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Iranian admiral announced plans to conduct joint exercises with the Russian Federation

The commander of the Iranian Navy, Habibol Sayari, announced the holding of joint exercises with the Russian Navy, reports RIA News with reference to ISNA.

“We will conduct joint exercises with the Russian Navy. We recently had joint exercises with flotillas India and the Russian Federation in our territorial waters ”,
said the admiral.

According to him, "the ships of the Iranian Navy will visit Russia in the coming months."

Comments the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation on this issue has not yet been reported.
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  1. Samaritan
    Samaritan 22 September 2015 16: 08 New
    7 feet under the keel!
    1. MIKHAN
      MIKHAN 22 September 2015 16: 11 New
      It's time and time .... (with shooting at the coordinates ..))))
    2. Samaritan
      Samaritan 22 September 2015 16: 16 New
      Real video from the exercises, Russian buggies:
    3. urii
      urii 22 September 2015 16: 52 New
      let our guys be careful there.
  2. sever.56
    sever.56 22 September 2015 16: 09 New
    Another "unexpected" to the Americans and their satellites ...
    The West is scared to the point that, if something happens, Iran may block the Strait of Hormuz, through which a significant amount of oil is supplied. And now, when sanctions are lifted from Iran, the field of cooperation with it in various fields, including the military, is expanding significantly. Russia, China, Iran, India are a force to be reckoned with if we overcome some minor disagreements.
    1. veksha50
      veksha50 22 September 2015 16: 54 New
      Quote: sever.56
      Russia, China, Iran, India are a force to be reckoned with if we overcome some minor disagreements.

      Who would argue ... But that's not very minor disagreement and you will call ...

      The aplomb of each should be reduced, there should be a common goal ... But it is not yet ...

      And Russia cannot be sure of any of them ... So - as always: Russia should rely primarily on its own strength ...
      1. Talgat
        Talgat 23 September 2015 18: 54 New
        Quote: veksha50
        Only here you will not name minor disagreements very much ...

        I note that between Iran Russia and China there are no major problems - or rather, it seems that there are no problems at all - there are only the remaining details. which are successfully worked out "in working order"

        Quote: veksha50
        Everyone’s aplomb should be reduced, there should be a common goal ... But it hasn’t yet.

        ?? What general aplomb ?? Nobody has it! But the goal is clearly there and it is clearly voiced - to get up "on one’s knees" and jointly gain more freedom and independence - in the future, introduce an alternative to the dollar and the credit system of the West (and, of course, not fall under the "bombing)

        Quote: veksha50
        And Russia cannot be sure of any of them ... So - as always: Russia must rely primarily on its own strengths.

        Enough is enough! No one argues that it is necessary to strengthen the army, navy, and cooperation within Eurasia — that is, the CSTO. But you can’t save yourself from the adversary by the CSTO alone, the army and the navy - you just need to look for allies - and also fellow travelers - and also who interests just share - and with whom you can trade and cooperate - isolationism is a bad thing

        If it weren’t for the factor of China and Russia, the entire CST would be tight now in the Far East as well (where the US Yapi, etc. are much stronger - and the DPRK would already have kirdyk and the Far East would begin to lose the Kuril Islands as well) and still in Central Asia Americans would have had “fun” - but thanks to the support of China, there is the SCO as a tool to prevent the West from entering the SA and now we are solving problems without amers and maybe there is no "orange revolution" in Kyrgyzstan - and vice versa, Kyrgyzstan has joined the EAEU and is moving on

        Take the Caspian! Caspian countries recently signed a memorandum on preventing
        external foreign powers into Caspian problems and affairs - stop the west!
        This is primarily the result of the fact that Iran was able to establish more than friendly relations with the 2 Caspian countries - Russia and Kazakhstan.
  3. kil 31
    kil 31 22 September 2015 16: 15 New
    Again, Israel will have to go to the Kremlin. I hope ours, the desires of the children of Moses will be ignored. I see nothing wrong with the two fleets fraternizing with each other. I think this is not the Caspian exercises, but the Black Sea.
    1. padded jacket
      padded jacket 22 September 2015 16: 21 New
      Great news, it’s time for us to create the “axis” of good as opposed to the “axis” of evil that exists under the leadership of the USA and Israel, and the teachings are one of the ways to counter terrorists and their friends in the region.
    2. ermak.sidorov
      ermak.sidorov 22 September 2015 16: 47 New
      ... NOT A! Give the Persian Gulf =)

