ukraine, Warsaw, Berlin), that the best German, a dead German!
    3. 16112014nk
      16112014nk 24 September 2015 16: 46 New
      Putin: "No, I can’t understand this."
      The phrase Papanova from "Diamond Hands" is relevant in relation to our company and the guarantor. Friendship with “partners” is above all!
  6. Sharapov
    Sharapov 24 September 2015 06: 17 New
    When will we deploy a couple of squadrons of aircraft with nuclear charges on board in Nicaragua (or Cuba)? Maybe these steps mean Sands?
    1. novobranets
      novobranets 24 September 2015 06: 37 New
      Will Nicaragua or Cuba agree? After all, they also understand that they will become the primary target for mattress rockets. To place the base there, you need to buy this permit, no matter what, for weapons or technology, agricultural machinery or ships, the price will not be small. Where is the money zing?
      1. BMW
        BMW 24 September 2015 13: 04 New
        Quote: novobranets
        Where is the money zing?

        This money was donated to Cuba just like that. Ask GDP this question, I think that you will be asking it constantly and not for one day.
        1. novobranets
          novobranets 24 September 2015 15: 17 New
          It was a fee for saved reconnaissance stations, and an advance for the future. Just because no one gives money.
    2. ARES623
      ARES623 24 September 2015 08: 55 New
      Quote: Sharapov
      When will we deploy a couple of squadrons of aircraft with nuclear charges on board in Nicaragua (or Cuba)? Maybe these steps mean Sands?

      Why do we have to bear the costs of maintaining bases in the countries of LA? It is possible to lay out “gifts” on underwater drones at the prompting of Comrade Sakharov along the US coast with serious filling and remote control. I pulled the rope - and America was washed away. Cheaper and more reliable.
      1. Firstvanguard
        Firstvanguard 24 September 2015 21: 37 New
        This is all pure water rocking the boat, rockets in Cuba are not needed, in those times, ICBMs of all sorts and stripes and long-range cruise missiles will be enough. Moreover, it’s enough for everyone, and murakantos, and burghers, and small-shavens. And in amuricostation, they understand this very well, all this schucher is a provocation of the Russian Federation, a divorce into an arms race and a terrifying “dance” of the leader, in order to assert his authority before his wards.
  7. Name
    Name 24 September 2015 06: 52 New
    The Germans are silent, having typed chago in their mouths, but they started to spray their saliva from phashington: "If Russia withdraws from the Medium and Shorter Range Missile Treaty (INF), the United States and its allies will be ready to take retaliatory steps, said US Deputy Secretary of State Rose Gottemueller Alexander Bell.
    “While the United States wants to avoid a return to the past, the United States and its allies will act to prevent Russia’s military advantage if the violations (RSM) continue” ... "

  8. SeregaBoss
    SeregaBoss 24 September 2015 06: 58 New
    It is interesting how deeply Frau Merkel swallowed the Yusovsky hook that they behave as they want and do not turn away from the path of escalating an atmosphere of fear and uncertainty.
    It seems to me that World War 3 will begin with the accidental launch of a rocket of a poorly trained Luftwaffe pilot during exercises in the Baltic states.
    1. bersar2
      bersar2 24 September 2015 07: 56 New
      On fig, it’s possible to make everything easier, somehow the Amer’s base will be accidentally captured by terrorists from the igles, and there will be completely random nuclear weapons with launch codes, and that’s all.
    2. Vladimir Pozlnyakov
      Vladimir Pozlnyakov 24 September 2015 10: 01 New
      I repeat in relation to Merkel! According to my father (the military route during the war - Rava Russkaya, Kiev, Stalingrad, Donbass, Ukraine, Warsaw, Berlin), that the best German, a dead German!
  9. rotmistr60
    rotmistr60 24 September 2015 07: 10 New
    Somehow, everything is successful for the Americans in Europe.

    Nevertheless, this is probably the most successful strategic operation of the United States against Europe (undermining the economy, spending on weapons, refugees, deploying its nuclear weapons, etc.). But Americans simply have to share their laurels with Merkel, Hollande, Poland and the Baltic states. Ukraine is destined to be torn apart.
  10. parusnik
    parusnik 24 September 2015 07: 11 New
    Bye touchstones... These stones, it’s easy to scatter .. there will be no one to collect ..
  11. sssla
    sssla 24 September 2015 07: 12 New
    Somehow, everything is successful for the Americans in Europe. Sanctions against Russia undermined the economies of all the leading European countries. The Ukrainian crisis forced these countries to increase military budgets. Greek default has shaken the entire financial system of the EU. Crowds of refugees destabilized the internal situation in a number of states. The spread of new “freedoms,” such as parent one and parent two, undermined the foundations of the family, and hence the foundations of the old European world order.

    Europe is now in a stupor. Everyone understands that something is going wrong. But everything is legal. And therefore, it is necessary.

