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Mind control technology turns soldiers into pawns

In June of this year, the Pentagon, jointly with the Engineering School of Tufts University, created the Center for Applied Intellect and Cognitive Sciences (ABC Center). He brought together experts in the field of neuroscience, psychology, linguistics, information technology and robotics with the aim of studying in depth how people think, react, act in critical situations. Particular attention is paid to the behavior of the military in difficult and dangerous conditions.

As follows from an interview with one of the employees of the ABCs Center Ted Branier, the main purpose of his colleagues is to identify innovative interdisciplinary approaches to monitoring the physiological and mental processes of military personnel, as well as to study the influence of various states on their behavior in the operational environment and optimize this behavior through multimodal interfaces and robotic platforms. “This goal,” says Branier, “will be achieved through fundamental and applied interdisciplinary research of support and capacity systems, enabling the fighters’ capabilities and potential to be expanded during dynamic mobile operations. ”

Thus, we are talking about managing with the help of various technologies the actions of the military and expanding their abilities, going beyond the indicators that are typical for a normal person.

Neurology for military purposes

From the Pentagon’s side, the activities of the ABCs Center have been assigned to manage Dr. Caroline Mahoney, head of the US Army Development and Technology Research Group. She explains that the research is divided into four areas. The first focuses on the study of the principles that ensure the interaction of man and intellectual support systems aimed at optimizing the thinking and physical capabilities of fighters. The second examines the ability to manage such human states as stress, anxiety, mental overload, stress, fear, insecurity and fatigue. The third area includes the study of the performance of fighters mental and physical tasks in a real combat situation with the relevant requirements. And finally, the fourth is focused on the study of the behavior of fighters in a team. In fact, we are talking about the prospect of combining a person and a car into some kind of hybrid, about managing human behavior and shaping the personality of a fighter, devoid of fear and other natural feelings, not experiencing fatigue and pain.

In the Pentagon documents such studies are labeled as having significant practical and strategic importance.

For decades, the leadership of the United States and the American military have been obsessed with the idea of ​​controlling and manipulating human consciousness.

Experiments that will be handled by the ABCs Center at the Pentagon are overseen by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) Agency, which is responsible for developing new technologies for use in the armed forces.

Operation in military purposes of neurology based on robotics, the use of interactive systems aimed at the militarization of the human brain, in fact, are an attempt to create a new weapons.

Biomedical and biological studies performed by DARPA are based on developments in the field of mind control conducted under the MK-Ultra project (MK-Ultra). One of its directions was the so-called Ground Forces Combat Reloading Program, which had the goal of “electronic training” of American soldiers for wars.

Continuing the theme of this research at a new technological level, DARPA is working on the Soldier of the Future project. The goal is to create genetically modified transhumanoids capable of performing superhuman acts.

Nazi Clamps

The image of the superman (him. Übermensch) was introduced at the time by the philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche in the work "Thus Spoke Zarathustra." Superman for Nietzsche - a creature that in its power will surpass the modern homo sapiens to the extent that he once surpassed the monkey. Nietzsche considered this process as one of the stages of evolution. The philosopher attributed to the prototypes of the superman, for example, Alexander of Macedon, Julius Caesar, Cesare Borgia and Napoleon - creators whose will directs the vector of historical development.

Man gunThe racial interpretation of the Nietzschean concept was the basis of the Nazi ideology. In the Third Reich, superman was understood as the ideal of the Aryan race. The Nazis believed that bermensch represents a higher human type, which must be created artificially, through selection. For the scientific side of the project was responsible SS Reichsfuhrer Heinrich Himmler. The goal is to create a superracial who is totally committed to the Reich. Most of the experiments to change human behavior using hallucinogenic drugs and electric shock were carried out by Joseph Mengele in the concentration camps of Auschwitz and Dachau.

After the war, the US Department of Defense through South America and the Vatican secretly smuggled Nazi scientists and intelligence agents who worked for the Third Reich into the United States. This operation was codenamed “Clip”. Among them was Reinhard Gehlen - one of the leaders of intelligence on the Eastern Front, who specialized in actions against Russia. The result of the joint efforts of Gehlen, the American government structures and special services was the secret deployment of illegal government activities, including secret programs to control consciousness. The first of these, the Chatter project, was launched by the US Navy at the end of the 1947 of the year. The research continued until 1953 and had the goal of developing interrogation and recruiting agents.

The second project - “Bluebird” (Blubird) was launched in 1950 under the auspices of CIA Director Allen Dulles and was aimed at changing human behavior. The topics covered included the empowerment of memory and the control of the individual with the help of special interrogation techniques. In 1951, Blubird was renamed the project “Artichoke” (Artichoke), which involved aggressive interrogation techniques, including hypnosis and drugs.

In 1953, the MK-Ultra project appeared, the main performers of which were Nazi scientists. Captain McCarthy, who served in the American special forces and commanded the punitive detachments during the Vietnam War, said after leaving the service that MK-Ultra is an abbreviation that stands for Manufacturing Killers Utilizing Lethal Tradecraft Requiring Assassinations - the production of killers using lethal clandestine operations .

A continuation of the "MK-Ultra" was the project "Monarch" (Monarch). In these two programs, military personnel and civilians, mostly children, became objects of psychological programming experiments. The goal is to create a slave with a controlled mind that could perform any action on the orders of the operator (master).

