Military Review

The second youth BMP-3

Designed a quarter of a century ago, the machine became the basis of the latest developments

In carrying out new programs to improve the technical equipment of the Armed Forces, infantry combat vehicles are given special attention. The appearance of new infantry fighting vehicles and armored personnel carriers on the Kurganets-25 platform and the T-15 infantry fighting vehicles on the Armata platform will undoubtedly have a significant impact on the new look of the Russian Ground Forces. At the same time, a new generation of technology is being created on the basis of proven samples, in particular the BMP-3.

The BMP-3, adopted by the Soviet Army in the 1987 year, became a revolutionary machine for its time. It was distinguished by increased maneuverability and firepower, as well as the possibility of firing from the water. The NATO military attaches, who first saw the new BMP in the 1990, were unpleasantly surprised - at that time this machine could rightly be considered the best in the world.

Smart "Vityaz"

Despite the fact that more than 25 years have passed since the creation of the original design, the BMP-3 is still considered by Western military experts as one of the best in its class. Analysts of the American research corporation "RAND" (RAND) included it in the list of the four most powerful and common BMP in the world. In a recent RAND report on modern weapons, experts highlighted the increased firepower, maneuverability, buoyancy, and power density of the BMP-3.

Concern "Tractor Plants", which includes the largest Russian manufacturer of infantry fighting vehicles Kurganmashzavod, pays attention not only to the new family of armored vehicles on the Kurganets-25 platform. Currently, work is also being carried out to modernize the BMP-3 and to create on its basis a whole family of combat vehicles with various weapons. In this area of ​​2015, the year was quite fruitful, as the company introduced three new versions of the BMP-3.

At the “Army-2015” exhibition, the Vityaz BMP-3 was demonstrated for the first time, receiving the fire control system of the same name developed by NTC Elins. Thanks to the installation of this anti-jammed MSA, it was possible to reduce the preparation time of the shot and implement the principle “discovered earlier — shot earlier” positions and defeats low-flying targets.

The machine retains a weapon consisting of an 100-mm 2A70 cannon launcher, 30-mm 2A72 automatic cannon and an 7,62-mm PKTM machine gun paired with it. In the body of the machine are two more PKTM machine guns. The 2А70 cannon has 22 combat-ready shots in the conveyor of the loading mechanism, the 2А72 cannon has 500 projectiles. The LMS allows you to work in the automatic tracking of ground and air targets. At the same time, it is possible to automatically register system operation parameters and crew actions. The BMP-3 Vityaz is equipped with a set of optoelectronic equipment, which includes the sight of the PPB-2 gunner, the commanding day-and-night panorama sight Krechet with television, thermal imaging and rangefinder channels, the control channel of the anti-tank guided missiles (PTUR) Rassvet, digital two-plane stabilizer with automatic compensation of leads and built-in ballistic computer, built-in automatic target tracking (ASC). The use of ASC allows significantly - almost eight times compared with manual guidance - to improve the accuracy of target destruction and to provide electronic stabilization of the image displayed on the workplace screens.

A special feature of the Vityaz is the ability to install an external remote control weapon (VPDU), through which real-time target guidance is provided.

Certain changes have undergone and chassis. The BMP-3 Vityaz received a four-stroke UTD-29T multi-fuel engine with 500 horsepower, which provides the combat vehicle 18,7 with a total mass tonnes of power density at the level of 25 hp / t. The average speed of the "Vityaz" on a dirt road is about 45 kilometers per hour, and the maximum road speed is 70. The machine retains the buoyancy of the base model and can navigate in water at a speed of 10 kilometers per hour.

In general, the combat effectiveness of the "Vityaz" in comparison with the base model is significantly increased. The characteristics of firepower are mainly improved - integration into the design of the new LMS increases its capabilities, and the installation of the FADU is another step towards remote-controlled (or completely crewless) combat vehicles.

Plump "Dragoon"

At the international exhibition Russia Arms Expo-2015, held in Nizhny Tagil from 9 to 12 in September, the Tractor Plants Concern presented two more versions of the BMP-3, which received the symbols "Derivation" and "Dragoon".

The second youth BMP-3The main difference between the "Dragoon" was a significant change in the layout of the combat vehicle. The engine is brought forward, which allows to significantly increase the security of the crew and the landing, increase the volume of the troop compartment and simplify the leaving of the car by the soldiers. Instead of the standard seats, there are installed seats with pallets, which provide enhanced security during the detonation of mines and improvised explosive devices (IEDs). Additional fuel tanks are placed behind the hull, which reduces fire risk. Two course machine guns PKTM removed from the body of the combat vehicle. A hinged ramp with an additional door is installed at the rear of the troop compartment, as a result of which the trooper can get out of the vehicle more quickly.

