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Russian Jeanne d'Arc, or about the feat of the nurse Rimma Ivanova

Russian Jeanne d'Arc, or about the feat of the nurse Rimma Ivanova9 September 1915 of the year near the village of Mokray Dubrava German soldiers saw a young girl with a red cross on her dress raising Russian fighters to attack. With a cry: “Brothers, follow me!” - Regimental nurse Rimma Ivanova rushed at the enemy. The attack was successfully completed. German positions were taken, but the heroine herself died, having been fatally wounded in the thigh. Her last words were: "God save Russia."

The act of the girl was not approved by the chairman of the German Red Cross, General Pfuhl, who considered that the sister of mercy should not take in hand weapon or raise the fighters to the attack, but the Geneva headquarters of the International Committee of the Red Cross decided that the feat of Rimma Ivanova does not violate any provisions of this organization. It was the right decision. Going to the attack, Rimma Ivanova remained a sister of mercy and saved the lives of soldiers, whom the enemy could simply destroy.

Generally, during World War I, amazing things sometimes happened. The Germans could let the captured Russian officers freely walk on parole, the Russian soldiers could survive the gas attack without means of defense, and then defeat the enemy in battle. The heroic deed of Rimma Mikhailovna is on a par with these and many other outstanding acts of the time.

For this feat, soldiers and officers of the 105 of the Orenburg regiment were asked to award the nurse with the Order of St. George of the IV degree. According to the statute, only officers could receive this order, and Rimma Ivanova was a girl from a simple family who served as a sister of mercy and had no military rank. Soldiers and officers waited for the decision of Emperor Nicholas II and told the recruits. history her life.

* * *

Rimma Mikhailovna Ivanova was born on June 15 of the year 1894 in Stavropol. In 1913, she graduated from Olginskaya gymnasium and began working as a national teacher in one of the rural schools of the country. When the First World War began, Rimma Ivanova returned to Stavropol. She learned to be a nurse and on January 17 1915, the volunteer went to the front. Her parents were worried about the fate of her daughter, and Rimma sent a letter telling that she was doing well:

“Lord, how I would like you to calm down. Yes, it would be time. You have to rejoice, if you love me, that I managed to get a job and work where I wanted ... But it’s not for fun that I did it, and not for my own pleasure, but to help. May I be a true sister of mercy. Let me do what is good and what to do. Think as you like, but I give you my honest word that I would give a lot in order to alleviate the suffering of those who shed blood. But you do not worry: our dressing station is not exposed to fire ... My good, do not worry for the sake of God. If you love me, then try to do as I feel better ... That will be true love for me. Life is generally short, and it is necessary to live it as completely and better as possible. Help, Lord! Pray for Russia and humanity. ”

Note that Rimma hit the front almost as much as the heroine of the film “Hussar Ballad”. The girl cut her hair short and called herself Ivan Ivanov. Soon the simple deception was revealed, and she continued to serve under her own name. For courage in rescuing the wounded, she was awarded the St. George Cross of 4 degree (the insignia of the Military Order of St. George for the lower ranks) and two St. George medals.

In August 1915, the sister of mercy was given a short vacation, and she went to visit her seriously ill father. He asked her to be transferred to the 105-th Orenburg regiment, where his elder brother Viktor Ivanov worked as a regimental doctor. Rimma agreed.

She had less than a month to live.

In early September, she wrote several letters from the front to her parents: “My good, lovely mother and folder! It is good for me here. People here are very good. Everyone treats me affably ... God bless you. And for the sake of our happiness, do not be disheartened. ”

In a few days "Russian Jeanne d'Arc" will die heroically.

22 September 1915, the head of the Stavropol province receives a telegram from the front, which says that Nicholas II 17 September 1915, “deigned to honor the memory of the deceased sister of mercy Rimma Mikhailovna Order of St. George 4 degree. Ivanova’s sister, despite the regrets of the regimental doctor, officers and soldiers, always tied up the wounded on the front line under terrible fire, and on September 9, when both officers of the 10 Company of the 105 Orenburg Regiment were killed, they gathered the soldier and rushed forward together with them, took the enemy trenches ".

The heroine’s brother was allowed to take the girl’s body to Stavropol. The whole city came out to meet the remains of Rimma Ivanova, and during the funeral the priest of the church in honor of the Apostle Andrew the First-Called, Archpriest Semyon Nikolsky said: “France had an Orleans maiden, Joan of Arc. Russia has a Stavropol maiden - Rimma Ivanov ".

