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Hungarian military received permission to use non-lethal weapons at borders

The Hungarian Parliament has given the country's armed forces the right to use weapon non-lethal action - not resulting in serious injuries or death - to guard the border against the background of the worsening situation with refugees, reports "Russian newspaper".

It is noted that members of parliament voted for the corresponding bill by a majority, allowing the army to use pyrotechnics, rubber bullets, devices firing a network, as well as tear-gas grenades.

On the night of September 15, Hungary blocked the border with Serbia, banning the passage of refugees. After that, about five thousand people gathered in neutral territory, who staged clashes with the police and broke the gate. As a result, about 30 police and 150 refugees were injured, and 29 refugee activists were detained.
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  1. Abbra
    Abbra 22 September 2015 12: 22
    It's only the beginning! Driven to despair, these guys will soon begin to eat Europe piece by piece. And the United States, as always, will stay away.
    1. Hubun
      Hubun 22 September 2015 12: 27
      here and from overseas to teach life. Although all this porridge they have to dissolve, the cook they
      1. crazyrom
        crazyrom 22 September 2015 19: 18
        What are they talking about, it is necessary to allow lethal weapons for a long time, immediately fire-throwers.
    2. SlavaS
      SlavaS 22 September 2015 12: 29
      every refugee has a boat!
      1. vkl-47
        vkl-47 22 September 2015 12: 39
        To each rabies, a pool between the eyes
        1. zeleznijdorojnik
          zeleznijdorojnik 22 September 2015 12: 43
          Well, why. Children under 16 years old, women, men after 70 - in the camp of immigrants, men - in Syria, in the trenches. And then show the crowds of healthy young goons who left their country for rations of a refugee.
          1. A-Sim
            A-Sim 22 September 2015 12: 54
            1. Weigher
              Weigher 22 September 2015 13: 24
              1. marlin1203
                marlin1203 22 September 2015 14: 12
                This one was definitely starving ... laughing
      2. kizhe
        kizhe 22 September 2015 14: 24
        And on a journey through the Styx ....
    3. Finches
      Finches 22 September 2015 12: 45
      Dear Hungarians, once you once fell under the USA and entered the World Anusolizing Championship, you must play according to the rules of the State Department — take the example of Merkel! And if you decide to get off your knees and feel like an independent nation, then this bill of yours is just a temporary half measure, but nothing more!
    4. Vend
      Vend 22 September 2015 12: 54
      Quote: Abbra
      It's only the beginning! Driven to despair, these guys will soon begin to eat Europe piece by piece. And the United States, as always, will stay away.

      Tolerance and democracy in action
    5. marlin1203
      marlin1203 22 September 2015 14: 13
      And in response, these guys will also get weapons soon. It's a question of time.
      1. Weigher
        Weigher 22 September 2015 14: 49
        Weapons have already been delivered and are being delivered under the guise of gum aid from the USA. Greece intercepted a batch of 14 containers, opened it, counted it and sent it further to the place of receipt, in each container 5 thousand barrels and half a million rounds.
        I think the "refugees" will bend Europe by the new year.
  2. Decathlon
    Decathlon 22 September 2015 12: 23
    With this pace of development of events, it is still non-lethal ... In 2011, I had to go to shoot a wolf brood, it did not even occur to me to stuff "injuries" into my jacket pocket. No.
  3. sever.56
    sever.56 22 September 2015 12: 23
    Viktor Orban is one of the few heads of state in Europe who understands the threats to his country from uncontrolled migration and the policy of "tolerance" proclaimed by other European idiot rulers.
    Migrants go to Europe not with requests for shelter and shelter, but with REQUIREMENTS: - EUROPE SHOULD give us everything we want - money, free apartments, free food, free health care and education for our children. And we will not work, not for that we went here.
    The hour of reckoning for Europe’s shortsighted and prostitute policy came when it supported the states in their aggressive policies. I would not be surprised if soon the native Europeans will seek asylum in Russia.
    1. zeleznijdorojnik
      zeleznijdorojnik 22 September 2015 13: 06
      Hm. It only confuses me that he is a fascist. I am afraid that in the future a similar influx of refugees into Europe will lead the Nazi regimes to power. As was the case in the 30s (in those days, Jews were their own red rags for all Euro-fascists, and now they are new Syrians). But you can expect a lot of things from the fascist crowd at hand.
      1. sever.56
        sever.56 22 September 2015 13: 21
        Quote: zeleznijdorojnik
        What confuses him is that he is a fascist.