One of the main innovations of the “Dragoon” was the turret module of the Kurganmashzavod development, which retained the standard armament of the BMP-3. It is assumed that on its basis a remotely controlled combat module (SDM) with cannon armament will be developed, which will significantly increase the security of the crew. The “Dragon” combat module is linked to the Vityaz OMS. The use of an unpacked module will allow the crew to control it when leaving the car.

The target hit range of high-explosive fragmentation shells 3UOF17 and 3UOF19 is 7000 and 4000 meters, respectively. As in the base BMP-3, the enemy’s armored vehicles are supposed to be hit by an Xtg 3 XB and 10 Xnumx ATGM 3 3 23 and 3 XM (on an ATGM distance of up to eight ATGM units). 4000-mm twin gun 5500А30 capable of striking manpower and lightly armored targets of the enemy. The Dragoon is also equipped with a PKTM machine gun that is paired with the main armament. This machine gun version is not equipped with machine guns. Compared with the base BMP-2, it has partially changed the shape of the body. Dragun retained the Vityaz optoelectronic equipment. The gunner received the main ("Krechet") and duplicate (PPB-72) sights, and the commander - the main sight ("Krechet"). The machine is also equipped with VPDU.

The mass of "dragoon" increased to 21 tons. However, it is equipped with a UTD-32 multi-fuel engine with a gas turbine supercharging, the bench power of which reaches 816 horsepower. As a result, power density increased to 38 hp / t. According to this indicator, the Dragoon surpasses all foreign infantry fighting vehicles. For comparison: the specific power of the American BMP M2A3 "Bradley" (Bradley) is 19,74 hp / t, the newest German Puma (Puma) - 25,5 – 34,59 hp / t, French VBCI - 18,6 hp / t, British Warrior FV510 - 23,5 hp / t. Also, unlike the overwhelming majority of foreign infantry fighting vehicles, the Dragoon retained the buoyancy of the BMP-3 and the ability to force water barriers. The maximum speed of the “Dragoon” on the highway and on the water remained the same - 70 and 10 kilometers per hour, respectively.

Universal "Derivation"

A modification of the BMP-2015 was introduced to RAE 3, which received the designation “Derivation”. Its distinguishing feature was the installation of an AU-220М crewless combat module with an 57-mm automatic cannon. In February 2015, Rosoboronexport and the United Arab Emirates company Emirates Defense Technology (EDT) signed a memorandum of understanding. This document provides an opportunity for bilateral cooperation in equipping the Emirate Enigma combat vehicle (Enigma) with the AU-220М combat module.

The 57 caliber millimeter gun is distinguished by an increased effective range of aimed shooting, which reaches eight thousand meters. The maximum rate of fire is 80 – 100 in / min. The horizontal guidance angle ranges from -5 to + 60 degrees. PKTM serves as a pair of weapons. At the moment, the module is not equipped with ATGM, however, according to representatives of the Petrel Research Institute, where the AU-220M module was created, work on the adaptation of ATGM is already underway. As one of the proposed options is considered the latest "Cornet-D." The amount of ammunition 57-mm gun is 200 shots (including 80 units prepared for shooting). It can conduct firing at both land and sea, and at air targets (including UAVs). The power of the 57-mm anti-tank projectile is sufficient for the effective destruction of almost all modern BTR and BMP models.

The “Derivation” LMS includes the commander’s and gunner’s sights, a central computing system (CWS), a video transmission complex with a fiber-optic communication channel, topo-linkage and navigation complexes, communication and data transfer equipment, control mechanisms and firing. The commander of the BMP received a panoramic sight with television and thermal channels, as well as an integrated laser rangefinder. The gunner’s sight is similar to the commander’s, although there are no surveillance thermal and television channels. The DCC also performs the functions of a ballistic computer and a video processing device. There are no information about installing the FAD.