Attorney John DeCamp, in a book on pedophilia in the upper echelons of American power, writes about the Monarch project: “The drug business is not the lowest level of evil sponsored by the US government ... The lowest level of hell is occupied by those who participated in the Monarch project.” Here, the objects of research were young people - victims of experiments on mind control, which were conducted by the CIA and the Pentagon. The essence of the methodology lies in the removal of hordes of children, in whom the soul is broken, who should spy, engage in lecherous life, kill and at the end commit suicide. With the use of drugs, hypnosis, torture, and electric shock, generations of victims were removed. ”

Bush and Cheney test subjects

Programming was carried out in several stages and passed through several levels.

The level of alpha programming provided for the general preparation of the individual for further stages.

Beta programming destroyed all the moral principles of behavior known to it and stimulated a primitive sexual instinct, unlimited by any prohibitions.

Delta programming provided target targeting for the kill. At this stage, the objects of influence deprived the sense of fear and trained their minds to systematically perform tasks. This type of programming is intended for training special agents or fighters of elite units (for example, Delta Force) for actions during clandestine operations. At the same time, the objects of influence lose fear and are programmed to perform the task in a steady manner.

At the same stage, instructions for self-destruction and suicide after the assignment could be placed in the victim’s consciousness.

Theta programming is aimed at controlling the mind with the help of electronic systems, including implants in the brain, modern computers and sophisticated satellite tracking systems.

Omega programming (another name "Code Green") is focused on self-destruction and provides an installation for suicide or self-harm. The program is usually activated when the victim / survivor begins treatment or becomes the object of interrogation and most of the memory is restored.

Another form of system protection is fraudulent programming, which includes misinformation and the indication of a false direction.

Experiments at the Presidio military base were the subject of a journalistic investigation by reporter May Brewesselle. The results were made public on one of the radio programs with her participation. During the investigation, May was repeatedly threatened. Her daughter was killed due to an inspired car accident. Before completing the investigation, May suddenly fell ill with a transient form of cancer. Due to the fact that by that time the CIA had developed a fast-acting cancer virus, there is reason to believe that the death of the journalist was not caused by natural causes.

At the beginning of 2015, The Guardian published an article about the US Department of Defense's Guantanamo experiments on prisoners using special torture. The Pentagon forcibly gave all the Guantanamo prisoners a high dose of the drug, which is used as part of the MK-Ultra program. The Abu Ghraib prison in Afghanistan and Guantanamo have become a training ground. In August, 2015, the former CIA executive director Alvin Krongard, in his interview with the BBC openly admitted that the Pentagon and the CIA had practiced torture. To the correspondent’s question about why no one was held accountable for this, he replied: “The vicious alliance of Bush, Cheney and Rumsfeld must be brought before the Hague Tribunal for what they have done. But, unfortunately, this will happen only when the pigs begin to fly. ”

Army necrophilia

What conclusions do we need to do?

First of all, you need to realize that programming is possible when it is destroyed, forgotten, intentionally emasculated, perverted historical tradition - religious, moral, cultural.

Therefore, it is necessary to make every effort to ensure that it is always present in the mind and soul. This is the pivot on which the personality, family and people, the shield from any programming, its universal preservation - is a preventive measure that allows to counteract any attempts to establish control over individual and mass consciousness.

If the effect on consciousness has already occurred, it is necessary to develop effective techniques of deprogramming. But they too must be built on a gradual and stubborn return of spirit and consciousness to traditional values. As soon as tradition displaces the program through which programming is carried out, we can assume that the person (people) recovered, got rid of the slave-owner-programmer.

With the help of the MK-Ultra, the USA turns people into weapons. But it only shoots, does not fight. In the war, the spirit wins.

The manic idea of ​​creating a superman, introduced in the USA, is a continuation of the Nazi project Ubermensch. This idea of ​​Nietzsche is based on the fight against Christianity. He has Ubermensch associated with the death of God in the soul. But, as you know, the throne in the soul is never empty: there is either God or His opposition. When programming on the project “MK-Ultra”, the victim’s soul is removed from God’s soul as a source of traditional values ​​and occult rituals, drugs, violence, they implant the opposite source and vicious, criminal values ​​there. As one of Dostoevsky’s heroes said: “If there is no God, then everything is permitted.”

Much of the information regarding mind control as a military technology is hidden by a veil of secrecy. But the very fact of the creation of the ABCs Center and the themes of its research testify to the true attitude of the "standard of democracy" to his army, which Henry Kissinger openly expressed, calling the military "stupid and stupid animals that are used as pawns in foreign policy."

Psychologist Erich Fromm defines the confrontation between Good and Evil as a struggle between biophilia (love of life) and necrophilia. “The personality of the necrophilia is obsessed with the desire to transform the organic (living) into the inorganic (non-living). It refers to life mechanistically, as if living people are things. The necrofile personality loves control, and in this act of control it kills life. ”

At the heart of the US desire for global control of the world and the Pentagon’s desire to establish control over the human mind with the help of dead technology and a dead start lies necrophilia. The same goals were pursued by the Nazis.
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    RUSIVAN 23 September 2015 14: 42 New
    Это уже на "зомбоармию" похоже...хотя на украине уже такие имеются...
    1. shibi
      shibi 23 September 2015 15: 17 New
      the head, the subject is dark ... (c)
      1. The comment was deleted.
      2. Basarev
        Basarev 23 September 2015 16: 24 New
        Статья очень похожа на роман Шекли "Цивилизация Статуса" - кто читал, тот поймёт. Там тоже писалось про подконтрольное сознание. Шекли как в воду глядел.
        1. smershxnumx
          smershxnumx 23 September 2015 16: 43 New
          Некромонгеров из "Хроник Риддика" напоминает...
    2. vladek64
      vladek64 23 September 2015 20: 58 New
      Quote: RUSIVAN
      in Ukraine there are already such ...