Many knew about the feat of the girl before the revolution. In her honor was awarded a scholarship for students in the Stavropol medical assistant school, Olginsky gymnasium of the city of Stavropol and the Zemsky school of the village of Petrovsky. Rimma's name fell on a monument to the heroes of the Great War, opened in Vyazma in 1916. However, in Soviet times, the monument was demolished, as was the tombstone on the territory of St. Andrew’s Church. Before 1917, the girl wanted to erect a monument in Stavropol. There were even proposals for the canonization of Rimma Ivanova, but then the history of Russia took a different path. In Soviet times, they did not like to remember the First World War, and many pages of our country's glorious past were forgotten for many years. Fortunately, the situation is changing now. Rimma Ivanova’s name is a street in the 204 quarter of Stavropol. In memory of her feat, a memorial plaque was installed on the building of the former Olginsky gymnasium.
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  1. Volga Cossack
    Volga Cossack 26 September 2015 07: 20
    LIGHT Memory of the Heroine of the Russian People! A bow to Zemlyushki! I look at ordinary women in New Russia and see the same thing .......... so far - WE WILL LIVE!
    1. PSih2097
      PSih2097 26 September 2015 20: 51
      There are women in Russian villages
      With the calm importance of individuals,
      With a beautiful force in the movements,
      With a walk, with the gaze of the queens, -

      They do not even see the blind,
      And the sighted one says:
      “It will pass - as if the sun will shine!”
      He’ll look and give it in rubles! ”

      They go the same way,
      What all our people are going on,
      But the dirt of the environment is poor
      They do not seem to stick to them. Blossoms

      Beauty, glory to the world,
      Blush, slender, tall,
      In every garment is beautiful,
      To any work is dexterity.

      And hunger and cold endure,
      Always patient, smooth ...
      I saw how she mows:
      What a wave - the pile is ready!

      Her handkerchief was lost in her ear,
      That look braids will fall.
      Some guy was contrived
      And threw them up, fool!

      Heavy light-brown braids
      They fell on a swarthy chest,
      She was covered with barefoot boots,
      They prevent the peasant woman from looking.

      She took them away with her hands,
      He looks at the guy angrily.
      The face is majestic, like in a frame,
      It burns with embarrassment and anger ...

      On weekdays he does not like idleness.
      But you do not know it,
      How to smile a smile of fun
      From the face of the labor seal.

      Such heartfelt laughter,
      And songs, and dances like this
      You can’t buy for money. "Joy!"
      The peasants are firm among themselves.

      In the game of her horse, not words,
      In trouble - it will not break down - it will save;
      Stop a galloping horse,
      In the burning hut!

      Beautiful, even teeth,
      What large pearls she has
      But strictly rosy lips
      Keep their beauty from people -

      She rarely smiles ...
      She has no time to sharpen her laces,
      She does not dare neighbor
      Grab the pot, ask for it;

      The beggar is not sorry for her -
      It's free to walk without work!
      She is strict on her
      And the inner strength of the seal.

      It is clear and strong consciousness,
      That all their salvation is in labor,
      And her work bears reparation:
      The family does not fight in need,

      They always have a warm hut,
      Bread is baked, tasty kvass,
      Healthy and full of guys,
      On holiday there is an extra piece.

      This woman is going to mass
      Before the whole family ahead:
      Sits, as in a chair, a two-year
      The child is on her chest,

      A row of six years old son
      An elegant uterus leads ...
      And after the heart of this picture
      All loving Russian people!
  2. parusnik
    parusnik 26 September 2015 09: 54
    A street in the 204th quarter of Stavropol is named after Rimma Ivanova. In memory of her feat, a memorial plaque was erected on the building of the former Olga Gymnasium... The monument certainly wouldn’t hurt .. It’s a pity, the scriptwriters and the directors here .. they remove all the cranberries .. And so, a good film would turn out ..
  3. Georg Shep
    Georg Shep 26 September 2015 10: 31
    Eternal memory and glory of Rimma Ivanova!
  4. captain
    captain 26 September 2015 11: 04
    As they say; people who do not know their history have no future. The Bolsheviks sought to banish the history of Russia, everything that happened before the October Revolution (I didn’t write, but Lenin) was forgotten so that the people did not have historical memory. Maybe they’ll begin to revive.
  5. Reptiloid
    Reptiloid 27 September 2015 09: 39
    Now there are programs about the First World War. Forgotten pages of History are opening up. You need to know, you need to study Russian Military Valor!
    The pages of the History of our Motherland are constantly being torn out. The Bolsheviks tore out the pages of the history of the First World War. It is clear why --- it was the recent past, which they wanted to "cut off." And what is happening now? Monuments are being destroyed. Old factory buildings are destroyed. And now all over the embankment, glass business centers and boxes of auto dealerships. It seems that there was no Proletariat, the Working class that worked in these factories.
    The history of our Country is the history of ONE PEOPLE, and not of nobles, peasants, Bolsheviks, communists.
    Thanks for the article. I am glad that I learned about the feat of this wonderful girl --- Rimma Ivanova.