"Derivation" as the main component of the power plant received a four-stroke multi-fuel engine, UTD-29, naturally aspirated, with 500 horsepower. It provides the 19,3 tonnage vehicle with a tonnage of power density at the 25,9 hp / t level, which generally corresponds to the level of foreign combat vehicles. The layout compared with the BMP-3 is almost unchanged. For a more optimal location of the remote control equipment of the module, two course machine guns PKTM were dismantled. The crew of the car - two people, landing - 10 people. “Derivation” has maintained the speed of the BMP-3: on a dry dirt road - 45 kilometers per hour, the maximum on the highway - 70. The machine is able to move through the water and force water obstacles at speeds up to 10 kilometers per hour. Cruising on the highway is 600 kilometers, the car moves on a dirt road without refueling for at least 12 hours. “Derivation” can be used in various climatic conditions and with a temperature range from -40 to + 40 degrees Celsius, in mountainous areas at an altitude of up to three thousand meters above sea level, at relative humidity up to 98 percent at an ambient temperature + 25 degrees Celsius. As a result, this modification of the BMP-3 can be in demand in almost all climatic zones, including in the sands of the Middle East, in the jungles of South and Southeast Asia. These characteristics make “Derivation” very competitive. One of the main opponents in the Middle East is the Enigma BBM, which is also supposed to be equipped with AU-220M.

BMP-3 is in service with several countries in the region, its design has been repeatedly tested in the sands at high temperatures and has proven its performance.

"Pumped" BMP-3M

Tractor Plants offers potential customers the BMP-3 modification, designated BMP-3M. It is distinguished by the installed new SODEMA sighting system with a thermal imaging camera and automatic target tracking, a commander’s observation device TKN-AI (the PKP-K panoramic sight can be installed instead), an upgraded ATGM loading mechanism (reduces loading time to 10 seconds). New OFS 3UOF19, ATGM 9M117M1, 30-mm armor-piercing projectile were introduced into the ammunition list. As a result, the firepower of the machine increases significantly. 3UOF19 / 3UOF19-1 shell provides a more effective destruction of enemy manpower at a distance of up to 7000 meters. ATGM 9M117M1 destroys enemy armored vehicles (including main combat Tanks) at distances up to 5000–5500 meters. An armor-piercing sub-caliber projectile has 80 percent more armor penetration compared to a standard tracer.

The BMP-3M can be equipped with the automatic gearbox APP-688 and the day-night device of the driver’s mechanic TVK-1B, which greatly increases maneuverability and ease of operation. The possibility of equipment BMP-3 information management system chassis IUSSh-688. It allows you to collect complete information about the functioning of the machine and display it on the display of the driver. IUSSH-688 is capable of generating voice messages and notifying of any problems or malfunctions, warning about the failure of important elements of the chassis. The BMP-3 can be equipped with the KBM-3М2Е air conditioner, which provides the crew and the landing with more comfortable conditions, including in hot climates. The installation of a diesel power unit provides power to the electrical equipment of the combat vehicle when the engine is off.

The security level of the BMP-3М is significantly increased compared to the base sample. Additional multi-layer armor, a dynamic protection system (DZ), armored screens and a lattice armor can be installed (which protects the vehicle from 50 – 55 percent of anti-tank grenades of the PG-7 type, released from the RPG-7 grenade launcher).

"Sprut-SDM1" - a universal soldier

"Tractor plants" continue to develop self-propelled anti-tank guns. The 2C25М Sprut-SDM1 sample is a deep modification of the Sprut-SD SPTP.

A distinctive characteristic of the Sprut-SDM1 SPTP is the installation of the 2-75-gun, the combat characteristics of which practically correspond to the characteristics of the tank-type XNUM-XNUM-MX-NUMX. It is allowed to use all types of projectiles intended for MBT T-2 and T-46. The 5А72М ammunition makes 90 shells, of which 2 is in mechanized packing and 75 is in additional. Standard ammunition includes 40 OFS, 22 armor-piercing sabot shells with a feathered core, 18 ATGM (can be replaced with 20 cumulative shells). The PKTM machine gun paired with a gun was installed as an additional weapon. It is planned to install a double-arm anti-aircraft gun with a similar machine gun on the roof of the fighting compartment Also, the Sprut-SDM14 is equipped with six smoke grenade launchers 6В. The gunner is equipped with the main sighting complex "Sosna-U" and a duplicate sight PDT.

The total mass of the new SPTP will be 18 tons. The Sprut-SDM1 chassis, based on the BMD-4M design, will be equipped with an information and control system. The engine is installed UTD-29 500 horsepower. The maximum SPTP speed is 70 kilometers per hour, the average speed on a dry dirt road is 45 – 50, and the maximum speed afloat with calm water is seven kilometers per hour. One of the main features of the Sprut-SDM1 is the possibility of firing afloat, which significantly increases the combat effectiveness. The range reaches 500 kilometers on the highway and 350 - on dry ground. Afloat car can move without refueling at least seven hours.

