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Service center for Russian-made helicopters to appear in Vietnam

Russia will build a helicopter maintenance center in Vietnam for the entire Southeast Asia region, said Federation Council member Arnold Tulohonov after a meeting with a delegation of Vietnamese parliamentarians. Reports about it RIA News.

According to the press service of Sovfed, during the meeting, new deliveries of helicopter technology to Vietnam were also discussed.

“Over the past three years, Vietnam has bought ten helicopters in Russia, and we have the opportunity to increase this number”- quotes the press service Tulohonova.

The issues of Vietnamese youth training in Russian universities were also discussed. “Over the years of development of joint relations of our countries in Russia, more than 30 thousands of highly qualified specialists - citizens of Vietnam have been trained. Now we are talking about increasing the quota of Vietnamese students in Russian universities. ”- said the senator.
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  1. bogart047
    bogart047 23 September 2015 11: 39 New
    and open a flying school. Once again, the pilots Lee Si Xin and Si Ni Tsin will appear in the sky.
    1. mirag2
      mirag2 23 September 2015 11: 43 New
      Is this the question of militarization? I think not. This is a product of the EAEU-economic cooperation. Clinton was afraid that this economic cooperation would lead to defense, which is why it “climbed up” - the EAEU will not happen! The EAEU will not happen!
      Old mop.
    2. The comment was deleted.
    3. Alexey-74
      Alexey-74 23 September 2015 12: 11 New
      Russia is slowly returning to Asia and it pleases!
    4. serega1512
      serega1512 23 September 2015 14: 09 New
      laughing I see a white line in the sky ...
  2. Oman 47
    Oman 47 23 September 2015 11: 46 New
    The center is regional.
    The military-industrial complex spouts all of Southeast Asia, plans to increase the number of supplied turntables.
  3. AdekvatNICK
    AdekvatNICK 23 September 2015 11: 53 New
    Do you hear a growing echo of concern? I hear.
    1. Turbo
      Turbo rabbit 23 September 2015 12: 03 New
      Yes, it’s night there, but in the morning they’ll climb on social networks, and in Vietnam there will be 3-4 units of the RF Armed Forces
    2. Tor5
      Tor5 23 September 2015 12: 39 New
      Yes, and as I hear. Only it is unlikely that this will change the decision to return to the Asian region.
    3. The comment was deleted.
  4. 3 Gorynych
    3 Gorynych 23 September 2015 11: 58 New
    It is a pity that the old bases were drained .... Now we have to restore the presence again, it is a shame for the aimlessly ruined years ...
    1. Genych
      Genych 23 September 2015 12: 14 New
      It is a pity that the old bases were slipping ....

      Yeah, if Cam Ranh would restore prices, she wouldn’t have been.
  5. grigorii
    grigorii 23 September 2015 12: 00 New
    Unfortunately, the country is very poor. For 3 years 10 helicopters is nothing. It remains to be hoped for the best.
  6. Amurets
    Amurets 23 September 2015 12: 03 New
    For a long time it was necessary to renew broad ties with Vietnam, and then everything was abandoned in Cuba, in Vietnam. And now we need to restore everything in a new way. At one time we had very close relations with the DRV. And since 2001, we began to lose our influence in Cuba and Vietnam, which inflicted a blow on the image of Russia.
  7. Andrey Yuryevich
    Andrey Yuryevich 23 September 2015 12: 08 New
    dashing trouble, the beginning ... you look and Kamran will work in full force, it is clear that this is a costly, but necessary business.
  8. roskot
    roskot 23 September 2015 12: 18 New
    Russia is returning. Everything will be alright. That is what Americans are increasingly concerned.
  9. Riv
    Riv 23 September 2015 12: 19 New
    And so to think: whether it was necessary to throw Camran?
  10. vladnn2015
    vladnn2015 23 September 2015 12: 22 New
    Quote: Andrew Y.
    it is clear that this is a costly business, but necessary

    Better to tighten the belt than to adapt to the amers!
  11. narval20
    narval20 23 September 2015 12: 35 New
    Good news!
    Expanding the REAL presence of our specialists in the countries of the Asia-Pacific region is a sure step towards strengthening Russia's positions in the entire Far East. good
  12. Watchdog
    Watchdog 23 September 2015 12: 39 New
    Wow! Great news! Fewer phrases, more databases! good
  13. aviator1913
    aviator1913 23 September 2015 13: 05 New
    Finally. There are so many helicopters that work will be heaps. Moreover, foreigners have long built good service centers there, which is why they take their helicopters. To make normal maintenance for our helicopters and airplanes and orders will flow by the river.
  14. Reptiloid
    Reptiloid 23 September 2015 15: 34 New
    RUSSIA is getting stronger and stronger !!!
  15. 4ekist
    4ekist 23 September 2015 21: 59 New
    That's right. I respect the Vietnamese people and we need to help them.