      Therefore, deprogramming techniques and people who own them are very necessary.

      If the effect on consciousness has already occurred, it is necessary to develop effective deprogramming techniques.
  2. arane
    arane 23 September 2015 14: 43 New
    You can’t get in there like that, I don’t know why, I just feel .....
    1. prosto_rgb
      prosto_rgb 23 September 2015 15: 36 New
      Quote: arane
      You can’t get in there like that, I don’t know why, I just feel .....

      Можно было бы с Вами согласиться лет 100 назад. Но, как говориться: "Поздно пить баржоми, если почки отказали." Дело в том, что туда уже влезли, причём уже достаточно давно и похоже, что всерьёз и надолго.
      Now the question is what to do with those who have been subjected to such an impact, how to treat / restore them to their normal human condition?
      Nevertheless, technological progress cannot be stopped, and the question here is rather in the application of these types of technologies. I am sure that with this technology you can get stupid cannon fodder, as well as people with the highest sense of responsibility and compassion. Similarly, as the application of nuclear technology: you can make a bomb, but you can also power station and X-ray room.
      1. Mikhail3
        Mikhail3 24 September 2015 23: 32 New
        Quote: prosto_rgb
        Now the question is what to do with those who have been subjected to such an impact, how to treat / restore them to their normal human condition?

        If a person resists such an impact, it can be broken. The mind will surrender under an immeasurably superior load and perish. And if you don’t fight, don’t resist, then the mind will change. And it will be forever.
        No need to rehabilitate such people, it is useless and dangerous. There was a man with rotten, so he cracked ... There is a small chance that a person will free himself. But there will never be confidence that it is reliable.
        It is necessary to initially make people insensitive to such treatment. You will not break the one who feels himself part of the Russian world, the Russian root. Who feels that he is the continuer of the chain of ancestors and assumes a duty to posterity. Who remembers and knows that he’s never alone, never alone. Because his grandfathers are with him, his relatives and friends hope for him, his land expects protection and heroism from him for the sake of the present and future.
        Тогда человека можно лишь заглушить препаратами до смерти, но себя и русской земли он ни за что не предаст. "Я, плоть от плоти земли русской, воля от воли ветра гулячего..." Увы. Проблема есть. Не победить русского человека, ПОМНЯЩЕГО СЕБЯ, ни в какой информационной войне. Не сбить его лживыми посулами, не обмануть, не заморочить, никогда он на землю свою и братьев своих оружия не подымет. Но...
        The authorities do not want to awaken this person. There is no one worse for them than a Russian who remembers himself. Do you understand? Real Russian will not let you steal. It will not let frogs inflate from importance and swagger. Betrayal will not spare ... yes, our authorities are better at everything, they will sell everything, lose, give it away, than allow the awakening of the Russian man, the winner of corruption ...
    2. Midshipman
      Midshipman 23 September 2015 18: 22 New
      Not to go there means meeting ISIS in your own home in the Caucasus and Central Asia. Alas, I do not think that we have a choice.
  3. 79807420129
    79807420129 23 September 2015 14: 58 New
    At one time there was such an experimenter, Dr. Mengele, you can expect everything from mattresses, it just seems to me that you should not go there, it can end very badly for the whole world.
  4. Bedrovich
    Bedrovich 23 September 2015 14: 58 New
    How many books have been written, how many films have been made, but still there.
  5. afdjhbn67
    afdjhbn67 23 September 2015 15: 01 New
    похожую книжку "Проект МК-ультра" я помнится еще в школе читал..в году так 82, а воз и ныне там..
  6. Kolka82
    Kolka82 23 September 2015 15: 01 New
    Прямо напомнило фильм "Универсальный солдат",
    Quote: arane
    You can’t get in there like that, I don’t know why, I just feel .....
    self-preservation instinct, however.
  7. Reptiloid
    Reptiloid 23 September 2015 15: 06 New
    Уже залезли в США давно!И препаратами,и психотехнологиями и другими какими-то технологиями. У нас,конечно,что-то делается,наверно мало.А сколько людей вообще ни во что подобное не верят.Отголоски о подобных воздействия доходят иногда в зарубежных фильмах.Статья интересная,но хотелось бы большего объёма. Нельзя отмахиваться от этой правды.Украина.Также секты этим владеют.Лет 7 назад иеговисты мою бабушку "поймали",а она ведь была КПСС и пер.пенс.!Удалось вернуть с трудом.Так что на зомби я .насмотрелся.Надо про это знать и за всем следить.
  8. gramatey
    gramatey 23 September 2015 15: 19 New
    Hubermency? With this concept, the villain-story can deal with as paradoxically and grinning as with another concept from the same times - lebensraum. Now it turns out that the Germans enthusiastically transfer their remaining Lebensraum to completely alien peoples. God's mills are grinding slowly but surely. I believe something similar will be prepared for those aspiring to the superhuman.
  9. Riv
    Riv 23 September 2015 15: 59 New
    Funny article. However, if the techniques are so well developed, then why aren't there ten million zombie commandos in the American army?