SPTP is transported by BTA aircraft and landing ships, is landed by landing and parachute with the crew inside the machine, without preparation overcomes water obstacles with sea excitement up to three points, is loaded into the landing craft after its mission. The unique maneuverability allows the wide use of the Sprut-SDM1 in the Airborne Forces, Marine Corps, units operating in low temperature mountainous terrain. At the same time, the SPTP firepower is at the level of T-90AM / T-90MS tanks, which allows it to effectively destroy enemy armored vehicles (including MBT) at a considerable distance (when using an ATGM - to 5000 m, when firing direct fire - at a distance of 2000 – 2500 m). The PTA substantially increases the combat effectiveness of the units to which it is attached.

Modular alternative

At RAE 2015, a promising modular concept for the development of combat vehicles of the BMP-3 family was presented for the first time. It was based on the BMP-3 "Dragoon" chassis with the engine and transmission elements carried forward. At the request of the customer, it can be equipped with one of the three DBMS - the standard module "Dragoon" with 2А70 and 2А72, АУ-220М guns or the fighting compartment from Sprut-SDM1. The modules received the legend BM 100 + 30, BM 57 and BM 125, respectively. It is noteworthy that all of them are remotely controlled, which is another step towards the creation of a robotic BMP. Of particular interest is the ability to install BM 125 on the chassis "Draguna". As a result, an SPTP can be deployed in combat formations of the infantry unit on the BMP-3, which can effectively destroy armored vehicles with anti-tank shells. In the future, a self-propelled artillery gun of 120 caliber of millimeters can be created on the basis of the “Dragoon” by analogy with the 2X35 “Vienna”.

The concern demonstrated at the exhibition a combat compartment for the BMP-3 family of vehicles, which can be offered for installation instead of the Bakhcha module developed by the Tula Instrument Engineering Bureau. It contains the standard armament of the BMP-3. The fighting compartment provides all-round protection that exceeds the 4 level of the NATO standard STANAG 4569 (protection against 14,5 mm caliber bullets issued from the 200 m distance) and frontal protection in the 120 range of degrees (protection against 6-mm sub-caliber shells fired from 30 m). ATGM loading time reduced to 500 seconds. It is allowed to install an electronic assistant to the gunner, who collects and stores information about the current state of the combat compartment and its equipment, emergency situations, and the 12XNNXX and 2X70 gunners. The assistant allows you to prevent the launch of an ATGM in case of malfunctioning equipment or if the range is not measured correctly.

The RAE 2015 exhibition clearly showed that the design of the infantry fighting vehicles BMP-3 is not outdated. This technique can still be attributed to the most effective world class BMP models. Equipping the BMP-3 with new modules meets global trends and allows you to successfully perform any tasks on a modern battlefield. The implementation of the principle of remote control of weapons gradually brings the creation of robotic combat vehicles. Therefore, the BMP-3 will long remain in demand by the armed forces, both Russian and foreign.
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  1. Major_Vortex
    Major_Vortex 26 September 2015 07: 05
    The idea of ​​such a gun on the BMP is clear and correct. The enemy must be beaten at distances not available for return fire. Or there should be at least parity. Otherwise, our bmpeshki will be defenseless on the battlefield against similar machines of a potential enemy. 30 mm will not surprise anyone.
    1. cosmos111
      cosmos111 26 September 2015 08: 38
      Quote: Mayor_Vikhr
      The idea of ​​such a gun on the BMP is clear and correct.

      bourgeoisie, they are on this very path ...

      SCOUT SV / AJAX platform execution options: command post, technical reconnaissance vehicle, repair and restoration vehicle, artillery fire control vehicle., ambulance and other types of equipment on a single tracked chassis ...

      The Lockheed Martin DBM is armed with a Lockheed Martin 40mm CTAS automatic telescopic cannon .... uses a powerful and compact telescopic ammunition ...
      1. Dimka off
        Dimka off 27 September 2015 13: 30
        Quote: cosmos111
        bourgeoisie, they are on this very path ...

