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There is no law in the war without rules: from the history of CIA prisons in Eastern Europe

The scandal with the prisons of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) of the United States in Eastern Europe temporarily subsides, then re-erupted over many years. Recently, a new armful of firewood was thrown into an informational furnace — Helen Duffy's lawyer, defending the interests of the Palestinian Abu Zubaydah, who had once languishing in Lithuania, reported on new facts confirming the existence of secret prison sites. However, despite the presence of a multitude of evidence, the authorities of this state, at one time, bypassing the will of the people, provided the Tsereushniki with secret places for their affairs, trying to deny the obvious. Unlike the Poles' neighbors, who were forced to admit ...

Light of truth and silence figures

Duffy, who runs the Abu Zubaydah case against the Lithuanian government, "refers to a US Senate report confirming that a secret prison for terror suspects operated in the Baltic republic in 2003 — 2006.” According to the information report of the Senate, there are many clear indications of agreements concluded between Lithuanian officials and the CIA, including relatively large sums of money, which passed from hand to hand in exchange for support. ”

The document submitted for consideration by the ECHR contains, according to Duffy, information “leaving no serious room for doubt” that the CIA prison was located in the Republic of Lithuania. “Lithuania is responsible for the imprisonment and torture of my client on its territory,” the lawyer said.

True, the detailed report of the Senate on this account, which fits more than 6 thousands of pages, remains classified. In December, only the censored version of the 2004 pages was published on 524. This leaves officials to dodge. Thus, the deputy of the Lithuanian Seimas Arvydas Anushauskas, who once headed the parliamentary investigation of this issue, said that the allegedly published part of the report does not allow to draw categorical conclusions about the detention of prisoners. “A lawyer is doing his job. In the excerpts of the report of the Senate Commission there are many new facts about transportation. I would say that it is possible to confirm the fact of finding a place of detention in Lithuania. But about the one whom they kept there, what specific persons - this is not mentioned in the material, ”- литulit Anushauskas.

However, the thing is that история The issue has been around for many years - and the Senate report does not exhaust the list of evidence. At the end of last year, Amnesty International accused a number of European governments of complicity with the CIA’s crimes. “European governments that have taken part in the CIA’s clandestine detention, interrogation and torture operations as part of the global“ war on terror ”must act urgently to bring those responsible to justice after the US Senate report revealing new details, . Romania, Great Britain, Macedonia, Germany, Lithuania and Poland fell under the Amnesty International target. Let us dwell on the last two countries.

The Lithuanian public first heard that the US intelligence services had their own prisons (which is contrary to the local constitution) in their native country, in August 2009 of the year - from the American television channel ABC. TV men reported that the Americans contained up to eight al-Qaida fighters somewhere near Vilnius. Later, information about the secret jails that existed in Lithuania was confirmed when Wikileaks began throwing out confidential information from US government agencies for public viewing. The same source confirmed that during the period from 2003 to 2006, the CIA aircraft periodically landed in Vilnius and Palanga

True, the then president, Valdas Adamkus from the United States and Prime Minister Algirdas Brazauskas, as well as the military, categorically denied everything. But to avoid the noise did not work, because two former prisoners lodged complaints with the ECHR, accusing the Lithuanian government of having also had a hand in their troubles. After international human rights organizations organized pressure on Lithuania, the local prosecutor’s office had to open a case.

The plot for the thriller

Also, a commission of inquiry was created at the Parliament: it found out that there were two secret CIA centers in the republic. The first prison was created in 2003, and the second in 2004. By the way, one of them was located in the village of Antavilyay not far from the cottages of Lithuanian officials, twenty kilometers from Vilnius. When the secret became clear, a scandal broke out, costing the post to some important officials. However, even now the authorities of the state do not like to even mention the whole story. A curious fact did not hide from the attention of observers. President Dalia Grybauskaite soon after she took office, dropped the phrase: “The question is not whether there were CIA prisons in Lithuania, but how quickly we will establish when and how it looked.” However, she never again raised this topic - on the contrary, gradually turned into a frantic supporter of the American course. Apparently, the “specialists” from Langley quickly found a way to put the impudent presidency in place. Especially since you don’t need to look for something - the past of Grybauskaite, the once high-ranking communist "lump", is not a secret to anyone ...