    In fact, everything is as simple as a broom. Stimulating a mortido is not a problem (your neighbors with rotary hammers are doing just that, right?), But a soldier who is not afraid of anything will not follow orders and is dangerous primarily for his commander and his zombie comrades. Zombies, by definition, cannot have any idea of ​​discipline. He is not afraid of death, much less will be afraid of any kind of disciplinary measures. Maybe he will fulfill the order, or maybe decide that the victims can not go far.

    А настроить психику дифференцированно, по принципу "свой-чужой", не выйдет. Инстинкт либо есть, либо его нет. Поэтому собрать из таких зомби хотя бы взвод - не получится.
  10. Irokez
    Irokez 23 September 2015 16: 01 New
    In fact, everything affects the people and the environment, and communication, and literally everything that can enter a person through the senses. And it turns out that through these organs a person can be controlled and everything to a greater or lesser extent - Zombies. It's just that someone realizes this and tries to be himself, while someone does not even suspect that he is a zombie, but stubbornly insists that I am free in my actions.
    Everything is simply controlled through the senses.
    - taste is an effect on gluttony through tasty food and an intelligent person already realizes that if it is cooked deliciously, it is harmful and dangerous because flavor enhancers and GMOs have done their job influencing taste.
    - smell - similar to taste, and just like taste, they are an analogue of a potent drug that is very difficult to give up and especially control with your mind and consciousness because the desire to eat and smell good food - it strongly holds and affects a person.
    - hearing - an organ through which, regardless of our desires, any information that will affect our consciousness and psyche will always come. If music, for example, resonates with a person’s emotional state, then he reaches out and leads to this music and, on the contrary, repels it. Sweet speeches and promises are always pleasant than criticism and the actual presentation of information - this is what they use.
    - Vision is the most effective feeling and the most energy-consuming for a person because vision is a part of the brain brought to the gun and immediately falls into the center of processing and influence on the psyche. Through sight, we see the real picture and it’s difficult to deceive us, but if I slip it in the form of video editing, then everything goes off with a bang, especially if a person is small and unenlightened because he sees the real picture in motion and this is true for him. An additional effect is created by sound design that can’t even be turned off (but you can close your eyes) and you get an information bomb to which a little-educated person reacts almost 100%.
    - Touch is another organ that cognizes the world and through which, although to a lesser extent, information is received. Well, for example, we are pleased with a warm, velvety and soft sofa than cold leather and rude ones, and accordingly this affects our choice when buying.
    - так называемое шестое чувство (третий глаз) - это то, что есть у всех, но многие его почему-то отрицают и не доверяют ему, а зря именно он является самым точным и правдивым, но не все его могут чётко чувствовать и идти по его совету (не надо путать с фантазиями человека - это уже не шестое чувство). Ну например внезапно возникает чувство страха или нежелания что-то делать, но мозг и ум человека основываясь на логической цепочке данной реальности говорит: "да что ты переживаее всё нормально не бойся, делай", человек идёт на поводу логики и рано или поздно происходят события которые можно было избежать послушав свою интуицию (внутренний голос). Это чувство идёт с нематериального мира в материальный и его скорей всего контролить со стороны не получится ибо это на уровне души, сущности человека находится. Ну если только экстрасенс манипулирует вами через высшие планы на наш низший.

    Не зра называют телевизор "Зомбоящиком" и это в точку, хорошо, что ещё нет радиостанции с названием "Радио-Зомби" (с) (все права на названия мои).
    - You need to watch TV without sound and preferably without an image - this is my advice to you.
    - Keep your ears open and do not litter them with dibilniki (headphones).
    - There is nothing better than to grow your own products and cook them yourself, but it’s better to eat raw foods there; everything will be useful for you, treating and purifying, which contributes to clarity of mind and consciousness.
    - In addition, control your emotions because all the senses are ignited or extinguished from the outside and they must be kept in balance and not go far from the golden mean.
    - Do not be addicts of your feelings and emotions - these are the channels of zombie you.
    Good luck.
    1. Aleksandr1959
      Aleksandr1959 23 September 2015 16: 50 New
      And it turns out that through these organs a person can be controlled and everything to a greater or lesser extent - Zombies.

      Получается по принципу "якорения".Вызов соответствующих состояний. "Стимул=-реакция".
      Plus the use of sensory overload. Recall the Miller number.
  11. akula
    akula 23 September 2015 16: 04 New
    Quote: Kolka82
    Прямо напомнило фильм "Универсальный солдат",
    Quote: arane
    You can’t get in there like that, I don’t know why, I just feel .....
    self-preservation instinct, however.

    С инстинктом самосохранения всё понятно,после меня-хоть потоп.А вот они со своими "зомботехнологиями" уже у нас,"ссудным процентом" разваливают экономику,ЕГ-уничтожают образование,НКО уничтожают сциалку и т.д. и т.п.,под носом воинствующие хохлы вступают в НАТО,На Ближнем Востоке сам собой организовался ИГИЛ,а мы,конечно тихонечко пересидим,не будем вмешиваться.Да,как говаривал Иисус-трусость и жадность самые страшные человеческие пороки.Я так понимаю,некоторые штатские решили страну сдать без боя.
  12. Irokez
    Irokez 23 September 2015 16: 11 New
    Quote: Riv
    Therefore, to assemble at least a platoon from such zombies will not work.