        I am sure that our 57 mm gun will surpass. And they say that we are also developing a 45 mm telescopic gun.
        1. Bobik012
          Bobik012 12 October 2017 11: 32
          It bothers that the telescopic gun appears as a prodigy. And nowhere else is there a production model, although everywhere it’s been 10 years already as "already on the way." It seems to me its minimal benefits are canceled by the high cost of ammunition
    2. LMaksim
      LMaksim 26 September 2015 12: 51
      Why then not install an already 125mm tank gun? Why open up calibers to a 125mm tank, 100mm BMP? Will this complicate the supply of troops?
      1. senima56
        senima56 26 September 2015 19: 20
        If an infantry fighting vehicle fires from a tank 125 mm gun, it will turn over! The mass of the vehicle must match the armament (and vice versa). The T-34 initially had a 76 mm cannon. After 43 years, an 85 mm cannon was installed to fight the Tigers, for this they created a new, enlarged turret!
        1. Igor K
          Igor K 27 September 2015 23: 49
          The mass of the t-34 85 was almost the same as that of the t-34 model of 1942, the turret was increased to accommodate the guns (a larger volume was needed).
          Learn mat.chast comrade.
          1. yehat
            yehat 30 March 2017 16: 15
            I was very interested - what is the T34 model 42 years.
            don't you voice It’s just that in 42, he received several changes and had differences in production at different plants and what is considered a model is not entirely clear.
            1. Bobik012
              Bobik012 12 October 2017 11: 21
              The nut tower, commander’s turret, multicyclone filter, some already have a 5-speed gearbox and the scope seems to have changed. The third modification of the tank. Details in Yandex. Infa is full
      2. SIvan
        SIvan 26 September 2015 21: 58
        Then there will be no room for landing. If you install a 125 mm BMP-3, you get the anti-tank SPG Sprut-SD (it is written about in the article).
      3. Bobik012
        Bobik012 12 October 2017 11: 16
        so on an octopus 125 and it costs. IMHO a set of anti-tank missiles for BMD is preferable: lighter and more compact
  2. Volga Cossack
    Volga Cossack 26 September 2015 07: 10
    nice car waiting for Kurgan. rather to the troops.
    1. The comment was deleted.
    2. gjv
      gjv 26 September 2015 11: 28
      Quote: Volga Cossack
      nice car waiting for Kurgan. rather to the troops

      I wonder which one? IMHO - "Dragoon".
      And then it fights - Azerbaijan (100), Algeria (100), Venezuela (123), Indonesia (54), Cyprus (43), Republic of Korea (40 - 70), Kuwait (140), United Arab Emirates (590 - 650), Syria (2450 BMP-1, BMP-2 and BMP-3), Sri Lanka (45). Greece planned to purchase from 420 to 1000 cars, but the crisis, the contract has not been implemented.

      BMP-3 in the UAE army, 2003 year
  3. Hubun
    Hubun 26 September 2015 07: 52
    Here, unfortunately, I could not test such a machine. Units and deuces, BRMki and BMD were the first to go. And the troika’s firepower is impressive
  4. bulat
    bulat 26 September 2015 08: 11
    Only Volgograd tractor collapsed to death
  5. Zaurbek
    Zaurbek 26 September 2015 08: 30
    By the way, the nozzle for the muzzle brake is a programmer for remote detonation shells.
    1. Dimka off
      Dimka off 27 September 2015 13: 37
      Quote: Zaurbek
      By the way, the nozzle for the muzzle brake is a programmer for remote detonation shells.

      Is it with Derivation?
  6. igordok
    igordok 26 September 2015 09: 06
    designated "Derivation"

    Names are lovely. You cannot even pronounce even with an unclouded mind. laughing
    1. The comment was deleted.
    2. gjv
      gjv 26 September 2015 11: 41
      Quote: igordok
      Names are lovely