One way or another, Vilnius cannot completely ignore the “uncomfortable topic” - it periodically reminds of itself. Relatively recently, the US Senate Intelligence Committee released some information (however, individual lines from these documents were retouched) regarding cooperation with foreign allies. They included, among other things, a kind of secret “purple place” in Lithuania, which began to operate in 2003. Some Lithuanians have heated their hands very well, having received large sums (“millions of dollars” are mentioned) for arranging this “place”. However, at the time, neither the US ambassador nor the members of the Lithuanian government knew about the true purpose of a well-equipped building.

At the beginning of 2006, the "purple spot" and the "orange hole" (most likely, this is the secret base of the CIA in Afghanistan) contained 28 prisoners. But in the same year, the prison in Lithuania had to be closed - after a refusal was received to transport one of the prisoners, who urgently needed qualified help, to a local hospital. As a result, the Yankees had to pay an impressive amount for curing a sick prisoner. All the "guests" of the "purple place" were taken to the "brown hole" (apparently, another prison in Afghanistan) and since that time all the CIA prisoners have been kept together.

The names of at least two prisoners who languished in Lithuania are known. One of them is called Mustafa al-Hasavi, a citizen of Saudi Arabia. The US is blaming al-Khasawi for financing the 11 September 2001 terrorist attack on the Twin Towers in New York. He was detained in Pakistan in 2003, placed at the disposal of the United States and subjected to sophisticated torture. The report of the US Senate states that al-Hasavi developed “chronic hemorrhoids from the“ special measures ”applied to him, and there were tears in the anus and symptomatic prolapse of the rectum.”

The second prisoner was the aforementioned Abu Zubaydah - a Palestinian born in Saudi Arabia, now contained in Guantanamo. It was Abu Zubaydah who became the first detainee in the 11 case of September, where the CIA "tried" methods of "force". According to the documents, he was brutally tortured dozens of times. In one of the certificates, by the way, the Americans emphasize that their state will not bear any legal responsibility for such methods, since they were not used in the United States. Abu Zubaydah was subjected to the vicious effects of "white noise" and torture by insomnia, they popped their heads under water until they lost consciousness. The prisoner was put on his bag, then removed and shown ominous box, like a coffin. The prisoner was beaten and locked in a cramped cell, gradually leading to hysteria. It is not surprising that this man harbored a grudge against not only the direct tormentors, but also the countries in which he had such nightmares - and therefore filed a complaint to Lithuania and Poland.

However, former President Adamkus, during the reign of which all this indecency took place, continues to persist: “I was assured by the top management of our security agencies that there was definitely no prison in Lithuania that no one had brought such prisoners.”

Under pressure from the facts, I had to admit ...

As for Poland, the organization Human Rights Watch for the first time notified the existence of CIA prisons here in November 2005. The Americans paid Warsaw $ 15 million for rent and re-equipment of an empty reconnaissance building in the outback, and in cash. The first prisoners were taken there on December 5 2002 of the year - the Poles were denied access to them. The Gazeta Wyborcza publication reported that the Polish prosecutor’s office had a formal agreement on the establishment of a prison, signed by the former head of intelligence, Zbignnev Sementkovsky. In this case, the autographs of representatives of the American side on the document is missing. They never sign papers whose content is contrary to the US Constitution and international law.

It is now known that in the prison, located in the village of Old Keikuts, they contained at least three: the same Abu Zubaydah, as well as Khalid Sheikh Mohammed and Abd al-Rahim al-Nashiri. Sheikh Mohammed (nearly two hundred times undergoing the procedure of incomplete drowning) was accused of participating in the organization of the September 11 attack, and al-Nashiri was accused of preparing the terrorist attack that killed the 17 seamen. The secret prison, in which prisoners were subjected to measures of special action, was supervised by Michael Seeley. The base was closed in September 2003, and the prisoners were transferred to CIA facilities in Romania and Morocco.