        Excuse me, did he say somewhere about the superiority of the Magyars over other nations, or ranked them among the Aryans, the highest race in Hitler's understanding? Conservative, right-wing views, when the interests of their state and people are in the first place, are not evidence that the holder of such views is a convinced fascist. Then the same can be said about Marine le Pen, who is an opponent of the migration policy of France. hi
        1. Vitaly72
          Vitaly72 23 September 2015 01: 56
          It seems you are not familiar with the latest scientific discoveries, the Aryans are not quoted right now, so, a dead end branch, here are the first diggers and another calico
    2. parus88
      parus88 22 September 2015 17: 02
      No reason for jokes. The main thing is that Europe does not pass the point of no return on the issue of cooperation with us and does not accumulate a critical mass of migrants. Then it will not seem a little to them, but it will fly back to us as well.
  4. vovanpain
    vovanpain 22 September 2015 12: 24
    There will still be roofing felts, there will still be roofing felts, or there will still be oh her. First, not lethal then, and not too far from lethal.
  5. katalonec2014
    katalonec2014 22 September 2015 12: 29
    And then what will happen to the second wave, probably already fatal. In Turkey, in refugee camps, another 2,5 million people are waiting to be sent ... how do they plan to meet them?
  6. Dormidosha
    Dormidosha 22 September 2015 12: 38
    I would not want this whole uncontrollable or well-managed MASS to turn to the East !!!!!
  7. SPB 1221
    SPB 1221 22 September 2015 12: 42
    What can I say, that Europe has sown, it will reap! Only from an excess crop, the Europeans would not choke.
  8. rotmistr60
    rotmistr60 22 September 2015 12: 43
    Personally, I wait when they have the so-called the EU will begin such graters that it will not seem enough. So the guys were too overplayed in tolerance.
  9. Gray 43
    Gray 43 22 September 2015 12: 48
    While a non-lethal weapon, then they may not notice the activity of nationalists against visitors, and then the Crusade
  10. koksalek
    koksalek 22 September 2015 12: 52
    Ah ha, where are the famous human rights defenders of all the oppressed? In Russia, they blather for no reason and then they poured lead into their throats
  11. Pak_c_TonopoM
    Pak_c_TonopoM 22 September 2015 12: 53
    Show the ripping Europe has begun))) Cook the popcorn, the most interesting is to come.
  12. regdan
    regdan 22 September 2015 12: 53
    And we are rubber bullets for you
    And we answer with stones
    And we, to keep the EU’s border with tear gas
    And we will shower you with Molotov cocktails
    And then Kalash drove up and fun began ...
  13. shultc
    shultc 22 September 2015 13: 14
    After looking at the footage about "refugees", I noted for myself that about 80-90% of them are young men. Considering what hell they escaped from, or arrived with a certain task, I think that non-lethal weapons are useless here. Without their families and children behind their backs, these "refugees" are capable of a lot. We urgently need to take the Mistrals from France and send them by shuttle to the USA.)))
  14. ia-ai00
    ia-ai00 22 September 2015 13: 49
    ... gathered about five thousand people who clashed with the police and broke the gate...

    It's only the beginning... belay
  15. Evgen2x
    Evgen2x 22 September 2015 13: 56
    European Union kayuk seems ...
  16. roskot
    roskot 22 September 2015 14: 00
    Europe will receive in full. Fences have gone, while rubber bullets and other means of restraint.
    Have played enough in tolerance.
  17. Evgtan
    Evgtan 22 September 2015 17: 08
    Who would have thought that 70 years would pass and people would fight for a place on the train to get to the camps in Germany ?!
  18. KRIG55
    KRIG55 22 September 2015 20: 29
    Soon, very soon, they will start drowning everyone and everything on the way to Geyropa.
      NORILCHANIN 22 September 2015 21: 45
      It's time, but for geyropa guys with black ENDS can be seen in the vein!