      Derivation - a multi-valued term from the Latin word derivatio - abduction, rejection. In the general case, it is a term meaning the deviation of something from the main path of movement, the deviation from the main meaning.
      Derivation in military affairs - means the deviation of shells and bullets of rifled weapons in the direction of rotation during flight from a given trajectory due to the gyroscopic effect. Derivation calculation methods exist.
      Derivation in linguistics is a figure of speech: 1) the use of two or more cognate words in one utterance. 2) the replacement of one word with another, close in meaning, but softer.
      "Derivation" is a "softer" BMP-3 that deviates during flight. bully
      I remembered my childhood. There was a horse in the collective farm brigade, which strove, as soon as you let go of the reins, to pinch the leaves into the woods in the shade. He was then called Lesny, and not Derivation.
    3. Aleksandr72
      Aleksandr72 26 September 2015 15: 28
      - Operation Y"!
      - Why "I"?
      - And so that no one guessed!
      I have always been admired by the creativity of our employees of the Ministry of Defense, in the USSR, in Russia, and in Kazakhstan. It’s necessary to invent such a name for military equipment and weapons!
      And BMP-3, being adopted by the Soviet Army in 1987, as I understand it, long ago got rid of all childhood diseases inherent in the new technology. Therefore, the creation of all new modifications based on it should not cause great difficulties.
      In this regard, I believe that until the finalization, adoption and mass delivery to the troops of serial heavy BMP T-15 based on "Armata" and lighter ones on the platform "Kurganets-25", the resumption of construction and delivery to the troops in a significant BMP-3 vehicles, and even in different modifications, with the latest equipment - this is the right step. And the export potential of this car is high, you just need to properly promote it on the market.
      I have the honor.
      1. infantryman2020
        infantryman2020 27 September 2015 10: 39
        Alexander, I always carefully and respectfully read your comments. Almost always agree with them.
        How much can you produce demonization ??? (I think its negative aspects are clear to everyone).
        The troops have enough BMP-1. Full of BMP-2. The number of BMP-3 is increasing. In the future - BMP on "Kurganets-25" and "Armata". Maybe it's time to stop and not bring the situation to the point of absurdity?
        Unification has always been the scourge of our army. Because no one counted the money. And now?
      2. yehat
        yehat 30 March 2017 16: 19
        the names of technology in our army can drive anyone crazy
        from cornflowers with chrysanthemums to military cheburashka
        otherwise, counterintelligence of specially foreign competitors poisons their names.
        In the nuthouse go by mouth.
    4. Captain Pushkin
      Captain Pushkin 22 June 2017 19: 20
      For the gunner, the word "derivation" is like for the baby "mother." Speaks easily and on a sober head and not sober and in complete delirium.
  7. 31rus
    31rus 26 September 2015 09: 15
    Something like a lot of modifications, but to combine all the best in one machine and the troops
    1. cosmos111
      cosmos111 26 September 2015 09: 34
      Quote: 31rus
      Something like a lot of modifications, but to combine all the best in one machine and the troops

      THIS IS THE MAIN THING .... a single MEDIUM GSh "Kurganets-25" !!!

      Logistically / economically service, so many BBM, VERY expensive ...

      all CPs ... BBMs, on a single tracked chassis ...
      1. The comment was deleted.
      2. gjv
        gjv 26 September 2015 11: 48
        Quote: cosmos111
        all CPs ... BBMs, on a single tracked chassis ...

        Conceptually. However, for the BMP-3:
        BMP-3K - infantry fighting vehicle commander
        BMP-3M - an improved modification of the BMP-3. It surpasses the basic version in mobility and firepower due to the installation of a new UTD-32T turbo engine with a capacity of 660 liters. with. and advanced fire control system
        BMP-3 with KOEP “Shtora-1” - provides effective protection of the machine against ATGM damage with semi-automatic and automatic guidance systems.
        BMP-3 with DZ "Cactus" - demonstrated at the exhibition in Omsk in 2001. DZ blocks are located on the side and frontal parts of the hull and turret together with rubber fabric and trellised screens.
        BMP-3 with a combat module "Bahcha-U"
        BMP-3M "Dragun" - modernization of the BMP-3M. The MTO was moved forward and the airborne squad was re-organized, the landing was carried out through the ramp.
        BMP-3 “Derivation” - version with uninhabited module AU220M including a 57-mm automatic gun.
        Base cars
        BRM-3K "Lynx" - military reconnaissance vehicle of military intelligence.
        BREM-L "Beglyanka" - an armored repair and recovery vehicle based on an infantry fighting vehicle, with a crane boom and a traction winch.
        2C18 "Pat-S" - an experimental 152-mm self-propelled howitzer.
        2C31 "Vienna" - an automated 120-mm self-propelled artillery gun.
        Object 699 is a universal tracked chassis.
        UR-93 - a clearance unit based on BMP-3. First demonstrated in 2007 in Nizhny Tagil at the RDE-2007 exhibition.
        UR-07 - mine clearance based on BMP-3.
        9P157-2 - combat vehicle anti-tank missile system "Chrysanthemum-S"
        9P157-4 - Chrysanthemum-S anti-tank missile system battery control machine
        9P162 - combat vehicle anti-tank missile system "Cornet-T"
        TKB-841 - Russian experimental anti-aircraft self-propelled gun from the anti-aircraft missile and artillery complex 30Yu6 "Pantsir-C1-O"
        ADZM "Vostorg-2" - an air transportable road-digging vehicle based on BMP-3
        1. cosmos111
          cosmos111 26 September 2015 13: 47
          Quote: gjv
          Conceptually. However, for the BMP-3:

          it was great for 90's ... but now there are other requirements for security and ergonomics ....