The opposition press blamed the "disgrace of Poland" of the then Prime Minister Leszek Möller. But the criminal case initiated in this regard in 2008 year, "stalled." At the end of 2011, the chairman of the Supreme Court of Poland, Stanislav Dombrovsky, personally issued a decree obliging the Intelligence Agency to issue to the investigation documents about the Keikuty prison. However, as the international journalist Grigori Tinsky writes, the “overseas partner” took timely measures: “The Polish intelligence officer who wished to remain anonymous told the press that the Poles had received a clear signal from overseas, indicating dissatisfaction with the success of the Polish investigation. In Langley, the Poles were made to understand that they would have better followed the examples of Lithuania and Romania, which turned out to be more careful in conveying information to the investigating authorities. The anonymous officer also expressed regret that the publicity of operations of such a high degree of secrecy will inevitably affect relations with American allies. ”

Former Prime Minister Leszek Miller now proves that he allegedly does not know anything about the activities of the CIA in the country, calling the accusations "a script for a Hollywood film." However, at the end of last year, former President Aleksander Kwasniewski was forced to officially admit that the CIA prison in Old Keikuts actually existed and acted "by unacceptable methods." The host of the TV channel ReligiaTV, Kazimierz Sowa, retroactively complained that the former Polish authorities "should have caused some warning signal" the refusal of the Americans to sign documents on the maintenance of prisoners in Kejkuty. True, Kwasniewski said that the Polish government did insist that the American side leave signatures on such papers. But, apparently, not very much ... According to the former head of the country, the Americans de facto promised to treat prisoners with dignity and the question was no longer raised. Thus, Alexander Kwasniewski, in contrast to Adamkus, turned out to be more “conscientious” and at least admitted the fact of his deed.

In July 2014, the European Court of Human Rights found that the Polish authorities were guilty in a CIA prison case. The court decision notes that Warsaw has violated a number of articles of the European Convention on Human Rights. The court ordered the Polish authorities to pay each of the victims of 100 thousands of euros in compensation for moral damage. In addition, Abu Zubaydah promised to compensate for legal costs in the amount of 30 thousand euros. Leszek Miller said sharply: "These funds will no doubt go to the accounts of terrorists and will serve to organize new terrorist attacks." Many other local politicians were indignant. An appeal was filed - the court rejected it. And in May, the Poles had to transfer the compensation to Abu Zubaida and al-Nashiri. Lithuania before this step has not yet "matured" ...
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  1. Kos_kalinki9
    Kos_kalinki9 23 September 2015 06: 11 New
    And in May, the Poles had to transfer compensation to Abu Zubayde and al-Nashiri. Lithuania has not yet “ripened” to such a step ...

    Sprats probably want to pay .....
    1. The comment was deleted.
    2. siberalt
      siberalt 23 September 2015 08: 00 New
      That Latvia with all the Baltic states, that Poland, the essence - the US colonies. And why waste time discussing the position of slaves in the same slaves, even with a Eurostatus patch?
  2. sl22277
    sl22277 23 September 2015 06: 28 New
    On the one hand - screams about ISIS and the lack of democracy among others, on the other hand, those who disagree can be easily beaten in the face and tortured at home, and not only ... Well, it doesn’t reach through the ears - it will come through the face. Most importantly, experts have definitely established: blows to the face are not cruel, inhuman or degrading. It used to seem to me that when they beat me in the face, it was cruel, inhumane and humiliating. And it turns out to be like Avon.
    1. venaya
      venaya 23 September 2015 07: 19 New
      Quote: sl22277
      On the one hand - screams about ISIS and the lack of democracy among others, on the other hand, those who disagree can be easily beaten in the face and tortured at home, and not only ... Well, it doesn’t reach through the ears - it will come through the face. Most importantly, experts have definitely established: blows to the face are not cruel, inhuman or degrading. It used to seem to me that when they beat me in the face, it was cruel, inhumane and humiliating. And it turns out to be like Avon.

      Well what do you want? Democracy, as a form of government, originated in ancient Greece under the conditions of a slave system. At the same time, the "demos" itself consisted mainly of slaveholders. Hence, such special habits that are not characteristic of our society. Here we are not accustomed to such treatment and that’s all, we didn’t have such practice in our country. Recall the past: "We are not slaves, we are not slaves." Here it is in our opinion. If we ever had elections, then only without the participation of slave owners. But someone doesn’t like such relationships, it’s not profitable.
      1. Asadullah
        Asadullah 23 September 2015 12: 46 New
        At the same time, the "demos" itself consisted mainly of slaveholders.