    Are you a specialist in this field or did you just say vainly from yourself?
    You probably haven’t seen a hypnotized person who looks at his passport on a page where children are howling with horror claiming that he already has 5 children and what to give now, while another looking at his passport claims that he is a liar too it’s clean there, but in mine, yes, it’s an emergency.
    1. Aleksandr1959
      Aleksandr1959 23 September 2015 16: 45 New
      Examples of positive and negative illusions.
    2. Riv
      Riv 23 September 2015 17: 12 New
      Do not confuse suggestion and zombies. A person under hypnosis cannot be ordered to jump from the roof. Self-preservation instinct is not disabled. In fact, under hypnosis, a person is adequate.

      In fact, army training just consists in putting a certain psychological superstructure over instincts. This add-on is based on instincts and relies on it, which ensures its strength. Indeed, discipline is necessary because it ensures the survival of not just one person, but the collective. Anyone can understand that it’s easier to survive in a crowd. And so that a person begins to put the interests of the collective above personal, there are many different tricks. Well, for example, the simplest is drill training. That is, the soldier is not zombied, but trained to fulfill the order.

      Хотя от зомбирования это не сильно отличается. Например проводился эксперимент, в ходе которого солдаты отрабатывали прыжки в длину с места, по команде. Из разных положений, строем, с поворотом, во время строевой, в казарме и т.п.. После многих сотен повторений приказ "Прыгай" выполнялся совершенно автоматически. Люди (хотя и не все) прыгали с высоты, или в ледяную воду и только уже в полете понимали, что выполнили заведомо вредную для их здоровья команду. Причем иногда солдат даже успевал понять, к чему ее выполнение приведет, но рефлекс все равно заставлял его выполнить ее.
  13. Aleksandr1959
    Aleksandr1959 23 September 2015 17: 47 New
    A person under hypnosis cannot be ordered to jump from the roof. Self-preservation instinct is not disabled.

    Self-preservation instinct can be circumvented.
    1. Riv
      Riv 23 September 2015 17: 54 New
      Of course. You can try to convince a person that in front of him, instead of a precipice, is a road. But in practice it is extremely difficult. Eyes are open. And if deception leads to a contradiction with basic instincts, then a person usually leaves a hypnotic trance.
      1. Aleksandr1959
        Aleksandr1959 23 September 2015 18: 08 New
        Путей много. Вспомните череду "загадочных самоубийств" высокопоставленных деятелей КПСС в 1991году.
        There are quite interesting works on the sensorimotor psychosynthesis of Vladimir Vilitarevich Kucherenko. To create a trance reality. Kucherenko applies these techniques for peaceful purposes, such as helping a person get rid of oncologists ....
        But these techniques can be applied for other purposes.
        1. Riv
          Riv 23 September 2015 19: 22 New
          Hypnosis cure a person from cancer ??? And do you believe in this nonsense?
          1. Aleksandr1959
            Aleksandr1959 23 September 2015 19: 40 New
            This is not bullshit. I’m not writing that Kucherenko treats with his method. He himself says that he It does not cure a specific disease, but helps the body cope with it. Пример такой работы- это излечение Дарьи Донцовой, когда ей врачи прогнозировали 3-4 месяца жизни. Принцип- мобилизация резервов организма на борьбу с болезнью. Например иллюзия полета. В детстве, в определенном переходном возрасте многие дети "летают "во сне. Это связано с "гормональным взрывом". Мы не знаем возможностей нашего организма. Смысл работы Кучеренко именно в пробуждении этих возможностей. Например активизации работы иммунной системы. По тематике сенсомоторного психосинтеза работает при психологическом факультете МГУ лаборатория, возглавляемая академиком Петренко. В ней и работает Кучеренко. Если интересует этот метод, найдите в Интернете кандидатскую диссертацию Кучеренко. Кое-что там есть. Не скажу. что все, что использует Кучеренко, но основные принципы изложены.
            However, it's up to you to simply write that this is nonsense ... or try to figure it out.
            1. Aleksandr1959
              Aleksandr1959 23 September 2015 22: 44 New
              From an interview with V.V. Kucherenko
              In America, dentists often use Ericksonian hypnosis to do pain relief. If we take the state of deep trance, then in this area there are very few specialists. When it comes to somatic diseases: uterine fibroids, asthma, consequences of traumatic brain injuries, cardiovascular diseases ... After all, make sure that the person comes to the session after a heart attack and so that after the session he has a cardiogram of a healthy person - how many people are in can the world do this? A few people on the planet. And to work with oncology? A lot of cases are described in the literature, in many textbooks you can find a photo of the burn. They suggested that you have a burn - and here it is a blister, a reaction at the tissue level. Which of the psychotherapists will repeat this with each patient? In order to obtain the desired results with a one hundred percent probability from this particular patient, we must very well fine-tune the techniques and use them in training new specialists. When the shaft of Chernobyl victims went to hospitals, I did not expect that they would leave healthy from the sessions. But after that I knew what my students should do so that a person leaves without the symptoms of radiation sickness.

              - How large is the percentage of people whom the technique has helped, because it usually happens that it helps someone, but doesn't?