      From there you can shoot long-range missiles on ISIS !!! - exclusively in the framework of exercises =)
      1. demo
        demo 22 September 2015 16: 55 New
        Too costly pleasure.
        The goals are not static, but dynamic.
        You can not get there.
    3. Amurets
      Amurets 22 September 2015 16: 54 New
      So as much as you can, And most importantly, there is not even a communique. Why is Netanyahu urgently arriving in Moscow? Everything is secret. This is the second time in September. And both times he was without the press but the chief of the General Staff, the chairman of the security council and the head of intelligence. This is not good.
  4. Engineer
    Engineer 22 September 2015 16: 16 New
    yes ... in what century they call to the Persian Gulf to boss, and besides Peter there is nothing to send. And why it’s expensive to upgrade to Orlans, and why to aircraft carriers — we are a land power. And now we would have drove Avik, deployed flights to the region - there would have been so much stink in the whole Western world !!!!
    1. Amurets
      Amurets 22 September 2015 16: 43 New
      Well, let's say during the Tanker War, our sailors had fun, but it was very hot. These were the memories of the 1st rank captain Shportko. Project 671RTM boats intended for service in the North were driven south. The frying place was terrible. But most importantly, the Americans did not find a single boat.
    MIKHAN 22 September 2015 16: 17 New
    We will wet! Together ... And there do not be offended ..))))
  6. Roman 1977
    Roman 1977 22 September 2015 16: 21 New
    I wonder where the exercises will take place? Most likely in the Caspian. Iran in the Caspian has:
    - The “destroyer” is essentially a lightweight Velayat frigate, such as (Jamaran – laid in 2007, transferred to the fleet last year. Based on the project of the English frigate Vosper Mk5, 4 units of which were delivered at the beginning of the 70's even during the shah. Displacement - 1420 tons. Length - 94,5 m, width - 11,1 m, draft - 3,25 m. EI - 2 GTU (20000 hp), 4 diesel generator (4X550 kV). Speed ​​- 28 knots. Crew - 120- 140 people Armament: 4х1 PU C-802 or 4 HY-2 (a copy of the Chinese RCC, which in turn is a copy of the French Exosetta), 1X4 PU ZRK SM-1 (a copy of the American RIM-66 Standar d), 1 76-mm AU Fajr-27 (replica of the Italian OTO Melara); for Bell 1ASW helicopter.

    Our "Dagestan and IRA pr. 21631 can easily" kill "this ship right in the port.
    "Rocket Corvette" Hamzeh is a former Shah's yacht, 1936, built. The only foreign warship (officially listed as a member of the Navy), the last Volga-Don channel. Displacement - 580 t. Length - 54 m, width - 7,65 m, draft - 3,25 mm. EU - two diesel Stork, 2600 hp Speed ​​- 15 knots Armament: 4x1 PU PUK C-802, 1X1 20-mm AU Oerlikon GAM-B01, 2 heavy machine gun.

    2 RCA Paykan and Joshan entered service in 2003 year. A copy of the French La Combattante II. Displacement - 275 t. Length - 47 m, width - 7,1 m, draft - 2 m. EI - 4-shaft, 4 diesel, 14400 hp Speed ​​- 36 knots Crew - 31 people. Armament: 2x1 or 4x1 PU PKR C-802, 1 76-mm AU Fajr-27, 1 40-mm AU.

    But Iran has a "joker" -depl Fateh, which entered service last year. Displacement is about 600 t. Immersion depth - 200 m, autonomy - 5 weeks.

    In addition, Iran can easily transfer its mini-submarine Ghadir to the Caspian, as well as numerous light boats with a displacement of up to 100 tons.

    1. gfs84
      gfs84 22 September 2015 17: 45 New
      - "destroyer" is essentially a lightweight frigate Velayat, type (Jamaran – laid in 2007, transferred to the fleet last year.

      Even more likely a corvette ...
      Wow, these Persians)))
    MIKHAN 22 September 2015 16: 23 New
    Israel’s Lafa ended in the region! ... We have already warned you more than once .. We will act harshly, just as you are against the Palestinian people!
  8. 79807420129
    79807420129 22 September 2015 16: 28 New
    On a good journey, Iran has influence in the Caspian Sea and the Middle East, the devil knows how much he lives under sanctions and spits on sanctioners, though under Rouhani it seems they started to agree. All the same, Tehran would be a good ally.
    1. padded jacket
      padded jacket 22 September 2015 16: 34 New
      It’s interesting just recently that our ships called at the port of Iran in the Caspian Sea. Now, the exercises in the PZ are all the same what seems to be preparing in the region, a really big offensive is possible in Syria and Iraq.
      Russian ships on August 9, 2015 in Bender-Enzeli (Iran)

      1. veksha50
        veksha50 22 September 2015 16: 59 New
        Quote: quilted jacket
        Russian ships on August 9, 2015 in Bender-Enzeli (Iran)

        Hmm ... hussars and midshipmen are getting smaller ... Kapdva could have taken off his glove ... not solid ...

        PS So, on the little things, the towers erected by diplomacy are collapsing ...
  9. narval20
    narval20 22 September 2015 16: 38 New
    Did the environment reach for a REALLY strong Stainless?
    Well that's right! Russia does not abandon its in trouble. There was no such shame in the history.
  10. vlad.svargin
    vlad.svargin 22 September 2015 17: 00 New
    Even while Caspian exercises, but the NATO countries led by Matrasia warning about plans, including Syria too!
  11. midashko
    midashko 22 September 2015 17: 15 New
    Teaching is good; let Americans and igilas ponder. And also, maybe the Persians will like some of our boat or spoon and order the same ones.
  12. roskot
    roskot 22 September 2015 19: 36 New
    The promise is made. And reckon with this mattress.
  13. andrewkor
    andrewkor 23 September 2015 05: 52 New
    Well, what are you all about the Caspian? I’m waiting for a friendly visit of Iranian ships to Sevastopol and joint exercises in the Black Sea. Our response to the Persian Gulf.