        You are mistaken dear in a root. Demos, just consisted of slaves. Let them play democracy among themselves, and we aristocrats play other games. smile
        1. venaya
          venaya 23 September 2015 14: 07 New
          Quote: Asadullah
          You are mistaken dear in a root. Demos, just consisted of slaves. Let them play democracy among themselves, and we aristocrats play other games. smile

          Demos, the more familiar pronunciation of “demon” or “inhuman” - these are the creatures that make slaves work for them for free. Naturally they hated them, and therefore they called them inhuman. The power of the slave-owning stratum of society was called "democracy" in ancient Greek society. But in addition to demos and slaves, there was another layer of free people who did not have sufficient property (for example, slaves, or something equivalent) to be considered a demos and they were called "okhlos" (in Russian, "okhlomon"). The power of okhlos was called "okhlocracy", or in Russian: "the power of the mob," that is, the power of free people who do not have an adequate state to possess slaves.
          1. venaya
            venaya 24 September 2015 01: 53 New
            And what are the cons? No, this did not offend me, but it was even very intriguing!
            Of course, I understand that, in principle, the process of disinfecting cannot go smoothly, I think this is a familiar condition, for example, the post-hangover syndrome (I know from the experience of narcologists). But perhaps this is not the case. I apparently missed the main thing, namely the definition of the concept of "aristocracy". So: "aristocracy" is the power of people worshiping the god Aru (Yar, Yarila, Yaru-Ra or just Ra). This god was worshiped by people living in conditions of lack of light, more often in the north. For example, in the north, north of Russia, Scandinavia and Siberia in general there has never been any form of slavery, not even "serfdom." Hence the conclusion that such a form of government as "aristocracy"is the power of the people (elected or appointed), not recognizing any form of slavery. The rest is all from the evil one.
  3. Egoza
    Egoza 23 September 2015 08: 10 New
    Oh! Is it torture? Vaughn Mosiychuk, who is a Ukrainian deputy, complains ....
    a special type of torture is applied to him, namely, every morning they wake up a Russian poppin and from the news include only the “5 channel” belonging to Poroshenko.

    So Russia will soon receive a lawsuit for pops, delivered to Ukraine.
    But what the PS and SBU do with the prisoners and detainees "on suspicion" - everyone is silent about this! am
  4. akudr48
    akudr48 23 September 2015 08: 56 New
    America binds its satellites not only with money, but also with blood, as well as direct complicity in prison torture, which will allow us to divert the response of terrorist activity from the United States and distribute it among all these partners.
  5. Pavel Vereshchagin
    Pavel Vereshchagin 23 September 2015 09: 23 New
    And after such treatment of people, even enemies, do they dare to call themselves a civilized nation?
    1. Dan4eG
      Dan4eG 23 September 2015 20: 47 New
      t-just-a-black-thang /

      And yes, guantamo!
  6. Volzhanin
    Volzhanin 23 September 2015 11: 17 New
    LIH come, in the geyrop, restore order-and-and-and-and-!!!
    The reckoning of geyropa is expected to be proportionate to her crimes.
  7. roskot
    roskot 23 September 2015 12: 11 New
    All interest in Poland and the Baltic states lies only in the deployment of military bases and prisons. Otherwise, they are not interested in them.
  8. Asadullah
    Asadullah 23 September 2015 12: 42 New
    However, despite the availability of a lot of evidence, the authorities of this state, at one time, bypassing the will of the people, provided the “Tsereushniks” with secret places for their deeds,

    Not bypassing the “will of the people”, the will of the people of Lithuania is being successfully implemented at construction sites in Sweden, greenhouses of Spain and the vastness of Ireland, but in violation of the country's Constitution and its Criminal Code. This is completely zero in the Lithuanian press, for there is no free press in Lithuania at all, not even the smallest one. Lithuania cannot be considered a state at all, it is the United States bantustan, with the right to vote at the UN, and the decision of the international court will be the final act for the ruling bureaucracy of Bantustan, they will stupidly pay how much they ask, and the people will find out from foreign sources who are interested. But no one is interested.