          Therefore, the Ministry of Defense also gave for R&D on the topic "Kurganets-25" and modernization ((and in fact the new BMP-3M "Dragoon" armored vehicle)) for customers from abroad (UAE, etc.)

          for the Russian army / navy BMP-3 F (you do not have it on the list), for the marines in the modification of the BMP-3F "Dragoon" with the AU220M DUBM 57-mm automatic cannon ... WOULD BE an ideal option ...

          ONCE AGAIN, for infantry at BMP-3 ... very weak booking and availability of 100 OFS in the BC, at any penetration of the armor leads to detonation of the BC ... with all the wipers ...

          1. gjv
            gjv 26 September 2015 14: 13
            In general, I agree. However, the "Achilles heel" of BTT is not easy to throw away, and recycling for metal is also expensive. So modernization appears. It's good when there is a foreign buyer who is satisfied with the modernized version. Here's an example of a promotional video. Can this video convince someone that modernization is a good thing?
            1. cosmos111
              cosmos111 26 September 2015 16: 37
              Quote: gjv
              . Can this video convince someone that modernization is nishtyak?

              I watched the video ... good modernization ... improves, but it doesn’t eliminate the MAIN, weak security .... and MORE, the complete absence of mine protection .....
              on the new GSh "Kurganets", "Armata", wheeled "Boomerang" - therefore, they attached paramount importance ...

              1. cosmos111
                cosmos111 26 September 2015 20: 28
                explosively absorbing materials and the 2 bottom significantly enhance mine protection without a V-shaped bottom ...

                as an example, CMI's and SJH

          2. bmv04636
            bmv04636 26 September 2015 16: 24
            and how is your photo different from this?
        2. Bobik012
          Bobik012 12 October 2017 11: 37
          Get riveted! But didn’t you immediately move the motor forward and build the religious ramp? With BMD the same ambush. There would be good cars at once. IMHO all their shortcomings and all criticism from the flawed layout
      3. Per se.
        Per se. 26 September 2015 14: 13
        Quote: cosmos111
        HERE is the MAIN ... one
        The main and the same thing has long been used in the USSR, then no one promoted it, calling it a "platform". On the basis of the T-72, many vehicles were created, from bridgelayers and repair and recovery vehicles to TOS and ACS, moreover, the base was used not only in the USSR and the Warsaw Pact countries, but also in others, for example, in France, 72 were created on the T-155 chassis. mm ACS, and in South Africa 30 mm anti-aircraft gun. The MT-LB base was also widely used for various vehicles. All Soviet technology also had a wide standardization. So, it all started not with the still raw "Kurganets", "Boomerang" and "Armata". In the photo, a flamethrower combat vehicle at a tank base (BMO-T), on its basis, a heavy armored personnel carrier can be created, which, like the BMPT, can be altered from the stocks of T-72 tanks.
        1. cosmos111
          cosmos111 26 September 2015 17: 44
          Quote: Per se.
          The main and the same was used for a long time in the USSR, then no one promoted it, calling it a "platform".

          in the USSR, the GM-123 GM was created in the 1947 year, adopted for service in the 1949 year ...
          in OKB-3 (former SKB), under the leadership of GORLITSKY LION IZRAILEVICH and (3.03.1904 - 2.11.2003), GSH 1947-52 years (SAU-100P, SU-152G, SU-152P)

          , continued by EFIMOV GEORGIY SERGEEVICH (7.08 (25.07) .1910 - 15.06.1978), (2C3 "Akatsia", 2C5 "Hyacinth", 2K11 "Krug", ZSU "Yenisei", GMZ, 9C18 "Dome", SAU "Object 120 " and etc.)

          the great DESIGNERS !!! created the GREAT MULTI-DIGITAL GSH !!!

          not something like that in the West and in the world, and not now !!!

      4. Garris199
        Garris199 27 September 2015 00: 59
        I agree. If only for export do it. If we want an effective army, then we need maximum unification. Gradually change the park to Kurgan, but for now, upgrade what is.
  8. LMaksim
    LMaksim 26 September 2015 12: 49
    The main difference of "Dragoon" was a significant change in the layout of the combat vehicle. The engine is moved forward, which can significantly increase the security of the crew and the landing force, increase the volume of the airborne squad and make it easier for soldiers to leave the vehicle.