              - If it does not help, then you need to understand what mechanisms do not work and what to do to make them work the way we need. This is a common task. There are diseases that are not very complex, not fatal, like uterine fibroids - you can’t get along with them so quickly. The consequences of a microinfarction can be removed during the course of sessions - in a month, there will be a normal cardiogram and no medications will be needed. You can work with hypertension like this. It is necessary to compare many factors and medications that a person took, his age, work, family situation. But uterine fibroids take much more time, because the hormonal balance can not be quickly adjusted.

              In addition, any character traits are linked to a particular disease. And if they are not changed, the disease will return. After hypnosis, personality tests show that we have a completely different person, he has a different fate.

              1. Aleksandr1959
                Aleksandr1959 23 September 2015 22: 49 New
                Continuation of the passage. Materials about the work of Kucherenko, including interviews. excerpts from which I quote can be viewed at

                Those. when do you treat physical diseases does the structure of a person’s personality change?

                “But I'm not a doctor!” I never fly anyone. I can’t cure uterine fibroids, asthma, allergies, multiple sclerosis. I am a psychologist, I am interested in the mechanisms of the psyche. My task is to debug the work of the brain and this will concern how it regulates the body systems. But this will be manifested both in professional activities and in the family. We achieve effects that pharmacology cannot cope with. During our work, systemic changes are taking place, which does not happen when using drugs.

                - Are there any diseases that can not be affected?

                - The brain regulates everything that happens in the body. Buffer properties of blood, the number of red blood cells in the blood, activation of the immune system ... For some patients, it is necessary to formulate a new technique for his personality. And you need to understand in each case. Our techniques allow us to use the opportunities that the brain has and it must use them ourselves, we only organize its work. I am not treating anything, I am only negotiating with my brain and trying to suggest by what means he can solve his problems. For example, to enable lactation, to make more milk, we give some sensations, feelings. In order to have a period if it is impossible to have an abortion and it is impossible to keep the fetus - there was a case with a large uterine myoma, we give sensations of red color, swaying of the earth, volcanic eruption, heat, trembling under our feet - thereby we launch those brain reactions that lead to normal menstruation. No harm to the body.

                - And how do you know which images you need to call?

                - I found out that there are hormonal drugs that can help avoid pregnancy. In addition, I came across information from ethnographers that there were such tribes in which women led a free premarital sex life. Pregnancy did not occur, because in their view, pregnancy is not connected with sexual life in any way. Only after the wedding and the ceremony of the shaman, pregnancy could come. Where from? And if this can be done by such means, then in a trance state it is also possible. There is a lot of literature where it is shown what sensations are associated with what changes in the work of internal organs, based on the symbolism of the images, they were based on. We noticed that before menstruation women often see dreams in which red color appears. But you need to look at individual values ​​in each case.

                - I.e. Theoretically, you can learn to regulate your body condition?

                - How to tell the endocrine system to work differently? Now, if you, for example, have learned to cause a sensation of heat in the epigastric region after sessions, then you can regulate the number of white blood cells in the blood. My friend was allergic to pollen after the sessions. No medicine or injections helped him. But years passed and signs of allergy began to arise again. What he did? When he worked, he put his left hand in catalepsy, and he worked with his right. It helped.
                1. Riv
                  Riv 24 September 2015 08: 39 New
                  Holy naivety ...
                  You can convince a person that he is healthy, but he will not recover from this. You can convince a person that, for example, he loves running, he will start running, and this will obviously positively affect his condition. But the pre-stroke condition will not go anywhere. In the same way, one can convince a person that he is mortally ill. But deaths in a state of self-hypnosis are actually isolated. They can be counted on the fingers and enough on one hand.
                  У подавляющего большинства людей инстинкты работают нормально. Человек как бы постоянно говорит себе: "Я не хочу умирать... Я хочу бабу... У меня должны быть дети..." Это не зависит от сознания и от интеллекта. То же самое постоянно "говорят" себе кошка, собака, ежик... Попробуйте ежика убедить в том, что он скоро умрет.