    Neither add nor decrease! In the last phrase of the quote, well, everything is said, but aside, not a step, the EuroBrain and KZ start to heat up! So accustomed
  12. bersar2
    bersar2 24 September 2015 07: 51 New
    Article plus, on the other hand, look at nuclear bombs already in Germany, and I am sure that the amers have all the codes from them, and tell me what to do to the same old Merkel? Which understands that nuclear weapons are not buzzing, but which the very same Americans can easily make new Hiroshima and Nagasaki right now.
    And how can we say. And what do we ourselves do with this? Since American nuclear weapons exist not only in Germany, but practically throughout Europe.
  13. Armored optimist
    Armored optimist 24 September 2015 08: 18 New
    Why aren’t we raising a hi about violating the non-proliferation regime? This is actually the transfer of nuclear weapons into the hands of a non-nuclear state. And the fact that the KBU of amers does not change anything. If you have time and specialists, you can unscrew them.
  14. Erg
    Erg 24 September 2015 08: 30 New
    If you want to lose your head (both literally and figuratively) - then go to Europe! wassat
  15. Cresta999
    Cresta999 24 September 2015 08: 31 New
    Doesn’t anyone bother with Iskander’s flight range ?! Which Germany is under the gun? What are you talking about? Recently, I see less and less on military review of military review. More and more political emotions.
    1. domokl
      domokl 24 September 2015 08: 39 New
      Absolutely not embarrassing. simply because the Iskanders are armed and have slightly different missiles than those that are standing on export versions of the installation. This was written here in my review. Look in the weapons section
      1. Cresta999
        Cresta999 25 September 2015 11: 15 New
        Amazed at your ignorance! The declared range is 500 km. POSSIBLE range increase - up to 1500 km. Do you think all of Germany is under the gun?
        In addition, do you seriously believe that someone in the event of a military conflict will allow you to change missiles in warehouses in Kaliningrad? What nafig you military? It seems to me personally that you did not even serve in the army if you leave such comments! This is what I had in mind when I wrote that military review is no longer military but political in fact.
    2. Armored optimist
      Armored optimist 24 September 2015 08: 45 New
      Do you know her? And do not doubt open data?
      1. domokl
        domokl 24 September 2015 09: 12 New
        Who says data is hidden? The development of such missiles is written in open sources
        1. Cresta999
          Cresta999 27 September 2015 12: 30 New
          Yes you, my friend, idle talk! This is called heard ringing, but I don’t know where it is.
  16. fennekRUS
    fennekRUS 24 September 2015 08: 44 New
    Good political information. Foldable.
    "Well done, grasshopper," after the war you will work in Pravda! " (WITH)
    The article is easy to read. It remains to translate into German and publish. Well, as for the characteristics of the “Iskander”, it’s monopenisual for the layman, if only it sounds menacing.
    I abstained from the assessment.
  17. afrikanez
    afrikanez 24 September 2015 09: 59 New
    It seems to me that the whole of Europe has become inert and is no longer able to make decisions independently. So, we won’t get a concrete answer from them. Oktoberfest is probably much more important for them, the fate of the whole people of Germany. Fat and do not want to either change anything. Well, at least the realization that the Americans would in any case remain on the sidelines should have prompted them to take adequate decisions and not go on about the United States.
    1. builder
      builder 24 September 2015 11: 17 New
      The Swedes really look at things:
      1. fennekRUS
        fennekRUS 25 September 2015 12: 12 New
        Quote: stroitel
        The Swedes really look at things:

        Glory to all the Scandinavian gods, they still have a sense of humor. Looking at the political elite, this is somehow poorly believed. But you convinced me, not everything is lost.
  18. 2nd 12th
    2nd 12th 24 September 2015 10: 48 New
    In general, Russia did not withdraw from the INF Treaty. So Iskander can have a firing range of no more than 500km. If you draw a circle 500 km from Kaliningrad, then almost all of it falls into Poland. Before Germany is missing. That's how it is somehow.
    But we did not have an agreement on tactical nuclear weapons in Europe with anyone (although we were very encouraged to do this). I think we have this "good" with a margin. For example, the Tu-22m with the X-15. This is a strategic weapon option for Europe. From near Kaluga to Berlin without refueling.
    But the article is correct. Europeans are suezidniks. Even in the case of refugees from Syria and Africa.
  19. stas-xnumx
    stas-xnumx 24 September 2015 11: 12 New
    My friends live in Germany, and so, local Germans are not much interested in what they place there, what is with Ukraine, and what Russia wants to "chop off", etc., because the next "Big Bara-boom" it will be a surprise for them, they are used to warming up peacefully with beer and sausages ...
  20. vladimir_krm
    vladimir_krm 24 September 2015 11: 16 New
    Oh, what is this pepelats in the picture? :) Sorry for the senility of senility, but do not recognize. And I don’t understand what will happen to the hanging weapons when turning the wing? And why such a huge stabilizer? :)
    1. 52
      52 24 September 2015 18: 25 New
      Duc svezhak-litak, tokma from the conveyor! Yesterday, Tokma was adopted by the Bundes and British with pasta!
  21. Bashibuzuk
    Bashibuzuk 24 September 2015 11: 19 New
    Somehow, brothers, we are all too serious in any issues.
    Especially to those that relate abroad.
    And we always forget that the main task of the Western media is to defile Russia. Provoke.
    Here is a real example for you.
    Someone somewhere squeezed a note - the United States will equip German planes with the latest vigorous loaves.
    Our comrade Peskov immediately replied - and we, non-Christians, will teach you to love your homeland. We will deploy twenty-hundred new complexes, we will score all of Polesie with the latest air defense weapons.
    In turn - again, the Western media are heating up - but you, dear guys, we don’t have such bonbon bars yet, we are going to develop their current.
    And you have already launched a new round of the arms race.
    Poor Germans want to drink beer and have a meal with Wursts, and here you have the Russian BRZHD rushing along the border of Russia and Belarus. And who will guarantee that they did not end up in the newly opened, abandoned railway tunnels on Polish territory.
    And who can guarantee that the Stasi, at one time, did not drive a couple of such trains into the mountains near Dresden and Leipzig?
    Again, Russia is a steadfast monster. But the burghers do not even drink beer calmly.
    But here we are rattling daggers.
    I would turn to my problems, why did the conviction of the housing and utilities system in the country suddenly stall? All tiptop?
  22. provincial
    provincial 24 September 2015 11: 55 New
    as it began in Europe a little earlier- "The policy of the West, who did not really want to confront Hitler and even indulged him in every possible way, led to the fact that by 1940 industry, agriculture, raw materials, the labor force of continental Europe, including the neutral countries of Sweden and Switzerland, were put at the service of the Nazi Third Reich. Over 10 million skilled European workers, engineers and engineers, designers, scientists were involved in the labor process in German factories, in design bureaus and laboratories. In Germany occupied European countries there were influential political forces who decided collaborate with the Nazi Hitler. Europe became an economic entity that was controlled from Berlin and worked exclusively in the interests of Germany.

    The German Wehrmacht received at its disposal huge arsenals of weapons, military equipment, tanks, artillery, aviation, ammunition, vehicles. During the war, European enterprises uninterruptedly supplied the Wehrmacht and its allies with their products. Berlin highly appreciated, for example, the contribution of Czech enterprises to strengthening the military-technical power of the Third Reich and established a flexible reward system for their workers, including increased food standards, which were sometimes better than in Germany itself. “The Czechs handed over to us all the necessary information about their tanks,” recalled German colonel engineer Iken. “We never had to deal with shares of sabotage or any resistance.” Now practically the same, only the USA replaced Germany.
  23. isker
    isker 24 September 2015 12: 29 New
    When there is such a "booze" around, it’s somehow not up to the housing and communal services ... and they use it, but in fact - in terms of infringing on "civil liberties" it becomes more and more cloudy, and this process is not only gaining momentum, but what else sadder - becomes irreversible.
  24. alicante11
    alicante11 24 September 2015 12: 33 New
    Yes, let them post. This is a bluff. TNW is a completely useless thing against a nuclear power. Because the answer will still be a massive response by all forces of the Strategic Missile Forces. No one will understand how many mushrooms and what kind of fungi the Americans want to grow on our territory. At the same time, it will not be able to shut up our strategic missile forces. Tomahawks are more likely than free-falling YaB, which still need to be pulled to the target in the depths of Russian territory.
  25. Victor-M
    Victor-M 24 September 2015 12: 38 New
    The Germans are trying to pretend that they are not in danger, and immediately there is a picture in front of my eyes when an ostrich, fleeing a fire, puts its head in the sand. laughing
  26. Butt
    Butt 24 September 2015 13: 11 New
    In general, this info looks like a deliberate stuffing of information by VShatniki
    They say that Syria and I are not doing business, so let us make this Russian in the EU a strategic nuclear strategic nuclear weapon so that we don’t meddle in Syria.
    At the same time, to prevent the Darkest from exposing your General Assistance to the IG in the UN General Assembly.
    Let's wait! Soon there will be an answer.
  27. Zomanus
    Zomanus 24 September 2015 15: 35 New
    But it’s interesting, calibers can carry special warheads? In particular, those that can be launched with submarines.
    After all, here the Iskanders are not particularly scary. But our ordinary diesel engines from the Baltic Sea begin to look so formidable weapons. On the account of the fact that our Iskanders will not get somewhere ... well, I think that they will fasten another step and quite so get where they need to. But we do not need a war with Europe. For then there will be no power left on America.
  28. GDV
    GDV 24 September 2015 15: 49 New
    The whole world is in ruin.
    We also will not have a sweet time: -we dig a bunker.