    I remember I criticized the BMD-4 for the rear location of the engine compartment. I was then told that the engine is not protection, it can be pierced from the PM. I still respect my double-barreled shotgun, rightly deciding that a tank can also be knocked out of it. However, life put everything in its place, albeit on the BMP, but the MTO took its rightful place.
    1. Bad_gr
      Bad_gr 26 September 2015 17: 59
      Quote: LMaksim
      However, life put everything in its place, albeit on the BMP, but the MTO took its rightful place.

      If there is a demand for such a machine, then there will be a proposal, but this does not mean that this solution is better than the rear-engine ones, which are sold orders of magnitude more.
      1. cosmos111
        cosmos111 26 September 2015 18: 45
        Quote: Bad_gr
        but this does not mean at all that this solution is better than the rear-engine ones, which are sold orders of magnitude more.

        BUT, they don’t buy now .... the global trend in BBM, MTO in the nose, aft entrance exit ...

        the Chinese are keenly aware of the global armament situation and are promptly proposing and promoting their products .... BMD ZLC-2000 / ZBD-03.MTO is new, aft entry-exit ...

        market: DEMAND, gives rise to OFFERS ...
        1. cosmos111
          cosmos111 26 September 2015 18: 55
          and another photo of the Chinese BMD ZLC-2000 / ZBD-03, the Chinese are now actively promoting them on the world market ...
          TTX: ZLC-2000: total weight - 8 tons;
          capacity - 3 + 5 people;
          maximum land / water speed up to 68 / 6 km / h;
          range to 600 km;
          25 / 30 mm automatic gun;
          7.62 / 5.6 mm coaxial machine gun;
          ATGM "HJ-73C" with 3 missiles ammunition.

      2. Bobik012
        Bobik012 12 October 2017 11: 42
        As far as I understand, it was the engine in the stern and the bizarre placement of the landing that generated the main flaws and the main criticism. I thought they didn’t, it’s impossible, It turned out - perhaps. And what didn’t you do right away !? More on BMD-1
  9. max702
    max702 26 September 2015 23: 38
    By and large, two news is a new 816l / s engine !, and the possibility of the BMP-3 to become a "classic" with a front engine location .. Everything else is not new, and everything was already there, and the electronics and the FCS and armor from 30mm forehead \ 14.5 board , and the 57mm automatic cannon was considered when designing the BMP-3 at the very beginning (but the military needed more versatile weapons) ..
    rs: Interesting, and if you put a new 4l engine on the BMD-816M, what will it be?
  10. Dimka off
    Dimka off 27 September 2015 13: 23
    At the moment, the module is not equipped with anti-tank systems, however, according to the representatives of the Central Research Institute "Burevestnik", where the AU-220M module was created, work is underway to adapt the anti-tank systems. As one of the proposed options is considered the latest "Cornet-D"

    C'mon)) Not so long ago there was one comrade, well, he simply proved with wheezing that this is impossible in principle)
  11. Disant
    Disant 28 September 2015 00: 19
    Quote: infantryman2020

    How much can you produce demonization ??? (I think its negative aspects are clear to everyone).
    The troops have enough BMP-1. Full of BMP-2. The number of BMP-3 is increasing. In the future - BMP on "Kurganets-25" and "Armata". Maybe it's time to stop and not bring the situation to the point of absurdity?
    Unification has always been the scourge of our army. Because no one counted the money. And now?

    Cars - light (BMP-1,2,3) and heavy (Armata, Kurganets), each for its own tasks.
    The towers (weapons complex) change like gloves (they have built up), but here's how to unify the Mass of the car, which affects the dispute of patency (+ transport mobility and flexibility) and armor protection - that’s exactly what I think is the design scourge, and this is absurd no.
    Quote: 31rus
    Something like a lot of modifications, but to combine all the best in one machine and the troops

    twenty five again. could not resist, minus
  12. traks50
    traks50 24 October 2018 17: 04
    of course it’s necessary to strengthen the machines .. it seems to me the most ... I need to focus on the terminator .. but I need a 125 mm cannon at least lightweight type from an air defense rod .... but the most important thing is that anti-aircraft systems should be installed on all cars starting from boom. various grenade launchers mortar homing from drones bombs. rocket and try different options up to zsu 23