                  Well, the prevention of pregnancy through ignorance ... I haven’t laughed like that for a long time, thanks. :)))
                  1. Aleksandr1959
                    Aleksandr1959 24 September 2015 11: 40 New
                    Ваше дело. Можете верить, можете нет. У каждого свое восприятие действительности. Наша жизнь процентов на 20 состоит из того , что реально происходит, и на остальные 80 из нашего отношения к произошедшему. А насчет лечения онкологии, если есть интерес, а не просто отрицание по принципу:"Этого не может быть, потому, что этого не может быть никогда", почитайте об методиках Саймонтонов в США.
                    1. Riv
                      Riv 24 September 2015 13: 00 New
                      Interestingly, if a man knows that a woman will fly, then the technique will work?
    2. Riv
      Riv 23 September 2015 17: 54 New
      Of course. You can try to convince a person that in front of him, instead of a precipice, is a road. But in practice it is extremely difficult. Eyes are open. And if deception leads to a contradiction with basic instincts, then a person usually leaves a hypnotic trance.
  14. Reptiloid
    Reptiloid 23 September 2015 18: 41 New
    My grandmother’s character is tyrannical, she never spared anyone. And as with the Jehovah’s. And she became, her family became worse still. But often she began to cry about the heavy share of Jehovah’s. and demanded that my mother give them money. Whatever happens around she scolded everything
    from their position. Mom told her about a blood transfusion, she was silent, it’s about our family ...... Then, having done nothing, they left her. There was suffering.
    Хорошие информационные комментарии. Всем спасибо.Шекли люблю,у него много правильных штук написано.Многое сбылось.Вчера перечитал--"Если красный убийца..."
    1. Aleksandr1959
      Aleksandr1959 23 September 2015 22: 15 New
      Jehovah's Witnesses must communicate with adherents of the sect very briefly.
      For example: -You would like to know .....
      - No
      Не ввязывайтесь в дискуссии с этой публикой.Их специально готовят к подобным вещам. Игнорировать ваши вопросы.... короче "жечь резину"- толкать свои вызубренные тексты, не обращая внимания на ваши вопросы -ответы.
      Единственный вариант- "разрыв шаблона".
      Один товарищ на вопрос: "А, Вы верите в существование Бога?", ответил следующим образом ,- "Конечно...если существует Дьявол, то должен существовать и Бог".
      Silent scene. wassat But a comrade was prepared in such a plan, and an ignorant person can be so brainwashed that gypsies who train passengers on electric trains from Maloyaroslavets to Moscow and back ... seem like angels.
  15. Irokez
    Irokez 23 September 2015 18: 58 New
    Quote: Riv
    Of course. You can try to convince a person that in front of him, instead of a precipice, is a road. But in practice it is extremely difficult. Eyes are open. And if deception leads to a contradiction with basic instincts, then a person usually leaves a hypnotic trance.

    Everything is possible under hypnosis and therefore this area is very dangerous and you need to be careful with it. And especially with the psyche, so that then it does not spoil and do no harm.
    Yes, a man opened his eyes, but the voice of the hypnotist describes to him the reality that the hypnotist wants and this illusory reality is perceived as true and actions are taken by order.
    Regarding training, it is instincts that are trained that are executed on orders not thoughtfully as in animals, but if a person controls the situation consciously, then instinct may not work out, it all depends on the situation and awareness that gives a signal for execution. In martial arts, it is instinctively that they practice many tricks and their diversity, and depending on the situation, a fighter can unconsciously make a trick purely instinctively, but he can keep it under control.
    In a state of hypnosis, control is absent or suppressed. When people go to battle to the death, the instinct of self-preservation is suppressed especially if the commander spoke before the battle and inspired them to victory, and this is an effect on people when they consciously go to death and this is already a zombie. All fanatics and over patriots (do not confuse with normal, conscious patriots) are zombies (IMHO).
    Another thing is when a person himself falls into a certain trance (state) in which many feelings become aggravated and additional opportunities (superpowers) open up - this is another matter, and if all the wars themselves can set themselves up for battle like that, then they have no price and they cost ten and these are not zombies controlled by other people, but conscious work on oneself and on completely different training practices and methods. I admit that our commandos use this.
    1. Riv
      Riv 24 September 2015 09: 56 New
      Do not believe in fairy tales. To drive a needle under the skin - you need neither mind nor preparation. There are no superpowers. There is only training for the execution of the order. There is an order not to shoot - and do not shoot, even if they are going to kill you. There is an order to shoot - and you can beat through the hostage. That’s all magic.
      Then in civilian life, of course, many problems arise.
      1. Aleksandr1959
        Aleksandr1959 24 September 2015 11: 47 New
        To drive a needle under the skin - you need neither mind nor preparation.

        A certain preparation is needed, especially since the needle is not driven under the skin but a little deeper, for example, through the brush. But you are right, there is nothing particularly complicated about this. No superpowers are needed, I wrote this in my message. A certain attitude and knowledge of technology (dissociation techniques). And no orders are needed.
  16. Aleksandr1959
    Aleksandr1959 23 September 2015 19: 54 New
    Another thing is when a person himself falls into a certain trance (state) in which many feelings become aggravated and additional opportunities (superpowers) open up - this is another matter, and if all the wars themselves can set themselves up for battle like that, then they have no price and they cost ten and these are not zombies controlled by other people, but conscious work on oneself and on completely different training practices and methods. I admit that our commandos use this.

    Даже легкий транс, вызываемый с помощью идеомоторных движений по методике Хасая Алиева "Ключ" уже многое дает. Алиев работал со своей методикой в Чечне, выводил из глубочайшего ступора матерей, потерявших детей в Беслане. В первую очередь- это снятие стресса простыми методами.
    This did not arise from scratch, Khasai Magomedovich Aliyev worked with astronauts. In principle, a whole group worked there. Aliyev’s methods were very well developed by the Volgograd and Tver centers of self-regulation. The results are very good.
    There are other works. For example, a person can learn the same self-anesthesia by pricking a hand with a needle very quickly. And do not look with open mouth at the revelations of one near Moscow ...., telling when showing this phenomenon about the ancient Sufi techniques ... There is not even a need for a deep trance state. Easy trance using ideomotor movements and methods of dissociation. Nothing too complicated. About a few years ago, when I became interested in these moments, I calmly made this thing. The wife, however, entered the room at the wrong time wassat I had to reassure.
  17. Reptiloid
    Reptiloid 23 September 2015 20: 41 New
    I want to add, maybe not everyone knows - Jehovah’s installation. You can’t do a blood transfusion, there is some theory. And if they choose, they will say that death is preferable. The absence of this opportunity would lead to the death of her close relative in past.
  18. Oleko
    Oleko 23 September 2015 22: 58 New
    Грачёва написала о них. А у нас? А у нас система боевой подготовки "Витязь",её госваивали русские ратники ещё до крещения Руси. Это Казачий Спас. Ратоборцы владели сверхскоростными перемещениями. То, что я напишу дальше вызовет шквал негодования. Русский ратник "качал маятник" 100 000 раз в день. Пишу прописью СТО ТЫСЯЧ. Не стоит утруждать себя физиологией, расчитывать скарость прохождения импульса по синапсам. Ратник переходил в другое измерение, там другие законы. Казак, посвятивший себя Казачьему Спасу разрубал человека на части, он был уже далеко, когда отрубленные конечности и голова начинали падать. Тот, кто сомневается, что "качание маятника" существует, отсылаю к книге А.Потапова "Приёмы стрельбы из пистолета. Практика СМЕРШа.". Там, кстати много посвящено развитию экстрасенсорных способностей у оперативников СМЕРШ. Таманцев из "Момента истины" не выдумка. А Грачёва забыла написать об Аненербе и лаборатории "Кенигсберг 13", а также об отделе аномальных явлений 5 ГУ КГБ. Начальником отдела был Г.Г.Рогозин, в будущем заместитель Кожакова. Генерал-майор КГБ. "Кремлёвский маг"
    1. Riv
      Riv 24 September 2015 08: 43 New
      How many times a day ??? Purely for broadening the horizons: in a day, 86400 seconds. Your warrior vibrated with a frequency of more than one hertz without a break for lunch, sleep and sexual intercourse.
      It was probably hard for the Cossacks at that time ...
      Although on the other hand: the one who owns the fourth dimension has no problems with a place in the apartment.
      1. Oleko
        Oleko 24 September 2015 12: 12 New
        Сколько секунд в сутках знаю и так. Я же чётко написал: законы физического тела неприменимы. А относительно сверхскоростных перемещений можно почитать в книге А. А. Кадочникова "Специальный армейский рукопашный бой". Не отношу генерал-майора ГРУ к трепачам. Там же интересная глава, написанная полковником Вишневецким, о симпатической или дистанционной магии. Весьма интересно. А хихикать относительно мощнейших систем подготовки, которые применяются и сейчас, несерьёзно.
        1. Riv
          Riv 24 September 2015 13: 17 New
          What kind of magic ??? Perhaps this is a very strong sorcery ... And Gandalf Seryi is aware that he has stolen the technique of Kadochnikov? :))) Once again: do not you believe fairy tales. Well, who would allow Major General to describe the most secret techniques in their books? I don’t call him a treacher either. Man makes money on gullible - God is his judge.

          The main thing to remember: hand-to-hand combat has never been seen in the army as a means of achieving victory. Generally never, even in ancient Egypt. In fact, he is not even taught for physical development. There are many more useful and safer exercises. The couch warrior is forgivable to admire Bruce Lee's films, but already at the end of the first year of military service in a serious part they are perceived with a smile.
      2. Oleko
        Oleko 24 September 2015 12: 12 New
        Сколько секунд в сутках знаю и так. Я же чётко написал: законы физического тела неприменимы. А относительно сверхскоростных перемещений можно почитать в книге А. А. Кадочникова "Специальный армейский рукопашный бой". Не отношу генерал-майора ГРУ к трепачам. Там же интересная глава, написанная полковником Вишневецким, о симпатической или дистанционной магии. Весьма интересно. А хихикать относительно мощнейших систем подготовки, которые применяются и сейчас, несерьёзно.
  19. Oleko
    Oleko 23 September 2015 22: 59 New
    Error: Korzhakova.
  20. Oleko
    Oleko 23 September 2015 22: 59 New
    Error: Korzhakova.
  21. Reptiloid
    Reptiloid 24 September 2015 07: 42 New
    I watched the video Kucherenko, interested. I wrote to another article earlier that in a sect they put 1-2-3 people to a new one and they praise and praise him, causing a feeling of comfort and relaxation.
    Есть фильм "Путь".Там есть крошечный сюжет,но с огромным смыслом,для меня во всяком случае.
    1. Aleksandr1959
      Aleksandr1959 24 September 2015 11: 43 New
      If you are interested in materials on Kucherenko, check out the link
      There is a good selection. There are materials on other similar issues.
  22. Reptiloid
    Reptiloid 24 September 2015 11: 20 New
    Or another such example. Since the invention of the telescope, Astronomers knew: 2/3 of the surface of Mars is red, and 1/3 is blue, blue, purple (less often green). Exobiology founder Gavriil Andrianovich Tikhov proved: blue spots on Mars --- Plots covered with VEGETATION of just this color. Also, academician Pavel Klushantsev, the greatest Soviet scientist in the 60s of the XX century, claimed the same thing. There are wonderful films! Then they began to say: in fact, it (the surface) is --- red ! And recently, they have been generally avoiding the topic of blue spots. So I'm trying to find out --- what is it: an attempt to change beliefs? Misinformation ???
  23. Reptiloid
    Reptiloid 24 September 2015 23: 48 New
    Quote: Aleksandr1959
    If you are interested in materials on Kucherenko, check out the link
    There is a good selection. There are materials on other similar issues.

    Thank you. I will give a brief overview first, and then in more detail. It turns out that I take some small part from the great material. I want to improve myself. I am lazy and slow. There were no simple answers to this simple question.